Vine leaf roll

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Yaprak sarması, Yaprak dolması
Region or state Turkey, Greece, Balkan, Levant, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Iran
Serving temperature Hot

A vine leaf roll is a dish consisting of cooked grape-vine leaves wrapped around a variety of fillings. It is common to the cuisines of Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Palestine , Iran but also known in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it may be served with mashed potatoes and yogurt.


Vine leaf rolls are called yaprak sarması (lit. leaf sarma) or yaprak dolması (lit. leaf dolma) in Turkey, dolmades (ντολμάδες, sg. dolmas ντολμάς) in Greece, and dolme barg mo (دلمه برگ مو, lit. vine leaf dolma) in Iran.

Yaprak (Slavic: japrak; from Turkish: yaprak, "leaf" [1]) is a generic name for meals made of grape (especially Sultana grape) leaves (a kind of kale), stuffed with meat (pork or lamb) and rice, or more rarely rice only. Meals are called as Yaprak Sarma or Yaprak Dolma. In Balkans broccoli leaves are sometimes used instead of grape leaves.

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