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The following is a script-generated list of contributors who have created Wikipedia articles deemed "unusual" in some way and listed at Wikipedia:Unusual articles. This list is accurate as of August 21, 2007. Future changes or additions to the unusual articles page may make this list obsolete.

Editor # of articles Articles created
Bkalafut 1 Turducken
Wyss 1 Vegetarianism of Adolf Hitler
Uncle_G 1 Tea Sucking
Kappa 1 Stinky tofu
Moochocoogle 1 Who ate all the pies?
Imladros 1 Adwaita
Frecklefoot 1 Cattle mutilation
Luvcraft 1 Chicken hypnotism
Jaknouse 1 Bovine bingo
CustardJack 1 Apophallation
Rmhermen 1 Animals in space
Trob 1 Snake wine
Fastfission 1 Sealed crustless sandwich
Garzo 1 Deep fried Mars bar
SomeHuman 1 Deep fried Twinkie
Sj 1 Cola wars
VampWillow 1 Kopi Luwak
Dachshund 1 Casu marzu
Toritaiyo 1 Diet Coke and Mentos eruption
BorgQueen 1 Fried spider
Tristanb 1 OpenCola
Chris_Horvath 1 Pizza delivery
Exploding_Boy 1 Monkey brain
TwoOneTwo 1 Michel Lotito
Sysys 1 Hufu
Laurascudder 1 Chuman
Daniel_C._Boyer 1 Colby Nolan
Alex_S 1 Weasel war dance
Hamedog 1 2006 rugby union handbag controversy
Fabiform 1 Timothy (tortoise)
Bind_them 1 Sumatran Rat-Monkey
Tontine 1 Stephens Island Wren
Rw2 1 Steve Bartman
Qwghlm 1 Bjørge Lillelien
Ed_g2s 1 Flugtag
Jackson008 1 Eddie Gaedel
David.Monniaux 1 Dwarf tossing
Thewayforward 1 Competitive eating
GringoInChile 1 Chess boxing
Anonymous_Dissident 1 Spider webs in space
Mav 1 Small shelly fauna
The_way,_the_truth,_and_the_light 1 Flying pig
Wareware 1 Lin Wang
Akenlon 1 Fainting goats
Newnoise 1 Exploding animal
Hajhouse 1 Cow tipping
Arctic.gnome 1 Oliver the Chimp
Pengo 1 Orbiting Frog Otolith
Secretlondon 1 Rhinogradentia
Nssdfdsfds 1 Rose (goat)
Apostrophe 1 Phantom kangaroos
Urbane_Legend 1 Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Chatkoff 1 Owen and Mzee
ReverendG 1 Alice B. Toklas brownie
Tzaquiel 1 Wilhelm scream
CyberSkull 1 Jenny Everywhere
Squash 1 Largest photographs in the world
Yelyos 1 The Incredible Popeman
January27 1 The Headington Shark
DropDeadGorgias 1 Gorillas in comics
The_Singing_Badger 1 Marlovian theory
Kusonaga 1 Mr. Immortal
Quercusrobur 1 4′33″
Gracefool 1 ABC-DEF-GHI
David_L_Rattigan 1 The Super Lamb Banana
VentrueCapital 1 Suicide Squid
DreamGuy 1 Shakespearean authorship
FreddyFred 1 Gävle goat
Check-Six 1 Fallen Astronaut
Saint_will 1 Shoe flinging
Soda80 1 Size queen
Mike_Selinker 1 Real-life superhero
Quarl 1 Professional farter
Colindru 1 Pen spinning
Mfunk75 1 826 Valencia 1 112 Gripes about the French
Saforrest 1 English as She Is Spoke
Morwen 1 Evil laugh
Hyacinth 1 Henry Darger
Ta_bu_shi_da_yu 1 The Book of Heroic Failures
Pete_boon 1 Banksy
TexasDex 1 Animutation
Chmod007 1 Dark Side of the Rainbow
Mary_Read 1 The Metric Marvels
Mr._Paradox 1 Mexican standoff
Koyaanis_Qatsi 1 MacGuffin
Olivier 1 Kin-yan Lee
Skybunny 1 Michael Larson
Chilikid 1 Monkey tennis
Dmn 1 Mull of Kintyre test
Billcosby 1 SSSSSSS
TheCustomOfLife 1 Very special episode
Darksun 1 Smell-O-Vision
Medium_dry_vodka... 1 Shaken, not stirred
Chuck_F 1 The Puppy Channel
DroopSnoot 1 Goofy holler
R.D.H._(Ghost_In_The_Machine) 1 Atuk
Tomt 1 Industrial musical
Cadastral 1 Jandek
TheophileEscargot 1 Hitler Has Only Got One Ball
Camembert 1 Florence Foster Jenkins
Spikey 1 Earworm
R._A._Wilson 1 Manualism (hand music)
Gesiwuj 1 Musikalisches Würfelspiel
Spearhead 1 You Suffer
