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Articles in Category:Botanists with author abbreviations that are not linked to by List of botanists by author abbreviation[edit]

Articles linked to by List of botanists by author abbreviation that are not in Category:Botanists with author abbreviations[edit]

IPNI names versus Wikipedia names[edit]

This is a list of IPNI and Wikipedia names collated by standard abbreviation. Only names that appear in List of botanists by author abbreviation are listed here: if every name in IPNI was listed, this list would be over 50,000 lines long, and a sea of redlinks. Note, though, that names that appear in List of botanists by author abbreviation are included even if they are redlinks.

The first column is the standard abbreviation as it appears at List of botanists by author abbreviation, but cast as a link. If we have an article on the botanist, then this abbreviation should be a blue-link—it should be a redirect to the botanist, or a disambiguation page which mentions the botanist, or an article with a hatnote that allows navigation to the botanist article.

The second column is the full name that IPNI lists under the standard abbreviation, again cast as a link. If we have an article on the botanist, then the IPNI name should be a blue-link—to the article itself, a redirect, a dab page, etc—unless the IPNI name is obviously stupid e.g. "Alexander Karl (Carl) Heinrich Braun". IPNI actually stores the given name and surname separately, and I have manually appended them together. In cultures when the surname precedes the given name (e.g. Chinese), I will have gotten the order wrong.

If the IPNI field is empty, that suggests that the standard abbreviation we are using is incorrect. However, note that the easiest way to scrape the IPNI data is with a wildcard query, and IPNI doesn't support leading wildcards, so I scraped the data by collating the results of queries for "A*", "B*", "C*", etcetera. So if any standard abbreviations start with a non-Latin character, then I might have failed to pull their records out of IPNI, depending on whether IPNI is clever enough to match non-Latin results to a Latin query.

The third column is the target of the author link in List of botanists by author abbreviation.

The fourth column gives hints as to the status of the row.

Abbreviation IPNI says Wikipedia says Status
A.A.Eaton Alvah Augustus Eaton Alvah Augustus Eaton Target mismatch
A.B.Jacks. (redirects to Albert Bruce Jackson) Albert Bruce Jackson Albert Bruce Jackson Green tickY
A.Bassi (redirects to Agostino Bassi) Agostino Bassi Agostino Bassi Green tickY
A.Berger (redirects to Alwin Berger) Alwin Berger Alwin Berger Green tickY
A.Br. (redirects to Addison Brown) Addison Brown Addison Brown Green tickY
A.Braun (redirects to Alexander Braun) Alexander Karl (Carl) Heinrich Braun Alexander Karl Heinrich Braun (redirects to Alexander Braun) Target mismatch
A.C.Sm. (redirects to Albert Charles Smith) Albert Charles Smith Albert Charles Smith Green tickY
A.Camus (redirects to Aimée Antoinette Camus) Aimée Antoinette Camus Aimée Antoinette Camus Green tickY
A.Chev. (redirects to Auguste Jean Baptiste Chevalier) Auguste Jean Baptiste Chevalier Auguste Jean Baptiste Chevalier Green tickY
A.Cunn. (redirects to Allan Cunningham (botanist)) Allan Cunningham Allan Cunningham (botanist) Target mismatch
A.DC. (redirects to Alphonse Pyramus de Candolle) Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de Candolle (redirects to Alphonse Pyramus de Candolle) Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyrame de Candolle (redirects to Alphonse Pyramus de Candolle) Green tickY
A.Dietr. (redirects to Albert Gottfried Dietrich) Albert Gottfried Dietrich Albert Gottfried Dietrich Green tickY
A.E.van Wyk (redirects to Abraham Erasmus van Wyk) Abraham Erasmus Van Wyk (redirects to Abraham Erasmus van Wyk) Abraham Erasmus Braam van Wyk (redirects to Abraham Erasmus van Wyk) Green tickY
A.G.Floyd (redirects to Alexander Floyd) Alexander G. Floyd (redirects to Alexander Floyd) Alexander G. Floyd (redirects to Alexander Floyd) Green tickY
A.G.Jones Almut Gitter Jones Almut Gutter Jones Target mismatch
A.G.Mill. Anthony G. Miller Anthony G. Miller Target mismatch
A.Gibson (redirects to Alexander Gibson (botanist)) Alexander Gibson Alexander Gibson (botanist) Target mismatch
A.Gray (redirects to Asa Gray) Asa Gray Asa Gray Green tickY
A.H.Gentry Alwyn Howard Gentry Alwyn Howard Gentry Target mismatch
A.H.Holmgren Arthur Hermann Holmgren Arthur Hermann Holmgren Target mismatch
A.Ham. Arthur Hamilton Arthur Hamilton Target mismatch
A.Heller (redirects to Amos Arthur Heller) Amos Arthur Heller Amos Arthur Heller Green tickY
A.Hässl. Arne Hässler Arne Hässler Target mismatch
A.J.Eames Arthur Johnson Eames Arthur Johnson Eames Target mismatch
A.J.Hill Albert Joseph Hill Albert Joseph Hill Target mismatch
A.Juss. (redirects to Adrien-Henri de Jussieu) Adrien Henri Laurent de Jussieu (redirects to Adrien-Henri de Jussieu) Adrien-Henri de Jussieu Green tickY
A.K.Skvortsov (redirects to Alexey Skvortsov) Alexei Konstantinovich Skvortsov (redirects to Alexey Skvortsov) Alexey Skvortsov Green tickY
A.L.Sm. (redirects to Annie Lorrain Smith) Annie Lorrain Smith Annie Lorrain Smith Green tickY
Á.Löve Áskell Löve Áskell Löve Target mismatch
A.M.Sm. (redirects to Annie Morrill Smith) Annie Elizabeth Morrill Smith Annie Morrill Smith Target mismatch
A.R.Clapham (redirects to Arthur Roy Clapham) Arthur Roy Clapham Arthur Roy Clapham Green tickY
A.Rich. (redirects to Achille Richard) Achille Richard Achille Richard Green tickY
A.Robyns André Georges Marie Walter Albert Robyns Andre Georges Marie Walter Albert Robyns Target mismatch
A.S.George (redirects to Alex George) Alexander Segger George Alex George Target mismatch
A.Sinclair Andrew Sinclair Andrew Sinclair, botanist Target mismatch
A.Soriano Alberto Soriano Alberto Soriano Target mismatch
A.St.-Hil. (redirects to Augustin Saint-Hilaire) Auguste François César Prouvençal de Saint-Hilaire (redirects to Augustin Saint-Hilaire) Augustin Saint-Hilaire Green tickY
A.Stahl (redirects to Agustín Stahl) Augustin Stahl Agustín Stahl Target mismatch
A.Thouars (redirects to Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars) Abel Aubert du Petit- Thouars Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars Target mismatch
A.W.Hill Arthur William Hill Artjur William Hill Target mismatch
A.W.Howitt (redirects to Alfred William Howitt) Alfred William Howitt Alfred William Howitt Green tickY
Aarons. (redirects to Aaron Aaronsohn) Aaron Aaronsohn Aaron Aaronsohn Green tickY
Abbayes Henri Robert Nicollon des Abbayes Henry Nicollon des Abbayes Target mismatch
Abbot John Abbot (redirects to John Abbott (disambiguation)) John Abbot (entomologist) Target mismatch
Abedin Sultanul Abedin Sultanul Abedin Target mismatch
Acerbi (redirects to Giuseppe Acerbi) - Giuseppe Acerbi No IPNI record
Ach. (redirects to Erik Acharius) Erik Acharius Erik Acharius Green tickY
Acuña Julián Baldomero Acuña Galé Julián Acuña Galé Target mismatch
Adams Johannes Michael Friedrich Adams Johann Friedrich Adam Target mismatch
Adans. (redirects to Michel Adanson) Michel Adanson Michel Adanson Green tickY
Aellen Paul Aellen Paul Aellen Target mismatch
Afzel. (redirects to Adam Afzelius) Adam Afzelius Adam Afzelius Green tickY
Ahmadjian (redirects to Vernon Ahmadjian) Vernon Ahmadjian Vernon Ahmadjian Green tickY
Airy Shaw (redirects to Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw) Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw Green tickY
Aiton William Aiton William Aiton Target mismatch
Akhani Hossein Akhani Hossein Akhani Target mismatch
Al-Shehbaz (redirects to Ihsan Ali Al-Shehbaz) Ihsan Ali Al-Shehbaz Ihsan Ali Al-Shehbaz Green tickY
Al.Brongn. (redirects to Alexandre Brongniart) Alexandre Brongniart Alexandre Brongniart Green tickY
Alb. (redirects to Johannes Baptista von Albertini) Johannes Baptista von Albertini Johannes Baptista von Albertini Green tickY
Alef. (redirects to Friedrich Alefeld) Friedrich Georg Christoph Alefeld (redirects to Friedrich Alefeld) Friedrich Georg Christoph Alefeld (redirects to Friedrich Alefeld) Green tickY
Alexander Edward Johnston Alexander Edward Johnston Alexander Target mismatch
All. (redirects to Carlo Allioni) Carlo Allioni Carlo Allioni Green tickY
Allemão (redirects to Francisco Freire Allemão e Cysneiro) Francisco Freire Allemão e Cysneiro Francisco Freire Allemão e Cysneiro Green tickY
Allred Kelly W. Allred Kelly Allred Target mismatch
Alph.Wood Alphonso Wood Alphonso Wood Target mismatch
Alpino Prospero Alpinio Prospero Alpino (redirects to Prospero Alpini) Target mismatch
Altam. (redirects to Fernando Altamirano) Fernando Altamirano Fernando Altamirano Green tickY
Ames Oakes Ames Oakes Ames (botanist) Target mismatch
Amman Johann Amman Johann Amman Target mismatch
Andersson (redirects to Anderson) Nils Johan Andersson Nils Johan Andersson Target mismatch
Andrews Henry Charles Andrews Henry Charles Andrews Target mismatch
Andronov Nikolaĭ Matveevich Andronov Nicolai Matveevich Andronov Target mismatch
Andrz. Antoni Lukianowicz Andrzejowski Antoni Lukianowicz Andrzejowski Target mismatch
Ant.Juss. (redirects to Antoine de Jussieu) Antoine de Jussieu Antoine de Jussieu Green tickY
Ant.Molina (redirects to José Antonio Molina Rosito) Antonio Molina José Antonio Molina Rosito Target mismatch
Antoine Franz Antoine Franz Antoine Target mismatch
Arcang. (redirects to Giovanni Arcangeli) Giovanni Arcangeli Giovanni Arcangeli Green tickY
Ard. Pietro Arduino Pietro Arduino Target mismatch
Aresch. (redirects to Johan Erhard Areschoug) John Erhard Areschoug Johan Erhard Areschoug Target mismatch
Arn. (redirects to George Arnott Walker-Arnott) George Arnott Walker Arnott (redirects to George Arnott Walker-Arnott) George Arnott Walker Arnott (redirects to George Arnott Walker-Arnott) Green tickY
Arruda Manoel Arruda da Cámara Manoel Arruda da Cámara Target mismatch
Arráb. D.Francisco Antonio de Arrábida D. Francisco Antonio de Arrábida Target mismatch
Art.Mey. Arthur Meyer Arthur Meyer (botanist) Target mismatch
Arthur Joseph Charles Arthur Joseph Charles Arthur Target mismatch
Asch. (redirects to Paul Friedrich August Ascherson) Paul Friedrich August Ascherson Paul Friedrich August Ascherson Green tickY
Ashe William Willard Ashe William Willard Ashe Target mismatch
Aubl. (redirects to Jean Baptiste Christophore Fusée Aublet) Jean Baptiste Christophore Fusée Aublet Jean Baptiste Christophore Fusée Aublet Green tickY
Aubriet (redirects to Claude Aubriet) Claude Aubriet Claude Aubriet Green tickY
Aucher (redirects to Pierre Martin Rémi Aucher-Éloy) Pierre Martin Rémi Aucher-Eloy Pierre Martin Rémi Aucher-Éloy Target mismatch
Audib. Urbain Audibert Urbain Audibert Target mismatch
Austin (redirects to Austin, Texas) Coe Finch Austin Coe Finch Austin Target mismatch
Avé-Lall. (redirects to Julius Léopold Eduard Avé-Lallemant) Julius Léopold Edouard Avé-Lallemant Julius Léopold Eduard Avé-Lallemant Target mismatch
Axelrod Daniel Isaac Axelrod (redirects to Daniel I. Axelrod) Daniel I. Axelrod Target mismatch
B.Boivin Joseph Robert Bernard Boivin Joseph Robert Bernard Boivin Target mismatch
B.D.Jacks. Benjamin Daydon Jackson Benjamin Daydon Jackson Target mismatch
B.F.Holmgren Bjorn Frithiofsson Holmgren Bjorn Frithiofsson Holmgren Target mismatch
B.G.Schub. Bernice Giduz Schubert Bernice Giduz Schubert Target mismatch
B.Juss. (redirects to Bernard de Jussieu) Bernard de Jussieu Bernard de Jussieu Green tickY
B.L.Rob. Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Target mismatch
B.L.Turner Billie Lee Turner (redirects to Billie Lee Turner II) Billie Lee Turner (redirects to Billie Lee Turner II) Target mismatch
B.Nord. (redirects to Bertil Nordenstam) Rune Bertil Nordenstam (redirects to Bertil Nordenstam) Bertil Nordenstam Green tickY
Backeb. (redirects to Curt Backeberg) Curt Backeberg Curt Backeberg Green tickY
Baill. (redirects to Henri Ernest Baillon) Henri Ernest Baillon Henri Ernest Baillon Green tickY
Baillon (redirects to Henri Ernest Baillon) - Louis Antoine Francois Baillon (redirects to Louis Antoine François Baillon) No IPNI record
Baker John Gilbert Baker John Gilbert Baker Target mismatch
Baker f. Edmund Gilbert Baker Edmund Gilbert Baker Target mismatch
Balb. Giovanni-Battista Balbis Gioanni Battista Balbis Target mismatch
Baldwin William Baldwin William Baldwin (botanist) Target mismatch
Balf. (redirects to John Hutton Balfour) John Hutton Balfour John Hutton Balfour Green tickY
Balf.f. (redirects to Isaac Bayley Balfour) Isaac Bayley Balfour Isaac Bayley Balfour Green tickY
Bals.-Criv. (redirects to Giuseppe Gabriel Balsamo-Crivelli) Giuseppe Gabriel Balsamo-Crivelli Giuseppe Gabriel Balsamo-Crivelli Green tickY
Banks Joseph Banks Joseph Banks Target mismatch
Barb.Rodr. (redirects to João Barbosa Rodrigues) João Barbosa Rodrigues João Barbosa Rodrigues Green tickY
Bard.-Vauc. Martine Bardot-Vaucoulon Martine Bardot-Vaucoulon Target mismatch
Barkworth Mary Elizabeth Barkworth Mary Barkworth Target mismatch
Barneby (redirects to Rupert Charles Barneby) Rupert Charles Barneby Rupert Charles Barneby Green tickY
Barnhart John Hendley Barnhart John Hendley Barnhart Target mismatch
Barr Peter Barr Peter Barr Target mismatch
Barratt Joseph Barratt Joseph Barratt Target mismatch
Barroso Liberato Joaquim Barroso Liberato Joaquim Barroso Target mismatch
Bartal. Biagio Bartalini Biagio Bartalini Target mismatch
Bartl. (redirects to Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling) Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling Green tickY
Bartlett Harley Harris Bartlett Harley Harris Bartlett Target mismatch
Barton Benjamin Smith Barton Benjamin Smith Barton Target mismatch
Bartram John Bartram John Bartram Target mismatch
Bates John Mallory Bates Vernon M. Bates Target mismatch
Batsch (redirects to August Batsch) August Johann Georg Karl Batsch August Batsch Target mismatch
Batt. Jules Aimé Battandier Jules Aimé Battandier Target mismatch
Baumg. Johann Christian Gottlob Baumgarten Johann Christian Gottlob Baumgarten Target mismatch
Beadle Chauncey Delos Beadle (redirects to Chauncey Beadle) Chauncey Delos Beadle (redirects to Chauncey Beadle) Target mismatch
Bean William Jackson Bean William Jackson Bean Target mismatch
Bebb Michael Schuck Bebb Michael Schuck Bebb Target mismatch
Becc. (redirects to Odoardo Beccari) Odoardo Beccari Odoardo Beccari Green tickY
Beck Günther von Mannagetta und Lërchenau Beck Günther von Mannagetta und Lërchenau Beck Target mismatch
Becker Johannes Becker Johannes Becker Target mismatch
Bedd. (redirects to Richard Henry Beddome) Richard Henry Beddome Richard Henry Beddome Green tickY
Beetle Alan Ackerman Beetle Alan Ackerman Beetle Target mismatch
Beissn. Ludwig Beissner Ludwig Beissner Target mismatch
Beitel Joseph M. Beitel Joseph M. Beitel Target mismatch
Bellardi Carlo Antonio Lodovico Bellardi Carlo Antonio Lodovico Target mismatch
Belosersky R.N. Belosersky R. N. Belosersky Target mismatch
Benj. (redirects to Ludwig Benjamin) Ludwig Benjamin Ludwig Benjamin Green tickY
Benn. (redirects to John Joseph Bennett) John (Johannes) Joseph Bennett John Joseph Bennett Target mismatch
Benth. (redirects to George Bentham) George Bentham George Bentham Green tickY
Bentley Robert Bentley Robert Bentley Target mismatch
Bercht. (redirects to Friedrich von Berchtold) Bedřich (Friedrich) Všemír (Wssemjr) von Berchtold Friedrich von Berchtold Target mismatch
Berg Ernst von Berg Ernst von Berg Target mismatch
Berger Ernst Friedrich Berger Ernst Friedrich Berger Target mismatch
Bergey David Hendricks Bergey David Hendricks Bergey Target mismatch
Berggr. (redirects to Sven Berggren) Sven Berggren Sven Berggren Green tickY
Berk. (redirects to Miles Joseph Berkeley) Miles Joseph Berkeley Miles Joseph Berkeley Green tickY
Berkhout Christine Marie Berkhout Christine Marie Berkhout Target mismatch
Bernh. (redirects to Johann Jakob Bernhardi) Johann Jakob Bernhardi Johann Jacob Bernhardi Target mismatch
Berthel. Sabin Berthelot Sabin Berthelot Target mismatch
Bertol. (redirects to Antonio Bertoloni) Antonio Bertoloni Antonio Bertoloni Green tickY
Besser Wilibald Swibert Joseph Gottlieb von Besser Wilibald Swibert Joseph Gottlieb von Besser Target mismatch
Bessey Charles Edwin Bessey Charles Edwin Bessey Target mismatch
Bews John William Bews John William Bews Target mismatch
Beyr. Heinrich Karl Beyrich Heinrich Karl Beyrich Target mismatch
Biehler Johann Friedrich Theodor Biehler Johann Friedrich Theodor Biehler Target mismatch
Bigelow Jacob Bigelow Jacob Bigelow Target mismatch
Binn. Simon Binnendijk Simon Binnendijk Target mismatch
Biv. Antonius de Bivona-Bernardi Antonius de Bivoni-Bernardi Target mismatch
Blake Joseph Blake Joseph Blake Target mismatch
