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Shortcut directory

This is a directory of abbreviated redirects and the pages they lead to (mainly in the Wikipedia namespace). For a list of community related shortcuts such as for WikiProjects and Portals see WP:WPR and WP:PORTCUT, respectively. For a list of shortcuts to Wikipedia talk pages see WT:WT. For a table of all one-, two-, and three-letter shortcuts, see WP:SCT.

For other useful directories and indexes, see Wikipedia:Directory.

How to create a shortcut[edit]

Shortcuts exist as redirects pointing from the title of the shortcut (for example, Wikipedia:START) to its target (in this case, Portal:Contents). Notice that project shortcuts are usually listed with the prefix "WP" and not "Wikipedia"; this is because when "WP" or "Wp" appears before a colon in a page name, Wikipedia automatically expands it to "Wikipedia". Therefore, there is no need to create shortcuts literally starting with "WP:" as opposed to "Wikipedia:". Prefixes similar to "WP" can be found at Wikipedia:Shortcut#List of prefixes.

Shortcut redirects should be tagged with Template:R from shortcut(edit talk links history) so they will auto-categorize in Category:Redirects from shortcuts.

Example:   #redirect [[Pagename]] {{R from shortcut}}

Browsing the encyclopedia[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Portal:Contents/Outlines WP:OOK
Portal:Contents/Lists WP:LOT
Portal:Featured content WP:FC
Portal:Current events WP:CURRENT
Portal:Contents/Glossaries WP:GLO, WP:LG
Portal:Contents/Overviews WP:LOO, WP:VIEW
Portal:Contents/Portals P:, WP:PORT, P:CP
Portal:Contents/Categories WP:BROWSE, WP:TI
Wikipedia:Portal/Directory WP:P/D, P:D
Portal:Contents/A–Z index WP:QI
Wikipedia:Directory WP:DIR, WP:INDEX
Wikipedia:Editor's index to Wikipedia WP:EIW, WP:A-Z

Portal shortcuts[edit]

This is a directory of abbreviated redirects to Portal pages in the Portal namespace. For general shortcuts and other useful directories, see the navigation bar above.

Pagename Redirects
Portal:Aerosmith P:AERO
Portal:Ancient Near East P:ANE
Portal:Architecture P:ARCH
Portal:Argentina P:ARG
Portal:Arts P:A
Portal:Australia P:AU, P:AUS, WP:AU
Portal:Aviation P:AVIA
Portal:Bangladesh P:BD
Portal:Barack Obama P:BO
Portal:The Beatles P:TB
Portal:Beer P:BEER
Portal:Book of Mormon P:BOM, P:BM
Portal:Comics P:C
Portal:Community of Christ P:COC, P:RLDS
Portal:Canada P:CA
Portal:Cape Verde P:CV
Portal:Conservatism P:RIGHT
Portal:Cooperatives P:COOP
Portal:Cryptozoology P:CRYZOO
Portal:Donald Trump P:TRUMP, P:DJT
Portal:Drink P:DRINK
Portal:Dragonlance P:DL
Portal:Europe P:E
Portal:Ethiopia P:ETH
Portal:Fire P:F
Portal:Fascism P:FASC
Portal:Food P:FD
Portal:Geert Wilders P:GEW, P:PVV
Portal:Geography P:G
Portal:Global warming P:GW
Portal:Germany P:DE
Portal:Grey's Anatomy P:SGH
Portal:Haiti P:HT, P:HAI
Portal:Hawaii P:HI, P:HAWAII
Portal:Hong Kong P:HK, WP:PHK
Portal:History P:HIS
Portal:History of the Latter Day Saint movement P:HL, P:HLDS
Portal:India P:IN, WP:PIN
Portal:Italy P:I
Portal:Jerusalem P:JER
Portal:Judaism P:JEW
Portal:Jupiter P:J, P:JOVE
Portal:Korea P:K
Portal:Law of England and Wales P:ENGLAW
Portal:London P:L
Portal:London Transport P:LT, P:TFL, P:LUL, P:TUBE
Portal:Latin America P:LA
Portal:Latter Day Saints P:LDSM, P:MORMON
Portal:Literature P:LIT
Portal:Led Zeppelin P:LZ
Portal:The Legend of Zelda P:Z
Portal:Mario P:M
Portal:Massively multiplayer online games P:MMO, P:MMOG
Portal:Missouri P:MO
Portal:Music P:MUS
Portal:Nanotechnology P:NT
Portal:New France P:NF
Portal:New Zealand P:NZ
Portal:Nintendo P:N
Portal:North East England P:NEE
Portal:Novels P:NOV
Portal:Oceania P:O
Portal:Ottawa P:OTW, P:OT
Portal:Oxfordshire P:OX
Portal:Philippines P:PH, P:RP
Portal:Poland P:PL
Portal:Religion P:R
Portal:Right-wing populism P:POP, P:RPO, P:RWP
Portal:Scotland P:SCO, P:SCOT
Portal:Sega P:SE
Portal:Sonic the Hedgehog P:SON
Portal:South East England P:SEE, WP:SEE
Portal:Space P:SPACE
Portal:Star P:STR, P:ST
Portal:Supreme Court of the United States P:SCOTUS
Portal:Switzerland P:CH
Portal:Technology P:T
Portal:Trains P:TRAINS
Portal:Ukraine P:UKR
Portal:United Kingdom P:UK
Portal:United States P:US, P:USA
Portal:University of Cambridge P:CANTAB
Portal:University of Oxford P:OXFORD
Portal:Video games P:VG
Portal:Wine P:WINE
Portal:Featured portals P:FP, WP:FPORT
Wikipedia:Featured portal candidates WP:FPCAN, WP:FPOC

