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This is a list of bicycle sharing systems. By August 2014, more than 600 cities worldwide had a bike-sharing programme,[1] up from 535 systems, in 49 countries, in April 2013 (this included 132 in Spain, 104 in Italy, and 79 in China, for a total fleet of 517,000 bicycles). This is a sharp increase from 2011, when 375 schemes operated 236,000 bikes. In particular, adoption outside Europe increased over that period, up from one system (in Washington D.C.) to around 143, with more than 50 percent of the world fleet in the Asia Pacific region (substantially, China).[2][3] In 2008, there were 213 schemes operating in 14 countries using 73,500 bicycles.


Copenhagen had a free bike scheme called City Bikes, paid by advertising on the bikes. Following the abolishment Copenhagen started a new program with electric bikes. The smaller cities of Aalborg, Aarhus, Frederikshavn, Hjørring and Odense all have public bike schemes available for hire.

The advertising company JCDecaux has launched its "Cyclocity" programs initially in Lyon, France, and subsequently in Paris, Brisbane, Córdoba, Vienna and Kazan. Payment for using the bikes is done with special smart cards.

With financial aid from Barclays, Transport for London has launched a Cycle Hire scheme in London, where hire under 30 minutes is free from special bicycle stands across the city, after a daily, monthly or annual charge has been paid.[4]

Competitor Clear Channel then operating as Adshel opened the first example of this in Rennes in 1997, and has several other sites including Oslo, Stockholm, Sandnes & Trondheim, most generally similar to that offered by their competitor.

A different financial model called bicing is used in Barcelona, which is paid for by car owners parking on public streets and not by advertising - which rather ironically is contracted to JC Decaux in some places.[5]


Public bicycles in Nicosia, Cyprus

Bike in Action is the latest transport system for the greater Nicosia area, similar to programmes employed in various cities of Cyprus. Bicycles can be found at stations in all participating municipalities (Agios Dometios, Aglandjia, Dali, Engomi, Latsia, Pallouriotissa, Strovolos) and returned after their use at any station. Bike in Action includes more than 310 bikes distributed in 27 full automated Smoove stations which cover the wide Nicosia area. All the rental stations are connected with the banking system and access to the bikes can be obtained with the use of a credit card.[6] According to the planning of Inter-municipal Bicycle Company of Nicosia on June 2012 bikes will also be available to citizens with a prepaid electronic card.


Since the demise of CityBikes in 2010, HKL is negotiating with JCDecaux Finland for a new bike share system to include 500 bikes and 34 stands in the downtown Helsinki, modeled after the Paris Velib program, with part of the program costs to be paid by commercial businesses in exchange for 45 double-sided advertisement boards inside the city centre.[7] A competition of branding and name of the system took place in early 2012.[8]


French cities offering a sharing system include Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Toulouse, Rennes, Rouen, La Rochelle, Orléans, Montpellier, Nantes, Lille, Strasbourg, Clermont-Ferrand, Avignon, Saint-Étienne, Chalon sur Saône, Belfort, Aix-en-Provence...

The launch of Velo'v in Lyon, France in 2005 was an effort to improve on the disappointing performance of the traditional municipal public bike-sharing model. In an attempt to improve upon the results of the discontinued Bikeabout program at the University of Portsmouth, Velo'v utilised more sophisticated "smart" technology to reduce losses from theft, user damage, and vandalism. Considered to be a city less than friendly to cyclists prior to 2005, the Velo'v programme is credited with stimulating an increase of 500% in bicycle trips within the city, a quarter of which used the bike sharing system.[9][10] Velo'v introduced a number of innovations that were later copied by Paris's Vélib' and most other municipal bike-sharing programmes, including the use of electronic locks, smart cards, telecommunication systems, and onboard computers.

The Vélomagg' project, launched in June 2007, was the first one not linked to an advertising company but to the city public transportation scheme. The electronic being on the bicycle, light station management allows for touristic and events related deployment. It comprises 750 bicycles in 59 stations.

A resurgence in bike sharing programmes is attributed by many to the launching in 2007 of Paris's Vélib', a network of 18,000 specially designed bicycles distributed among 1,230 stations throughout Paris. Vélib’, inspired by Lyon's seminal Vélo'v project, is now considered the second largest bike-sharing system of its kind in the world. While the Vélib’ program may be considered a success in terms of rider usage (daily use averages between 50,000 to 150,000 trips), a staggering 80 percent of the original 20,600 bicycles have been destroyed or stolen.[11] Some Vélib’ cycles have been found in Eastern Europe and North Africa, while others have been dumped in the Seine River, hung from lampposts, or abandoned on the roadside in various states of disrepair, forcing the City of Paris to reimburse the programme operator an estimated $2 million per year for excess costs under its contractual agreement.[12]


Germany has bike-sharing programmes in many cities, including Aachen, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg (StadtRAD Hamburg), Karlsruhe, Kassel (Konrad), Mainz (MVGmeinRad), Munich and Stuttgart. Station based System Metropolradruhr is located in the Ruhr Area. Bike-sharing stations are also located in over 50 ICE railway stations.[13][14]


The first and only automated bicycle rental for public use that has been implemented in a Greek town to the present day is that of Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Islands. It was installed and started the pilot operation in the middle of November 2010. It operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Corfu. The program is called EasyBike, is fully automated and includes one hundred bicycles which are distributed in eight rental stations all over town. The method of operation is similar to other such systems in Europe. Residents can obtain from the Municipality a special electronic subscriber card, which gives them access to bicycles and occasional users and visitors can use their credit card at the rental stations to receive a bicycle.[15] The system also gives the ability to occasional users to obtain a code and gain access to bicycles through an IVR automated system by using their credit card. EasyBike bike sharing system is developed by Brainbox under a Smoove license, which is the first Greek company to implement a bike sharing project in Greece[16]

In Greece there are also other programmes similar to bicycle sharing systems, which however are not automated. The first, running from early 2010, is in the northern suburb of Nea Erithréa, in Attica, while the second is that of the Municipality of Nafpaktos, which operates from mid June 2010. In these programmes the residents rent the bike directly from the municipality. Specifically, in the programme implemented in Nea Erithréa bicycles are rented for one week to six months, on condition that the person concerned must submit to the Municipality the sum of 75 euros as a guarantee. In Nafpaktos, bicycles are rented for up to two months for free.[17] In 2011, the municipality of Heraklion in Crete purchased 100 bicycles from the bike-sharing company Brainbox, the developer of EasyBike[18] system while free distribution of bicycles from the municipality had already started from April 2010.[19]

The latest non-automated system to be introduced in Greece (May 2012) is that of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in Salonica, Northern Greece. It presents 60 public bikes available for the University community to move around town. The system has no electronic rental stations and the delivery and return of the bikes is made by students working part-time in the project.[20] The system is developed and supported by Cyclopolis, a Greek bike sharing systems company.


The EBI in Esztergom, Hungary

The first public bicycle sharing service in Hungary was implemented in the city of Esztergom on September 20, 2013. The Esztergom Bicycle or EBI was developed by Neuzer, a local bicycle manufacturing company.[21] The system currently operates with 93 bikes and 9 docking stations,[22] but once the second stage of the implementation is finished, it will have 10 stations with 100 bikes.[23]

The country's second bike sharing system in Szeged, name is CityBike Szeged. It was functional since oktober 1 2013.[24][25]

The country's third communal bike sharing system in Hévíz was also developed by Neuzer. It was functional since June 2014.

The BuBi system with 76 docks and 1,100 bicycles is scheduled to open in 2014 in Budapest.[26]


Velib' bicycle station in Paris

In September 2009 Dublin launched a bike-share scheme known as dublinbikes operated by JCDecaux. It is considered one of the most successful bike sharing schemes in the world. With an initial 450 bicycles, the plan reached 1 million uses in less than a year.[27] As of June 2013 the scheme has had fewer than 12 bikes stolen or damaged[28]

In 2014, the National Transport Authority rolled-out similar bike share schemes in Cork, Limerick and Galway cities.


The Netherlands: OV-fiets 2009

The Netherlands has a single nationwide bike sharing program.[29] It's called "OV-fiets", which means 'public transport bike'. 6000 bikes in 230 locations, mainly train stations, all over the country. Membership is required and can be combined with public transport card. The program, which started on a small scale in 2003, has enjoyed a steadily increasing popularity with over 1 million rides registered in 2011. The nature of the Dutch bike sharing program differs from that of programs in other countries partly because the already high bike ownership of the population. Its interconnection with the public transport network allows it to fill the need of people who also want to continue traveling by bike from the station of their destination.


