Geography of Sindh

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Sindh is located on the western corner of South Asia, bordering the Iranian plateau in the west. Geographically it is the third largest province of Pakistan, stretching about 579 km from north to south and 442 km (extreme) or 281 km (average) from east to west, with an area of 140,915 square kilometres (54,408 sq mi) of Pakistani territory. Generally known as the lower valley of Indus,[1] Sindh is cut by the river for 360 miles. The province of Balochistan lies to its west while Punjab lies on the north. On the east, Sindh shares a border with the Indian state of Gujarat.

There are three well defined parts of Sindh:the Siro(سِرو)or the Head,the vicholo(وچولو)or the Middle,and the Lar (لاڙ)or the Descent,as they are often poetically defined. The other two outlying regions that constitute Sindh are Kohistan a hilly tract of Khirthar on the west, and the Rajistan or the Thar Desert in the east.


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