EntmootsOfTrolls 1 William Shatner's musical career
Malber 1 Up to eleven
Bagpuss 1 Hand of God goal
Will_210 1 Hamster racing
EliminatorJR 1 Unfulfilled religious prophecies
Wikimol 1 Universe people
Justanother 1 Space opera in Scientology doctrine
GTBacchus 1 The Rule of the Harlots
Shirahadasha 1 Religious pareidolia
Str1977 1 Ussher-Lightfoot Calendar
Looper5920 1 3rd Dental Battalion
Longhair 1 Emu war
Redwolf24 1 Football war
DO'Neil 1 Battle of Tanga
L.1011 1 Antonov A-40
Ferkelparade 1 Anglo-Zanzibar War
Nat_Krause 1 Reincarnation Application
Kriegman 1 Open source religion
Mkmcconn 1 Cadaver Synod
JeffBurdges 1 Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
R._fiend 1 Bible errata
Antifamilymang 1 United States ex rel. Gerald Mayo v. Satan and His Staff
Barbara_Shack 1 Tanganyika groundnut scheme
Lukobe 1 Hell Bank Notes
Rlandmann 1 Holy Prepuce
Happywaffle 1 The Miracle of the Sun
Antimatt 1 Omnipotence Paradox
Pigsonthewing 1 Jedi census phenomenon
Nixdorf 1 Invisible Pink Unicorn
Lesouris 1 Homosexuality and Voodoo
Rhymeless 1 Maudie Hopkins
Weisbrod 1 Miss Russian Army
Nagelfar 1 Maschalismos
Paul_Soth 1 Nevada-tan
Rl 1 Lal Bihari
Mw66 1 Jack the Stripper
Binadot 1 Fan death
Gpscholar 1 Rasputin's penis
Yomangani 1 Safety coffin
Lament 1 Why did the chicken cross the road?
Spencerk 1 If a tree falls in a forest
Charles_Matthews 1 The "how many angels?" question
Sullivan.t.j 1 Are we nearly there yet equation
Nikolay12 1 Soap made from human corpses
Imran 1 Chess-related deaths
Sjc 1 Boston molasses disaster
Jai_Raj 1 Sergeant Stubby
GraemeLeggett 1 Sticky bomb
Evercat 1 Project Pigeon
Derek_Ross 1 Project Habbakuk
Stw 1 The Philadelphia Experiment
Wikipedia1 1 Stanislav Petrov
Cema 1 Tachanka
Primalchaos 1 United States military chocolate
ClockworkSoul 1 Who me?
Storm05 1 UFO sightings in Iraq
Trimalchio 1 Toledo War
Severecci 1 Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War
Name_Not_Needed 1 State Police of Crawford and Erie Counties
Majts 1 State of Louisiana v. Frisard
Nonenmac 1 Liver-Eating Johnson
Sjc196 1 Monkey-man of New Delhi
Thseamon 1 Jersey Devil
PhatJew 1 Jackalope
Ojl 1 Flying ointment
Dominus 1 Sidehill Gouger
WillowW 1 Sweater curse 1 Biotic Baking Brigade
Davodd 1 Chewbacca Defense
Mib 1 Big Mac Index
Moravice 1 Acoustic Kitty
Sam_Spade 1 Vril
Eequor 1 Energy vampire
Ernst_Stavro_Blofeld 1 Yak racing
Adelaidely 1 Muggle Quidditch
AsianAstronaut 1 Noodling
Nofrak 1 Krzyzewskiville
Bdj 1 Jamaican Bobsled Team
Jawlensky 1 International Rutabaga Curling Championship
Mgiganteus1 1 Octopus wrestling
RMc 1 Plainfield Teacher's College
Easyas12c 1 Wife Carrying
Historian 1 Wooden spoon (award)
Enlightenedment 1 Ten Cent Beer Night
ConradKilroy 1 Teddy bear toss
ScottyBoy900Q 1 Rocket Racing League
BD2412 1 Dewey, Cheatem & Howe
Lambton 1 Flatulence tax
Kpalion 1 Polish Beer-Lovers' Party
Coolcaesar 1 Pruneyard Shopping Center
Vroman 1 Pink Pistols
RHaworth 1 Old Deluder Satan Law
Wikiacc 1 Nix v. Hedden
Dev1n 1 Jonathon Sharkey
Kosebamse 1 Sentinelese
OwenBlacker 1 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Larsinio 1 The Smurfs and communism
Husnock 1 Shouting fire in a crowded theater
Bole2 1 Stephen Colbert's performance at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
Kipala 1 Shanghai Fugu Agreement
Miss_Madeline 1 New shoes on budget day
Swid 1 Nebraska admiral
Raabe 1 Jakob Maria Mierscheid
Scooter 1 Jesusland map
Zundark 1 Ich bin ein Berliner
Englishrose 1 H'Angus