VeloBike bicycles in Moscow, September 2013

Automated public bicycle sharing services in Russia operate in Moscow and in Kazan. In Moscow the system called VeloBike was started by Bank of Moscow on the 1st of July 2013 and was totally replaced on 9 June 2014[30] by another system, now financed as well by Sberbank. It is compatible with Troika, the Moscow public transportation system and accessible to occasional users as well.

In Kazan the Veli’k bicycle sharing system was also launched on July 1, 2013 by the Russian outdoor advertising company Russ Outdoor. The system includes 7 self-service bicycle docking stations distributed throughout the centre of Kazan near the most popular city destinations, and 100 bikes. The service is open to everyone from 16 years of age. To access the service, you have to complete a simple sign-up procedure at, and buy a subscription for a suitable period of time. The first 30 minutes of every journey is free of charge. After the first half hour, a service charge applies.


There is a community-run bike-sharing program under test-run in Bratislava. It uses the open source Open Source Bike Share system based on an SMS and a web app.


The bike sharing systems in Spain are considered among the most innovative systems in the world due to the pioneer management, the massive hosting and the internationalization. The biggest bicycle sharing systems are found in Barcelona (Bicing), Madrid (biciMAD), Seville (Sevici), Valencia (Valenbisi), Saragossa (bizi), Alacant, Bilbao, Albacete, Burgos, La Coruña, Salamanca, Santander, Valladolid, Girona, Ferrol, Aranjuez, etc.


The Stockholm City Bikes system has more than 100 stands and 2,000 bikes, functioning from April to October.

In Gothenburg, the bike sharing system is known as Styr & Ställ, it was launched in August 2010. The system has 60 stations and 1,000 bikes. Styr & Ställ works as a great complement to the public transportation in Gothenburg.


A station in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Switzerland possesses a bicycle sharing system managed by Publibike. The network comprises about one hundred stations throughout the country.[31]

It includes nine stations on the Lausanne campus.[32]


Public bike sharing services in Turkey use Baksi system.[33] In Istanbul, the system called İsbike started in 2012 with 10 stations along the Marmara coast on the Asian side of the city.[34] The program has 100 bikes. It is operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality owned parking company İspark.

Similar systems are operational in Izmir, Antalya, Kocaeli and Eskişehir.[33]

United Kingdom[edit]

Barclays Cycle Hire, London, UK started in 2010

Following the failure of the University of Portsmouth's Bikeabout programme in 1998, the introduction of new bicycle share systems proceeded more slowly in the United Kingdom than in the rest of Europe. Outside of London (see below), the largest is the hire-a-bike operation in Blackpool, operated by Hourbike,[35] with 60 stations and 500 bikes in the scheme. This scheme uses both RFID membership cards and instant point of sale memberships to cater for both residential users and the very many visitors that go to the resort every year. Hourbike also has schemes in Lincoln, Reading, Liverpool, Nottingham and Southport in England as well as Dumfries, Scotland.

Some bike-sharing schemes now use mobile phones to reserve or sign out bikes. In the UK, OYBike is delivered small-scale operations at 2 Universities, 3 Business Parks, 3 London Boroughs, and a private hotel chain in London until 2011. Like Munich's Call-a-Bike, OYBike used mobile phone technology to log use and charge for hires and can set up hire points in as little as 10 minutes. Many of the business users can reclaim the cost of leasing bikes and hire points as part of a workplace cycling scheme or green travel plan. Research also reveals that for many major London railway stations an unknown number of the bikes parked are used only a couple of times per week, while the option of replacing these with publicly shared (hire) bikes has rarely been considered by UK rail administrators.

London mayor Ken Livingstone promised that an extensive bicycle sharing system modelled on the Paris Vélib' system would be introduced in London during his final term in office.[36] The system is sponsored by Barclays Bank, and known as Barclays Cycle Hire (BCH). BCH is located mainly within the central zone, roughly bounded by the 'Zone 1' area of the Transport for London zoning system, and will comprise 400 docking stations when complete, at roughly 300 metre intervals.[37] BCH initial planning and implementation costs are expected to total more than £140 million over the first six years of the project, exclusive of operating costs. The program commenced operations on 30 June 2010. BCH has received some criticism for its use of commercial advertising and use of communal docking stations, as well as erroneous charges, bicycle and docking station issues, and lack of coverage for the suburbs.[38][39][40][41][42][43] Some users have also found the bikes too heavy and unwieldy, at 23 kilograms (51 lb).[44][45] Due to the current mayor Boris Johnson's publicity of the system the bikes have become known as 'Boris Bikes' despite their sponsored name.


Recent expansions to cities in Scotland piggy-bagging on the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow included Glasgow and Stirling.[46][47][48] Stirling's scheme was named "Pedalforth" following a competition in the community and comprises 100 bikes and 11 stations. Glasgow provided 400 bikes across 31 stations in 2014.[49] A system operated by JCDeveaux is proposed for Edinburgh.[50]

North America[edit]


In Canada, Bixi Montreal became North America's largest bike-sharing system in May 2009. Montreal began a limited pilot project of Bixi bike-sharing bicycles in fall 2008.[51] Bixi is a publicly funded bike share scheme, designed to encourage locals and tourists to make use of the city's already well-established network of bike paths.[52] The rental bicycles, costing some $2,000 each, are available from depots located throughout the city, where bikes can be rented from automated stations using a credit card.[53] Users must purchase a daily, monthly, or annual subscription, as well as pay additional usage fees for trips lasting longer than 30 minutes. A hold of $250 per bike is validated on the user's credit card upon a request for a subscription, and is kept 3 to 10 working days. The system was expanded twice during 2009, with 5000 bicycles available at 400 depots.[54] Although initial programme costs were $15 million for planning and implementation of the Bixi project, subsequent additional costs incurred in expanding the program have driven costs upwards of $23 million.[55][56] In 2008 the Bixi program was ranked by Time Magazine as the 19th best invention in their 50 Best Inventions of 2008.[57][58]


EcoBici bicycles in Mexico City

In February 2010 the government of Mexico City inaugurated a new bicycle sharing network called EcoBici.[59] With distinctive red and white liveried bicycles, the network as of September 2013 consists of 276 stations with 4,000 bicycles.[60] The system is run by a private company, Clear Channel, but[61] funded by the government with an initial investment of 75 million pesos. Users of the system are required to purchase an RFID card at a cost of 300 pesos which will provide them with access to the bicycles for one year. Use of a bicycle is free for the first 45 minutes; extra charges are applied for use beyond this time limit. From September 2012 through December 2012, the system will expand from an area covering 6.8 square kilometres to one covering 21 square kilometres, with an increase on the estimated number of users from 30,000 to 100,000.[62] This would make the system the seventh largest in the world behind (not in order): Hangzhou, Paris, Montreal, Barcelona, Lyon and London.[63]

United States[edit]

In the United States, bicycle share programs have largely centered around major cities and universities.

Austin, TX: In Spring 2014, Spokefly launched in the city of Austin with 200 bikes. Spokefly has a unique sharing economy model. Bikes are rented on-demand from community members who have listed their bikes. There are no fixed kiosks, allowing users to pick up and drop off bikes anywhere in the service area.

Boston, MA: On July 28, 2011, Boston launched its 60-station, 600-bike Hubway system, sponsored by the shoe manufacturer New Balance and funded in part by a $3 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration. The contract to operate was awarded to Alta Bicycle Share. Bicycle-sharing was greeted with a mix of excitement and skepticism. In its first 2 1/2 months, Hubway recorded 100,000 station-to-station rides, significantly eclipsing the pace of similar systems in Minneapolis (where Nice Ride needed six months to reach that mark) and Denver (where B-cycle needed 7 1/2 months).[64] After recording 140,000 trips in four months, Boston’s European-style bicycle-sharing system expanded outside of city limits, planting stations across Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline. Hubway now has over 100 stations throughout the Greater Boston area.

Boulder, CO: In May 2011, Boulder, Colorado launched a bicycle sharing system, Boulder B-Cycle, with 100 bicycles and 15 stations. This system, like many in northern latitude cities, closes down during winter months to help preserve the life of the equipment.

