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Note: all articles on this list were tagged as of 21:25, 10 March 2009 (UTC). This may not be the case anymore.
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Updating the list[edit]

Once in a while, run the CatScan tool, which generates the list of all articles under the Category:Cape Verde and its children. See also the list of articles with "Cape Verde" on their title (Alternatively, use All pages with a title containing Cape Verde) and check whether any of those articles aren't categorized under Category:Cape Verde or any of its children.

  • This list was updated on 20:41, 25 July 2012 (UTC).

The list[edit]

  1. .cv (talk)
  2. 2011 in Cape Verde (talk)
  3. 2011–12 Santiago Island League (South) (talk)
  4. ALUPEC (talk)
  5. A Semana (talk)
  6. Aalviar Lima (talk)
  7. Abílio Duarte (talk)
  8. Académica (Espargos) (talk)
  9. Académica Operária (talk)
  10. Académica da Calheta (talk)
  11. Académica da Praia (talk)
  12. Académica do Mindelo (talk)
  13. Académico Sal Rei (talk)
  14. Académico do Aeroporto (talk)
  15. Achada, Santiago, Cape Verde (talk)
  16. Achada Banana (talk)
  17. Achada Furna (talk)
  18. Achada Grande (talk)
  19. Achada Leitão, Cape Verde (talk)
  20. Achadinha de Baixo (talk)
  21. Administrative divisions of Cape Verde (talk)
  22. Adriano Barbosa Miranda da Luz (talk)
  23. African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (talk)
  24. African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (talk)
  25. Africans in Hawaii (talk)
  26. Afro-French (talk)
  27. Agostinho Neto Airport (talk)
  28. Agriculture in Cape Verde (talk)
  29. Agrius cingulata (talk)
  30. Aguinaldo Fonseca (talk)
    Template:Airlines of Cape Verde
  31. Alcatraz, Cape Verde (talk)
  32. Alexandre de Serpa Pinto (talk)
  33. Almir Barbosa (talk)
  34. Alto Mira (talk)
  35. Amílcar Cabral (documentary) (talk)
  36. Amílcar Cabral International Airport (talk)
  37. Ana Firmino (talk)
  38. Andorinha (São Domingos) (talk)
  39. Angola–Cape Verde relations (talk)
  40. Anselmo Ribeiro (talk)
  41. Antoninho Travadinha (talk)
  42. Antonio Pedro Monteiro Lima (talk)
  43. António Lopes dos Santos (talk)
  44. António Mascarenhas Monteiro (talk)
  45. António Pedro (talk)
  46. António Semedo (talk)
  47. António de Noli (talk)
  48. Aristides Pereira (talk)
  49. Arlindo Gomes Furtado (talk)
  50. Armando Zeferino Soares (talk)
  51. Arménio Vieira (talk)
  52. Artiletra (talk)
  53. Associação Académica do Porto Novo (talk)
  54. Associação Jovens Amigos do Tarrafal (talk)
  55. Associação dos Escuteiros de Cabo Verde (talk)
  56. Assomada (talk)
  57. Atalaia, Cape Verde (talk)
  58. Avenida Marginal (talk)
  59. África Show (talk)
  60. Água do Gato (talk)
  61. Ângela Maria Fonseca Spínola (talk)
  62. Babanco (talk)
  63. Babcock-Macomb House (talk)
  64. Baixo Rocha (talk)
  65. Balkrishna Shetty (talk)
  66. Baltasar Lopes da Silva (talk)
  67. Bana (singer) (talk)
  68. Banco Cabo-Verdiano de Negócios (talk)
  69. Banco Comercial do Atlântico (talk)
  70. Banco Inter-Atlântico (talk)
  71. Bangaeira (talk)
  72. Bank of Cape Verde (talk)
  73. Barcelona (Tarrafal) (talk)
  74. Barlavento Creoles (talk)
  75. Barlavento Islands (talk)
  76. Barolo Shearwater (talk)
  77. Barreirense (Cape Verde) (talk)
  78. Barreiro, Cape Verde (talk)
  79. Barril, São Nicolau (talk)
  80. Batuque, the Soul of a People (talk)
  81. Batuque (music) (talk)
  82. Batuque FC (talk)
  83. Bau (singer) (talk)
  84. Baía La Figueira (talk)
  85. Baía da Santana (talk)
  86. Baía das Gatas (talk)
  87. Baía de Galeão (talk)
  88. Beira-Mar (Ribeira Grande) (talk)
  89. Bela Duarte (talk)
  90. Belém, Cape Verde (talk)
  91. Bife de tartaruga (talk)
  92. Bijou (footballer) (talk)
  93. Boa Entrada (talk)
  94. Boa Vista, Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:Boa Vista, Cape Verde
  95. Boa Vista, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  96. Boa Vista Creole (talk)
  97. Boa Vista Island League (talk)
  98. Boavista FC (Cape Verde) (talk)
  99. Boca da Lapa (talk)
  100. Bofareira (talk)
  101. Bolinhos de mandioca com mel (talk)
  102. Bolsa de Valores de Cabo Verde (talk)
  103. Boss AC (talk)
  104. Botafogo (Cape Verde) (talk)
  105. Bourne's Heron (talk)
  106. Boy Gé Mendes (talk)
  107. Boyd's Shearwater (talk)
  108. Brava, Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:Brava, Cape Verde
  109. Brava, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  110. Brava Creole (talk)
  111. Brava Island League (talk)
  112. Buracona (talk)
  113. Bébé (talk)
  114. CD Travadores (talk)
  115. CS Mindelense (talk)
  116. Cabeça Fundão (talk)
  117. Cabeçalinho (talk)
  118. Cabeço dos Tarrafes (talk)
