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List of stage names

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This list of stage names lists names used by those in the entertainment industry, alphabetically by their stage name's surname followed by their birth name. Individuals who dropped their last name and substituted their middle name as their last name are listed. Those with a one-word stage name are listed in a separate article.

In many cases, performers have legally changed their name to their stage name.[1]

Note: Many cultures have their own naming customs and systems, some rather intricate. Minor changes or alterations, including reversing Eastern-style formats, do not in and of themselves qualify as stage names and should not normally be included. For example, Björk is not a stage name, it is part of her full Icelandic name, Björk Guðmundsdóttir. Her second name is a patronymic instead of a family name, following Icelandic naming conventions.

People are not listed here if they fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Those who have more than one family name, provided at least one is represented in the professional name. This is especially common with people from Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries and in the Philippines.
  • Those who changed their name to perform a character or alter ego, including drag performers and professional wrestlers.
  • Those who changed their name to undertake an alias, rather than a name with which the subject will publicly identify.
  • Those who changed their surname due primarily to marriage, even if the marriage has since ended.
  • Those who changed their surname due to adoption or legal name change prior to entering the entertainment industry.
  • Those known by nicknames both privately and professionally.
  • Those who may be popularly, though not professionally, known by a nickname.
  • Those who changed their name(s) due to realized change in sexual/gender identity, or other recognized gender-related reasons.
  • Those who changed their names for religious reasons.
  • Those who adopted a matriname:
  • Those who changed their name(s) due to other or unknown reasons unrelated to show business of any kind.

Note: Elton John is listed here because he used the name professionally before he legally adopted it in 1972.




Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Dominique A Dominique Ané 1968– French songwriter and singer
Angela Aames Lois Tlustos 1956–1988 American actress
Willie Aames Albert William Upton 1960– American actor, director, producer and screenwriter
Caroline Aaron Caroline Abady 1952– American actress
Lee Aaron Karen Greening 1962– Canadian singer
Russ Abbot Russell Roberts 1947– English comedian, actor, singer and musician
Victoria Abril Victoria Mérida Rojas 1959– Spanish actress and singer
Goodman Ace Goodman Aiskowitz 1899–1982 American comedian and writer
Johnny Ace John Alexander Jr. 1929–1954 American singer
Mellow Man Ace Ulpiano Reyes 1967– Cuban-American rapper
Derek Acorah Derek Johnson 1950–2020 English spiritual medium
Hazel Adair Hazel Willett 1920–2005 British actress and screenwriter
Jean Adair Violet McNaughton 1873–1953 Canadian actress
Prince Adam Adam Deibert 1976– American musician and voice actor
Casey Adams Max Showalter 1917–2000 American actor, composer, and musician
Catlin Adams Nira Barab 1950– American actress and director
Derroll Adams Derroll Thompson 1925–2000 American musician
Don Adams Donald Yarmy 1923–2005 American actor and comedian
Jane "Poni" Adams Betty Jane Bierce 1918–2014 American actress
Kathryn Adams Kathryn Hohn 1920–2016 American actress Also known as Kathryn Adams Doty
Maude Adams Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden 1872–1953 American actress
Nick Adams Nicholas Adamshock 1931–1968 American actor and screenwriter
Nancy Addison Nancy Addison Altman 1946–2002 American actress
Gaye Adegbalola Gaye Todd 1944– American singer and musician
Fred Adison Albert Lapeyrère 1908–1996 French singer, musician and bandleader
Renée Adorée Jeanne de la Fonte 1898–1933 French actress
Iris Adrian Iris Adrian Hostetter 1912–1994 American actress and dancer
Max Adrian Guy Thornton Bor 1903–1973 Irish actor and singer
Jerry Adriani Jair Alves de Souza 1947–2017 Brazilian singer, musician and actor
Carina Afable Carina Agoncillo 1944– Filipina retired actress and singer
Tetchie Agbayani Visitacion Parado 1961– Filipina actress
Ryan Agoncillo Kristoffer Agoncillo 1979– Filipino actor, model, photographer, recording artist and TV host
José Miguel Agrelot Giuseppe Michael Agrelot Vilá 1927–2004 Puerto Rican comedian and radio/television personality
Anja Aguilar Angellie Urquico 1994– Filipina actress and singer
Marvin Agustin Marvin Jay Marquez Cuyugan 1979– Filipino actor and chef
eden ahbez George Alexander Aberle 1908–1995 American songwriter
Anouk Aimée Nicole Dreyfus 1932–2024 French actress
Martin Eric Ain Martin Erich Stricker 1967–2017 American-Swiss musician (Celtic Frost)
Jak Airport Jack Stafford c. 1955–2004 English musician (X-Ray Spex and Classix Nouveaux)
Alexandre Aja Alexandre Jouan-Arcady 1978– French filmmaker
Warda Al-Jazairia Warda Mohammed Ftouki 1939–2012 Algerian singer
Gina Alajar Regina Liguid Alatiit 1959– Filipina actress and director
Frank Alamo Jean-François Grandin 1941–2012 French singer
Alan Alan Alan Rabinowitz 1926–2014 English escapologist and magician
Nadine Alari Bernadette Bovarie 1927–2016 French actress
Emma Albani Marie-Louise-Emma-Cécile Lejeunesse 1847–1930 Canadian-English singer
Eddie Albert Edward Albert Heimberger 1906–2005 American actor
Morris Albert Maurício Alberto Kaisermann 1951– Brazilian singer and songwriter
Charly Alberti Carlos Alberto Ficicchia Gigliotti 1963– Argentine musician (Soda Stereo)
Willeke Alberti Willy Albertina Verbrugge 1945– Dutch singer and actress
