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Type Guksu
Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Similar dishes Udon
Cookbook: Garak-guksu  Media: Garak-guksu
Korean name
Hangul 가락국수
Hanja n/a
Revised Romanization garak-guksu
McCune–Reischauer karak-kuksu
IPA [ka.ɾak̚.k͈uk̚.s͈u]

In Korean cuisine, garak-guksu (가락국수) are thick wheat noodles and noodle dishes made with thick noodles.[1]


The dough is typically made from wheat flour and salt water only.[2] Traditionally, 360–540 millilitres (13–19 imp fl oz; 12–18 US fl oz) of salt is added per 1.8 litres (0.40 imp gal; 0.48 US gal) of water.[2] The dough is rolled and cut with a knife.[3]

The noodles are boiled in malgeun-jangguk (맑은장국), a soup soy sauce-based beef broth made with seasoned ground beef stir-fried in sesame oil and usually served with toppings such as egg garnish and eomuk (fish cakes).[2][4]

Garak-guksu can be enjoyed cold, in which case the noodles are rinsed in icy water after they are boiled.[2]


  • Naembi-guksu (냄비국수; "pot noodles") − garak-guksu boiled in a pot.[5]
  • Udong (우동) – Korean adaptation of udon, a Japanese noodle dish.[6]

See also[edit]

  • Cūmiàn (Chinese thick noodles)
  • Udon (Japanese thick noodles)