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Mie bakso

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Mie bakso
A bowl of mie bakso
Alternative namesMi bakso, mee bakso, bakso mee
CourseMain course (lunch)
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateNationwide in Indonesia, also popular in neighboring Southeast Asian countries
Created byChinese Indonesians, Javanese and Malays
Serving temperatureHot

Mie bakso is an Indonesian noodle soup dish consists of bakso meatballs served with yellow noodles and rice vermicelli. This dish is well known in Chinese Indonesian, Javanese and Malay cuisine. Mie bakso is almost identical with soto mie, only this dish has meatball instead of slices of chicken meat.

Mie bakso can be found all across Indonesia, from street vendors to high-class restaurants. Along with soto, satay and siomay, mie bakso is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia.[1]


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