Project shortcuts[edit]

Contents WikiProjects[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:WikiProject Contents WP:WPCONT
      Wikipedia:WikiProject Outlines WP:WPOOK
      Wikipedia:WikiProject Lists of topics WP:WPLOT
      Wikipedia:WikiProject Glossaries WP:WPGL
      Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories WP:CATP
      Wikipedia:WikiProject Portals WP:WPPORT

Topic-oriented WikiProjects[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:WikiProject Adelaide WP:ADEL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Aerosmith WP:AERO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa WP:AFPR, WP:WPAFRICA
Wikipedia:WikiProject AIDS WP:AIDS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums WP:ALBUM, WP:ALBUMS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Ancient Near East WP:ANE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Animal anatomy WP:ANIMALANAT, WP:ANAN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Animals WP:ANIMAL, WP:ANIMALS, WP:WPAN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation WP:ANIMATION
Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Family Guy work group WP:FG, WP:FAMILYGUY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Machinima work group WP:MACH, WP:WPMACH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Anime and manga WP:ANIME
Wikipedia:WikiProject Anti-war WP:WPA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Anthroponymy WP:APO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Apple Inc. WP:APPLE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Archaeology WP:ARCHAEO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Argentina WP:AR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Arthropods WP:ARTH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Assam WP:ASM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Austin WP:ATX, WP:AUSTIN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia WP:AUS, WP:AUSTRALIA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian law WP:AL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian literature WP:ALIT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Austria WP:AUT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Aviation WP:AVIATION
Wikipedia:WikiProject Aztec WP:AZTEC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Banksia WP:BANKSIA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Bangladesh WP:BANGLADESH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Battlestar Galactica WP:BSG
Wikipedia:WikiProject The Beatles WP:BEATLES, WP:TB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Beer WP:BEER, WP:WPB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Beer/Pub Taskforce WP:PUBS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Bedfordshire WP:BEDS, WP:BEDFORDSHIRE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Benin WP:BENIN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Biathlon WP:BIATHLON
Wikipedia:WikiProject Big Ten WP:BIGTEN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Bibliographies WP:BIB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography WP:BIOGRAPHY, WP:WPBIO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds WP:BIRD
Wikipedia:WikiProject Blu-ray WP:BLU
Wikipedia:WikiProject Burundi WP:BURUNDI
Wikipedia:WikiProject Bob Dylan WP:DYLAN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Books WP:BOOK, WP:BOOKS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Boston Red Sox WP:SOX, WP:BOSOX
Wikipedia:WikiProject Bridges WP:BRIDGES, WP:BRIDGES
Wikipedia:WikiProject Brisbane WP:BRIS, WP:BRISBANE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Bulgaria WP:BG, WP:BUL, WP:WPBG
Wikipedia:WikiProject Burkina Faso WP:BURK, WP:BURKINA
Wikipedia:WikiProject California WP:CAL
Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Southern California task force WP:SOCAL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cambodia WP:CAM,WP:CAMBODIA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian football WP:CFL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cannabis WP:CANN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cape Verde WP:PCV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cartoon Network WP:WPCN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cats WP:WPCAT, WP:CLC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cephalopods WP:CEPH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cetaceans WP:CETA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemicals WP:CHEMS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Chess WP:CHESS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Children's literature WP:CHL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Classical music WP:CM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Climbing WP:CLIMB,WP:CLIMBING, WP:SLOPER
Wikipedia:WikiProject College Basketball WP:WPCBB
Wikipedia:WikiProject College football WP:CFB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics WP:CMC, WP:COMIC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics/Webcomics work group WP:WCX, WP:WEBCOMIC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Computational Biology WP:COMPBIO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Computer Security WP:COMPSEC, WP:CSEC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Computing WP:COMP
Wikipedia:WikiProject Conservatism WP:RIGHT, WP:CNSV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Countries WP:WPC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cue sports WP:CUE, WP:WPCUE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cue sports/Notability WP:CUENOT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cricket WP:CRICKET
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cryptozoology WP:CRYZOO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Czech Republic WP:CZECH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Darts WP:DARTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability WP:DISABILITY, WP:DISAB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Doctor Who WP:WHO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Dogs WP:DOGS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Drum Corps WP:WDC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons WP:DND, WP:D&D
Wikipedia:WikiProject EastEnders WP:WPEE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecology WP:ECO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Education in Canada WP:EiC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Elements WP:ELEMENTS, WP:ELEM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Ethiopia WP:ETH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Evanescence WP:EV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Event Venues WP:ARENAS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Fashion WP:FASH, WP:FASHION
Wikipedia:WikiProject Feminism WP:FEMINISM, WP:FEM, WP:XX
Wikipedia:WikiProject Figure Skating WP:FIGURE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Film WP:FILM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Firearms WP:GUNS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Firefly WP:FIREFLY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Florida WP:FLA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink WP:F&D, WP:FOOD
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Bartending Task Force WP:BARTF
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Beverages Task Force WP:WPSD, WP:BEV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Beverages Task Force/Coffee and Tea task force WP:C&T
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Desserts task force WP:BRR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Herbs and Spices task force WP:HERBS, WP:SPICES
Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Mixed Drinks Task Force WP:MIX, WP:COCKTAIL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Football WP:WPF, WP:FOOTBALL, WP:FOOTY, WP:SOCCER
Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Association football variants task force WP:FVTF, WP:FV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/England task force WP:EFTF
Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Sheffield Wednesday task force WP:SWFC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Former countries WP:WPFC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Furry WP:FURRY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Georgia (U.S. state) WP:WPGEO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Georgia (U.S. state)/South Georgia (U.S. state) task force WP:GASV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany WP:GER
Wikipedia:WikiProject Golf WP:GOLF
Wikipedia:WikiProject Grey's Anatomy WP:SGH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Haiti WP:HT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Hawaii WP:HAWAII
Wikipedia:WikiProject Hertfordshire WP:HERTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Hip hop WP:HH, WP:HIPHOP, WP:G-UNIT, WP:G-UNIT RECORDS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Home Living WP:HLWP
Wikipedia:WikiProject Homeopathy WP:HOMEOPATHY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Hong Kong WP:HK
Wikipedia:WikiProject Ice Hockey WP:HOCKEY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Hungary WP:HUN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Iceland WP:ICE, WP:ICELAND
Wikipedia:WikiProject Indonesia WP:ID
Wikipedia:WikiProject India WP:INDIA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Indian Premier League WP:IPL
Wikipedia:WikiProject International law WP:WPIL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Iowa WP:IOWA, WP:WPIA, WP:IA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Israel WP:ISR
Wikipedia:WikiProject James Bond WP:007, WP:BOND, WP:OO7
Wikipedia:WikiProject Judaism WP:JEW, WP:JUDAISM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Kentucky WP:WPKY, WP:KENTUCKY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Kenya WP:KE, WP:KEN, WP:KENYA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Korea WP:KOREA, WP:KO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Knots WP:KNOTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Lakes WP:LAKES
