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Hello! Welcome back jjbernardiscool, here are few bits of helpful information. Before you go , I , on my talk page have done random articledone. This is to notify me that I have fixed their problems. Also, down the bottom, I have put some templates that best match some of my likes. Feel free to look at these pages. I know one of the members of field music and for christmas I got a signed and dedicated version of Field Music Play...

My edits here may be sporadic.

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My pages[edit]

With many thanks to Duoduoduo on formulae of shapes.

Book:jjbernardiscool!, formulae of shapes, User:Jjbernardiscool/sandbox, User:Jjbernardiscool/ZOOB.

Editors and bots that I think did something nice[edit]

London Underground[edit]

The London Underground is a mass transit railway system in London. It has 11 lines, 270 stations, and 9 tube stocks.

Bakerloo Line[edit]

The Bakerloo line is a deep level tube line, coloured brown on the tube map, and has 25 stations. Only 3 of them have step-free access, and that access is only from platform to street. The reason is that all of the stations north of Queens Park have unlevel platforms. The reason for this is that the line was built for national rail trains, not Bakerloo line trains. South of Queens Park, even though the platforms are level with the trains, there is no step-free. The line starts in Harrow & Wealdstone, although the line used to go to Watford Junction. The line goes through Wembley, before it goes south to Queens Park. This station is where the Watford DC line splits from the Bakerloo. Here, the line dips underground, before ending up travelling towards Central London. The line goes through Paddington and Baker Street, where the old stanmore line (Originally Bakerloo, now Jubilee) joins. The line then heads south. It goes through Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross, and Waterloo, before terminating at Elephant And Castle. There were plans to extend the line to Camberwell, though they never occured. The current tube stock is the 1972 mk2stock. I have been to every station on the Bakerloo line.

War should not be![edit]

-"One day, people will realise that war is meaningless, and that to lead a life without war is better than to lead a life with war. Einstein said that the atomic bomb was possible, but he didn't like the idea. I agree."jjbernardiscool (talk) 18:58, 10 April 2014 (UTC)

Sunrise over the sea.jpg This user believes that the meaning of life is to live a happy life.

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my Likes[edit]

Hello , I am Jjbernardiscool . I like Wikipedia.

Doctor Who[edit]


For 50 years now,Doctor Who has captured our imagination and it has captured mine too (especially the original run (An Unearthly Child to Survival)). My top 10 old who serials are:


  1. The Five Doctors
  2. Survival
  3. The Edge Of Destruction
  4. Spearhead From Space
  5. Pyramids Of Mars
  6. Earthshock
  7. Rememberance of the Daleks
  8. The Two Doctors
  9. Snakedance
  10. An Unearthly Child

Least but still liked.


Zoobs are a very amazing toy system.You can make many things including:

and of course lots of other things.Also, you can make something that is not in the guides.

The Normal guides are:

  1. 15
  2. 20
  3. 35
  4. 55
  5. 75
  6. 125
  7. 250
  8. 500 A
  9. 500 B

but you can get guides with other pieces (e.g wheels).

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid[edit]

There Are 8 main story books in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series. In order, they are:

  1. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
  2. Rodrick Rules
  3. The Last Straw
  4. Dog Days
  5. The Ugly Truth
  6. Cabin Fever
  7. The Third Wheel
  8. Hard Luck


SimCity is a city-building simulation video game by Maxis and later assisted by Electronic Arts. The main games in the series are:

Formulae of shapes[edit]



shapes one[edit]
  • circles + henagons + digons = π × d
  • ovals + quadrilaterals + triangles + any other shapes = add up sides length


shapes 1[edit]
  • circles + henagons + digons = π × r2
  • oval = ​12 of l × ​12 of s × π
  • triangle ( any ) = b × h ÷ 2
  • square + rhombus = s2
  • rectangle + parallelogram = a × b
  • triangle ( right-angled only ) = a × b ÷ 2
  • trapezium = l + s × w ÷ 2


surface area[edit]

  • cube = s2 × 6
  • cuboid = a × b × 6


  • sphere = 4 × π × r cubed
  • cube = s3
  • cuboid = a × b × c





the seven ages of starlight[edit]

small stars[edit]

  1. birth
  2. adulthood
  3. red giant
  4. white dwarf
  5. black dwarf

medium stars[edit]

