List of courthouses in the United States

Coordinates: 40°37′25″N 103°12′32″W / 40.62361°N 103.20889°W / 40.62361; -103.20889 (Logan County Courthouse)
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This is a list of courthouses in the United States. American courthouses are very often significant, as they are public buildings usually built to convey solidity and to command respect. Many have hosted important trials, or are significant for their architecture, and thus many have been designated as historic sites.

This list includes state, county, city, town and other municipalities' courthouses, as well as subsuming U.S. Federal courthouses (which are also listed at List of United States federal courthouses). There are no known courthouses of international scope located in the U.S.

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County courthouses[edit]

There exist current or former county courthouses corresponding to the county seats (or shire towns) of most of the United States' 3,144 counties or county-equivalents, and also to a number of former counties.

Variations on county seats include:

  • Currently 36 U.S. counties have dual county seats
  • Louisiana has parishes and parish seats rather than counties and county seats; this list includes its notable parish courthouses.
  • Connecticut no longer has county governments; this list includes its historic county courthouses and also the state's currently functioning courthouses serving 20 geographical areas that do not correspond to the former counties.[1]
  • Massachusetts
  • Alaska has boroughs and borough-equivalents, and borough seats. It has 39 trial court locations[2] and has appellate courts in Anchorage and Fairbanks.
  • Some counties have branch courthouses, including Pinellas County, Florida (county seat Clearwater, branch in St. Petersburg) and Marion County, Missouri (county seat Palmyra for District 1, Hannibal for District 2).


Federal courthouses in Alabama are listed here.

County courthouses in Alabama are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Alaska are listed here.

Alaska has boroughs and non-borough census areas. Its equivalent to a county seat is a borough seat. It has 39 trial court locations[2] and appellate courts in at least Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Selected non-Federal courthouses in Alaska include:


Federal courthouses in Arizona are listed here.

Notable current and former county courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Dates Notes
Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park Tombstone-courthouse-shp.jpg Cochise Tombstone, Arizona
31°42′38.99″N 110°4′10.01″W / 31.7108306°N 110.0694472°W / 31.7108306; -110.0694472 (Tombstone Courthouse)
1882 built
1972 NRHP-listed
Original Cochise County Courthouse.
Gila County Courthouse Globe-Gila-County-Courthouse.jpg Gila Oak and Broad Sts.
33°23′46″N 110°47′11″W / 33.39611°N 110.78639°W / 33.39611; -110.78639 (Gila County Courthouse)
1906 built
1975 NRHP
Graham County Courthouse GrahamCountyCourthouse.jpg Graham 800 Main St., Safford
32°49′59″N 109°42′57″W / 32.83306°N 109.71583°W / 32.83306; -109.71583 (Graham County Courthouse)
1916 built
1982 NRHP
Classical Revival architecture
Maricopa County Courthouse Maricopa County Courthouse October 6 2013 Phoenix Arizona 2816x2112 Rear.JPG Maricopa 125 W. Washington St., Phoenix
33°26′53″N 112°4′29″W / 33.44806°N 112.07472°W / 33.44806; -112.07472 (Maricopa County Courthouse)
1988 NRHP
Mohave County Courthouse and Jail Kingman courthouse.jpg Mohave Kingman
35°11′31″N 114°3′7″W / 35.19194°N 114.05194°W / 35.19194; -114.05194 (Mohave County Courthouse and Jail)
1915 built
1983 NRHP
Neo-Classical architecture, designed by Lescher & Kibbey.
Navajo County Courthouse Historic Navajo County Courthouse and Museum cropped.jpg Navajo Courthouse Sq., Holbrook
34°54′12″N 110°09′24″W / 34.90333°N 110.15667°W / 34.90333; -110.15667 (Navajo County Courthouse)
1978 NRHP
Pima County Courthouse Pima County Courthouse.jpg Pima 115 N. Church St., Tucson
32°13′23″N 110°58′21″W / 32.22306°N 110.97250°W / 32.22306; -110.97250 (Pima County Courthouse)
1930 built
1978 NRHP
Mission Revival former courthouse designed by Roy Place.
Second Pinal County Courthouse Second Pinal county courthouse.jpg Pinal Pinal and 12th Sts., Florence
33°1′56″N 111°23′6″W / 33.03222°N 111.38500°W / 33.03222; -111.38500 (Pinal County Courthouse)
1891 built
1978 NRHP
Late Victorian-style brick building, replaced as courthouse in 1961, closed in 2005.
Santa Cruz County Courthouse Santa Cruz County, Arizona, courthouse from W 2 long.JPG Santa Cruz Court Street and Morley Avenue, Nogales
31°20′11″N 110°56′16″W / 31.33639°N 110.93778°W / 31.33639; -110.93778 (Santa Cruz County Courthouse)
1977 NRHP-listed
Yavapai County Courthouse Yavapai county arizona courthouse.jpg Yavapai Courthouse Sq., Prescott
34°32′27″N 112°28′06″W / 34.54083°N 112.46833°W / 34.54083; -112.46833 (Yavapai County Courthouse)
1918 built
1977 NRHP
Greek Revival architecture.
Yuma County Courthouse Yuma County Court House, Yuma, AZ.jpg Yuma 168 S. 2nd Ave., Yuma
32°43′26″N 114°37′18″W / 32.72389°N 114.62167°W / 32.72389; -114.62167 (Yuma County Courthouse)
1982 NRHP-listed


Federal courthouses in Arkansas are listed here.

County courthouses in Arkansas are listed here.


Federal courthouses in California are listed here.

County courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Alpine County Courthouse Markleeville Trip (20).jpg Alpine Markleeville
38°41′40″N 119°46′43″W / 38.69444°N 119.77861°W / 38.69444; -119.77861 (Alpine County Courthouse)
1928 Kept to a one-story design due to cost considerations, designed by Frederic Joseph DeLongchamps, NRHP-listed (refnum 4001074).
Calaveras County Courthouse 2009-0724-CA-SanAndreas-CalaverasCtyCt.jpg Calaveras San Andreas
38°11′48″N 120°40′45″W / 38.19667°N 120.67917°W / 38.19667; -120.67917 (Calaveras County Courthouse)
1867 Executions once took place in same building. Now a museum, NRHP-listed in 1972 (refnum 72000221).
Contra Costa County Courthouse Block Contra Costa County Courthouse (Martinez, CA).jpg Contra Costa 625 Court St., Martinez
38°01′07″N 122°08′04″W / 38.01861°N 122.13444°W / 38.01861; -122.13444 (Contra Costa County Courthouse Block)
Former courthouse, now the Contra Costa County Finance Building. NRHP-listed (refnum 89002113).
Inyo County Courthouse Inyo County Courthouse, California by dusk.jpg Inyo Independence
36°48′13″N 118°11′56″W / 36.80361°N 118.19889°W / 36.80361; -118.19889 (Inyo County Courthouse)
1921 Classical Revival architecture, designed by William H. Weeks, NRHP-listed (refnum 97001664).
Kings County Courthouse Kings County Courthouse 090407 1.JPG Kings Hanford
36°19′40″N 119°38′45″W / 36.32778°N 119.64583°W / 36.32778; -119.64583 (Kings County Courthouse)
1896 Expanded in 1914, it served as county's courthouse until 1976. NRHP-listed (refnum 78003063).
Lake County Courthouse Lakeportcourthouse.png Lake Lakeport
39°2′36″N 122°55′2″W / 39.04333°N 122.91722°W / 39.04333; -122.91722 (Lake County Courthouse)
1870 Now a museum, it survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and served until 1968. NRHP-listed (refnum 70000134).
Lassen County Court House Lassen County Courthouse.jpg Lassen Susanville
40°24′59″N 120°39′45″W / 40.41639°N 120.66250°W / 40.41639; -120.66250 (Lassen County Court House)
NRHP-listed (refnum 97001659).
Madera County Courthouse Madera County Courthouse June 2006.jpg Madera Madera
36°57′34″N 120°3′39″W / 36.95944°N 120.06083°W / 36.95944; -120.06083 (Madera County Courthouse)
1900 Served the county until 1953. Now a museum. NRHP-listed (refnum 71000162).
Mariposa County Courthouse Mariposa Courthouse CA.jpg Mariposa Mariposa
37°29′20″N 119°57′59″W / 37.48889°N 119.96639°W / 37.48889; -119.96639 (Mariposa County Courthouse)
1854 NRHP-listed (refnum 77000306).
Merced County Courthouse Merced CA Historic Courthouse1.jpg Merced Merced
37°18′22″N 120°29′00″W / 37.30611°N 120.48333°W / 37.30611; -120.48333 (Merced County Courthouse)
1875 Served as courthouse until 1975. Now a museum. NRHP-listed (refnum 75000441).
Mono County Courthouse Bridgeport, California Historic Court House, Main Street - August 2012.jpg Mono Bridgeport
38°15′22″N 119°13′39″W / 38.25611°N 119.22750°W / 38.25611; -119.22750 (Mono County Courthouse)
1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 74000536).
Monterey County Court House Monterey County Court House.jpeg Monterey Salinas
36°40′25″N 121°39′26″W / 36.67361°N 121.65722°W / 36.67361; -121.65722 (Monterey County Court House)
1937 Art Moderne. WPA-funded. NRHP-listed (refnum 08000878).
Napa County Courthouse Plaza 2014 South Napa earthquake Old Courthouse.jpg Napa Napa
38°17′51″N 122°17′4″W / 38.29750°N 122.28444°W / 38.29750; -122.28444 (Napa County Courthouse Plaza)
1878 NRHP-listed (refnum 92000778).
Orange County Courthouse Old Orange County Courthouse, Santa Ana, California.jpg Orange Santa Ana
33°45′01″N 117°52′09″W / 33.75028°N 117.86917°W / 33.75028; -117.86917 (Orange County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 77000321).
San Bernardino County Court House San Bernardino County Courthouse 2.jpg San Bernardino San Bernardino
34°6′20″N 117°17′26″W / 34.10556°N 117.29056°W / 34.10556; -117.29056 (San Bernardino County Court House)
1927 Classical Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 97001632).
Santa Clara County Courthouse Old Superior Court - San Jose, CA - DSC03821.JPG Santa Clara San Jose, California
San Mateo County Courthouse San Mateo County History Museum.jpg San Mateo Redwood City
37°29′13″N 122°13′47″W / 37.48694°N 122.22972°W / 37.48694; -122.22972 (San Mateo County Courthouse)
Now a museum. NRHP-listed (refnum 77000340).
Santa Barbara County Courthouse Santa Barbara Courthouse Facade Door Detail.JPG Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
34°25′27.66″N 119°42′8.86″W / 34.4243500°N 119.7024611°W / 34.4243500; -119.7024611 (Santa Barbara County Courthouse)
1926 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000177).
Tuolumne County Courthouse Tuolumne County Courthouse.jpg Tuolumne Sonora
37°59′08″N 120°22′59″W / 37.98556°N 120.38306°W / 37.98556; -120.38306 (Tuolumne County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 81000182).
Ventura County Courthouse VenturaCountyCourthouse1 sm.jpg Ventura 501 Poli St., Ventura
34°16′57″N 119°17′32″W / 34.28250°N 119.29222°W / 34.28250; -119.29222 (Ventura County Courthouse)
1912 Overlooks city of Ventura, now serves as its city hall. NRHP-listed (refnum 71000211).
Yolo County Courthouse Yolo County Courthouse.jpg Yolo 725 Court St., Woodland 1917 William Henry Weeks-designed. Served as courthouse until 2015. NRHP-listed (refnum 86003660).


Federal courthouses in Colorado are listed here.

County courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse AdamsCountyCourthouse.JPG Adams 22 S. 4th Ave., Brighton
39°59′11″N 104°49′02″W / 39.98639°N 104.81722°W / 39.98639; -104.81722 (Adams County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 6000916).
Alamosa County Courthouse Alamosa County Courthouse.JPG Alamosa 702 4th St., Alamosa
37°28′08″N 105°52′02″W / 37.46889°N 105.86722°W / 37.46889; -105.86722 (Alamosa County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 95001149).
Arapahoe County Justice Center Arapahoe County Justice Center.JPG Arapahoe 7325 South Potomac St., Dove Valley
38°34′58″N 104°49′51″W / 38.58278°N 104.83083°W / 38.58278; -104.83083 (Arapahoe County Justice Center)
Archuleta County Courthouse Archuleta County Courthouse.JPG Archuleta 449 San Juan Drive, Pagosa Springs
37°15′58.41″N 107°00′41.57″W / 37.2662250°N 107.0115472°W / 37.2662250; -107.0115472 (Archuleta County Courthouse)
Baca County Courthouse Baca County Courthouse.JPG Baca County 741 Main Street, Springfield
37°24′24″N 102°37′01″W / 37.40667°N 102.61694°W / 37.40667; -102.61694 (Baca County Courthouse)
Bent County Courthouse and Jail Bent County, CO, Courthouse IMG 5719.JPG Bent 725 Carson Ave., Las Animas
38°3′51″N 103°13′12″W / 38.06417°N 103.22000°W / 38.06417; -103.22000 (Bent County Courthouse and Jail)
1887 NRHP-listed (refnum 76000546).
Boulder County Courthouse Boulder County Courthouse (31861249120).jpg Boulder 1300 Pearl St., Boulder
40°1′5.52″N 105°16′41.16″W / 40.0182000°N 105.2781000°W / 40.0182000; -105.2781000 (Boulder County Courthouse)
1933 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000878).
Chaffee County Courthouse and Jail Buildings Chaffee County Courthouse and Jail Buildings.JPG Chaffee 501 E. Main St., Buena Vista
38°50′37″N 106°07′37″W / 38.84361°N 106.12694°W / 38.84361; -106.12694 (Chaffee County Courthouse and Jail Buildings)
NRHP-listed (refnum 79000575).
Cheyenne County Courthouse Cheyenne County Colorado Courthouse Left Front 2.jpg Cheyenne 51 S. 1st St., Cheyenne Wells
38°49′15″N 102°20′55″W / 38.82083°N 102.34861°W / 38.82083; -102.34861 (Cheyenne County Courthouse)
1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 89000997).
Conejos County Courthouse Conejos County Courthouse.JPG Conejos 6883 County Road 13, Conejos
37°05′20″N 106°01′13″W / 37.08889°N 106.02028°W / 37.08889; -106.02028 (Conejos County Courthouse)
Costilla County Courthouse Costilla County Courthouse.JPG Costilla 304 Main Street, San Luis
37°11′55″N 105°25′34″W / 37.19861°N 105.42611°W / 37.19861; -105.42611 (Costilla County Courthouse)
Crowley County Justice Center Crowley County Justice Center.JPG Crowley 110 E. 6th St., Ordway
38°13′19″N 103°45′22″W / 38.22194°N 103.75611°W / 38.22194; -103.75611 (Crowley County Justice Center)
Custer County Courthouse Custer County (Colorado) Court House.JPG Custer 205 South 6th Street, Westcliffe
38°08′07″N 105°27′34″W / 38.13528°N 105.45944°W / 38.13528; -105.45944 (Custer County Court House)
Delta County Courthouse Delta County Courthouse.JPG Delta 501 Palmer Street, Delta
38°44′24″N 108°04′21″W / 38.74000°N 108.07250°W / 38.74000; -108.07250 (Delta County Courthouse)
Old El Paso County Courthouse Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, in the old El Paso County Courthouse, Colorado Springs, Colorado LCCN2011631819.tif El Paso Colorado Springs 1903 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000272).
Fremont County Judicial Center Fremont County Judicial Center (Colorado).JPG Fremont 136 Justice Center Road, Cañon City
38°26′44″N 105°10′55″W / 38.44556°N 105.18194°W / 38.44556; -105.18194 (Fremont County Justice Center)
Gilpin Combined Court Gilpin Combined Court.JPG Gilpin 2960 Dory Hill Road, Black Hawk
39°50′23″N 105°28′56″W / 39.83972°N 105.48222°W / 39.83972; -105.48222 (Gilpin Combined Court)
Grand County Judicial Center Grand County Judicial Center.JPG Grand 307 Moffat Avenue, Hot Sulphur Springs
40°04′19″N 106°06′14″W / 40.07194°N 106.10389°W / 40.07194; -106.10389 (Grand County Judicial Center)
Gunnison County Courthouse Gunnison County Courthouse.JPG Gunnison 200 E. Virginia Avenue, Gunnison
38°32′46″N 106°55′30″W / 38.54611°N 106.92500°W / 38.54611; -106.92500 (Gunnison County Courthouse)
Hinsdale County Court House Hinsdale County Court House.JPG Hinsdale 317 Henson Street, Lake City
38°01′44.5″N 107°18′53.06″W / 38.029028°N 107.3147389°W / 38.029028; -107.3147389 (Hinsdale County Court House)
Huerfano County Courthouse and Jail Huerfano County Courthouse and Jail.JPG Huerfano 400 Main St., Walsenburg
37°37′29″N 104°46′53″W / 37.62472°N 104.78139°W / 37.62472; -104.78139 (Huerfano County Courthouse and Jail)
1904 NRHP-listed (refnum 73000476).
Kit Carson County Courthouse Kit Carson County Courthouse .JPG Kit Carson 251 16th Street, Burlington
39°18′10.46″N 102°16′16.38″W / 39.3029056°N 102.2712167°W / 39.3029056; -102.2712167 (Kit Carson County Courthouse)
La Plata County Courthouse La Plata County Courthouse.JPG La Plata 1060 East 2nd Avenue, Durango
37°16′28.4″N 107°52′43.33″W / 37.274556°N 107.8787028°W / 37.274556; -107.8787028 (La Plata County Courthouse)
Las Animas County Court House Las Animas County Court House.JPG Las Animas 200 East 1st Street, Trinidad
37°10′07″N 104°30′12″W / 37.16861°N 104.50333°W / 37.16861; -104.50333 (Las Animas County Court House)
Logan County Courthouse LoganCountyCourthouse.jpg Logan Main St., Sterling
40°37′25″N 103°12′32″W / 40.62361°N 103.20889°W / 40.62361; -103.20889 (Logan County Courthouse)
1910 Designed by John J. Huddart in Classical Revival style. NRHP-listed.
Montezuma County Combined Courts Montezuma County Combined Courts.JPG Montezuma 865 North Park Street, Cortez
37°21′28.21″N 108°34′33.9″W / 37.3578361°N 108.576083°W / 37.3578361; -108.576083 (Montezuma County Combined Courts)
Montrose County Courthouse Montrose County Courthouse (15076304426).jpg Montrose Montrose NRHP-listed (refnum 94000040).
Morgan County Courthouse and Jail Morgan County Courthouse and Jail.JPG Morgan Fort Morgan NRHP-listed (refnum 2000289).
Ouray County Courthouse Ouray County Courthouse.jpg Ouray County 6th Avenue and 4th St., Ouray
38°1′20.8″N 107°40′10.7″W / 38.022444°N 107.669639°W / 38.022444; -107.669639 (Ouray County Courthouse)
Appeared in True Grit.
Park County Courthouse and Jail Park County Courthouse, July 2016.jpg Park 418 Main St., Fairplay
39°13′32″N 106°00′06″W / 39.22556°N 106.00167°W / 39.22556; -106.00167 (Park County Courthouse and Jail)
1874 In 1979 at least, this was the oldest courthouse in Colorado still being used as a courthouse. NRHP-listed.
Phillips County Courthouse Phillips County Courthouse.JPG Phillips Holyoke NRHP-listed (refnum 7001306).
Pitkin County Courthouse Pitkin County Courthouse 2010.jpg Pitkin Aspen
39°11′25″N 106°49′2″W / 39.19028°N 106.81722°W / 39.19028; -106.81722 (Pitkin County Courthouse)
1890 NRHP-listed.
Prowers County Courthouse Prowers County, CO, Courthouse IMG 5780.JPG Prowers County 301 S. Main St., Lamar
38°5′12″N 102°37′7″W / 38.08667°N 102.61861°W / 38.08667; -102.61861 (Prowers County Courthouse)
1928 Classical Revival style. NRHP-listed (refnum 81000186)
Pueblo County Courthouse Pueblo County Courthouse by David Shankbone.jpg Pueblo 10th St. and Main St., Pueblo
38°16′36″N 104°36′33″W / 38.27667°N 104.60917°W / 38.27667; -104.60917 (Pueblo County Courthouse)
1908-12 Beaux Arts-style, designed by Albert Ross. NRHP-listed.
Rio Blanco County Justice Center Rio Blanco County Justice Center.JPG Rio Blanco Meeker 2016
Rio Grande County Courthouse Rio Grande County Courthouse.JPG Rio Grande 965 6th Street, Del Norte
37°40′37.47″N 106°21′01.13″W / 37.6770750°N 106.3503139°W / 37.6770750; -106.3503139 (Rio Grande County Courthouse)
Saguache County Courthouse Saguache County Courthouse.JPG Saguache 501 4th Street, Saguache
38°5′7.18″N 106°8′14.56″W / 38.0853278°N 106.1373778°W / 38.0853278; -106.1373778 (Saguache County Courthouse)
San Miguel County Courthouse San Miguel County Courthouse (Colorado).JPG San Miguel 305 West Colorado Avenue, Telluride
37°56′16.29″N 107°48′46.41″W / 37.9378583°N 107.8128917°W / 37.9378583; -107.8128917 (San Miguel County Courthouse)
Sedgwick County Courthouse Sedgwick County Courthouse, Julesburg.jpg Sedgwick Julesburg
40°59′18″N 102°15′52″W / 40.98833°N 102.26444°W / 40.98833; -102.26444 (Sedgwick County Courthouse)
1938-39 Built as a Works Progress Administration project in the Great Depression. NRHP-listed.
Weld County Courthouse Weld County Courthouse.jpg Weld 9th St. and 9th Ave., Greeley
40°25′25″N 104°41′33″W / 40.42361°N 104.69250°W / 40.42361; -104.69250 (Weld County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 78000886).
Yuma County Courthouse Yuma County, Colorado Court-House.JPG Yuma 310 Ash Street, Wray
40°04′44″N 102°13′13″W / 40.07889°N 102.22028°W / 40.07889; -102.22028 (Yuma County Courthouse)
Washington County Courthouse Washington County Court House (Colorado).JPG Washington 150 Ash Avenue, Akron
40°09′35.5″N 103°12′39.12″W / 40.159861°N 103.2108667°W / 40.159861; -103.2108667 (Washington County Courthouse)


