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Not to be confused with Ecofascism.

Green-Fascism is the jargon used mainly by Turkish Kemalist intellectuals and political writers to define and criticise theocratic Islamist political regimes and counter-revolutionary movements which attempt to transform the secular State into a religious State as in Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Algeria, and Sudan. Green is a widely used color on Islamic tombs and mosques. It is the color of the cloth covering the coffins in funerals, so it is known as the color of Islam.

Political Islam is referred to as "green-fascism" and conceived of as a form of fascism mainly because of the consolidation of the Ottoman Monarch's ideological hegemony after the adoption of the Caliphate by Ottoman Emperor Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1517 ACE. Yavuz Sultan Selim, after becoming Caliph, killed thousands of Turcomans from sects other than the Sunnis, in Asia Minor.

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