Blakelock Ralph Anthony Blakelock Ralph Anthony Blakelock Target mismatch
Blanch. William Henry Blanchard William Henry Blanchard Target mismatch
Blanco Francisco Manuel Blanco Francisco Manuel Blanco Target mismatch
Blasdell (redirects to Blasdell, New York) Robert Ferris Blasdell Robert Ferris Blasdell Target mismatch
Blomq. Sven Gustaf Krister Gustafson Blomquist Hugo Leander Blomquist Target mismatch
Bluff Mathias Joseph Bluff Mathias Joseph Bluff Target mismatch
Blume Carl(Karl) Ludwig von Blume (redirects to Carl Ludwig Blume) Carl Ludwig Blume Target mismatch
Boeck Christian Peter Bianco Boeck Johann Otto Boeckeler Target mismatch
Boehm. Georg Rudolf Boehmer Georg Rudolf Boehmer Target mismatch
Boiss. (redirects to Pierre Edmond Boissier) Pierre Edmond Boissier Pierre Edmond Boissier Green tickY
Boiteau Pierre L. Boiteau Pierre L. Boiteau Target mismatch
Bolle Carl (Karl) August Bolle Carl Bolle Target mismatch
Bong. (redirects to August Gustav Heinrich von Bongard) August Gustav Heinrich von Bongard August Gustav Heinrich von Bongard Green tickY
Bonpl. (redirects to Aimé Bonpland) Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland (redirects to Aimé Bonpland) Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland (redirects to Aimé Bonpland) Green tickY
Boom Boudewijn Karel Boom Boudewijn Karel Boom Target mismatch
Boott Francis M.B. Boott Francis Boott Target mismatch
Borbás Vincze (Vincent, Vince) von Borbás Vinczé von Borbás Target mismatch
Boreau Alexandre Boreau Alexandre Boreau Target mismatch
Borhidi Attila L. Borhidi Atilla Borhidi Target mismatch
Boriss. (redirects to Antonina Borissova) Antonina Georgievna Borissova (redirects to Antonina Borissova) Antonina Georgievna Borissova (redirects to Antonina Borissova) Green tickY
Borkh. (redirects to Moritz Balthasar Borkhausen) Moritz (Moriz) Balthasar Borkhausen Moritz Balthasar Borkhausen Target mismatch
Bornm. Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus Bornmüller Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus Bornmüller Target mismatch
Borrer William J. Borrer William Borrer Target mismatch
Borsch (redirects to Borscht) Thomas Borsch Thomas Borsch Target mismatch
Borss.Waalk. Jan van Borssum Waalkes Jan van Borssum Waalkes Target mismatch
Bory Jean Baptiste Geneviève Marcellin Bory Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent Target mismatch
Borzí Antonino Borzí Antonino Borzí Target mismatch
Bos Jan Justus Bos (redirects to Jan Just Bos) Jan Just Bos Target mismatch
Bosc Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc Target mismatch
Boucher Jules Armand Guillaume Boucher de Crèvecoeur Jules Armand Guillaume Boucher de Crèvecœur Target mismatch
Boud. (redirects to Jean Louis Émile Boudier) Jean Louis Émile Boudier Jean Louis Émile Boudier Green tickY
Boulger George Edward Simmonds Boulger George Edward Simmonds Boulger Target mismatch
Brack. William Dunlop Brackenridge Willian Dunlop Brackenridge Target mismatch
Brainerd Ezra Brainerd Ezra Brainerd Target mismatch
Brandegee Townshend Stith Brandegee Townshend Stith Brandegee Target mismatch
Brandenburg David M. Brandenburg D. M. Brandenburg Target mismatch
Brandis (redirects to Brandis, Germany) Dietrich Brandis Dietrich Brandis Target mismatch
Brandão Mitzi Brandão Mitzi Brandão Target mismatch
Branner John C. Branner (redirects to John Casper Branner) John C. Branner (redirects to John Casper Branner) Target mismatch
Bremek. Cornelis Eliza Bertus Bremekamp Cornelis Eliza Bertus Bremekamp Target mismatch
Brenan (redirects to Gerald Brenan) John Patrick Micklethwait Brenan John Patrick Micklethwait Brenan Target mismatch
Brenckle Jacob Frederic(k) Brenckle Jacob Frederic Brenckle Target mismatch
Bright John Bright John Bright (botanist) Target mismatch
Briq. (redirects to John Isaac Briquet) John Isaac Briquet John Isaac Briquet Green tickY
Britten (redirects to Benjamin Britten) James Britten James Britten Target mismatch
Britton Nathaniel Lord Britton Nathaniel Lord Britton Target mismatch
Bromhead Edward Ffrench Bromhead (redirects to Edward Bromhead) Edward Ffrench Bromhead (redirects to Edward Bromhead) Target mismatch
Brongn. (redirects to Adolphe-Théodore Brongniart) Adolphe Théodore (de) Brongniart Adolphe Theodore Brongniart (redirects to Adolphe-Théodore Brongniart) Target mismatch
Brooker Murray Ian Hill Brooker (redirects to Ian Brooker) Ian Brooker Target mismatch
Brooks Cecil Joslin Brooks Ralph Edward Brooks Target mismatch
Broome Christopher Edmund Broome Christopher Edmund Broome Target mismatch
Brot. Felix de (Silva) Avellar Brotero Felix de Silva Avellar Brotero Target mismatch
Brouillet Luc Brouillet Luc Brouillet Target mismatch
Brouss. Pierre Marie Auguste Broussonet Pierre Marie Auguste Broussonet Target mismatch
Browicz Kasimierz Browicz Kasimierz Browicz Target mismatch
Bruijn Ary Johannes de Bruijn Ary Johannes De Bruijn Target mismatch
Brummitt Richard Kenneth Brummitt Richard Kenneth Brummitt Target mismatch
Brunet Louis Ovide Brunet Louis-Ovide Brunet Target mismatch
Bruyns Peter Vincent Bruyns Peter Vincent Bruyns Target mismatch
Buch.-Ham. (redirects to Francis Buchanan-Hamilton) Francis Buchanan-Hamilton Francis Buchanan-Hamilton Green tickY
Buchenau Franz Georg Philipp Buchenau Franz Georg Philipp Buchenau Target mismatch
Buckland William Buckland William Buckland Target mismatch
Buckley Samuel Botsford Buckley Samuel Botsford Buckley Target mismatch
Buddle (redirects to Ore dressing) Adam Buddle Adam Buddle Target mismatch
Bunge Alexander Andrejewitsch (Aleksandr Andreevic, Aleksandrovic) von Bunge Alexander Andrejewitsch von Bunge (redirects to Alexander Bunge) Target mismatch
Burb. Frederick William Thomas Burbidge (redirects to Frederick William Burbidge) Frederick William Burbidge Target mismatch
Burbank Luther Burbank Luther Burbank Target mismatch
Burch. (redirects to William John Burchell) William John Burchell William John Burchell Green tickY
Burdet Hervé Maurice Burdet Hervé Maurice Burdet Target mismatch
Bureau Louis Édouard Bureau Louis Édouard Bureau Target mismatch
Burgess Henry W. Burgess Edward Sandford Burgess Target mismatch
Burm. (redirects to Johannes Burman) Johannes Burman Johannes Burman Green tickY
Burm.f. (redirects to Nicolaas Laurens Burman) Nicolaas Laurens (Nicolaus Laurent) Burman Nicolaas Laurens Burman Target mismatch
Burnat (redirects to Émile Burnat) Émile Burnat Émile Burnat Green tickY
Burret (Maximilian) Karl Ewald Burret Max Burret Target mismatch
Burrill Thomas Jonathan Burrill Thomas Jonathan Burrill Target mismatch
Bush Benjamin Franklin Bush Benjamin Franklin Bush Target mismatch
Buxb. (redirects to Franz Buxbaum) Franz Buxbaum Franz Buxbaum Green tickY
Bég. Augusto Béguinot Augusto Béguinot Target mismatch
Böcher Tyge Wittrock Böcher (redirects to Tyge W. Böcher) Tyge W. Böcher Target mismatch
Börner (redirects to Carl Julius Bernhard Börner) Carl (Karl) Julius Bernhard Börner Carl Julius Bernhard Börner Target mismatch
C.A.Clark Carolyn A. Clark Carolyn A. Clark Target mismatch
C.A.Gardner (redirects to Charles Austin Gardner) Charles Austin Gardner Charles Austin Gardner Green tickY
C.A.Mey. (redirects to Carl Anton von Meyer) Carl Anton (Andreevič) von Meyer Carl Anton von Meyer Target mismatch
C.A.Sm. (redirects to Christo Albertyn Smith) Christo Albertyn Smith Christo Albertyn Smith Green tickY
C.Abel (redirects to Clarke Abel) Clarke Abel Clarke Abel Green tickY
C.Agardh (redirects to Carl Adolph Agardh) Carl Adolf Agardh (redirects to Carl Adolph Agardh) Carl Adolph Agardh Green tickY
C.B.Clarke (redirects to Charles Baron Clarke) Charles Baron Clarke Charles Baron Clarke Green tickY
C.B.Rob. Charles Budd Robinson Charles Budd Robinson Target mismatch
C.Bab. (redirects to Churchill Babington) Churchill Babington Churchill Babington Green tickY
C.Bauhin (redirects to Gaspard Bauhin) Caspar Bauhin (redirects to Gaspard Bauhin) Gaspard Bauhin Green tickY
C.C.Berg Cornelis Christiaan Berg Cornelis Christiaan Berg Target mismatch
C.C.Gmel. Carl (Karl) Christian Gmelin Carl Christian Gmelin Target mismatch
C.Chr. Carl Frederik Albert Christensen Carl Frederick Albert Christensen (redirects to Carl Christensen) Target mismatch
C.Clark James Curtis Clark Curtis Clark (botanist) Target mismatch
C.DC. (redirects to Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle) Anne Casimir Pyramus de Candolle (redirects to Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle) Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle Green tickY
C.E.Hubb. Charles Edward Hubbard Charles Edward Hubbard Target mismatch
C.F.Reed Clyde Franklin Reed Clyde Franklin Reed Target mismatch
C.K.Schneid. (redirects to Camillo Karl Schneider) Camillo Karl Schneider Camillo Karl Schneider Green tickY
C.L.Hitchc. Charles Leo Hitchcock Charles Leo Hitchcock Target mismatch
C.L.Woodw. Catherine L. Woodward Catherine L. Woodward Target mismatch
C.Mohr Charles Theodore (Karl Theodor) Mohr Charles Theodore Mohr (redirects to Charles Mohr) Target mismatch
C.Morren (redirects to Charles François Antoine Morren) Charles François Antoine Morren Charles François Antoine Morren Green tickY
C.N.Forbes (redirects to Charles Noyes Forbes) Charles Noyes Forbes Charles Noyes Forbes Green tickY
C.Nelson Cirilo Nelson Cirilo Nelson Target mismatch
C.P.Sm. Charles Piper Smith Charles Piper Smith Target mismatch
C.Presl (redirects to Carl Borivoj Presl) Carl (Karl, Carel, Carolus) Bořivoj (Boriwog, Boriwag) Presl Carl Borivoj Presl Target mismatch
C.R.Ball Carleton Roy Ball Carleton Roy Ball Target mismatch
C.R.Parks Clifford R. Parks Clifford R. Parks Target mismatch
C.Rivière Charles Marie Rivière Charles Marie Rivière Target mismatch
C.T.White Cyril Tenison White Cyril Tenison White Target mismatch
C.Tul. Charles Tulasne Charles Tulasne Target mismatch
C.V.Morton Conrad Vernon Morton Conrad Vernon Morton Target mismatch
C.Wright Charles(Carlos) Wright Charles Wright (botanist) Target mismatch
C.Y.Wang Chang Yong Wang Chang Yong Wang Target mismatch
Cabrera Angel Lulio Cabrera Angel Lulio Cabrera Target mismatch
Cajander Aimo Kaarlo Cajander (redirects to Aimo Cajander) Aimo Cajander Target mismatch
Calder James (Jim) Alexander Calder James Alexander Calder (botanist) Target mismatch
Caley (redirects to George Caley) George Caley George Caley Green tickY
Calzada Ismael Calzada Juan Ismael Calzada Target mismatch
Cambage Richard Hind Cambage Richard Hind Cambage Target mismatch
Cambess. (redirects to Jacques Cambessèdes) Jacques Cambessèdes Jacques Cambessèdes Green tickY
Camp Wendell Holmes Camp Wendell Holmes Camp Target mismatch
Campb. (redirects to Douglas Houghton Campbell) Douglas Houghton Campbell Douglas Houghton Campbell Green tickY
Canby William Marriott Canby William Marriott Canby Target mismatch
Capuron (redirects to René Paul Raymond Capuron) René Paul Raymond Capuron René Paul Raymond Capuron Green tickY
Caro José Aristida (Alfredo) Caro José Aristide Caro Target mismatch
Carrière Élie Abel Carrière Elie-Abel Carrière (redirects to Élie-Abel Carrière) Target mismatch
Carruth. William Carruthers (redirects to Will Carruthers) William Carruthers (botanist) Target mismatch
Carver George Washington Carver George Washington Carver Target mismatch
Casar. Giovanni Casaretto Giovanni Casaretto Target mismatch
Casp. Johann Xaver Robert Caspary Johann Xaver Robert Target mismatch
Cass. (redirects to Alexandre de Cassini) Alexandre Henri Gabriel de Cassini (redirects to Alexandre de Cassini) Alexandre Henri Gabriel de Cassini Target mismatch
Cav. (redirects to Antonio José Cavanilles) Antonio José(Joseph) Cavanilles Antonio José Cavanilles Target mismatch
Cavara Fridiano Cavara Fridiano Cavara Target mismatch
Čelak. Ladislav Josef Čelakovský Ladislav Josef Čelakovský Target mismatch
Cerv. (redirects to Vicente Cervantes) Vicente (Vincente) de Cervantes Vicente de Cervantes Target mismatch
Ces. Vincenzo de Cesati Vincenzo de Cesati Target mismatch
Cesalpino (redirects to Andrea Cesalpino) Andrea Cesalpino Andrea Cesalpino Green tickY
Chaix Dominique Chaix Dominique Chaix Target mismatch
Cham. (redirects to Adelbert von Chamisso) Ludolf Karl Adelbert von Chamisso (redirects to Adelbert von Chamisso) Adelbert von Chamisso Green tickY
Chapm. (redirects to Alvan Wentworth Chapman) Alvan(Alvin) Wentworth Chapman Alvan Wentworth Chapman Target mismatch
Chase Mary Agnes Chase Mary Agnes Chase Target mismatch
Chaub. Louis Athanase(Anastase) Chaubard Louis Athanase Chaubard Target mismatch
Chenault Léon Chenault Léon Chenault Target mismatch
Chiov. (redirects to Emilio Chiovenda) Emilio Chiovenda Emilio Chiovenda Green tickY
Chodat (redirects to Robert Hippolyte Chodat) Robert Hippolyte Chodat Robert Hippolyte Chodat Green tickY
Choisy Jacques Denys (Denis) Choisy Jacques Denys Choisy Target mismatch
Chopinet R.G. Chopinet R.G. Chopinet Target mismatch
Christian Hugh Basil Christian Hugh Basil Christian Target mismatch
Christoph. Erling Christophersen Erling Christophersen Target mismatch
Châtel. Jean Jacques Châtelain Jean Jacques Châtelain Target mismatch
Clairv. Joseph Philippe de Clairville Joseph Philippe de Clairville Target mismatch
Claus Karl Ernst Claus Karl Ernst Claus Target mismatch
Clus. (redirects to Carolus Clusius) Carolus Clusius Charles de l'Écluse Target mismatch
Clute Willard Nelson Clute Willard Nelson Clute Target mismatch
Cogn. (redirects to Alfred Cogniaux) Célestin Alfred Cogniaux Alfred Cogniaux Target mismatch
Colebr. (redirects to Henry Thomas Colebrooke) Henry Thomas Colebrooke Henry Thomas Colebrooke Green tickY
Colla Luigi(Aloysius) Colla Luigi Aloysius Colla Target mismatch
Collad. Louis Théodore Frederic Colladon Louis Théodore Frederic Colladon Target mismatch
Collett Henry Collett Henry Collett Target mismatch
Collinson Peter Collinson Peter Collinson (botanist) Target mismatch
Comm. (redirects to Philibert Commerçon) Philibert Commerson (redirects to Philibert Commerçon) Philibert Commerçon Green tickY
Conrad Solomon White Conrad Solomon White Conrad Target mismatch
Conran John Godfrey Conran John Godfrey Conran Target mismatch
Constance (redirects to Konstanz) Lincoln Constance Lincoln Constance Target mismatch
Cooke Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Target mismatch
Cookson Isabel Clifton Cookson Isabel Clifton Cookson Target mismatch
Cooperr. Tom Smith Cooperrider Tom Smith Cooperrider Target mismatch
Core Earl Lemley Core Earl Lemley Core Target mismatch
Corner Edred John Henry Corner (redirects to E. J. H. Corner) E. J. H. Corner Target mismatch
Correll (redirects to Correll, Minnesota) Donovan Stewart Correll Donovan Stewart Correll Target mismatch
Cortesi (redirects to Fabrizio Cortesi) Fabrizio Cortesi Fabrizio Cortesi Green tickY
Cory Victor Louis Cory Victor Louis Cory Target mismatch
Coss. Ernest Saint-Charles Cosson (redirects to Ernest Cosson) Ernest Saint-Charles Cosson (redirects to Ernest Cosson) Target mismatch
Cotton Arthur Disbrowe Cotton Arthur Disbrowe Cotton Target mismatch
Coult. (redirects to Thomas Coulter) Thomas Coulter Thomas Coulter Green tickY
Courtec. Régis Courtecuisse Régis Courtecuisse Target mismatch
Coville Frederick Vernon Coville Frederick Vernon Coville Target mismatch
Cranfill Raimond Cranfill Raimond Cranfill Target mismatch
Crantz (redirects to Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von Crantz) Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von Crantz Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von Crantz Green tickY
Crins William J. Crins William J. Crins Target mismatch
Croizat Léon Camille Marius Croizat Léon Camille Marius Croizat (redirects to Léon Croizat) Target mismatch
Cronquist Arthur John Cronquist (redirects to Arthur Cronquist) Arthur John Cronquist (redirects to Arthur Cronquist) Target mismatch
Crundw. Alan Cyril Crundwell Alan Crundwell Target mismatch
Crép. François Crépin Francois Crépin (redirects to François Crépin) Target mismatch
Cufod. Georg Cufodontis Georg Cufodontis Target mismatch
Curtis William Curtis William Curtis Target mismatch
Czern. Vassiliĭ Matveievitch Czernajew Vassilii Matveievitch Czernajew Target mismatch
D.A.Sutton David A. Sutton David A. Sutton Target mismatch
D.Arora - David Arora No IPNI record
D.C.Eaton Daniel Cady Eaton Daniel Cady Eaton Target mismatch
D.D.Keck (redirects to David D. Keck) David Daniels Keck David D. Keck Target mismatch
D.Dietr. David Nathaniel Friedrich Dietrich David Nathaniel Dietrich Target mismatch
D.Don (redirects to David Don) David Don David Don Green tickY
D.Fairchild (redirects to David Fairchild) D. Fairchild David Fairchild Target mismatch
D.H.Scott Dukinfield Henry Scott Dukinfield Henry Scott Target mismatch
D.Löve Doris Benta Maria Löve Doris Benta Maria Löve Target mismatch
D.Thomas David Thomas David Thomas Target mismatch
Dahl Andreas (Anders) Dahl Anders Dahl Target mismatch
Dahlst. Gustav Adolf Hugo Dahlstedt Gustav Adolf Hugo Dahlstedt Target mismatch
