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Type Guksu
Place of origin Korea
Region or state Gyeonggi region
Main ingredients Noodles (wheat or buckwheat), broth (pine nuts)
Cookbook: Jat-guksu  Media: Jat-guksu
Korean name
Hangul 잣국수
Revised Romanization jat-guksu
McCune–Reischauer chat-kuksu
IPA [tɕat̚.k͈uk̚.s͈u]

Jat-guksu (잣국수; lit. "pine nut noodles") is a Korean noodle dish consisting of wheat flour or buckwheat noodles in a bowl of cold broth made from ground pine nuts. It is a local specialty of Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province where a great deal of pine nuts are harvested in South Korea. The recipe is quite similar to another summer dish, kong-guksu, which is a noodle dish with a soy milk broth, but jat-guksu has a cleaner and more savory taste.[1]

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