Wikipedia:WikiProject Lacrosse WP:LAX, WP:WLAX, WP:LACROSSE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Latter Day Saint movement WP:LDS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Law WP:LAW
Wikipedia:WikiProject Law Enforcement WP:LE, WP:LAWENFORCE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Lebanon WP:LEB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Lesotho WP:LESOTHO
Wikipedia:WikiProject LGBT studies WP:LGBT
Wikipedia:WikiProject London WP:LON
Wikipedia:WikiProject London Transport WP:LT, WP:LUL, WP:TUBE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mammals WP:MAM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Martial arts WP:WPMA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Massachusetts WP:MASS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics/PlanetMath Exchange WP:PMEX
Wikipedia:WikiProject Media franchises WP:WFs
Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine WP:MED
Wikipedia:WikiProject Melbourne WP:MELB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mesoamerica WP:MESO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Meteorology WP:METEO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Metros of the former Soviet Union WP:SOVMETRO, WP:METRO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Microbiology WP:MICRO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history WP:MILHIST, WP:MIL, WP:MILITARY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Middle Eastern military history task force WP:AIC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mixed martial arts WP:MMA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology WP:MCB, WP:WPMCB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Montenegro WP:WPCG
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mountains WP:MOUNTAINS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians WP:MUSICIAN, WP:MUSICIANS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians/Categorization WP:MUSCAT
Wikipedia:WikiProject NASCAR WP:NASCAR
Wikipedia:WikiProject National Football League WP:NFL
Wikipedia:WikiProject National Football League/Pittsburgh Steelers subproject WP:STEELERS, WP:NFL/PS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Nepal WP:NEPAL
Wikipedia:WikiProject New Hampshire WP:NH
Wikipedia:WikiProject New Jersey WP:NJ
Wikipedia:WikiProject New Jersey/Education WP:EDNJ
Wikipedia:WikiProject New York City WP:NYC
Wikipedia:WikiProject New York City Public Transportation WP:NYCPT, WP:NYPT
Wikipedia:WikiProject North East England WP:T&W
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels WP:NV, WP:NOVEL, WP:NOVELS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/19th century task force WP:NOV19
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Article alerts WP:NOVALERTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Assessment WP:NOVA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Automation WP:NOVAUTO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Cleanup listing WP:NOVCLEAN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Collaboration WP:NOVCOTW, WP:NOVCOTF, WP:NOVCOTM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Coordinators WP:NVCOORD
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Crime task force WP:NOVCR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Chronicles of Narnia task force WP:NARNIA, WP:WPNAR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Fantasy task force WP:NOVFAN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Lemony Snicket task force WP:LEM, WP:ASUE, WP:ASOUE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/NewArticles WP:NOVNEW
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Outreach WP:NOVO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Peer review WP:NOVPR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Science fiction task force WP:NOVSF
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Shannara task force WP:SHANNARA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Short story task force WP:NOVSS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Twilight task force WP:TWILIGHT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Numismatics WP:NUMIS
Wikipedia:WikiProject NZR WP:NZR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Oklahoma WP:OK, WP:WPOK
Wikipedia:WikiProject Oklahoma/OU WP:OU
Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics WP:OLY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Opera WP:WPO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Oregon WP:WPOR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Organizations WP:ORGZ
Wikipedia:WikiProject Oz WP:OZ
Wikipedia:WikiProject Peerage and Baronetage WP:PEER
Wikipedia:WikiProject Peru WP:PERU
Wikipedia:WikiProject Pharmacology WP:PHARM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Philadelphia Phillies WP:PHILLIES, WP:PHILS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Philosophy WP:WPP
Wikipedia:WikiProject Linguistics/Phonetics WP:PHON, WP:PHONETICS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Photography WP:PH, WP:FOTO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Piracy WP:PIRACY, WP:PIRATE, WP:YAR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Plants WP:PLANTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Poker WP:POKER
Wikipedia:WikiProject Poland WP:WPPL, WP:POLAND
Wikipedia:WikiProject Politics WP:POLITICS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Politics/Fascism WP:FASC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Polytechnic University of the Philippines WP:PUP, WP:POLYUPHIL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Poultry WP:POULTRY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Primates WP:PRIM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Professional sound production WP:PSP
Wikipedia:WikiProject Professional wrestling WP:PW
Wikipedia:WikiProject Prussia WP:PRUSSIA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Puerto Rico WP:PUR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Radio WP:RADIO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Rapid transit WP:RTPJ
Wikipedia:WikiProject Reenactment WP:REENACT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Rivers WP:RIVER
Wikipedia:WikiProject Rowing WP:ROW
Wikipedia:WikiProject Royalty and Nobility WP:ROY, WP:ROYAL, WP:ROYALTY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union WP:RU
Wikipedia:WikiProject Russia WP:RUSSIA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Rwanda WP:RWANDA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sailor Moon WP:SM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Severe weather WP:SEVERE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Skiing and Snowboarding WP:SKI
Wikipedia:WikiProject Songs WP:SONG
Wikipedia:WikiProject South America WP:SOUTHAM
Wikipedia:WikiProject South Dakota WP:SDAK
Wikipedia:WikiProject Spain WP:SPAIN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia WP:NOISE, WP:SPOKEN, WP:WSW
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sports WP:SPORT, WP:SPORTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Stations WP:STA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Statistics WP:WPSTAT, WP:WPSTATS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Streetcars WP:TRAM
Wikipedia:WikiProject Soviet Union WP:USSR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sudan WP:SUD
Wikipedia:WikiProject SUNY WP:SUNY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Surrey WP:SURREY
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sweden WP:SWEDEN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Switzerland WP:CH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sydney WP:SYD
Wikipedia:WikiProject Table tennis WP:WPTT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Tanzania WP:TANZ, WP:TZ
Wikipedia:WikiProject Television WP:TV
Wikipedia:WikiProject Television/Heroes task force WP:HEROES, WP:WPH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Television Game Shows WP:TVGS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Tennessee WP:TN
Wikipedia:WikiProject Texas WP:TEXAS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Texas A&M WP:TAMU
Wikipedia:WikiProject Thomas WP:THOMAS, WP:TTEF
Wikipedia:WikiProject Tibet WP:TIBET
Wikipedia:WikiProject Time WP:TIMEPRO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Togo WP:TOGO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Tokusatsu WP:TOKU
Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains WP:TWP, WP:RR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains in Japan WP:TIJ
Wikipedia:WikiProject Transport in Scotland WP:TIS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Travel and Tourism WP:WPTOUR, WP:WPTRAVEL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Tree of Life WP:TOL
Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads WP:USRD
Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Wisconsin WP:WIH
Wikipedia:WikiProject Uganda WP:UGANDA
Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Railways WP:UKT
Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Trams WP:TUK
Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Waterways WP:UKW
Wikipedia:WikiProject United States WP:USA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Universities WP:UNI
Wikipedia:WikiProject Vancouver WP:VANCOUVER
Wikipedia:WikiProject Veterinary medicine WP:VET, WP:VETMED
Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games WP:VG, WP:CVG
Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Mortal Kombat WP:MK
Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/PlayStation WP:TPSP
Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/eSports WP:ESPORTS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Blizzard WP:BLIZZARD
Wikipedia:WikiProject Visual arts WP:WPVA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Warhammer 40,000 WP:40K
Wikipedia:WikiProject Washington WP:WPWA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Westerns WP:WESTERNS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Wine WP:WINE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Wisconsin WP:WPWI
Wikipedia:WikiProject Writing systems WP:WPW