Dandy James Edgar Dandy James Edgar Dandy Target mismatch
Darl. William Darlington S.J.Darbyshire Target mismatch
Darwin Charles Robert Darwin (redirects to Charles Darwin) Charles Darwin Target mismatch
Daubs (redirects to Wattle and daub) Edwin Horace Daubs Edwin Horace Daubs Target mismatch
Daveau Jules Alexandre Daveau Jules Alexandre Daveau Target mismatch
Davenp. George Edward Davenport George Edward Davenport Target mismatch
Davey Frederick Hamilton Davey Frederick Hamilton Davey Target mismatch
David Armand David Armand David Target mismatch
DC. (redirects to Augustin Pyramus de Candolle) Augustin Pyramus de Candolle Augustin Pyramus de Candolle Green tickY
de Bary Heinrich Anton de Bary Anton de Bary (redirects to Heinrich Anton de Bary) Target mismatch
De Puydt (redirects to Paul Émile de Puydt) Emile De Puydt Paul Émile de Puydt Target mismatch
De Smet Louis De Smet Louis De Smet Target mismatch
De Vis Charles Walter De Vis Charles Walter De Vis Target mismatch
de Vos Cornelis de Vos Cornelis de Vos, botanist Target mismatch
de Vries Hugo de Vries Hugo de Vries Target mismatch
de Vriese Willem Hendrik de Vriese Willem Hendrik de Vriese Target mismatch
de Wet Johannes Martenis Jacob de Wet Johannes Martenis Jacob de Wet Target mismatch
De Wild. Émile Auguste(e) Joseph De Wildeman Émile Auguste Joseph De Wildeman Target mismatch
Decne. (redirects to Joseph Decaisne) Joseph Decaisne Joseph Decaisne Green tickY
Degen Árpád von Degen Àrpàd von Degen Target mismatch
Delahouss. A. James Delahoussaye A. James Delahoussaye Target mismatch
Delavay (redirects to Pierre Jean Marie Delavay) Pierre Jean Marie Delavay Pierre Jean Marie Delavay Green tickY
Deless. (redirects to Jules Paul Benjamin Delessert) Jules Paul Benjamin Delessert Jules Paul Benjamin Delessert Green tickY
Delile (redirects to Alire Raffeneau Delile) Alire Raffeneau Delile Alire Raffeneau Delile Green tickY
Denis Marcel Denis Marcel Denis Target mismatch
Desf. (redirects to René Louiche Desfontaines) René Louiche Desfontaines René Louiche Desfontaines Green tickY
Desr. Louis Auguste Joseph Desrousseaux Louis Auguste Joseph Desrousseaux Target mismatch
Desv. (redirects to Nicaise Auguste Desvaux) Nicaise Auguste Desvaux Nicaise Auguste Desvaux Green tickY
Dewey Chester Dewey Chester Dewey Target mismatch
Dieck Georg Dieck Georg Dieck Target mismatch
Diels Friedrich Ludwig Emil Diels (redirects to Ludwig Diels) Ludwig Diels Target mismatch
Dill. (redirects to Johann Jacob Dillenius) Johann Jacob Dillenius Johann Jacob Dillenius Green tickY
Dippel Leopold Dippel Leopold Dippel Target mismatch
Dode Louis-Albert Dode Louis-Albert Dode Target mismatch
Dodoens (redirects to Rembert Dodoens) Rembert Dodoens Rembert Dodoens Green tickY
Domke Friedrich Walter Domke Friedrich Walter Domke Target mismatch
Donn James Donn James Donn Target mismatch
Donn.Sm. John Donnell Smith John Donnell Smith Target mismatch
Door. Simon Gottfried Albert Doorenbos Simeon Gottfried Albert Doorenbos Target mismatch
Douglas David Douglas David Douglas Target mismatch
Doweld (redirects to List of botanists by author abbreviation) Alexander Borissovitch Doweld Alexander Borissovitch Doweld Target mismatch
Dowell Philip Dowell Philip Dowell Target mismatch
Drake Emmanuel Drake del Castillo Emmanuel Drake del Castillo Target mismatch
Druce George Claridge Druce George Claridge Druce Target mismatch
Drude Carl Georg Oscar Drude Carl Georg Oscar Drude Target mismatch
Dryand. (redirects to Jonas Carlsson Dryander) Jonas Carlsson Dryander Jonas Carlsson Dryander Green tickY
Drège Jean François (Johann Franz) Drège Johann Franz Drège Target mismatch
Du Roi Johann Philipp Du Roi Johann Philipp du Roi Target mismatch
Duby Jean Étienne Duby Jean Étienne Duby Target mismatch
Duchesne Antoine Nicolas Duchesne Antoine Nicolas Duchesne Target mismatch
Ducke Adolpho Ducke Adolpho Ducke Target mismatch
Dufr. Pierre Dufresne Pierre Dufresne Target mismatch
Duggar Benjamin Minge Duggar Benjamin Minge Duggar Target mismatch
Dulac Joseph Dulac Joseph Dulac Target mismatch
Dum.Cours. George(s) Louis Marie Dumont de Courset Georges Louis Marie Dumont de Courset Target mismatch
Dumort. (redirects to Barthélemy Charles Joseph Dumortier) Barthélemy Charles Joseph Dumortier Barthélemy Charles Joseph Dumortier Green tickY
Dunal (redirects to Michel Félix Dunal) Michel Félix Dunal Michel Felix Dunal (redirects to Michel Félix Dunal) Green tickY
Dunn Stephen Troyte Dunn Stephen Troyte Dunn Target mismatch
Durand Elias (Elie) Magloire Durand Elias Durand Target mismatch
Durazz. Antonio Durazzini Antonio Durazz Target mismatch
Durieu Michel Charles Durieu de Maisonneuve Michel Charles Durieu de Maisonneuve Target mismatch
Duss Antoine Duss Antoine Duss Target mismatch
Dyal Sarah Creecie Dyal Sarah Creecie Dyal Target mismatch
Dyer William Turner Thiselton (Thistleton) Dyer William Turner Thiselton (Thistleton) Dyer Target mismatch
Döll Johann(es) Christoph (Christian) Döll Johann Christoph Döll Target mismatch
Dümmer Richard Arnold Dümmer Richard Arnold Dümmer Target mismatch
E.A.Durand Ernest Armand Durand Ernest Armand Durand Target mismatch
E.A.Sánchez Evangelina A. Sánchez Evangelina A. Sánchez Target mismatch
E.B.Alexeev Evgenii Borisovich Alexeev E. B. Alexeev Target mismatch
E.B.Knox (redirects to Eric B. Knox) Eric B. Knox Eric B. Knox Green tickY
E.C.Nelson (redirects to Ernest Charles Nelson) Ernest Charles Nelson Ernest Charles Nelson Green tickY
E.Fourn. Eugène Pierre Nicolas Fournier Eugène Pierre Nicolas Fournier Target mismatch
E.G.Andrews E.G. Andrews E. G. Andrews Target mismatch
E.Hitchc. Edward Hitchcock Edward Hitchcock Target mismatch
E.J.Butler Edwin John Butler Edwin John Butler Target mismatch
E.L.Braun Emma Lucy Braun Emma Lucy Braun Target mismatch
E.M.McClint. Elizabeth May McClintock Elizabeth May McClintock Target mismatch
E.Mey. (redirects to Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer) Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer Green tickY
E.Morren (redirects to Charles Jacques Édouard Morren) Charles Jacques Édouard Morren Charles Jacques Édouard Morren Green tickY
E.P.Bicknell (redirects to Eugene Pintard Bicknell) Eugene Pintard Bicknell Eugene Pintard Bicknell Green tickY
E.P.Perrier (redirects to Joseph Marie Henry Alfred Perrier de la Bâthie) Eugène Pierre Perrier de la Bâthie Eugène Pierre Perrier de la Bâthie Target mismatch
E.S.Anderson (redirects to Edgar Anderson) Edgar Shannon Anderson (redirects to Edgar Anderson) Edgar Shannon Anderson (redirects to Edgar Anderson) Green tickY
E.S.Steele Edward Strieby Steele Edward Strieby Steele Target mismatch
E.Salisb. (redirects to Edward James Salisbury) Edward James Salisbury Edward James Salisbury Green tickY
E.Sheld. Edmund Perry Sheldon Edmund Perry Sheldon Target mismatch
E.Small Ernest Small (redirects to Ernest G. Small) Ernest Small (redirects to Ernest G. Small) Target mismatch
E.W.Berry Edward Wilber Berry (redirects to Edward W. Berry) Edward W. Berry Target mismatch
Eames Edwin Hubert Eames Edwin Hubert Eames Target mismatch
Earle Franklin Sumner Earle Franklin Sumner Earle Target mismatch
Eaton Amos Eaton Amos Eaton Target mismatch
Eb.Fisch. Eberhard Fischer Eberhard Fischer Target mismatch
Ebinger John Edwin Ebinger John Edwin Ebinger Target mismatch
Eckl. (redirects to Christian Friedrich Ecklon) Christian Friedrich (Frederik) Ecklon Christian Friedrich Ecklon Target mismatch
Eddy (redirects to Eddie) Caspar Wistar Eddy Caspar Wistar Eddy Target mismatch
Edgew. (redirects to Michael Pakenham Edgeworth) Michael Pakenham Edgeworth Michael Pakenham Edgeworth Green tickY
Eggl. Willard Webster Eggleston Willard Webster Eggleston Target mismatch
Egli Bernhard Egli Bernhard Egli Target mismatch
Ehrenb. (redirects to Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg) Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg Green tickY
Ehrend. Friedrich Ehrendorfer Friedrich Ehrendorfer Target mismatch
Ehrh. (redirects to Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart) Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart Green tickY
Eichler August Wilhelm Eichler (redirects to August W. Eichler) August W. Eichler Target mismatch
Eichw. Karl Eduard von Eichwald Karl Eichwald Target mismatch
Eig (redirects to Alexander Eig) Alexander Eig Alexander Eig Green tickY
Elliott (redirects to Elliot) Stephen Elliott Stephen Elliott (botanist) Target mismatch
Elwes Henry John Elwes Henry John Elwes Target mismatch
Emory William Hemsley Emory (redirects to William H. Emory) William Hemsley Emory (redirects to William H. Emory) Target mismatch
Endl. (redirects to Stephan Endlicher) Stephan Friedrich Ladislaus Endlicher (redirects to Stephan Endlicher) Stephan Friedrich Ladislaus Endlicher (redirects to Stephan Endlicher) Green tickY
Engel Franz Engel Franz Engel Target mismatch
Engelm. (redirects to George Engelmann) Georg (George) Engelmann Georg Engelmann (redirects to George Engelmann) Target mismatch
Engl. (redirects to Adolf Engler) Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler (redirects to Adolf Engler) Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler Target mismatch
Epling Carl Clawson Epling (redirects to Carl Epling) Carl Epling Target mismatch
Erdman Kimball Stewart Erdman Kimball Stewart Erdman Target mismatch
Ernst Adolf (Adolfo) Ernst Adolf Ernst Target mismatch
Eschsch. (redirects to Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz) Johann Friedrich Gustav von Eschscholtz Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz Target mismatch
Etl. Andreas Ernst Etlinger Andreas Ernst Etlinger Target mismatch
Ettingsh. (redirects to Constantin von Ettingshausen) Constantin (Konstantin) von Ettingshausen Constantin von Ettingshausen Target mismatch
Ewart Alfred James Ewart Alfred James Ewart Target mismatch
F.Allam. (redirects to Frédéric-Louis Allamand) Frédérique (Frédéric) Louis Allamand Frédéric-Louis Allamand Target mismatch
F.E.Lloyd (redirects to Francis Ernest Lloyd) Francis Ernest Lloyd Francis Ernst Lloyd Target mismatch
F.H.Lewis Frank Harlan Lewis Frank Harlan Lewis Target mismatch
F.H.Wigg. Friedrich Heinrich (Fridrich Hindrich) Wiggers Friedrich Heinrich Wiggers Target mismatch
F.Heim Frédéric Louis Heim Frédéric Louis Heim Target mismatch
F.J.A.Morris F.John A. Morris F. John A. Morris Target mismatch
F.J.Herm. Frederick Joseph Hermann Frederick Joseph Hermann Target mismatch
F.M.Bailey (redirects to Frederick Manson Bailey) Frederick Manson Bailey Frederick Manson Bailey Green tickY
F.M.Knuth (redirects to Frederik Marcus Knuth) Frederik Marcus Knuth Frederik Marcus Knuth Green tickY
F.Michx. François André Michaux François Andre Michaux (redirects to François André Michaux) Target mismatch
F.Muell. (redirects to Ferdinand von Mueller) Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von Mueller (redirects to Ferdinand von Mueller) Ferdinand von Mueller Green tickY
F.N.Meijer (redirects to Frank Nicholas Meyer) Frans Nicholaas Meijer (redirects to Frank Nicholas Meyer) Frans Nicholaas Meijer (redirects to Frank Nicholas Meyer) Green tickY
F.Ritter (redirects to Friedrich Ritter) Friedrich Ritter Friedrich Ritter Green tickY
F.Schmidt Friedrich (Karl) (Fedor Bogdanovich) Schmidt Friedrich Carl Fedor Bogdanovich Schmidt (redirects to Friedrich Schmidt) Target mismatch
F.T.Hubb. Frederic Tracy Hubbard Frederic Tracy Hubbard Target mismatch
F.W.Schultz Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz Target mismatch
Fabr. Philipp Conrad Fabricius Philipp Conrad Fabricius Target mismatch
Falc. (redirects to Hugh Falconer) Hugh Falconer Hugh Falconer Green tickY
Farrer Reginald John Farrer Reginald Farrer Target mismatch
Farw. Oliver Atkins Farwell Oliver Atkins Farwell Target mismatch
Fassett Norman Carter Fassett Norman Carter Fassett Target mismatch
Fawc. (redirects to William Fawcett (botanist)) William Fawcett William Fawcett (botanist) Target mismatch
Fenzl Eduard Fenzl Edouard Fenzl Target mismatch
Fern.-Vill. Celestino Fernández-Villar Celestino Fernández-Villar Target mismatch
Fernald Merritt Lyndon Fernald Merritt Lyndon Fernald Target mismatch
Ferry René Joseph Justin Ferry René Joseph Justin Ferry Target mismatch
Fieber Franz Xaver Fieber Franz Xaver Fieber Target mismatch
Fiori Adriano Fiori Adriano Fiori Target mismatch
Fisch. (redirects to Friedrich Ernst Ludwig von Fischer) Friedrich Ernst Ludwig von (Fedor Bogdanovic) Fischer Friedrich Ernst Ludwig von Fischer Target mismatch
Flüggé (redirects to Johannes Flüggé) Johannes Flüggé Johannes Flüggé Green tickY
Focke (redirects to Focke-Wulf) Wilhelm Olbers Focke Wilhelm Olbers Focke Target mismatch
Forbes John Forbes John Forbes Target mismatch
Forrest George Forrest George Forrest (botanist) Target mismatch
Forssk. (redirects to Peter Forsskål) Pehr Forsskål (redirects to Peter Forsskål) Peter Forsskål Green tickY
Fortune Robert Fortune Robert Fortune Target mismatch
Fosberg (redirects to Francis Raymond Fosberg) Francis Raymond Fosberg Francis Raymond Fosberg Green tickY
Foug. Auguste Denis Fougeroux de Bondaroy Auguste Denis Fougeroux de Bandaroy Target mismatch
Fourc. Henry Georges Fourcade Henry Georges Fourcade Target mismatch
Fr. Elias Magnus Fries Elias Magnus Fries Target mismatch
Franch. (redirects to Adrien René Franchet) Adrien René Franchet Adrien René Franchet Green tickY
Freckmann Robert W. Freckmann Robert W. Freckmann Target mismatch
Freire-Fierro Alina Freire-Fierro Alina Freire-Fierro Target mismatch
Fresen. Johann Baptist Georg (George) Wolfgang Fresenius Georg Fresenius Target mismatch
Friis Ib Friis Ib Friis Target mismatch
Fritsch Karl Fritsch Karl Fritsch (botanist) Target mismatch
Friv. (redirects to Imre Frivaldszky) Emerich (Imre) Frivaldszky von Frivald Imre Frivaldszky Target mismatch
Frič Alberto Vojtech Frič (redirects to Alberto Vojtěch Frič) Alberto Vojtěch Frič Target mismatch
Froel. Joseph Aloys von Froelich Joseph Aloys von Froelich Target mismatch
Frém. (redirects to John C. Frémont) John Charles Frémont (redirects to John C. Frémont) John C. Frémont Green tickY
Fée (redirects to Antoine Laurent Apollinaire Fée) Antoine Laurent Apollinaire Fée Antoine Laurent Apollinaire Fée Green tickY
G.C.Tucker Gordon C. Tucker Gordon C. Tucker Target mismatch
G.Dahlgren Gertrud Dahlgren Gertrud Dahlgren Target mismatch
G.Don (redirects to George Don) George Don George Don Green tickY
G.E.Haglund Gustaf Emanuel Haglund Gustaf Emmanuel Haglund Target mismatch
G.F.Atk. George Francis Atkinson George Francis Atkinson Target mismatch
G.Forst. (redirects to Georg Forster) Johann Georg Adam Forster (redirects to Georg Forster) Georg Forster Green tickY
G.Gaertn. Gottfried Gaertner Gottfried Gaertner Target mismatch
G.Kirchn. Georg Kirchner Georg Kirchner Target mismatch
G.Koch Georg Friedrich Koch Georg Friedrich Koch Target mismatch
G.L.Church George Lyle Church George Lyle Church Target mismatch
G.L.Nesom Guy L. Nesom Guy L. Nesom Target mismatch
G.L.Webster Grady Linder Webster (redirects to Grady Webster) Grady Linder Webster (redirects to Grady Webster) Target mismatch
G.Lawson George Lawson George Lawson (botanist) Target mismatch
G.Lodd. George Loddiges (redirects to Loddiges) George Loddiges Target mismatch
G.M.Barroso Graziela Maciel Barroso Graziela Maciel Barroso Target mismatch
G.Moore (redirects to George Thomas Moore) George Thomas Moore George Thomas Moore Green tickY
G.Nicholson George Nicholson George Nicholson (botanist) Target mismatch
G.Pearson Gilbert Pearson Gilbert Pearson Target mismatch
G.S.Mill. Gerrit Smith Miller Gerrit Smith Miller Target mismatch
G.Shaw (redirects to George Shaw) George Shaw George Shaw Green tickY
Gaertn. (redirects to Joseph Gaertner) Joseph Gaertner Joseph Gaertner Green tickY
Gagnep. (redirects to François Gagnepain) François Gagnepain François Gagnepain Green tickY
Gale Shirley Gale Shirley Gale Target mismatch
Galeotti Henri Guillaume Galeotti Henri Guillaume Galeotti Target mismatch
Galushko Anatol I. Galushko Anatol I. Galushko Target mismatch
Gamble (redirects to Gambling) James Sykes Gamble James Sykes Gamble Target mismatch
Gand. (redirects to Michel Gandoger) Michel Gandoger Michel Gandoger Green tickY
Gandhi (redirects to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) Kanchi Natarajan Gandhi Kancheepuram N. Gandhi Target mismatch
Garcke Christian August Friedrich Garcke Christian August Friedrich Garcke Target mismatch
Garden Alexander Garden Alexander Garden (naturalist) Target mismatch
Gardner George Gardner George Gardner (botanist) Target mismatch
Gatt. Augustin Gattinger Augustin Gattinger Target mismatch
Gaudich. (redirects to Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré) Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré Green tickY
Geh. (redirects to Adalbert Geheeb) Adalbert Geheeb Adalbert Geheeb Green tickY
