List of Indonesian dishes

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Tumpeng nasi kuning, the cone shaped yellow rice surrounded by assorted Indonesian dishes, usually served for celebrations and ceremonies

This is a list of selected dishes found in Indonesian cuisine.

Staple foods[edit]

Main dishes[edit]



Soy-based foods[edit]

Preserved meats[edit]

Rice dishes and porridges[edit]

Congees and porridges[edit]

Rice cake dishes[edit]

Rice dishes[edit]

Noodle dishes[edit]

Soups and stews[edit]

Salads and vegetable dishes[edit]

Breads and sandwiches[edit]

Snacks and starters[edit]

Savoury snacks[edit]

Sweet snacks[edit]

Crackers, chips, and crisps[edit]

Sweet desserts[edit]



Seasonings and condiments[edit]

Common ingredients[edit]






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