Broward County, FL: Broward B-Cycle launched in December 2011 as the country's first county-wide bike share program, with 200 bikes and 20 stations located in several cities within Broward County, including Fort Lauderdale. This system was funded through a public-private partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation providing a $311,000 grant through Broward County, and B-Cycle's sponsors providing the remainder of the initial capital and operating costs.[65]

California: In California, many cities have launched or have stated plans to launch their own bike-sharing programs, including the cities of Anaheim (currently 10 bikes at 1 station, with plans for 100 bikes at 10 stations),[66] Los Angeles (plans for 4000 bikes at 400 stations),[67] Santa Monica (plans for 250 bikes at 25 locations),[68] and San Diego[69] The San Francisco Bay Area's Bay Area Air Quality Management District, in partnership with Alta Bike Share, city governments, and transportation authorities, have announced plans for a pilot regional sharing program in 2013 for the San Francisco Peninsula and San Jose.[70][71]

In the Fall of 2009, the University of California, Irvine introduced its Zotwheels automated bike share program. Students and university employees may sign up for a Zotwheels membership card at an annual cost of $40, which enables the user to check out a bike from any bike station located throughout campus for a maximum of three hours and drop it off at any other station. A $200 charge is imposed for a lost, stolen, or severely damaged bike. Bicycle availability and station operational status may be determined using an interactive map. Revenues from membership fees are sufficient to offset only a small fraction of the total operating costs of the program; all remaining manufacture, installation, maintenance, and implementation costs of the Zotwheels systems and the bicycles themselves are borne by UCI.[72] Zotwheels was developed as a collaboration between the UCI Parking and Transportation Services, The Collegiate Bicycle Company, CSL Ltd, and Miles Data Technologies.

Charleston, SC: In August 2013, the College of Charleston's Office of Sustainability began a bike sharing program.[73] This program's 16 bicycles are free to use for all full-time students, faculty, and staff members.[74] While small in scale, during its first year of operation the program saw over 700 uses, a number which was expected to more than double in its second year as the number of available bicycles increases and rental hours expand.

Chattanooga, TN: In July 2012, the Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System launched in Chattanooga, Tennessee with 300 bikes and 28 solar-powered stations.[75] It was the first large scale bicycle transit system in the Southeast. The system has expanded to 33 stations and had recorded over 78,000 trips by its second anniversary.[76]

Chicago, IL: On June 28, 2013, Chicago launched Divvy, a bike share system with 750 bikes at 75 stations, with a planned increase to 4000 bikes at 400 stations by Spring 2014.[77]

Columbus, OH: On July 30, 2013, CoGo Bike Share started. It opened with 300 bikes and 30 docking stations in downtown and surrounding areas.

Denver, CO: On April 22, 2010, Denver became the first U.S. city with a large-scale smart-technology enabled bicycle sharing system with the launch of Denver B-cycle. The system launched with 45 stations and 450 bicycles throughout downtown, downtown-adjacent neighborhoods, and on higher-education campuses. Denver B-cycle's roots came from the "Freewheelin" bikesharing program which operated for 6 days during the 2008 DNC convention in Denver. In Denver, several B-cycle rental stations are located at RTD Light Rail Platforms. The Denver B-cycle program varies in cost depending on use. Fees range from $8 per day to $80 per year.

Honolulu, HI: The City and County of Honolulu supported Bikeshare passing Bikeshare Resolution 14-35 on March 14, 2014. The extensive bikeshare program envisioned for Honolulu includes an impressive network installation of 180 bicycle docking stations containing a total of at 1,700 program owned bikes. The stations will extend from China Town to Waikiki. The program is aimed to begin summer 2015. Additionally, there is currently a small pilot program in Kailua (Honolulu County) with 2 stations.

Houston, TX: In May 2012, Houston launched Houston B-cycle owned and operated by Houston Bike Share a non-profit organization. The bike share system started with 18 bikes at 3 stations, currently 225 bikes at 29 stations located Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, East End, Heights and Museum District. The program is aimed to expand to 1,000 bikes at 100 stations by the end of 2017.[78]

Indianapolis, IN: In May 2014, Indianapolis launched the bike share program called Indiana Pacers Bikeshare with 25 stations and 250 bikes.[79]

Zotwheels Bike Share at the University of California Irvine

Kansas City, MO: In 2012, Kansas City, Missouri launched Kansas City B-cycle in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield.[80] The system currently has 12 stations and 90 bicycles[81]

Miami Beach, FL: In March 2011, DecoBike launched in Miami Beach, Florida.[82] The initial rollout of the program included "approximately 100 solar-powered stations and 1,000 custom-designed bikes available to residents and visitors."[83] This public bicycle sharing and rental program is owned and operated by DecoBike, LLC, a Miami-based company, and operates under a long-term agreement with the City of Miami Beach. The service is available to both residents and visitors: any adult with a major credit card can check out a bike to pedal to their next location. An iPhone app and an interactive map on the DecoBike website allows one to locate the nearest "station" and displays the number of bikes available and the number of free docking spaces in real-time.

Minneapolis, MN: In June 2010, Minneapolis initiated operation of Nice Ride, one of the first examples of a large-scale municipal bike sharing program in the United States. Phase 1 included 700 bikes and 65 stations throughout Minneapolis[84] Due to popularity, the system was aggressively expanded into neighboring Saint Paul in 2011. As of April 29, 2012, Nice Ride had recorded a total of 330,000 trips, and a systemwide total of 1,330 bikes at 146 stations[85]

New Paltz, NY: The village of New Paltz, New York, home of SUNY New Paltz, has a bicycle lending program.[citation needed]

New York, NY: On Memorial Day, May 27, 2013, New York City started its privately funded Citi Bike program. It was the nation's largest when it began operation, however Washington, D.C.'s system has grown faster. It began with 6,000 bikes at 330 docking stations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. It wants to expand it to 10,000 bikes and 600 docking stations in Manhattan, all of Brooklyn and Queens. By May 29, in its third day of operation, the program had 21,300 individuals signed on as annual members.[86]

Salem, MA: In 2011, the city of Salem, Massachusetts launched a bike share program called Salem Spins offering use of bicycles free of charge, for use around the city. The seasonal program was financed in part with a $25,000 grant for a fleet of 20 bicycles.[87] The program is offered from April to October.

Salt Lake City, UT: On April 8, 2013, Salt Lake City launched GREENbike as the region's Bike Share brand. The program launched in downtown Salt Lake City with 10 stations and added two new stations less than four months later. The program will be expanding to 20 stations by 2014 with the goal of 100 stations in downtown Salt Lake City. Satellite GREENbike systems in cities such as Ogden are in the works and will be connected by the state transit authority's Frontrunner light rail train.

GREENbike is a 501(c)3 non-profit and it's board consists of Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, Salt Lake City Transportation Director Robin Hutcheson, Utah Transit Authority's Chief Planning Officer, Matt Sibul, Downtown Alliance Executive Director, Jason Mathis, Wasatch Front Regional Council Deputy Director, Ted Knowlton, CEO & President of Visit Salt Lake, Scott Beck, City Creek/Taubman Marketing Director, Dee Brewer and TWIO Brand Manager, Bill Cutting. GREENbike's Board Chair is Timothy Harpst, Senior Engineer Horrocks Engineers and is the former Director of Salt Lake City's Transportation Division.

GREENbike's strategic partners include, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Redevlopment Agency, The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Alliance, Utah Transit Authority, Wasatch Front Regional Council and Visit Salt Lake. Health Insurance company, SelectHealth is GREENbike's Title Sponsor.

Seattle, WA: On October 13, 2014, Pronto Cycle Share launched, becoming the second bicycle sharing program on the West Coast, with 500 bicycles and 50 stations. Pronto uses Motivate of New York City as the operator.