Talskiddy 1 Free Bench
BenB4 1 Jimmy Carter's rabbit
DavidA 1 Memoirs v. Massachusetts
SteveHFish 1 A moron in a hurry
Toddsschneider 1 Montreal-Philippines cutlery controversy
Mwalcoff 1 Miles v. City Council of Augusta, Georgia
Tempshill 1 McMartin preschool trial
Vossman 1 Muffin top
Interestingstuffadder 1 Wellesley College Senate bus
Brian0918 1 Album graecum
Numskll 1 Apollo moon landing hoax accusations
EncycloPetey 1 Zyzyxia lundellii
Royalbroil 1 Dick Passwater
GAThrawn22 1 Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 3
Thoms 1 Bananadine
PiffPuffPickle 1 Bristol Stool Scale
Thenestor 1 Vladimir Demikhov
Watcher 1 Dihydrogen monoxide hoax
KharBevNor 1 Dancing mania
Omegatron 1 Colors of noise
TheNobleDuke 1 Buttered cat paradox
Wik 1 Adolf Lu Hitler Marak
Peak 1 Sonic hedgehog
Salmideutscher 1 Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
PierreAbbat 1 Voynich manuscript
Fawcett5 1 Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping Car Porters "George"
Gurubrahma 1 Siamese twins (English language)
COGDEN 1 Shit happens
Smelialichu 1 Nicholas Barbon
Wk_muriithi 1 Bill Gates' flower fly
Somanypeople 1 Covered smut (barley)
Gryffindor 1 Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft
Norm 1 Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116
Richard_Barlow 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character
Chrisvls 1 Drake's Plate of Brass
Maastrictian 1 Elvis taxon
Post_Falls_Man 1 Mellified Man
Magnus_Manske 1 Mole Day
PDH 1 Maple syrup urine disease
Patrick0Moran 1 Male lactation
Denni 1 List of chemical compounds with unusual names
Nightstallion 1 2006 Mumbai "Sweet" Seawater Incident
Curps 1 Panamax
Latitude0116 1 Queens Giant
David_Stewart 1 Photic sneeze reflex
Paul_Klenk 1 Penis panic
Tolken 1 'Pataphysics
Livajo 1 Lighting farts
Grendelkhan 1 ISO 3103
Cprompt 1 Five-second rule
Intrigue 1 Flat Earth society
Zandperl 1 Female hysteria
Jerzy 1 Fatal hilarity
Rd232 1 Emerald Cockroach Wasp
Ugen64 1 Foreign accent syndrome
Remember 1 David Hahn
Alteripse 1 Hypertrichosis
Garrick92 1 The Hum
Hautala 1 Homokaasu
Goatchurch 1 Hamster test
IMSoP 1 RAS syndrome
Deb 1 Phaistos Disc
Joeblakesley 1 Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
Elonka 1 Love Land
CaptainMike 1 Jerimoth Hill
Dbenbenn 1 Icelandic Phallological Museum
Camptown 1 Hitlers' Cross
Scott_Burley 1 Mojave phone booth
Scipius 1 Moresnet
Bobanny 1 Sam Kee Building
Skysmith 1 Ferdinand Cheval
Wafulz 1 Punkeydoodles Corners
Lucky_6.9 1 Original Spanish Kitchen
Darobsta 1 Helengrad
Adam_Bishop 1 Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Wikispork 1 Colletto Fava
Polylerus 1 Deserted island
JamesMLane 1 Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
Ram-Man 1 Centralia, Pennsylvania
Ericd 1 Arbre du Ténéré
Benjaminb 1 DISH, Texas
MapsMan 1 Ebenezer Place, Wick
Coqsportif 1 Gropecunt Lane
Veracious_Rey 1 Florence Y'all Water Tower
THE_KING 1 Extraterrestrial real estate
JeffreySteer 1 Parliament Street, Exeter
Mycroft7 1 Spite House
AxelBoldt 1 Spiral Island
Angmering 1 Behind the sofa
Alan_d 1 The dozens
Trosk 1 Acetylseryltyrosylseryliso...serine
NathanBeach 1 Undecimber
1 Panda pornography
Infrogmation 1 Time Cube
Mzajac 1 Faux Cyrillic
Michael_Hardy 1 Nucular
Lazarus666 1 Markovian parallax denigrate
Juro 1 Hyphen War
Jwrosenzweig 1 Fictitious entry
Gene_Ward_Smith 1 Minkowski's question mark function
Chuck_Smith 1 Pi Day
Seglea 1 Zzyzx, California
BradBeattie 1 0.999...