Bernard Albrecht Bernard Sumner 1956– English singer, musician, songwriter and record producer (Joy Division, New Order and Electronic)
Alan Alda Alphonso D'Abruzzo 1936– American actor and comedian
Frances Alda Fanny Davis 1879–1952 New Zealand-Australian singer
Robert Alda Alphonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D'Abruzzo 1914–1986 Italian-American actor, singer and dancer
Rutanya Alda Rutanya Skrastiņa 1942– Latvian-American actress
Jason Aldean Jason Aldean Williams 1977– American singer
Norman Alden Norman Adelberg 1924–2012 American actor
Flex Alexander Mark Alexander Knox 1970– American actor, comedian and dancer
George Alexander George Alexander Gibb Samson 1858–1918 English actor and producer
Gregg Alexander Gregory Alexander Aiuto 1970– American musician, singer-songwriter and producer (New Radicals)
Jane Alexander Jane Quigley 1939– American actress
Jason Alexander Jay Greenspan 1959– American comedian and actor
Jean Alexander Jean Hodgkinson 1926–2016 English actress
Max Alexander Max Drelich 1953–2016 American comedian and actor
Peter Alexander Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer 1926–2011 Austrian actor and singer
Pico Alexander Alexander Jogalla 1991– American actor
Ross Alexander Alexander Ross Smith 1907–1937 American actor
Sarah Alexander Sarah Smith 1971– English actress
Johnny Alf Alfredo José da Silva 1929–2010 Brazilian musician
Cas Alfonso Alfoncius Nainggolan 1983– Indonesian singer
Rashied Ali Robert Patterson 1933–2009 American musician
Mary Alice Mary Alice Smith 1936–2022 American actress
John Alkin John Foinquinnos 1947– English actor and spiritual healer
Chad Allan Allan Kowbel 1943– Canadian musician (The Guess Who) Also known as Allan Kobel
Jed Allan Jed Allan Brown 1935–2019 American actor and television host
Barbara Jo Allen Marian Barbara Henshall 1906–1974 American actress Also known as Vera Vague
Byron Allen Byron Allen Folks 1961– American producer and comedian
Chad Allen Chad Allen Lazzari 1974– American retired actor
Corey Allen Alan Cohen 1934–2010 American director, writer, producer and actor
Dave Allen David O'Mahoney 1936–2005 Irish comedian and actor
Dayton Allen Dayton Allen Bolke 1919–2004 American actor and comedian
Elizabeth Allen Elizabeth Gillease 1929–2006 American actress and singer
Fred Allen John Florence Sullivan 1894–1956 American comedian and actor
Hoodie Allen Steven Markowitz 1988– American rapper, singer and songwriter
Judith Allen Marie Elliott 1911–1996 American actress
Marty Allen Morton Alpern 1922–2018 American comedian and actor
Rae Allen Raffaela Abruzzo 1926–2022 American actress, director and singer
Robert Allen Irvine Baehr 1906–1998 American actor
Rosalie Allen Julie Bedra 1924–2003 American singer, songwriter and musician
Sian Barbara Allen Barbara Pokrass 1946– American former actress
Tim Allen Timothy Allen Dick 1953– American comedian and actor
Peggy Allenby Eleanor Fox 1896–1966 American actress
Claud Allister William Claud Michael Palmer 1888–1970 English actor
June Allyson Eleanor Geisman 1917–2006 American actress, dancer and singer
Dora Altmann Dora Alrich 1881–1971 German actress
Bobby Alto Robert Altomare 1938–2012 American actor and comedian
Don Alvarado José Paige 1904–1967 American actor
Max Alvarado Gavino Teodosio 1929–1997 Filipino actor
Kirk Alyn John Feggo Jr. 1910–1999 American actor
Rambo Amadeus Antonije Pušić 1963– Montenegrin author
Lucine Amara Lucine Armaganian 1924– American singer
August Ames Mercedes Grabowski 1994–2017 Canadian actress
Ed Ames Edmund Urick 1927–2023 American singer and actor
Leon Ames Harry Leon Wycoff 1902–1993 American actor
Nancy Ames Nancy Alfaro 1937– American singer and songwriter
Rachel Ames Rachel Foulger 1929– American actress
Trudi Ames Trudi Ziskind 1946– American former actress
Kamal Amrohi Syed Amir Haider Kamal Naqvi 1918–1993 Indian director and screenwriter
Alice Amter Alice Edwards 1966– English actress
Luana Anders Luana Anderson 1938–1996 American actress and screenwriter
Merry Anders Mary Anderson 1934–2012 American actress and model
Thomas Anders Bernd Weidung 1963– German singer, songwriter and producer (Modern Talking)
Elisabeth Andersen Anna Elisabeth de Bruijin 1920–2018 Dutch actress
Lale Andersen Elisabeth Bunnenburg 1905–1972 German singer-songwriter
Broncho Billy Anderson Maxwell Aronson 1880–1971 American actor, writer, director and producer
Daphne Anderson Daphne Scrutton 1922–2013 English actress
Gerry Anderson Gerald Abrahams 1929–2012 English producer, writer and director
Juliet Anderson Judith Carr 1938–2010 American actress and producer
Fern Andra Vernal Andrews 1893–1974 American actress, director and producer
Annette Andre Annette Andreallo 1939– Australian actress
Gwili Andre Gurli Andresen 1907–1959 Danish model and actress
Lona Andre Launa Andresen 1915–1992 American actress
Stanley Andrews Stanley Andrzejewsky 1891–1969 American actor
Tod Andrews Theodore Anderson 1914–1972 American actor
Bob Andy Keith Anderson 1944–2020 Jamaican singer and songwriter
Horace Andy Horace Hinds 1951– Jamaican songwriter and singer
Katja Andy Käthe Aschaffenburg 1907–2013 German-American musician
Criss Angel Christopher Sarantakos 1967– American magician and musician
Julio Ángel Julio Manuel Acevedo Lanuza 1945–2015 Puerto Rican singer
Pier Angeli Anna Maria Pierangeli 1932–1971 Italian actress, singer and model
Steve Angello Steven Angello Josefsson Fragogiannis 1982– Greek-Swedish DJ and producer (Swedish House Mafia)
Kenneth Anger Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer 1927–2023 American underground experimental filmmaker
John Aniston Yiannis Anastasakis 1933–2022 Greek-American actor
Morris Ankrum Morris Nussbaum 1897–1964 American actor
Julia Ann Julia Ann Tavella 1969– American actress and dancer
Glory Annen Glory Anne Clibbery 1952–2017 Canadian actress