Federal courthouses in Connecticut are listed here.

County courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Fairfield County Courthouse (Bridgeport) 1941 Postcard showing Fairfield County Courthouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut.jpg Fairfield 172 Golden Hill St., Bridgeport
41°10′50″N 73°11′28″W / 41.18056°N 73.19111°W / 41.18056; -73.19111 (Fairfield County Courthouse (Bridgeport))
1888 Designed by Warren R. Briggs. NRHP-listed (refnum 82004376).
Fairfield County Courthouse (Danbury) Fairfield Danbury, Connecticut
41°23′26″N 73°26′51″W / 41.3905°N 73.4475°W / 41.3905; -73.4475 (Fairfield County Courthouse (Danbury))
Also designed by Warren R. Briggs
New Haven County Courthouse New Haven County Courthouse, October 17, 2008.jpg New Haven 121 Elm Street, New Haven
41°18′38″N 72°55′27″W / 41.31056°N 72.92417°W / 41.31056; -72.92417 (New Haven County Courthouse)
1917 NRHP-listed (refnum 3000404).
New Haven City Hall and County Courthouse New Haven City Hall, October 17, 2008.jpg New Haven 161 Church Street, New Haven
41°18′26″N 72°55′29″W / 41.30722°N 72.92472°W / 41.30722; -72.92472 (New Haven City Hall and County Courthouse)
1861 High Victorian Gothic. NRHP-listed (refnum 75001940).
New London County Courthouse New London County Courthouse Connecticut Superior Court.jpg New London 70 Huntington St., New London
41°21′18″N 72°6′1″W / 41.35500°N 72.10028°W / 41.35500; -72.10028 (New London County Courthouse)
1784-86 Oldest courthouse in Connecticut. NRHP-listed (refnum 70000705).
Tolland County Courthouse Former Tolland County Courthouse, Tolland, Connecticut.jpg Tolland 53 Tolland Green, Tolland 1822 Used as courthouse until 1892, now a museum. NRHP-listed (refnum 9000084).


Federal courthouses in Delaware are listed here.

County courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
New Castle County Court House New Castle Court House Museum.jpg New Castle 211 Delaware St., New Castle
39°39′35″N 75°33′49″W / 39.65972°N 75.56361°W / 39.65972; -75.56361 (New Castle County Court House)
1730 Georgian-style courthouse, now a museum, that is center of a 12-mile (19 km) circle defining Northern area of the state of Delaware. NRHP-listed.
Old Sussex County Courthouse Old Sussex County Courthouse.JPG Sussex S. Bedford St., Georgetown
38°41′23″N 75°23′08″W / 38.68972°N 75.38556°W / 38.68972; -75.38556 (Old Sussex County Courthouse)
1793 Cypress-sheathed. Georgian. NRHP-listed.
Sussex County Courthouse Sussex County Courthouse.jpg Sussex The Circle, Georgetown
38°41′32″N 75°23′5″W / 38.69222°N 75.38472°W / 38.69222; -75.38472 (Sussex County Courthouse)
1837–1840, 1914, 1970 William Strickland-designed Georgian building, NRHP-listed.

District of Columbia[edit]


Federal courthouses in Florida are listed here.

County and any other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Old Baker County Courthouse Maclenny Cty crths01.jpg Baker Macclenny
30°16′48″N 82°7′20″W / 30.28000°N 82.12222°W / 30.28000; -82.12222 (Old Baker County Courthouse)
1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 86001729).
Old Bradford County Courthouse Starke Bradford Cty crths01.jpg Bradford Starke
29°56′41″N 82°06′40″W / 29.94472°N 82.11111°W / 29.94472; -82.11111 (Old Bradford County Courthouse)
1902 Now part of Santa Fe College. NRHP-listed (refnum 74000611).
Old Calhoun County Courthouse Blountstown FL old crths01.JPG Calhoun Blountstown
30°26′35.65″N 85°2′35.39″W / 30.4432361°N 85.0431639°W / 30.4432361; -85.0431639 (Old Calhoun County Courthouse)
1904 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000943).
Old Citrus County Courthouse Citrus Cty Crths Inverness01.jpg Citrus Inverness
28°50′8″N 82°19′49″W / 28.83556°N 82.33028°W / 28.83556; -82.33028 (Citrus County Courthouse, Old)
1912 NRHP-listed (refnum 92000340).
Clay County Courthouse GCS FL crths old01.jpg Clay Green Cove Springs
29°59′28″N 81°41′6″W / 29.99111°N 81.68500°W / 29.99111; -81.68500 (Clay County Courthouse)
1874 NRHP-listed (refnum 75000546).
Columbia County Courthouse (Florida) Columbia County (Lake City).jpg Columbia Lake City
30°11′25″N 82°38′8″W / 30.19028°N 82.63556°W / 30.19028; -82.63556 (Columbia County Courthouse)
Dade County Courthouse Dadecountycourthouse.jpg Dade Miami
25°46′28.74″N 80°11′42.6″W / 25.7746500°N 80.195167°W / 25.7746500; -80.195167 (Dade County Courthouse)
1928 28 stories high, was the tallest building in Florida. NRHP-listed (refnum 88002983).
Old Hendry County Courthouse Labelle FL crths01.jpg Hendry LaBelle
26°45′42″N 81°26′16″W / 26.76167°N 81.43778°W / 26.76167; -81.43778 (Old Hendry County Courthouse)
1926 NRHP-listed (refnum 90001744).
Highlands County Courthouse Highlands Courthouse.jpg Highlands Sebring
27°29′33″N 81°26′14″W / 27.49250°N 81.43722°W / 27.49250; -81.43722 (Highlands County Courthouse)
1927 NRHP-listed (refnum 89001013).
Indian River County Courthouse Indian River Vero Beach NRHP-listed (refnum 99000768).
Lake County Courthouse Lake Tavares NRHP-listed (refnum 98001199).
Lee County Courthouse Lee Fort Myers NRHP-listed (refnum 89000196).
Manatee County Courthouse Manatee Bradenton 1913 NRHP-listed (refnum 98000676).
Old Manatee County Courthouse Manatee Bradenton 1859-60 NRHP-listed (refnum 76000601).
Old Martin County Court House Martin Stuart NRHP-listed (refnum 97001329).
Osceola County Courthouse Osceola Kissimmee NRHP-listed (refnum 77000406).
Pasco County Courthouse Pasco Dade City NRHP-listed (refnum 6000843).
Old Pinellas County Courthouse Clearwater Pinellas cty crths01.jpg Pinellas Clearwater
27°57′44″N 82°48′3″W / 27.96222°N 82.80083°W / 27.96222; -82.80083 (Old Pinellas County Courthouse)
1917 Classical Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 92000828).
Old Polk County Courthouse Bartow crths old01.jpg Polk Bartow
27°53′48″N 81°50′35″W / 27.89667°N 81.84306°W / 27.89667; -81.84306 (Old Polk County Courthouse)
1909 NRHP-listed (refnum 89001055).
Putnam County Courthouse Palatka Putnam cty crths03.jpg Putnam Palatka
29°38′51″N 81°38′00″W / 29.64747°N 81.63326°W / 29.64747; -81.63326 (Palatka County Courthouse)
1927 Classical Revival. Has been extensively renovated.
Sarasota County Courthouse Sarasota Sarasota NRHP-listed (refnum 84003842).
Suwannee County Courthouse Suwannee County Courthouse, Live Oak.JPG Suwannee Live Oak NRHP-listed (refnum 98001349).
Old Wakulla County Courthouse Wakulla Crawfordville NRHP-listed (refnum 76000607).
Walton County Courthouse (DeFuniak Springs, Florida) DeFuniak Springs Hist Dist crths01.jpg Walton County, Florida DeFuniak Springs, Florida Contributing property in DeFuniak Springs Historic District


Federal courthouses in Georgia are listed here

County courthouses in Georgia are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Hawaii are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Idaho are listed here.

County and any other non-Federal courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse Adams County Courthouse, Council.jpg Adams Council
44°43′47″N 116°25′52″W / 44.72972°N 116.43111°W / 44.72972; -116.43111 (Adams County Courthouse)
1915 Colonial Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 87001599).
Bear Lake County Courthouse Bear Lake County Courthouse Paris Idaho.jpeg Bear Lake Paris
42°13′38″N 111°24′02″W / 42.2272°N 111.4006°W / 42.2272; -111.4006 (Bear Lake County Courthouse)
1885 One of Idaho's oldest courthouses. NRHP-listed (refnum 77000454).
Benewah County Courthouse Benewah County Courthouse 1 - St Maries Idaho.jpg Benewah St. Maries 1924 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001580).
Blaine County Courthouse Blaine County Courthouse, Hailey ID1.jpg Blaine Hailey NRHP-listed (refnum 78001050).
Bonneville County Courthouse Bonneville County Courthouse Idaho Falls.png Bonneville Idaho Falls 1921 NRHP-listed (refnum 79000781).
Boundary County Courthouse Boundary County Courthouse.jpg Boundary Bonners Ferry 1941 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001581).
Caribou County Courthouse Caribou Soda Springs NRHP-listed (refnum 87001582).
Cassia County Courthouse Cassia County Courthouse Idaho.jpg Cassia Burley 1939 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001583).
Elmore County Courthouse Elmore county courthouse 2009.jpg Elmore Mountain Home 1916 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001584).
Franklin County Courthouse Franklin County Courthouse, Preston.jpg Franklin Preston 1939 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001585).
Fremont County Courthouse Fremont County Courthouse July 2020.jpg Fremont St. Anthony 1909 NRHP-listed (refnum 79000789).
Gem County Courthouse Gem County Courthouse - Emmett Idaho.jpg Gem Emmett 1938 (current building) NRHP-listed (refnum 82000347).
Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson Rigby NRHP-listed (refnum 87001586).
Jerome County Courthouse Gem County Courthouse - Emmett Idaho.jpg Jerome Jerome 1938 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001600).
Kootenai County Courthouse KootenaiCountyCourthouse.jpg Kootenai Coeur d'Alene 1925-1926 NRHP-listed (refnum 77000462).
Lemhi County Courthouse Lemhi County Courthouse 1.jpg Lemhi Salmon 1909-1910 NRHP-listed (refnum 78001078).
Madison County Courthouse Madison County Courthouse, Idaho.jpg Madison Rexburg NRHP-listed (refnum 87001587).
Oneida County Courthouse Oneida County Courthouse Malad Idaho.jpeg Oneida Malad 1920 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001588).
Owyhee County Courthouse Owyhee County Courthouse (1).jpg Owyhee Murphy 1936 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000357).
Teton County Courthouse Teton County Court House.jpg Teton Driggs 1924 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001589).
Washington County Courthouse Washington County Courthouse, Weiser.jpg Washington Weiser 1939 NRHP-listed (refnum 87001602).


Federal courthouses in Illinois are listed here.

For current county courthouses, including some that are historic, see List of county courthouses in Illinois#Current. For former county courthouses that are notable, see List of county courthouses in Illinois#Former.


Federal courthouses in Indiana are listed here.

