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Irisan is the biggest barangay in Baguio City, Philippines. It accounted for about seven percent of the Baguio City's population.

Irisan Barangay Captain (Hon. Thomas K. Dumalti)
Facade, town hall

Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary Parish Church (Irisan, Baguio City)


Much of the waste in Baguio City is dumped in Irisan. Approximately 150,000 kilos of waste are thrown here each day. Indeed, with the regular daytime population of nearly 400,000 of Baguio City, which triples during Holy Week and Christmas vacations, the waste that has accumulated in Irisan has formed a mountainous heap of methane-emitting, degrading waste in the area. The entire city’s waste 60% of which is spoiled vegetables is deposited here by open trucks. The dump has provided home and livelihood to about 110 scavenger families who consider solid waste as a resource to be recovered. Based on a survey of the area conducted, 73% of the community’s population earn an average of P1,500 to P4,000 per month, depending on the volume and quality of recyclables they are able to retrieve. Women and children pitch in for additional income, and as a result, the children are deprived of basic education, health care and play.

Relocation of Dumpsite[edit]

A recent trash slide that happened below the dumpsite prompted the Local Government of Baguio City to issue a city order to stop dumping at the Irisan Dumpsite. The retaining wall of the lower part of the dumpsite gave way due to the rains caused by Typhoon Mina in August 2011 to the houses below it located at Km. 5 of Asin Road, also in the City. The trash slide claimed 3 peoples lives, including a 10-year-old boy. The City Government then ordered a temporary relocation of the dumpsite to a place also close. According to the City government, from that place, they would ship the trucks of garbage of Baguio to a place in Tarlac which has an Engineered sanitary landfill. Until now, this practice is ongoing.

Transformation into an Eco-Park[edit]

After the halt to the dump operations in the dumpsite, the government had made a move to make the dumpsite a "better place" than before. As of now, it is now quite a scenery to see the former landfill of Irisan.


  • San Carlos Heights


  • Irisan National High School
  • Philippine National Science High School - CAR
  • Quirino Elementary School

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