Pisang cokelat

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Pisang cokelat
A bunch of pisang cokelat, choco-banana spring roll
Alternative namesPiscok
Region or stateIndonesia
Main ingredientsBanana, chocolate, lumpia skin
Similar dishesTuron

Pisang cokelat (banana chocolate in Indonesian) or sometimes colloquially abbreviated as piscok,[1] is an Indonesian sweet snack made of slices of banana with melted chocolate or chocolate syrup, wrapped inside thin crepe-like pastry skin and being deep fried.[2] Pisang cokelat is often simply described as "choco banana spring rolls".[1] It is often regarded as a hybrid between another Indonesian favourites; pisang goreng (fried banana) and lumpia (spring roll).

The type of banana being used is similar to pisang goreng; preferably pisang uli, pisang kepok or pisang raja sereh. The skin used for wrapping is usually the readily available lumpia skin.[3] In Indonesia, pisang cokelat is regarded as a variant of pisang goreng, and categorized under gorengan (Indonesian assorted fritters) and sold together with some popular fried stuff; such as fried tempeh, tahu goreng and pisang goreng. It is a popular snack that can be found from humble street side kakilima cart to cafes and fancy restaurants.[2]

Pisang cokelat is almost identical to Philippines turon, which is actually a banana lumpia, except in this Indonesian version chocolate content is a must, not optional.

Three pieces of piscok being served

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