Remontado Agta language

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Remontado Dumagat
Sinauna, Remontado Agta
Native to Philippines
Region Tanay and Montalban in Rizal, Antipolo City, and General Nakar, Quezon
Native speakers
2,500 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 agv
Glottolog remo1247[2]
Remontado Dumagat language map.png
Area where Sinauna language is spoken

Remontado Agta, also known as Sinauna, Kabalat, Remontado Dumagat, and Hatang Kayey, is a language spoken in Tanay, Rizal, General Nakar, Quezon (including in Paimahuan, Limoutan[3]), Rodriguez, Rizal and Antipolo City, in the Philippines.

The Remontado Dumagat were traditionally found in the mountains around the boundary between Sampaloc district in Tanay, Rizal, and General Nakar, Quezon (Lobel 2013:72-73).It is the proto-Tagalog language within Katagalugan region in island of Luzon. The local term for Sinauna language is Mangnah or Mangnih and it is the type of Dumagat Language where its speakers were originally residing in the interior part of Mountain ranges of Sierra Madre.The Umiray Dumaget or locally called pa baybay is the type of Dumagat tribes who prefer to have settlements near the Seashores or baybaying dagat. General Nakar has more proficient speakers. The speakers call themselves "Dumagat" or "Remontado Dumagat," although they better known in the academic literature as "Sinauna." Remontado Dumagat is not to be confused with the Umiray Dumaget or Casiguran Dumagat.


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