Cơm rượu

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Cơm rượu
Plastic containers of cơm rượu
Type Rice pudding
Place of origin Vietnam
Region or state Southern Vietnam
Main ingredients Glutinous rice, yeast
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Cơm rượu (Vietnamese pronunciation: [kəːm ʐɨə̌ˀw]) also known as rượu nếp cái is a traditional dessert from Southern Vietnam, made from glutinous rice.

To prepare cơm rượu, glutinous rice is cooked, mixed with yeast, and rolled into small balls. The balls are served in a slightly alcoholic milky, white liquid which is essentially a form of rice wine, and which also contains small amounts of sugar and salt. The dish is eaten with a spoon.

In Northern Vietnam, a similar dessert (which is thicker, with no liquid, and not made into balls) is called rượu nếp.

In Chinese cuisine, a very similar dish, often flavored with sweet osmanthus, is called jiǔniàng (酒酿) or guìhuā jiǔniàng (桂花酒酿).

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