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The roads of Cincinnati, Ohio include three major interstate highways, one interstate bypass and one interstate spur and six U.S. highways.


Cincinnati is served by three major interstate highways, one beltway, and one spur.

  • Interstate 275 is an outer-belt of Cincinnati. It has major junctions with all major interstate highways that radiate from the city.

U.S. highways[edit]

State routes[edit]

City controlled[edit]

  • Central Parkway

Defunct routes[edit]

Bypass 50 ran concurrently with State route 126 heading east from Springfield Pike (Route 4) in Woodlawn and was known as Glendale-Milford Road then Pfeiffer Road after crossing Kenwood Road. Continuing to its Pfieffer Road terminus at Montgomery Road the route turned south then east at Remington Road. The road changed names back to Glendale-Milford entering Miamiville, then turned south heading through Camp Dennison before terminating at Route 50 (Wooster Pike) in Terrace Park, yards from the Hamilton-Clermont County line. The route was discontinued in 1997 when the Ronald Reagan highway was opened and designated at State Highway 126