  119. Cabo Verde: Viagem pela história das ilhas (talk)
  120. Cabo Verde Express (talk)
  121. Cabo de Santa Maria (Cape Verde) (talk)
  122. Cachaço (talk)
  123. Cachaço, São Nicolau, Cape Verde (talk)
  124. Cachoeiras, Cape Verde (talk)
  125. Cachupa (talk)
  126. Cafú (footballer born 1977) (talk)
  127. Caixa (São Vicente) (talk)
  128. Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde (talk)
  129. Calejão (talk)
  130. Calhau (talk)
  131. Calhaus (talk)
  132. Calheta, Cape Verde (talk)
  133. Calheta de São Miguel (talk)
  134. Calhetinha (talk)
  135. Campanas (talk)
  136. Campeonato Nacional de Cabo Verde (talk)
  137. Campo, Cape Verde (talk)
  138. Campo Baixo (talk)
  139. Canal de São Vicente (talk)
  140. Cancelo (talk)
  141. Cao (Portuguese footballer) (talk)
  142. Cape Verde (talk)
    Portal:Cape Verde (talk)
  143. Cape Verde-type hurricane (talk)
  144. Cape Verde Buzzard (talk)
  145. Cape Verde Kite Museum (talk)
  146. Cape Verde Shearwater (talk)
  147. Cape Verde Storm Petrel (talk)
  148. Cape Verde Swift (talk)
  149. Cape Verde Time (talk)
  150. Cape Verde Warbler (talk)
  151. Cape Verde at the 1996 Summer Olympics (talk)
  152. Cape Verde at the 2000 Summer Olympics (talk)
  153. Cape Verde at the 2004 Summer Olympics (talk)
  154. Cape Verde at the 2004 Summer Paralympics (talk)
  155. Cape Verde at the 2006 Lusophony Games (talk)
  156. Cape Verde at the 2008 Summer Olympics (talk)
  157. Cape Verde at the 2008 Summer Paralympics (talk)
  158. Cape Verde at the 2009 Lusophony Games (talk)
  159. Cape Verde at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics (talk)
  160. Cape Verde at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics (talk)
  161. Cape Verde at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics (talk)
  162. Cape Verde at the 2012 Summer Olympics (talk)
  163. Cape Verde at the Olympics (talk)
  164. Cape Verde at the Paralympics (talk)
  165. Cape Verde national basketball team (talk)
  166. Cape Verde national football team (talk)
    Template:Cape Verde squad FIBA Africa Championship 2007
  167. Cape Verde women's national football team (talk)
  168. Cape Verdean American (talk)
  169. Cape Verdean Angolan (talk)
  170. Cape Verdean Argentine (talk)
  171. Cape Verdean Belgian (talk)
  172. Cape Verdean Canadian (talk)
  173. Cape Verdean Creole (talk)
    Template:Cape Verdean Creole
  174. Cape Verdean Cuban (talk)
  175. Cape Verdean French (talk)
  176. Cape Verdean Gabonese (talk)
  177. Cape Verdean German (talk)
  178. Cape Verdean Guinea-Bissauan (talk)
  179. Cape Verdean Ivorian (talk)
  180. Cape Verdean Luxembourger (talk)
  181. Cape Verdean Mozambican (talk)
  182. Cape Verdean Portuguese (talk)
  183. Cape Verdean Spanish (talk)
  184. Cape Verdean Swedish (talk)
  185. Cape Verdean Swiss (talk)
  186. Cape Verdean diaspora (talk)
  187. Cape Verdean escudo (talk)
  188. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 1975 (talk)
  189. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 1980 (talk)
  190. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 1985 (talk)
  191. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 1991 (talk)
  192. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 1995 (talk)
  193. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 2001 (talk)
  194. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 2006 (talk)
  195. Cape Verdean parliamentary election, 2011 (talk)
  196. Cape Verdean passport (talk)
  197. Cape Verdean people in São Tomé and Príncipe (talk)
  198. Cape Verdean presidential election, 1991 (talk)
  199. Cape Verdean presidential election, 1996 (talk)
  200. Cape Verdean presidential election, 2001 (talk)
  201. Cape Verdean presidential election, 2006 (talk)
  202. Cape Verdean presidential election, 2011 (talk)
  203. Cape Verdean real (talk)
  204. Cape Verdeans in Italy (talk)
  205. Cape Verdeans in Portugal (talk)
  206. Cape Verdeans in Senegal (talk)
  207. Cape Verdeans in the Netherlands (talk)
  208. Cape Verde–European Union relations (talk)
  209. Cape Verde–Mauritania Maritime Delimitation Treaty (talk)
  210. Cape Verde–People's Republic of China relations (talk)
  211. Cape Verde–Senegal Maritime Delimitation Treaty (talk)
  212. Cape Verde–United States relations (talk)
  213. Cape Verdian local election, 2012 (talk)
  214. Capital punishment in Cape Verde (talk)
  215. Carlos Alhinho (talk)
  216. Carlos Pedro Silva Morais (talk)
  217. Carlos Veiga (talk)
  218. Carriçal (talk)
  219. Carvoeiro, Cape Verde (talk)
  220. Cascabulho (talk)
  221. Cassard expedition (talk)
  222. Castilhano (talk)
  223. Castilho (Mindelo) (talk)
  224. Cavaquinho (talk)
  225. Cecilio Lopes (talk)
  226. Centro Nacional de Artesanato (talk)