General WikiProjects and editing department shortcuts[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Article Collaboration and Improvement Drive WP:AID
Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than a year WP:AR1
Wikipedia:Bots WP:B, WP:BOT, WP:BOTS
Wikipedia:Bot policy WP:BOTPOL
Wikipedia:Cleaning department WP:CDEP
Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce WP:TASK, WP:CT
Wikipedia:Collaboration of the week WP:COTW
Wikipedia:Dead-end pages WP:DEP
Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links WP:DPL
Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club WP:HEC
Wikipedia:Living People Patrol WP:LPU
Wikipedia:Most wanted articles WP:MWA
Wikipedia:New articles (Australia) WP:NAA
Wikipedia:Orphan WP:O
Wikipedia:Today's featured article WP:TFA
Wikipedia:Translation WP:TIE
Wikipedia:Welcoming committee WP:WC
Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/members WP:WC/M
Wikipedia:WikiProject WP:PJ
Wikipedia:WikiProject Arbitration Enforcement WP:WPAE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories WP:CATP
Wikipedia:WikiProject Citizendium Porting WP:CZPORT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Council WP:COUNCIL
Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Proposals WP:COUNCIL/P, WP:WPPRO
Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias WP:CSB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation WP:WPDIS, WP:WPDAB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Fact and Reference Check WP:FACT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors WP:GOCE, WP:COPYEDITORS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles WP:MEA
Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/Hot WP:HOT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting WP:WSS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types WP:WSS/ST, WP:STUBS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Succession Box Standardization WP:SBS
Wikipedia:WikiProject Succession Box Standardization/Cheatsheet WP:SBS/C, WP:SBSCHEAT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Succession Box Standardization/Guidelines WP:SBS/G, WP:SBSGUIDE
Wikipedia:WikiProject Succession Box Standardization/Templates WP:SBS/T
Wikipedia:WikiProject Talk pages WP:WPTP, WP:TPCC
Wikipedia:WikiProject Templates WP:WPT
Wikipedia:WikiProject Timeline Tracer WP:TIMETRACE, WP:TIMET
Wikipedia:WikiProject user warnings WP:UW
Wikipedia:WikiProject Userboxes WP:UB
Wikipedia:WikiProject Unsourced Article Rescue WP:UAR
Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikify WP:WWF, WP:WIKI, WP:WPWF