Washington, D.C.: In September 2010, the city of Washington, D.C. introduced its replacement for SmartBike DC, called Capital Bikeshare (CaBi). Unlike SmartBike, CaBi is a public taxpayer-supported bicycle sharing program involving both the District of Columbia and Arlington County. The initial scheme involved some 1,100 bicycles at 100 stations located throughout the District of Columbia and parts of Arlington County, Virginia. The cost of planning, implementation and administration for Capital Bikeshare totaled US$5.0 million, with first-year operating costs of US$2.3 million for 100 stations.[88] The District's share of planning, implementation and first-year operating costs was partially financed by a US$6.0 million grant by the United States Department of Transportation. Arlington County's operating cost share of the plan was US$835,000 for the first year,[89] funded by public contributions including a grant from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation as well as subsidies from Arlington County Transportation, Crystal City (Arlington) Business Improvement District, and the Potomac Yard Transportation Management Association.[90] In November 2010, Capital Bikeshare Director Chris Holben stated that administrators were hoping for future project revenues that would reach 50% of annual operating costs, exclusive of planning and implementation expenses.[91] CaBi recently announced plans to expand services with an additional 20 bike stations by spring of 2011. For a time, Capital Bike Share was the largest bike sharing system in the United States. Upon opening in May 2013, New York city's Citi Bike program was far larger, however Capital Bike Share is now the largest bike sharing system in the United States again with 344 stations.

South America[edit]

Bike Rio rental station located near Posto 9, Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil.
Bici Q station in Quito, Ecuador


The bike sharing system is free upon registration and has 1250 bicycles available at 41 rental stations throughout Buenos Aires, since 2010. The system was deployed by the City of Buenos Aires. As of 2012, the city has constructed 70 km (43.50 mi) of protected bicycle lanes and has plans to construct another 100 km (62.14 mi).[92]


Bike Rio opened to the public in October 2011. The bike sharing system has 600 bicycles available at 60 rental stations located in 14 neighbourhoods throughout Rio de Janeiro. The system was deployed by the municipal government of Rio de Janeiro in partnership with Banco Itaú, and operated by Serttel, a private concessionaire.[93]

A similar scheme was implemented in the city of São Paulo on May 24, 2012, called Bike Sampa. It is free up to the first hour of use, after which users are charged R$5 every 30 minutes.[94] There are about 140,000 registered users and, as of May 6, 2013, there had been 220,000 bicycle trips in the city. Serttel is also the concessionaire for this scheme, and the website of Bike Sampa is hosted by Mobilicidade. Other cities with similar bike sharing systems are: Brasília, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Santos and Aracaju.


The are two working bike-share systems in the metropolitan area of Santiago, capital city of Chile, Bikesantiago and Bici Las Condes.


The commune of Providencia, part of the Santiago de Chile metropolitan area, was ground-breaking on the implementation of a public bike-share system in Latin America, named B'easy and starting services on August 2008 with a monthly membership of 1000 Chilean pesos (USD 2) and just 4 stations.[95] It reached the 10-stations mark on 2010 and worked as an early-approach for the working systems of public bikes in Santiago.

Santiago Metropolitan Area[edit]

Bikesantiago started it's services on October 2013 in the metropolitan commune of Vitacura with 30 stations, 300 bicycles and a monthy membership of 4990 Chilean pesos (USD 8). By February 2015, it had 82 stations on the communes of Lo Barnechea, Vitacura, Providencia (Replacing the original B'easy system) and Santiago and has contracts for a programmed expansion in a total of 14 communes, 200 stations and 2100 bikes in the Metropolitan Area of Santiago.[96]

Las Condes[edit]

Bici Las Condes is the communal bike-share system of Las Condes, part of the Metropolitan Area of Santiago. It will start services on March 2015 with a total of 50 stations and 500 bikes and has a planned expansion for a total of 100 stations and 1000 bikes.[97] The decision of the Las Condes municipal council of not joining the Metropolitan area tender for an bike-sharing metropolitan interconected system was very controversial.[98]


The EnCicla[99] Bike Share System in Medellín is the result of an agreement between the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Aburrá and the EAFIT University. EnCicla is integrated with the city's existing infrastructure of cycle routes, mass transit and public transport systems. EnCicla is available from Monday to Friday from 5.30 am to 8 pm from every EnCicla station.


In August 2012 the Municipality of Quito government established a municipal bicycle sharing system called Bici Q.[100][101][102] The Municipality of Cuenca announced that it will implement a public Bicycle Sharing System in the year 2013.[103][104] Bici Q is completely free and is available for anyone to use, including tourists, if they have membership cards.[105] Application for membership cards can be done online or in person.[106]



A rack of red-and-white bicycles, locked into place
Shared bike rack in Beijing

A municipal scheme in Beijing launched in 2012 with the stationing of 2,000 bikes in Chaoyang district.[107] The scheme is scheduled to consist of 20,000 rental bikes and 500 kiosks, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform. The main operating area will be in business districts and near subway stations and major public venues. By 2015, authorities intend to have 50,000 bikes available, similar to the Hangzhou scheme that is their model.[108][109] This follows the failure of a scheme launched in 2005-2006 (ahead of Velib) and in the light of a 2011 announcement by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport that it expects to raise the bike share of urban commuter journeys from 20 to 23 per cent by 2015.[108]


Bike-sharing has also become popular in China. The Hangzhou bike-sharing system has 60,600 bikes, surpassing Paris's Vélib programme which offers over 20,000 bikes. Bike-sharing stations can be found in Hangzhou every 100 metres compared to the 300 metres in Paris. The first hour of use is free, followed by 1 yuan ($0.15) for the first hour, 2 yuan the second hour, and 3 yuan each subsequent hour. During the first year of operation, not a single bike was stolen and very few were damaged or vandalised compared to the half that were stolen or damaged in Paris.[110][dubious ] A March 2010 survey of Hangzhou Public Bicycle members and non-members was implemented in order to examine the impacts of this service on travel behaviour and to gain an early understanding of adoption and behavioural response. The study found that 30% of Hangzhou bikeshare users incorporated bikesharing into their most common commute. Furthermore, the bikeshare system captured modal share from bus transit, walking, autos and taxis. Another key finding in this study suggests that car ownership may not reduce the likelihood of bikesharing use. In fact, members of the Hangzhou system exhibited a higher rate of auto ownership in comparison to non-members.[111]


Since December 2013, Nanning has a bicycle sharing system with 1000 bicycles and 50 stations. The first hour of usage is free, after it costs 2RMB/h.[112]


In preparation for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China, Shanghai launched a limited bike share programme which are accessible by RFID cards. Users can purchase 100-ride credits for about $30. Short rides are rewarded credits and longer rides subtract credits once the bikes have been re-docked. Shanghai planned to expand to 3,500 Bicycle Hot Spots throughout the entire city by 2010.

Two years after the World Expo, Shanghai's bicycle sharing programme has been mostly limited to the Minhang district.[113][114]


The Suzhou Industrial Park has a bicycle sharing system (苏州工业园区公共自行车) with 1880 bicycles and 72 stations, which launched in January 2012.[115]


Since 2011, Xi'an has a bicycle sharing system with 8000 bicycles and 375 stations.[116]


In India, Mumbai operates two schemes,[117] and the Ministry of Urban Development is preparing to launch a 10-city public bike scheme as part of its “Mission for Sustainable Habitat”.[118] In Bangalore, the ATCAG system implements a bicycle sharing program aimed primarily to solve the last-mile problem for users of the Bangalore Metro.

Namma Cycle is a bicycle sharing system being implemented in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc, Bangalore) campus and the surrounding neighborhood. Bicycles are made available at select locations in a community/city allowing people to have ready access to these public bicycles.

Namma Cycle is a semi automated bicycle sharing system inaugurated on August 2012 with 100 Cycles and 6 stations. In 15 months of operations it has completed around 16000 Trips averaging 1000 Trips in a month.

Namma Cycle uses a Free and Open Software system ECBike developed by Gubbi Labs to manage the entire bicycle rental operations.


According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as of 2012 there were a number of city-level pilot schemes in operation in Japan, the largest of which was Edogawa City in Tokyo with 500 cycles available for hire.[119] Toyama also has a bicycle sharing system, that takes the region's public transit IC card Passca.[120]


Astana-bike 200 bikes in 40 stations, 1000 bikes for Expo 2017.[121]


Main article: YouBike

Taipei City launched a public bicycle rental program in 2009, and went on to successfully manage its expansion, working with leading Taiwanese bike manufacturer Giant. The system saw 22 million rentals in 2014, double the 11 million rentals in the previous year.[122]

Initially, an unexpectedly small number of daily users in the trial district of Xinyi (信義) prompted the city's Department of Transportation (zh) to install the "YouBike" system along Taipei Metro lines and to offer the service in several more districts.[123] The slow initial adoption of YouBike rentals was overcome through adapting the model, such as lowering rates (currently free for 30 minutes and progressing from NT$10 afterwards), and increasing ways to open an account (online via the YouBike website or at the kiosks).[124][125]

Middle East[edit]


The bike sharing system has 10 bicycles available at 25 rental stations throughout Isfahan, since 2011 and bike sharing services program called " سامانه هوشمند دوچرخه " meaning "Smart bike system" for the City of Meshed in April 2012.


