Wedang Jahe

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Wedang jahe
Wedang Jahe.jpg
Wedang jahe in Surakarta, Central Java, with bits of spices
Course Beverage
Place of origin Central Java, Indonesia
Region or state Nationwide
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, sugar
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Wedang Jahe is a type of Indonesian ginger tea.[1] Wedang in Javanese means "hot beverage" while jahe means "ginger". Although devoid of any caffeine content, it is often served and enjoyed as an invigorating tea. It is made from ginger rhizome, usually fresh and cut in thin slices, and palm sugar or granulated cane sugar, frequently with the addition of fragrant pandan leaves. Palm sugar can be substituted with brown sugar or honey. Traditionally people might add spices such as lemongrass, cloves and/or cinnamon stick.[1]

Milk, either fresh or condensed, might be added.[2]

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