General information, help, and tutorials[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia WP:CTW WP:HOW
Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome to Wikipedia WP:WEL, WP:WELCOM, WP:WELCOME
Wikipedia:Introduction WP:HI
Wikipedia:Department directory WP:DEPT, WP:DIR
Wikipedia:Quick directory WP:QD, WP:QUICK
Help:Contents WP:HELP, WP:SOS, WP:H, H:H, P:H
Help:Contents/Directory H:D, WP:HINDEX, H:INDEX
Wikipedia:Questions WP:?, WP:???, WP:Q
Help:Archiving a talk page WP:ARCHIVE, WP:AATP
Help:Displaying a formula WP:FORMULA
Help:Edit summary WP:EDSUM, WP:EDITSUM, WP:ES
Help:Editing WP:HEP, H:EDIT, WP:H2EAP
Help:Footnotes WP:FN
Help:How to fix your signature WP:SIGHELP
Help:File page WP:IDP
Help:Interlanguage links H:IL
Help:Interwiki linking WP:INTER
Help:Magic words WP:MAGIC
Help:Minor edit WP:ME
Help:Mobile access WP:WAP, WP:MOBILE, WP:IPHONE
Help:Redirect H:R
Help:Recent changes WP:RC
Help:Searching WP:S, WP:SEARCH
Help:Section WP:SECT
Help:Show preview WP:PREVIEW
Help:Special page WP:SPEC
Help:Using colours WP:COLOURS
Help:Using talk pages WP:TP
Help:What links here WP:WLH
Wikipedia:Administrators' how-to guide WP:AHTG, WP:ADMINGUIDE
Wikipedia:As of WP:AO
Wikipedia:Bug reports and feature requests WP:BUG
Wikipedia:Bypass your cache WP:BYC
Wikipedia:Categorization WP:CAT
Wikipedia:Did you know WP:DYK
Wikipedia:Edit requests WP:EREQ, WP:EDREQ
Wikipedia:Edit summary legend WP:ESL
Wikipedia:Example requests for permission WP:BRP
Wikipedia:Extended image syntax WP:EIS
Wikipedia:FAQ WP:VFAQ
Wikipedia:FAQ/Readers WP:RFAQ
Wikipedia:FAQ/Schools WP:SFAQ
Wikipedia:Guide to deletion WP:GAFD, WP:GD,
Wikipedia:Help desk WP:HD
Wikipedia:How to fix cut-and-paste moves WP:CPMV, WP:CUTPASTE, WP:HISTMERGE
Wikipedia:IRC WP:CHAT
Wikipedia:Line-break handling WP:NOBR
Wikipedia:Mailing lists WP:ML, WP:MAIL
Wikipedia:Media copyright questions WP:MCQ
Wikipedia:Moving a page WP:MOVE, WP:MV
Wikipedia:Navigation templates WP:NAV
Wikipedia:New contributors' help page WP:NCH
Wikipedia:NPOV dispute WP:NPOVD, WP:DRIVEBY
Wikipedia:Picture peer review/Archives WP:PPRA
Wikipedia:Picture tutorial WP:PIC
Wikipedia:Piped link WP:PIPE
Wikipedia:Portal WP:P, WP:PORTAL
Wikipedia:Public domain WP:PD
Wikipedia:Public domain resources WP:PDR
Wikipedia:Recent changes patrol WP:RCP
Wikipedia:Redirect WP:R, WP:RDR, WP:REDIR, WP:REDIRECT
Wikipedia:Reference desk WP:RD
Wikipedia:Reference desk/all WP:RD/ALL
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives WP:RD/A
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Computing WP:RD/COMP, WP:RD/C
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Entertainment WP:RD/E, WP:RD/P
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Humanities WP:RD/H
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Language WP:RD/L, WP:RD/LANG
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Mathematics WP:RD/MA
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous WP:RD/M, WP:RD/MISC
Wikipedia:Reference desk/Science WP:RD/S, WP:RD/SCI
Wikipedia:Requested templates WP:RT, WP:REQT
Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia WP:RES, WP:RWW, WP:RESEARCH
Wikipedia:Search engine test WP:SET
Wikipedia:Shortcut WP:SHORT, WP:SHORTCUT, WP:SHC
Wikipedia:List of shortcuts WP:WP, WP:CUTS
Wikipedia:Simplified ruleset WP:SR
Wikipedia:Summary style WP:SS
Wikipedia:Teahouse WP:TEAHOUSE, WP:IMNEW, WP:TH, P:TH, H:TH
Wikipedia:Template documentation WP:DOC, WP:/DOC, WP:/doc
Wikipedia:Tip of the day WP:TOTD
Wikipedia:Tips WP:TIPS
Wikipedia:Tutorial WP:T
Wikipedia:Using the Wayback Machine WP:WBM
Wikipedia:Using JAWS WP:JAWS
Wikipedia:Volunteer Response Team WP:VRT, WP:OTRS
Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Standard user greeting WP:SUG