Genev. Léon Gaston Genevier Léon Gaston Genevier Target mismatch
Gentry Howard Scott Gentry Howard Scott Gentry Target mismatch
Gerstb. Pedro Gerstberger Pedro Gerstberger Target mismatch
Gesner Conrad von Gesner (redirects to Conrad Gessner) Conrad Gessner Target mismatch
Geyer Carl(Charles) Andreas Geyer Karl Andreas Geyer Target mismatch
Ghini (redirects to Luca Ghini) Luca Ghini Luca Ghini Green tickY
Gibbs Lilian Suzette Gibbs (redirects to Lilian Gibbs) Lilian Gibbs Target mismatch
Gilg Ernest Friedrich Gilg Ernest Friedrich Gilg Target mismatch
Gilib. Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert Target mismatch
Gillek. Leopold Guillaume Gillekens Léopold Guillaume Gillekens Target mismatch
Gillies John Gillies John Gillies Target mismatch
Gillis William Thomas Gillis William Thomas Gillis Target mismatch
Gilly Charles Louis Gilly Charles Louis Gilly Target mismatch
Giseke Paul Dietrich Giseke Paul Dietrich Giseke Target mismatch
Gleason Henry Allan Gleason (redirects to Henry Gleason) Henry Allan Gleason (redirects to Henry Gleason) Target mismatch
Gloxin Benjamin Peter Gloxin Benjamin Peter Gloxin Target mismatch
Godr. Dominique Alexandre Godron Dominique Alexandre Godron Target mismatch
Goeschke Franz Goeschke Franz Goeschke Target mismatch
Goldberg Aaron Goldberg Aaron Goldberg (botanist) Target mismatch
Goldie John Goldie John Goldie Target mismatch
Gooden. Samuel Goodenough Samuel Goodenough Target mismatch
Goodyer - John Goodyer No IPNI record
Gopalan R. Gopalan Rangasamy Gopalan Target mismatch
Gordon George Gordon George Gordon (botanist) Target mismatch
Gould Frank Walton Gould Frank Walton Gould Target mismatch
Graebn. Karl Otto Robert Peter Paul Graebner Karl Otto Robert Peter Paul Graebner Target mismatch
Graham Robert Graham Robert Graham (botanist) Target mismatch
Grande Loreto Grande Loreto Grande Target mismatch
Gray (redirects to Grey) Samuel Frederick Gray Samuel Frederick Gray Target mismatch
Greene Edward Lee Greene Edward Lee Greene Target mismatch
Greenm. Jesse More Greenman Jesse More Greenman Target mismatch
Greenway Percy James (`Peter') Greenway Percy James Greenway Target mismatch
Gren. Jean Charles Marie Grenier Jean Charles Marie Grenier Target mismatch
Greuter (redirects to Werner Greuter) Werner Rodolfo Greuter (redirects to Werner Greuter) Werner Rodolfo Greuter (redirects to Werner Greuter) Green tickY
Grev. Robert Kaye Greville Robert Kaye Greville Target mismatch
Griff. (redirects to William Griffith (botanist)) William Griffith William Griffith (botanist) Target mismatch
Grimm Johann Friedrich Carl Grimm Johann Friedrich Carl Grimm Target mismatch
Gris Jean Antoine Arthur Gris Jean Antoine Arthur Gris Target mismatch
Griscom Ludlow Griscom Ludlow Griscom Target mismatch
Griseb. (redirects to August Grisebach) August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach (redirects to August Grisebach) August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach (redirects to August Grisebach) Green tickY
Grolle Riclef Grolle Riclef Grolle Target mismatch
Grossh. Alexander Alfonsovich Grossheim Alexander Alfonsovich Grossheim Target mismatch
Grubov Valery Ivanovich Grubov Valery Ivanovitsch Grubov Target mismatch
Grudz. Irina Aleksandrovna Grudzinskaja Irina Aleksandrovna Grudzinskaya Target mismatch
Gueldenst. Anton Johann von Gueldenstaedt Johann Anton Güldenstädt Target mismatch
Guill. (redirects to Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemin) Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemin Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemin Green tickY
Guillaumin André Guillaumin André Guillaumin Target mismatch
Gunckel (redirects to Hugo Gunckel Lüer) Lüer Hugo Gunckel Hugo Gunckel Lűer (redirects to Hugo Gunckel Lüer) Target mismatch
Gunnerus (redirects to Johan Ernst Gunnerus) Johan Ernst Gunnerus Johann Ernst Gunnerus (redirects to Johan Ernst Gunnerus) Green tickY
Guss. Giovanni Gussone Giovanni Gussone Target mismatch
Göpp. Johann Heinrich Robert Göppert (redirects to Heinrich Göppert) Johann Heinrich Robert Göppert (redirects to Heinrich Göppert) Target mismatch
H.Bock Hieronymous (Tragus) Bock Hieronymus Bock Target mismatch
H.D.Wilson Hugh Dale Wilson Hugh Wilson (botanist) Target mismatch
H.Deane (redirects to Henry Deane (engineer)) Henry Deane Henry Deane (engineer) Target mismatch
H.E.Ahles Harry E. Ahles Harry E. Ahles Target mismatch
H.E.Moore (redirects to Harold E. Moore) Harold Emery Moore (redirects to Harold E. Moore) Harold Emery Moore (redirects to Harold E. Moore) Green tickY
H.G.Sm. Henry George Smith Henry George Smith Target mismatch
H.H.Eaton Hezekiah Hulbert Eaton Hezekiah Hulbert Eaton Target mismatch
H.Hara Hiroshi Hara Hiroshi Hara (botanist) Target mismatch
H.Jaeger Hermann Jaeger Hermann Jäger Target mismatch
H.Karst. (redirects to Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann Karsten) Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann Karsten Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann Karsten Green tickY
H.L.Späth Hellmut Ludwig Späth Hellmut Ludwig Späth Target mismatch
H.L.Wendl. Heinrich Ludolph Wendland Heinrich Wendland Target mismatch
H.Low Hugh Low Hugh Low Target mismatch
H.Lév. Augustin Abel Hector Léveillé Augustin Abel Hector Léveillé Target mismatch
H.Müll. Heinrich Ludwig Hermann Müller (redirects to Hermann Müller (botanist)) Heinrich Ludwig Hermann Müller (redirects to Hermann Müller (botanist)) Target mismatch
H.O.Yates Harris Oliver Yates Harris Oliver Yates Target mismatch
H.P.Fuchs Hans Peter Fuchs Hans Peter Fuchs Target mismatch
H.Perrier (redirects to Joseph Marie Henry Alfred Perrier de la Bâthie) Joseph Marie Henry Alfred Perrier de la Bâthie Joseph Marie Henry Alfred Perrier de la Bâthie Green tickY
H.Rob. (redirects to Harold E. Robinson) Harold Ernest Robinson (redirects to Harold E. Robinson) Harold Ernest Robinson (redirects to Harold E. Robinson) Green tickY
H.Rock Howard Francis Leonard Rock Howard Francis Leonard Rock Target mismatch
H.S.Irwin Howard Samuel Irwin Howard Samuel Irwin Target mismatch
H.Sharsm. Helen Katherine Sharsmith Helen Sharsmith Target mismatch
H.St.John Harold St.John Harold St. John Target mismatch
H.Vilm. (Charles Philippe) Henry (Lévêque) de Vilmorin Charles Philippe Henry Lévêque de Vilmorin Target mismatch
H.Wendl. (redirects to Hermann Wendland) Hermann Wendland Hermann Wendland Green tickY
Hack. Eduard Hackel Eduard Hackel Target mismatch
Halácsy Eugen von Halácsy Eugen von Halácsy Target mismatch
Ham. William Hamilton William Hamilton (botanist) Target mismatch
Hance Henry Fletcher Hance Henry Fletcher Hance Target mismatch
Hand.-Mazz. Heinrich R.E. Handel-Mazzetti Heinrich R.E. Handel-Mazzetti Target mismatch
Hanst. Johannes Ludwig Emil Robert von Hanstein Johannes von Hanstein Target mismatch
Hara Kanesuke Hara Kanesuke Hara Target mismatch
Harb. Thomas Grant Harbison Thomas Grant Harbison Target mismatch
Hardin James Walker Hardin James Walker Hardin Target mismatch
Harkn. (redirects to H. W. Harkness) Harvey Wilson Harkness (redirects to H. W. Harkness) H. W. Harkness Green tickY
Harms Hermann August Theodor Harms (redirects to Hermann Harms) Hermann Harms Target mismatch
Hartm. Carl Johan(n) Hartman Carl Johan Hartman Target mismatch
Hartw. (redirects to Karl Theodor Hartweg) Karl Theodor Hartweg Karl Theodor Hartweg Green tickY
Hartwig August Karl Julius Hartwig August Karl Julius Hartwig Target mismatch
Harv. (redirects to William Henry Harvey) William Henry Harvey William Henry Harvey Green tickY
Harvill Alton McCaleb,Jr Harvill Alton McCaleb Harvill, Jr Target mismatch
Hassk. Justus Carl Hasskarl Justus Carl Hasskarl Target mismatch
Haufler Christopher H. Haufler Christopher H. Haufler Target mismatch
Hauke Richard L. Hauke Richard L. Hauke Target mismatch
Hauman (redirects to Lucien Leon Hauman) Lucien Leon Hauman Lucien Leon Hauman Green tickY
Hauser Margit Luise Hauser Margit Luise Hauser Target mismatch
Hausskn. Heinrich Carl Haussknecht Heinrich Carl Haussknecht Target mismatch
Haw. (redirects to Adrian Hardy Haworth) Adrian Hardy Haworth Adrian Hardy Haworth Green tickY
Hayata Bunzô Hayata Bunzō Hayata Target mismatch
Hayek August von Hayek August von Hayek Target mismatch
Hayne Friedrich Gottlob Hayne Friedrich Gottlob Hayne Target mismatch
Hazsl. Friedrich August Hazslinszky von Hazslin (redirects to Frigyes Ákos Hazslinszky) Friedrich August Hazslinszky von Hazslin (redirects to Frigyes Ákos Hazslinszky) Target mismatch
Hedberg (redirects to Karl Olov Hedberg) Karl Olov Hedberg Karl Olov Hedberg Green tickY
Hedrick Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick Target mismatch
Hedw. (redirects to Johann Hedwig) Johann Hedwig Johann Hedwig Green tickY
Hegelm. Christoph Friedrich Hegelmaier Christoph Friedrich Hegelmaier Target mismatch
Heim Georg Christoph Heim Georg Christoph Heim Target mismatch
Heist. (redirects to Lorenz Heister) Lorenz Heister Lorenz Heister Green tickY
Heldr. Theodor Heinrich Hermann von Heldreich Theodor Heinrich Hermann von Heldreich Target mismatch
Hell. Carl Niclas Hellenius Carl Niclas Hellenius Target mismatch
Hellq. Carl Barre Hellquist C. Barre Hellquist Target mismatch
Hemsl. (redirects to William Hemsley (botanist)) William Botting Hemsley (redirects to William Hemsley (botanist)) William Hemsley (botanist) Green tickY
Henn. Paul Christoph Hennings Paul Christoph Hennings Target mismatch
Henrard Johannes(Jan) Theodoor Henrard Johannes Theodoor Henrard Target mismatch
Henry Aimé Constant Fidèle Henry Louis Henry Target mismatch
Hensl. (redirects to John Stevens Henslow) John Stevens Henslow John Stevens Henslow Green tickY
Hepper Frank Nigel Hepper Frank Nigel Hepper Target mismatch
Herb. (redirects to William Herbert (botanist)) William Herbert William Herbert Target mismatch
Herder Ferdinand Gottfried Theobald Maximilian von Herder Ferdinand Gottfried Theobald Herder Target mismatch
Heybroek Hans M. Heybroek Hans M. Heybroek Target mismatch
Heynh. Gustav Heynhold Gustav Heynhold Target mismatch
Heywood Vernon Hilton Heywood (redirects to Vernon Heywood) Vernon Hilton Heywood (redirects to Vernon Heywood) Target mismatch
Hieron. Georg Hans Emmo(Emo) Wolfgang Hieronymus Georg Hans Emmo Wolfgang Hieronymus Target mismatch
Hill John Hill John Hill (botanist) (redirects to John Hill (author)) Target mismatch
Hirn Karl Engelbrecht Hirn Karl Engelbrecht Hirn Target mismatch
Hitchc. Albert Spear Hitchcock (redirects to A. S. Hitchcock) Albert Spear Hitchcock (redirects to A. S. Hitchcock) Target mismatch
Hnatiuk Roger James Hnatiuk Roger Hnatiuk Target mismatch
Hochr. (redirects to Bénédict Pierre Georges Hochreutiner) Bénédict Pierre Georges Hochreutiner Bénédict Pierre Georges Hochreutiner Green tickY
Hochst. (redirects to Christian Ferdinand Friedrich Hochstetter) Christian Ferdinand Friedrich Hochstetter Christian Ferdinand Friedrich Hochstetter Green tickY
Hoehne (redirects to Hoehne, Colorado) Frederico Carlos Hoehne Frederico Carlos Hoehne Target mismatch
Hoffm. George Franz Hoffmann George Franz Hoffmann Target mismatch
Hoffmanns. (redirects to Johann Centurius Hoffmannsegg) Johann Centurius von Hoffmannsegg (redirects to Johann Centurius Hoffmannsegg) Johann Centurius von Hoffmannsegg (redirects to Johann Centurius Hoffmannsegg) Green tickY
Hogg Thomas Hogg Thomas Hogg Target mismatch
Hohen. Rudolph Friedrich Hohenacker Rudolph Friedrich Hohenacker Target mismatch
Hollick Charles Arthur Hollick Charles Arthur Hollick Target mismatch
Holmgren Hjalmar Josef Holmgren Hjalmar Josef Holmgren Target mismatch
Holub Josef Holub Josef Ludwig Holub Target mismatch
Hook. (redirects to William Jackson Hooker) William Jackson Hooker William Jackson Hooker Green tickY
Hook.f. (redirects to Joseph Dalton Hooker) Joseph Dalton Hooker Joseph Dalton Hooker Green tickY
Hopper Stephen Donald Hopper (redirects to Stephen Hopper) Stephen Hopper Target mismatch
Horik. Yoshiwo Horikawa Horikawa Yoshiwo Target mismatch
Hornem. (redirects to Jens Wilken Hornemann) Jens Wilken Hornemann Jens Wilken Hornemann Green tickY
Host Nicolaus Thomas Host Nicolaus Thomas Host Target mismatch
House Homer Doliver House Homer Doliver House Target mismatch
Houtt. Maarten(Martin) Houttuyn Martinus Houttuyn Target mismatch
Howe Elliot Calvin Howe Eliot Calvin Howe Target mismatch
Howell Thomas Jefferson Howell Thomas Jefferson Howell Target mismatch
Hu Hsen Hsu Hu Hsen Hsu Hu Target mismatch
Huds. (redirects to William Hudson (botanist)) William Hudson William Hudson (botanist) Target mismatch
Hultén Oskar Eric Gunnar Hultén Oskar Eric Gunnar Hultén Target mismatch
Humb. (redirects to Alexander von Humboldt) Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt (redirects to Alexander von Humboldt) Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt (redirects to Alexander von Humboldt) Green tickY
Hurus. Isao Hurusawa Isao Hurusawa Target mismatch
Husn. Pierre Tranquille Husnot Pierre Tranquille Husnot Target mismatch
Hügel (redirects to Charles von Hügel) Carl(Karl) Alexander Anselm von Hügel Karl Alexander Anselm von Hügel Target mismatch
I.G.Stone (redirects to Ilma Grace Stone) Ilma Grace Stone Ilma Grace Stone Green tickY
I.M.Johnst. (redirects to Ivan Murray Johnston) Ivan Murray Johnston Ivan Murray Johnston Green tickY
Imbach Emil J. Imbach Emil J. Imbach Target mismatch
Inoue Hiroshi Inoue Inoue Hiroshi Target mismatch
Irwin James Bruce Irwin James Bruce Irwin Target mismatch
Isaac Frances Margaret (Leighton) Isaac Frances Margaret Leighton Target mismatch
Ives Joseph Christmas Ives Joseph Christmas Ives Target mismatch
J.-F.Leroy Jean-François Leroy Jean-François Leroy Target mismatch
J.Agardh (redirects to Jacob Georg Agardh) Jakob Georg Agardh (redirects to Jacob Georg Agardh) Jacob Georg Agardh Green tickY
J.B.Nelson John B. Nelson John B. Nelson Target mismatch
J.B.Rohr Julius Bernard von Rohr Julius Bernard von Röhr Target mismatch
J.Bauhin (redirects to Johann Bauhin) Jean Johannes Bauhin Johann Bauhin Target mismatch
J.C.Gomes José Corrêa, Jr. Gomes José Corrêa Gomes, Jr. Target mismatch
J.C.Siqueira Josafá Carlos de Siqueira Josafá Carlos de Siqueira Target mismatch
J.C.Wendl. Johann Christoph Wendland Johann Christoph Wendland Target mismatch
J.Carey John Carey John Carey Target mismatch
J.D.Ray James Davis, Jr. Ray James Davis Ray, Jr. Target mismatch
J.D.Sauer Jonathan Deininger Sauer Jonathan Deininger Sauer Target mismatch
J.Drumm. (redirects to James Drummond (botanist)) James Drummond James Drummond (botanist) Target mismatch
J.E.Lange Jakob Emanuel Lange Jakob Emanuel Lange Target mismatch
J.Ellis (redirects to John Ellis (naturalist)) John Ellis John Ellis (naturalist) Target mismatch
J.F.Gmel. (redirects to Johann Friedrich Gmelin) Johann Friedrich Gmelin Johann Friedrich Gmelin Green tickY
J.F.Macbr. James Francis Macbride James Francis Macbride Target mismatch
J.G.Gmel. (redirects to Johann Georg Gmelin) Johann Georg Gmelin Johann Georg Gmelin Green tickY
J.G.Sm. Jared Gage Smith Jared Gage Smith Target mismatch
J.Gay (redirects to Jacques Etienne Gay) Jacques Étienne Gay Jacques Etienne Gay Target mismatch
J.Gerard (redirects to John Gerard) John Gerard John Gerard Green tickY
J.H.Adam (redirects to J. H. Adam) Jumaat Haji Adam (redirects to J. H. Adam) J. H. Adam Green tickY
J.Houz. Jean Houzeau de Lehaie Jean Houzeau de Lehaie Target mismatch
J.J.Sm. (redirects to Johannes Jacobus Smith) Johannes Jacobus Smith Johannes Jacobus Smith Green tickY
J.Koenig (redirects to Johann Gerhard König) Johann Gerhard Koenig (redirects to Johann Gerhard König) Johann Gerhard Koenig (redirects to Johann Gerhard König) Green tickY
J.L.Gentry Johnnie Lee Gentry Johnnie Lee Gentry Target mismatch
J.Léonard Jean Joseph Gustave Léonard Jean Joseph Gustave Léonard Target mismatch
J.M.Black (redirects to John McConnell Black) John McConnell Black John McConnell Black Green tickY
J.M.C.Rich. (Jean Michel) Claude Richard Jean Michel Claude Richard Target mismatch
J.M.Coult. (redirects to John Merle Coulter) John Merle Coulter John Merle Coulter Green tickY
J.M.MacDougal (redirects to John M. MacDougal) John M. MacDougal John M. MacDougal Green tickY
J.M.Webber John Milton Webber John Milton Webber Target mismatch
J.MacGill. John MacGillivray John MacGillivray Target mismatch
J.Martyn (redirects to John Martyn (botanist)) John Martyn John Martyn (botanist) Target mismatch
J.Presl (redirects to Jan Svatopluk Presl) Jan Svatopluk (Swatopluk) Presl Jan Svatopluk Presl Target mismatch
J.R.Forst. (redirects to Johann Reinhold Forster) Johann Reinhold Forster Johann Reinhold Forster Green tickY
J.St.-Hil. Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire Target mismatch
J.W.Mast. John William Masters John William Masters Target mismatch
J.W.Robbins James Watson Robbins James Watson Robbins Target mismatch
J.W.Weinm. Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Target mismatch