Adam Ant Stuart Goddard 1954– English singer, musician and actor (Adam and the Ants)
Chris Anthony Christine D'Antonio 1957– American voice actress
Gerald Anthony Gerald Anthony Bucchiarelli 1951–2004 American actor
Joseph Anthony Joseph Deuster 1912–1993 American playwright, actor and director
Little Anthony Jerome Anthony Gourdine 1941– American singer (Little Anthony and the Imperials)
Lysette Anthony Lysette Chodzko 1963– English actress and model
Marc Anthony Marco Antonio Muñiz 1968– American singer, songwriter and actor
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony Sobolewski 1954– American musician (Van Halen)
Ray Anthony Ray Antonini 1922– American bandleader, musician, songwriter and actor (Glenn Miller Orchestra)
Steve Anthony Stephen Gomes 1959– Canadian former broadcaster
Laura Antonelli Laura Antonaz 1941–2015 Italian actress
Rafaela Aparicio Rafaela Díaz Valiente 1906–1996 Spanish actress
apl.de.ap Allan Pineda Lindo 1974– Filipino-American rapper, singer and producer (Black Eyed Peas)
Apollonia Patricia Kotero 1959– American singer, actress and former model
Navodaya Appachan Muliampurackal Punnoose 1924–2012 Indian producer and director
Fiona Apple Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart 1977– American singer-songwriter
Stella Arbenina Stella Whishaw 1884–1976 Russian-English actress
Penny Arcade Susana Ventura 1950– American performance artist, actress and playwright
John Archer Ralph Bowman 1915–1999 American actor
Don Arden Harry Levy 1926–2007 English music manager
Eve Arden Eunice Quedens 1908–1990 American actress and comedienne
Jane Arden Norah Morris 1927–1982 Welsh film director, actress, singer/songwriter and poet
Jann Arden Jann Arden Anne Richards 1962– Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
Michael Arden Michael Moore 1982– American actor, singer, musician and director
Neal Arden Arthur Neal Ailston 1909–2014 English actor
Toni Arden Antoinette Ardizzone 1924–2012 American singer
Donna Ares Azra Kolaković 1977–2017 Bosnian singer
Imperio Argentina Magdalena Níle del Río 1906–2003 Argentine-Spanish singer and actress
Victor Argo Victor Jimenez 1934–2004 Puerto Rican-American actor
Zohar Argov Zohar Orkabi 1955–1987 Israeli singer
Pearl Argyle Pearl Wellman 1910–1947 South African dancer and actress
Nina Arianda Nina Arianda Matijcio 1984– American actress
Harold Arlen Hyman Arluck 1905–1986 American composer
Richard Arlen Sylvanus Richard Mattimore 1899–1976 American actor
George Arliss George Andrews 1868–1946 English actor and filmmaker
Kay Armen Armenuhi Manoogian 1915–2011 Armenian-American singer
Sig Arno Siegfried Aron 1895–1975 German-Jewish actor
Danny Arnold Arnold Rothmann 1925–1995 American actor, comedian, director and producer
Edward Arnold Gunther Edward Arnold Schneider 1890–1956 American actor
Farida Arriany Frieda Thenu 1938–1977 Indonesian actress, model and singer
Robert Arthaud Robert Arthur 1925–2008 American actor
Carol Arthur Carol Arata 1935–2020 American actress
Jean Arthur Gladys Greene 1900–1991 American actress
Julia Arthur Ida Lewis 1869–1950 Canadian-American actress
Kon Artis Denaun Porter 1978– American rapper and music producer Also known as Mr. Porter and Denaun
Linda Arvidson Linda Arvidson Johnson 1884–1949 American actress
Annaleigh Ashford Annaleigh Swanson 1985– American actress, singer and dancer
Edward Ashley Edward Cooper 1906–2000 Australian-American actor
Elizabeth Ashley Elizabeth Cole 1939– American actress
David Ashton David Scott 1941– Scottish actor and writer
Lena Ashwell Lena Pocock 1872–1957 English actress
K. Asif Asif Karim 1922–1971 Indian director, producer and screenwriter
Adele Astaire Adele Austerlitz 1896–1981 American dancer, actress and singer
Fred Astaire Frederick Austerlitz 1899–1987 American dancer, actor and singer
Betty Astell Betty Hymans 1912–2005 English actress
Skylar Astin Skylar Astin Lipstein 1987– American actor and singer
Mary Astor Lucile Langhanke 1906–1987 American actress
Rich Asuncion Richell Pacaldo Angalot 1989– Filipina actress
Cholly Atkins Charles Atkinson 1913–2003 American dancer and performer
Jeanne Aubert Marguerite Perrinot 1900–1988 French singer and actress
Isabelle Aubret Thérèse Coquerelle 1938– French singer
James Aubrey James Aubrey Tregidgo 1947–2010 English actor
Cécile Aubry Anne-José Bénard 1928–2010 French actress, author, screenwriter and director
Eleanor Audley Eleanor Zellman 1905–1991 American actress
Stéphane Audran Colette Dacheville 1932–2018 French actress
Pascale Audret Pascale Auffray 1935–2000 French actress
Mischa Auer Mikhail Ounskowsky 1905–1967 Russian-American actor
Chris August Christopher August Megert 1982– American musician
Jean-Pierre Aumont Jean-Pierre Philippe Salomons 1911–2001 French actor
Nora Aunor Nora Villamayor 1953– Filipina actress, singer, and producer
Coco Austin Nicole Austin 1979– American television personality and actress Also known as Coco, Coco Marie Austin, Coco Marie and Coco-T
Gene Austin Lemuel Lucas 1900–1972 American singer and songwriter
Jake T. Austin Jake Austin Szymanski 1994– American actor
Karen Austin Karen Brammer 1955– American actress
Lovie Austin Cora Calhoun 1887–1972 American bandleader, musician, composer, singer and arranger
Pamela Austin Pamela Akert 1941– American actress
Amy Austria Esmeralda Tuazon 1961– Filipina actress
Ricardo Autobahn John Matthews 1978– English producer, songwriter and musician
Frankie Avalon Francis Avallone 1940– American actor and singer
Natalia Avelon Natalia Siwek 1980– Polish-German actress and singer
Val Avery Sebouh Abrahamian 1924–2009 American actor
Jane Avril Jeanne Beaudon 1868–1943 French dancer
Charlotte Ayanna Charlotte Lopez 1976– Puerto Rican-American actress and model
John Ayldon John Arnold 1943–2013 English singer and actor
Agnes Ayres Agnes Eyre Henkel 1892–1940 American actress
Iggy Azalea Amethyst Kelly 1990– Australian rapper
