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This isn't done yet. Check items in the big list below to help!

At the recent DC meetup several people requested that a graph showing who nominated whom for adminship. It was easy for me to build a low quality map but somewhat difficult to automatically determine nominators with accuracy due to many sources of error.

Getting an accurate map will take a fair amount of manual tweaking which I don't have the time to perform. If other people perform the work I will be glad to produce a bunch of pretty graphs.

The format should be: *[[User:Userpage_of_nominee]] by [[User:Userpage_of_nominator]],[[User:Userpage_of_conominator_if_any]]... [failed/passed] per [[Link to RFA]] on YYYYmmddHHMMSS

Provide one line like this per RFA that the nominee had, if the admin was made an admin by decree (by Jimbo back in the day, for example) just use the word "fiat" in the place the RFA link goes.

Remove lines which connect people to the wrong RFAs.

Optionally, the word failed or passed can be after the name of nominator.

The date should be the date of the first edit to the RFA, or for admins-by-decree if only the year or year+month is known, then provide what you know.

Please don't do anything cute with the formatting or break into discussions in the page, since it'll just be more work for me to filter that stuff out.


Map from this manually checked data as of 2007-10-24

To be checked[edit]

Early 2002 & 2001 sysoppings[edit]