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The Sufi Saints - Aulia Allah (Friends of Allah) of the Iraq, Iran, India and Pakistan etc. have left for us many books and poetical works which really are the treasure troves of Spiritual Knowledge and are the means of improving one's inner and outer Self, approaching nearer unto the Absolute Creator and for understanding many secrets and mysteries which cannot be found anywhere else. Many of their books and poetical works are still intact in original form and have also been translated in many languages of world including English so that all the people of world, including the Muslims and non Muslims, can benefit from these works and can understand Islam, Spirituality, the Human Being and God from nearer and in a clearer way.

Generally, these Sufi Texts (books) teach a person to negate one's evil Self and to give power and ability to the Spirit so that one can dominate the evil and become purer and holier. The names of some of the most famous Sufi Saints along with the Titles of their books and poetical works are hereunder:

Abdul-Qadir Gilani[edit]

  1. Sirr al-asrar (The secret of secrets)
  2. Futuh al-ghayb (Revelations of the Unseen)
  3. Ghunyat al-talibeen (Wealth for Seekers)
  4. Al-Fat'hu Rabbani (The Endowment of Divine Grace)

Ibn Arabi[edit]

  1. Futuhat al-Makkiyya (The Meccan Revelations)

Translation of two chapters from Futuhat by William Chittick is available here :[1]

  1. Fusus al-hikam (Bezels of Wisdom)

An old translation is available at : [2]

  1. Ittihâd al-kawn (Epistle of Cosmic Unification)[3]
  2. Ibn `Arabi - Shorter Texts Overview at : [4]

Shams Tabrizi[edit]

  1. Me and Rumi

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi[edit]

  1. Masnavi-ye Manavi (Spiritual Couplets)
  2. Diwan-e Shams-e Tabriz-i (The Works of Shams of Tabriz)
  3. Fihi Ma Fihi
  4. Majalis-i Sab-a

Mansur Al-Hallaj[edit]

  1. Kitab al Tawasin[5]


  1. Ihya' 'ulum ud-din (The revival of the religious sciences)Arabic
  2. Kimiya-yi sa'adat (The Alchemy of Happiness)Persian vol1,vol2.English
  3. Mishkat al-anwar (The Niche of Lights)
  4. Mizan al-'amal (Criterien of Action)Arabic,English 2 chapters
  5. Makashafa tul Quloob (The Opening of the Hearts)
  6. Al-Munqidh min al-Dalal (Rescuer from Misguidance)Arabic,
  7. Minhajul Abidin
  8. Bidayat Al-Hidayat ( The beginning of guidance )

Data Ganj Baksh (also known as Hujwiri)[edit]

  1. Kashf al Mahjub (Unveiling the Veiled)

Farid ad-Din Attar[edit]

  1. Mantiq at-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds)
  2. Asrar nameh (The Book of Secrets)
  3. Tadkhirat al-Awliya (Biographies of the Saints)
  4. Elahi Nameh
  5. Museebat Nameh

Bulleh Shah[edit]

  1. Kafi

Hafez-e Shirazi[edit]

  • Divan-e Hafez

Saadi of Shiraz[edit]

  1. Gulistan (The Rose garden)
  2. Bustan (The Orchard)

Ibn 'Ata Allah[edit]

  1. The Key to Salvation: A Sufi Manual of Invocation (Miftah al-Falah)[6]
  2. Hikam (maxims or aphorisms)[7]

Ahmed Zarruq[edit]

  1. Poor man's book of assistance, translated by Hamza Yusuf

Sultan Bahu[edit]

Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® (First Free Web Which Provides All and Every Thing in Persian, Urdu and English Languages, about Hazrat Sultan Bahu ®)

Complete Collection of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® and Sarwari Qadri Books (Book in Urdu and Persian)

Complete Collection of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® and Sarwari Qadri Books (Book in English)

Largest Collection of Sarwari Qadri Books (Bookshelf 1)

Largest Collection of Sarwari Qadri Books (Bookshelf 2)

Largest Collection of Sarwari Qadri Books (Bookshelf 3)

Largest Collection of Sarwari Qadri Books (Bookshelf 4)

Largest Collection of Sarwari Qadri Books (Bookshelf 5)

Khwaja Farid[edit]

  1. Dewan-e-Farid (Saraiki Poetry)
  2. Dewan-e-Farid (Urdu Poetry)
  3. Manaqabe Mehboobia ( Persian prose -Biography of his father; now translated in Urdu by Mujahid Jatoi)
  4. Fawaid Faridia (Persian prose)

Ashraf Jahangir Semnani[edit]

  1. Kanzul Asrar.
  2. Lataife Ashrafi (a collection of his spiritual sayings)
  3. Maktubate Ashrafi
  4. Sharhe Sikandar Nama
  5. Sirrul Asrar
  6. Sharhe Awariful Maarif
  7. Sharhe Fususul Hakam
  8. Quawaedul Aquaed
  9. Ashraful Ansab
  10. Bahrul Azkar
  11. Ashraful Fawaed
  12. Ashraful Ansab
  13. Fawaedul Ashraf
  14. Tanbihul Akhwan
  15. Bashara Tuzzakerin
  16. Basharatul Ikhwan
  17. Musta Lehate Tasuwwuf
  18. Manaquibe Khulfae Rashedin
  19. Hujjaluzza kerin
  20. Fatwa Ashrafia
  21. Tafseere Noor Bakhshia
  22. Irshadul Ikhwan
  23. Resala Wahdatulwajud
  24. Resala Dar Tajweze tane Yazid
  25. Bahrul Haquaeque
  26. Nahve Ashrafia
  27. Kanzuddaquaeque
  28. Basharatul Mureedin
  29. Diwan–e–Ashraf.

Syed Waheed Ashraf[edit]

  1. Hayate Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir Semnani
  2. Tassuwwuff
  3. Muqaddamae Lataife Ashrafi
  4. Tajalliyat
  5. Syed Waheed Ashraf (2003), Indo-Iranica -The Quarterly Organ of the Iran Society, Volume 56, March, June, Sept. & Dec. 2003, Numbers 1 to 4, 'THE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC THOUGHTS OF HADRAT SAIYED ASHRAFJAHANGIR', IRAN SOCIETY, 12 DR. M. ISHAQUE ROAD, KOLKATA-700 016

Mawlana Faizani[edit]

  1. General Questions on Faith, Mankind and the World
  2. Knowing Oneself - Knowing God (1st Goblet for the Fortification of Faith)
  3. Magnificence and Perfection of Glorious Artificer in Arts (2nd Goblet for the Fortification of Faith)
  4. Man and the Secrets of Nearness (3rd Goblet for the Fortification of Faith)
  5. Man and the Philosophy of Test (4th Goblet for the Fortification of Faith)
  6. The Secrets of Creation up to the Court of Greatness (5th Goblet for the Fortification of Faith)
  7. Alphabets of the Secrets of the Quran (6th Goblet for the Fortification of Faith)
  8. The Book of Reasoning for Those who Remember (Zakireen)

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Muhammad al-Jazuli[edit]

  1. Dala'il al-Khairat

Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah Sahib (R.A)[edit]

  1. Tahqiq-ul-Haq Fi Kalima-tul-Haq
  2. Shamsul Hidayah
  3. Saif-e-Chishtiyai
  4. I’la Kalimatillah Fi Bayan-e-Wa Ma Uhilla Bihi Legharillah
  5. AlFatuhat-us-Samadiyyah (Divine Bounties)
  6. Tasfiah Mabain Sunni Wa Shi’ah
  7. Fatawa-e-Mehria

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