County and any other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse Decatur-indiana-courthouse.jpg Adams Decatur
40°49′47″N 84°55′29″W / 40.82972°N 84.92472°W / 40.82972; -84.92472 (Adams County Courthouse)
1872-73 Second Empire style. NRHP-listed (refnum 8000914).
Allen County Courthouse Fort-wayne-indiana-courthouse.jpg Allen Fort Wayne
41°4′47″N 85°8′21″W / 41.07972°N 85.13917°W / 41.07972; -85.13917 (Allen County Courthouse)
1902 Beaux-Arts style. A National Historic Landmark, and NRHP-listed (refnum 76000031).
Bartholomew County Courthouse Bartholomew County Courthouse.jpeg Bartholomew Columbus
39°12′4″N 85°55′17″W / 39.20111°N 85.92139°W / 39.20111; -85.92139 (Bartholomew County Courthouse)
1871-1874 Second Empire, designed by Issac Hodgson. NRHP-listed (refnum 79000031).
Benton County Courthouse Benton County Courthouse in Fowler.jpg Benton Fowler
40°37′2″N 87°18′57″W / 40.61722°N 87.31583°W / 40.61722; -87.31583 (Benton County Courthouse)
1874 Second Empire, designed by Gurdon P. Randall. NRHP-listed (refnum 8000741).
Blackford County Courthouse Blackford County Courthouse SW corner Hartford City IN.JPG Blackford Hartford City
40°27′6″N 85°22′5″W / 40.45167°N 85.36806°W / 40.45167; -85.36806 (Blackford County Courthouse)
1894 Richardsonian Romanesque. NRHP-listed (refnum 80000053) and included in Hartford City Courthouse Square Historic District
Boone County Courthouse Boone County Indiana Courthouse.jpg Boone Lebanon
40°2′52″N 86°28′7″W / 40.04778°N 86.46861°W / 40.04778; -86.46861 (Boone County Courthouse)
1909-11 Classical Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 86002703).
Brown County Courthouse Historic District Brown County Courthouse in Nashville, western side.jpg Brown Nashville 1873-1874 NRHP-listed (refnum 83000050).
Carroll County Courthouse Carrol County 1916.jpg Carroll Delphi 1916 (current building) NRHP-listed (refnum 3001317).
Clay County Courthouse Clay County Courthouse, Brazil.jpg Clay Brazil 1914 NRHP-listed (refnum 99001109).
Clinton County Courthouse Clinton County Indiana Courthouse.jpg Clinton Frankfort 1882 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000027).
Daviess County Courthouse Daviess County Courthouse in Washington.jpg Daviess Washington 1927-1928 NRHP-listed (refnum 8000916).
Dearborn County Courthouse Dearborn County Courthouse from the east.jpg Dearborn Lawrenceburg 1870-1871 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000008).
Decatur County Courthouse Decatur County Courthouse in Greensburg from southeast.jpg Decatur Greensburg 1854 NRHP-listed (refnum 73000014).
Dubois County Courthouse Dubois County Courthouse in Jasper from southeast.jpg Dubois Jasper 1909-1911 NRHP-listed (refnum 95001538).
Elkhart County Courthouse Goshen-indiana-courthouse.jpg Elkhart Goshen 1860-1868 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000034).
Fayette County Courthouse Fayette County Courthouse in Connersville.jpg Fayette Connersville 1890 NRHP-listed (refnum 6000518).
Fountain County Courthouse Fountain County Courthouse front, southern angle.jpg Fountain Covington NRHP-listed (refnum 8000191).
Fulton County Courthouse Fulton County Courthouse in Rochester.jpg Fulton Rochester 1937 NRHP-listed (refnum 1138).
Gibson County Courthouse Gibson County Courthouse in Princeton.jpg Gibson Princeton 1883 NRHP-listed (refnum 84001038).
Greene County Courthouse Greene County Courthouse in Bloomfield front and western side distant.jpg Greene Bloomfield 1885-1886 NRHP-listed (refnum 8000912).
Hamilton County Courthouse (Indiana) Noblesville-indiana-county-seat.jpg County Noblesville 1875-1876 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000033).
Henry County Courthouse Henry County Courthouse - New Castle, IN.jpg Henry New Castle 1866 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000013).
Jasper County Courthouse Jasper County Courthouse Rensselaer Indiana.JPG Jasper Rensselaer 1898 NRHP-listed (refnum 83000126).
Jay County Courthouse Jay County Courthouse from southwest.jpg Jay Portland 1915-1919 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000016).
Johnson County Courthouse Square Johnson County Courthouse in Franklin from west.jpg Johnson Franklin 1879-1881 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000017).
La Grange County Courthouse LaGrange County Courthouse.jpg La Grange LaGrange
41°38′40″N 85°25′7″W / 41.64444°N 85.41861°W / 41.64444; -85.41861 (La Grange County Courthouse)
1878-79 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000042).
Lake County Courthouse Old Lake County Courthouse, Crown Point Indiana. Located in the Courthouse Square Historic District.jpg Lake Crown Point 1878-1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 73000073).
Marshall County Court House Plymouth-indiana-courthouse.jpg County Plymouth 1870-1882 NRHP-listed (refnum).
Martin County Courthouse Martin County Indiana Courthouse.jpg Martin Shoals 1876 NRHP-listed (refnum 5000604).
Miami County Courthouse Peru-indiana-courthouse.jpg Miami Peru NRHP-listed (refnum 8000194).
Monroe County Courthouse Monroe County Courthouse in Bloomington from west-southwest.jpg Monroe Bloomington 1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 76000012).
Morgan County Courthouse Morgan County Courthouse in Martinsville, southeastern angle.jpg Morgan Martinsville NRHP-listed (refnum 95001531).
Newton County Courthouse Newton County Courthouse in Kentland from southeast.jpg Newton Kentland 1906 NRHP-listed (refnum 8000742).
Noble County Courthouse Albion-indiana-courthouse.jpg Noble Albion 1887 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000005).
Orange County Courthouse Orange County, Indiana Courthouse.png Orange Paoli 1847 NRHP-listed (refnum 75000009).
Owen County Courthouse Owen County Indiana Courthouse.jpg Owen Spencer 1910-1911 NRHP-listed (refnum 94001351).
Old Perry County Courthouse Old Perry County Courthouse in Rome.jpg Perry Rome 1818 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000006).
Pike County Courthouse Pike County Courthouse in Petersburg from west.jpg Pike Petersburg 1922 NRHP-listed (refnum 8000913).
Posey County Courthouse Square Posey County Courthouse.jpg County Mount Vernon 1874-1876 NRHP-listed (refnum 88003042).
Pulaski County Courthouse Pulaski County Courthouse Winimac Indiana P1300092.jpg Pulaski Winamac 1894-1895 NRHP-listed (refnum 7001282).
Ripley County Courthouse (Indiana) Ripley County Courthouse in Versailles.jpg Ripley Versailles 1860-1863 NRHP-listed (refnum 9000762).
Rush County Courthouse Rush County Courthouse, Rushville.jpg Rush Rushville 1896 NRHP-listed (refnum 75000048).
Old Courthouse (Second St. Joseph County Courthouse) St Joseph County Indiana Courthouse.jpg St. Joseph South Bend 1853 NRHP-listed (refnum 70000007).
Third St. Joseph County Courthouse South-bend-indiana-courthouse.jpg St. Joseph South Bend
41°40′33″N 86°15′8″W / 41.67583°N 86.25222°W / 41.67583; -86.25222 (Third St. Joseph County Courthouse)
1897 NRHP-listed (refnum 85001230).
Spencer County Courthouse Spencer County Courthouse in Rockport.jpg Spencer Rockport
37°52′57″N 87°2′47″W / 37.88250°N 87.04639°W / 37.88250; -87.04639 (Spencer County Courthouse)
1921 NRHP-listed (refnum 99000304).
Starke County Courthouse Starke County Courthouse.jpg Starke Knox 1887 NRHP-listed (refnum 86003170).
Steuben County Courthouse Steuben Co IN Courthouse.jpg Steuben Angola 1867-1868 NRHP-listed (refnum 75000051).
Sullivan County Courthouse Sullivan County Courthouse in Indiana, southwestern angle.jpg Sullivan Sullivan 1926-1928 NRHP-listed (refnum 8001213).
Switzerland County Courthouse Switzerland County Courthouse.jpg Switzerland Vevay NRHP-listed (refnum 9000435).
Tippecanoe County Courthouse Tippecanoe courthouse 7-2004.jpg Tippecanoe Lafayette 1881-1882 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000013).
Tipton County Courthouse Tipton-county-courthouse.jpg Tipton Tipton NRHP-listed (refnum 84001665).
Union County Courthouse Union County Courthouse, Liberty, blue sky.jpg Union Liberty NRHP-listed (refnum 87000103).
Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse, Evansville, IN, US.jpg Vanderburgh Evansville NRHP-listed (refnum 70000010).
Vermillion County Courthouse Vermillion County, Indiana Courthouse during Hill Climb.png Vermillion Newport 1923-1925 NRHP-listed (refnum 7001283).
Vigo County Courthouse Vigo County Courthouse, Terre Haute, IN, US (15).jpg Vigo Terre Haute NRHP-listed (refnum 83000160).
Warren County Courthouse Warren County, Indiana Courthouse.png Warren Williamsport NRHP-listed (refnum 8000195).
Washington County Courthouse Washington County Courthouse, Salem.jpg Washington Salem 1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000047).
Wayne County Courthouse Wayne County Courthouse in Richmond, western side closeup.jpg Wayne Richmond 1893 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000042).
Wells County Courthouse Wells County Courthouse P4020318.jpg Wells Bluffton 1889 NRHP-listed (refnum 79000028).
Whitley County Courthouse Whitley County Courthouse.jpg Whitley Columbia City 1888 NRHP-listed (refnum 79000029).


Federal courthouses in Iowa are listed here.

County courthouses in Iowa are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Kansas are listed here.

County courthouses in Kansas are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Kentucky are listed here.

However, the Old U.S. Customshouse and Post Office and Fireproof Storage Company Warehouse, in Louisville, Kentucky, also served as a Federal district courthouse.

Old Courthouse, Greensburg, KY

The "Old Courthouse", or "Greensburg Courthouse" in Greensburg, Kentucky, built during 1802-04, is the oldest courthouse west of the Alleghenies. Future Kentucky governor Thomas Metcalfe was one of the builders. It is included in the Downtown Greensburg Historic District.

County courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adair County Courthouse Adair County Kentucky courthouse.jpg Adair Columbia
37°06′10″N 85°18′22″W / 37.102778°N 85.306111°W / 37.102778; -85.306111 (Adair County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 74000847).
Ballard County Courthouse Ballard County Courthouse from west at sunset.jpg Ballard Wickliffe
36°57′55″N 89°05′19″W / 36.965278°N 89.088611°W / 36.965278; -89.088611 (Ballard County Courthouse)
1900-1905 First permanent courthouse in the county. NRHP-listed (refnum 80001480).
Bourbon County Courthouse Bourbon county, kentucky courthouse.jpg Bourbon Paris
38°12′48″N 84°15′00″W / 38.213333°N 84.25°W / 38.213333; -84.25 (Bourbon County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 74000851).
Boyle County Courthouse Boyle county courthouse.jpg Boyle Danville
37°38′47″N 84°46′24″W / 37.64639°N 84.77333°W / 37.64639; -84.77333 (Boyle County Courthouse)
1862 Replaced courthouse destroyed in 1860 fire. Was immediately commandeered to serve as a hospital following the Battle of Perryville.
Calloway County Courthouse Calloway Murray NRHP-listed (refnum 86000287).
Campbell County Courthouse Campbell Alexandria
38°57′35″N 84°23′12″W / 38.9597°N 84.3867°W / 38.9597; -84.3867 (Campbell County Courthouse)
Campbell County Courthouse Campbell Newport
39°05′32″N 84°29′49″W / 39.0922°N 84.4970°W / 39.0922; -84.4970 (Campbell County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 88000181).
Carroll County Courthouse Carroll Carrollton, Kentucky Designed by McDonald Brothers. Included in NRHP-listed Carrollton Historic District
Casey County Courthouse Casey Liberty NRHP-listed (refnum 77000607).
Clark County Courthouse Clark Winchester NRHP-listed (refnum 74000858).
Fulton County Courthouse Fulton Hickman NRHP-listed (refnum 76000887).
Franklin County Courthouse Franklin Frankfort Included in NRHP-listed Frankfort Commercial Historic District.
Garrard County Courthouse Garrard County Kentucky Courthouse.jpg Garrard Lancaster Included in NRHP-listed Lancaster Commercial Historic District
Graves County Courthouse Graves County Courthouse KY.JPG Graves Mayfield Included in NRHP-listed Mayfield Downtown Commercial District
Grayson County Courthouse Grayson County, Kentucky courthouse.png Grayson Leitchfield Included in NRHP-listed Court Square Historic District
Hancock County Courthouse Hancock Hawesville NRHP-listed (refnum 75000765).
Elizabethtown Courthouse Square and Commercial District Hardin Elizabethtown NRHP-listed (refnum).
Harrison County Courthouse Harrison Cynthiana NRHP-listed (refnum 74000880).
Hart County Courthouse Hart Munfordville NRHP-listed (refnum 80001542).
Henry County Courthouse, Jail, and Warden's House Henry New Castle NRHP-listed (refnum 77000621).
Hickman County Courthouse Hickman Clinton NRHP-listed (refnum 75000767).
Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson Louisville NRHP-listed (refnum 72000537).
Jefferson County Courthouse Annex Jefferson Louisville NRHP-listed (refnum 80001607).
Knox County Courthouse Knox County Kentucky Courthouse.jpg Knox Barbourville Contributing building in Barbourville Commercial District.
Lincoln County Courthouse Lincoln Stanford NRHP-listed (refnum 76000915).
Madison County Courthouse Madison Richmond NRHP-listed (refnum 75000800).
Marion County Courthouse Marion Lebanon Contributing building in NRHP-listed Lebanon Historic Commercial District
Martin County Courthouse Martin Inez NRHP-listed (refnum 6000811).
Metcalfe County Kentucky Courthouse Metcalfe Edmonton
36°58′45″N 85°36′41″W / 36.97917°N 85.61139°W / 36.97917; -85.61139 (Metcalfe County Kentucky Courthouse)
Built 1868–69, NRHP-listed.
Morgan County Courthouse Morgan West Liberty NRHP-listed (refnum 76000929).
Muhlenberg County Courthouse Muhlenberg Greenville NRHP-listed (refnum 78001390).
Ohio County Courthouse Ohio County Courthouse, Hartford.jpg Ohio Hartford Built during 1940–43. Contributing building in Downtown Hartford Historic District.[8]
Owen County Courthouse and Jail Owen Owenton NRHP-listed (refnum 76000937).
Robertson County Courthouse Robertson Mount Olivet NRHP-listed (refnum 78001394).
Rowan County Courthouse Rowan Morehead NRHP-listed (refnum 83002862).
Scott County Courthouse Scott Georgetown NRHP-listed (refnum 72000542).
Shelby County Courthouse and Main Street Commercial District Shelby Shelbyville NRHP-listed (refnum 78001399).
Shelby County Courthouse and Main Street Commercial District (Boundary Increase) Shelby Shelbyville NRHP-listed (refnum 85000864).
Simpson County Courthouse Simpson Franklin NRHP-listed (refnum 80001668).
Todd County Courthouse Todd Elkton NRHP-listed (refnum 75000836).
Union County Courthouse Union Morganfield NRHP-listed (refnum 78001401).
Warren County Courthouse Warren Bowling Green NRHP-listed (refnum 77000657).
Washington County Courthouse Washington Springfield NRHP-listed (refnum 77000660).
Webster County Courthouse Webster Dixon NRHP-listed (refnum 91000924).


Federal courthouses in Louisiana are listed here.

Parish and other courthouses include:

Courthouse name Image County Location Built Notes
Allen Parish Courthouse Courthouse of Allen Parish, Louisiana.jpg Allen Oberlin
30°37′13″N 92°46′04″W / 30.62028°N 92.76778°W / 30.62028; -92.76778 (Allen Parish Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 81000287).
Assumption Parish Courthouse and Jail Assumption Courthouse.JPG Assumption Napoleonville
29°56′28″N 91°01′28″W / 29.94111°N 91.02444°W / 29.94111; -91.02444 (Assumption Parish Courthouse and Jail)
NRHP-listed (refnum 97000057).
Avoyelles Parish Courthouse Avoyelles Marksville 1927 NRHP CP
Beauregard Parish Courthouse BeauregardCourthouse.jpg Beauregard DeRidder
30°50′46″N 93°17′20″W / 30.84611°N 93.28889°W / 30.84611; -93.28889 (Beauregard Parish Courthouse)
1915 Beaux-Arts. NRHP-listed (refnum 83000490).
Calcasieu Parish Courthouse Calcasieu Lake Charles NRHP-listed (refnum 89001938).
Catahoula Parish Courthouse Catahoula Courthouse.jpg Catahoula Harrisonburg NRHP-listed (refnum 88002056).
Claiborne Parish Courthouse Claiborne Homer NRHP-listed (refnum 81000291).
Concordia Parish Courthouse Concordia Vidalia
31°34′4″N 91°25′42″W / 31.56778°N 91.42833°W / 31.56778; -91.42833 (Concordia Parish Courthouse)
1939 Four-story Art Deco courthouse built in "new" Vidalia after town was moved as part of a Mississippi River flood control project. NRHP-listed.
DeSoto Parish Courthouse DeSoto Mansfield NRHP-listed (refnum 86003677).
East Carroll Parish Courthouse East Carroll Parish Lake Providence
32°48′12″N 91°10′24″W / 32.80333°N 91.17333°W / 32.80333; -91.17333 (East Carroll Parish Courthouse, source:NRIS2010a)
The new building and the Old East Carroll Parish Courthouse building, built in 1935 and 1879, are both contributing buildings in NRHP-listed Old Courthouse Square.
East Feliciana Parish Courthouse East Feliciana Clinton NRHP-listed (refnum 73002232).
Iberville Parish Courthouse OldPlaquCourtWM.JPG Iberville Plaquemine 1848 NRHP-listed (refnum 80001732).
Old Jefferson Parish Courthouse Jefferson Gretna NRHP-listed (refnum 83000512).
Lafourche Parish Courthouse Lafourche Thibodaux NRHP-listed (refnum 79001068).
Livingston Parish Courthouse, Old Livingston Springfield NRHP-listed (refnum 89001040).
Madison Parish Courthouse Madison Tallulah NRHP-listed (refnum 89000044).
Morehouse Parish Courthouse Morehouse Bastrop NRHP-listed (refnum 2001622).
Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse Point Coupee New Roads NRHP-listed (refnum 81000710).
St. Landry Parish Courthouse St. Landry Opelousas
30°32′01″N 92°05′00″W / 30.53370°N 92.08338°W / 30.53370; -92.08338 (St. Landry Parish Courthouse)
Art Deco building constructed in 1939, contributing in the Opelousas Historic District
St. Martin Parish Courthouse St. Martin St. Martinville | NRHP-listed (refnum 81000658).
St. Tammany Parish Courthouse St. Tammany Covington vicinity Built 1818–19, its brick masonry building was converted into the Claiborne Cottage Hotel in 1880. NRHP-listed in 2019.
Tensas Parish Courthouse Tensas St. Joseph NRHP-listed (refnum 79001093).
Vernon Parish Courthouse Vernon Leesville NRHP-listed (refnum 83000550).


Federal courthouses in Maine are listed here.