Charles Aznavour Shahnour Aznavourian 1924–2018 French-Armenian singer, lyricist and actor


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Bun B Bernard Freeman 1973– American rapper
Cardi B Belcalis Almanzar 1992– American rapper
Cheryl B Cheryl Burke 1972–2011 American journalist
Derek B Derek Bolland 1965–2009 British rapper
Eric B. Louis Eric Barrier 1963– American rapper (Eric B. & Rakim)
Jazzie B Trevor Beresford Romeo 1963– British DJ and producer (Soul II Soul)
Jazzy B Jaswinder Singh Bains 1975– Indo-Canadian Punjabi singer and songwriter
Jon B. Jonathan Buck 1974– American singer, songwriter and producer
Katy B Kathleen Brien 1989– English singer and songwriter
Max B Charly Wingate 1978– American rapper and singer
Mel B Melanie Brown 1975– English singer, songwriter and television personality (Spice Girls)
Plan B Benjamin Ballance-Drew 1983– English rapper, singer, songwriter and actor
Roxee B Anne Roxanne Barcelo 1985– Filipino-American actress, model and singer
Lída Baarová Ludmila Babková 1914–2000 Czech actress
Bob Babbitt Robert Kreinar 1937–2012 Hungarian-American musician (The Funk Brothers)
Alice Babs Hilder Alice Nilson 1924–2014 Swedish singer and actress
Michael Bacall Michael Buccellato 1973– American screenwriter and actor
Barbara Bach Barbara Goldbach 1947– American actress and model
Catherine Bach Catherine Bachman 1954– American actress
Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bierk 1968– Canadian-American singer (Skid Row)
Erykah Badu Erica Wright 1971– American singer-songwriter
Barbara Bain Millicent Fogel 1931– American actress
Cheryl Baker Rita Crudgington 1954– English singer and television presenter (Bucks Fizz)
Fay Baker Fay Schwager 1917–1987 American actress
George Baker Johannes Bouwens 1944– Dutch singer and songwriter (George Baker Selection)
Josephine Baker Freda Josephine McDonald 1906–1975 American-French dancer, singer and actress
LaVern Baker Delores Evans 1929–1997 American singer Also known as Delores LaVern Baker, Delores Williams and Bea Baker
George Balanchine Georgiy Melitonovich Balanchivadze 1904–1983 Russian-American ballet choreographer
Josiane Balasko Josiane Balašković 1950– French actress, writer and director
Carla Balenda Sally Bliss 1925–2024 American actress
Marty Balin Martyn Buchwald 1942–2018 American singer, songwriter and musician (Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship)
Bobby Ball Robert Harper 1944–2020 English comedian and actor (Cannon and Ball)
Carl Ballantine Meyer Kessler 1917–2009 American magician, comedian and actor
Kaye Ballard Catherine Balotta 1925–2019 American actress, comedienne and singer
Yak Ballz Yashar Zadeh 1982– American rapper
Charli Baltimore Tiffany Lane 1974– American rapper and television personality
Afrika Bambaataa Lance Taylor 1957– American DJ, rapper and producer
Jamie Bamber Jamie Griffith 1973– English actor
Eric Bana Eric Banadinovich 1968– Australian actor
Anne Bancroft Anna Italiano 1931–2005 American actress
Honey Bane Donna Boylan 1964– English singer and actress
Billy Bang William Walker 1947–2011 American musician and composer
Advent Bangun Advani Rangua 1952–2018 Indonesian karateka champion
Briana Banks Briana Bany 1978– German-American actress
Darrell Banks Darrell Eubanks 1937–1970 American singer
Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Mitchell 1974– American actress and filmmaker
Lloyd Banks Christopher Lloyd 1982– American rapper (G-Unit)
Peter Banks Peter Brockbanks 1947–2013 English musician (Yes)
Vilma Bánky Vilma Koncsics 1901–1991 Hungarian-American actress
David Banner Levell Crump 1974– American rapper, producer and actor (Crooked Lettaz)
Jill Banner Mary Molumby 1946–1982 American actress
Buju Banton Mark Myrie 1973– Jamaican musician
Theda Bara Theodosia Goodman 1885–1955 American actress
Joan Barclay Mary Greear 1914–2002 American actress
Roy Barcroft Howard Ravenscroft 1902–1969 American actor
Ben Bard Benjamin Greenberg 1893–1974 American actor
John Bardon John Jones 1939–2014 English actor
Blixa Bargeld Christian Emmerich 1959– German musician (Einstürzende Neubauten)
Lynn Bari Marjorie Fisher 1919–1989 American actress
Griff Barnett Manley Griffith 1884–1958 American actor
Candy Barr Juanita Slusher 1935–2005 American dancer, actress and model
Julia Barr Julia Buchheit 1949– American actress
Kathy Barr Marilyn Aboulafia 1929–2008 American singer
Leonard Barr Leonard Barra 1903–1980 American comedian, actor and dancer
Judith Barrett Lucille Kelley 1909–2000 American actress Also known as Nancy Dover
Lawrence Barrett Lawrence Brannigan 1838–1891 American actor
Majel Barrett Majel Hudec 1932–2008 American actress and producer
Rona Barrett Rona Burstein 1936– American gossip columnist
Alicia Barrié Sara Ramona Alicia Masriera del Campillo 1915–2002 Chilean actress
Amanda Barrie Shirley Broadbent 1935– English actress
Barbara Barrie Barbara Berman 1931– American actress and author
Chris Barrie Christopher Brown 1960– British actor, comedian and impressionist
Mona Barrie Mona Barlee Smith 1905–1964 English-American actress
Wendy Barrie Marguerite Wendy Jenkins 1912–1978 British-American actress
Alain Barrière Alain Bellec 1935–2019 French singer
Blue Barron Harry Freidman 1913–2005 American bandleader
Chris Barron Christopher Gross 1968– American singer and songwriter (Spin Doctors)
Claire Barry Clara Bagelman 1920–2014 American singer and entertainer (The Barry Sisters)
Gene Barry Eugene Klass 1919–2009 American actor
Jeff Barry Joel Adelberg 1938– American songwriter, singer and record producer
Joan Barry Ina Marshman Bell 1903–1989 English actress
Joan Barry Mary Gribble 1920–2007 American actress
Joe Barry Joe Barrios 1970– American football coach
John Barry John Barry Prendergast 1933–2011 English composer and conductor
Len Barry Leonard Borisoff 1942–2020 American singer and songwriter
