Visa requirements for Northern Cypriot citizens

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Holders of an ordinary Northern Cypriot passport can visit one country (Turkey) without the need to obtain an entry visa. The passport is accepted as a travel document by a limited number of countries because North Cyprus has limited international recognition. Normally, no visa is placed in the document. According to the Northern Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the passport can be used for travel to the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, and Turkey.[1]

Countries that accept the Northern Cypriot passport as a travel document[1] including those granting visa-free access to ordinary passport holders.
  Northern Cyprus
  Countries accepting the passport: visa free or visa issued upon arrival
  Countries accepting the passport: Pre-arrival visa required
  Countries where the passport is not valid
Country Visa requirements
Regular passports Special and Service passports Diplomatic passports
 Turkey Visa not required[2]
A valid ID card is enough for passing[3]
Visa not required[2]
A valid ID card is enough for passing[4]
Visa not required[5]
A valid ID card is enough for passing[6]

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