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Embrace your inner penguin
Type of site Linux as gaming platform
Available in English
Registration Optional
Launched 1998; 18 years ago (1998)
Current status Offline

LinuxGames was a website that provided news about both free and open-source as well as proprietary video games for the Linux gaming platform. It mostly announced information on new game products and release dates, although it also covered some important events such as QuakeCon and occasionally interviewed important figures such as Ryan C. Gordon, Michael Simms, Timothee Besset, and John Carmack.

Registered users were permitted to submit news to the website. LinuxGames also provided hosting for several other Linux oriented game websites, mostly involving free software gaming and emulation projects. It was run by Zachary J. Slater, Al Koskelin, Matt Matthews, Dustin Reyes, and Marvin Malkowski Jr.[1] The site was closed in July 2015.[2]

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