1980 in the United States

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Events from the year 1980 in the United States.


Federal government[edit]



January 27: The Canadian Caper rescues six hostages from Iran


February 13: The Winter Olympics open in Lake Placid



April 15: The Mariel boatlift begins
April 24–25: Operation Eagle Claw fails to rescue the hostages in Iran
  • April 1 – New York City's Transport Works Union Local 100 goes on strike, which continues for 11 days.
  • April 7 – The United States severs diplomatic relations with Iran and imposes economic sanctions, following the taking of American hostages on November 4, 1979.
  • April 15 – A mass exodus of Cubans to the United States known as the Mariel boatlift begins. It ends on October 31 by agreement between the two countries.
  • April 21 – Rosie Ruiz wins the Boston Marathon, but is later exposed as a fraud and stripped of her award.
  • April 24–25 – Operation Eagle Claw, a commando mission in Iran to rescue American embassy hostages, is aborted after mechanical problems ground the rescue helicopters. Eight United States troops are killed in a mid-air collision during the failed operation.
  • April 24 – Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal: the Pennsylvania Lottery is rigged by six men including the host of the live TV drawing, Nick Perry.




July 16: Reagan is nominated as the Republican candidate for President




  • October 9 – Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera premieres on London's West End.
  • October 14 – The Staggers Rail Act is enacted, deregulating American railroads.
  • October 15 – James Hoskins forces his way into WCPO's television studio in Cincinnati, holding nine employees hostage for several hours before releasing them and taking his own life.
  • October 21 – World Series: The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals 4–2 in game 6.
  • October 28 – U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan debate in Cleveland, Ohio. Reagan's genial, witty performance causes him to overtake Carter in the polls.


November 4: Reagan defeats Carter in a landslide


December 8: The Dakota, where John Lennon was shot




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