Maine's Superior Court holds court in each of Maine's 16 counties, and Aroostook County has two Superior Courts.[9]

District court operates at many locations.[10]

County courthouses and any other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Androscoggin County Courthouse and Jail Androscoggin County Buildings, Auburn, ME.jpg Androscoggin Auburn
44°5′52″N 70°13′38″W / 44.09778°N 70.22722°W / 44.09778; -70.22722 (Androscoggin County Courthouse and Jail)
1857 NRHP-listed (refnum 83003633).
Aroostook County Courthouse and Jail HoultonME AroostookCountyCourthouse.jpg Aroostook Houlton
46°7′29″N 67°50′22″W / 46.12472°N 67.83944°W / 46.12472; -67.83944 (Aroostook County Courthouse and Jail)
1859 Part of a rambling complex, whose original portion was designed by Gridley J. F. Bryant. Addition in 1895 designed by Wilfred E. Mansur moved the cupola to the new center of the building. NRHP-listed (refnum 89002340).
Franklin County Courthouse Franklin Farmington NRHP-listed (refnum 83003641).
Kennebec County Courthouse Kennebec Augusta NRHP-listed (refnum 74000169).
Knox County Courthouse Knox Rockland NRHP-listed (refnum 77000075).
Pownalborough Courthouse Pownalborough Courthouse.jpg Lincoln Dresden
44°6′19″N 69°45′59″W / 44.10528°N 69.76639°W / 44.10528; -69.76639 (Pownalborough Courthouse)
1761 Lincoln County's first courthouse, and the oldest surviving courthouse in Maine. NRHP-listed (refnum 70000052).
Lincoln County Courthouse Lincoln Wiscasset 1824 Contributing building in NRHP-listed Wiscasset Historic District
Somerset County Courthouse Somerset Skowhegan NRHP-listed (refnum 84000332).
Washington County Courthouse Washington Machias NRHP-listed (refnum 76000119).


Federal courthouses in Maryland are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse name Image County Location Built Notes
Baltimore County Courthouse Old Baltimore County Courthouse.jpg Baltimore Towson
39°23′59″N 76°36′24″W / 39.39972°N 76.60667°W / 39.39972; -76.60667 (Baltimore County Courthouse)
1855 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000569).
Dorchester County Courthouse and Jail Dorchester County Courthouse.jpg Dorchester Cambridge
38°34′18″N 76°4′34″W / 38.57167°N 76.07611°W / 38.57167; -76.07611 (Dorchester County Courthouse and Jail)
1853 Designed by Richard Upjohn. NRHP-listed (refnum 82001591).
Garrett County Courthouse Garrett Oakland NRHP-listed (refnum 75000899).
Montgomery County Courthouse Historic District Montgomery Rockville NRHP-listed (refnum 86003352).
Washington County Courthouse Washington Hagerstown NRHP-listed (refnum 74000976).


Federal courthouses in Massachusetts are listed here.

Courthouses in Boston are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Barnstable County Courthouse Barnstable County Courthouse 2014.jpg Barnstable Barnstable
41°42′5″N 70°18′17″W / 41.70139°N 70.30472°W / 41.70139; -70.30472 (Barnstable County Courthouse)
1831 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000104).
Berkshire County Courthouse Berkshire County Courthouse, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.jpg Berkshire Pittsfield
42°26′51.137″N 73°15′9.032″W / 42.44753806°N 73.25250889°W / 42.44753806; -73.25250889 (Berkshire County Courthouse)
1871 In NRHP-listed Park Square Historic District (refnum 91001826).
Bristol County Superior Courthouse Bristol Superior Court Taunton.jpg Bristol Taunton In NRHP-listed Bristol County Courthouse Complex (refnum 78000427).
Dedham District Court Norfolk Dedham 1938
First District Courthouse Bristol Taunton In NRHP-listed Bristol County Courthouse Complex (refnum 78000427).
Hampden County Courthouse Hampden County Courthouse MA.jpg Hampden Springfield
42°6′1″N 72°35′20″W / 42.10028°N 72.58889°W / 42.10028; -72.58889 (Hampden County Courthouse)
1871 Designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. NRHP-listed (refnum 72000134).
Norfolk County Courthouse NorfolkCoCourt.JPG Norfolk Dedham 1827 NRHP-listed (refnum 72001312).
Old County Courthouse Old County Courthouse in Plymouth MA.jpg Plymouth Plymouth
41°57′20″N 70°39′53″W / 41.95556°N 70.66472°W / 41.95556; -70.66472 (Old County Courthouse)
1749 Oldest wooden courthouse in the U.S.(?) NRHP-listed (refnum 72001297).
Suffolk County Courthouse OldSuffolkCMaCourt.JPG Suffolk Boston
42°21′32.75″N 71°3′40.5″W / 42.3590972°N 71.061250°W / 42.3590972; -71.061250 (Suffolk County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 74000391).


Federal courthouses in Michigan are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Alpena County Courthouse Alpena County Courthouse - Alpena Michigan.jpg Alpena Alpena
45°4′5″N 83°26′30″W / 45.06806°N 83.44167°W / 45.06806; -83.44167 (Alpena County Courthouse)
1934 Art Deco. NRHP-listed (refnum 83003643).
Antrim County Courthouse The Antrim County Courthouse.JPG Antrim Bellaire
44°58′33″N 85°12′29″W / 44.97583°N 85.20806°W / 44.97583; -85.20806 (Antrim County Courthouse)
1904 NRHP-listed (refnum 80001846).
Second Arenac County Courthouse Second Arenac County Courthouse - Omer Michigan.jpg Arenac Omer
44°2′50″N 83°51′14″W / 44.04722°N 83.85389°W / 44.04722; -83.85389 (Second Arenac County Courthouse)
1890 Built at cost of $2970.75, this served as a courthouse only briefly: in 1891 a vote moved the county seat to Standish. Sold to local Masonic group for $500 in 1893. Also known as "Omer Masonic Hall". NRHP-listed (refnum 82002823).
Barry County Courthouse Complex Barry Hastings NRHP-listed (refnum 81000303).
Benzie County Courthouse Benzie Beulah NRHP-listed (refnum 96000611).
Cheboygan County Courthouse Cheboygan Cheboygan NRHP-listed (refnum 86001010).
Chippewa County Courthouse 2009-0618-Soo-ChippewaCtyCt.jpg Chippewa Sault Ste. Marie NRHP-listed (refnum 84001381).
Dickinson County Courthouse and Jail 2009-0619-IronMountain-Courthouse.jpg Dickinson Iron Mountain NRHP-listed (refnum 80001852).
Eaton County Courthouse Eaton Charlotte NRHP-listed (refnum 71000389)(refnum 93000712-boundary increase).
Genesee County Courthouse and Jail Genesee Flint NRHP-listed (refnum 90000798).
Gogebic County Courthouse Gogebic County Courthouse.JPG Gogebic Bessemer NRHP-listed (refnum 81000306).
Gratiot County Courthouse Gratiot County Courthouse.jpg Gratiot Ithaca NRHP-listed (refnum 76002291).
Hillsdale County Courthouse Hillsdale Hillsdale NRHP-listed (refnum 82002835).
Houghton County Courthouse Houghton County Courthouse 2.jpg Houghton Houghton NRHP-listed (refnum 75000945).
Ingham County Courthouse Ingham County Courthouse.jpg Ingham Mason NRHP-listed (refnum 71000397).
Ionia County Courthouse IoniaCountyCouthouseIoniaMi.jpg Ionia Ionia NRHP-listed (refnum 79001155).
Iron County Courthouse Iron Crystal Falls NRHP-listed (refnum 75000948).
Lapeer County Courthouse Lapeer County Courthouse2.jpg Lapeer Lapeer NRHP-listed (refnum 71000402).
Lenawee County Courthouse Lenawee County Courthouse (Adrian).jpg Lenawee Adrian NRHP-listed (refnum 91000212).
Livingston County Courthouse Livingston County Courthouse Michigan.JPG Livingston Howell NRHP-listed (refnum 76001031).
Mackinac County Courthouse Mackinac County Courthouse.jpg Mackinac St. Ignace
Manistee County Courthouse Fountain Manistee Onekama NRHP-listed (refnum 88000065).
Marquette County Courthouse Marquette County Courthouse, Marquette.jpg Marquette Marquette NRHP-listed (refnum 78001506).
Mason County Courthouse Ludington Courthouse.JPG Mason Ludington NRHP-listed (refnum 88000602).
Menominee County Courthouse Menominee County Courthouse.jpg Menominee Menominee NRHP-listed (refnum 75000958).
Midland County Courthouse Midland County (Michigan) Courthouse.jpg Midland Midland NRHP-listed (refnum 86000381).
Ontonagon County Courthouse Ontonagon County Courthouse.jpg Ontonagon Ontonagon NRHP-listed (refnum 80001888).
Oscoda County Courthouse Oscoda Mio NRHP-listed (refnum 72000651).
Ottawa County Courthouse Ottawa County Courthouse (1).jpg Ottawa Grand Haven Completed in 2009. 117,710 square feet and 120 feet tall.[11]
Presque Isle County Courthouse Presque Isle Onaway NRHP-listed (refnum 80001889).
Shiawassee County Courthouse Shiawassee County Courthouse 2.jpg Shiawassee Corunna NRHP-listed (refnum 82000546).
St. Joseph County Courthouse St Joseph county14.jpg St. Joseph Centreville NRHP-listed (refnum 93000984).
Tuscola County Courthouse Tuscola Caro NRHP-listed (refnum 96001419).
Van Buren County Courthouse Complex Van Buren County Courthouse II.jpg Van Buren Paw Paw NRHP-listed (refnum 79001169).
Old Wayne County Courthouse Detroit December 2019 02 (Wayne County Building).jpg Wayne Detroit 1902 NRHP-listed (refnum 75000972).


Federal courthouses in Minnesota are listed here.

County courthouses in Minnesota are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Mississippi are listed here.

Historically Mississippi may have had a county court in each of its 82 counties but in 2016, Mississippi has just 19 county courts. There are in fact at least five distinct types of non-Federal courts in Mississippi:

  • County courts are created by the state legislature to reduce the workload of circuit courts and chancery courts. Adams County Court, for example, has one County Court judge, and has "exclusive jurisdiction over matters involving eminent domain, unlawful entry and detainer, youth courts and partition of personal property." It also "shares jurisdiction with Justice Court in all matters, civil and criminal [and it] also shares jurisdiction with the Circuit and Chancery Courts in all matters of law and equity up to $200,000. The County Court Judge also hears non-capital felony criminal cases transferred by the Circuit Court."[12]
  • Circuit courts have "original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court", and most circuit court cases are handled by juries.[13]
  • Chancery courts cover "domestic/family matters, divorce, child custody, property division, adoptions, alimony, estates of descendants, land issues (titles, contracts), emancipation (declaring a minor to be 21 for work purposes), property title confirmation, property disputes (over $50,000), insurance settlements to minors, and commitments of mentally disabled."[14]
  • Justice courts covers traffic tickets, civil cases including small claims and felony cases through initial appearances and preliminary hearings.[15]
  • Youth court covers "matters involving delinquent children, children in need of supervision, and neglected and/or abused children."[16]

County and other non-Federal courthouses, historical and current, include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse Adams County Courthouse, Natchez, MS IMG 6982.JPG Adams Natchez 1821 Adams is one of 19 counties currently having a county court.[12] Its historic courthouse is a designated Mississippi Landmark. Located at 201 South Wall Street in Natchez, it was built in 1821 and enlarged in 1925. It is a "pivotal" contributing building in NRHP-listed Natchez On-Top-of-the-Hill Historic District.
Amite County Courthouse Amite County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Amite Liberty
31°09′27″N 90°48′38″W / 31.15750°N 90.81056°W / 31.15750; -90.81056 (Amite County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 74001055).
Attala County Courthouse and Confederate Monument Attala County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Attala Kosciusko
33°03′30″N 89°35′24″W / 33.05833°N 89.59000°W / 33.05833; -89.59000 (Attala County Courthouse and Confederate Monument)
NRHP-listed (refnum 97001299).
Chickasaw County Courthouse Chickasaw County Courthouse.jpg Chickasaw Houston
33°53′50″N 88°59′58″W / 33.89722°N 88.99944°W / 33.89722; -88.99944 (Chickasaw County Courthouse)
1909 The neoclassical landmark is a contributing building in NRHP-listed Houston Historic District.
Clarke County Courthouse and Confederate Monument Clarke County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Clarke Quitman
32°02′23″N 88°43′39″W / 32.03972°N 88.72750°W / 32.03972; -88.72750 (Clarke County Courthouse and Confederate Monument)
NRHP-listed (refnum 94000511).
Covington County Courthouse Covington County Courthouse.jpg Covington Collins
31°38′37″N 89°33′24″W / 31.64361°N 89.55667°W / 31.64361; -89.55667 (Covington County Courthouse)
1906-07 NRHP-listed (refnum 91001894).
DeSoto County Courthouse Court House Hernando MS.jpg DeSoto Hernando, Mississippi Included in NRHP-listed Hernando Courthouse Square District
Franklin County Courthouse Franklin MS Courthouse.jpg Franklin Meadville NRHP-listed (refnum 81000327).
Hinds County Courthouse Hinds courthouse1.jpg Hinds Jackson NRHP-listed (refnum 86002125).
Hinds County Courthouse Raymond Courthouse.jpg Hinds Raymond NRHP-listed (refnum 86001706).
Holmes county Courthouse Holmes County Courthouse.jpg Holmes Lexington NRHP-listed (refnum 94001301).
Jefferson Davis County Courthouse Jefferson Davis County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Jefferson Davis Prentiss NRHP-listed (refnum 94001308).
Jones County Courthouse Jones County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Jones Ellisville NRHP-listed (refnum 94001307).
Lafayette County Courthouse NRHP 77000791 Lafayette County Mississippi Courthouse North Facing.JPG Lafayette Oxford NRHP-listed (refnum 77000791).
Lawrence County Courthouse Lawrence County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Lawrence Monticello NRHP-listed (refnum 93000146).
Lee County Courthouse South facade of the Lee County, Mississippi courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi 5 Aug 2013.jpg Lee Tupelo NRHP-listed (refnum 92000161).
Marion County Courthouse Marion County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Marion Columbia NRHP-listed (refnum 95000178).
Monroe County Courthouse Monroe County Courthouse-Aberdeen MS.jpg Monroe Aberdeen NRHP-listed (refnum 78001623).
Prentiss County Courthouse Prentiss Co MS Courthouse.jpg Prentiss Booneville 1925 Included in NRHP-listed Downtown Booneville Historic District. A three-story Mediterranean Revival-style hipped roof brick building with a five bay arcaded loggia and two two-story flat-roofed wings.[17]
Rankin County Courthouse Rankin County Courthouse.jpg Rankin Brandon NRHP-listed (refnum 97000796).
Simpson County Courthouse Simpson County courthouse in Mendenhall, Mississippi, United States.jpg Simpson Mendenhall NRHP-listed (refnum 85001898).
Tate County Courthouse Tate County Courthouse Front.jpg Tate Senatobia NRHP-listed (refnum 94000200).
Tishomingo County Courthouse Tishomingo County Courthouse in Iuka.jpg Tishomingo Iuka
Union County Courthouse Union County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Union New Albany NRHP-listed (refnum 90001222).
Walthall County Courthouse and Jail Walthall County Mississippi Courthouse.jpg Walthall Tylertown NRHP-listed (refnum 94001302).


Federal courthouses in Missouri are listed here.

County courthouses in Missouri are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Montana are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse name Image County Location Built Notes
Cascade County Courthouse Cascade Co Courthouse outside 3.JPG Cascade Great Falls
47°30′29″N 111°17′58″W / 47.50806°N 111.29944°W / 47.50806; -111.29944 (Cascade County Courthouse)
1901-03 NRHP-listed (refnum 80002401).
Chouteau County Courthouse Chouteau County Courthouse.jpg Chouteau Fort Benton
47°49′03″N 110°39′53″W / 47.81750°N 110.66472°W / 47.81750; -110.66472 (Chouteau County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 80002404).
Daniels County Courthouse Daniels County Courthouse.jpg Daniels Scobey
48°47′27″N 105°25′12″W / 48.79083°N 105.42000°W / 48.79083; -105.42000 (Daniels County Courthouse)
1913 Originally a hotel, the building was bought by the 1920-created new county to serve as a courthouse, in 1920. NRHP-listed (refnum 95000535).
Deer Lodge County Courthouse Deer Lodge County Courthouse 02.jpg Deer Lodge Anaconda NRHP-listed (refnum 78001681).
Fergus County Courthouse Lewistown MT Fergus County Courthouse.jpg Fergus Lewistown 1907 Contributing building in NRHP-listed Lewistown Courthouse Historic District.[18]
Flathead County Courthouse COURTHOUSE HISTORIC DISTRICT, KALISPELL FLATHEAD COUNTY.jpg Flathead Kalispell Contributing building in NRHP-listed Courthouse Historic District.
Gallatin County Courthouse Looking NW at Gallatin County Courthouse 003 - Bozeman Montana - 2013-07-09.jpg Gallatin Bozeman NRHP-listed (refnum 87001794).
Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson county, montana courthouse.jpg Jefferson Boulder 1889 NRHP-listed (refnum 80002422).
Madison County Courthouse 44656 Madison County Courthouse.jpg Madison Virginia City, Montana Contributing building in NRHP-listed Virginia City Historic District[19]
Missoula County Courthouse Missoula county courthouse.jpg Missoula Missoula 1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 76001125).
Ravalli County Courthouse Ravalli County Courthouse NRHP 79001424 Ravalli County, MT.jpg Ravalli Hamilton 1900 NRHP-listed (refnum 79001424).
Rosebud County Courthouse Rosebud county courthouse.jpg Rosebud Forsyth 1913 NRHP-listed (refnum 86000807).
Teton County Courthouse Teton County Courthouse, Choteau, Montana, United States.JPG Teton Choteau 1906 NRHP-listed (refnum 6001093).


