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Ketazocine structure.svg
Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
Routes of
Legal status
Legal status
  •  ?
CAS Number 36292-69-0 YesY
ATC code none
PubChem CID 3054741
ChemSpider 2316328 YesY
KEGG D04649 YesY
Chemical data
Formula C18H23NO2
Molar mass 285.38 g/mol

Ketazocine (INN), also known as ketocyclazocine, is a benzomorphan derivative used in opioid receptor research. Ketocyclazocine is an exogenous opioid that binds to the κ opioid receptor.[1]

Activation of this receptor is known to cause sleepiness, a decrease in pain sensation and (potentially) dysphoria, paranoia, and hallucinations. It also causes an increase in urine production because it inhibits the release of vasopressin. (Vasopressin is an endogenous substance that assists in regulating fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and decreases the amount of water released into the urine.)

Unlike other opioids, substances that only bind to the κ receptor theoretically do not depress the respiratory system.

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