  227. Cesária Évora (talk)
  228. Charles Kondi Agba (talk)
  229. Chelsea Tavares (talk)
  230. Chiquinho (novel) (talk)
  231. Chuva Braba (talk)
  232. Chã das Caldeiras (talk)
  233. Chã das Furnas (talk)
  234. Chã de Igreja (talk)
  235. Chão Bom (talk)
  236. Chão de Estância (talk)
  237. Cidade Velha (talk)
  238. Cimboa (talk)
  239. Claridade (talk)
  240. Clube Desportivo Sinagoga (talk)
  241. Coculi (talk)
  242. Coladeira (talk)
  243. Companhia Cabo-Verdiana de Seguros (talk)
  244. Conference of Nationalist Organizations of the Portuguese Colonies (talk)
  245. Constantino of Braganza (talk)
  246. Correios de Cabo Verde (talk)
  247. Corsino Fortes (talk)
  248. Corvo, Cape Verde (talk)
  249. Council of Free Labour Unions (talk)
  250. Cova Figueira (talk)
  251. Cova Joana (talk)
  252. Cova Rodela (talk)
  253. Covada (talk)
  254. Coxo (talk)
  255. Crime in Cape Verde (talk)
  256. Crioulo e Outros Poemas (talk)
  257. Cruzinha (talk)
  258. Culture of Cape Verde (talk)
  259. Curral Grande (talk)
  260. Curral Velho, Cape Verde (talk)
  261. Curral da Russa (talk)
  262. Currency of Cape Verde (talk)
  263. Cynthia Barboza (talk)
  264. Cântico da Liberdade (talk)
  265. Dady (talk)
  266. Dana Mohler-Faria (talk)
  267. Daniel Batista Lima (talk)
  268. Daniel Damásio Ascensão Filipe (talk)
  269. Danielson Gomes Monteiro (talk)
  270. Dany Mendes Ribeiro (talk)
  271. Davey Lopes (talk)
  272. David Mendes da Silva (talk)
  273. David Soares (talk)
  274. Demetrius Andrade (talk)
  275. Democratic Alliance for Change (talk)
  276. Democratic Convergence Party (Cape Verde) (talk)
  277. Democratic Renewal Party (Cape Verde) (talk)
  278. Democratic and Independent Cape Verdean Union (talk)
  279. Demographics of Cape Verde (talk)
  280. Deserto de Viana (talk)
  281. Desportivo Estância Baixo (talk)
  282. Desportivo Ribeira Brava (talk)
  283. Desportivo de Assomada (talk)
  284. Desportivo de Cova Figueira (talk)
  285. Desportivo de Santa Cruz (talk)
  286. Djaniny (talk)
  287. Domingos Pereira Magalhães (talk)
  288. Donald C. Johnson (talk)
  289. Down to Earth (1995 film) (talk)
  290. Dracaena draco (talk)
  291. Duarte Lôbo da Gama (talk)
  292. Dário Furtado (talk)
  293. E-Life (talk)
  294. ENAPOR (talk)
  295. Economy of Cape Verde (talk)
  296. Eddy Fort Moda Grog (talk)
  297. Edson Cruz (talk)
  298. Edson Rolando Silva Sousa (talk)
  299. Education in Cape Verde (talk)
  300. Effie M. Morrissey (talk)
  301. Eito (talk)
  302. Eito de Baixo (talk)
  303. Elections in Cape Verde (talk)
  304. Eliseu Pereira dos Santos (talk)
  305. Elvis Évora (talk)
  306. Embassy of Cape Verde in Washington, D.C. (talk)
  307. Emerson da Luz (talk)
  308. Energy in Cape Verde (talk)
  309. Ernesto da Conceição Soares (talk)
  310. Espargos (talk)
  311. Espongeiro (talk)
  312. Estrela dos Amadores (talk)
  313. Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva (talk)
  314. Estádio Marcelo Leitão (talk)
  315. Estádio Monte Pe Largo (talk)
  316. Estádio Municipal Adérito Sena (talk)
  317. Estádio da Várzea (talk)
  318. Estância Roque (talk)
  319. Estância de Baixo (talk)
  320. Estância de Brás (talk)
  321. Estórias contadas (talk)
  322. Eugenio Duarte (talk)
  323. Eugénio Tavares (talk)
  324. Eva Verona Teixeira Ortet (talk)
  325. Expresso das Ilhas (talk)
  326. FC Belo Horizonte (talk)
  327. FC Derby (talk)
  328. FC Ultramarina (Cape Verde) (talk)
  329. Fajã de Baixo, Cape Verde (talk)
  330. Fajã de Cima, Cape Verde (talk)
  331. Fajã de Água (talk)
  332. Fajãzinha, Cape Verde (talk)
  333. Fantcha (talk)
  334. Fateixa (talk)
  335. Fazenda, Cape Verde (talk)
  336. Fea's Petrel (talk)
  337. Federação Caboverdiana de Futebol (talk)
  338. Feijoal (talk)
  339. Feliciano Vierra Tavares (talk)
  340. Feodor Starčević (talk)
  341. Fernando Pereira (major) (talk)
  342. Fernando Quejas (talk)
  343. Fernando Varela (talk)
  344. Ferrinho (talk)
  345. Figueira Pavão (talk)
  346. Figueira Seco (talk)
  347. Figueira da Horta (talk)
  348. Figueira da Naus (talk)
  349. Figueiras, Cape Verde (talk)
  350. Finaçon (talk)
  351. First Geneva Convention (talk)
  352. Flag of Cape Verde (talk)
  353. Flamengos, Cape Verde (talk)
  354. Flor Jovem da Calheta (talk)
  355. Fogo, Cape Verde (talk)
  356. Fogo Creole (talk)
  357. Fogo Island League (talk)
  358. Fogo National Park (talk)
  359. Foguetões (talk)
  360. Fonsaco (talk)
  361. Fontainhas (talk)
  362. Fontaninhas (talk)
  363. Fonte Aleixo (talk)
  364. Fontona (talk)
  365. Football in Cape Verde (talk)
  366. Foreign relations of Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:Foreign relations of Cape Verde
  367. Formiguinhas (talk)
  368. Fourth Geneva Convention (talk)
  369. Francis Terry McNamara (talk)