Federal courthouses in Nebraska are listed here.

County and other courthouses in Nebraska are listed here.


Federal courthouses in Nevada are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Churchill County Courthouse ChurchillCourtHouse1.JPG Churchill Fallon
39°28′30″N 118°46′51″W / 39.47500°N 118.78083°W / 39.47500; -118.78083 (Churchill County Courthouse)
1903 Classical Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 92001258).
Douglas County Courthouse Douglas County Courthouse.JPG Douglas Minden
38°57′20″N 119°45′48″W / 38.95556°N 119.76333°W / 38.95556; -119.76333 (Douglas County Courthouse)
1916 Classical Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 86002266).
Elko County Courthouse Elko Elko NRHP-listed (refnum 92001259).
Humboldt County Courthouse Humboldt Winnemucca NRHP-listed (refnum 83001109).
Lander County Courthouse Lander Austin NRHP-listed (refnum 3000750).
1938 Lincoln County Courthouse 1938 Lincoln County Courthouse.jpg Lincoln Pioche
37°56′13″N 114°27′02″W / 37.93694°N 114.45056°W / 37.93694; -114.45056 (1938 Lincoln County Courthouse)
1938 Art Moderne (PWA Moderne), NRHP-listed in 2002 (refnum 2000820).
Lincoln County Courthouse Lincoln Pioche NRHP-listed (refnum 78001724).
Lyon County Courthouse Lyon Yerington NRHP-listed (refnum 83001112).
Mineral County Courthouse Mineral Hawthorne NRHP-listed (refnum 82003214).
Nye County Courthouse Nye Tonopah NRHP-listed (refnum 82003238).
Pershing County Courthouse Pershing Lovelock NRHP-listed (refnum 86001077).
Washoe County Courthouse Washoe Reno NRHP-listed (refnum 86002254).
White Pine County Courthouse White Pine Ely NRHP-listed (refnum 86001958).

New Hampshire[edit]

Federal courthouses in New Hampshire are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse name Image County Location Built Notes
Carroll County Court House Courthouse, Ossipee, NH.jpg Carroll Ossipee
43°41′6″N 71°7′4″W / 43.68500°N 71.11778°W / 43.68500; -71.11778 (Carroll County Court House)
1916 Now a museum. NRHP-listed (refnum 07000949).
Cheshire County Courthouse Cheshire County Courthouse.jpg Cheshire Keene
42°56′3″N 72°16′48″W / 42.93417°N 72.28000°W / 42.93417; -72.28000 (Cheshire County Courthouse)
1859 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000210).
Old Grafton County Courthouse Grafton Plymouth NRHP-listed (refnum 82001677).
Hillsborough County Courthouse Hillsborough Nashua NRHP-listed (refnum 85001196).
Merrimack County Courthouse Merrimack Concord NRHP-listed (refnum 79000202).
Sullivan County Courthouse Sullivan Newport NRHP-listed (refnum 73000178).

New Jersey[edit]

Federal courthouses in New Jersey are listed here

County courthouses in New Jersey are listed here

For state courthouse see Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex.

New Mexico[edit]

Federal courthouses in New Mexico are listed here.

County courthouses in New Mexico are listed here.

New York[edit]

Federal courthouses in New York are listed here.

State and county courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State 2010 Appellate Division NYS Supreme Court.jpg New York E. 25th St. near Madison Square Park, Manhattan
40°44′32″N 73°59′12″W / 40.74222°N 73.98667°W / 40.74222; -73.98667 (Appellate Division Courthouse of NYS)
1896-99 "Outstanding" Beaux-Arts example of City Beautiful movement. NRHP-listed (refnum 82003366).[20]
New York State Court of Appeals Building CourtofAppealsPano.jpg Albany Albany
42°39′8″N 73°45′13″W / 42.65222°N 73.75361°W / 42.65222; -73.75361 (New York State Court of Appeals Building)
1842 Greek Revival. Originally housed court clerks but not the courtroom. NRHP-listed (refnum 71000520).
Old Allegany County Courthouse Old Allegany County Courthouse 2012-09-29 22-01-26.jpg Allegany Angelica
42°18′19″N 78°0′58″W / 42.30528°N 78.01611°W / 42.30528; -78.01611 (Old Allegany County Courthouse)
1819 Used as courthouse until 1892. NRHP-listed (refnum 72000821).
Bronx Borough Courthouse Old Bronx Borough Courthouse 2021 Front Elevation 2.jpg Bronx Bronx 1905-1914 NRHP-listed (refnum 82003344).
Bronx County Courthouse Bronx County Court jeh.JPG Bronx Bronx 1931-1934 NRHP-listed (refnum 83001636).
Broome County Courthouse Broome County Courthouse Dec 08.jpg Broome Binghamton 1897-1898 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001164).
Cayuga County Courthouse and Clerk's Office Cayuga County Court House Auburn.jpg Cayuga Auburn 1922-1924 (current building) NRHP-listed (refnum 91000721).
Chemung County Courthouse Complex Chemung County Courthouse.jpg Chemung Elmira 1861-1862 (courthouse) NRHP-listed (refnum 71000531).
Chenango County Courthouse District Chenango County Courthouse May 09.jpg Chenango Norwich 1837 (courthouse) NRHP-listed (refnum 75001178).
Clinton County Courthouse Complex Clinton-platts ch complex.jpg Clinton Plattsburgh 1884-1885 NRHP-listed (refnum 82001101).
First Columbia County Courthouse First Columbia County courthouse, Claverack, NY.jpg Columbia Claverack 1786 NRHP-listed (refnum 97001623).
Cortland County Courthouse Cortland County Courthouse (Built 1922-1923), Cortland, New York.jpg Cortland Cortland 1922-1924 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001228).
Delaware County Courthouse Square District Delaware County Courthouse and Clerk's Office Apr 09.jpg Delaware Delhi 1831 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001177).
Dutchess County Court House Dutchess County Courthouse.jpg Dutchess Poughkeepsie 1903 (current building) NRHP-listed (refnum).
Fulton County Courthouse Fulton County Courthouse, Johnstown.jpg Fulton Johnstown 1773 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000841). Oldest courthouse in New York and amongst the oldest in the US still in original function.
Genesee County Courthouse Genesee County Courthouse Oct 09.JPG Genesee Batavia 1841 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001193).
Genesee County Courthouse Historic District Genesee Batavia NRHP-listed (refnum 82001173).
Hamilton County Courthouse Complex Hamilton County Courthouse and Clerks Office NY Aug 10.jpg Hamilton Lake Pleasant 1929 (courthouse) NRHP-listed (refnum 92001280).
Herkimer County Courthouse Herkimer County Courthouse Sept 09.jpg Herkimer Herkimer 1873 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000844).
Jefferson County Courthouse Complex Jefferson County Courthouse Complex.jpg Jefferson Watertown 1862 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001248).
Old Madison County Courthouse Madison Hall.jpg Madison Morrisville NRHP-listed (refnum 78001860).
Old Nassau County Courthouse Old Nassau County Court House.JPG Nassau Garden City NRHP-listed (refnum 78001863).
Niagara County Courthouse and County Clerk's Office Niagara County Courthouse Jun 09.JPG Niagara Lockport NRHP-listed (refnum 97000417).
1841 Goshen Courthouse 1841 Goshen Courthouse.jpg Orange Goshen
41°24′09″N 74°19′20″W / 41.40250°N 74.32222°W / 41.40250; -74.32222 (1841 Goshen Courthouse)
1841 Greek Revival, Late Victorian, NRHP-listed in 1975[20]
Orleans County Courthouse Historic District Orleans County Courthouse, Albion, NY.jpg Orleans Albion NRHP-listed (refnum 79001617).
Oswego County Courthouse Oswego County Courthouse, (Built 1860), Oswego, New York.jpg Oswego Oswego NRHP-listed (refnum 1418).
Otsego County Courthouse Otsego County Courthouse, July, 2014.jpg Otsego Cooperstown 1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000902).
Putnam County Courthouse PC Courthouse 800.jpg Putnam Carmel 1814 NRHP-listed (refnum 76001264).
Long Island City Courthouse Complex LIC Courthouse from Jax Av jeh.jpg Queens Long Island City, Queens 1876 NRHP-listed (refnum).
Richmond County Courthouse Richmond County Court St George jeh.jpg Richmond St. George, Staten Island 1919 NRHP-listed (refnum 83004150).
Rockland County Courthouse and Dutch Gardens RocklandCountyCourthouse.jpg Rockland New City 1928 NRHP-listed (refnum 90002104).
Schoharie County Courthouse Complex Schoharie County Courthouse Feb 09.jpg Schoharie Schoharie 1870 NRHP-listed (refnum 95001010).
Schuyler County Courthouse Complex Schuyler County Courthouse Watkins Glen.jpg Schuyler Watkins Glen 1855 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001305).
Seneca County Courthouse Complex at Ovid The Seneca County Courthouse Complex at Ovid (August 2017).jpg Seneca Ovid 1845 NRHP-listed (refnum 76001277).
Steuben County Courthouse Steuben County Courthouse, Corning, New York.jpg Steuben Corning 1903 Architect: J. Foster Warner
Tioga County Courthouse Tioga County Courthouse NY Feb 09.jpg Tioga Owego NRHP-listed (refnum 72000915).
Second Tompkins County Courthouse EAST AND NORTH ELEVATIONS - Second Tompkins County Courthouse, 121 East Court Street, Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY HABS NY,55-ITH,7-12.tif Tompkins Ithaca 1854 NRHP-listed (refnum 71000562).
(third) Tompkins County Courthouse Tompkins County Family Court Ithaca New York.jpg Tompkins Ithaca 1932 Architect: J. Lakin Baldridge[21]
Old Warren County Courthouse Complex Warren County Courthouse exterior.jpg Warren Lake George 1845 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001282).
Yates County Courthouse Park District Yates County Courthouse, Penn Yan NY 01.JPG Yates Penn Yan 1835 NRHP-listed (refnum 79001652).

North Carolina[edit]

Federal courthouses in North Carolina are listed here.

County courthouses in North Carolina are listed here.

North Dakota[edit]

Federal courthouses in North Dakota are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse (North Dakota) Adams County Courthouse (North Dakota).jpg Adams Hettinger
46°0′5″N 102°38′4″W / 46.00139°N 102.63444°W / 46.00139; -102.63444 (Adams County Courthouse)
1928 Economical Art Deco
NRHP-listed (refnum 85002977).
Barnes County Courthouse Barnes County Courthouse 2009.jpg Barnes Valley City
46°55′38″N 98°0′18″W / 46.92722°N 98.00500°W / 46.92722; -98.00500 (Barnes County Courthouse)
1925 "Built for the people of Barnes County to perpetuate order and justice". NRHP-listed (refnum 85002978).
Benson County Courthouse Benson County Courthouse 2009.jpg Benson Minnewaukan 1900 Richardsonian Romanesque
NRHP-listed (refnum 78001988).
Billings County Courthouse Billings County Courthouse, Medora ND.jpg Billings Medora c.1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 77001016).
Burke County Courthouse Burke County Courthouse4 NRHP 85002979 Burke County, ND (2).jpg Burke Bowbells 1928 NRHP-listed (refnum 85002979).
Burleigh County Courthouse Burleigh County Courthouse.jpg Burleigh Bismarck 1931 Art Deco
NRHP-listed (refnum 85002980).
Cass County Courthouse Cass County Courthouse Fargo.jpg Cass Fargo 1904 NRHP-listed (refnum 83004062).
Dickey County Courthouse Dickey County Courthouse (Ellendale, ND).jpg Dickey Ellendale 1910 Beaux-Arts
NRHP-listed (refnum 80004283).
Divide County Courthouse Divide County Courthouse.jpg Divide Crosby 1917 Beaux-Arts
NRHP-listed (refnum 80002910).
Eddy County Courthouse Eddy County Courthouse 2008.jpg Eddy New Rockford 1900 NRHP-listed (refnum 85002981).
Emmons County Courthouse Emmons County Courthouse.jpg Emmons Linton 1934 Art Deco-Art Moderne
NRHP-listed (refnum 85002982).
Foster County Courthouse Foster County Courthouse, Carrington, North Dakota.jpg Foster Carrington 1909 Beaux-Arts
NRHP-listed (refnum 80002911).
Golden Valley County Courthouse Golden Valley County Courthouse.jpg Golden Valley Beach 1923 Federal Revival
NRHP-listed (refnum 85002983).
Grand Forks County Courthouse Grand Forks Grand Forks NRHP-listed (refnum 80002913).
Griggs County Courthouse Griggs Cooperstown NRHP-listed (refnum 77001025).
Hettinger County Courthouse Hettinger Mott NRHP-listed (refnum 85002984).
Kidder County Courthouse Kidder Steele NRHP-listed (refnum 85002985).
LaMoure County Courthouse LaMoure LaMoure NRHP-listed (refnum 80004284).
Logan County Courthouse Logan Napoleon NRHP-listed (refnum 85002986).
McHenry County Courthouse McHenry Towner NRHP-listed (refnum 80002917).
McIntosh County Courthouse McIntosh Ashley NRHP-listed (refnum 80002918).
Former McLean County Courthouse McLean Washburn NRHP-listed (refnum 85002987).
McLean County Courthouse McLean Washburn NRHP-listed (refnum 85002998).
Mountrail County Courthouse Mountrail Stanley NRHP-listed (refnum 78001992).
Pembina County Courthouse Pembina Cavalier NRHP-listed (refnum 80002923).
Pierce County Courthouse Pierce Rugby NRHP-listed (refnum 80002924).
Ransom County Courthouse Ransom Lisbon NRHP-listed (refnum 85002988).
Renville County Courthouse Renville Mohall NRHP-listed (refnum 85002989).
Richland County Courthouse Richland Wahpeton NRHP-listed (refnum 80002926).
Sargent County Courthouse Sargent Forman NRHP-listed (refnum 80002927).
Sheridan County Courthouse Sheridan McClusky NRHP-listed (refnum 85002990).
Original Slope County Courthouse Slope Amidon NRHP-listed (refnum 85002994).
Stark County Courthouse Stark Dickinson NRHP-listed (refnum 85002991).
Steele County Courthouse Steele Finley NRHP-listed (refnum 85002995).
Stutsman County Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence/Jail Stutsman Jamestown NRHP-listed (refnum 76001356).
Towner County Courthouse Towner Cando NRHP-listed (refnum 85002996).
Traill County Courthouse Traill Hillsboro NRHP-listed (refnum 80002928).
Walsh County Courthouse Walsh Grafton NRHP-listed (refnum 85002992).
Ward County Courthouse Ward Minot NRHP-listed (refnum 85002997).
Wells County Courthouse Wells Fessenden NRHP-listed (refnum 77001037).
Williams County Courthouse Williams County Courthouse - North Dakota.jpg Williams Williston
48°08′48.83″N 103°37′11.66″W / 48.1468972°N 103.6199056°W / 48.1468972; -103.6199056 (Williams County Courthouse)
1954 Modern