J.Zahlbr. Johann Baptist Zahlbruckner Johann Baptist Zahlbruckner Target mismatch
Jacq. (redirects to Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin) Nicolaus(Nicolaas) Joseph von Jacquin Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin Target mismatch
Jacques Henri Antoine Jacques Henri Antoine Jacques Target mismatch
Jameson William Jameson William Jameson Target mismatch
Janch. Erwin Emil Alfred Janchen Erwin Emil Alfred Janchen Target mismatch
Jancz. Eduard von Glinka Janczewski Edward Janczewski Target mismatch
Janse Johannes Albertus Janse Johannes Albertus Janse Target mismatch
Jefferies R.L. Jefferies R.L.Jefferies Target mismatch
Jeps. Willis Linn Jepson Willis Linn Jepson Target mismatch
Jess. Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Jessen Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Jessen Target mismatch
Jongkind (redirects to Johan Jongkind) Carel Christiaan Hugo Jongkind Carel Christiaan Hugo Jongkind Target mismatch
Jord. Claude Thomas Alexis Jordan Claude Thomas Alexis Jordan Target mismatch
Juss. (redirects to Antoine Laurent de Jussieu) Antoine Laurent de Jussieu Antoine Laurent de Jussieu Green tickY
Játiva (redirects to Xàtiva) Carlos D. Játiva Carlos D. Játiva Target mismatch
K.Bremer Kåre (Kaare) Bremer Kåre Bremer Target mismatch
K.Hoffm. (redirects to Käthe Hoffmann) Käthe(Kaethe) Hoffmann Käthe Hoffmann Target mismatch
K.Koch (redirects to Karl Koch (botanist)) Karl(Carl) Heinrich Emil (Ludwig) Koch Karl Heinrich Emil Koch (botanist) Target mismatch
K.Krause (redirects to List of botanists by author abbreviation) Kurt Krause Kurt Krause Target mismatch
K.Larsen Kai Larsen Kai Larsen Target mismatch
K.Müll.bis K. Müller Kai Müller Target mismatch
K.Schum. (redirects to Karl Moritz Schumann) Karl Moritz Schumann Karl Moritz Schumann Green tickY
Kalchbr. Károly (Karl) Kalchbrenner Károly Kalchbrenner Target mismatch
Kalkman Cornelis Kalkman Cornelis Kalkman Target mismatch
Kalm (redirects to Pehr Kalm) Pehr Kalm Pehr Kalm Green tickY
Kartesz John T. Kartesz John T. Kartesz Target mismatch
Kearney Thomas Henry Kearney Thomas Henry Kearney Target mismatch
Keck Karl Keck Karl Keck Target mismatch
Keener Carl Samuel Keener Carl Samuel Keener Target mismatch
Keller Johann Christoph Keller Robert Keller Target mismatch
Kellogg Albert Kellogg Albert Kellogg Target mismatch
Ker Gawl. (redirects to John Bellenden Ker Gawler) John Bellenden Ker Gawler John Bellenden Ker Gawler Green tickY
Kerguélen (redirects to Kerguelen Islands) Michel François-Jacques Kerguélen Michel François-Jacques Kerguélen Target mismatch
Killip Ellsworth Paine Killip Ellsworth Paine Killip Target mismatch
King George King George King (botanist) Target mismatch
Kingdon-Ward Francis Kingdon-Ward (redirects to Frank Kingdon-Ward) Frank Kingdon-Ward Target mismatch
Kirchn. Emil Otto Oskar von Kirchner Emil Otto Oskar von Kirchner Target mismatch
Kirk Thomas Kirk Thomas Kirk (botanist) Target mismatch
Kit. (redirects to Pál Kitaibel) Pál(Paul) Kitaibel Pál Kitaibel Target mismatch
Kitt. Baldwin(Balduin) Martin Kittel Martin Baldwin Kittel Target mismatch
Kjellm. Frans Reinhold Kjellman Frans Reinhold Kjellman Target mismatch
Klatt Friedrich Wilhelm Klatt Friedrich Wilhelm Klatt Target mismatch
Klotzsch (redirects to Johann Friedrich Klotzsch) Johann Friedrich Klotzsch Johann Friedrich Klotzsch Green tickY
Kneuck. Johann Andreas(`Andrees') Kneucker Johann Andreas Kneucker Target mismatch
Koch Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Target mismatch
Koehne Bernhard Adalbert Emil Koehne Bernhard Adalbert Emil Koehne Target mismatch
Koeler Georg Ludwig Koeler Georg Ludwig Koeler Target mismatch
Koidz. Gen'ichi Koidzumi Gen-ichi Koidzumi Target mismatch
Kom. (redirects to Vladimir Leontyevich Komarov) Vladimir Leontjevich(Leontevich) Komarov Vladimir Leontyevich Komarov Target mismatch
Koopmann Karl Koopmann Karl Koopmann Target mismatch
Korth. (redirects to Pieter Willem Korthals) Pieter Willem Korthals Pieter Willem Korthals Green tickY
Kosterm. (redirects to André Joseph Guillaume Henri Kostermans) André Joseph Guillaume Henri Kostermans André Joseph Guillaume Henri Kostermans Green tickY
Kotov Mikhail Ivanovich Kotov Mikhail Ivanovich Kotov Target mismatch
Kotschy Carl(Karl) Georg Theodor Kotschy Theodor Kotschy Target mismatch
Kraenzl. (redirects to Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Kraenzlin) Friedrich(Fritz) Wilhelm Ludwig Kraenzlin Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Kraenzlin Target mismatch
Krajina Vladimír Joseph Krajina Vladimir Joseph Krajina Target mismatch
Kral Robert Kral (redirects to Robert J. Kral) Robert Kral (botanist) Target mismatch
Krapov. (redirects to Antonio Krapovickas) Antonio Krapovickas Antonio Krapovickas Green tickY
Krause Johann Wilhelm Krause Johann Wilhelm Krause Target mismatch
Krock. Anton Johann Krocker Anton Johann Krocker Target mismatch
Krombh. (redirects to Julius Vincenz von Krombholz) Julius Vincenz von Krombholz Julius Vincenz von Krombholz Green tickY
Krüssm. Johann Gerd Krüssmann Johann Gerd Krüssmann Target mismatch
Kubitzki (redirects to Kubicki) Klaus Kubitzki Klaus Kubitzki Target mismatch
Kudô Yûshun Kudô Yûshun Kudô Target mismatch
Kuhlm. (redirects to João Geraldo Kuhlmann) João Geraldo Kuhlmann João Geraldo Kuhlmann Green tickY
Kuhn Friedrich Adalbert Maximilian (`Max') Kuhn Friedrich Adalbert Maximilian Kuhn Target mismatch
Kunth (redirects to Carl Sigismund Kunth) Karl(Carl) Sigismund Kunth Carl Sigismund Kunth Target mismatch
Kuntze (redirects to Otto Kuntze) Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze (redirects to Otto Kuntze) Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze (redirects to Otto Kuntze) Green tickY
Kunze Gustav Kunze Gustav Kunze Target mismatch
Kuprian. Lyudmila Andreyeva(Andreevna) Kuprianova Ludmila Kuprianova Target mismatch
Kurz Wilhelm Sulpiz Kurz Wilhelm Sulpiz Kurz Target mismatch
Kük. Georg Kükenthal Georg Kükenthal Target mismatch
L'Hér. (redirects to Charles Louis L'Héritier de Brutelle) Charles Louis L'Héritier de Brutelle Charles Louis L'Héritier de Brutelle Green tickY
L. (redirects to Carl Linnaeus) Carl Linnaeus Carolus Linnaeus (redirects to Carl Linnaeus) Green tickY
L.B.Sm. Lyman Bradford Smith Lyman Bradford Smith Target mismatch
L.C.Wheeler Louis Cutter Wheeler Louis Cutter Wheeler Target mismatch
L.D.Pryor Lindsay Dixon Pryor (redirects to Lindsay Pryor) Lindsay Pryor Target mismatch
L.E.Navas Luisa Eugenia Navas Bustamante Luisa Eugenia Navas Target mismatch
L.f. (redirects to Carolus Linnaeus the Younger) Carl Linnaeus Carolus Linnaeus the Younger Target mismatch
L.Fuchs (redirects to Leonhart Fuchs) Leonard Fuchs Leonhart Fuchs Target mismatch
L.H.Bailey (redirects to Liberty Hyde Bailey) Liberty Hyde Bailey Liberty Hyde Bailey Green tickY
L.H.Dewey Lyster Hoxie Dewey Lyster Hoxie Dewey Target mismatch
L.K.Fu Li Kuo Fu (redirects to Li-kuo Fu) Li-kuo Fu Target mismatch
L.M.Perry Lily May Perry Lily May Perry Target mismatch
L.Späth Louis Späth Franz Ludwig Späth Target mismatch
La Duke John C. La Duke John C. La Duke Target mismatch
Labill. (redirects to Jacques Labillardière) Jacques Julien Houtou de Labillardière Jacques Labillardière Target mismatch
Laest. (redirects to Lars Levi Læstadius) Lars Levi Laestadius (redirects to Lars Levi Læstadius) Lars Levi Laestadius (redirects to Lars Levi Læstadius) Green tickY
Lag. Mariano Lagasca y Segura Mariano Lagasca y Segura Target mismatch
Lakela Olga Korhoven Lakela Olga Korhoven Lakela Target mismatch
Lam. (redirects to Lam) Jean Baptiste Antoine Pierre de Monnet de Lamarck (redirects to Jean-Baptiste Lamarck) Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Target mismatch
Lamb. (redirects to Aylmer Bourke Lambert) Aylmer Bourke Lambert Aylmer Bourke Lambert Green tickY
Landolt Elias Landolt Elias Landolt Target mismatch
Landrum Leslie Roger Landrum Leslie R. Landrum Target mismatch
Lange Johan Martin Christian Lange (redirects to Johan Lange) Johan Martin Christian Lange (redirects to Johan Lange) Target mismatch
Latourr. Marc Antoine Louis Claret de (Fleurieu de) Latourrette Marc Antoine Louis Claret de Latourrette Target mismatch
Lavallée Pierre Alphonse Martin Lavallée Pierre Alphonse Martin Lavallée Target mismatch
Lavrent. Georgios Lavrentiades Georgios Lavrentiades Target mismatch
Laxm. (redirects to Erik Laxman) Erich(Erik) G. Laxmann Erich G. Laxmann Target mismatch
Layens Georges de Layens Georges de Layens Target mismatch
Le Maout Jean Emmanuel Maurice Le Maout Jean Emmanuel Maurice Le Maout Target mismatch
Leandri Jacques Désiré Leandri Jacques Désiré Leandri Target mismatch
Leavenw. Melines Conklin Leavenworth Melines Conklin Leavenworth Target mismatch
Lecomte Paul Henri Lecomte Paul Henri Lecomte Target mismatch
Leconte (redirects to LeConte) John (Eatton) Leconte John (Eatton) Leconte Target mismatch
Ledeb. (redirects to Carl Friedrich von Ledebour) Carl(Karl) Friedrich von Ledebour Carl Friedrich von Ledebour Target mismatch
Lehm. (redirects to Johann Georg Christian Lehmann) Johann Georg Christian Lehmann Johann Georg Christian Lehmann Green tickY
Lej. Alexandre Louis (Alexander Ludwig) Simon Lejeune Alexandre Louis Simon Lejeune Target mismatch
Lellinger David Bruce Lellinger David Bruce Lellinger Target mismatch
Lelong Michel G. Lelong Michel G. Lelong Target mismatch
Lem. (redirects to Charles Antoine Lemaire) (Antoine) Charles Lemaire Charles Antoine Lemaire Target mismatch
Lemoine (Pierre Louis) Victor Lemoine (Pierre Louis) Victor Lemoine Target mismatch
Leroy André Leroy Andre Leroy Target mismatch
Les Donald H. Les Donald H. Les Target mismatch
Lesch. Jean Baptiste Louis (Claude) Théodore Leschenault de la Tour Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour Target mismatch
Less. Christian Friedrich Lessing Christian Friedrich Lessing Target mismatch
Levyns (redirects to Margaret Levyns) Margaret Rutherford Bryan Levyns Margaret Levyns Target mismatch
Lewis Meriwether Lewis Meriwether Lewis Target mismatch
Leyss. Friedrich Wilhelm von Leysser Friedrich Wilhelm von Leysser Target mismatch
León (redirects to Leon) (Hermano) León Frère León (Joseph Sylvestre Sauget) Target mismatch
Liais (redirects to Emmanuel Liais) Emmanuel Liais Emmanuel Liais Green tickY
Liebl. Franz Kaspar(Caspar) Lieblein Franz Kaspar (or Caspar) Lieblein (redirects to Franz Kaspar Lieblein) Target mismatch
Liebm. (redirects to Frederik Michael Liebmann) Frederik Michael Liebmann Frederik Michael Liebmann Green tickY
Lightf. John Lightfoot John Lightfoot FRS (redirects to John Lightfoot (biologist)) Target mismatch
Lindau Gustav Lindau Gustav Lindau Target mismatch
Lindl. (redirects to John Lindley) John Lindley John Lindley Green tickY
Lindm. Carl Axel Magnus Lindman Carl Axel Magnus Lindman Target mismatch
Lindq. Sven Bertil Gunvald Lindquist Sven Bertil Gunvald Lindquist Target mismatch
Link Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link Target mismatch
Litv. Dimitri Ivanovich Litvinov Dmitrij Ivanovitsch Litvinov (redirects to Dmitry Litvinov) Target mismatch
Lodd. (redirects to Loddiges) Conrad (L.) Loddiges Loddiges Target mismatch
Loefl. (redirects to Pehr Löfling) Pehr Loefling (redirects to Pehr Löfling) Pehr Loefling (redirects to Pehr Löfling) Green tickY
Loes. Ludwig Eduard Theodor Loesener Ludwig Eduard Theodor Loesener Target mismatch
Loisel. Jean Louis August(e) Loiseleur-Deslongchamps Jean Louis August Loiseleur-Deslongchamps Target mismatch
Lotsy Johannes Paulus Lotsy Johannes Paulus Lotsy Target mismatch
Lott Henry J. Lott Henry J. Lott Target mismatch
Loudon John Claudius Loudon John Claudius Loudon Target mismatch
Lounsb. Alice Lounsberry Alice Lounsberry Target mismatch
Lour. (redirects to João de Loureiro) João de Loureiro João de Loureiro Green tickY
Luer (redirects to Luer Taper) Carlyle August Luer Carlyle A. Luer Target mismatch
Lundell (redirects to Cyrus Longworth Lundell) Cyrus Longworth Lundell Cyrus Longworth Lundell Green tickY
Lunell Joël Lunell Joël Lunell Target mismatch
Lye Kaare Arnstein Lye Kaare Arnstein Lye Target mismatch
Lyons Israel Lyons Israel Lyons Target mismatch
Lönnrot (redirects to Elias Lönnrot) Elias Lönnrot Elias Lönnrot Green tickY
M.A.Curtis Moses Ashley Curtis Moses Ashley Curtis Target mismatch
M.Allemão Manoel Allemão Manoel Allemão Target mismatch
M.B.Schwarz Marie Beatrice Schwarz Marie Beatrice Schol-Schwarz Target mismatch
M.Bieb. Friedrich August Marschall von Bieberstein Friedrich August Marschall von Bieberstein Target mismatch
M.Broun Maurice Broun Maurice Broun Target mismatch
M.C.Johnst. Marshall Conring Johnston Marshall Conring Johnston Target mismatch
M.E.Jones Marcus Eugene Jones Marcus Eugene Jones Target mismatch
M.F.Fay Michael Francis Fay Michael Francis Fay Target mismatch
M.Gómez Manuel Gómez de la Maza y Jiménez Manuel Gómez de la Maya y Jiménez Target mismatch
M.Hopkins Milton Hopkins Milton Hopkins Target mismatch
M.Kato Masahiro Kato Masahiro Kato Target mismatch
M.Martens Martin Martens Martin Martens Target mismatch
M.Roem. Max Joseph Roemer Max Joseph Roemer Target mismatch
M.S.Baker Milo Samuel Baker Milo Samuel Baker Target mismatch
M.T.Strong Mark T. Strong Mark Tuthill Strong Target mismatch
M.W.Chase (redirects to Mark Wayne Chase) Mark Wayne Chase Mark Wayne Chase Green tickY
Ma (redirects to MA) Yu Chuan Ma Yu Chuan Ma Target mismatch
Maack Richard Karlovich Maack (redirects to Richard Maack) Richard Karlovich Maack (redirects to Richard Maack) Target mismatch
Maas Paulus Johannes Maria Maas Paulus Johannes Maria Maas Target mismatch
Mabb. (redirects to David Mabberley) David John Mabberley (redirects to David Mabberley) David Mabberley Green tickY
Macfarl. (redirects to John Muirhead Macfarlane) John Muirhead Macfarlane John Muirhead Macfarlane Green tickY
Mack. Kenneth Kent Mackenzie Kenneth Kent Mackenzie Target mismatch
MacMill. Conway MacMillan Conway MacMillan Target mismatch
Macoun (redirects to Macoun apple) John Macoun John Macoun Target mismatch
Magnol Pierre Magnol Pierre Magnol Target mismatch
Magnus Paul Wilhelm Magnus Paul Wilhelm Magnus Target mismatch
Maiden (redirects to Virginity) Joseph Henry Maiden (redirects to Joseph Maiden) Joseph Maiden Target mismatch
Makino Tomitarô Makino (redirects to Tomitaro Makino) Tomitaro Makino Target mismatch
Malme Gustaf Oskar Andersson Malme Gustaf Oskar Andersson Malme Target mismatch
Maranta Bartolomeo Maranta Bartolomeo Maranta Target mismatch
Marchal Élie Marchal Élie Marchal Target mismatch
Marchand Nestor Léon Marchand Nestor Léon Marchand Target mismatch
Marcks Brian Marcks Brian Marcks Target mismatch
Marloth (redirects to Rudolf Marloth) Hermann Wilhelm Rudolf Marloth (redirects to Rudolf Marloth) Hermann Wilhelm Rudolf Marloth (redirects to Rudolf Marloth) Green tickY
Marshall Humphry Marshall Humphry Marshall Target mismatch
Mart. (redirects to Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius) Carl(Karl) Friedrich Philipp von Martius Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius Target mismatch
Martinov Ivan Ivanovič Martinov Ivan Ivanovich Martynov Target mismatch
Masam. (redirects to Genkei Masamune) Genkei Masamune Genkei Masamune Green tickY
Masson Francis Masson Francis Masson Target mismatch
Mast. (redirects to Maxwell T. Masters) Maxwell Tylden Masters (redirects to Maxwell T. Masters) Maxwell T. Masters Green tickY
Mathias Mildred Esther Mathias Mildred Esther Mathias Target mismatch
Mathieu Charles Marie Joseph Mathieu Charles Marie Joseph Mathieu Target mismatch
Matsum. Jinzô Matsumura (redirects to Ninzo Matsumura) Ninzo Matsumura Target mismatch
Matt. (redirects to Matthew) Heinrich Gottfried von Mattuschka Heinrich Gottfried von Mattuschka Target mismatch
Mattf. Johannes Mattfeld Johannes Mattfeld Target mismatch
Mattox Karl R. Mattox Karl R. Mattox Target mismatch
Maxim. (redirects to Carl Maximowicz) Carl Johann (Ivanovič) Maximowicz Carl Maximowicz Target mismatch
Maxon William Ralph Maxon William Ralph Maxon Target mismatch
Maxwell T.C. Maxwell T.C.Maxwell Target mismatch
McCoy Frederick McCoy Frederick McCoy Target mismatch
McGill. (redirects to Donald McGillivray) Donald John McGillivray Donald McGillivray Target mismatch
McGregor Ronald Leighton McGregor Ronald Leighton McGregor Target mismatch
McKinney Harold Hall McKinney Harold Hall McKinney Target mismatch
McVaugh Rogers McVaugh Rogers McVaugh Target mismatch
Medik. (redirects to Friedrich Kasimir Medikus) Friedrich Kasimir Medikus Friedrich Kasimir Medikus Green tickY
Meerb. Nicolaas Meerburgh Nicolaas Meerburgh Target mismatch
Meijer Willem Meijer Willem Meijer Target mismatch
Meikle Robert Desmond Meikle Robert Desmond Meikle Target mismatch
Meisn. (redirects to Carl Meissner) Carl Daniel Friedrich Meisner (redirects to Carl Meissner) Carl Meissner Green tickY
Melch. Hans Melchior Hans Melchior Target mismatch