  1. birth
  2. adulthood
  3. red supergiant
  4. supernovae
  5. neutron star / pulsar / magnetar

big stars[edit]

  1. birth
  2. adulthood
  3. red supergiant
  4. supernovae
  5. black hole




  1. 0.125
  2. 0.25
  3. 0.5
  4. 1
  5. 2
  6. 4
  7. 8
  8. 16
  9. 32
  10. 64
  11. 128
  12. 256
  13. 512
  14. 1024
  15. 2048
  16. 4096
  17. 8192
  18. 16384
  19. 32768


  1. 0.0000001
  2. 0.000001
  3. 0.00001
  4. 0.0001
  5. 0.001
  6. 0.01
  7. 0.1
  8. 1
  9. 10
  10. 100
  11. 1000
  12. 10000
  13. 100000
  14. 1000000
  15. 10000000

not normal[edit]

Whole numbers[edit]

  1. 0.25
  2. 1
  3. 4
  4. 16
  5. 64
  6. 256
  7. 1024
  8. 4096
  9. 16384
  1. 0.2
  2. 1
  3. 5
  4. 25
  5. 125
  6. 625
  1. 0.0625
  2. 1
  3. 16
  4. 256
  5. 4096
  6. 65536
  7. 1048576

irrational numbers[edit]

  1. 1.1412135623731...
  2. 2
  3. 32
  4. 512
  5. 8192
  6. 131072

  1. 1.732055080756888...
  2. 3
  3. 48
  4. 768
  5. 12288
  6. 196608

  1. 2.71828182845904...
  2. 7.38...
  1. 3.14159265...

number sequences[edit]

triangular numbers[edit]

fibbonacci numbers[edit]

powers of two[edit]

powers of 10[edit]


my code[edit]

my code , A becomes å , å becomes Å , Å becomes a , a becomes A .

IF ∏ × R2 + A THEN WHAT DOES E × ∏ +÷

Imaginary aircraft crashes[edit]


.J.J. International Airways .J.J.Land Mountain Mid-air collision[edit]

.J.J. Mountain Mid-Air Collision
.J.J.International Airways Flight 2 · .J.J.International Airways Flight 4
Accident summary
Site .J.J. Mountain
Total fatalities 974 (All)
Total injuries (non-fatal) 0
Total survivors 0
First aircraft
Type Boeing 777–300
Operator .J.J.International Airways
Flight origin .J.J. Airport
Destination New York John F. Kennedy Airport
Passengers 550
Crew 12
Fatalities 562(550 passengers, 12 crew) (All)
Injuries (non-fatal) 0
Survivors 0
Second aircraft
Type Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10-30
Operator .J.J.International Airways
Flight origin Heathrow
Destination Beachworld Airport
Passengers 399
Crew 13
Fatalities 412 (all)

A Boeing 777 and a Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10 operating for my imaginary airline, .J.J. International Airways as flights 2 and 4, respectively, collided after flight 2 strayed off course.


Flight 2[edit]
A united 777 similar to the one involved

Flight 2 was from .J.J. Airport to New York JFK, and the Boeing 777-300 had 550 passengers, 5 flight attendants, and 2 cockpit crew on board. Flight 2 took off from .J.J. Airport's runway 1L, and would go over .J.J.Land, Britain, and The Atlantic Ocean, before arriving in New york JFK. Shortly after takeoff, the First Officer put on the Autopilot, and sat back, and relaxed. Unbeknown to them, the Autopilot was not working properly, and dropped 30,000 feet, meaning that they were only at 5,000 feet, as opposed to the 35,000 feet called for by the flight plan. The plane nearly flew into a cliff, because of the faulty Autopilot, and was nose pitched up at around 70 degrees. They also were banked 50 degrees to the right, so as to avoid colliding with a hill.

Flight 4[edit]

Flight 4 was a DC-10 going from Heathrow to beach world airport, another of three .J.J.Landian airports. There were 399 passengers, 10 flight attendants, and 3 cockpit crew on board. After an uneventful trip across the Atlantic, the pilots were told that they should descend to 5,100 feet, and keep an eye out for an ascending Boeing 777. Then the air traffic controller got distracted with flight 9, a Boeing 747 with 4 out of 4 engines flamed out. The DC-10 crossed a series of hills at an angle of 50 degrees and went toward the 777...


