Pomegranate soup

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Pomegranate soup
A bowl of āsh-e anār
Type Soup
Place of origin Iran and Iraq
Region or state Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey
Main ingredients Pomegranate juice and seeds, yellow split peas, mint leaves, spices
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Pomegranate soup (Persian: آش انارāš e anār; Azerbaijani: انار آشی‎, anar aşı; Mazandarani: اسپاش انار او, aspāsh enār oo; Arabic: شوربة رمانshorbat rummān)[1][2][3][4] is an Iranian and Iraqi dish made from pomegranate juice and seeds, yellow split peas, mint leaves, spices, and other ingredients. It is regarded an āsh, which is the Iranian term for a "thick soup".[5]

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