Merna Barry Minnie Bagelman 1923–1976 American singer and entertainer (The Barry Sisters)
Red Barry Milton Poimboeuf 1910–1980 American actor
Ethel Barrymore Ethel Blythe 1879–1959 American actress
John Barrymore John Blyth 1882–1942 American actor
Lionel Barrymore Lionel Blythe 1878–1954 American actor
Maurice Barrymore Herbert Blythe 1849–1905 British actor
Michael Barrymore Michael Parker 1952– English comedian and actor
Lionel Bart Lionel Begleiter 1930–1999 English writer and composer
Eddie Barth Edward Bartholetti 1931–2010 American actor
Dewey Barto Steward (or Stewart) Swoyer 1896–1973 American comedian and actor
Eva Bartok Éva Márta Szőke Ivanovics 1927–1998 Hungarian-English actress
Gregg Barton Harold Barker 1912–2000 American actor
Billy Barty William Bertanzetti 1924–2000 American actor and activist
Süphan Barzani Franco Battiato 1945–2021 Italian musician and singer
Baby Bash Ronald Bryant 1975– American rapper Formerly known as Baby Beesh
Toni Basil Antonia Basilotta 1943– American singer, dancer and actress
Ol' Dirty Bastard Russell Jones 1968–2004 American musician (Wu-Tang Clan)
Skratch Bastid Paul Murphy 1982– Canadian DJ and record producer
Florence Bates Florence Rabe 1888–1954 American actress
Jane Bathori Jeanne-Marie Berthier 1877–1970 French opera singer
Stiv Bators Steven Bator 1949–1990 American singer and musician (Dead Boys)
Beryl Baxter Beryl Ivory 1926–2012 English actress
Jane Baxter Feodora Forde 1909–1996 British actress
H.P. Baxxter Hans Geerdes 1964– German musician and singer (Scooter)
Nora Bayes Leonora Goldberg 1880–1928 American singer and entertainer
Prince Be Attrell Cordes Jr. 1970–2016 American musician (P.M. Dawn)
Aisling Bea Aisling O'Sullivan 1984– Irish comedienne, actress and writer
John Beal James Bliedung 1909–1997 American actor
Orson Bean Dallas Burrows 1928–2020 American actor and comedian
Guy Béart Guy Béhar 1930–2015 French singer and songwriter
Swizz Beatz Kasseem Daoud Dean 1978– American record producer, rapper, DJ and songwriter
Barbara Bedford Violet Rose 1903–1981 American actress
Kenny Bee Chung Chun-to 1953– Hong Kong singer, musician and actor (The Wynners)
Molly Bee Mollie Beachboard 1939–2009 American singer
Captain Beefheart Don Glen Vliet (later known as Don Van Vliet) 1941–2010 American singer-songwriter
Geoffrey Beene Samuel Bozeman Jr. 1924–2004 American fashion designer
Jacqueline Beer Jacqueline Vangramberg 1932– French actress Also known as Jacqueline Baer
Ana Belén María Cuesta Acosta 1951– Spanish actress and singer
Benny Bell Benjamin Samberg 1906–1999 American singer-songwriter
Carey Bell Carey Bell Harrington 1936–2007 American musician
Freddie Bell Ferdinando Bello 1931–2008 American musician (Freddie Bell and the Bellboys)
Rex Bell George Beldam 1903–1962 American actor and politician
William Bell William Yarborough 1939– American singer and songwriter
Madge Bellamy Margaret Philpott 1899–1990 American actress
Camilla Belle Camilla Belle Routh 1986– American actress, director and producer
Lulu Belle Myrtle Cooper 1913–1999 American musician and singer (Lulu Belle and Scotty)
Louie Bellson Luigi Balassoni 1924–2009 American musician
Tony Bellus Anthony Bellusci 1936– American singer and musician
Bessie Bellwood Catherine Mahoney 1856–1896 English performer and actress
Pamela Bellwood Pamela King 1951– American actress
Lead Belly Huddie Ledbetter 1888–1949 American folk and blues singer
Ricky Belmonte Jesse Cruz 1946–2001 Filipino actor
Paul Ben-Victor Paul Friedman 1965– American actor
Amelia Bence María Botwinik 1919–2016 Argentine actress
Oliver Bendt Jörg Knoch 1946– German singer and actor
Dirk Benedict Dirk Niewoehner 1945– American actor
Brenda Benet Brenda Nelson 1945–1982 American actress
Owen Benjamin Owen Smith 1980– American comedian, actor and internet personality
Chloe Bennet Chloe Wang 1992– American actress and singer
Bruce Bennett Harold Brix 1906–2007 American actor
Frank Bennett David Wray 1959– Australian singer
Tony Bennett Anthony Benedetto 1926–2023 American singer
Bob Benny Emilius Wagemans 1926–2011 Belgian singer
Jack Benny Benjamin Kubelsky 1894–1974 American comedian, actor and radio personality
Jo Jo Benson Joseph Hewell 1938–2014 American singer
Barbi Benton Barbara Klein 1950– American model, actress, television personality and singer
Dave Benton Efrén Benita 1951– Aruban musician and singer
Tom Berenger Thomas Moore 1949– American actor
Jack Kid Berg Judah Bergman 1909–1991 English boxer
Edgar Bergen Edgar Berggren 1903–1978 American ventriloquist, actor and comedian
Polly Bergen Nellie Burgin 1930–2014 American actress and singer
Michel Berger Michel Hamburger 1947–1992 French singer and songwriter
Ouida Bergère Eunie Branch 1886–1974 American screenwriter and actress
Elisabeth Bergner Elisabeth Ettel 1897–1986 Austrian-English actress
Ballard Berkeley Ballard Blascheck 1904–1988 English actor
Busby Berkeley William Berkeley Enos 1895–1976 American director and choreographer
Daisy Berkowitz Scott Putesky 1968–2017 American musician (Marilyn Manson)
Arthur Berkut Arthur Mikheev 1962– Russian singer (Aria)
Milton Berle Milton Berlinger 1908–2002 American actor and comedian
Irving Berlin Israel Baline 1888–1989 American composer and lyricist
Mina Bern Mina Bernholtz 1911–2010 Polish-American actress
Paul Bern Paul Levy 1889–1932 German-American director, screenwriter and producer
Carlos Bernard Carlos Papierski 1962– American actor and director
Judd Bernard Sherman Goldberg 1927–2022 American producer and screenwriter
Ben Bernie Bernard Anzelevitz 1891–1943 American musician, bandleader and radio personality
Bob Bert Robert Bertelli 1955– American drummer
Eddie Bert Edward Bertolatus 1922–2012 American musician
Francesca Bertini Elena Vitiello 1892–1985 Italian actress
Bibi Besch Bibiana Köchert 1942–1996 Austrian-American actress
James Best Jewel Guy 1926–2015 American actor
