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Rockstar task force[edit]
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Welcome to the Rockstar task force on the English Wikipedia! We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to the Rockstar Games releases and series. To indicate that an article falls within the scope of this work group, please add "|Rockstar=yes" to the {{WikiProject Video games}} talk page template. For example, {{WikiProject Video games|Rockstar=yes}}

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

The task force aims primarily to:
  • improve Wikipedia's coverage of the Rockstar Games by creating, expanding, and maintaining related articles
  • serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to Rockstar Games series on Wikipedia
  • connect articles with Grand Theft Wiki and put content that is not suitable for Wikipedia to this specialised Wiki
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For more details on this topic, see the VG Article guidelines

Besides the usual policies and guidelines, please make sure you are aware of the specific guidelines related to video game-related articles. Also ensure that you are familiar with the following topics:

  1. The five pillars of Wikipedia: a quick rundown of the 5 key rules you need to start editing.
  2. Simplified ruleset: 16 rules of thumb to help you avoid problems.
  3. List of policies: A comprehensive list of the 42 official policies with very quick summaries.
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Anyone can participate in this task force. You may indicate your participation by signing the list below. You may also add the userbox {{User gtatfuserbox}} to your user page, shown on the right.

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  1. .:Alex:. (Founder)
  2. Klptyzm Chat wit' me § Contributions
  3. Bill (talk contribs)
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  5. TheTrojanHought
  6. Bhavesh.Chauhan Message Me | Contribs Flag of India.svg
  7. The Architect 01
  8. Dbam
  9. EganioTalk
  10. John Hayes
  11. Gamerzworld
  12. Snowfreak91287
  13.  UzEE 
  14. RockstarWatch
  15. Darkwarriorblake
  16. MC RIDE
  17. Professional Gamer
  18. ~NeonFire372~
  19. User:JayJ47
  20. User:Patrolman89
  21. Λua∫Wise (talk)
  22. xenocidic
  23. Sdegner
  24. GTA Ganxtaize
  25. SeptemberX1990
  26. F.Caswell
  27. Flesh-n-Bone
  28. Skeith
  29. Palpo
  30. King Cangri
  31. Crash Underride
  32. [[ axg ⁞⁞ talk ]]
  33. Gaara the Fifth Kazekage (talk)
  34. John-joe123
  35. Andrew22k (talk)
  37. Max Viwe
  38.  Mike |talk
  39. crimsonterminator1000
  40. Zeppellin94 (talk)
  41. Saad64 (talk)
  42. KMFDM FAN (talk!)
  43. Jalaj Mathur (talk)
  44. Venomcuz
  45. Tomsween94 (talk)
  46. Forentitalk
  47. SEKCobra (talk)
  48. syedkal 123 (talk 2 me)
  49. SpaceChimp1992 (Five, four, three, two, blastoff!)
  50. biggles1000
  51. Searge
  52. Tylerg15073
  53. FishingKing
  54. MisterFR3SH 01
  55. gtajaxoxo
  56. JCRules (talk · contribs)
  57.  11Block |talk
  58. ~Siriusly
  59. Deadly437
  60. Fransiscanazzi (talk)14/1/12
  61. Rhain1999 (talk to me)
  62. Calidum Talk To Me
  63. Famous Hobo
  64. TravisGTAGamer
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The following is a list of topic projects relevant to this taskforce. These articles have been recognized as among Wikipedia's best.

4 articles
Good article Red Dead Redemption
Good article Development
Good article Music
Good article Undead Nightmare