  370. Francisco Mendes International Airport (talk)
  371. Freddy dos Santos (talk)
  372. Fredson Rodrigues (talk)
  373. Fredson Tavares (talk)
  374. Freedom of religion in Cape Verde (talk)
  375. Funaná (talk)
  376. Fundo das Figueiras (talk)
  377. Furna (Brava) (talk)
  378. Furna (Fogo) (talk)
  379. Futebol Clube Talho (talk)
  380. Fábio Emanuel Moreira Silva (talk)
  381. Fátima Veiga (talk)
  382. GD Amarantes (talk)
  383. Gabriel Mariano (talk)
  384. Galinheiros (talk)
  385. Garridos (Santiago) (talk)
  386. Garça de Cima (talk)
  387. Gata, Cape Verde (talk)
  388. Gelson Fernandes (talk)
  389. Geneva Protocol (talk)
  390. Geography of Cape Verde (talk)
  391. Geology of Cape Verde (talk)
  392. George Araujo (talk)
  393. George N. Leighton (talk)
  394. Georges Santos (talk)
  395. Germano Almeida (talk)
  396. Gil Semedo (talk)
  397. Gilberto Reis (talk)
  398. Gilson Manuel Silva Alves (talk)
  399. Glenn Pires (talk)
  400. Gordon D. Fox (talk)
  401. Graciano Brito (talk)
  402. Grogue (talk)
  403. Grupo Desportivo, Recreativo e Cultural Fiorentina (talk)
  404. Grupo Desportivo Palmeira (talk)
  405. Gualberto do Rosário (talk)
  406. Guy Ramos (talk)
  407. Gégé (footballer) (talk)
  408. Halcyonair (talk)
  409. Hartwell (1787 ship) (talk)
  410. Health in Cape Verde (talk)
  411. Hellinsia aistleitneri (talk)
  412. Henrik Larsson (talk)
  413. Henrique Teixeira de Sousa (talk)
  414. Henry Andrade (talk)
  415. Hernâni Borges (talk)
  416. History of Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:History of Cape Verde
  417. Honório Barreto (talk)
  418. Horace Silver (talk)
  419. Hortelã (São Nicolau), Cape Verde (talk)
  420. Hortelão (Sal), Cape Verde (talk)
  421. Hugo Évora (talk)
  422. Human rights in Cape Verde (talk)
  423. Hurricane Alberto (2000) (talk)
  424. Hurricane Bertha (1996) (talk)
  425. Hurricane Bertha (2008) (talk)
  426. Hurricane Bill (2009) (talk)
  427. Hurricane Danielle (2010) (talk)
  428. Hurricane Dean (talk)
  429. Hurricane Donna (talk)
  430. Hurricane Earl (2010) (talk)
  431. Hurricane Edouard (1996) (talk)
  432. Hurricane Fabian (talk)
  433. Hurricane Faith (talk)
  434. Hurricane Fran (talk)
  435. Hurricane Fred (2009) (talk)
  436. Hurricane Frederic (talk)
  437. Hurricane Gabrielle (1989) (talk)
  438. Hurricane Georges (talk)
  439. Hurricane Gert (1999) (talk)
  440. Hurricane Gloria (talk)
  441. Hurricane Helene (2006) (talk)
  442. Hurricane Hugo (talk)
  443. Hurricane Igor (talk)
  444. Hurricane Isaac (2000) (talk)
  445. Hurricane Isabel (talk)
  446. Hurricane Ivan (talk)
  447. Hurricane Julia (2010) (talk)
  448. Hurricane Karl (2004) (talk)
  449. Hurricane Katia (2011) (talk)
  450. Hurricane Luis (talk)
  451. Håkon Wexelsen Freihow (talk)
  452. Héldon Ramos (talk)
  453. ISO 3166-2:CV (talk)
  454. Iago Sparrow (talk)
  455. Iderlindo Moreno Freire (talk)
  456. Ildo Lobo (talk)
  457. Ilhéu Branco (talk)
  458. Ilhéu Grande (talk)
  459. Ilhéu Laja Branca (talk)
  460. Ilhéu Rabo de Junco (talk)
  461. Ilhéu Raso (talk)
  462. Ilhéu de Cima (talk)
  463. Ilhéu de Sal-Rei (talk)
  464. Ilhéu dos Pássaros (talk)
  465. Ilhéus Secos (talk)
  466. Index of Cape Verde-related articles (talk)
  467. Instituto de Estudos Superiores Isidoro da Graça (talk)
  468. Inter Islands Airlines (talk)
  469. Islam in Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:Islands of Cape Verde
  470. Ivone Ramos (talk)
  471. Jacques Bilodeau (talk)
  472. Jalunga (talk)
  473. Janela, Cape Verde (talk)
  474. Janício Martins (talk)
  475. Jardim Botânico (Cape Verde) (talk)
  476. Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde (talk)
  477. Jeff Xavier (talk)
  478. Jerry Adriano (talk)
  479. Jerson Cabral (talk)
  480. Jerson Ribeiro (talk)
  481. Jews of Bilad el-Sudan (talk)
  482. Jimmy Modeste (talk)
  483. John DeBrito (talk)
  484. Jonathan Martins Pereira (talk)
  485. Jorge Andrade (talk)
  486. Jorge Barbosa (talk)
  487. Jorge Carlos Fonseca (talk)
  488. Jornal Horizonte (talk)
  489. Jornal O Cidadão (talk)
  490. Joseph Almeida (talk)
  491. Joseph Gilles André Couvrette (talk)
  492. Josimar Lima (talk)
  493. José Andrade (Portuguese footballer) (talk)
  494. José António Tavares dos Anjos (talk)
  495. José Brito (talk)
  496. José Emilio Furtado (talk)
  497. José Filipe Correia Semedo (talk)
  498. José Gonçalves (talk)
  499. José Luís de Jesus (talk)
  500. José Manuel Gomes Andrade (talk)
  501. José Maria Neves (talk)
  502. José Reis (kickboxer) (talk)
  503. José Rui (talk)
  504. José Veiga (footballer) (talk)
  505. Jotamont (talk)
  506. João, Cape Verde (talk)
  507. João Baptista Ferreira Medina (talk)
  508. João Barreiro (talk)
  509. João Carlos Pires de Deus (talk)
  510. João Cleófas Martins (talk)