Melville Ronald Melville Ronald Melville Target mismatch
Melvin Lionel Melvin Norman C. Melvin, III Target mismatch
Mendel (redirects to Gregor Mendel) Gregor Johann Mendel (redirects to Gregor Mendel) Gregor Mendel Green tickY
Menezes Carlos Azevedo de Menezes Carlos Azevedo de Menezes Target mismatch
Menzies Archibald Menzies Archibald Menzies Target mismatch
Mereschk. (redirects to Konstantin Mereschkowski) Konstantin Sergejewicz Mereschkowski Konstantin Mereshkovski Target mismatch
Merr. (redirects to Elmer Drew Merrill) Elmer Drew Merrill Elmer Drew Merrill Green tickY
Mert. (redirects to Franz Carl Mertens) Franz Karl(Carl) Mertens Franz Carl Mertens Target mismatch
Mett. Georg Heinrich Mettenius Georg Heinrich Mettenius Target mismatch
Meyen Franz Julius Ferdinand Meyen (redirects to Franz Meyen) Franz Meyen Target mismatch
Mez Carl Christian Mez Carl Christian Mez Target mismatch
Micevski Kiril Micevski Kiril Micevski Target mismatch
Micheli Marc Micheli Marc Micheli Target mismatch
Michx. (redirects to André Michaux) André Michaux André Michaux Green tickY
Miers John Miers John Miers (botanist) Target mismatch
Milde Carl August Julius Milde Carl August Julius Milde Target mismatch
Mill. (redirects to Philip Miller) Philip Miller Philip Miller Green tickY
Millais (redirects to John Everett Millais) John Guille Millais John Guille Millais Target mismatch
Millsp. (redirects to Charles Frederick Millspaugh) Charles Frederick Millspaugh Charles Frederick Millspaugh Green tickY
Milne-Redh. Edgar Wolston Bertram Handsley Milne-Redhead Edgar Wolston Bertram Handsley Milne-Redhead Target mismatch
Miq. (redirects to Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel) Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel Green tickY
Mirb. (redirects to Charles-François Brisseau de Mirbel) Charles François Brisseau de Mirbel Charles-François Brisseau de Mirbel Target mismatch
Mitch. John Mitchell John Mitchell (geographer) Target mismatch
Moc. (redirects to José Mariano Mociño) José Mariano Mociño José Mariano Mociño Green tickY
Moench Conrad Moench Conrad Moench Target mismatch
Moestrup Øjvind Moestrup Øjvind Moestrup Target mismatch
Mohl Hugo von Mohl Hugo von Mohl Target mismatch
Mohlenbr. Robert H Mohlenbrock Robert H. Mohlenbrock Target mismatch
Moldenke (redirects to Harold Norman Moldenke) Harold Norman Moldenke Harold Norman Moldenke Green tickY
Molina Giovanni Ignazio (Juan Ignacio) Molina Juan Ignacio Molina Target mismatch
Monnard Jean Pierre Monnard Jean Pierre Monnard Target mismatch
Mont. (redirects to Camille Montagne) Jean Pierre François Camille Montagne (redirects to Camille Montagne) Jean Pierre François Camille Montagne (redirects to Camille Montagne) Green tickY
Moore David Moore David Moore (botanist) Target mismatch
Moq. (redirects to Alfred Moquin-Tandon) Christian Horace Bénédict Alfred Moquin-Tandon (redirects to Alfred Moquin-Tandon) Christian Horace Bénédict Alfred Moquin-Tandon (redirects to Alfred Moquin-Tandon) Green tickY
Moretti Giuseppe L. Moretti Giuseppi L. Moretti Target mismatch
Moris Giuseppe Giacinto (Joseph Hyacinthe) Moris Giuseppe Giacinto Moris Target mismatch
Morison Robert Morison (redirects to Robert Morison (botanist)) Robert Morison (redirects to Robert Morison (botanist)) Target mismatch
Morong Thomas Morong Thomas Morong Target mismatch
Moss Charles Edward Moss Charles Edward Moss Target mismatch
Mottet Séraphin Joseph Mottet Seraphin Joseph Mottet Target mismatch
Muhl. (redirects to Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg) Gotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlenberg (redirects to Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg) Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg Green tickY
Munz Philip Alexander Munz Philip Alexander Munz Target mismatch
Murb. (redirects to List of botanists by author abbreviation) Svante Samuel Murbeck Svante Samuel Murbeck Target mismatch
Murray Johan Andreas Murray Johan Andreas Murray Target mismatch
Mutis José Celestino Bruno Mutis José Celestino Bruno Mutis Target mismatch
Mérat François Victor Mérat de Vaumartoise François Victor Mérat de Vaumartoise Target mismatch
Möhring Paul Heinrich Gerhard Möhring (redirects to Paul Möhring) Paul Möhring Target mismatch
Müll.-Thurg. Herman Müller Thurgau (redirects to Hermann Müller (Thurgau)) Hermann Müller (Thurgau) Target mismatch
Müll.Arg. (redirects to Johannes Müller Argoviensis) Johannes (Jean) Müller Argoviensis Johannes Müller Argoviensis Target mismatch
Münchh. (redirects to Otto von Münchhausen) Otto von Münchhausen Otto von Münchhausen Green tickY
N.E.Br. (redirects to N. E. Brown) Nicholas Edward Brown (redirects to N. E. Brown) Nicholas Edward Brown (redirects to N. E. Brown) Green tickY
N.H.F.Desp. Narcisse Henri François Desportes Narcisse Henri François Desportes Target mismatch
N.H.Holmgren Noel Herman Holmgren Noel Herman Holmgren Target mismatch
N.Robson Norman Keith Bonner Robson Norman Keith Bonner Robson Target mismatch
N.T.Burb. Nancy Tyson Burbidge Nancy Tyson Burbidge Target mismatch
Naczi Robert Francis Cox Naczi Robert Francis Cox Naczi Target mismatch
Nakai Takenoshin(Takenosin) Nakai Takenoshin Nakai Target mismatch
Nash George Valentine Nash George Valentine Nash Target mismatch
Naudin Charles Victor Naudin Charles Victor Naudin Target mismatch
Neck. Noel Martin Joseph de Necker Noel Martin Joseph de Necker Target mismatch
Nees (redirects to Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck) Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck Green tickY
Neubert Wilhelm Neubert Wilhelm Neubert Target mismatch
Nevski Sergei Arsenjevic Nevski Sergei Arsenjevic Nevski Target mismatch
Newman Edward Newman Edward Newman Target mismatch
Nichols George Elwood Nichols George Elwood Nichols Target mismatch
Nied. (redirects to Franz Josef Niedenzu) Franz Josef Niedenzu Franz Josef Niedenzu Green tickY
Nieuwl. Julius (Aloysius) Arthur Nieuwland Julius Aloysius Arthur Nieuwland Target mismatch
Nob.Tanaka Nobuyuki Tanaka Nobuyuki Tanaka Target mismatch
Nodder - Frederick Polydore Nodder No IPNI record
Nordm. Alexander (Davidovič) von Nordmann Alexander von Nordmann Target mismatch
Noronha Francisco Noroña (redirects to Francisco Noronha) Francisco Noronha Target mismatch
Norton John Bitting Smith Norton John Bitting Smith Norton Target mismatch
Nutt. (redirects to Thomas Nuttall) Thomas Nuttall Thomas Nuttall Green tickY
Nyár. Erasmus Julius Nyárády Erasmus Julius Nyárády Target mismatch
Nägeli (redirects to Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli) Carl Wilhelm von Nägeli (redirects to Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli) Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli Green tickY
Née (redirects to Married and maiden names) Luis Née Luis Née Target mismatch
O.Berg Otto Karl (Carl) Berg Otto Karl Berg Target mismatch
O.Deg. (redirects to Otto Degener) Otto Degener Otto Degener Green tickY
O.E.Schulz Otto Eugen Schulz Otto Eugen Schulz Target mismatch
O.F.Cook (redirects to Orator F. Cook) Orator Fuller Cook Orator F. Cook Target mismatch
O.F.Müll. Otto Friedrich (Friderich, Fridrich, Frederik) Müller Otto Friedrich Müller Target mismatch
O.Hoffm. (redirects to Karl August Otto Hoffmann) Karl August Otto Hoffmann Karl August Otto Hoffmann Green tickY
Oakes William Oakes William Oakes Target mismatch
Oeder George Christian Edler von Oldenburg Oeder Georg Christian Oeder Target mismatch
Oerst. (redirects to Anders Sandøe Ørsted (botanist)) Anders Sandoe Oersted Anders Sandoe Oersted (botanist) (redirects to Anders Sandøe Ørsted (botanist)) Target mismatch
Ohwi Jisaburo Ohwi Jisaburo Ohwi Target mismatch
Oliv. (redirects to Daniel Oliver) Daniel Oliver Daniel Oliver Green tickY
Olney Stephen Thayer Olney Stephen Thayer Olney Target mismatch
Opiz Philipp(Filip) Maximilian Opiz Philipp Maximilian Opiz Target mismatch
Ortega Casimiro Gómez de Ortega Casimiro Gómez Ortega Target mismatch
Ostenf. (redirects to Carl Hansen Ostenfeld) Carl Emil Hansen Ostenfeld Carl Hansen Ostenfeld Target mismatch
Otth Carl(Karl) Adolph Otth Carl Adolf Otth Target mismatch
Otto Christoph Friedrich Otto Christoph Friedrich Otto Target mismatch
Oudejans Robertus Cornelis Hilarius Maria Oudejans Robertus Cornelis Hilarius Maria Oudejans Target mismatch
P.B.Adams P.B. Adams P. B. Adams Target mismatch
P.Beauv. (redirects to Palisot de Beauvois) Ambroise Marie François Joseph Palisot de Beauvois (redirects to Palisot de Beauvois) Ambroise Marie François Joseph Palisot de Beauvois (redirects to Palisot de Beauvois) Green tickY
P.Browne (redirects to Patrick Browne) Patrick Browne Patrick Browne Green tickY
P.E.Berry Paul Edward Berry Paul Edward Berry Target mismatch
P.Gaertn. - Philipp Gottfried Gaertner No IPNI record
P.H.Allen (redirects to Paul H. Allen) Paul Hamilton Allen Paul H. Allen Target mismatch
P.H.Raven Peter Hamilton Raven (redirects to Peter H. Raven) Peter Hamilton Raven (redirects to Peter H. Raven) Target mismatch
P.J.Bergius Peter Jonas Bergius Peter Jonias Bergius Target mismatch
P.J.Müll. Philipp Jakob Müller Philipp Jakob Müller Target mismatch
P.K.Endress Peter Karl Endress Peter Karl Endress Target mismatch
P.K.Holmgren Patricia Kern Holmgren Patricia Kern Holmgren Target mismatch
P.Karst. (redirects to Petter Adolf Karsten) Petter (Peter) Adolf Karsten Petter Adolf Karsten Target mismatch
P.Kumm. (redirects to Paul Kummer) Paul Kummer Paul Kummer Green tickY
P.R.O.Bally Peter René Oscar Bally Peter René Oscar Bally Target mismatch
P.Royen Pieter van Royen Pieter van Royen Target mismatch
P.S.Ashton (redirects to Peter Shaw Ashton) Peter Shaw Ashton Peter Shaw Ashton Green tickY
P.S.Green Peter Shaw Green Peter Shaw Green Target mismatch
P.S.Wyse Jacks. Peter S. Wyse Jackson (redirects to Peter Wyse Jackson) Peter Wyse Jackson Target mismatch
P.Selby (redirects to Prideaux John Selby) Prideaux John Selby Prideaux John Selby Green tickY
P.W.Ball Peter William Ball Peter William Ball Target mismatch
Paine John Alsop Paine John Alsop Paine Target mismatch
Pall. (redirects to Peter Simon Pallas) Peter(Pyotr) Simon von Pallas Peter Simon von Pallas (redirects to Peter Simon Pallas) Target mismatch
Palla Eduard Palla Eduard Palla Target mismatch
Palmer Edward Palmer Edward Palmer (botanist) Target mismatch
Panero José L. Panero José L. Panero Target mismatch
Panz. (redirects to Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer) Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer Green tickY
Pančić Joseph Pančić Josif Pančić Target mismatch
Papan. Konstantinos Papanicolaou Konstantinos Papanicolaou Target mismatch
Parl. (redirects to Filippo Parlatore) Filippo Parlatore Filippo Parlatore Green tickY
Parry Charles Christopher Parry Charles Christopher Parry Target mismatch
Pascher Adolf(Adolph) A. Pascher Adolf Pascher Target mismatch
Paterson (redirects to Paterson, New Jersey) William Paterson William Paterson (governor) (redirects to William Paterson (explorer)) Target mismatch
Patrin Eugène Louis Melchior Patrin Eugène Louis Melchior Patrin Target mismatch
Paulsen Ove Wilhelm Paulsen Ove Paulsen Target mismatch
Paunero Elena Paunero Elena Paunero Ruiz Target mismatch
Pav. (redirects to José Antonio Pavón Jiménez) José Antonio Pavon José Antonio Pavón Jiménez Target mismatch
Pavol. Angiolo Ferdinando Pavolini Angiolo Ferdinando Pavolini Target mismatch
Pax Ferdinand Albin Pax Ferdinand Albin Pax Target mismatch
Paxton Joseph Paxton Joseph Paxton Target mismatch
Peattie Donald Culross Peattie Donald C. Peattie Target mismatch
Peck Charles Horton Peck Charles Horton Peck Target mismatch
Pedersen Troels Myndel Pedersen Troels Myndel Pedersen Target mismatch
Pedley (redirects to Pedley, California) Leslie Pedley Leslie Pedley Target mismatch
Pellegr. François Pellegrin François Pellegrin Target mismatch
Pelser (redirects to Pieter B. Pelser) Pieter B. Pelser Pieter B. Pelser Green tickY
Penn. Leigh Humboldt Pennington Thomas Pennant Target mismatch
Pennell (redirects to Pennell (Kent cricketer)) Francis Whittier Pennell Francis Whittier Pennell Target mismatch
Perleb (redirects to Karl Julius Perleb) Karl(Carl) Julius Perleb Karl Julius Perleb Target mismatch
Perr. George(Georges Guerrard) Samuel Perrottet George Samuel Perrottet Target mismatch
Perrine Henry Perrine Henry Perrine Target mismatch
Pers. (redirects to Christiaan Hendrik Persoon) Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Green tickY
Peter Albert Peter (Gustav) Albert Peter Target mismatch
Petr. Franz Petrak Franz Petrak Target mismatch
Petz. Carl Edward Adolph Petzold Carl Edward Adolph Petzold Target mismatch
Peyr. Johann Joseph Peyritsch Johann Joseph Peyritsch Target mismatch
Pfeff. Wilhelm Friedrich Philipp Pfeffer (redirects to Wilhelm Pfeffer) Wilhelm Pfeffer Target mismatch
Phil. (redirects to Rodolfo Armando Philippi) Rudolph Amandus (Rodolfo(Rudolf) Amando) Philippi Rodolfo Amando Philippi (redirects to Rodolfo Armando Philippi) Target mismatch
Philcox David Philcox David Philcox Target mismatch
Phillippe Loy R. Phillippe Loy R. Phillippe Target mismatch
Pic.Serm. Rodolfo Emilio Giuseppe Pichi Sermolli Rodolfo Emilio Giuseppe Pichi Sermolli Target mismatch
Pichon Marcel Pichon Marcel Pichon Target mismatch
Pickett Fermen Layton Pickett Fermen Layton Pickett Target mismatch
Pilg. (redirects to Robert Knud Friedrich Pilger) Robert Knud Friedrich Pilger Robert Knud Friedrich Pilger Green tickY
Piper Charles Vancouver Piper Charles Vancouver Piper Target mismatch
Pirotta Pietro Romualdo Pirotta Pietro Romualdo Pirotta Target mismatch
Pittier (redirects to Henri François Pittier) Henri François Pittier Henri François Pittier Green tickY
Planch. (redirects to Jules Émile Planchon) Jules Émile Planchon Jules Émile Planchon Green tickY
Plum. Charles Plumier Charles Plumier Target mismatch
Pocock Mary Agard Pocock Mary Agard Pocock Target mismatch
Podp. Josef Podpěra Josef Podpera Target mismatch
Poederlé Eugène Josef Charles Gilain Hubert d'Olmen Poederlé Eugene Josef Charles Gilain Hubert d'Olmen Poederlé Target mismatch
Poepp. (redirects to Eduard Friedrich Poeppig) Eduard Friedrich Poeppig Eduard Friedrich Poeppig Green tickY
Poggenb. Justus Ferdinand Poggenburg Justus Ferdinand Poggenburg Target mismatch
Pohl Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl Target mismatch
Poir. (redirects to Jean Louis Marie Poiret) Jean Louis Marie Poiret Jean Louis Marie Poiret Green tickY
Poit. (redirects to Pierre Antoine Poiteau) Pierre Antoine Poiteau Pierre Antoine Poiteau Green tickY
Pojark. Antonina Ivanovna Pojarkova Antonina Ivanovna Pojarkova Target mismatch
Polatschek Adolf Polatschek Adolf Polatschek Target mismatch
Pollard Charles Louis Pollard Charles Louis Pollard Target mismatch
Pollich Johann Adam Pollich Johan Adam Pollich Target mismatch
Pollock James Barklay Pollock James Barklay Pollock Target mismatch
Porter Thomas Conrad Porter Thomas Conrad Porter Target mismatch
Posp. Eduard Pospichal Eduard Pospichal Target mismatch
Post George Edward Post George Edward Post Target mismatch
Prantl Karl Anton Eugen Prantl Karl Anton Eugen Prantl Target mismatch
Pringsh. (redirects to Nathanael Pringsheim) Nathanael(Nathaniel) Pringsheim Nathanael Pringsheim Target mismatch
Profice Sheila Regina Profice Sheila Regina Profice Target mismatch
Prokh. Jaroslav Ivanovic (Yaroslav Ivanovich) Prokhanov Jaroslav Ivanovic Prokhanov Target mismatch
Prosk. Johannes Max Proskauer Johannes Max Proskauer Target mismatch
Pryer Kathleen M. Pryer Kathleen M. Pryer Target mismatch
Purdom William Purdom William Purdom Target mismatch
Pursh (redirects to Frederick Traugott Pursh) Frederick Traugott Pursh Frederick Traugott Pursh Green tickY
Putz. Jules Antoine Adolph Henri Putzeys Jules Putzeys Target mismatch
Pynaert Édouard-Christophe Pynaert Edouard-Christophe Pynaert Target mismatch
Pépin (redirects to Pippin) Pierre Denis Pépin Pierre Denis Pépin Target mismatch
Quél. (redirects to Lucien Quélet) Lucien Quélet Lucien Quélet Green tickY
R.A.Dyer (redirects to Robert Allen Dyer) Robert Allen Dyer Robert Allen Dyer Green tickY
R.A.Howard (redirects to Richard A. Howard) Richard Alden Howard (redirects to Richard A. Howard) Richard Alden Howard Target mismatch
R.A.W.Herrm. Rudolf Albert Wolfgang Herrmann Rudolf Albert Wolfgang Herrmann Target mismatch
R.Bernal (redirects to Rodrigo Bernal) Rodrigo Bernal Rodrigo Bernal Green tickY
R.Br. (redirects to Robert Brown (botanist)) Robert Brown Robert Brown (botanist) Target mismatch
R.C.Jacks. Raymond Carl Jackson Raymond Carl Jackson Target mismatch
R.C.Moran Robbin C. Moran Robbin C. Moran Target mismatch
R.Dahlgren Rolf Martin Theodor Dahlgren Rolf Martin Theodor Dahlgren Target mismatch
R.E.Fr. (redirects to Robert Elias Fries) Robert Elias Fries Robert Elias Fries Green tickY
R.J.Bayer Randall J. Bayer Randall James Bayer Target mismatch