Boothy443 1 The Wedge (border)
Zonk43 1 UFO-Memorial Ängelholm
Bloodofox 1 Tree That Owns Itself
Wayland 1 Erdős–Bacon number
Arvindn 1 Illegal prime
Fraghappy 1 Phantom time hypothesis
Taras 1 Numbers station
Palaverist 1 Manhattanhenge
Henning_Makholm 1 Indiana Pi Bill
Idleguy 1 Schmidt Sting Pain Index
Anthony_Appleyard 1 Maggot therapy
Eloquence 1
BlueNight 1 Gibs
Matthew_Stannard 1 elgooG
Duffaboy 1 Don't Buy This
TheGreenHerring 1 Infrequently Asked Questions
JIP 1 Infinite Cat Project
MrJayZee 1 lolcat
Keir 1 John Titor
Cookiecaper 1 JFK: Reloaded
Aaron_Brenneman 1 Internet phenomenon
Applegoddess 1 Dogcow
SP-KP 1 The size of Wales
W00t-m4n 1 Zanbatō
Shawnc 1 Xianxingzhe
Jcam 1 Whizzinator
Robinh 1 Toilet roll holder
Ld 1 AOL disk collecting
DonDiego 1 Blinkenlights
Taviso 1 Crazy Frog
Genius523 1 Conservapedia
Radiant! 1 The computers take over
Mulad 1 Boss key
Chadloder 1 Mark V Shaney
Shpxurnq 1 Meow Wars
Stephen_Hui 1 Interactive Urine Communicator
LeoCendro 1 Noël Godin
Joseph_Dwayne 1 Garden Gnome Liberation Front
Turbomelon 1 Ghost ride
Vodex 1 Kayfabe
SuperDude115 1 List of problems solved by MacGyver
Reswobslc 1 Mile High Club
Thirdreel 1 Metafiction
Conti 1 Merhan Karimi Nasseri
Fabrib 1 Masturbate-a-thon
Siroxo 1 Donkey punch
Francs2000 1 Croydon facelift
Marnanel 1 You are X and I claim my five pounds
Monedula 1 Wingdings
GreenReaper 1 Trojan room coffee pot
Bananaclaw 1 Monster infighting
Cmbtrans 1 The Bus Uncle
AaronSw 1 Can't sleep, clown will eat me
Uclafalcon 1 Conan the Librarian
Emperorbma 1 Cuteness in Japanese culture
Poker_Player 1 Cartoon physics
Lifefeed 1 Spanish announcers' table
Babbage 1 The Cruelty of Really Teaching Computer Science
Alan_Peakall 1 Thiotimoline
Adamsan 1 Lloyds Bank turd
Zeizmic 1 Slinky seismology
Mauverga 1 Nazi UFOs
Outlanderssc 1 Pimpmobile
GeeJo 1 Forest swastika
Bogdangiusca 1 Canard Digérateur
Cyrius 1 Will Rogers phenomenon
Kazvorpal 1 Knork
Beaumont 1 Digital sundial
Wolfkeeper 1 Fictional elements, isotopes and atomic particles
Dcflyer 1 Tip of the tongue
Sabine's_Sunbird 1 Thagomizer
Jesster79 1 Killdozer (bulldozer)
Reub2000 1 Tomacco
KeyStroke 1 Thumb twiddling
LC 1 Ulam spiral
Tfine80 1 Ampelmännchen
Zsmith 1 Shipping container architecture
Bishonen 1 S. A. Andrée's Arctic balloon expedition of 1897
AndrewH 1 South Pointing Chariot
Decumanus 1 Uncanny Valley
Icebrrrg 1 Target fixation
MrLogic 1 R/P FLIP
Master_Of_Ninja 1 Rocket mail
Dbachmann 1 Pointy hat
Smurrayinchester 1 British Rail flying saucer
J.J. 1 Where's the beef?