  511. João Evora (talk)
  512. João Galego (talk)
  513. João Gomes (talk)
  514. João Moreira (talk)
  515. João Teves, Cape Verde (talk)
  516. João Varela (talk)
  517. João Vário (talk)
  518. Juanito Sequeira (talk)
  519. Juncalinho (talk)
  520. Junior Livramento (talk)
  521. Juventude (Sal) (talk)
  522. Juventude do Norte (talk)
  523. Kontinuasom (talk)
  524. LGBT rights in Cape Verde (talk)
  525. Labour and Solidarity Party (talk)
  526. Laginha (talk)
  527. Lagoa, Cape Verde (talk)
  528. Lançados (talk)
  529. Laurindo António Leal Tavares (talk)
  530. Law enforcement in Cape Verde (talk)
  531. Lazareto (Mindelo) (talk)
  532. Leroy Gómez (talk)
  533. Lime Doce (talk)
  534. Limeirão, Cape Verde (talk)
  535. List of Cape Verdeans (talk)
  536. List of Lepidoptera of Cape Verde (talk)
  537. List of Roman Catholic dioceses in Cape Verde (talk)
  538. List of airlines of Cape Verde (talk)
  539. List of airports by ICAO code: G (talk)
  540. List of airports in Cape Verde (talk)
  541. List of banks in Cape Verde (talk)
  542. List of birds of Cape Verde (talk)
  543. List of birds on stamps of Cape Verde (talk)
  544. List of buildings and structures in Cape Verde (talk)
  545. List of cities and towns in Cape Verde (talk)
  546. List of colonial governors of Cape Verde (talk)
  547. List of companies of Cape Verde (talk)
  548. List of diplomatic missions in Cape Verde (talk)
  549. List of diplomatic missions of Cape Verde (talk)
  550. List of fish on stamps of Cape Verde (talk)
  551. List of flag bearers for Cape Verde at the Olympics (talk)
  552. List of football clubs in Cape Verde (talk)
  553. List of heads of government of Cape Verde (talk)
  554. List of heads of state of Cape Verde (talk)
  555. List of islands of Cape Verde (talk)
  556. List of lighthouses in Cape Verde (talk)
  557. List of mammals of Cape Verde (talk)
  558. List of mountains in Cape Verde (talk)
  559. List of political parties in Cape Verde (talk)
  560. List of ports in Cape Verde (talk)
  561. List of postal codes in Cape Verde (talk)
  562. List of radio stations in Cape Verde (talk)
  563. List of streams of Cape Verde (talk)
  564. List of universities in Cape Verde (talk)
  565. List of villages and settlements in Cape Verde (talk)
  566. List of volcanoes in Cape Verde (talk)
  567. Lito (Cape Verdean footballer) (talk)
  568. Lomba, Cape Verde (talk)
  569. Lomba de Santo (talk)
  570. Lomba dos Pombas (talk)
  571. Lourenço (talk)
  572. Luc Castaignos (talk)
  573. Luis Reis (talk)
  574. Lura (singer) (talk)
  575. Luso-American (talk)
  576. Luís Romano de Madeira Melo (talk)
  577. Luís de Matos Monteiro da Fonseca (talk)
  578. Lúcio Antunes (talk)
  579. Macroscincus (talk)
  580. Madeiral (talk)
  581. Maio, Cape Verde (talk)
  582. Maio, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  583. Maio Airport (talk)
  584. Maio Creole (talk)
  585. Maio Island League (talk)
  586. Mangue de Setes Ribeiras (talk)
  587. Manuel Estêvão Sanches (talk)
  588. Manuel Fernandes (footballer born 1986) (talk)
  589. Manuel Inocêncio Sousa (talk)
  590. Manuel Lopes (talk)
  591. Manuel Lopes (barber) (talk)
  592. Manuel de Novas (talk)
  593. Manuel dos Santos Fernandes (talk)
  594. Marcelino Manuel da Graca (talk)
  595. Marco Soares (talk)
  596. Maria Martins (talk)
  597. Maria de Barros (talk)
  598. Mario Correia (talk)
  599. Mario Neves (basketball) (talk)
  600. Marius Jean Bujold (talk)
  601. Marlon Pereira Freire (talk)
  602. Marques Houtman (talk)
  603. Marvelous Marvin Hagler (talk)
  604. Marítimo (Porto Novo) (talk)
  605. Mateus Lopes (talk)
  606. Mato Grande (talk)
  607. Mato Inglês (talk)
  608. Mayra Andrade (talk)
  609. Media of Cape Verde (talk)
  610. Melissa F. Wells (talk)
  611. Michael Beach (talk)
  612. Michael Pereira (talk)
  613. Mickaël Tavares (talk)
  614. Miguel Dias (talk)
  615. Miguel Gonçalves (talk)
  616. Mikoyam Tavares (talk)
  617. Military of Cape Verde (talk)
  618. Mindelo (talk)
  619. Mindelo Bay (talk)
  620. Modernize São Vicente Movement (talk)
  621. Monografia Descritiva Regional (talk)
  622. Monte Batalhas (talk)
  623. Monte Bissau (talk)
  624. Monte Branco (talk)
  625. Monte Cara (talk)
  626. Monte Estância (talk)
  627. Monte Fontainhas (talk)
  628. Monte Gordo, Cape Verde (talk)
  629. Monte Grande, Cape Verde (talk)
  630. Monte Grande (Sal), Cape Verde (talk)
  631. Monte Penoso (talk)
  632. Monte São João (talk)
  633. Monte Trigo (talk)
  634. Monte Verde, Cape Verde (talk)
  635. Monte Vermelho (talk)
  636. Montona (talk)
  637. Monumento de Diogo Gomes (talk)
  638. Morna (music) (talk)
  639. Morre Negro (talk)
  640. Morrinho (talk)
  641. Morro, Cape Verde (talk)
  642. Morro Branco (talk)