Laura Betti Laura Trombetti 1927–2004 Italian actress
Billy Bevan William Bevan Harris 1887–1957 Australian-American comedian and actor
Babs Beverley Babette Chinery 1927–2018 English singer (The Beverley Sisters)
Joy Beverley Joycelyn Chinery 1924–2015 English singer (The Beverley Sisters)
Teddie Beverley Hazel Chinery 1927– English singer (The Beverley Sisters)
Turhan Bey Turhan Sahultavy 1922–2012 Austrian-Turkish actor
Bhad Bhabie Danielle Bregoli 2003– American rapper and internet personality
Jello Biafra Eric Boucher 1958– American singer and activist (Dead Kennedys)
Viva Bianca Viva Skubiszewski 1983– Australian actress
Mr. Biggs Ellis William 1941– American singer-songwriter and producer (The Isley Brothers)
Bushwick Bill Richard Shaw 1966–2019 Jamaican rapper
Paul Birch Paul Lowery Smith 1912–1969 American actor
Peter Birrel Peter Berrill 1935–2004 English actor
Beeb Birtles Gerard Bertelkamp 1948– Australian musician, singer and songwriter (Little River Band)
Chuck Biscuits Charles Montgomery 1965– Canadian musician (Danzig)
Joey Bishop Joseph Gottlieb 1918–2007 American actor and comedian (Rat Pack)
Julie Bishop Jacqueline Wells 1914–2001 American actress Also known as Diane Duval
Josie Bissett Jolyn Heutmaker 1970– American actress
Aloe Blacc Egbert Dawkins III 1979– American singer, songwriter and rapper
Big Black Christopher Boykin 1972–2017 American television personality and musician
Cilla Black Priscilla White 1943–2015 English singer, television presenter and actress
Jet Black Brian Duffy 1938–2022 English musician (The Stranglers)
Karen Black Karen Ziegler 1939–2013 American actress, screenwriter, singer and songwriter
Michael Ian Black Michael Schwartz 1971– American comedian, actor, screenwriter and director
Tony Blackplait Tõnu Trubetsky 1963– Estonian musician, director and anarchist
Harry Blackstone Sr. Henry Boughton 1885–1965 American magician Also known as Harry Bouton Blackstone
Richard Blackwell Richard Selzer 1922–2008 American fashion critic, journalist and television/radio personality Also known as Mr. Blackwell
Richard Blade Richard Sheppard 1952– English-American radio personality and actor
David Blaine David Blaine White 1973– American illusionist and endurance artist
Hal Blaine Harold Belsky 1929–2019 American musician
Vivian Blaine Vivian Stapleton 1921–1995 American actress and singer
Betsy Blair Elizabeth Boger 1923–2009 American actress
Janet Blair Martha Lafferty 1921–2007 American singer and actress
Joyce Blair Joyce Ogus 1932–2006 English actress and dancer
Lionel Blair Henry Lionel Ogus 1928–2021 Canadian-English actor, choreographer, dancer and television presenter
Patricia Blair Patsy Blake 1933–2013 American actress Also known as Patricia Blake or Pat Blake
Amanda Blake Beverly Neill 1929–1989 American actress
Pamela Blake Adele Pearce 1915–2009 American actress
Robert Blake Michael Gubitosi 1933–2023 American actor
Tia Blake Christiana Wallman 1952–2015 American singer-songwriter and writer
Whitney Blake Nancy Whitney 1926–2002 American actress, director and producer
Nida Blanca Dorothy Jones 1936–2001 Filipina actress
Benny Blanco Benjamin Levin 1988– American producer
Clara Blandick Clara Dickey 1876–1962 American actress
Marcie Blane Marcia Blank 1944– American former singer
Sally Blane Elizabeth Young 1910–1997 American actress
Memphis Bleek Malik Cox 1978– American rapper
Chingo Bling Pedro Herrera III 1979– Mexican-American rapper, producer and comedian
Buster Bloodvessel Douglas Trendle 1958– English singer (Bad Manners)
Luka Bloom Kevin Moore 1955– Irish singer-songwriter
Kurtis Blow Curtis Walker 1959– American rapper, singer and songwriter
Sky Blu Skyler Gordy 1986– American musician
Ashley Blue Oriana Small 1981– American actress
Barry Blue Barry Green 1950– English singer, producer and songwriter
Ben Blue Benjamin Bernstein 1901–1975 Canadian-American actor and comedian
Jonas Blue Guy Robin 1989– English DJ, songwriter and record producer
Monte Blue Gerard Bluefeather 1887–1963 American actor
Vanessa Blue Tanya Faulkner 1974– American actress, producer, model and director
Larry Blyden Ivan Lawrence Blieden 1925–1975 American actor
Betty Blythe Elizabeth Blythe Slaughter 1893–1972 American actress
Eddie Bo Edwin Bocage 1930–2009 American singer and musician
Jim Bob James Morrison 1960– English musician, singer and author (Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine)
DJ Bobo Peter Baumann 1968– Swiss singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer and producer
Willie Bobo William Correa 1934–1983 American musician
Joe Bocan Johanne Beauchamp 1957– Canadian singer and actress
Van Bod Vladimir Bodegrajac 1978– Croatian composer, musician and singer
Big Boi Antwan Patton 1975– American rapper, songwriter and record producer (Outkast)
Marc Bolan Mark Feld 1947–1977 English musician, singer and songwriter (T. Rex)
Florinda Bolkan Florinda Bulcão 1941– Brazilian actress and model
Tiffany Bolling Tiffany Kral 1947– American actress, model and singer
Michael Bolton Michael Bolotin 1953– American singer and songwriter
Sheila Bond Sheila Berman 1927–2017 American actress and singer
Bizzy Bone Bryon McCane 1976– American rapper and singer (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)
Krayzie Bone Anthony Henderson 1973– American rapper (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)
Layzie Bone Steven Howse 1975– American rapper (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)
Wish Bone Charles Scruggs 1975– American rapper (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)
Shirley Bonne Shirley Tanner 1934– American actress
Vivian Bonnell Enid Mosier 1924–2003 Antiguan-American actress and singer
Frank Bonner Frank Boers Jr. 1942–2021 American actor and director
Marjorie Bonner Marjorie Collins 1893–1979 American actor and director
Betty Boo Alison Clarkson 1970– English singer, songwriter and rapper
