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∘ Night Lantern ∘
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About me

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A Malaysian having interest in history, geography, public transport, environment and city development. Married to a Vietnamese woman with two daughters. He just returning from Romania after a long journey travelling to Singapore and Vietnam. Since then, he take his time to spending in the lovely city of Kota Kinabalu (KK) in Sabah, Malaysia. His understanding in "perfect" English are still low, so any help to correct his contribution are very much welcomed. Because of this, this user preferred to talk less. If anyone want to talk more with him, he will be happy to talk in Malaysian and Vietnamese. This user spend much more of his interest on social developments, like reducing hardcore poverty, unemployment and improving the social welfare as well spending much of his time travelling. This user also love peace and never support any wars for greed and preferred for any military equipments to be used to fighting terrorism and extremism instead that are rampant until now. Beside that, this user is a fan of building design (especially on Asian architecture (like Chinese architecture etc.) and suggesting that any new buildings must comes out with a nice architecture and safety aspects. End of this.. Hello there ^^

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