Federal courthouses in Ohio are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse (Ohio) AdamsCountyOHCourthouse1.JPG Adams West Union, Ohio
38°47′38″N 83°32′37″W / 38.79389°N 83.54361°W / 38.79389; -83.54361 (Adams County Courthouse (Ohio))
Athens County Courthouse County Courthouse Athens OH USA.JPG Athens Athens, Ohio
39°19′35″N 82°6′2″W / 39.32639°N 82.10056°W / 39.32639; -82.10056 (Athens Governmental Buildings)
1877-80 NRHP CP-listed in Athens Governmental Buildings
Allen County Courthouse (Ohio) Lima-ohio-courthouse.jpg Allen Lima, Ohio
40°44′34″N 84°6′20″W / 40.74278°N 84.10556°W / 40.74278; -84.10556 (Athens Governmental Buildings)
1881 Second Empire. NRHP-listed[20]
Ashland County Courthouse Ashland-County-Ohio-Courthouse.jpg Ashland Ashland 1928-1929 NRHP-listed (refnum 79003786).
Ashtabula County Courthouse Group Ashtabula County Courthouse Group.jpg Ashtabula Jefferson 1850 (courthouse) NRHP-listed (refnum 75001316).
Auglaize County Courthouse Wapakoneta-ohio-courthouse.jpg Auglaize Wapakoneta 1894 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001387).
Butler County Courthouse ButlerCountyOhioCourthouse.JPG Butler Hamilton 1885 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000429).
Carroll County Courthouse Carroll County Courthouse, Ohio.jpg Carroll Carrollton NRHP-listed (refnum 74001406).
Coshocton County Courthouse Coshocton County Courthouse rear.jpg Coshocton Coshocton 1873 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001402).
Darke County Courthouse Darke County Courthouse.jpg Darke Greenville 1870 NRHP-listed (refnum 76001409).
Delaware County Courthouse Delaware County Courthouse Ohio.jpg Delaware Delaware 1868 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001429).
Fayette County Courthouse Washington Courthouse Ohio.jpg Fayette Washington Courthouse 1882 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001433).
Fulton County Courthouse Fulton County Courthouse in Wauseon, front.jpg Fulton Wauseon 1870 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001447).
Geauga County Courthouse Chardon Courthouse.jpg Geauga Chardon c. 1870 NRHP-listed as part of Chardon Courthouse Square District
Guernsey County Courthouse Guernsey County Courthouse 002.jpg Guernsey Cambridge 1881 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001452).
First Hancock County Courthouse First Hancock County Courthouse, Findlay.jpg Hancock Findlay 1833 NRHP-listed (refnum 76001454).
Hancock County Courthouse Hancock County, Ohio Courthouse 1.jpg Hancock Findlay 1886-1888 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001475).
Hardin County Courthouse Hardin County Courthouse — Kenton, Ohio.jpg Hardin Kenton 1813 NRHP-listed (refnum 79001863).
Harrison County Courthouse Harrison County Courthouse Ohio.jpg Harrison Cadiz 1893 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001524).
Henry County Courthouse Henry County Courthouse — Napoleon, Ohio (cropped).jpg Henry Napoleon 1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001477).
Highland County Courthouse Highland County Courthouse, Hillsboro.jpg Highland Hillsboro 1833 NRHP-listed (refnum 78002087).
Holmes County Courthouse and Jail Holmes County Court House - July 2016.jpg Holmes Millersburg 1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001529).
Huron County Courthouse and Jail 2011-07-13 Huron County Courthouse 2.jpg Huron Norwalk 1913 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001534).
Knox County Courthouse Knox County, Ohio Courthouse (14516804607).jpg Knox Mount Vernon 1855 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001484).
Licking County Courthouse Newark-ohio-courthouse.jpg Licking Newark 1876-1878[22] NRHP-listed (refnum 73001496).
Logan County Courthouse Bellefontaine-ohio-courthouse-fountain.jpg Logan Bellefontaine 1870 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001497).
Lorain County Courthouse Elyria-ohio-old-county-building.jpg Lorain Elyria 1881 NRHP-listed (refnum 75001463).
Lucas County Courthouse and Jail 700 Adams Street, exterior views, 2019 - DPLA - be6ce9065bd97702f7112f9968d932dc (page 6).jpg Lucas Toledo 1896 NRHP-listed (refnum 73002295).
Madison County Courthouse London-ohio-courthouse.jpg Madison London 1892 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001504).
Mahoning County Courthouse Mahoning County Courthouse.jpg Mahoning Youngstown 1908-1909 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001569).
Old Mahoning County Courthouse Mahoning Canfield NRHP-listed (refnum 74001563).
Marion County Courthouse Marion County Ohio Courthouse.jpg Marion Marion 1884-1885 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001572).
Medina County Courthouse Current Medina County Ohio Courthouse.jpg Medina Medina NRHP-listed (refnum 70000507).
Old Meigs County Courthouse and Chester Academy Meigs County Courthouse comprehensive.jpg Meigs Chester 1840s NRHP-listed (refnum 75001488).
Miami County Courthouse and Power Station Miami County Courthouse.jpg Miami Troy 1885 NRHP-listed (refnum 75001490).
Monroe County Courthouse Monroe Courthouse OH.jpg Monroe Woodsfield 1905 NRHP-listed (refnum 80003168).
Montgomery County Courthouse Dayton-ohio-courthouse-old.jpg Montgomery Dayton 1847 NRHP-listed (refnum 70000510).
Morrow County Courthouse and Jail Mount-gilead-ohio-courthouse.jpg Morrow Mount Gilead NRHP-listed (refnum 74001586).
Muskingum County Courthouse And Jail Muskingum County Courthouse Zanesville OH.jpg Muskingum Zanesville 1870 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001515).
Ottawa County Courthouse Ottawa County Courthouse 2.jpg Ottawa Port Clinton 1898-1901 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001588).
Paulding County Courthouse PauldingOHCourt.jpg Paulding Paulding 1886 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001589).
Perry County Courthouse and Jail Perry County Courthouse in New Lexington from southwest.jpg Perry New Lexington 1887 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000449).
Putnam County Courthouse Putnam County Courthouse in Ottawa, southwestern angle.jpg Putnam Ottawa 1912 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001608).
Scioto County Courthouse Scioto County Courthouse.JPG Scioto Portsmouth 1925 NRHP-listed (refnum 87002101).
Stark County Courthouse and Annex Stark County Courthouse (Canton, OH) edit.JPG Stark Canton 1895 NRHP-listed (refnum 75001534).
Summit County Courthouse and Annex Summit County Courthouse, Akron, OH, USA.jpg Summit Akron 1905-1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001625).
Trumbull County Courthouse Trumbull County Courthouse.jpg Trumbull Warren NRHP-listed (refnum 74001637).
Tuscarawas County Courthouse Tuscarawas County Courthouse.jpg Tuscarawas New Philadelphia 1882 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001544).
Van Wert County Courthouse Van-wert-ohio-courthouse2.jpg Van Wert Van Wert 1876 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001639).
Wayne County Courthouse District Wayne County courthouse (Wooster).jpg Wayne Wooster 1877-1879 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001551).
Williams County Courthouse Williams County Courthouse — Bryan, Ohio.jpg Williams Bryan 1889-1891 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001552).
Wood County Courthouse and Jail Wood County Courthouse Jail.jpg Wood Bowling Green 1893-1894 NRHP-listed (refnum 74001651).
Wyandot County Courthouse and Jail Wyandot County Ohio Courthouse.JPG Wyandot Upper Sandusky 1894 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001553).


Federal courthouses in Oklahoma are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adair County Courthouse Adair County Courthouse, Stilwell.jpg Adair Stilwell
35°48′51″N 94°37′43″W / 35.81417°N 94.62861°W / 35.81417; -94.62861 (Adair County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 84002927).
Alfalfa County Courthouse ALFALFA COUNTY COURTHOUSE.jpg Alfalfa Cherokee
36°45′18″N 98°21′22″W / 36.75500°N 98.35611°W / 36.75500; -98.35611 (Alfalfa County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 84002937).
Beaver County Courthouse Beaver Beaver City
36°48′57″N 100°31′16″W / 36.81583°N 100.52111°W / 36.81583; -100.52111 (Beaver County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 84002964).
Beckham County Courthouse Beckham County Courthouse.jpg Beckham Sayre
35°17′29″N 99°38′12″W / 35.29139°N 99.63667°W / 35.29139; -99.63667 (Beckham County Courthouse)
1911 Domed. Tallest building in Sayre. NRHP-listed (refnum 84002968).
Blaine County Courthouse Blaine County Courthouse , Watonga, Oklahoma.jpg Blaine Watonga
35°50′46″N 98°24′38″W / 35.84611°N 98.41056°W / 35.84611; -98.41056 (Blaine County Courthouse)
1906 NRHP-listed (refnum 84002972).
Bryan County Courthouse Durant June 2018 02 (Bryan County Courthouse).jpg Bryan Durant NRHP-listed (refnum 84002974).
Carter County Courthouse Ardmore July 2018 02 (Carter County Courthouse).jpg Carter Ardmore NRHP-listed (refnum 85000678).
Cimarron County Courthouse Boise City Courthouse.JPG Cimarron Boise City NRHP-listed (refnum 84002988).
Cleveland County Courthouse Norman July 2019 09 (Cleveland County Courthouse).jpg Cleveland Norman NRHP-listed (refnum 1580).
Cotton County Courthouse Cotton County Courthouse.jpg Cotton Walters NRHP-listed (refnum 84002990).
Craig County Courthouse Craig County Courthouse.jpg Craig Vinita NRHP-listed (refnum 84002994).
Creek County Courthouse CreekCountyCourthouseOK.JPG Creek Sapulpa NRHP-listed (refnum 85000679).
Dewey County Courthouse Dewey Taloga NRHP-listed (refnum 85000680).
Ellis County Courthouse Ellis County, Oklahoma courthouse from NW 2.JPG Ellis Arnett NRHP-listed (refnum 85000681).
Garfield County Courthouse Garfield County Courthouse front.jpg Garfield Enid NRHP-listed (refnum 84003018).
Garvin County Courthouse Garvin County Courthouse.jpg Garvin Pauls Valley NRHP-listed (refnum 85002758).
Grady County Courthouse Grady County Courthouse.jpg Grady Chickasha NRHP-listed (refnum 5000131).
Grant County Courthouse Grant County, OK County Courthouse.jpg Grant Medford NRHP-listed (refnum 84003027).
Greer County Courthouse Greer County Courthouse.jpg Greer Mangum NRHP-listed (refnum 85000682).
Harmon County Courthouse Harmon County Courthouse.jpg Harmon Hollis NRHP-listed (refnum 84003031).
Harper County Courthouse HARPER COUNTY COURTHOUSE.jpg Harper Buffalo NRHP-listed (refnum 84003041).
Haskell County Courthouse Haskell County Courthouse.JPG Haskell Stigler NRHP-listed (refnum 84003061).
Jackson County Courthouse Jackson courthouse.jpg Jackson Altus NRHP-listed (refnum 84003064).
Jackson County Courthouse and Jail (Boundary Increase) Jackson Altus NRHP-listed (refnum 8000901).
Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson county courthouse.jpg Jefferson Waurika NRHP-listed (refnum 84003065).
Kay County Courthouse Kay County Oklahoma Courthouse by Smallchief.jpg Kay Newkirk NRHP-listed (refnum 84003070).
Kiowa County Courthouse Kiowa County Courthouse.jpg Kiowa Hobart NRHP-listed (refnum 84003094).
LeFlore County Courthouse LeFlore County Courthouse.jpg LeFlore Poteau NRHP-listed (refnum 84003099).
Logan County Courthouse Logan-County-Court-House.jpg Logan Guthrie NRHP-listed (refnum 84003141).
Love County Courthouse LoveCountyCourthouseMariettaOK.JPG Love Marietta NRHP-listed (refnum 84003148).
Major County Courthouse Major Fairview NRHP-listed (refnum 84003153).
Marshall County Courthouse MarshallCourthouse1 (1 of 1).jpg Marshall Madill NRHP-listed (refnum 84003154).
McClain County Courthouse McClain County Courthouse.JPG McClain Purcell NRHP-listed (refnum 84003347).
McIntosh County Courthouse Mcintosh county ok courthouse.jpg McIntosh Eufaula NRHP-listed (refnum 85000683).
Murray County Courthouse MurrayCountyCourthouseOK.JPG Murray Sulphur NRHP-listed (refnum 84003352).
Muskogee County Courthouse Muskogee County Courthouse.JPG Muskogee Muskogee NRHP-listed (refnum 84003173).
Noble County Courthouse Perry-Courthouse1.jpg Noble Perry NRHP-listed (refnum 84003361).
Nowata County Courthouse Nowata County Courthouse.jpg Nowata Nowata NRHP-listed (refnum 84003375).
Okfuskee County Courthouse Okfuskee County Courthouse 1.jpg Okfuskee Okemah NRHP-listed (refnum 84003377).
Oklahoma County Courthouse Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma County Courthouse (Taken 20120926).jpg Oklahoma Oklahoma City NRHP-listed (refnum 92000126).
Okmulgee County Courthouse Okmulgee Court House.JPG Okmulgee Okmulgee NRHP-listed (refnum 84003390).
Osage County Courthouse OSAGE COUNTY COURTHOUSE.jpg Osage Pawhuska NRHP-listed (refnum 84003395).
Ottawa County Courthouse Ottawa Miami NRHP-listed (refnum 4000122).
Pawnee County Courthouse PawneeCourthouse.jpg Pawnee Pawnee NRHP-listed (refnum 84003406).
Payne County Courthouse Payne County Courthouse (cropped).jpg Payne Stillwater NRHP-listed (refnum 84003410).
Pittsburg County Courthouse Pittsburg County Courthouse, McAlester, OK.jpg Pittsburg McAlester NRHP-listed (refnum 84003415).
Pontotoc County Courthouse Pontotoc County Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma 3.jpg Pontotoc Ada NRHP-listed (refnum 84003418).
Pottawatomie County Courthouse Pottawatomie county oklahoma courthouse.jpg Pottawatomie Shawnee NRHP-listed (refnum 84003424).
Seminole County Courthouse Seminole County OK Courthouse.jpg Seminole Wewoka NRHP-listed (refnum 84003429).
Texas County Courthouse Texas County, Oklahoma courthouse from NE 1.JPG Texas Guymon NRHP-listed (refnum 84003439).
Tillman County Courthouse Tillman County Courthouse.jpg Tillman Frederick NRHP-listed (refnum 84003455).
Old Washington County Courthouse Old Washington County Courthouse Bartlesville.JPG Washington Bartlesville NRHP-listed (refnum 81000469).
Washita County Courthouse Washita County Courthouse.JPG Washita Cordell NRHP-listed (refnum 84003452).


Federal courthouses in Oregon are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Benton County Courthouse Benton County Court House.jpg Benton Corvallis
44°33′55″N 123°15′44″W / 44.56528°N 123.26222°W / 44.56528; -123.26222 (Benton County Courthouse)
1888 Oldest courthouse in Oregon still being used as a courthouse. NRHP-listed (refnum 78002278).
Clatsop County Courthouse Clatsop County Courthouse - Astoria Oregon.jpg Clatsop Astoria
46°11′20″N 123°50′07″W / 46.18889°N 123.83528°W / 46.18889; -123.83528 (Clatsop County Courthouse)
1908 NRHP-listed (refnum 84002954).
Crook County Courthouse CrookCountyCourthouse.jpg Crook Prineville
44°18′09″N 120°50′38″W / 44.30250°N 120.84389°W / 44.30250; -120.84389 (Crook County Courthouse)
Douglas County Courthouse
Douglas County Oregon Courthouse.jpg
Douglas Roseburg

43°12'40.2"N 123°20'28.7"W

Jackson County Courthouse (Medford) Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson County, Oregon scenic images) (jacDA0008).jpg Jackson Medford
42°19′23″N 122°52′40″W / 42.32306°N 122.87778°W / 42.32306; -122.87778 (Jackson County Courthouse (Medford))
1932 Art Deco. NRHP-listed (refnum 86002921).
Jackson County Courthouse (Jackson) Jacksonville Oregon Museum.jpg Jackson Medford
42°18′52″N 122°57′56″W / 42.31444°N 122.96556°W / 42.31444; -122.96556 (Jackson County Courthouse (Jacksonville))
1883 Contributing property in NRHP-listed Jacksonville Historic District
Morrow County Courthouse Morrow County Courthouse - Heppner Oregon.jpg Morrow Heppner
45°21′13″N 119°32′56″W / 45.35361°N 119.54889°W / 45.35361; -119.54889 (Morrow County Courthouse)
1902-03 Exterior is dark blue basalt set off by lighter stone. NRHP-listed (refnum 85000366).
Multnomah County Courthouse (old) Multcocourthouse.jpg Multnomah Portland
45°30′59″N 122°40′42″W / 45.51639°N 122.67833°W / 45.51639; -122.67833 (Multnomah County Courthouse)
1911-14 NRHP-listed (refnum 79002136). Decommissioned as a courthouse in 2020.
Multnomah County Central Courthouse Multnomah County Central Courthouse from east in October 2020.jpg Multnomah Portland
45°30′50.4″N 122°40′30″W / 45.514000°N 122.67500°W / 45.514000; -122.67500 (Multnomah County Central Courthouse)
Sherman County Courthouse Sherman county oregon courthouse.jpg Sherman Moro
45°24′23″N 120°44′0″W / 45.40639°N 120.73333°W / 45.40639; -120.73333 (Sherman County Courthouse)
1899 NRHP-listed (refnum 98001122).
Wallowa County Courthouse Wallowa Oregon County Courthouse.jpg Wallowa Enterprise
45°25′30″N 117°16′37″W / 45.425093°N 117.276918°W / 45.425093; -117.276918 (Wallowa County Courthouse)
1909-10 NRHP-listed.
First Wasco County Courthouse Wasco The Dalles NRHP-listed (refnum 98000260).


Federal courthouses in Pennsylvania are listed here.

State and County courthouses in Pennsylvania are listed here.

Rhode Island[edit]

Federal courthouses in Rhode Island are listed here.

County courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Bristol County Courthouse Bristol RI Old Courthouse.jpg Bristol Bristol
41°39′48″N 71°16′17″W / 41.66333°N 71.27139°W / 41.66333; -71.27139 (Bristol County Courthouse)
1816 NRHP-listed (refnum 70000011).
Kent County Courthouse Kent County Courthouse, East Greenwich.jpg Kent East Greenwich
41°39′39″N 71°27′2″W / 41.66083°N 71.45056°W / 41.66083; -71.45056 (Kent County Courthouse)
1804-05 Oldest active courthouse in the state. NRHP-listed (refnum 70000013).
Old Colony House Old Rhode Island State House edit1.jpg Newport County Washington Sq., Newport
41°29′27″N 71°18′48″W / 41.49083°N 71.31333°W / 41.49083; -71.31333 (Old Colony House)
1736-1739 County courthouse during 1900–1926. Richard Munday
Providence County Courthouse Providence county courthouse, Rhode Island.jpg Providence 250 Benefit Street, Providence
41°49′31.76″N 71°24′24.84″W / 41.8254889°N 71.4069000°W / 41.8254889; -71.4069000 (Providence County Courthouse)
1926-1930 11th tallest building in Rhode Island.
Washington County Court House West Kingston Courthouse.jpg Washington South Kingstown
41°29′2″N 71°33′21″W / 41.48389°N 71.55583°W / 41.48389; -71.55583 (Washington County Court House)
1892 Romanesque. NRHP-listed (refnum 92001542).

Also from category, to check:

South Carolina[edit]

Federal courthouses in South Carolina are listed here.

County courthouses in South Carolina are listed here.