Ethel Booba Ethyl Gabison 1976– Filipina actress, comedienne and television personality
Taka Boom Yvonne Stevens 1954– American singer
Dany Boon Daniel Hamidou 1966– French actor, film director, screenwriter and producer
Daniel Boone Peter Green 1942–2023 English singer
Edwina Booth Josephine Woodruff 1904–1991 American actress
Shirley Booth Marjory Ford 1898–1992 American actress Later known as Thelma Ford and Thelma Booth Ford before adopting the name Shirley Booth
Gypsy Boots Robert Bootzin 1915–2004 American fitness pioneer, actor and writer
Ekrem Bora Ekrem Şerif Uçak 1934–2012 Turkish actor
Victor Borge Børge Rosenbaum 1909–2000 Danish-American comedian, conductor and musician
Ernest Borgnine Ermes Borgnino 1917–2012 American actor
Lyrics Born Tom Shimura 1972– Japanese-American rapper, singer and producer (Latyrx)
Sean Boru Desmond Bruen 1953–2011 Irish actor and author
Lydia Bosch Lydia Boquera de Buen 1963– Spanish actress and television presenter
Eve Boswell Éva Keleti 1922–1998 Hungarian singer
Barbara Bouchet Bärbel Gutscher 1943– German-American actress
Ari Boulogne Christian Aaron Päffgen 1962–2023 French photographer, actor and writer
Jim Bowen Peter Williams 1937–2018 English comedian, actor and television personality
Julie Bowen Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer 1970– American actress
John Bowers John Bowersox 1885–1936 American actor
David Bowie David Jones 1947–2016 English singer-songwriter and actor
Badly Drawn Boy Damon Gough 1969– English singer-songwriter and musician
Baker Boy Danzal Baker 1996– Australian/Yolngu rapper and dancer
Soulja Boy DeAndre Way 1990– American rapper
Betty Boyd Elizabeth Boyd Smith 1908–1971 American actress
Gordon Boyd Gordon Needham 1922–2009 English actor
Margot Boyd Beryl Billings 1913–2008 English actress
Cola Boyy Matthew Urango 1990–2024 American musician
Jesse Bradford Jesse Bradford Watrouse 1979– American actor
Scott Brady Gerard Tierney 1924–1985 American actor
Eric Braeden Hans-Jörg Gudegast 1941– German-American actor
Jolene Brand Jolene Bufkin 1934– American actress
Henry Brandon Heinrich von Kleinbach 1912–1990 American actor
Michael Brandon Michael Feldman 1945– American actor
Marianne Brandt Marie Bischof 1842–1921 Austrian opera singer
Keefe Brasselle John Brasselli 1923–1981 American actor, producer and author
Da Brat Shawntae Harris 1974– American rapper
Creed Bratton William Schneider 1943– American actor
Pamela Britton Armilda Owens 1923–1974 American actress
Big Bill Broonzy Lee Bradley Died 1958 American singer-songwriter
Faith Brown Eunice Carroll 1944– English actress and comedienne
Foxy Brown Inga Marchand 1978– American rapper
Georgia Brown Lilian Klot 1933–1992 English singer and actress
Michael Brown Michael Lookofsy 1949–2015 American musician (The Left Banke)
Roy Chubby Brown Royston Vasey 1945– English comedian
Susan Browning Susan Brown 1941–2006 American actress
Carol Bruce Shirley Levy 1919–2007 American actress and singer
Lenny Bruce Leonard Schneider 1925–1966 American comedian and actor
Virginia Bruce Helen Virginia Briggs 1910–1982 American actress
Patrick Bruel Patrick Benguigui 1959– French singer-songwriter, actor and professional poker player
Nicette Bruno Nicette Xavier 1933–2020 Brazilian actress
Dora Bryan Dora Broadbent 1923–2014 English actress
Sabrina Bryan Reba Sabrina Hinojos 1984– American dancer, actress and singer (The Cheetah Girls)
Delme Bryn-Jones Delme Jones 1934–2001 Welsh singer
Barbara Bryne Barbara Birkinshaw 1929–2023 British-American actress
Young Buck David Brown 1981– American rapper (G-Unit)
Papa Bue Arne Bue Jensen 1930–2011 Danish musician and bandleader
Clem Burke Clement Bozewski 1954– American musician (Blondie)
George Burns Nathan Birnbaum 1896–1996 American comedian and actor
Corey Burton Corey Weinberg 1955– American actor
Iris Burton Iris Burstein 1930–2008 American singer
Richard Burton Richard Jenkins Jr. 1925–1984 Welsh actor
Dolly Buster Katerina Bochníková 1969– Czech-German actress
Prince Buster Cecil Bustamente Campbell 1938–2016 Jamaican singer-songwriter
Jerry Butler Paul Siederman 1959–2018 American actor
Red Buttons Aaron Chwatt 1919–2006 American actor and comedian
Seymore Butts Adam Glasser 1964– American porn director
Jean Byron Imogene Burkhart 1925–2006 American actress
Jeffrey Byron Timothy Stafford 1955– American actor and writer
Kathleen Byron Kathleen Fell 1921–2009 English actress
Marion Byron Miriam Bilenkin 1911–1985 American comedienne and actress


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Melanie C Melanie Chisholm 1974– English singer-songwriter and media personality (Spice Girls)
Pimp C Chad Butler 1973–2007 American rapper and producer (UGK)
Vitamin C Colleen Fitzpatrick 1972– American singer-songwriter and actress
Bruce Cabot Étienne de Pelissier Bujac Jr. 1904–1972 American actor
Susan Cabot Harriet Shapiro 1927–1986 American actress
Michael Cacoyannis Mihalis Kakogiannis 1922–2011 Greek-Cypriot director, writer, producer and actor Also known as Michael Yannis
Rita Cadillac Nicole Yasterbelsky 1936–1995 French singer, dancer and actress
Daniel Caesar Ashton Simmonds 1995– Canadian singer-songwriter
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Coppola 1964– American actor and producer
Alan Caillou Alan Lyle-Smythe 1914–2006 English author, actor and screenwriter
Howard Caine Howard Cohen 1926–1993 American character actor
Michael Caine Maurice Micklewhite 1933– English actor
Louis Calhern Carl Vogt 1895–1956 American actor
Rory Calhoun Francis McCown 1922–1999 American actor
Randy California Randy Wolfe 1951–1997 American musician, singer and songwriter (Spirit)
K Callan Katherine Borman 1936– American author and actress
Michael Callan Martin Calinieff 1935–2022 American actor
Charlie Callas Charles Callias 1924–2011 American actor and comedian