In April 2011, Tel Aviv municipality launched Tel-O-Fun, a bicycle sharing system. As of 2013, the system comprises 163 stations and 1630 bikes.


The Q Bike program provides bike sharing services for the City of Doha.


A bicycle sharing station in Swanston Street, Melbourne.
A bicycle helmets vending machine in The University of Melbourne Parkville campus, Australia

The first municipal bicycle share system in Australia, Melbourne Bike Share (MBS), was launched in Melbourne in June 2010. Melbourne's MBS and CityCycle in Brisbane[126] are the only known bicycle share schemes in the world that attempt to operate under a mandatory helmet requirement.[127][128][129]

MBS is a publicly funded scheme based on Montreal's BIXI system and was launched initially with only 10 stations, with the aim of having 50 stations by July 2010. Implementation and planning costs totalled A$5.5 million over four years, which required a usage rate of 500 trips per day, or 15,000 per month, for the scheme to break-even.[130][131] During the first week of operation, the system was only used 253 times.[132] This use rate dropped to only 136 times per day by October 2010,[130] for a total of 20,700 trips, with nearly 650 subscribers. The low popularity of the scheme in comparison to other cities[133] has been attributed to Melbourne's mandatory helmet laws, acknowledged by the government, which recently began subsidising helmet purchases at $5 per helmet from local convenience stores and vending machines.[129][130][133] The helmet subsidy added an additional A$5 million to the cost of the bike share programme.[126] After the introduction of subsidised helmets, MBS bicycle usage rate increased to 183 trips per day.[130] This usage rate increased to 283 trips per day (8,500 trips per month) in December 2010, with another increase to 433 trips per day (13,000 per month) by May 2011.[131] Promotional efforts to advertise MBS have been limited, though mobile phone optimised websites have also been created, such as BikeShare.Tel, allowing users to locate stations and see bike availability.[134] Currently the MBS uses 500 cycles at about 50 stations around Melbourne's central business district.[126]

MELTours launched a bicycle tour based on the MBS within a month of launch as a way to enable tourists to see the city using the MBS and to learn how to use it. The tour was designed around the available MBS pods where each leg is no more than 30 minutes in duration. This means that the cost to the customer is as low as possible while a two-hour activity can still be taken.[135]

A bicycle sharing station in Newstead, Brisbane

Subscriptions for CityCycle, a Vélib-style community bike hire scheme by JCDecaux for Brisbane started on 1 September 2010 with bikes planned to available from 1 October 2010 at 150 stations from the University of Queensland to Tenerrife. Currently CityCycle uses 1,060 cycles at 104 locations, with plans to expand to 2,000 cycles at 150 stations by mid-2012. Currently CityCycle has no plans to rent helmets to riders, who must carry their own helmets to the station for each journey.[126]

Brisbane City Council Mayor, Graham Quirk conceded the Citycycle service had "not got off to a flying start". By October 2011 there were 416 trips per day for 1060 bikes available for hire at 104 stations. In mid August 2011, Brisbane City Council cut the daily casual subscription from $11 to $2. There were only 200 $11 daily casual hires in July 2011 and 332 in August 2011. Casual hires jumped up to 1064 in September 2011 in response to the price reduction to $2 per day. Council has also attached 400 free helmets to bikes on an honesty basis. JCDecaux Australia chief executive said there was "no doubt" the mandatory use of helmets constrained the use of the scheme. An $8M investment to establish the Citycycle scheme resulted in 80,000 bike trips during the first 12 months. Council is proceeding with expanding to 150 stations and increasing bike numbers to 2000.[136]

The 200,000th trip was taken on Brisbane's CityCycle in April 2012, with over 600 cycle journeys every day. May 2012 was a new record month with 18,874 trips. 223,000 trips were taken during 2013.

The bikes are now linked to the public transport go card - a single card covering all busses, trains, ferries and the new light rail system to open in 2014 along southern beaches.

As part of the CityCycle contract, the French company JCDecaux collects all the advertising revenue from the 167 advertising panels and 25 advertising sign sites erected in Brisbane. However the bike hire scheme was operating at a loss of A$976,000 in the 2012-2013 financial year paid by the Brisbane ratepayers, and by December 2013 the scheme cost ratepayers A$14 million.[137]







United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

Zotwheels Bike Share at the University of California Irvine.
Zotwheels Bike Share at the University of California Irvine.


  • Chicago, US: The Field Museum shared bikes. Inaugurated for employees in April 2008[149]
  • Detroit, US: Zagster - Quicken Loans[150]
  • In 2012 Spinlister was started as a peer share system by which users around the world pay local private owners for use of their bike, usually by the day.[151]


The following table lists more than 320 known bicycle sharing systems that are currently active or firmly planned, and around a dozen that have closed down. Most systems listed here allow users to pick up and drop off bicycles at any of the automated stations within the network.