R.K.Godfrey Robert Kenneth Godfrey Robert Kenneth Godfrey Target mismatch
R.Knuth Reinhard Gustav Paul Knuth Reinhard Gustav Paul Knuth Target mismatch
R.M.Harper Roland McMillan Harper Roland McMillan Harper Target mismatch
R.M.King Robert Merrill King Robert Merrill King Target mismatch
R.M.Patrick (redirects to Ruth Patrick) Ruth Myrtle Patrick Ruth Patrick Target mismatch
R.M.Schust. Rudolf Mathias Schuster Rudolf M. Schuster Target mismatch
R.Morales Ramón Morales Ramón Morales Valverde Target mismatch
R.R.Haynes Robert Ralph Haynes Robert Ralph Haynes Target mismatch
R.R.Scott Robert Robinson Scott Robert Robinson Scott Target mismatch
R.T.Clausen Robert Theodore Clausen Robert Theodore Clausen Target mismatch
Rach Louis Theodor Rach Louis Theodor Rach Target mismatch
Radcl.-Sm. Alan Radcliffe-Smith Alan Radcliffe-Smith Target mismatch
Raddi (redirects to Newspaper) Giuseppe Raddi Giuseppe Raddi Target mismatch
Raderm. (redirects to Jacob Cornelis Matthieu Radermacher) Jacobus Cornelius Matthaeus Radermacher Jacob Cornelis Matthieu Radermacher Target mismatch
Radford Albert Ernest Radford Albert Ernest Radford Target mismatch
Radlk. (redirects to Ludwig Adolph Timotheus Radlkofer) Ludwig Adolph Timotheus Radlkofer Ludwig Adolph Timotheus Radlkofer Green tickY
Raeusch. Ernst Adolf Raeuschel Ernst Adolf Raeuschel Target mismatch
Raf. (redirects to Constantine Samuel Rafinesque) Constantine Samuel Rafinesque Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz (redirects to Constantine Samuel Rafinesque) Green tickY
Rafn Carl Gottlob Rafn Carl Gottlob Rafn Target mismatch
Raim. Rudolf Raimann Rudolph Raimann Target mismatch
Ralfs (redirects to John Ralfs) John Ralfs John Ralfs Green tickY
Ramond Louis François Elisabeth Ramond de Carbonnière Louis Ramond de Carbonnières Target mismatch
Raoul Etienne Fiacre Louis Raoul (redirects to Étienne Fiacre Louis Raoul) Etienne Fiacre Louis Raoul (redirects to Étienne Fiacre Louis Raoul) Target mismatch
Rattan Volney Rattan Volney Rattan Target mismatch
Rauh (redirects to Werner Rauh) Werner Rauh Werner Rauh Green tickY
Raunk. Christen Christiansen Raunkiaer Christen C. Raunkiær Target mismatch
Rauschert Stephan Rauschert Stephan Rauschert Target mismatch
Rauwolff (redirects to Leonhard Rauwolf) Leonhart Rauwolff Leonhard Rauwolf Target mismatch
Raven John Earle Raven John Raven Target mismatch
Ravenna Pierfelice (Pedro Felix, Pierre Félice) Ravenna Pierfelice Ravenna Target mismatch
Ray John Ray John Ray Target mismatch
Raymond Louis-Florent-Marcel Raymond Louis-Florent-Marcel Raymond Target mismatch
Razaf. A. Razafindratsira A. Razafindratsira fl. Target mismatch
Rchb. (redirects to Ludwig Reichenbach) Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig Reichenbach (redirects to Ludwig Reichenbach) Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig Reichenbach (redirects to Ludwig Reichenbach) Green tickY
Rchb.f. (redirects to Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach) Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach Green tickY
Rech. Karl Rechinger Karl Rechinger Target mismatch
Rech.f. Karl Heinz Rechinger Karl Heinz Rechinger Target mismatch
Regel (redirects to Eduard August von Regel) Eduard August von Regel Eduard August von Regel Green tickY
Rehder (redirects to Alfred Rehder) Alfred Rehder Alfred Rehder Green tickY
Reichard Johann Jacob(Jakob) Reichard Johann Jacob Reichard Target mismatch
Reinw. (redirects to Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt) Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt Green tickY
Reissek (redirects to Siegfried Reisseck) Siegfried Reissek Siegfried Reisseck Target mismatch
Rendle (redirects to Alfred Barton Rendle) Alfred Barton Rendle Alfred Barton Rendle Green tickY
Req. Esprit Requien Esprit Requien Target mismatch
Resv.-Holms. Hanna (Marie) Resvoll-Holmsen Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen Target mismatch
Resvoll Thekla Susanne Ragnhild Resvoll Thekla Resvoll Target mismatch
Retz. (redirects to Anders Jahan Retzius) Anders Jahan Retzius Anders Johan Retzius (redirects to Anders Jahan Retzius) Green tickY
Reut. George François Reuter George François Reuter Target mismatch
Reveal James Lauritz Reveal (redirects to J. L. Reveal) J.L. Reveal (redirects to J. L. Reveal) Target mismatch
Rhode Johann Gottlieb Rhode Johann Gottlieb Rhode Target mismatch
Rich. (redirects to Louis Claude Richard) Louis Claude Marie Richard Louis Claude Richard Target mismatch
Richardson John Richardson John Richardson Target mismatch
Richens Richard Hook Richens Richard Hook Richens Target mismatch
Ricken (redirects to Adalbert Ricken) Adalbert Ricken Adalbert Ricken Green tickY
Riddell John Leonard Riddell John Leonard Riddell Target mismatch
Ridl. (redirects to Henry Nicholas Ridley) Henry Nicholas Ridley Henry Nicholas Ridley Green tickY
Ridsdale Colin Ernest Ridsdale Colin Ernest Ridsdale Target mismatch
Rivière Marie Auguste Rivière Marie Auguste Rivière Target mismatch
Rizzini Carlos Toledo Rizzini Carlos Toledo Rizzini Target mismatch
Robbr. Elmar Robbrecht Elmar Robbrecht Target mismatch
Robyns Frans Hubert Edouard Arthur Walter Robyns Frans Hubert Edouard Arthur Walter Robyns Target mismatch
Rock Joseph Francis Charles (Joseph Franz Karl) Rock Joseph Rock Target mismatch
Rodr. José Demetrio Rodríguez José Demetrio Rodrígues Target mismatch
Roem. (redirects to Johann Jacob Roemer) Johann Jakob Roemer (redirects to Johann Jacob Roemer) Johann Jakob Roemer (redirects to Johann Jacob Roemer) Green tickY
Rogow. Athanasi Semenovich Rogowicz Athanasi Semenovich Rogowicz Target mismatch
Rohr Julius Philip Benjamin von Rohr Julius von Röhr Target mismatch
Rohrb. Paul Rohrbach Paul Rohrbach (botanist) Target mismatch
Rollins Reed Clark Rollins Reed C. Rollins Target mismatch
Romagn. (redirects to Henri Romagnesi) Henri Charles Louis(Lewis) Romagnesi Henri Romagnesi Target mismatch
Romans (redirects to Epistle to the Romans) Bernard Romans Bernard Romans Target mismatch
Rose Joseph Nelson Rose Joseph Nelson Rose Target mismatch
Rostk. Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlieb Theophil Rostkovius Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlieb Theophil Rostkovius Target mismatch
Rota Lorenzo Rota Lorenzo Rota Target mismatch
Roth Albrecht Wilhelm Roth Albrecht Wilhelm Roth Target mismatch
Rothm. Werner Hugo Paul Rothmaler Werner Hugo Paul Rothmaler Target mismatch
Rottb. Christen Friis Rottbøll Christen Friis Rottbøll Target mismatch
Roxb. (redirects to William Roxburgh) William Roxburgh William Roxburgh Green tickY
Roy L.Taylor Roy Lewis Taylor Roy L. Taylor Target mismatch
Royen (redirects to Adriaan van Royen) Adriaan van Royen Adriaan van Royen Green tickY
Royle John Forbes Royle John Forbes Royle Target mismatch
Rudall Paula J. Rudall Paula J. Rudall Target mismatch
Ruiz Hipólito Ruiz López Hipólito Ruiz López Target mismatch
Rumph. (redirects to Georg Eberhard Rumphius) Georg Eberhard Rumphius Georg Eberhard Rumphius Green tickY
Ruoy - Georges Rouy No IPNI record
Rupr. (redirects to Franz Josef Ruprecht) Franz Josef (Ivanovich) Ruprecht (redirects to Franz Josef Ruprecht) Franz Josef Ruprecht Green tickY
Rusby Henry Hurd Rusby Henry Hurd Rusby Target mismatch
Rydb. (redirects to Per Axel Rydberg) Per Axel Rydberg Per Axel Rydberg Green tickY
Röhl. Johann Christoph Röhling Johann Christoph Röhling Target mismatch
Rümpler Karl Theodor Rümpler Karl Theodor Rümpler Target mismatch
S.Carter (redirects to Jay-Z) Susan Carter Susan Carter Holmes Target mismatch
S.D.Jones Stanley D. Jones Stanley D. Jones Target mismatch
S.F.Blake Sidney Fay Blake Sidney Fay Blake Target mismatch
S.G.Gmel. (redirects to Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin) Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin Green tickY
S.Moore (redirects to Spencer Le Marchant Moore) Spencer Le Marchant Moore Spencer Le Marchant Moore Green tickY
S.Pierce Simon Pierce Simon Pierce Target mismatch
S.S.Chang Siu Shih Chang Siu Shih Chang Target mismatch
S.T.Blake (redirects to Stanley Thatcher Blake) Stanley Thatcher Blake Stanley Thatcher Blake Green tickY
S.Watson (redirects to Sereno Watson) Sereno Watson Sereno Watson Green tickY
S.Y.Wang Sui Yi Wang Sui-Yi Wang Target mismatch
Sabine Joseph Sabine Joseph Sabine Target mismatch
Sacc. Pier Andrea Saccardo Pier Andrea Saccardo Target mismatch
Sachs (Ferdinand Gustav) Julius von Sachs Julius von Sachs Target mismatch
Saff. William Edwin (`Ned') Safford William Edwin Safford Target mismatch
Salisb. (redirects to Richard Anthony Salisbury) Richard Anthony Salisbury Richard Anthony Salisbury Green tickY
Sandwith Noel Yvri Sandwith Noel Yvri Sandwith Target mismatch
Santin Dionete Aparecida Santin Dionete Aparecida Santin Target mismatch
Sarg. (redirects to Charles Sprague Sargent) Charles Sprague Sargent Charles Sprague Sargent Green tickY
Sart. Giovanni Battista Sartorelli Giovanni Battista Sartorelli Target mismatch
Sartwell Henry Parker Sartwell Henry Parker Sartwell Target mismatch
Sauss. (redirects to Horace-Bénédict de Saussure) Horace Bénédict de Saussure (redirects to Horace-Bénédict de Saussure) Horace-Bénédict de Saussure Green tickY
Savi Gaetano Savi Gaetano Savi Target mismatch
Savigny Marie Jules César Lélorgne de Savigny (redirects to Marie Jules Cesar Lelorgne de Savigny) Marie Jules César Lélorgne de Savigny (redirects to Marie Jules Cesar Lelorgne de Savigny) Target mismatch
Sch.Bip. Carl(Karl) Heinrich `Bipontinus' Schultz Carl Heinrich Schultz Target mismatch
Scharf Uwe Scharf Uwe Scharf Target mismatch
Schauer (redirects to Johannes Conrad Schauer) Johannes Conrad Schauer Johannes Conrad Schauer Green tickY
Scheele George Heinrich Adolf Scheele George Heinrich Adolf Scheele Target mismatch
Schelle Ernst Schelle Ernst Schelle Target mismatch
Schenk Joseph August Schenk Joseph August Schenk Target mismatch
Scherb. Johannes Scherbius Johannes Scherbius Target mismatch
Schindl. Anton Karl Schindler Anton Karl Schindler Target mismatch
Schinz (redirects to Heinrich Rudolf Schinz) Hans Schinz Hans Schinz Target mismatch
Schleid. (redirects to Matthias Jakob Schleiden) Matthias Jacob Schleiden (redirects to Matthias Jakob Schleiden) Matthias Jakob Schleiden Green tickY
Schltdl. (redirects to Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal) Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal Green tickY
Schltr. (redirects to Rudolf Schlechter) Friedrich Richard Rudolf Schlechter (redirects to Rudolf Schlechter) Rudolf Schlechter Green tickY
Schmalh. (redirects to Johannes Theodor Schmalhausen) Johannes Theodor Schmalhausen Johannes Theodor Schmalhausen Green tickY
Schott Heinrich Wilhelm Schott Heinrich Wilhelm Schott Target mismatch
Schottky Ernst Max Schottky Ernst Max Schottky Target mismatch
Schousb. Peder Kofod Anker Schousboe (redirects to Peter Schousboe) Peder Kofod Anker Schousboe (redirects to Peter Schousboe) Target mismatch
Schrad. (redirects to Heinrich Schrader (botanist)) Heinrich Adolph Schrader Heinrich Adolph Schrader Target mismatch
Schrank Franz von Paula von Schrank (redirects to Franz Paula von Schrank) Franz Paula von Schrank Target mismatch
Schreb. (redirects to Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber) Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber Green tickY
Schult. (redirects to Josef August Schultes) Josef (Joseph) August Schultes Josef August Schultes Target mismatch
Schult.f. (redirects to Julius Hermann Schultes) Julius Hermann Schultes Julius Hermann Schultes Green tickY
Schumach. (redirects to Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher) Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher Green tickY
Schur Philipp Johann Ferdinand Schur Philipp Johann Ferdinand Schur Target mismatch
Schwartz Ernest Justus Schwartz Ernest Justus Schwartz Target mismatch
Schweick. Herold Georg Wilhelm Johannes Schweickerdt Herold Georg Wilhelm Johannes Schweickerdt Target mismatch
Schwein. (redirects to Lewis David de Schweinitz) Lewis(Ludwig) David von Schweinitz Lewis David von Schweinitz (redirects to Lewis David de Schweinitz) Target mismatch
Schweinf. (redirects to Georg August Schweinfurth) Georg August Schweinfurth Georg August Schweinfurth Green tickY
Schwer. Fritz Kurt Alexander von Schwerin Fritz Kurt Alexander von Schwerin Target mismatch
Schönl. Johann Lucas Schönlein (redirects to Johann Lukas Schönlein) Johann Lucas Schönlein (redirects to Johann Lukas Schönlein) Target mismatch
Schöpf Johann David Schöpf (redirects to Johann David Schoepf) Johann David Schoepf Target mismatch
Scop. (redirects to Giovanni Antonio Scopoli) Joannes Antonius (Giovanni Antonio) Scopoli Giovanni Antonio Scopoli Target mismatch
Scribn. Frank Lamson Scribner Frank Lamson-Scribner Target mismatch
Secr. (redirects to Louis Secretan) (Gabriel-Abraam-Samuel-Jean) Louis Secretan Louis Secretan Target mismatch
Seem. (redirects to Berthold Carl Seemann) Berthold Carl Seemann Berthold Carl Seemann Green tickY
Seigler David Stanley Seigler David Stanley Seigler Target mismatch
Selander Nils Sten Edvard Selander Nils Sten Edvard Selander Target mismatch
Semple John Cameron Semple John Cameron Semple Target mismatch
Sendtn. Otto Sendtner Otto Sendtner Target mismatch
Seneb. (redirects to Jean Senebier) Jean Senebier Jean Senebier Green tickY
Ser. Nicolas Charles Seringe Nicolas Charles Seringe Target mismatch
Sessé (redirects to Martín Sessé y Lacasta) Martín Sessé y Lacasta Martín Sessé y Lacasta Green tickY
Seub. (redirects to Moritz August Seubert) Moritz August Seubert Moritz August Seubert Green tickY
Seward Albert Charles Seward Albert Charles Seward Target mismatch
Shafer (redirects to Schaefer) John Adolph Shafer John Adolph Shafer Target mismatch
Sharsm. Carl William Sharsmith Carl Sharsmith Target mismatch
Shaver Jesse Milton Shaver Jesse Milton Shaver Target mismatch
Shear Cornelius Lott Shear Cornelius Lott Shear Target mismatch
Shinners Lloyd Herbert Shinners Lloyd Herbert Shinners Target mismatch
Shipunov A.B. Shipunov Alexey B. Shipunov Target mismatch
Shiras. Homi (Yasuyoshi) Shirasawa Yasuyoshi (Miho or Homi) Shirasawa (redirects to Yasuyoshi Shirasawa) Target mismatch
Short Charles Wilkins Short Charles Wilkins Short Target mismatch
Shuttlew. Robert James Shuttleworth Robert James Shuttleworth Target mismatch
Sibth. (redirects to John Sibthorp) John Sibthorp John Sibthorp Green tickY
Sieber Franz(e) Wilhelm Sieber Franz Sieber Target mismatch
Siebold Philipp Franz (Balthasar) von Siebold Philipp Franz von Siebold Target mismatch
Sim Thomas Robertson Sim Thomas Robertson Sim Target mismatch
Simon-Louis Léon L. Simon-Louis Leon L. Simon-Louis Target mismatch
Sims (redirects to SIMS) John Sims John Sims Target mismatch
Singer Rolf Singer Rolf Singer Target mismatch
Skeels Homer Collar Skeels Homer Collar Skeels Target mismatch
Slavin (redirects to Slavín) Bernard Henry Slavin Berhard Henry Slavin Target mismatch
Sleumer Hermann Otto Sleumer Hermann Otto Sleumer Target mismatch
Sm. (redirects to James Edward Smith) James Edward Smith James Edward Smith Green tickY
Small John Kunkel Small John Kunkel Small Target mismatch
Smyth Bernard Bryan Smyth Bernard Bryan Smyth Target mismatch
Sobol. Gregor Fedorovitch (Grigoriy Fedorowich) Sobolewsky Gregor Fedorovitch Sobolewsky Target mismatch
Soderstr. Thomas Robert Soderstrom Thomas Robert Soderstrom Target mismatch
Soegeng Wertit Soegeng-Reksodihardjo Wertit Soegeng-Reksodihardjo Target mismatch
Soják Jiří Soják Jirí Soják Target mismatch
Sol. (redirects to Daniel Solander) Daniel Carl Solander Daniel Solander Target mismatch
Sole William Sole William Sole Target mismatch
Soler. (redirects to List of botanists by author abbreviation) Hans Solereder Hans Solereder Target mismatch
Sond. (redirects to Otto Wilhelm Sonder) Otto Wilhelm Sonder Otto Wilhelm Sonder Green tickY
Sonn. (redirects to Pierre Sonnerat) Pierre Sonnerat Pierre Sonnerat Green tickY
Soó Károly Rezsö Soó von Bere Soó Rezső Target mismatch
Spach Édouard Spach Édouard Spach Target mismatch
Spellenb. Richard William Spellenberg Richard Spellenberg Target mismatch
Sprague Thomas Archibald Sprague Thomas Archibald Sprague Target mismatch
Spreng. (redirects to Curt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel) Curt (Kurt, Curtius) Polycarp Joachim Sprengel Curt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel Target mismatch
Spring Antoine Frédéric Spring Antoine Frédéric Spring Target mismatch
Spruce Richard Spruce Richard Spruce Target mismatch
Stace Clive Anthony Stace Clive A. Stace Target mismatch
Stackh. John Stackhouse John Stackhouse (botanist) Target mismatch
Standl. (redirects to Paul Carpenter Standley) Paul Carpenter Standley Paul Carpenter Standley Green tickY
Stapf (redirects to Otto Stapf) Otto Stapf Otto Stapf Green tickY
Staudt Günther Staudt Günther Staudt Target mismatch