Collaboration and community[edit]

Village pump and featured content[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Featured articles WP:FA
Wikipedia:Featured article candidates WP:FAC
Wikipedia:Featured article review WP:FAR
Portal:Featured content WP:FC, WP:FEATURED
Wikipedia:Featured lists WP:FL
Wikipedia:Featured list candidates WP:FLC
Wikipedia:Featured pictures WP:FP
Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates WP:FPC
Portal:Featured portals WP:FPO, WP:FPORT
Wikipedia:Featured portal candidates WP:FPOC, WP:FPORTC
Wikipedia:Village pump WP:VP, WP:PUMP
Wikipedia:Village pump (miscellaneous) WP:VPM
Wikipedia:Village pump (policy) WP:VPP, WP:VP/P
Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals) WP:VPR
Wikipedia:Village pump (technical) WP:VPT, WP:VP/T

Wikipedia and the Wikipedia community[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News WP:BRION
Community bulletin board WP:CBB
Wikipedia:Community portal WP:COMM, WP:COMPORT
Wikipedia:Content disclaimer WP:DISC
Wikipedia:Facebook directory WP:FB, WP:FACE
Wikipedia:Glossary WP:G, WP:TERM, WP:GLOSSARY
Wikipedia:Goings-on WP:GO, WP:GOON
Wikipedia:Guidance for younger editors WP:YOUNG, WP:GFYA
Wikipedia:Legal disclaimer WP:DNGLA, WP:IANAL
Wikipedia:List of administrators WP:LA, WP:LOA
Wikipedia:Meetup WP:MEET
Wikipedia:Milestones WP:MILE
Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks WP:FORKS
Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians WP:MW, WP:MISS
Wikipedia:Most vandalized pages WP:MVP
Wikipedia:Personal acquaintances WP:PAQ
Wikipedia:Press coverage WP:PRESS
Wikipedia:Reward board WP:REWARD, WP:RB
Wikipedia:Statistics WP:ST, WP:STAT
Wikipedia:Syndication WP:RSS
Wikipedia:Testimonials WP:PRAISE
Wikipedia:Userboxes WP:UBX
Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost WP:POST

Wikipedia culture and essays[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions WP:AADD, WP:ATA
Wikipedia:Assessing reliability WP:AREL
Wikipedia:Avoid the word "vandal" WP:ATWV
Wikipedia:Beware of the tigers WP:TIGERS
Wikipedia:Controversial articles WP:CONTROVERSY, WP:GFCA
Wikipedia:Dig WP:DIG
Wikipedia:Don't build the Frankenstein WP:DBTF, WP:FRANKIE
Wikipedia:Don't-give-a-fuckism WP:FUCK
Wikipedia:Don't stuff beans up your nose WP:BEANS
Wikipedia:Edit warring WP:EW
Wikipedia:Fancruft WP:CRUFT
Wikipedia:Horns of a dilemma WP:HORNS
Wikipedia:How many legs does a horse have? WP:LEGS
Wikipedia:If it ain't broke, don't fix it WP:AINT
Wikipedia:Independent sources WP:IS
Wikipedia:Non-admin closure WP:NADC, WP:NAC
Wikipedia:No angry mastodons WP:NAM
Wikipedia:Pokémon test WP:KAREN
Wikipedia:Process is important WP:PI
Wikipedia:Read the archives WP:RTA, WP:RTFA
Wikipedia:Removal of non-free images WP:FUIR, WP:RFUI
Wikipedia:Snowball clause WP:SNOW
Wikipedia:Staying cool when the editing gets hot WP:COOL
Wikipedia:Straw polls WP:STRAW
Wikipedia:The Wikipedian's Prayer WP:PRAY
Wikipedia:Vanispamcruftisement WP:VSCA
Wikipedia:Walled garden WP:WG, WP:WALL
Wikipedia:We CAN'T cover them all WP:WECANT
Wikipedia:What to do if your article gets tagged for speedy deletion WP:TAGGED, WP:IWASTAGGED
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is an encyclopedia WP:ENC
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not about winning WP:WIN
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not for things made up one day WP:NFT
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not Google WP:WING, WP:NG, WP:NSE
Wikipedia:Writing better articles WP:1SP, WP:BETTER

Department of fun[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Assume bad faith WP:ABF
Wikipedia:Silly Things WP:BJAODN
Wikipedia:Clinic for Wikipediholics WP:CLINIC
Wikipedia:Complete bollocks WP:BALLS, WP:CB
Wikipedia:Department of Fun WP:DOF, WP:FUN
Wikipedia:Editcountitis WP:ITIS
Wikipedia:Extreme article deletion WP:EAD
Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars WP:LAME
Wikipedia:List of really, really, really stupid article ideas that you really, really, really should not create WP:STUPID
Wikipedia:List of cabals WP:LOC
Wikipedia:Six degrees of Wikipedia WP:6DOS, WP:6DOW
Wikipedia:Unusual articles WP:UA
Wikipedia:Wikibreak WP:WB, WP:WBRK, WP:BREAK, WP:ZZZ
Wikipedia:Wikipediholic WP:HOLIC
Wikipedia:Wikipediholism test WP:WHT
Wikipedia:WikiNomad WP:WPNMAD