City Country Continent Name System Status Year inaugurated Stations Bicycles Website Ref.
Aigialeia  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active 2013 3 45 [152]
Aigle, Monthey   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2010 10 99
Aix-en-Provence  France Europe V'hello Cyclocity Closed (2011) 2007 16 200
Aktio-Vonitsa  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active 2013 3 35 [152][153]
Alpignano  Italy Europe BiciinComune Active
Amiens  France Europe Vélam Cyclocity Active February 2008 26 250 [154]
Ancient Olympia  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active 2013 4 60 [152][155]
Angers  France Europe VéloCité Cyclocity Active 2004 [156]
Ann Arbor, Michigan  USA Americas ArborBike B-Cycle Planned 2014 14 125 [157]
Anqiu  China Asia Anqiu Public Bicycle Active December 2013 95 2,280
Antalya  Turkey Middle East ANTBIS Planned February 2014 6 [158]
Antwerp  Belgium Europe Velo Clear Channel Active 9 June 2011 144 1,800
Århus  Denmark Europe Bycyklen Active May 2007 57 400
Aspen, Colorado  USA Americas WE-cycle Bixi Active June 2013 13 100
Astana  Kazakhstan Asia Astana-Bike Smoove Active July 2014 40 200 (1000 planned)
Athens  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Planned 2013 70 [159]
Atlanta, Georgia  USA Americas Atlanta Bike Share CycleHop and Social Bicycles Planned 2014 57 500 [160]
Auckland  New Zealand Asia Pacific Nextbike Nextbike Closed (2010) 2009 36 250 [161][162]
Austin, Texas  USA Americas Bike Share of Austin B-Cycle Active December 2013 11 400 [164]
Aveiro  Portugal Europe Buga Active 2000 [165]
Avignon  France Europe Vélopop' Smoove Active July 2009 17 200 [166]
Baltimore, Maryland  USA Americas Charm City Bike Share Planned 2014 25 250 [167]
Bangkok  Thailand Asia Pun Pun Bike Share Active 2012 50 c500 [168][169]
Baoji  China Asia Baoji Public Bicycle Service Active September 2013 100 2,000
Barcelona  Spain Europe Bicing Clear Channel Active 22 March 2007 424 6,000
Batumi  Georgia Asia BatumVelo Batumi Avtotransporti Smoove Active May 2013 22 200
Beijing  China Asia Active 2012 508 16,000
Belfast  UK Europe NSL / nextbike Planned April 2015 30 300
Belfort  France Europe Optymo Smoove Active May 2013 21 200
Berlin  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 50+ 300
Berlin  Germany Europe Call a Bike Call a Bike flex Active March 2003 0
Bern   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2011 8 54
Besançon  France Europe VéloCité Cyclocity Active September 2007 30 200 [170]
Białystok  Poland Europe BiKeR nextbike Active 31 May 2014 30 300
Bielefeld  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 10
Blackpool  UK Europe Hire-a-Bike Hourbike Active 2009 60 400 [171]
Bochum  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 6 30
Boise, Idaho  USA Americas Boise Bike Share Planned 2014 7 70 [172]
Bordeaux  France Europe VCUB Keolis Active February 2010 139 1,545
Boston, Massachusetts  USA Americas Hubway Bixi (operated by Alta Bicycle Share) Active 2011 113 1,100 [173]
Bottrop  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 15
Boulder, Colorado  USA Americas Boulder B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 2011 23 120 [174][175]
Bratislava  Slovakia Europe Whitebikes smsBikeShare Active May 2014 13 50
Brescia  Italy Europe Bicimia Active 65 395
Brisbane  Australia Asia Pacific CityCycle Cyclocity Active September 2010 150 2,000 [176][177]
Bristol  UK Europe Hourbike Hourbike Closed (2010) 2009 [178]
Broward County, Florida  USA Americas Broward B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 2011 35
Brussels  Belgium Europe Villo! Cyclocity Active 19 May 2009 (earlier system since 2006) 338 3,800 [179]
Bucharest  Romania Europe Cicloteque Proprietary Active 31 July 2008 6 400 [180]
Budapest  Hungary Europe BuBi Nextbike Active April 2014 75 1,100
Buenos Aires  Argentina Americas Ecobici Active 2010 32 750 [181][182]
Burgenland  Austria Europe LEIHRADL nextbike nextbike Active 2009 40
Caen  France Europe V’eol Clear Channel Active March 2008 40 350
Calais  France Europe Vel'in OYBike Active July 2010 37 160
Cardiff  UK Europe OYBike Cardiff OYBike Closed (2011) [183]
Carugate  Italy Europe Meglio in Bici Active 5 May 2012 3 30 [184]
Cergy-Pontoise  France Europe VélO2 Cyclocity Active March 2009 42 320 [185]
Cernusco sul Naviglio  Italy Europe Meglio in Bici Active 5 May 2012 3 40 [184]
Chalon-sur-Saône  France Europe Réflex Transdev Smoove Active December 2007 14 100
Changhua  Taiwan Asia Pacific YouBike Active May 2014 24
Changwon  South Korea Asia Pacific NUBIJA Active October 2008 235 2,348[186] [187][188]
Charlotte, North Carolina  USA Americas Charlotte B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 2012 21 200 [189]
Chattanooga, Tennessee  USA Americas Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System Bixi Active 2012 33 300 [190]
Chengdu, Gaoxin District(zh)  China Asia - - Active December 2010 72 1200 [191]
Chengdu, Jinniu District  China Asia - Shanghai Forever Bicycle Co. Active June 2010 156 1500 [192]
Chicago, Illinois  USA Americas Divvy Bixi (operated by Alta Bicycle Share) Active 2013 300 2,920 [193][194]
Cincinnati, Ohio  USA Americas Cincy Bike Share B-Cycle Planned 2014 21 210 [195]
Clermont-Ferrand  France Europe C.Vélo SMTC[disambiguation needed] Smoove Active June 2013 10 (22) 100 (220)
Coburg  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 5
Collegno  Italy Europe BiciinComune Active
Cologne  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Closed 2009 15
Cologne  Germany Europe Call a Bike Call a Bike flex Active March 2000 0
Columbus, Ohio  USA Americas CoGo Alta Bicycle Share Active July 2013 30 300
Copenhagen  Denmark Europe Bycyklen Closed (2012) May 1995 110 2,500
Copenhagen  Denmark Europe Bycyklen Gobike Active 16 August 2013 17 250
Córdoba  Spain Europe Eco-bici Cyclocity Active 4 35 [196]
Corfu  Greece Europe EasyBike Brainbox Smoove Inactive November 2010 8 100 [15]
Créteil  France Europe Cristolib Cyclocity Active April 2010 10 75 [197]
Daejeon  South Korea Asia Pacific Ta-shu Active 145
Denver, Colorado  USA Americas Denver B-cycle B-Cycle Active 2010 83 600 [198]
Des Moines, Iowa  USA Americas Des Moines B-cycle B-Cycle Active 2010 4 18 [199][200]
Didymóteicho  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active May 2013 8 100 [152][201]
Dijon  France Europe Velodi Clear Channel Active February 2008 39 400
Dortmund  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 27
Drammen  Norway Europe Drammen City Bikes Clear Channel  ? Scheme ended 2010, new scheme for 2011 [202]
Dresden  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 30+ 200
Druento  Italy Europe BiciinComune Active
Dublin  Ireland Europe Dublin Bikes Cyclocity Active September 2009 102 950 [117][203]
Duisburg  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 14
Dumfries  UK Europe Bike2Go Hourbike Active 2010 12 45
Düsseldorf  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2008 45 400 [204]
East Mani  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active 2013 6 100 [152][153]
El Paso, Texas  USA Americas Planned 2014 6 [205]
Elche (Elx)  Spain Europe bicielx Active 14 June 2010 14 200
Erfurt  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 10 30
Essen  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 25
Esztergom  Hungary Europe EBI Active 2013 9 93
Fairbanks, Alaska  USA Americas Fairbikes A2B Bikeshare Planned 2014 20 100
Farnborough  UK Europe OYBike Farnborough Closed Active
Flensburg  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 10 30
Fort Worth, Texas  USA Americas Fort Worth B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 22 April 2013 32 300 [206]
Foshan  China Asia Active August 2010 208 11,694
Frankfurt am Main  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 30 300
Frankfurt am Main  Germany Europe Call a Bike Call a Bike flex Active March 2000 0
Freiburg   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2010 8 94
Fremantle  Australia Asia Pacific Planned
Fullerton, California  USA Americas OCTA BikeShare Bike Nation Active 6 January 2014 10 75
Fuzhou  China Asia Fuzhou Public Bicycle Active June 2011 59 1,400
Gelsenkirchen  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 4
Girona  Spain Europe Girocleta Active 25 September 2009 10 260 [207][208]
Glasgow  UK Europe Mass Automated Cycle Hire (MACH) nextbike Active 24 June 2014 31
Gothenburg  Sweden Europe Styr & Ställ Cyclocity Active 10 August 2010 60 1,000 [209]
Grenoble  France Europe Métrovélo Smoove Active 2006 16 1,250
Grodzisk Mazowiecki  Poland Europe Grodziski Rower Miejski nextbike Active 27 September 2014 9 60
Grugliasco  Italy Europe BiciinComune Active
Guangzhou  China Asia Pacific GZ-Public Bicycle Active June 2010 50 4,840 [210][211]
Haikou  China Asia Active April 2013 105 3,000
Haining  China Asia Haining Public Bicycle Active October 2012 100 2,200
Hamburg  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2008 30 250 [212]
Hamburg  Germany Europe StadtRAD Hamburg Call a Bike fix Active July 2009 72 1,000
Hamilton, Ontario  Canada Americas Hamilton Bike Share Social Bicycles Planned 2014 80 750 [213]
Hamm  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 10 50
Hangzhou  China Asia Pacific Hangzhou Public Bicycle access card Active October 2008 2,965 78,000 [214][215]
Hannover  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2008 20 80
Heihe  China Asia Active May 2012 62 2,230
Herne  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 7 45
Heze  China Asia Active April 2014 100 2,000
Hoboken, New Jersey  USA Americas Hoboken Bike Share Social Bicycles Closed (2013) 2013 5 25 [216][217]
Hoboken, New Jersey  USA Americas Hoboken-Jersey City-Weehawken Bike Share Planned 2014 600 [218]
Hohhot  China Asia Active October 2013 112 5,100
Honolulu, Hawaii  USA Americas Bikeshare Hawai‘i Planned June 2015 180 1,700 [219]
Houston, Texas  USA Americas Houston B-cycle B-Cycle Active 2012 29 225 [220][221]
Huaibei  China Asia Huaibei Public Bicycle Active April 2014 100 3,000
Huangyan  China Asia Huangyan Public Bicycle Active January 2012 93 2,500
Huizhou  China Asia Guangzhou Huimin Active April 2012 100 10,000
Huzhou  China Asia Huzhou Public Bicycle Active December 2013 85 2,000
Indianapolis, Indiana  USA Americas Indiana Pacers Bikeshare B-Cycle Active May 2014 25 300 [222]
Ioannina  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active September 2012 2 10 [223]
Izmir  Turkey Middle East Bisim Active January 2014 29
Izmir, Karşıyaka  Turkey Middle East Karbis Active January 2014 6
Jiangyin  China Asia Active November 2008 23 700
Jiaxing  China Asia Jiaxing Public Bicycle Active December 2011 334 7,800
Jinhua  China Asia Jinhua Orange Public Bicycle Service Active October 2013 100 3,000
Jiujiang  China Asia Active February 2014 6 120
Jiyuan  China Asia Active September 2013 32 500
João Pessoa  Brazil Americas SAMBA Mobilicidade Active 3 20 [224]
Kailua, Hawaii  USA Americas Hawaii B-cycle B-Cycle Active 2011 2 12 [225][226]