  643. Morro Brás (talk)
  644. Mosteiros, Cape Verde (talk)
  645. Mosteiros, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  646. Movement for Democracy (Cape Verde) (talk)
  647. Municipalities of Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:Municipalities of Cape Verde
  648. Murdeira (talk)
  649. Museu da Tabanka (talk)
  650. Music of Cape Verde (talk)
  651. Mário José Carvalho de Lima (talk)
  652. Nando Maria Neves (talk)
  653. Nani (talk)
  654. National Assembly of Cape Verde (talk)
  655. National Library of Cape Verde (talk)
  656. National emblem of Cape Verde (talk)
  657. National symbols of Cape Verde (talk)
  658. Nelson Cruz (athlete) (talk)
  659. Nelson Évora (talk)
  660. Neno (footballer) (talk)
  661. Nilson Antonio (talk)
  662. Nilton Fernandes (talk)
  663. Norte, Cape Verde (talk)
  664. Noscasa (talk)
  665. Nossa Senhora da Ajuda (parish) (talk)
  666. Nossa Senhora da Conceição (São Filipe) (talk)
  667. Nossa Senhora da Graça (Praia) (talk)
  668. Nossa Senhora da Lapa (Ribeira Brava) (talk)
  669. Nossa Senhora da Luz (Maio) (talk)
  670. Nossa Senhora da Luz (São Domingos) (talk)
  671. Nossa Senhora da Luz (São Vicente) (talk)
  672. Nossa Senhora das Dores (Sal) (talk)
  673. Nossa Senhora do Livramento, Cape Verde (talk)
  674. Nossa Senhora do Monte, Cape Verde (talk)
  675. Nossa Senhora do Monte (Brava) (talk)
  676. Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Ribeira Brava) (talk)
  677. Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Ribeira Grande) (talk)
  678. Nova Sintra (talk)
  679. Nélson Marcos (talk)
  680. Nélson Veiga (talk)
  681. O Galo Que Cantou na Baía (talk)
  682. O dia das calças roladas (talk)
  683. O dialecto crioulo de Cabo Verde (talk)
  684. O mar na Lajinha (talk)
  685. Oceano da Cruz (talk)
  686. Odair Sanches (talk)
  687. Odaïr Fortes (talk)
  688. Onze Unidos (talk)
  689. Onésimo Silveira (talk)
  690. Orlanda Amarílis (talk)
  691. Orlanda Maria Duarte Santos Ferreira (talk)
  692. Os Amigos (Assomada) (talk)
  693. Os Flagelados do Vento Leste (talk)
  694. Outline of Cape Verde (talk)
  695. Ovídio Martins (talk)
  696. Palha Carga (talk)
  697. Palinurus charlestoni (talk)
  698. Palmeira, Cape Verde (talk)
  699. Palácio Presidencial (talk)
  700. Palácio do Povo (talk)
  701. Parishes of Cape Verde (talk)
  702. Passo, Cape Verde (talk)
  703. Patim (talk)
  704. Patrice Evra (talk)
  705. Patrice Tonda (talk)
  706. Patrick Vieira (talk)
  707. Paul, Cape Verde (talk)
  708. Paul Gonsalves (talk)
  709. Paul Pena (talk)
  710. Paulense Desportivo Clube (talk)
  711. Paulo Dos Santos (soccer) (talk)
  712. Paulo Pina (talk)
  713. Paço do Concelho (talk)
  714. Pebbles (radio personality) (talk)
  715. Pedra Badejo (talk)
  716. Pedra de Lume (talk)
  717. Pedro Celestino Silva Soares (talk)
  718. Pedro DeBrito (talk)
  719. Pedro Jorge Ramos Moreira (talk)
  720. Pedro Pires (talk)
  721. Pedro Vaz (East Maio), Cape Verde (talk)
  722. Pedro Vaz (Northeastern Maio), Cape Verde (talk)
  723. Pelé (footballer born 1978) (talk)
  724. Peter Cipriano (talk)
  725. Peter Hose (talk)
  726. Peter J. Gomes (talk)
  727. Pico da Antónia (talk)
  728. Pico da Cruz (talk)
  729. Pico do Alberto (talk)
  730. Pico do Fogo (talk)
  731. Pico do Vento (talk)
  732. Picos, Cape Verde (talk)
  733. Pidjiguiti Massacre (talk)
  734. Piguita (talk)
  735. Pilão Cão (talk)
  736. Politics of Cape Verde (talk)
  737. Pombas, Cape Verde (talk)
  738. Ponta Cais (talk)
  739. Ponta João Ribeiro (talk)
  740. Ponta Preta (Maio) (talk)
  741. Ponta Preta (Northern Sal) (talk)
  742. Ponta Preta (Southern Sal) (talk)
  743. Ponta Rincão (talk)
  744. Ponta Verde, Cape Verde (talk)
  745. Ponta da Fragatas (talk)
  746. Ponta do Leme Velho (talk)
  747. Ponta do Norte, Cape Verde (talk)
  748. Ponta do Sol, Cape Verde (talk)
  749. Ponta do Sol (Boa Vista) (talk)
  750. Porto Cais (talk)
  751. Porto Formoso, Cape Verde (talk)
  752. Porto Gouveia (talk)
  753. Porto Grande, Cape Verde (talk)
  754. Porto Mosquito (talk)
  755. Porto Novo, Cape Verde (talk)
  756. Porto Novo, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  757. Portuguese Cape Verde (talk)
  758. Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990 (talk)
  759. Portuguese language (talk)
  760. Povoação Velha (talk)
  761. Praia (talk)
  762. Praia, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  763. Praia Branca (talk)
  764. Praia Gonçalo (talk)
  765. Praia Grande, Cape Verde (talk)
  766. Praia International Airport (talk)
  767. Praia da Chave (talk)
  768. Praia da Varandinha (talk)
  769. Praia das Gatas (talk)
  770. Praia de Santa Mónica (talk)
  771. Preguiça (Sal), Cape Verde (talk)
  772. Preguiça (São Nicolau), Cape Verde (talk)