South Dakota[edit]

Federal courthouses in South Dakota are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Aurora County Courthouse Aurora Plankinton
43°43′4″N 98°29′6″W / 43.71778°N 98.48500°W / 43.71778; -98.48500 (Aurora County Courthouse)
1940 Art Moderne, Art Deco. NRHP-listed (refnum 92001855).
Bon Homme County Courthouse Bon Homme County courthouse from S 1.JPG Bon Homme Tyndall
42°59′38″N 97°51′58″W / 42.99389°N 97.86611°W / 42.99389; -97.86611 (Bon Homme County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 84000581).
Brookings County Courthouse Brookings court house.jpg Brookings Brookings
44°18′32″N 96°47′43″W / 44.30889°N 96.79528°W / 44.30889; -96.79528 (Brookings County Courthouse)
1912 Renaissance Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 76001715).
Brown County Courthouse Brown county south dakota courthouse aberdeen.jpg Brown Aberdeen NRHP-listed (refnum 76001718).
Butte County Courthouse and Historic Jail Building Butte Belle Fourche NRHP-listed (refnum 98001398).
Charles Mix County Courthouse Charles Mix Lake Andes NRHP-listed (refnum 92001856).
Clark County Courthouse Clark Clark NRHP-listed (refnum 2000026).
Clay County Courthouse Clay Vermillion NRHP-listed (refnum 83003005).
Codington County Courthouse Codington Watertown NRHP-listed (refnum 78002545).
Custer County Courthouse Custer Custer NRHP-listed (refnum 72001226).
Deuel County Courthouse and Jail Deuel Clear Lake NRHP-listed (refnum 76001730).
Douglas County Courthouse and Auditor's Office Douglas Armour NRHP-listed (refnum 78002549).
Edmunds County Courthouse Edmunds Ipswich NRHP-listed (refnum 997).
Faulk County Courthouse Faulk Faulkton NRHP-listed (refnum 92001857).
Grant County Courthouse Grant Milbank NRHP-listed (refnum 92001858).
Hamlin County Courthouse Hamlin hayti NRHP-listed (refnum 1225).
Hand County Courthouse and Jail Hand Miller NRHP-listed (refnum 94000193).
Hughes County Courthouse Hughes Pierre NRHP-listed (refnum 92001859).
Hyde County Courthouse Hyde Highmore NRHP-listed (refnum 78002558).
Jerauld County Courthouse Jerauld Wessington Springs NRHP-listed (refnum 92001860).
Kingsbury County Courthouse Kingsbury De Smet NRHP-listed (refnum 77001249).
Lake County Courthouse Lake Madison NRHP-listed (refnum 92001861).
Marshall County Courthouse Marshall Britton NRHP-listed (refnum 6000047).
McCook County Courthouse McCook Salem NRHP-listed (refnum 92001862).
McPherson County Courthouse McPherson Leola NRHP-listed (refnum 86003020).
Old Minnehaha County Courthouse Minnehaha Sioux Falls NRHP-listed (refnum 73001749).
Moody County Courthouse Moody Flandreau NRHP-listed (refnum 92001863).
Pennington County Courthouse Pennington Rapid City NRHP-listed (refnum 76001751).
Potter County Courthouse Potter Gettysburg NRHP-listed (refnum 96000743).
Roberts County Courthouse Roberts Sisseton NRHP-listed (refnum 76001755).
Spink County Courthouse Spink Redfield NRHP-listed (refnum 1001219).
Sully County Courthouse Sully Onida NRHP-listed (refnum 1000414).
Walworth County Courthouse Walworth Selby NRHP-listed (refnum 99000680).
Ziebach County Courthouse Ziebach Dupree NRHP-listed (refnum 92001864).


Federal courthouses in Tennessee are listed here

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Bledsoe County Courthouse Bledsoe-county-tennessee-courthouse1.jpg Bledsoe Pikeville
35°36′20″N 85°11′19″W / 35.60556°N 85.18861°W / 35.60556; -85.18861 (Bledsoe County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 95000346).
Cannon County Courthouse Cannon County Court House.jpg Cannon Woodbury
35°49′42″N 86°4′15″W / 35.82833°N 86.07083°W / 35.82833; -86.07083 (Cannon County Courthouse)
1935 NRHP-listed (refnum 92000347).
Cheatham County Courthouse Cheatham-county-courthouse-tn1.jpg Cheatham Ashland City
36°16′29″N 87°03′49″W / 36.27472°N 87.06361°W / 36.27472; -87.06361 (Cheatham County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 76001769).
Chester County Courthouse Chester county tennessee courthouse.jpg Chester Henderson
35°26′24″N 88°38′27″W / 35.44000°N 88.64083°W / 35.44000; -88.64083 (Chester County Courthouse)
1913 NRHP-listed (refnum 79002418).
Clay County Courthouse Clay Celina NRHP-listed (refnum 77001261).
Cocke County Courthouse Cocke Newport NRHP-listed (refnum 95000538).
Coffee County Courthouse Coffee Manchester NRHP-listed (refnum 74001905).
Cumberland County Courthouses Cumberland Crossville NRHP-listed (refnum 80003783).
Davidson County Courthouse Davidson Nashville NRHP-listed (refnum 87000670).
Fayette County Courthouse Fayette Somerville A contributing building in Somerville Historic District, NRHP-listed in Fayette County
Franklin County Courthouse Franklin Winchester NRHP-listed (refnum 95000345).
Gibson County Courthouse Gibson Trenton
35°58′51″N 88°56′29″W / 35.98083°N 88.94139°W / 35.98083; -88.94139 (Gibson County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 76001777).
Pulaski Courthouse Giles Pulaski Contributing property in NRHP-listed Pulaski Courthouse Square Historic District
Hamblen County Courthouse Hamblen-county-courthouse-tn1.jpg Hamblen Morristown
36°12′44″N 83°17′55″W / 36.21222°N 83.29861°W / 36.21222; -83.29861 (Hamblen County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed (refnum 73001770).
Hamilton County Courthouse Hamilton Chattanooga NRHP-listed (refnum 78002596).
James County Courthouse James County Courthouse 3.jpg James Ooltewah
35°04′17″N 85°03′37″W / 35.07139°N 85.06028°W / 35.07139; -85.06028 (James County Courthouse)
1913 NRHP-listed (refnum 76001782).
Knox County Courthouse Oldknoxcourthouse.JPG Knox Knoxville
35°57′39″N 83°55′1″W / 35.96083°N 83.91694°W / 35.96083; -83.91694 (Knox County Courthouse)
1885 NRHP-listed (refnum 73001803).
Lauderdale County Courthouse Lauderdale County court house Ripley TN 2013-09-14 007.jpg Lauderdale Ripley
35°44′45″N 89°31′49″W / 35.745833°N 89.530278°W / 35.745833; -89.530278 (Lauderdale County Courthouse)
1936 PWA Moderne-style. First-completed Public Works Administration-funded courthouse in Tennessee. NRHP-listed (refnum 95000343).
Lewis County Courthouse Lewis Hohenwald NRHP-listed (refnum 6000203).
Loudon County Courthouse Loudon Loudon NRHP-listed (refnum 75001768).
Madison County Courthouse Madison Jackson NRHP-listed (refnum 95000342).
Meigs County Courthouse Meigs Decatur NRHP-listed (refnum 78002613).
Monroe County Courthouse Monroe Madisonville NRHP-listed (refnum 95000341).
Moore County Courthouse and Jail Moore Lynchburg NRHP-listed (refnum 79002452).
Obion County Courthouse Obion Union City NRHP-listed (refnum 95000340).
Overton County Courthouse Overton Livingston NRHP-listed (refnum 80003852).
Perry County Courthouse Perry Linden NRHP-listed (refnum 95000339).
Pickett County Courthouse Pickett Byrdstown NRHP-listed (refnum 95000338).
Polk County Courthouse Polk Benton NRHP-listed (refnum 93000562).
Rhea County Courthouse Rhea county courthouse usda.jpg Rhea Dayton
35°29′41.74″N 85°00′45.63″W / 35.4949278°N 85.0126750°W / 35.4949278; -85.0126750 (Rhea County Courthouse)
1891 built
1972 NRHP-listed
Site of 1925 Scopes trial about teaching of evolution. Italian villa in style.
Roane County Courthouse Kingston-tennessee-oldcourthouse1.jpg Roane Kingston
35°52′18″N 84°30′57″W / 35.87167°N 84.51583°W / 35.87167; -84.51583 (Roane County Courthouse)
1850s built
1971 NRHP-listed
Greek Revival in style.
Robertson County Courthouse Robertson Springfield NRHP-listed (refnum 78002627).
Rutherford County Courthouse Rutherford Murfreesboro NRHP-listed (refnum 73001826).
Sequatchie County Courthouse Sequatchie Dunlap NRHP-listed (refnum 80003853).
Sevier County Courthouse Sevier Sevierville NRHP-listed (refnum 71000832).
Smith County Courthouse Smith Carthage NRHP-listed (refnum 79002483).
Tipton County Courthouse Tipton Covington
Wayne County Courthouse Wayne-County-Courthouse-E-tn1.jpg Wayne Waynesboro NRHP-listed (refnum 100005369)
Williamson County Courthouse Williamson Franklin On its grounds is the NRHP-listed Confederate Monument (Franklin, Tennessee).


Federal courthouses in Texas are listed here.

County courthouses in Texas are partially listed here.


Federal courthouses in Utah are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Beaver County Courthouse Old Beaver County Ut courthouse.jpg Beaver Beaver
38°16′37″N 112°38′25″W / 38.27694°N 112.64028°W / 38.27694; -112.64028 (Beaver County Courthouse)
1882 Late Victorian, NRHP-listed in 1970 (refnum 70000622).
Box Elder County Courthouse Box Elder County Courthouse.jpeg Box Elder Brigham City
41°30′38″N 112°0′51″W / 41.51056°N 112.01417°W / 41.51056; -112.01417 (Box Elder County Courthouse)
1857, 1910 Classical Revival, designed by Funk and Wells. NRHP-listed in 1988 (refnum 88000399).
Piute County Courthouse Piute County Courthouse Junction Utah.jpeg Piute Junction
38°14′14″N 112°13′13″W / 38.23722°N 112.22028°W / 38.23722; -112.22028 (Piute County Courthouse)
1903 Edwardian, designed by Watkins, Young & Morrill, NRHP-listed in 1971 (refnum 71000844).
Sanpete County Courthouse Sanpete County Courthouse Manti Utah.jpeg Sanpete Manti
39°16′05″N 111°38′09″W / 39.26806°N 111.63583°W / 39.26806; -111.63583 (Sanpete County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed in 1985 (refnum 85000811).
Summit County Courthouse Summit County Courthouse Coalville Utah.jpeg Summit Coalville
40°55′05″N 111°23′53″W / 40.91806°N 111.39806°W / 40.91806; -111.39806 (Summit County Courthouse)
NRHP-listed in 1978(refnum 78002694).
Tooele County Courthouse and City Hall Tooele Utah Courthouse.jpeg Tooele Tooele
40°31′51″N 112°17′51″W / 40.53083°N 112.29750°W / 40.53083; -112.29750 (Tooele County Courthouse and City Hall)
1867 Greek Revival, NRHP-listed in 1983 (refnum 83003194).
Old Washington County Courthouse Old Washington County Courthouse in color.jpg Washington St. George
37°6′39″N 113°34′50″W / 37.11083°N 113.58056°W / 37.11083; -113.58056 (Old Washington County Courthouse)
1876 Served as courthouse until 1960. NRHP-listed in 1970 (refnum 70000634).


Federal courthouses in Vermont are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Chittenden County Courthouse Chittenden County Courthouse Feb 11.jpg Chittenden Burlington
44°28′33″N 73°12′44″W / 44.47583°N 73.21222°W / 44.47583; -73.21222 (Chittenden County Courthouse)
1906 Beaux-Arts style. NRHP-listed (refnum 73000192).
Grand Isle County Courthouse Grand Isle County Courthouse 01.JPG Grand Isle North Hero
44°49′07″N 73°17′24″W / 44.81861°N 73.29000°W / 44.81861; -73.29000 (Grand Isle County Courthouse)
1824 NRHP-listed (refnum 95001523).
Lamoille County Courthouse Hyde park courthouse 20040313.jpg Lamoille Hyde Park
44°35′35″N 72°37′04″W / 44.59306°N 72.61778°W / 44.59306; -72.61778 (Lamoille County Courthouse)
1912 NRHP-listed (refnum 95001497).
Orleans County Courthouse and Jail Complex OrleansCountyCourtJail.JPG Orleans Newport
44°56′07″N 72°12′38″W / 44.93528°N 72.21056°W / 44.93528; -72.21056 (Orleans County Courthouse and Jail Complex)
1886 NRHP-listed (refnum 84000336).
Washington County Courthouse Washington County Courthouse - Montpelier, Vermont.jpg Washington Montpelier
44°15′39″N 72°34′38″W / 44.26083°N 72.57722°W / 44.26083; -72.57722 (Washington County Courthouse (Vermont))
1881 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000246).


Federal courthouses in Virginia are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse name Image County Location Built Notes
Albemarle County Courthouse Court Square.jpg Albemarle Charlottesville
38°1′55″N 78°28′38″W / 38.03194°N 78.47722°W / 38.03194; -78.47722 (Albemarle County Courthouse Historic District)
In NRHP-listed Albemarle County Courthouse Historic District (refnum 72001503) and Charlottesville and Albemarle County Courthouse Historic District (refnum 82004904).
Augusta County Courthouse Augusta County Courthouse.JPG Augusta Staunton
38°8′55″N 79°4′21″W / 38.14861°N 79.07250°W / 38.14861; -79.07250 (Augusta County Courthouse)
1901 Fifth courthouse on the site. NRHP-listed (refnum 82001826).
Brunswick County Courthouse Brunswick County Courthouse, Lawrenceville, (Brunswick County, Virginia).jpg Brunswick Lawrenceville
36°45′30″N 77°50′49″W / 36.75833°N 77.84694°W / 36.75833; -77.84694 (Brunswick County Courthouse Square)
1854-1855 In NRHP-listed Brunswick County Courthouse Square (refnum 74002110).
Buchanan County Courthouse Buchanan Grundy NRHP-listed (refnum 82004545).
Campbell County Courthouse Campbell Rustburg NRHP-listed (refnum 81000638).
Caroline County Courthouse Caroline Bowling Green NRHP-listed (refnum 73001999).
Carroll County Courthouse Carroll Hillsville NRHP-listed (refnum 82004549).
Charles City County Courthouse Charles City Charles City NRHP-listed (refnum 69000335).
Charlotte County Courthouse Charlotte Charlotte Court House NRHP-listed (refnum 80004178).
Chesterfield County Courthouse and Courthouse Square Chesterfield Chesterfield NRHP-listed (refnum 92001008).
Old Clarke County Courthouse Clarke Berryville NRHP-listed (refnum 83003277).
Cumberland County Courthouse Cumberland Cumberland NRHP-listed (refnum 94001178).
Dickenson County Courthouse Dickenson Clintwood NRHP-listed (refnum 82004553).
Dinwiddie County Court House Dinwiddie Dinwiddie NRHP-listed (refnum 73002008).
Fairfax County Courthouse Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax County Courthouse and Jail. NRHP-listed (refnums 74002235 and 81000673).
Fluvanna County Courthouse Historic District Fluvanna Palmyra NRHP-listed (refnum 71000977).
Frederick County Courthouse Frederick Winchester NRHP-listed (refnum 1000690).
Giles County Courthouse Giles Pearisburg NRHP-listed (refnum 82004560).
Gloucester County Courthouse Square Historic District Gloucester Gloucester NRHP-listed (refnum 73002016).
Grayson County Courthouse Grayson Independence NRHP-listed (refnum 78003019).
Old Grayson County Courthouse and Clerk's Office Grayson Galax NRHP-listed (refnum 97000151).
Greene County Courthouse Greene Stanardsville NRHP-listed (refnum 70000799).
Greensville County Courthouse Complex Greensville Emporia NRHP-listed (refnum 83003279).
Halifax County Courthouse Halifax Halifax NRHP-listed (refnum 82004563).
Hanover County Courthouse Hanover Hanover Court House NRHP-listed (refnum 69000247).
Hanover County Courthouse Historic District Hanover Hanover NRHP-listed (refnum 71000980).
King William County Courthouse King William King William NRHP-listed (refnum 69000251).
Louisa County Courthouse Louisa Louisa NRHP-listed (refnum 90001998).
Madison County Courthouse Madison Madison NRHP-listed (refnum 69000258).
Madison County Courthouse Historic District Madison Madison NRHP-listed (refnum 84003549).
Mathews County Courthouse Square Mathews Mathews NRHP-listed (refnum 77001491).
Mecklenburg County Courthouse Mecklenburg Boydton NRHP-listed (refnum 75002025).
Middlesex County Courthouse Middlesex Saluda NRHP-listed (refnum 78003029).
Middlesex County Courthouse Middlesex Urbanna NRHP-listed (refnum 76002114).
Nelson County Courthouse Nelson Lovingston NRHP-listed (refnum 73002041).
Northampton County Courthouse Historic District Northampton Eastville NRHP-listed (refnum 72001410).
Nottoway County Courthouse Nottoway Nottoway NRHP-listed (refnum 73002045).
Orange County Courthouse Orange Orange NRHP-listed (refnum 79003062).
Page County Courthouse Page Luray NRHP-listed (refnum 73002047).
Patrick County Courthouse Patrick Stuart NRHP-listed (refnum 74002142).
Pittsylvania County Courthouse Pittsylvania Chatham NRHP-listed (refnum 81000643).
Prince George County Courthouse Historic District Prince George Prince George NRHP-listed (refnum 3000570).
Prince William County Courthouse Prince William Manassas NRHP-listed (refnum 4000039).
Pulaski County Courthouse Pulaski Pulaski NRHP-listed (refnum 82004582).
Richmond County Courthouse Richmond Warsaw NRHP-listed (refnum 72001413).
Rappahannock County Courthouse Rappahannock County Courthouse.jpg Rappahannock Contributing building in NRHP-listed Washington Historic District
Old Roanoke County Courthouse Roanoke Salem NRHP-listed (refnum 87000727).
Rockingham County Courthouse Rockingham Harrisonburg NRHP-listed (refnum 82004566).
Old Russell County Courthouse Russell Dickensonville NRHP-listed (refnum 73002059).
Shenandoah County Courthouse Shenandoah Woodstock NRHP-listed (refnum 73002060).
Surry County Courthouse Complex Surry Surry NRHP-listed (refnum 86000719).
Sussex County Courthouse Historic District Sussex Sussex NRHP-listed (refnum 73002066).
Warren County Courthouse Warren Front Royal NRHP-listed (refnum 28).
Warwick County Courthouses Warwick Newport News NRHP-listed (refnum 88002186).
Wise County Courthouse Wise Wise NRHP-listed (refnum 81000649).