Kaixian  China Asia Active January 2011 58 1,600
Kansas City, Missouri  USA Americas Kansas City B-cycle B-Cycle Active 2012 12 90 [227]
Kaohsiung  Taiwan Asia Pacific C-bike Active 119 1,275
Karditsa  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active March 2013 10 60 [228]
Kavala  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active 2013 4 52 [152][229]
Kazan  Russia Europe Veli'k Active May 2013 7 100
Keratsini-Drapetsóna  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active November 2012 6 70 [152][230]
Kitchener, Ontario  Canada Americas Community Access Bicycles Community Access Bicycles Active 2011, relaunched 21 August 2013 7 65 [231][232]
Komotini  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active 2013 6 100 [152][233]
Konstancin  Poland Europe Konstanciński Rower Miejski nextbike Active 14 June 2014 5 55
Konya  Turkey Middle East nextbike nextbike Active 40
Kraków  Poland Europe KMK Bike SmartBikes Sp. z o.o. Active October 2008 29 230
Kunshan  China Asia Forever Bicycle Active September 2010 343 10,000
Kyoto  Japan Asia Pacific Community Cycle Active 5 [234]
Lansing, MI  USA Americas Capital Community Bikeshare A2B Bikeshare Active 2014 8 20
Lanxi  China Asia Active July 2014 50 1,500
Lanzhou  China Asia Lanzhou Public Bicycle Active June 2014 111 2,000
La Rochelle  France Europe Yélo Active February 2010 (earlier system since 1974) 63 300
Lausanne   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active April 2013 (earlier system since 2009)[235] 23 251
Leipzig  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2008 60 500 [236]
Lhasa  China Asia Active November 2013 15 242
Lille  France Europe V'Lille Keolis Active 2011 215 1,100
Limassol  Cyprus Europe nextbike Cyprus Nextbike Active May 2012 13 170 [237]
Linhai  China Asia Active June 2011 82 2,700
Lisbon  Portugal Europe Planned April 2014 300 [238]
Lishui  China Asia Active February 2013 26 800
Liverpool  UK Europe Planned  ? 300
Ljubljana  Slovenia Europe Bicike(lj) Cyclocity Active 12 May 2011 33 215 [239]
London  UK Europe Barclays Cycle Hire Bixi (operated by Serco) Active 30 July 2010 743 9,800 [240][241]
Long Beach, California  USA Americas Bike nation Planned 2013 250 2,500 [242]
Lower Austria  Austria Europe LEIHRADL nextbike nextbike Active 2009 295 1,300 [243]
Lublin  Poland Europe Lubelski Rower Miejski nextbike Active 19 September 2014 40 400
Lugano   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2010 9 88
Luxembourg City  Luxembourg Europe Vel'oh Active March 2008 73 680 [244]
Luzern   Switzerland Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2008 30 280
Lyon  France Europe Vélo'v Cyclocity Active 19 May 2005 346 3,200 [245]
Madison, Wisconsin  USA Americas Madison B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 2011 32 300 [246]
Madrid  Spain Europe BiciMAD Active May 2014 123 1580 [247]
Magdeburg  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2008 21 100
Mainz  Germany Europe MVGmeinRad Active July 2011 120 1,000
Málaga, Andalucía  Spain Europe MálagaBici Cemusa Active 2013 20 400
Marathónas  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active 2013 4 50 [153]
Maroussi  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active February 2013 6 70 [152][248]
Marseille  France Europe Le vélo Cyclocity Active 2007 122 672 [249]
Medellin  Colombia Americas EnCicla Active 2011 (pilot) 6 150 [250]
Melbourne  Australia Asia Pacific Melbourne Bike Share Bixi (operated by Alta Bicycle Share) Active June 2010 50 600 [251]
Mendoza  Argentina Americas Metrobici Active 2014 2 40 [252]
Mexico City  Mexico Americas Ecobici Clear Channel Active 2010 276 4,000 [253]
Miami Beach, Florida  USA Americas Decobike SandVault Active 2011 100 1,000 [254]
Milan  Italy Europe BikeMi Clear Channel Active 3 December 2008 193 3,500 [11]
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  USA Americas Bublr Bikes B-Cycle Active 2014 10 100 [255]
Minneapolis, Minnesota and Saint Paul, Minnesota  USA Americas Nice Ride Bixi Active 2010 170 1,550 [256][257]
Montpellier  France Europe Vélomagg' Smoove Active June 2007 59 750
Montreal  Canada Americas Bixi Montreal Bixi Active 2009 411 5,120 [258]
Moscháto-Távros  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active January 2013 5 60 [259]
Moscow  Russia Europe Smoove Active May 2013 75 300
Mülheim a. Ruhr  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 13 65 [12]
Mulhouse  France Europe VéloCité Cyclocity Active 15 September 2007 40 240 [260]
Munich  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2011 30 3,000
Munich  Germany Europe Call a Bike Call a Bike flex Active March 2000 0
Náfplion  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active June 2013 4 60 [152][261]
Namur  Belgium Europe Libiavelo Cyclocity Active 21 April 2012 24 200 [262]
Nancy  France Europe VélOstan Cyclocity Active 27 September 2009 29 250 [263]
Nanning  China Asia Active December 2013 50 1,000
Nantes  France Europe Bicloo Cyclocity Active May 2008 103 885 [264]
Naupactus  Greece Europe EasyBike EasyBike Active January 2013 4 60 [152][265]
Nea Smyrni  Greece Europe Cyclopolis Cyclopolis Active 2013 3 40 [153]
New York City, New York  USA Americas Citi Bike Bixi (operated by Alta Bicycle Share) Active 27 May 2013 332 4,400 [266][267][268][269]
Newcastle  UK Europe ScratchBikes
(known as WhipBikes until 2011)
ScratchBikes Active 2010 12 60
Nice  France Europe Vélo Bleu OYBike Active July 2009 175 1,750
Nicosia  Cyprus Europe EasyBike Brainbox Smoove Active October 2011 27 315 [270]
Ningbo  China Asia Ningbo Public Bicycle Active September 2013 600 15,000
Norfolk, Virginia  USA Americas Norfolk Bike Share On Hold 2014 50 350[dead link]
Nottingham  UK Europe Ucycle Sustrans & Evans Cycles Active 2010 0 460
Novi Sad  Serbia Europe NS Bike Parking Servis Active 2011 5 70
Nyon, Gland   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2011 13 167
Oberhausen  Germany Europe metropolradruhr nextbike Active 2010 8 40
Offenburg  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2010 13 86
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  USA Americas Spokies Spokies Active 2012 7 100 [271]
Omaha, Nebraska  USA Americas Omaha B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 2011 5 35 [272]
Opole  Poland Europe Opole Bike nextbike Active 15 June 2012 10 100
Orania, Northern Cape  South Africa Africa Orania Openbare Fietsprojek Active 16 July 2014 3 30 [273]
Orléans  France Europe Vélo'+ EFFIA Active June 2007 33 300
Oslo  Norway Europe Oslo Bysykkel Clear Channel Active 2003 106
Ottawa-Gatineau  Canada Americas Capital Bixi Bixi Active 2011 25 250 [274][275]
Padua  Italy Europe GoodBike Padova Active 28
Palma  Spain Europe Bicipalma Active 28 March 2011 28 336
Pamplona  Spain Europe n'bici Active July 2007 5 101
Paris  France Europe Vélib' Cyclocity Active 15 July 2007 1,229 19,000 [276]
Pau  France Europe IDEcycle Active 20 220
Toledo  Brazil Americas Toopedalando Toopedalando Active 2011 6 60 [277]
Perpignan  France Europe BIP! Clear Channel Active February 2008 15 150
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  USA Americas City of Philadelphia Bike Share B-Cycle Planned April 2015 185 1,800 [278]
Phoenix, Arizona  USA Americas Grid Bike Share CycleHop and Social Bicycles Planned 2014 100 1,000
Pioltello  Italy Europe Meglio in Bici Active 5 May 2012 2 20 [184]
Pisa  Italy Europe Ciclopi Active May 2013 15 200 [184]
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  USA Americas Pittsburgh Bike Share Planned 2014 50 500
Plaine Commune
(Aubervilliers, La Courneuve, L'Île-Saint-Denis, Saint-Denis)
 France Europe Velcom Cyclocity Closed (12 July 2011) 24 June 2009 50 450*/
Poitiers  France Europe Cap'Vélo Active September 2007 360
Portland, Oregon  USA Americas Portland Bike Share Alta Bicycle Share Planned 2014
Portsmouth  UK Europe Bikeabout Grippa Closed (1998) 1995 3 100
Potsdam  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2010 20 150
Poznań  Poland Europe Poznański Rower Miejski nextbike Active April 2012 7 80 [279]
Providence, Rhode Island  USA Americas Alta Bicycle Share and Social Bicycles Planned 2014 20 200 [280]
Qingzhou  China Asia Active 2010 550 10,300
Quito  Ecuador Americas BiciQ BiciQ Active 2012 25 425
Reading  UK Europe OYBike Reading OYBike Closed (2011)
Waterloo  Canada Americas Grand River Public Bike Share Inc. Was due to open April 2013 2013 (pilot) 10 100 [281]
Rennes  France Europe LE vélo STAR Clear Channel Active June 1998 82 800 [282]
Riga, Jurmala  Latvia Europe BalticBike Active 20
Rimini  Italy Europe Rimini in Bici Active 16 [283]
Rio de Janeiro  Brazil Americas Bike Rio Mobilicidade Active 2011 60 300 [284]
Rivoli  Italy Europe BiciinComune Active
Rome  Italy Europe Roma'n'Bike Active 19 200
Rotterdam  Netherlands Europe CityBike Rotterdam Grippa Closed (1998) 1997 3 25
Rouen  France Europe Cy'clic Cyclocity Active December 2007 21 190 [285]
Rzeszów  Poland Europe RoweRes Active 2010 16
Sacramento, California  USA Americas Planned 2014 88 616 [286][287]
St. Etienne  France Europe Vélivert
formerly Vélo Vert
Smoove Active 26 June 2010 30 700
St Louis, Missouri  USA Americas Planned 2015 [288]
Saint-Petersburg  Russia Europe Velobike Active July 2014 29  ?
Salt Lake City, Utah  USA Americas SLC Bike Share B-Cycle Active 2013 12 100 [289]
Salvador  Brazil Americas Bike Salvador Mobilicidade Active 2013 23 [290]
Salzburg  Austria Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2011
San Antonio, Texas  USA Americas San Antonio B-Cycle B-Cycle Active 2011 68 600 [291]
San Diego, California  USA Americas DecoBike DecoBike Planned 2014 180 1,800 [292]
San Francisco Bay Area  USA Americas Bay Area Bike Share Active 2013 70 600 [13] [293]
Santa Monica, California  USA Americas Planned 2013 35 350 [294]
Santander  Spain Europe Tusbic Active September 2008 15 180 [295][296]
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São Paulo  Brazil Americas Bikesampa Mobilicidade Active 2012 144 1,000 [297]
Savannah, Georgia  USA Americas CAT Bike B-Cycle Planned January 2014 2 16 [298]
Seattle, Washington  USA Americas Pronto Cycle Share Alta Bicycle Share Active 13 October 2014 50 500 [299]
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Shenzhen/Shekou/Xiaomeisha  China Asia Pacific Forever Bicycle access card Active September 2010 16 350
Sion   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2010 7 69
Slough  UK Europe Smoove Active November 2013 4 60
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Strasbourg  France Europe Vélhop Smoove Active October 2010 4 1,852
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Suzhou  China Asia Active 2010 976 22,940
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Taizhou  China Asia Active 2010 200 13,000
Tampa, Florida  USA Americas Coast Bike Share CycleHop and Social Bicycles Planned April 2014 30 300 [308]
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Tirana  Albania Europe Ecovolis Active March 2011 8 200 [310]
Tiruchirappalli  India Asia Tiruchirappalli Bicycle Share Planned 2015 66 2,000