The two planes collided at 10:14:36, and the 777 sliced off the DC-10's number 3 engine/right engine, cartwheeled over the fuselage and sliced off the left side vertical stabiliser and crashed into the soft mountain grass with hard stones at 10:14:59. For the DC-10, things were different...

As with American Airlines Flight 191, when an engine falls off, that wing enters an aerodynamic stall, whereas the other wing will not. This plane was no different. Because of the right wing stalling, the plane lost altitude while rolling rapidly to the right. The captain used every drop of hydraulic fluid left in system's 1 ,2, and 3 to gain altitude. this gave him an extra 40,000 feet to descend with no hydraulics. Gradually, the plane broke apart under the stress. First, the tail came off, pushing the plane into an almost vertical dive, and taking number 2 engine with it. Next, the landing gear was deployed to try and slow the plane. It just fell off. Then the left engine came off, slowing the plane down. After that, the other vertical stabiliser broke free. Finally,the wings began to crumble away before the rest crashed into the field below at 10:17:56.


Investigations made by the .J.J.Land Flight Safety Board, or JFSB, concluded that the distraction of the controller ,and, the primitive primary radar at mountain ATC station, combined with a faulty TCAS, or traffic collision avoidance system, the fact it was under the cover of night, and the faulty autopilot on the 777 combined to make a deadly accident that could have been prevented.


.J.J. International airways paid a total of 97.4 million pounds to families, an average of £79,000 per family.

DC-10 .J.J. Airport Disaster[edit]

.J.J. International airways flight 191
American dc-10.jpg
An American Airlines DC-10 similar to the one involved in the accident.
Accident summary
Date June 12, 1972
Site Gardenworld airport
Passengers 211
Crew 9
Fatalities 199 (7 crew, 192 passengers)
Injuries (non-fatal) 12 (2 crew, 10 passengers)
Survivors 12
Aircraft type McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
Operator .J.J. International airways
Flight origin Gardenworld airport
Last stopover Stansted airport
Destination London Heathrow Airport

A DC-10 crashed after the pilot, on takeoff, broke the horizontal stabiliser and tumbled through a field, and over a road.


(Down the side please) ***

this picture is a form of wikilove and is an example picture of wikilove . if you are planning on sending any wikilove to anyone and you want to use the trophy , then either copy-paste trophy.png or remember it and type it in .
I love Prussian blue. I love it's darkness, but yet it seems like a playful blue to me.
i like this picture because of my fascination with the stars and i like this picture because it reminds me of horizon:seeing stars . someday , i wish that i could be doing that .
i like this picture because of my fascination with maths . i also like this picture because of it's links to 3-d shapes . also , the numbers double each time , and , in binary , you get a new coulum every time you get to a new power of two .
i like this picture because it is the powers and the base columns of the numerical system we use everyday , base 10 , and is really helpful when you count . π's first 9 digit's in base 10 are 3.14159265 ( how ( 3 ) I ( 1 ) wish ( 4 ) i ( 1 ) could ( 5 ) calculate ( 9 ) pi ( 2 ) doctor ( 6 ) james / jones ( 5 )).
3.1415926535897932384626433....................,π is an irrational number ,calculated by C ÷ D = π . Just like most square roots,Pi is irrational and goes on forever in a non-repeating order
One of my favourite things in the world is aviation. The deadliest accident in aviation occurred at Los Rodeos airport (Now Tenerife North Airport), when Pan American flight 1736 and KLM flight 4085 collided on the single runway. 583 people were killed, and 61 more were injured, in the Tenerife Airport Disaster.
6x10=2339,5x12=1010,4x15=368,3x20=2. Series,domino,triomino,tetromino,pentomino, hexomino,heptomino,octomino,nonomino.Yes, i know,this isn't much to look at but i find it fascinating.The calculation to work out the number is y × fx = z,x is no. of squares,z is answer.
Just imagine Mercury compared to VY Canis Majoris!This picture describes how big some astronomical objects are,and compares them.Now you think about how big you would be compared to VY Canis Majoris.
As I said, Iike the London Underground. This picture is of a district line (green) train at Earls Court.
Period, block, element, the periodic table.The periodic table is a way of categorising the elements,that i love and like to bits.
As I said, I love aviation. And I love the looks of the Boeing 747. It is one of the most distinctive airplanes because of the hump at the front.

Templates that most describe my likes[edit]