Daxing'anling Prefecture

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Daxing'anling Prefecture
Xilinji Town, Mohe County, Daxing'anling
Xilinji Town, Mohe County, Daxing'anling
Daxing'anling (red) in Heilongjiang (orange)
Daxing'anling (red) in Heilongjiang (orange)
Coordinates: 52°30′N 123°54′E / 52.500°N 123.900°E / 52.500; 123.900Coordinates: 52°30′N 123°54′E / 52.500°N 123.900°E / 52.500; 123.900
Country People's Republic of China
Province Heilongjiang
County-level divisions 4 districts
3 counties
Township-level divisions 6 subdistricts
24 towns
11 townships
2 ethnic townships
Village-level divisions 41 residential communities
80 villages
 • Total 46,755 km2 (18,052 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 520,000
 • Density 11/km2 (29/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 165000
Area code(s) 0457
Daxing'anling Prefecture
大興安嶺 name.png
"Daxing'anling", as written in Chinese calligraphy
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 大兴安岭地区
Traditional Chinese 大興安嶺地區
Manchu name
Manchu script ᠠᠮᠪᠠ ᡥᡳᠨ᠋ᡤᡤᠠᠨ ᠵᡠᡨ᠊ᡠᠨ ᡳ ᠪᠠ
Russian name
Russian Да-Хинган-Лин Округа

Daxing'anling Prefecture (Chinese: 大兴安岭地区; pinyin: Dàxīng'ānlǐng Dìqū) also known as Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture is the northernmost Chinese prefecture-level division, located in Heilongjiang Province. Its area is 46,755 square kilometres (18,052 sq mi) and has a population of 520,000, as of 2004. It is named after the Greater Khingan Range (Daxing'anling; ᠠᠮᠪᠠ᠋ ᡥᡳᠨ᠋ᡤᡤᠠᠨ ᠵᡠᡨ᠊ᡠᠨ; Amba Hinggan Jutun) Mountains. In 2007 it had a GDP of RMB 6.1 billion and a growth rate of 11.1%.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Daxing'anling Prefecture administrates 3 counties, 4 management districts. These counties and management districts contain 6 urban subdistricts, 24 towns, 11 townships, 2 ethnic townships, 41 residential communities, and 80 villages.

Dahingganling mcp.png
# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010 Census) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
City proper
7 Jiagedaqi District* 加格达奇区 Jiāgédáqí Qū 154,363 1,400 110
Rural districts
4 Huzhong District 呼中区 Hūzhōng Qū 45,039 9,400 5
5 Xinlin District 新林区 Xīnlín Qū 50,859 8,700 6
6 Songling District* 松岭区 Sōnglǐng Qū 33,555 16,800 2
Rural counties
1 Mohe County 漠河县 Mòhé Xiàn 83,414 18,367 5
2 Tahe County 塔河县 Tǎhé Xiàn 92,473 14,103 7
3 Huma County 呼玛县 Hūmǎ Xiàn 51,861 14,300 4
*Jiagedaqi District and Songling District is subordinate to Daxing'anling Prefecture but formally part of Oroqin Autonomous Banner in Inner Mongolia.

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