  773. Preguiça Airport (talk)
  774. Principal, Cape Verde (talk)
  775. Protocol I (talk)
  776. Protocol II (talk)
  777. Public holidays in Cape Verde (talk)
  778. Queimada, Cape Verde (talk)
  779. RDP África (talk)
  780. RTC (Cape Verde) (talk)
  781. RTP África (talk)
  782. Rabelados (talk)
  783. Rabil, Cape Verde (talk)
  784. Rabil Airport (talk)
  785. Rabo de Junco (talk)
  786. Raso Lark (talk)
  787. Raul Pires Ferreira Chaves (talk)
  788. Recilia hesperidum (talk)
  789. Red Cross of Cape Verde (talk)
  790. Regions of Cape Verde (talk)
  791. Reguinho Fiúra (talk)
  792. Religion in Cape Verde (talk)
  793. Relva, Cape Verde (talk)
  794. Revolutionary Armed Forces of the People (talk)
  795. Ribeira Alta (talk)
  796. Ribeira Bote (talk)
  797. Ribeira Brava, Cape Verde (talk)
  798. Ribeira Brava, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  799. Ribeira Dom João (talk)
  800. Ribeira Funda, Cape Verde (talk)
  801. Ribeira Grande, Cape Verde (talk)
  802. Ribeira Grande, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  803. Ribeira Grande (stream) (talk)
  804. Ribeira Grande de Santiago, Cape Verde (talk)
  805. Ribeira Ilhéu (talk)
  806. Ribeira da Barca (talk)
  807. Ribeira da Cruz (talk)
  808. Ribeira da Garça (talk)
  809. Ribeira da Janela, Cape Verde (talk)
  810. Ribeira da Ponta (talk)
  811. Ribeira da Prata (talk)
  812. Ribeira da Viana (talk)
  813. Ribeira das Bras (talk)
  814. Ribeira do Calhau (talk)
  815. Ribeira do Julião (talk)
  816. Ribeira do Paul (talk)
  817. Ricardo Cordeiro da Rocha (talk)
  818. Ricardo Faty (talk)
  819. Ricardo Jorge Ferreira Pinto da Silva (talk)
  820. Rocha Estância (talk)
  821. Rodirlei José Ascensão Duarte (talk)
  822. Rodolfo Lima (talk)
  823. Rodrigo Mascarenhas (talk)
  824. Roel Caboverde Llacer (talk)
  825. Roger D. Pierce (talk)
  826. Rolando (Portuguese footballer) (talk)
  827. Roman Catholic Diocese of Mindelo (talk)
  828. Roman Catholic Diocese of Santiago de Cabo Verde (talk)
  829. Roman Catholicism in Cape Verde (talk)
  830. Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (talk)
  831. Ronny Souto (talk)
  832. Rosariense Clube (talk)
  833. Rua Lisboa (talk)
  834. Rui Alberto de Figueiredo Soares (talk)
  835. Rui Almeida Monteiro (talk)
  836. Rui Da Gracia (talk)
  837. Rui Vaz (talk)
  838. Ryan Gomes (talk)
  839. Ryan Mendes da Graça (talk)
  840. Rádio Barlavento (talk)
  841. Rádio Clube do Mindelo (talk)
  842. SC Atlético (talk)
  843. Sal, Cape Verde (talk)
  844. Sal, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  845. Sal-Rei FC (talk)
  846. Sal Creole (talk)
  847. Sal Island League (talk)
  848. Sal Island SuperCup (talk)
  849. Sal Rei (talk)
  850. Salamansa (talk)
  851. Salimata Sawadogo (talk)
  852. Salto, Cape Verde (talk)
  853. Sandro Mendes (talk)
  854. Sanjoanense (Boa Vista Island) (talk)
  855. Sanjoanense (Porto Novo) (talk)
  856. Santa Ana, Cape Verde (talk)
  857. Santa Bárbara, Cape Verde (talk)
  858. Santa Catarina, Cape Verde (talk)
  859. Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina do Fogo) (talk)
  860. Santa Catarina (parish) (talk)
  861. Santa Catarina do Fogo, Cape Verde (talk)
  862. Santa Cruz, Cape Verde (talk)
  863. Santa Isabel (Boa Vista) (talk)
  864. Santa Luzia, Cape Verde (talk)
  865. Santa Maria, Cape Verde (talk)
  866. Santiago, Cape Verde (talk)
  867. Santiago Creole (talk)
  868. Santiago Island League (talk)
  869. Santiago Island League (North) (talk)
  870. Santiago Island League (South) (talk)
  871. Santiago Maior (Santa Cruz) (talk)
  872. Santinho Lopes Monteiro (talk)
  873. Santo Amaro Abade (talk)
  874. Santo André (Porto Novo) (talk)
  875. Santo Antão, Cape Verde (talk)
    Template:Santo Antão, Cape Verde
  876. Santo Antão Creole (talk)
  877. Santo Antão Island League (talk)
  878. Santo Antão Island League (North) (talk)
  879. Santo Antão Island League (South) (talk)
  880. Santo António, Fogo, Cape Verde (talk)
  881. Santo António das Pombas (talk)
  882. Santo Antônio, Maio, Cape Verde (talk)
  883. Santo Crucifixo (talk)
  884. Santo Tirso, Cape Verde (talk)
  885. Santíssimo Nome de Jesus (Praia) (talk)
  886. Sara Tavares (talk)
  887. Saragaça (talk)
  888. Scorpions (Santa Cruz) (talk)
  889. Second Geneva Convention (talk)
  890. Seixal, Cape Verde (talk)
  891. Selada da Baleia (talk)
  892. Serge April (talk)
  893. Sergio Frusoni (talk)
  894. Serra Negra, Cape Verde (talk)
  895. Serra da Malagueta (talk)
  896. Sideroxylon mirmulano (talk)
  897. Sidnei (Cape Verdean footballer) (talk)
  898. Silvestre Varela (talk)
  899. Silvino Gomes Soares (talk)
  900. Silvino Manuel da Luz (talk)
  901. Sinagoga (talk)
  902. Social Democratic Party (Cape Verde) (talk)
  903. Solpontense Futebol Clube (talk)