Sonjaaa 2 Saddam Hussein's novels
Rhinoceros Party of Canada
Iceberg3k 2 Evil Overlord List
Pope Michael
Vfp15 2 Napoleon in popular culture
The Canadian Conspiracy
Roadrunner 2 Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den
War Plan Red
Schneelocke 2 Lina Medina
Larry Walters
The_lorax 2 Dinny the Dinosaur
Le Rêve (painting)
Ed_Poor 2 Smoot
List of messiah claimants
Korovioff 2 Love padlocks
Pole, Hungarian, two good friends
Lowellian 2 The World Famous Bushman
Female Pope
Auric_The_Rad 2 Treacle mining
Vampire pumpkins and watermelons
Worldtraveller 2 Ferdinandea
Red rain in Kerala
CrypticBacon 2 Anthropodermic bibliopegy
NORAD Santa tracking program
DragonflySixtyseven 2 Arseface
Vaoverland 2 Lost counties, cities, and towns of Virginia
School bus yellow
SYSS_Mouse 2 Happy Corner
Tsang Tsou Choi
Danny 2 Jewish Autonomous Oblast
Hiroo Onoda
Arcadian 2 Natasha Demkina
More cowbell
OldakQuill 2 Cindy the Dolphin
Death erection
MacRusgail 2 Nose grease
Tropical nations at the Winter Olympics
David_Gerard 2 The Eye of Argon
Russian Reversal
Karada 2 Gerbilling
Human penis size
Andrevan 2 Talk to the hand
No soap radio
Maury_Markowitz 2 Toynbee tiles
Gimli Glider
Ahoerstemeier 2 Bielefeld Conspiracy
February 30
Cdespinosa 2 If by whisky
Hardware disease
Chris_73 2 Toilets in Japan
Space burial
Vaughan 2 Capgras delusion
Fregoli delusion
Nrbelex 2 Let's trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle
U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program
Fys 2 Vrillon
Harold Davidson
Vardion 2 Animals as electoral candidates
McGillicuddy Serious Party
Setanta747 2 Spaghetti trees
Flies graveyard
Kingturtle 2 Monkey
The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
Jersyko 2 Mermaid Problem
Stambovsky v. Ackley
Malcolm_Farmer 2 Le Pétomane
Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Deadkid_dk 2 Hong Kong 97
Moe anthropomorphism
Starblind 2 Brannock Device
Axhandle hound
Badagnani 2 Das erste Wiener Gemüseorchester
Tillamook Cheddar (dog)
Damian_Yerrick 2 Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
Litefantastic 2 Aglet
Richard Nixon mask
Mitsukai 2 Fictional chemical substance
Montrealais 2 Metrophile
Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet
Dysprosia 2 Intentionally blank page
Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!
Arbiteroftruth 2 Legislative violence
Ding Hai Effect
One_Salient_Oversight 3 Mexican Perforation
Matthew Brimson
Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions
TOttenville8 3 Manscaping
Curse of Billy Penn
Mendoza Line
Toytoy 3 Jennifer 8. Lee
Le Train de Nulle Part
Boneless Fish
Harry491 3 Apples and oranges
Colleen Nestler
Toy Biz v. United States
Raul654 3 Aron Ralston
Penis fencing
51st state
ChrisO 3 Deportivo Wanka
Navel lint
Chicken powered nuclear bomb
Kizor 3 Male pregnancy
Exploding head
The_stuart 3 Centennial Light
The Cure for Insomnia
The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World
Grutness 4 Baldwin Street, Dunedin
Cardrona Bra Fence
Fallen Monument Park
Liver bird
Mixcoatl 4 Tourist guy
You forgot Poland
Nicolás Zúñiga y Miranda
Mikkalai 4 The Complexity of Songs
Russian space dogs
The_Anome 4 IP over Avian Carriers
Evil clown
P Funk mythology
EURion constellation
Ihcoyc 4 Latin profanity
Placeholder name
Chicken sexing
Jengod 5 Republic of Indian Stream
Parasitic twin
List of U.S. state dinosaurs
Mintguy 5 Fucking, Austria
Sedlec Ossuary
Stinking badges
Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards
Bryan_Derksen 6 Alien hand syndrome
Exploding head syndrome
Mary Tofts
Office Assistant
Atlanta Nights
Clan McDuck
Zanimum 7 The Mississauga Blob
Making a face
Anna Ayala
McDonald's urban legends
Jack Black (rat catcher)
Extreme ironing
Video-Enhanced Grave Marker
Violetriga 10 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Toilet-related injury
Concealing something in a book
Human mail
Space advertising
Pasilalinic-sympathetic compass
Supernumerary body part
Worm charming
Conger cuddling
Snail racing

Additionally, 165 unusual articles have been created by anonymous (unregistered) editors as of the above run. These articles are: