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Type Carbonated soft drink
Manufacturer stappj
Country of origin Frosolone, Molise, Italy
Introduced 1896; 121 years ago (1896)
Color clear
Flavor Bitter
  • Chinotto
  • Caffé
  • Orange/Aranciata
  • Rhubarb/Rabarbaro
  • Bitter Red/ Bitter White
  • Stappjno
  • Lemon
  • Tonica
  • Gassosa

Stappj is an Italian beverage soda beverage company. Although the name appears to have a Scandinavian ring to it, it has no connection to anything Scandinavian. It is actually the Molisan dialectal variant of the Italian "stappa", meaning "uncork".


Founded in 1896, by Filippo Di Iorio, along with his wife, the business began producing carbonated beverages. It was handed down to the sons, and the business has since remained in the family. The location of the factory is of great importance to the taste of the final product, as the 20,000 square meter factory can be found deep within the Molise, renowned for the quality of its springs.


Stappj is renowned for having a very harsh aftertaste. Some consider it to be due to the mineral water used; still others think it is due to bottling techniques that are more than a hundred years old. Some[who?] liken the taste to a strong alcoholic beverage, and most who have had a taste can attest to this.


Stappj is a rather difficult beverage to find outside of its native Italy. This is due to the difficulty in finding a clientele able to stomach its potent blend of sugar and spring water.

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