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This page will eventually contain a series of style guidelines for the Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.

It still has a long way to go.

Diagram guide[edit]

The guidelines for creating diagrams for the project can be found in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Diagram Guide.

Protein and gene articles[edit]

The scope of a gene/protein article is the human gene/protein (included all splice variants derived from that gene) as well as orthologs (as listed in HomoloGene) that exist in other species. If there are paralogs in humans (and by extension other species), then a family article in addition to the gene/protein specific article (see for example dopamine receptor) would be appropriate.



template description / suggested use example of article containing this template template filling tool
{{GNF Protein box}} for genes/proteins for which an ortholog is present within the human genome (articles containing this template were created as part of the Gene Wiki project) Reelin GeneWikiGenerator
(input: HUGO gene symbol)
{{Infobox protein}} smaller box appropriate for protein family articles where more than one protein is discussed in the same article (e.g., paralogs) Estrogen receptor Wikipedia template filling
(input: HGNC ID)
{{Infobox nonhuman protein}} for proteins without a human ortholog Uterine serpin
{{Infobox protein family}} for protein families (evolutionary related proteins that share a common 3D structure) that are listed in Pfam T-box
{{Rfam box}} for RNA families (evolutionary related non-coding RNAs that share a common 3D structure) that are listed in Rfam U1 spliceosomal RNA
{{Infobox enzyme}} for enzymes based on EC number (more properly refers to the reaction catalyzed by the enzyme rather than the enzyme itself) Alcohol dehydrogenase

Cell type info box[edit]

This will be an information box for displaying basic information about individual cell types.
List of distinct cell types in the adult human body

Some useful references:

Basic info could be, name(s), functions, what taxonomic groups has the cell type, etc.
Tissue type(s) that contain the cell type
The major types of proteins that are expressed and that provide the specialized functions of the cell type

I suggest we pick one cell type as an example and get started. I propose skeletal muscle.

Database templates[edit]

Templates like this ({{OMIM}}) for the Protein databases, Enzyme Number and PubMed. You'll find these very useful when citing your sources.

template description / suggested use example renders as
{{OMIM}} Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man {{OMIM|160000}} Online 'Mendelian Inheritance in Man' (OMIM) 160000
{{doi}} Digital object identifier {{Doi|10.1038/437794a}} doi:10.1038/437794a
{{EC number}} Enzyme Commission number {{EC number|}} EC
{{PDB}} Protein Data Bank {{PDB|9RUB}} PDB: 9RUB
{{PMC}} PubMed Central {{PMC|137841}} PMC 137841
{{PMID3}} PubMed {{PMID3|10336462}} PMID 10336462
{{EntrezGene}} Entrez Gene {{EntrezGene|2695}} EntrezGene 2695
{{RefSeq}} RefSeq {{RefSeq|NM_004123}} RefSeq NM_004123
{{UniProt}} UniProt {{UniProt|P09681}} P09681

Protein topics navigation boxes[edit]

See User:Lilious for how to jazz up such navigation boxes.


{{Protein topics}}

{{Protein methods}} Protein methods

{{Protein domains}}

{{Cytoskeletal proteins}}

Research topic navigation boxes[edit]

Example: {{King's College DNA}}

Stub templates[edit]

Project banner template[edit]

{{WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology}} – A simple project banner template to mark articles that are part of this project. It serves, in part, as advertising for the project. It is to placed on the talk page of any articles of interest to this wikiproject.

WikiProject Molecular and Cell Biology (Rated NA-class)
WikiProject icon This article is within the scope of the WikiProject Molecular and Cell Biology. To participate, visit the WikiProject for more information.
 NA  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

Collaboration of the Month templates[edit]

Template What it makes Where it goes
{{MCBcur}} The talk pages of articles that are currently the MCB Collaboration of the Month.
{{MCBprev | month=MONTH}} The talk pages of articles that were previously an MCB Collaboration of the Month.

Protein structure templates[edit]

{{Protein quaternary structure}} under construction; suggestions welcome!

{{Protein tertiary structure}}

{{Protein structural analysis}}

{{Protein secondary structure}}

{{Protein primary structure}}

{{Amino acids}}

Templates for major families of biochemicals[edit]

{{Biochemical families navs}} under construction, overview template, fast cross-link

{{Amino acids}} under construction

{{Nucleic acids}} under construction

{{Carbohydrates}} under construction

{{Lipids}} under construction

{{Terpenoids}} under construction

{{Carotenoids}} under construction

{{Tetrapyrroles}} under construction

{{Enzyme cofactors}} under construction

{{Cholesterol and steroid intermediates}} under construction

{{Flavonoids}} under construction

{{Alkaloids}} under construction

{{Polyketides}} under construction

{{Hormones}} under construction, completing cycle of biochemicals

Other templates[edit]

Circulatory system[edit]

{{Myeloid blood cells and plasma}}

Human chromosomes[edit]


Vitamin-specific template[edit]


Endocrinology template (hormones and glands)[edit]