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Xerox Parc in 1977, an important technology lab in California's Silicon Valley

This is a list of technology centers throughout the world. Government planners and business networks often incorporate "silicon" or "valley" into place names to describe their own areas as a result of the success of Silicon Valley in California. Metrics may be applied to measure qualitative differences between these places, including:

  • How much and to what extent public and/or private research and development (R&D) funds are spent in the zones
  • What percentage of local employment is technology related
  • If the zone is mainly government funded or is mainly corporate driven (or is it a mix of both)
  • If mainly corporate, how much revenue and profit and which corporations have headquarters there
  • If mainly corporate, how much venture capital has been made available to companies in the zone
  • What supporting higher educational institutions (e.g., universities or colleges) are located nearby

Globally prominent clusters[edit]



Cameroon Cameroon

Egypt Egypt

Kenya Kenya

  • Konza Technology City: launched in 2013, and set to host business process outsourcing (BPO) ventures, a science park, and other facilities

Mauritius Mauritius

Morocco Morocco

Nigeria Nigeria

South Africa South Africa

Zambia Zambia

Middle East and North Africa[edit]

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates


Bolivia Bolivia

Brazil Brazil

Canada Canada

Chile Chile

Guatemala Guatemala

Mexico Mexico

United States United States

Uruguay Uruguay


Zhongguancun in Beijing.
Sri city Business Centre

China China

Hong Kong Hong Kong

India India

Indonesia Indonesia

Iran Iran

Israel Israel

Japan Japan

Malaysia Malaysia

Myanmar Myanmar

Pakistan Pakistan

Philippines Philippines

Qatar Qatar

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Singapore Singapore

South Korea South Korea

Taiwan Taiwan

Southern Taiwan Science Park

Thailand Thailand

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Vietnam Vietnam


Austria Austria

Belarus Belarus

Belgium Belgium

  • BioWin: The Health Cluster of Wallonia

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Finland Finland

France France

WISTA in Berlin (Silicon Allee)

Germany Germany

Hungary Hungary

Republic of Ireland Ireland

  • Dublin (known as "Silicon Docks" or "The European Silicon Valley", due to its high number of technological EMEA centres)

Italy Italy

Netherlands Netherlands

Portugal Portugal

Russia Russia

Romania Romania

  • Bucharest
    • Grozăvești including Politehnica Campus, Regie Campus, Sema Park, Afi Park and Orhideea Offices
    • Pipera including Pipera Park, Aviației Offices and Piața Pipera Offices
    • Măgurele including the European laser technology institute
    • Romexpo including Expozitiei Offices, Tipografiei Offices and Jiului Offices
    • Militari including West Gate Offices
  • Cluj-Napoca[40]
    • Între Lacuri start-up offices
    • Jucu technology park
  • Iași
    • Palas-Sfântul Andrei Offices
  • Craiova
    • S200 technology park including Universitatea Campus
    • Ford automotive park
  • Timișoara
    • Openville
    • Vox Technology Park
  • Pitești

Serbia Serbia

  • Science Technology Park Belgrade
  • NTP Novi Sad

Slovakia Slovakia

Spain Spain

Sweden Sweden

Switzerland Switzerland

Turkey Turkey

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ukraine Ukraine

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan


Australia Australia

Places with "Silicon" names[edit]

The following list contains places with "Silicon" names, that is, places with nicknames inspired by the Silicon Valley nickname given to part of the San Francisco Bay Area:


Middle East and North Africa[edit]





Costa Rica[edit]


United States[edit]








  • SiliconFjord: Oslofjord region[51]



  • Ticino Valley: Technology cluster in the Lugano area

United Kingdom[edit]



  • Silicon Mallee (Adelaide, Australia; Mallee, an Australian aboriginal word for the land area around Adelaide covered by low, scrubby dwarf eucalyptus "mallee" vegetation)
  • Silicon St, Sydney" An inner city colloquial district including Ultimo/Pyrmont along Harris St spanning 10 km2 from UTS to Google including Fishburners
  • Silicon Beach: A term used by those in the Australian startup community to refer to the startup ecosystem within Australian cities, in particular by Meetup groups like Silicon Beach Sydney and Silicon Beach Adelaide

New Zealand[edit]

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