Stearn William Thomas Stearn (redirects to William T. Stearn) William Thomas Stearn (redirects to William T. Stearn) Target mismatch
Stebbins George Ledyard Stebbins (redirects to G. Ledyard Stebbins) George Ledyard Stebbins (redirects to G. Ledyard Stebbins) Target mismatch
Steenis Cornelis Gijsbert Gerrit Jan van Steenis Cornelis Gijsbert Gerrit Jan van Steenis Target mismatch
Stein Berthold Stein Berthold Stein Target mismatch
Steller (redirects to Georg Wilhelm Steller) Georg Wilhelm Steller Georg Wilhelm Steller Green tickY
Steph. (redirects to Franz Stephani) Franz Stephani Franz Stephani Green tickY
Sternb. (redirects to Kaspar Maria von Sternberg) Caspar(Kaspar) Maria von Sternberg Kaspar Maria von Sternberg Target mismatch
Sterns (redirects to Stern's) Emerson Ellick Sterns Emerson Ellick Sterns Target mismatch
Steud. (redirects to Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel) Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel Green tickY
Steward Albert Newton Steward Albert Newton Steward Target mismatch
Steyerm. (redirects to Julian Alfred Steyermark) Julian Alfred Steyermark Julian Alfred Steyermark Green tickY
Stocks John Ellerton Stocks John Ellerton Stocks Target mismatch
Stokes Jonathan S. Stokes (redirects to Jonathan Stokes) Jonathan S. Stokes (redirects to Jonathan Stokes) Target mismatch
Strasb. (redirects to Eduard Strasburger) Eduard Adolf Strasburger (redirects to Eduard Strasburger) Eduard Strasburger Green tickY
Stritch L.R. Stritch L.R.Stritch Target mismatch
Stuchlík Jaroslav Stuchlík Jaroslav Stuchlík Target mismatch
Stuntz Stephen Conrad Stuntz Stephen Conrad Stuntz Target mismatch
Sturm Jacob(Jakob) W. Sturm Jacob W. Sturm Target mismatch
Sudw. (redirects to George Bishop Sudworth) George Bishop Sudworth George Bishop Sudworth Green tickY
Suess. Karl Suessenguth Karl Suessenguth Target mismatch
Suksd. Wilhelm Nikolaus Suksdorf Wilhelm Nikolaus Suksdorf Target mismatch
Sull. William Starling Sullivant William Starling Sullivant Target mismatch
Suter Johann Rudolf Suter Johann Rudolf Suter Target mismatch
Svenson (redirects to Svensson) Henry Knute(Knut) Svenson Henry Knute Svenson Target mismatch
Svent. Eric R.Svensson Sventenius Eric R. Svensson Sventenius (redirects to Eric Ragnor Sventenius) Target mismatch
Sw. (redirects to Olof Swartz) Olof or Olavo (Peter) Swartz Olof Swartz Target mismatch
Sweet (redirects to Sweetness) Robert Sweet Robert Sweet (botanist) Target mismatch
Swezey Goodwin Deloss Swezey Goodwin Deloss Swezey Target mismatch
Swingle Walter Tennyson Swingle Walter Tennyson Swingle Target mismatch
Syme John Thomas Irvine Boswell Syme John Thomas Irvine Boswell Syme Target mismatch
Symons Jelinger Symons Jelinger Symons Target mismatch
Szyszył. Ignaz(Ignacy) von Szyszyłowicz Ignaz von Szyszyłowicz Target mismatch
T.A.Chr. Tyge Ahrengot Christensen Tyge Ahrengot Christensen Target mismatch
T.Anderson (redirects to Thomas Anderson) Thomas Anderson Thomas Anderson (botanist) Target mismatch
T.Baskerv. Thomas Baskerville Thomas Baskerville Target mismatch
T.Bastard Thom. Bastard Thomas Bastard (botanist) Target mismatch
T.C.E.Fr. (redirects to Thore Christian Elias Fries) Thore Christian Elias Fries Thore Christian Elias Fries Green tickY
T.Durand Théophile Alexis Durand Théophile Alexis Durand Target mismatch
T.E.Raven Tamra Engelhorn Raven Tamra Engelhorn Raven Target mismatch
T.F.Forst. Thomas Furley Forster Thomas Furley Forster Target mismatch
T.Lestib. Thémistocle Gaspard Lestiboudois Thémistocle Gaspard Lestiboudois Target mismatch
T.Moore Thomas Moore Thomas Moore Target mismatch
T.N.McCoy Thomas Nevil McCoy Thomas Nevil McCoy Target mismatch
T.Q.Nguyen To Quyen Nguyen To Quyen Nguyen Target mismatch
Takht. (redirects to Armen Takhtajan) Armen Leonovich Takhtajan Armen Takhtajan Target mismatch
Tansley Arthur George Tansley (redirects to Arthur Tansley) Arthur Tansley Target mismatch
Taub. Paul Hermann Wilhelm Taubert Paul Hermann Wilhelm Taubert Target mismatch
Tausch Ignaz Friedrich Tausch Ignaz Friedrich Tausch Target mismatch
Teijsm. (redirects to Johannes Elias Teijsmann) Johannes Elias Teijsmann Johannes Elias Teijsmann Green tickY
Ten. (redirects to Tenuto) Michele Tenore Michele Tenore Target mismatch
Thell. (redirects to Albert Thellung) Albert Thellung Albert Thellung Green tickY
Thieret John William Thieret John William Thieret Target mismatch
Thomson Thomas Thomson Thomas Thomson (botanist) Target mismatch
Thonn. (redirects to Peter Thonning) Peter Thonning Peter Thonning Green tickY
Thorne Robert Folger Thorne Robert Folger Thorne Target mismatch
Thouars Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars (redirects to Louis-Marie Aubert du Petit-Thouars) Louis-Marie Aubert du Petit-Thouars Target mismatch
Thuill. Jean Louis Thuillier Jean Louis Thuillier Target mismatch
Thulin Mats Thulin Mats Thulin Target mismatch
Thunb. (redirects to Carl Peter Thunberg) Carl Peter Thunberg Carl Peter Thunberg Green tickY
Thur. Gustave Adolphe Thuret (redirects to Gustave Thuret) Gustave Adolphe Thuret (redirects to Gustave Thuret) Target mismatch
Tidestr. Ivar (Frederick) Tidestrøm Ivar Frederick Tidestrøm Target mismatch
Tiegh. (redirects to Philippe Édouard Léon Van Tieghem) Phillippe Édouard Léon van Tieghem (redirects to Philippe Édouard Léon Van Tieghem) Phillippe Édouard Léon van Tieghem (redirects to Philippe Édouard Léon Van Tieghem) Green tickY
Tiling Heinrich Sylvester Theodor Tiling Heinrich Sylvester Theodor Tiling Target mismatch
Tineo Vincenzo Tineo Vincenzo Tineo Target mismatch
Tod. (redirects to Agostino Todaro) Agostino Todaro Agostino Todaro Green tickY
Todzia Carol A. Todzia Carol Ann Todzia Target mismatch
Tolm. Alexandr Innokentevich Tolmatchew Alexandr Innokentevich Tolmatchew Target mismatch
Torr. (redirects to John Torrey) John Torrey John Torrey Green tickY
Tourn. (redirects to Joseph Pitton de Tournefort) Joseph Pitton de Tournefort Joseph Pitton de Tournefort Green tickY
Trad. (redirects to Trad) John Tradescant John Tradescant the younger (redirects to John Tradescant the Younger) Target mismatch
Tratt. Leopold Trattinnick Leopold Trattinnick Target mismatch
Trautv. (redirects to Ernst Rudolf von Trautvetter) Ernst Rudolf von Trautvetter Ernst Rudolf von Trautvetter Green tickY
Trel. (redirects to William Trelease) William Trelease William Trelease Green tickY
Triana José Jéronimo Triana (redirects to José Jerónimo Triana) José Jéronimo Triana (redirects to José Jerónimo Triana) Target mismatch
Trimen (redirects to Roland Trimen) Henry Trimen Henry Trimen Target mismatch
Trin. Carl Bernhard von Trinius Carl Bernhard von Trinius Target mismatch
Trotter Alessandro Trotter Alessandro Trotter Target mismatch
Tswett (redirects to Mikhail Tsvet) Michael(Michel) Semenovich Tswett Mikhail Tsvet Target mismatch
Tuck. (redirects to Edward Tuckerman) Edward Tuckerman Edward Tuckerman Green tickY
Turcz. (redirects to Nicolai Stepanovitch Turczaninow) Porphir Kiril Nicolai Stepanowitsch Turczaninow (redirects to Nicolai Stepanovitch Turczaninow) Nicolai Stepanovitch Turczaninow Green tickY
Turner Dawson Turner Dawson Turner Target mismatch
Turpin Pierre Jean François Turpin Pierre Jean François Turpin Target mismatch
Twaithes - George Henry Kendrik Twaithes No IPNI record
Tzelev - Nikolai Nikolaievich Tzelev No IPNI record
Ueki Robert Ueki Robert Ueki Target mismatch
Ulbr. Oskar Eberhard Ulbrich Oskar Eberhard Ulbrich Target mismatch
Ule Ernst Heinrich Georg Ule Ernst Heinrich Georg Ule Target mismatch
Ulmer Torsten Ulmer Torsten Ulmer Target mismatch
Underw. Lucien Marcus Underwood Lucien Marcus Underwood Target mismatch
Urb. (redirects to Ignatz Urban) Ignatz Urban Ignatz Urban Green tickY
Ursch Eugène Ursch Eugène Ursch Target mismatch
V.Gibbs Vicary Gibbs Vicary Gibbs (botanist) Target mismatch
Vahl (redirects to Martin Vahl (botanist)) Martin (Henrichsen) Vahl Martin Vahl (botanist) Target mismatch
Vail (redirects to Vail, Colorado) Anna Murray Vail Anna Murray Vail Target mismatch
Vaill. (redirects to Sébastien Vaillant) Sébastien(Sebastian) Vaillant Sébastien Vaillant Target mismatch
Valeton (redirects to List of botanists by author abbreviation) Theodoric Valeton Theodoric Valeton Target mismatch
Van Houtte Louis Benoît Van Houtte Louis Benoit Van Houtte Target mismatch
van Jaarsv. Ernst Jacobus van Jaarsveld Ernst van Jaarsveld Target mismatch
Vand. (redirects to Domenico Vandelli) Domingo(Domingos,Domenico) Vandelli Domenico Vandelli Target mismatch
Vaniot Eugène Vaniot Eugene Vaniot Target mismatch
Vasey George Vasey George Vasey (botanist) Target mismatch
Vassilcz. I.T. Vassilczenko I. T. Vassilczenko Target mismatch
Vavilov Nikolaj Ivanovich Vavilov Nikolai Vavilov Target mismatch
Veitch John Gould Veitch John Gould Veitch Target mismatch
Vell. (redirects to José Mariano de Conceição Vellozo) José Mariano da Conceição Vellozo (redirects to José Mariano de Conceição Vellozo) José Mariano da Conceição Vellozo (redirects to José Mariano de Conceição Vellozo) Green tickY
Velloso Joaquim Velloso de Miranda Joaquim Velloso de Miranda Target mismatch
Vent. (redirects to Étienne Pierre Ventenat) Étienne Pierre Ventenat Étienne Pierre Ventenat Green tickY
Verdc. Bernard Verdcourt Bernard Verdcourt Target mismatch
Vickery Joyce Winifred Vickery Joyce Winifred Vickery Target mismatch
Vict. Joseph Louis Conrad Marie- Victorin Marie-Victorin Target mismatch
Vierh. (redirects to Friedrich Vierhapper) Friedrich (Karl Max) Vierhapper (redirects to Friedrich Vierhapper) Friedrich Vierhapper Green tickY
Vignolo Ferdinando Vignolo-Lutati Ferdinando Vignolo-Lutati Target mismatch
Vill. Domínique Villars Dominique Villars Target mismatch
Vilm. (redirects to Louis de Vilmorin) (Pierre) Louis (François)( Lévêque) de Vilmorin Pierre Louis François Lévêque de Vilmorin (redirects to Louis de Vilmorin) Target mismatch
Vitman Fulgenzio Vitman Fulgenzio Vitman Target mismatch
Vittad. (redirects to Carlo Vittadini) Carlo Vittadini Carlo Vittadini Green tickY
Viv. Domenico Viviani Domenico Viviani Target mismatch
Vogel (Julius Rudolph) Theodor Vogel Julius Rudolph Theodor Vogel Target mismatch
Volkart Albert Volkart Albert Volkart Target mismatch
W.Bartram (redirects to William Bartram) William Bartram William Bartram Green tickY
W.C.Cheng Wan Chun Cheng Wan Chun Cheng Target mismatch
W.Fitzg. William Vincent Fitzgerald William Vincent Fitzgerald Target mismatch
W.H.Brewer (redirects to William Henry Brewer) William Henry Brewer William Henry Brewer Green tickY
W.H.Wagner (redirects to Warren H. Wagner) Warren Herbert Wagner Warren Herbert Wagner Target mismatch
W.Hook. (redirects to William Hooker) William Hooker William Hooker Green tickY
W.L.E.Schmidt Wilhelm Ludwig Ewald Schmidt Wilhelm Ludwig Ewald Schmidt Target mismatch
W.M.Curtis Winifred Mary Curtis (redirects to Winifred Curtis) Winifred Mary Curtis (redirects to Winifred Curtis) Target mismatch
W.Mast. William Masters (redirects to William H. Masters) William Masters, botanist Target mismatch
W.P.C.Barton William Paul Crillon Barton (redirects to William P. C. Barton) William Paul Crillon Barton (redirects to William P. C. Barton) Target mismatch
W.Palmer William Palmer William Palmer (botanist) Target mismatch
W.Petz. (Karl) Wilhelm Petzold Karl Wilhelm Petzold Target mismatch
W.R.Buck William Russell Buck William Russell Buck Target mismatch
W.Rich William Rich William Rich Target mismatch
W.Saunders William Saunders William Saunders (botanist) Target mismatch
W.Stone Witmer Stone Witmer Stone Target mismatch
W.T.Aiton William Townsend Aiton William Townsend Aiton Target mismatch
W.Watson William Watson William Watson Target mismatch
W.Wight William Franklin Wight William Franklin Wight Target mismatch
W.Wolf Wolfgang Wolf Wolfgang Wolf Target mismatch
W.Zimm. Walter Max Zimmermann Walter Max Zimmerman Target mismatch
Wahlenb. Georg (Göran) Wahlenberg Göran Wahlenberg Target mismatch
Waisb. Anton Waisbecker Anton Waisbecker Target mismatch
Wall. Nathaniel Wallich Nathaniel Wallich Target mismatch
Wallr. Carl(Karl) Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth Target mismatch
Walp. Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers Target mismatch
Walter Thomas Walter Thomas Walter (botanist) Target mismatch
Wangenh. Friedrich Adam Julius von Wangenheim Friedrich Adam Julius von Wangenheim Target mismatch
Warb. Otto Warburg (redirects to Otto Warburg (botanist)) Otto Warburg (botanist) Target mismatch
Ward Lester Frank Ward Lester Frank Ward Target mismatch
Warder John Aston Warder John Aston Warder Target mismatch
Warm. Johannes Eugen(ius) Bülow Warming Johannes Eugenius Bülow Warming (redirects to Eugenius Warming) Target mismatch
Watt David Allan Poe Watt David Allan Poe Watt Target mismatch
Wawra Heinrich Wawra Heinrich Wawra von Fernsee Target mismatch
Weath. Charles Alfred Weatherby Charles Alfred Weatherby Target mismatch
Webb Philip Barker Webb Philip Barker Webb Target mismatch
Weber George Heinrich Weber George Heinrich Weber Target mismatch
Wedd. Hugh Algernon Weddell Hugh Algernon Weddell Target mismatch
Wedem. Wedemeyer Wedermeyer Target mismatch
Wege Juliet Ann Wege Juliet Wege Target mismatch
Weigel Christian Ehrenfried (von) Weigel Christian Ehrenfried von Weigel (redirects to Christian Ehrenfried Weigel) Target mismatch
Weihe Carl Ernst August Weihe Carl Ernst August Target mismatch
Weinm. Johann Anton Weinmann Johann Anton Weinmann Target mismatch
Wells Bertram Whittier Wells Bertram Whittier Wells Target mismatch
Welw. Friedrich Martin Josef Welwitsch (redirects to Friedrich Welwitsch) Friedrich Welwitsch Target mismatch
Wender. Georg Wilhelm Franz Wenderoth Georg Wilhelm Franz Wenderoth Target mismatch
Werderm. Erich Werdermann Erich Werdermann Target mismatch
Wesm. Alfred Wesmael Alfred Wesmael Target mismatch
Wess.Boer Jan Gerard Wessels Boer Jan Gerard Wessels Boer Target mismatch
Weston Richard Weston Richard Weston Target mismatch
Wettst. Richard Wettstein Richard Wettstein Target mismatch
Wherry Edgar Theodore Wherry Edgar Theodore Wherry Target mismatch
Wibel August Wilhelm Eberhard Christoph Wibel August Wilhelm Eberhard Christoph Wibel Target mismatch
Widder Felix Joseph Widder Felix Joseph Widder Target mismatch
Wiegand Karl McKay Wiegand Karl McKay Wiegand Target mismatch
Wiersama - John H. Wiersama No IPNI record
Wight Robert Wight Robert Wight Target mismatch
Willd. Carl Ludwig von Willdenow (redirects to Carl Ludwig Willdenow) Carl Ludwig von Willdenow (redirects to Carl Ludwig Willdenow) Target mismatch
Wille Johan Nordal Fischer Wille (redirects to Nordal Wille) Johan Nordal Fischer Wille (redirects to Nordal Wille) Target mismatch
Willk. Heinrich Moritz Willkomm Heinrich Moritz Willkomm Target mismatch
Windham Michael D. Windham Michael D. Windham Target mismatch
Wipff Joseph K. Wipff J.K.Wipff Target mismatch
With. William Withering William Withering Target mismatch
Wittig - Rüdiger Wittig No IPNI record
Wolley-Dod Anthony Hurt Wolley-Dod Anthony Hurt Wolley-Dod Target mismatch
Wood William Wood William Wood (botanist) Target mismatch
Woods - Joseph Woods No IPNI record
Woodson Robert Everard Woodson Robert Everard Woodson Jr. Target mismatch
Woodv. William Woodville William Woodville Target mismatch
Woolls William Woolls William Woolls Target mismatch
Wooton Elmer Ottis Wooton E. O. Wooton Target mismatch
Woronow Georg Jurij Nikolaewitch Woronow Georg Jurij Nikolaewitch Woronow Target mismatch
Woyn. Heinrich Karl Woynar Heinrich Karl Woynar Target mismatch
Wullschl. Heinrich Rudolph Wullschlaegel Heinrich Wullschlägel Target mismatch
Wydler Heinrich Wydler Heinrich Wydler Target mismatch
Yakovlev Gennady Pavlovich Yakovlev Gennady Yakovlev Target mismatch
Yunck. Truman George Yuncker (redirects to Truman G. Yuncker) Truman George Yuncker (redirects to Truman G. Yuncker) Target mismatch
Zabel Hermann Zabel Hermann Zabel Target mismatch
Zahlbr. Alexander Zahlbruckner Alexander Zahlbruckner Target mismatch
Zanted. Giovanni Zantedeschi Giovanni Zantedeschi Target mismatch
Zapał. Hugo Zapałowicz Hugo Zapałowicz Target mismatch
Zeyh. Carl Ludwig Philip(p) Zeyher Karl Ludwig Philipp Zeyher Target mismatch
Ziel. Jerzy Zieliński Jerzy Zielinski Target mismatch
Zinn Johann Gottfried Zinn Johann Gottfried Zinn Target mismatch
Ziz Johann Baptist Ziz Johann Baptist Ziz Target mismatch
Zizka Georg Zizka Georg Zizka Target mismatch
Zohary Michael Zohary Michael Zohary Target mismatch
Zoll. Heinrich Zollinger Heinrich Zollinger Target mismatch
Zucc. Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini Target mismatch

Untagged botanist articles[edit]

This is a list of articles in Category:Botanists with author abbreviations, for which the corresponding talk page is not in Category:WikiProject Plants botanist articles. These articles either have not yet been tagged with {{WikiProject Plants}}, or have not been given a "|botanist=yes" parameter.