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Wampar language

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Dzob Wampar
RegionMarkham Valley, New Guinea
Native speakers
(5,200 cited 1990)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3lbq

Wampar (Dzob Wampar) is an Austronesian language of Wampar Rural LLG, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.

It is spoken in the 8 villages (wards) of Dzifasin (6°35′18″S 146°34′46″E / 6.588454°S 146.579374°E / -6.588454; 146.579374 (Chivasing)), Tararan (6°32′36″S 146°33′12″E / 6.543318°S 146.553226°E / -6.543318; 146.553226 (Tararan)), Gabsongkeg (6°35′04″S 146°45′25″E / 6.584546°S 146.757023°E / -6.584546; 146.757023 (Gapsongkeg)), Ngasowapum (6°34′30″S 146°49′22″E / 6.575056°S 146.822698°E / -6.575056; 146.822698 (Nasuapum)), Munun (6°34′24″S 146°51′00″E / 6.573319°S 146.849903°E / -6.573319; 146.849903 (Munum)), Mare (6°39′30″S 146°40′56″E / 6.658412°S 146.682269°E / -6.658412; 146.682269 (Mare)), Gabandzidz (6°43′27″S 146°46′12″E / 6.724186°S 146.769987°E / -6.724186; 146.769987 (Gabensis)), and Wamped (6°44′28″S 146°40′12″E / 6.741034°S 146.670007°E / -6.741034; 146.670007 (Wampit)).[2]


The phonology consists of the following:[3]


Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive voiceless p t k
prenasal ᵐp ⁿt ᵑk
voiced b d ɡ
Affricate voiceless ts
prenasal ⁿts
voiced dz
Fricative f s
Rhotic r
Approximant w l j


Front Central Back
High i iː u uː
Mid e eː o oː
Low a aː

Further reading[edit]

Beer, Bettina, and Hans Fischer. Wampar–English Dictionary with an English–Wampar finder list. ANU Press, 2021. ISBN 9781760464790


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