Bubur kacang hijau

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Bubur kacang hijau
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Bubur kacang hijau
Alternative namesBubur kacang hejo (su)
Bubur kacang ijo (jv)
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Main ingredientsMung beans, coconut milk, palm sugar or cane sugar

Bubur kacang hijau, abbreviated Burjo is an Southeast Asia sweet dessert made from mung beans porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar. The beans are boiled till soft, and sugar and coconut milk are added.[1][2]

It is sometimes referred to simply as "kacang hijau," meaning "green bean" (i.e. mung bean). Bubur means porridge. Slightly different names may be used in different regions of Indonesia, such as kacang ijo in Javanese areas. It is often served as dessert or snack; however, it is also a popular choice for breakfast or late night supper. In Indonesia, warungs specializing in selling bubur kacang hijau are commonly found. They usually also offer roti bakar (grilled bread).


The most basic variant of bubur kacang hijau only consists of mung bean porridge, coconut milk and palm sugar. However, in most part of Indonesia, bubur kacang hijau is always served with ketan hitam (black glutinous rice), and accompanied with bread. The black glutinous rice is also can be made as sweet porridge as bubur ketan hitam.

Sometimes a special bubur kacang hijau mix with durian is prepared. It is served as it is or can be eaten together with bread.[3]

Most of bubur kacang hijau are served warm, however, another variant with almost identical ingredients is served cold. It is called es kacang hijau in Indonesia or ais kacang hijau in Malaysia. Es or ais means "ice".


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