Federal courthouses in the state of Washington are listed here.

County courthouses in Washington are listed here.

West Virginia[edit]

Federal courthouses in West Virginia are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Barbour County Courthouse BarbourCountyCourthouse.jpg Barbour Philippi
39°9′9″N 80°2′21″W / 39.15250°N 80.03917°W / 39.15250; -80.03917 (Barbour County Courthouse)
1903-05 Richardsonian Romanesque. NRHP-listed (refnum 80004014).
Boone County Courthouse Boone County Courthouse West Virginia.jpg Boone Madison
38°3′59″N 81°49′8″W / 38.06639°N 81.81889°W / 38.06639; -81.81889 (Boone County Courthouse)
1921 Neo-Classical Revival. NRHP-listed (refnum 81000596).
Cabell County Courthouse Cabell Huntington NRHP-listed (refnum 82004313).
Old Clay County Courthouse Clay Clay NRHP-listed (refnum 79002573).
Doddridge County Courthouse Doddridge West Union NRHP-listed (refnum 82004316).
Fayette County Courthouse Fayette Fayetteville NRHP-listed (refnum 78002793).
Grant County Courthouse Grant Petersburg NRHP-listed (refnum 79003306).
Greenbrier County Courthouse and Lewis Spring Greenbrier Lewisburg NRHP-listed (refnum 73001900).
Hampshire County Courthouse Hampshire Romney NRHP-listed (refnum 5001006).
Old Hardy County Courthouse Hardy Moorefield NRHP-listed (refnum 74002002).
Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson Charles Town NRHP-listed (refnum 73001910).
Kanawha County Courthouse Kanawha Charleston NRHP-listed (refnum 78002801).
Marion County Courthouse and Sheriff's House Marion Fairmont NRHP-listed (refnum 79003149).
McDowell County Courthouse McDowell Welch NRHP-listed (refnum 79003256).
Mercer County Courthouse Mercer Princeton NRHP-listed (refnum 80004032).
Mineral County Courthouse Mineral Keyser NRHP-listed (refnum 5001005).
Monongalia County Courthouse Monongalia Morgantown NRHP-listed (refnum 85001525).
Morgan County Courthouse Morgan Berkeley Springs NRHP-listed (refnum 5001004).
Nicholas County Courthouse Nicholas Summersville NRHP-listed (refnum 91001014).
Pleasants County Courthouse Pleasants St. Marys NRHP-listed (refnum 4000917).
Pocahontas County Courthouse and Jail Pocahontas Marlinton NRHP-listed (refnum 94000724).
Putnam County Courthouse Putnam Winfield NRHP-listed (refnum 775).
Randolph County Courthouse and Jail Randolph Elkins NRHP-listed (refnum 80004041).
Ritchie County Courthouse Ritchie Harrisville NRHP-listed (refnum 4000916).
Summers County Courthouse Summers Hinton NRHP-listed (refnum 81000608).
Tucker County Courthouse and Jail Tucker Parsons NRHP-listed (refnum 84003680).
Tyler County Courthouse and Jail Tyler Middlebourne NRHP-listed (refnum 80004044).
Wirt County Courthouse Wirt Elizabeth NRHP-listed (refnum 4000918).
Wood County Courthouse Wood Parkersburg NRHP-listed (refnum 79002606).
Wyoming County Courthouse and Jail Wyoming Pineville NRHP-listed (refnum 79002607).


Federal courthouses in Wisconsin are listed here.

County and any other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Adams County Courthouse Adams County Wisconsin Courthouse.jpg Adams Friendship
43°58′14.94″N 89°48′54.65″W / 43.9708167°N 89.8151806°W / 43.9708167; -89.8151806 (Adams County Courthouse)
1914 Designed by Arthur Peabody. NRHP-listed (refnum 82000627).
Ashland County Courthouse Ashland County Courthouse Wisconsin August 2012.jpg Ashland Ashland NRHP-listed (refnum 82000628).
Bayfield County Courthouse Bayfield County WI Courthouse.JPG Bayfield Washburn
46°40′37″N 90°53′33″W / 46.67694°N 90.89250°W / 46.67694; -90.89250 (Bayfield County Courthouse)
1894-96 NRHP-listed (refnum 75000060).
Old Bayfield County Courthouse Old Bayfield County Courthouse 1.JPG Bayfield Bayfield |l 1884 NRHP-listed (refnum 74000058).
Brown County Courthouse Brown County Courthouse Aerial.jpg Brown Green Bay 1913 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000640).
Crawford County Courthouse CrawfordCountyWisconsinCourtHouse.jpg Crawford Prairie du Chien 1896 (current building) NRHP-listed (refnum 82000645).
Douglas County Courthouse DouglasCountyCourthouseSuperiorWI.JPG Douglas Superior 1918 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000664).
Florence County Courthouse and Jail FlorenceCountyWisconsinCourtHouse.jpg Florence Florence 1889 NRHP-listed (refnum 85003029).
Grant County Courthouse Grant County, Wisconsin Courthouse.jpg Grant Lancaster 1902 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000096).
Green County Courthouse Green County Wisconsin courthouse.jpg Green Monroe 1891 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000097).
Green Lake County Courthouse GreenLakeCountyWisconsinCourtHouse.jpg Green Lake Green Lake 1899 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000672).
Iowa County Courthouse Iowa County Courthouse.jpg Iowa Dodgeville 1893 NRHP-listed (refnum 72000053).
Old Iron County Courthouse 2009-0617-OldIronCtyCourthouse-Hurley.jpg Iron Hurley 1892-1893 NRHP-listed (refnum 77000031).
Juneau County Courthouse Juneau County Courthouse.jpg Juneau Mauston 1938-1941 NRHP-listed (refnum 82001846).
Kenosha County Courthouse and Jail Kenosha County Courthouse and Jail.jpg Kenosha Kenosha 1923-1925 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000677).
Lafayette County Courthouse LafayetteCC.jpg Lafayette Darlington 1905-1907 NRHP-listed (refnum 78000114).
Langlade County Courthouse Langlade County Courthouse Wisconsin 2.jpg Langlade Antigo 1905 NRHP-listed (refnum 77000034).
Lincoln County Courthouse Lincoln County Wisconsin Courthouse.jpg Lincoln Merrill
45°10′52″N 89°41′02″W / 45.181111°N 89.683889°W / 45.181111; -89.683889 (Lincoln County Courthouse)
1903 Beaux-Arts courthouse designed by Van Ryn & DeGelleke and built in 1903.[23][24] NRHP-listed.
Manitowoc County Courthouse Manitowoc County Courthouse.jpg Manitowoc Manitowoc 1906 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000047).
Marquette County Courthouse and Marquette County Sheriff's Office and Jail Manitowoc County Courthouse.jpg Marquette Montello 1904 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000685).
Milwaukee County Courthouse Milwaukee County Courthouse.jpg Milwaukee Milwaukee 1931 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000687).
Monroe County Courthouse CourthouseMonroeCountyWI.JPG Monroe Sparta 1895 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000689).
Oconto County Courthouse Oconto County Courthouse.jpg Oconto Oconto 1891 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000690).
Oneida County Courthouse Oneida County Courthouse August 2015.jpg Oneida Rhinelander 1908-1910 NRHP-listed (refnum 81000052).
Old Ozaukee County Courthouse Old-Ozaukee-Courthouse Jul-09.jpg Ozaukee Port Washington 1901-1902 NRHP-listed (refnum 76000071).
Pepin County Courthouse and Jail OldCourthousePepinCountyWI.jpg Pepin Durand 1873-1874 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000695).
Pierce County Courthouse PierceCountyCourthouseEllsworthWisconsin.jpg Pierce Ellsworth 1905 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000696).
Geiger Building--Old Polk County Courthouse Geiger Building.JPG Polk Osceola NRHP-listed (refnum 85003030).
Polk County Courthouse Polk County Courthouse.JPG Polk Balsam Lake 1899 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000697).
Racine County Courthouse RacineCountyCourtHouse.jpg Racine Racine 1931 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000179).
Sauk County Courthouse Sauk County Courthouse.jpg Sauk Baraboo 1906 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000711).
Sheboygan County Courthouse Sheboygan County Courthouse 2018.jpg Sheboygan Sheboygan 1933 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000713).
St Croix County Courthouse St. Croix County Courthouse 1.jpg St Croix Hudson 1900 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000710).
Taylor County Courthouse Taylor County Courthouse Medford Wisconsin.jpg Taylor Medford 1914 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000198).
Vernon County Courthouse CourthouseVernonCountyWI.jpg Vernon Viroqua 1880 NRHP-listed (refnum 80000200).
Washington County Courthouse and Jail WashingtonCountyWisconsinCourtHouse.jpg Washington West Bend 1886 NRHP-listed (refnum 82000718).
Old Waukesha County Courthouse Old Waukesha County Courthouse front view 2012.jpg Waukesha Waukesha
43°00′45″N 88°13′37″W / 43.0125°N 88.226944°W / 43.0125; -88.226944 (Old Waukesha County Courthouse)
1889, 1893, 1938 Richardsonian Romanesque style, with sections built in 1885, 1893, and 1938. NRHP-listed.[25][26]
Waushara County Courthouse Waushara County Courthouse.jpg Waushara Wautoma
44°4′25″N 89°17′24″W / 44.07361°N 89.29000°W / 44.07361; -89.29000 (Waushara County Courthouse, Waushara County Sheriff's Residence and Jail)
1928 Classical Revival. NRHP-listed.
Winnebago County Courthouse Winnebago Oshkosh NRHP-listed (refnum 82000736).


Federal courthouses in Wyoming are listed here.

County and other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image County Location Built Notes
Albany County Courthouse The Albany County Courthouse in Laramie, Wyoming LCCN2015632815.tif Albany Laramie
41°18′40.6″N 105°35′25.1″W / 41.311278°N 105.590306°W / 41.311278; -105.590306 (Albany County Courthouse)
Big Horn County Courthouse Big Horn County Courthouse, Wyoming.jpg Big Horn Basin
44°22′54.4″N 108°2′25.5″W / 44.381778°N 108.040417°W / 44.381778; -108.040417 (Big Horn County Courthouse)
Campbell County Courthouse Campbell County Courthouse in Gillette, Wyoming.jpg Campbell Gillette
44°17′23.5″N 105°30′16.9″W / 44.289861°N 105.504694°W / 44.289861; -105.504694 (Campbell County Courthouse)
Carbon County Courthouse Carbon County Courthouse Wyoming 5-3-2014.jpg Carbon Rawlins
41°47′24.5″N 107°14′25.8″W / 41.790139°N 107.240500°W / 41.790139; -107.240500 (Carbon County Courthouse)
Converse County Courthouse Converse Douglas
42°45′35.1″N 105°22′51.3″W / 42.759750°N 105.380917°W / 42.759750; -105.380917 (Converse County Courthouse)
Crook County Courthouse Crook County Wyoming Courthouse (Sundance).jpg Crook Sundance
44°24′19.2″N 104°22′42.9″W / 44.405333°N 104.378583°W / 44.405333; -104.378583 (Crook County Courthouse)
Fremont County Courthouse Fremont County Courthouse (Front).JPG Fremont Lander
42°50′9.1″N 108°43′35.1″W / 42.835861°N 108.726417°W / 42.835861; -108.726417 (Fremont County Courthouse)
Goshen County Courthouse Goshen Torrington
42°03′55.9″N 104°10′56.3″W / 42.065528°N 104.182306°W / 42.065528; -104.182306 (Goshen County Courthouse)
Hot Springs County Courthouse Hot Springs County Courthouse, Thermopolis, WY.jpg Hot Springs Thermopolis
43°38′48.9″N 108°12′32.2″W / 43.646917°N 108.208944°W / 43.646917; -108.208944 (Hot Springs County Courthouse)
Johnson County Courthouse Johnson County Courthouse Wyoming.jpg Johnson Buffalo
44°20′52″N 106°41′56″W / 44.34778°N 106.69889°W / 44.34778; -106.69889 (Johnson County Courthouse)
1884 Italianate. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Laramie County Courthouse City and County Building, Cheyenne.jpg Laramie Cheyenne
41°08′7.0″N 104°49′8.3″W / 41.135278°N 104.818972°W / 41.135278; -104.818972 (Laramie County Courthouse)
Lincoln County Courthouse Kemmerer WY - Lincoln County Courthouse.jpg Lincoln Kemmerer
41°47′37″N 110°32′26″W / 41.79361°N 110.54056°W / 41.79361; -110.54056 (Lincoln County Courthouse)
1925 Beaux Arts, Classical Revival. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Old Natrona County Courthouse Natrona County Courthouse.JPG Natrona Casper
42°51′5.6″N 106°19′31.8″W / 42.851556°N 106.325500°W / 42.851556; -106.325500 (Old Natrona County Courthouse)
Townsend Justice Center Townsend Justice Center, Casper WY.JPG Natrona Casper
42°51′2.2″N 106°19′29.2″W / 42.850611°N 106.324778°W / 42.850611; -106.324778 (Townsend Justice Center)
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Niobrara County Courthouse A Public Office Is A Public Trust.jpg Niobrara Lusk
42°51′5.6″N 106°19′31.8″W / 42.851556°N 106.325500°W / 42.851556; -106.325500 (Niobrara County Courthouse)
Park County Courthouse Park county wyoming courthouse.jpg Park Cody
44°31′31.8″N 109°04′1.6″W / 44.525500°N 109.067111°W / 44.525500; -109.067111 (Park County Courthouse)
Platte County Courthouse Platte County Courthouse.jpg Platte Wheatland
42°03′20.7″N 104°57′10.2″W / 42.055750°N 104.952833°W / 42.055750; -104.952833 (Platte County Courthouse)
1918 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Sheridan County Courthouse SHERIDAN COUNTY COURTHOUSE.jpg Sheridan Sheridan
44°47′42.0″N 106°57′23.7″W / 44.795000°N 106.956583°W / 44.795000; -106.956583 (Sheridan County Courthouse)
1905 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Sublette County Courthouse Sublette County Courthouse, Pinedale, WY.jpg Sublette Pinedale
42°51′58.4″N 109°51′38.9″W / 42.866222°N 109.860806°W / 42.866222; -109.860806 (Sublette County Courthouse)
Sweetwater County Courthouse GreenRiverWY SweetwaterCountyCourthouse.jpg Sweetwater Green River
41°31′47.2″N 109°28′3.8″W / 41.529778°N 109.467722°W / 41.529778; -109.467722 (Sweetwater County Courthouse)
Teton County Courthouse Teton Jackson
43°28′39.9″N 110°45′36.8″W / 43.477750°N 110.760222°W / 43.477750; -110.760222 (Teton County Courthouse)
Uinta County Courthouse Uinta County Courthouse Evanston Wyoming.jpeg Uinta Evanston
41°15′59.2″N 110°57′54.1″W / 41.266444°N 110.965028°W / 41.266444; -110.965028 (Uinta County Courthouse)
1873 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Washakie County Courthouse Washakie County Courthouse, Worland, WY.jpg Washakie Worland
44°01′2.1″N 107°57′18.8″W / 44.017250°N 107.955222°W / 44.017250; -107.955222 (Washakie County Courthouse)
Weston County Courthouse Weston County Courthouse Wyoming.JPG Weston Newcastle
43°51′21.2″N 104°12′9.0″W / 43.855889°N 104.202500°W / 43.855889; -104.202500 (Weston County Courthouse)
1911 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

United States territories[edit]

Federal courthouses in United States territories are listed here.

Other courthouses include:

Courthouse Image Location Built Notes
District Courthouse Aguadilla Old Courthouse.jpg Progreso, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
18°25′36″N 67°8′48″W / 18.42667°N 67.14667°W / 18.42667; -67.14667 (District Courthouse (Progreso, Aguadilla))
1925 Designed by Rafael Carmoega. Second floor is now an art museum. NRHP-listed (refnum 85000041).
Humacao District Courthouse Humacao District Courthouse.JPG Humacao, Puerto Rico
18°9′5″N 65°49′28″W / 18.15139°N 65.82444°W / 18.15139; -65.82444 (Humacao District Courthouse)
1925 Designed by Rafael Carmoega in Classical Revival style. Also known as "Casa Alcaldia de Humacao". NRHP-listed (refnum 85000041).
Supreme Court Building (Puerto Rico) Supreme Court of PR Building.jpg San Juan, Puerto Rico
18°27′54″N 66°5′19″W / 18.46500°N 66.08861°W / 18.46500; -66.08861 (Supreme Court Building (Puerto Rico))
1955 Designed by Osvaldo Toro and Miguel Ferrer in Modern Movement style. It has an unusual circular courtroom. NRHP-listed (refnum 06000506).

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