Procedures, policies, and guidelines[edit]


Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism WP:AIV
Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard WP:AN
Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring WP:AN3, WP:AN/3RR
Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents WP:ANI, WP:AN/I
Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests WP:ARBREQ, WP:RFAR
Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee WP:AC
Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/Clerks WP:AC/C
Wikipedia:Articles for creation WP:AFC
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion WP:AFD, WP:LFD
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/Today WP:AFD/T WP:AFD/TODAY
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/Yesterday WP:AFD/Y
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Maintenance WP:AFDM
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Old WP:AFDO
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes WP:AFDP
Wikipedia:Categories for discussion WP:CFD
Wikipedia:Cleanup WP:CLEANUP
Wikipedia:Copyright problems WP:CP, WP:CV
Wikipedia:Deletion review WP:DRV WP:VFU
Wikipedia:Files for discussion WP:IFD
Wikipedia:Graphics Lab/Maintenance/Images for cleanup WP:IFC
Wikipedia:Long-term abuse WP:LTA
Wikipedia:Maintenance WP:WM
Wikipedia:Mediation Committee WP:MC
Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion WP:MFD
Wikipedia:Peer review WP:PR
Wikipedia:Proposed mergers WP:PM
Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion WP:RFD
Wikipedia:Requested articles WP:RA
Wikipedia:Requested moves WP:RM
Wikipedia:Requested pictures WP:RP
Wikipedia:Requests for adminship WP:RFA, WP:VFA
Wikipedia:Requests for comment WP:RFC, WP:RFROAA
Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User conduct WP:RFC/USER
Wikipedia:Requests for history merge WP:SPLICE
Wikipedia:Requests for mediation WP:RFM
Wikipedia:Requests for oversight WP:RFO
Wikipedia:Requests for page protection WP:RFPP, WP:RFP, WP:RPP
Wikipedia:RFA summary WP:RFASUM
Wikipedia:Templates for discussion WP:TFD
Wikipedia:Templates with red links WP:TRL


Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Administrators WP:ADMIN, WP:SYSOP, WP:MOP
Wikipedia:Appealing a block WP:AAB, WP:APPEAL
Wikipedia:Article titles WP:AT, WP:TITLE
Wikipedia:Banning policy WP:BAN
Wikipedia:Blocking policy WP:BP, WP:BLOCK
Wikipedia:Bot policy WP:BOTPOL
Wikipedia:Consensus WP:CON, WP:CONS
Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion WP:CSD
Wikipedia:Civility WP:CIVIL
Wikipedia:Copyrights WP:C, WP:COPY
Wikipedia:Deletion policy WP:DP, WP:DEL, WP:DELETE
Wikipedia:Dispute resolution WP:DR
Wikipedia:Editing policy WP:EP
Wikipedia:Edit warring WP:EW, WP:WAR
Wikipedia:Harassment WP:HA
Wikipedia:Ignore all rules WP:IAR
Wikipedia:IP block exemption WP:EXEMPT, WP:IPEXEMPT, WP:IPBE
Wikipedia:Image use policy WP:IUP
Wikipedia:List of policies WP:LOP
Wikipedia:Neutral point of view WP:NPOV, WP:NEU
Wikipedia:No legal threats WP:NLT, WP:LEGAL, WP:THREAT
Wikipedia:No original research WP:NOR, WP:OR
Wikipedia:No personal attacks WP:NPA, WP:PA
Wikipedia:Ownership of articles WP:OWN
Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines WP:POLICY, WP:RULES
Wikipedia:Proposed deletion WP:PROD
Wikipedia:Sock puppetry WP:SOCK
Wikipedia:Username policy WP:NIU, WP:NOU, WP:U, WP:UN
Wikipedia:Vandalism WP:VAND, WP:VANDAL, WP:-(
Wikipedia:Verifiability WP:V, WP:VERIFY
Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not WP:NOT, WP:WWIN, WP:WWPIN, WP:ISNOT, WP:ALSONOT
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is an encyclopedia WP:ENC
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary WP:WINAD, WP:DICDEF


Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:List of guidelines WP:LGL, WP:LOGL, WP:GUIDELINES
Wikipedia:Assume good faith WP:AGF, WP:ASG, WP:AFG, WP:GF, WP:FAITH
Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons WP:LIVING, WP:BLP
Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates WP:CLS, WP:CSL
Wikipedia:Categorization WP:CG, WP:CAT
Wikipedia:Citing sources WP:CITE, WP:REF
Wikipedia:Common knowledge WP:CK, WP:COMKNOW
Wikipedia:Conflict of interest WP:COI
Wikipedia:Deletion guidelines for administrators WP:DGFA
Wikipedia:Disambiguation WP:D, WP:DAB, WP:DISAM, WP:DISAMBIG
Wikipedia:Disruptive editing WP:DE, WP:DISRUPT
Wikipedia:Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point WP:POINT
Wikipedia:External links WP:EL, WP:EXT
Wikipedia:Logos WP:LOGOS, WP:LOGO
Wikipedia:Lyrics and poetry WP:L&P
Wikipedia:Reader WP:READERS
Wikipedia:Manual of Style WP:MOS, WP:STYLE, MOS:
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Abbreviations WP:ABB, WP:ABBR, MOS:ABB
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Biographies WP:MOSBIO, WP:NAMES, MOS:BIO
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/China-related articles WP:MOS-ZH
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers WP:MOSDATE, WP:MOSNUM, WP:DATE, WP:MOSNUM, MOS:DATE, MOS:NUM
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Disambiguation pages WP:MOSDAB, WP:MOSDP, MOS:DAB, MOS:DP
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Ireland-related articles WP:IMOS, WP:MOS-IR
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Japan-related articles WP:MOS-JA, WP:MOS-JP, WP:MJ
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Korea-related articles WP:MOS-KO
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout WP:GTL, WP:LAY, WP:LAYOUT
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead section WP:LEAD, WP:LS
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking WP:MOS-L, MOS:L
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists WP:L, WP:LIST, WP:LISTS
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Mathematics WP:MSM, WP:MOS-MATH, MOS:MATH
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation WP:MOS-P, WP:MOSIPA, WP:PRON
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Self-references to avoid WP:SRTA, WP:SELF
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Tables WP:HTUT
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Titles WP:MOS-T, MOS:T
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Trademarks WP:MOS-TM, WP:MOSTM, MOS:TM
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Writing about fiction WP:WAF
Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Chinese) WP:NC-ZH
Wikipedia:Notability WP:N
Wikipedia:Notability (fiction) WP:FICT
Wikipedia:Notability (music) WP:MUSIC, WP:MUS, WP:NMG
Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies) WP:CORP, WP:ORG
Wikipedia:Notability (web) WP:WEB
Wikipedia:Revert only when necessary WP:ROWN
Wikipedia:Signatures WP:SIG, WP:SIGNATURE, WP:SIGN
Wikipedia:Spam WP:NOSPAM, WP:SPAM
Wikipedia:Speedy keep WP:SK
Wikipedia:Spoiler WP:SPOIL, WP:SPOILER, WP:SW
Wikipedia:Stub WP:STUB
Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines WP:DISCUSSION, WP:TALK, WP:TPG
Wikipedia:Talk page templates WP:TPT
Wikipedia:Third opinion WP:3O, WP:30, WP:THIRD, WP:RF3O
Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects WP:SISTER, WP:SIS, WP:MOSSIS


Templates, tools, and other resources[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:WikiProject edit counters WP:KATE, WP:KT
Wikipedia:Template messages WP:TM
Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome templates WP:WT
Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup WP:TC, WP:TM/CLEAN
Wikipedia:Template messages/Compact tables of contents WP:TMTOC, WP:TM/TOC, WP:CTOC
Wikipedia:Template messages/Deletion WP:TDEL, WP:TM/DEL
Wikipedia:Template messages/Disputes WP:TM/DISP
Wikipedia:Template messages/File namespace WP:TMFN, WP:TMIN
Wikipedia:Template messages/General WP:TMG, WP:TM/GENERAL
Wikipedia:Template messages/Maintenance WP:TMAIN, WP:TM/MAIN
Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages WP:TMR, WP:TM/R
Wikipedia:Template messages/Talk namespace WP:TTALK, WP:TM/TALK
Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace WP:TUSER, WP:UTM, WP:USETEMP
Wikipedia:Template namespace WP:TMP


Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikify WP:WIKIFY, WP:WFY, WP:IFY
Category:Stubs CAT:STUBS, CAT:STUB
Category:Wikipedia categories in need of attention WP:CINA
Category:Wikipedia essays CAT:E, CAT:ESSAY, CAT:ESSAYS
Category:Wikipedia fully-protected edit requests CAT:EP, CAT:PER
Template:In the news T:ITN
Wikipedia:Community portal/Opentask WP:CLIPPY
Template:Talkback WP:TBACK
Wikipedia:Barnstars WP:BARN, WP:STAR, WP:BS, WP:*, WP:BARNSTAR
Wikipedia:Odometer WP:ODO
Wikipedia:List of shortcuts/Project shortcuts WP:WPR
Wikipedia:Shortcuts to talk pages WT:WT
Wikipedia:Userfication WP:UFY, WP:USERFY

Shortcut alphabet[edit]

Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia:Attribution   (summary page) WP:A
Wikipedia:Bots   (policy) WP:B
Wikipedia:Copyrights   (policy) WP:C
Wikipedia:Disambiguation   (guideline) WP:D
Wikipedia:FAQ/Editing   (help page) WP:E
Wikipedia:Non-free content   (guideline) WP:F
Wikipedia:Glossary   (help page) WP:G
Help:Contents   (help menu) WP:H
Wikipedia:Introduction   (help page) WP:I
Wikipedia:WikiProject Jazz WP:J
Wikipedia:Keyboard shortcuts   (help page) WP:K
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists  (guideline) WP:L
Wikipedia:Mediation   (policy) WP:M
Wikipedia:Notability   (guideline) WP:N
Wikipedia:Orphan   (help page) WP:O
Wikipedia:Portal   (project) WP:P
Wikipedia:Questions   (help page, directory) WP:Q
Wikipedia:Redirect   (how-to guideline) WP:R
Help:Searching   (help page) WP:S
Wikipedia:Tutorial   (help page) WP:T
Wikipedia:Username policy   (policy) WP:U
Wikipedia:Verifiability   (policy) WP:V
Wikipedia:Dashboard    (news page) WP:W
Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity WP:X
Wikipedia:Help desk WP:Y
Wikipedia:WikiProject Zoo WP:Z

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