Toronto  Canada Americas Bike Share Toronto (formerly Bixi Toronto) Alta Bicycle Share (since April 2014; formerly Bixi) Active 2011 80 1,000 [313]
Toruń  Poland Europe Toruński Rower Miejski Active April 2014 12 120
Toulouse  France Europe VélôToulouse Cyclocity Active 16 November 2007 280 2,465 [314]
Toyama, Toyama  Japan Asia Cyclocity Toyama Cyclocity Active 22 March 2010 17 130 [315]
Trondheim  Norway Europe Trondheim City Bikes Clear Channel Active 10 125
Tübingen  Germany Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2009 9 50
Turin  Italy Europe ToBike Active 4 March 2011 136 1,200
Upper Austria  Austria Europe nextbike nextbike Active 2011
Utrecht  Netherlands Europe OV Fiets Cycle Locker VeloTron Closed 2001 1 5
Valence, Drôme  France Europe Libélo Transdev Smoove Active March 2010 20 380 [316]
Valencia  Spain Europe ValenbiSi! Cyclocity Active 22 June 2010 276 2,400 [317]
Vancouver, British Columbia  Canada Americas Vancouver Public Bike Share Alta Bicycle Share Planned 2014 25 250
Vannes  France Europe Vélocéa OYBike Active June 2009 20 174
Velenje  Slovenia Europe BICY MICikel Active 18 September 2012 9 40
Venaria Reale  Italy Europe BiciinComune Active
Vevey   Switzerland Europe PubliBike PubliBike Active 2009 5 41
Vienna  Austria Europe Citybike Cyclocity Active June 2003 102 700 [318]
Vilnius  Lithuania Europe CycloCity Cyclocity Active 2013 33 300 [319]
Vila do Conde  Portugal Europe biConde Active 5 June 2014 10 60 [320]
Vorarlberg  Austria Europe nextbike Active 2009 14 70
Warsaw  Poland Europe Bemowo Bike nextbike Active 1 April 2012 15 140
Warsaw  Poland Europe Veturilo nextbike Active 1 August 2012 202 2,950 [321]
Washington, D.C. area  USA Americas Capital Bikeshare Bixi (operated by Alta Bicycle Share) Active 2010 344[322] 2,800 [323]
Washington, DC  USA Americas SmartBike DC Clear Channel Closed (2010) 2008 10 120
Weifang  China Asia Weifang Public Bicycle Active October 2013 735 20,000
Wrocław  Poland Europe Wrocławski Rower Miejski nextbike Active June 2011 32 200 [324]
Wuhan  China Asia Pacific Closed (April 2014) 1,318 90,000 [3][210]
Wuhu  China Asia Active 2012 553 12,000
Wuxi  China Asia Wuxibike Active January 2010 27 1,500
Xi'an  China Asia Xianbicycle Active April 2011 900 20,000
Xuzhou  China Asia Active September 2012 480 18,000
Yangzhou  China Asia Active March 2014 140 5,000
Yantai  China Asia Active August 2010 110 6,000
Yiwu  China Asia Active October 2013 52 1,000
Yixing  China Asia Yixing Public Bicycle Active December 2012 148 3,600
Yokohama  Japan Asia Pacific Baybike Active April 2011 15 300
Yueyang  China Asia Active April 2014 210 5,000
Zagreb  Croatia Europe nextbike nextbike Active May 2013 10 70 [325]
Zaragoza  Spain Europe Bizi Clear Channel Active 28 May 2008 130 1,000
Zhangjiagang  China Asia Forever Bicycle Active June 2010 152 3,200
Zhijin  China Asia Active June 2014 30 1,000
Zhongshan  China Asia Active 2010 527 11,180
Zhuhai  China Asia Active December 2012 195 5,000
Zhuzhou  China Asia Foshan Tianzhou Active May 2011 1005 20,000
all over the country, mainly at railway stations  Netherlands Europe OV-fiets OV-Fiets/Nederlandse Spoorwegen Active 2003 230 5,000+
several locations  Netherlands Europe Bikedispenser  ? Active 2005 5 500
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