  904. Sony Mustivar (talk)
  905. Sotavento Creoles (talk)
  906. Sotavento Islands (talk)
  907. Sport Club Santa Maria (talk)
  908. Sport Clube Verdun (talk)
  909. Sporting (Boa Vista Island) (talk)
  910. Sporting Clube da Praia (talk)
  911. Sporting Clube de Porto Novo (talk)
  912. Stephen Cooper (American football) (talk)
  913. Stomy Bugsy (talk)
  914. Stopira (talk)
  915. Strela (beer) (talk)
  916. Subdivisions of Cape Verde (talk)
  917. Suzanna Lubrano (talk)
  918. Sylvie Lucas (talk)
  919. São Domingos, Cape Verde (talk)
  920. São Domingos, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  921. São Filipe, Cape Verde (talk)
  922. São Filipe, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  923. São Filipe Airport (talk)
  924. São Francisco, Cape Verde (talk)
  925. São Francisco (Tarrafal de São Nicolau) (talk)
  926. São Jorge, Cape Verde (talk)
  927. São Jorge dos Órgãos (talk)
  928. São João Baptista (Boa Vista) (talk)
  929. São João Baptista (Brava) (talk)
  930. São João Baptista (Praia) (talk)
  931. São João Baptista (Santo Antão) (talk)
  932. São Lourenço, Cape Verde (talk)
  933. São Lourenço (São Filipe) (talk)
  934. São Lourenço FC (talk)
  935. São Lourenço dos Órgãos, Cape Verde (talk)
  936. São Lourenço dos Órgãos (parish) (talk)
  937. São Miguel, Cape Verde (talk)
  938. São Miguel Arcanjo (São Miguel) (talk)
  939. São Nicolau, Cape Verde (talk)
  940. São Nicolau Creole (talk)
  941. São Nicolau Island League (talk)
  942. São Nicolau Tolentino (São Domingos) (talk)
  943. São Pedro, Cape Verde (talk)
  944. São Pedro Airport (talk)
  945. São Pedro Apóstolo (parish) (talk)
  946. São Salvador do Mundo, Cape Verde (talk)
  947. São Salvador do Mundo (São Salvador do Mundo) (talk)
    Template:São Vicente
  948. São Vicente, Cape Verde (talk)
  949. São Vicente, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  950. São Vicente Creole (talk)
  951. São Vicente Island League (talk)
  952. São Vicente SuperCup (talk)
  953. TACV (talk)
  954. TV CPLP (talk)
  955. Tantum (talk)
  956. Tarrafal, Cape Verde (talk)
  957. Tarrafal, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  958. Tarrafal camp (talk)
  959. Tarrafal de Monte Trigo (talk)
  960. Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Cape Verde (talk)
  961. Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Cape Verde (municipality) (talk)
  962. Tavares (group) (talk)
  963. Taça Nacional de Cabo Verde (talk)
  964. Tcheka (talk)
  965. Telecommunications in Cape Verde (talk)
  966. Telephone numbers in Cape Verde (talk)
  967. Temas Cabo-verdianos (talk)
  968. Terra Boa, Cape Verde (talk)
  969. Terra Nova (newspaper) (talk)
  970. Terras Salgadas (talk)
  971. Teófilo Chantre (talk)
  972. The Island of Contenda (talk)
  973. The Two Faces of War (talk)
  974. Three-banded butterflyfish (talk)
  975. Tito Paris (talk)
  976. Ton Tavares (talk)
  977. Toni Varela (talk)
  978. Tony Barros (talk)
  979. Topim, Cape Verde (talk)
  980. Topo da Coroa (talk)
  981. Tourism in Cape Verde (talk)
  982. Toy (footballer born 1977) (talk)
  983. Trade Unions of Cape Verde Unity Centre (talk)
  984. Transport in Cape Verde (talk)
  985. Treaty of Lagos (talk)
  986. Trindade (spring water) (talk)
  987. Tropical Storm Debby (2006) (talk)
  988. Trás os Montes (talk)
  989. Tó Cruz (talk)
  990. United Nations Charter (talk)
  991. United Nations Security Council Resolution 180 (talk)
  992. United Nations Security Council Resolution 183 (talk)
  993. United Nations Security Council Resolution 218 (talk)
  994. United Nations Security Council Resolution 322 (talk)
  995. United Nations Security Council Resolution 372 (talk)
  996. United States Ambassador to Cape Verde (talk)
  997. University of Cape Verde (talk)
  998. Valmiro Lopes Rocha (talk)
  999. Valter Borges (talk)
  1000. Varandinha (talk)
  1001. Varandinha (Tarrafal) (talk)
  1002. Vasco Martins (talk)
  1003. Vehicle registration plates of Cape Verde (talk)
  1004. Vera Duarte (talk)
  1005. Vernon Dubois Penner, Jr. (talk)
  1006. Viana, Cape Verde (talk)
  1007. Vicente Almeida d'Eça (talk)
  1008. Vicente Dias (talk)
  1009. Vigia (mountain) (talk)
  1010. Vila do Maio (talk)
  1011. Vinha (talk)
  1012. Vinny deMacedo (talk)
  1013. Viriato de Barros (talk)
  1014. Visa requirements for Cape Verdean citizens (talk)
  1015. Vladine Biosse (talk)
  1016. Víctor Borges (talk)
  1017. Vítor Moreno (talk)
  1018. Wania Monteiro (talk)
  1019. Wayne Fontes (talk)
  1020. Wesolowskana (talk)
  1021. West African mud turtle (talk)
  1022. Wildlife of Cape Verde (talk)
  1023. Yolanda Morazzo (talk)
  1024. Youth of PAICV (talk)
  1025. Zaranha (talk)
  1026. Zé Luís (talk)
  1027. Zé Piguita (talk)
  1028. Zé Rui (talk)