Maria Callas Sophie Cecilia Kalos 1923–1977 American-Greek singer Per birth certificate; Maria Anna Cecilia Sofia Kalogeropoulos (christened)
Catherine Calvert Catherine Cassidy 1890–1971 American singer
Phyllis Calvert Phyllis Bickle 1915–2002 English actress
Steve Calvert William Seeger 1916–1991 American actor and make-up artist
Basil Cameron Basil Hindenberg 1884–1975 English conductor and musician
Dove Cameron Chloe Hosterman 1996– American singer and actress
Rod Cameron Nathan Cox 1910–1983 Canadian actor
Chan Canasta Chananel Mifelew 1920–1999 Polish-English magician
Dinah Cancer Mary Sims 1960– American singer (45 Grave)
Dyan Cannon Samille Diane Friesen 1937– American actress, filmmaker and editor
Freddy Cannon Frederick Picariello Jr. 1936– American singer
Tommy Cannon Thomas Derbyshire 1938– English comedian and actor (Cannon & Ball)
Judy Canova Juliette Canova 1913–1983 American comedienne, actress, singer and radio personality
Eddie Cantor Edward Iskowitz 1892–1964 American comedian, actor and singer
Blu Cantrell Tiffany Cobb 1978– American singer-songwriter
Jil Caplan Valentine Guilen 1965– French singer and songwriter
Truman Capote Truman Persons 1924–1984 American novelist, screenwriter, playwright and actor
Ahna Capri Anna Nanasi 1944–2010 American actress
June Caprice Helen Lawson 1895–1936 American actress
Irene Cara Irene Escalera 1959–2022 American singer, songwriter and actress
Ora Carew Ora Whytock 1891–1955 American actress
Joyce Carey Joyce Lawrence 1898–1993 English actress
Mary Carey Mary Cook 1980– American former actress
Michele Carey Michele Henson 1942–2018 American actress
Carl Carl Karl Bernbrunn 1787–1854 German actor and director
Frankie Carle Francis Carlone 1903–2001 American musician and bandleader
Kitty Carlisle Catherine Conn 1910–2007 American actress, singer and television personality
Mary Carlisle Gwendolyn Witter 1914–2018 American actress, singer and dancer
Bun E. Carlos Brad Carlson 1950– American musician (Cheap Trick)
Don Carlos Euvin Spencer 1952– Jamaican singer and composer Also known as Don McCarlos
Shy Carlos Schirin Sigrist 1995– Filipina actress and model
Timothy Carlton Timothy Carlton Congdon Cumberbatch 1939– English actor
Jewel Carmen Florence Quick 1897–1984 American actress
Robert Carmine Robert Coppola Schwartzman 1982– American filmmaker, director, screenwriter, actor and musician (Rooney)
Judy Carne Joyce Botterill 1939–2015 English actress and comedienne
Alan Carney David Boughal 1909–1973 American comedian and actor (Brown and Carney)
Uncle Don Carney Howard Rice 1896–1954 American radio host
Cindy Carol Annette Sydes 1944– American actress
Martine Carol Marie-Louise Mourer 1920–1967 French actress
Sister Carol Carol East 1959– Jamaican-American singer Also known as Black Cinderella and Mother Culture
Sue Carol Evelyn Lederer 1906–1982 American actress
Bob Carolgees Robert Johnson 1948– English entertainer
Melinda Caroll Linda Smith 1952– American singer (Girl Scouts)
Allan Carr Allan Solomon 1937–1999 American producer and manager
Cathy Carr Angelina Cordovano 1936–1988 American singer
Charmian Carr Charmian Farnon 1942–2016 American actress
Darleen Carr Darlene Farnon American actress, singer and voice-over artist Also known as Darlene Carr and Darleen Drake
Eric Carr Paul Caravello 1950–1991 American musician (Kiss) Also known as The Fox
Jane Carr Dorothy Brunstrom 1909–1957 English actress
Vikki Carr Florencia Vicenta de Casillas-Martínez Cardona 1940– American singer
Raffaella Carrà Raffaella Pelloni 1943–2021 Italian singer, dancer, actress and model
Asia Carrera Jessica Steinhauser 1973– American former porn actress
Barbara Carrera Barbara Kingsbury American actress and model
Tia Carrere Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo 1967– American actress, singer and former model
Eva Carrington Evelyn Chandler 1887–1979 English actress
Regina Carrol Regina Gelfan 1943–1992 American actress and singer
Diahann Carroll Carol Diann Johnson 1935–2019 American actress
Janet Carroll Janet Thiese 1940–2012 American character actress
Jean Carroll Celine Zeigman 1911–2010 French-American actress and comedienne
Joan Carroll Joan Felt 1931–2016 American child actress
John Carroll Julian La Faye 1906–1979 American actor
Nancy Carroll Ann Lahiff 1903–1965 American actress
Elisabeth Carron Elisabetta Caradonna 1922–2016 American operatic soprano
Jasper Carrott Robert Davis 1945– English entertainer and television personality
Jeannie Carson Jean Shufflebottom 1928– English retired comedienne, actress, singer and dancer
Jenny Lou Carson Virginia Overstake 1915–1978 American country singer-songwriter
Alex Carter Apostolos Apostolopoulos 1963– Canadian actor
Betty Carter Lillie Jones 1929–1998 American jazz singer Also known as Lorraine Carter and Betty Bebop
Nell Carter Nell Hardy 1948–2003 American singer and actress
Nina Carter Penny Mallett 1952– English former model (Page 3)
Terry Carter John DeCoste 1928–2024 American actor and filmmaker
Anna Carteret Annabelle Wilkinson 1942– English actress
Heron Carvic Geoffrey Harris 1913–1980 English actor and writer
Ivan Caryll Félix Tilkin 1861–1921 Belgian composer
Maya Casabianca Margalit Azran 1941–2018 French-Israeli singer
Gerald Casale Gerald Pizzute 1948– American musician (Devo) Also known as Jerry Casale
Moria Casán Ana Casanova 1946– Argentine actress and television personality
Sue Casey Suzanne Philips 1926–2019 American actress
DJ Casper Willie Perry Jr. 1965–2023 American DJ and songwriter Also known as Mr. C The Slide Man
Dave Cash David Wish 1942–2016 English radio presenter
Cécile Cassel Cécile Crochon 1982– French actress and singer
Jean-Pierre Cassel Jean-Pierre Crochon 1932–2007 French actor
Vincent Cassel Vincent Crochon 1966– French actor
Wally Cassell Oswaldo Castellano 1912–2015 Italian-American character actor
Hopalong Cassidy William Boyd 1895–1972 American actor
Patricia Castell Ovidia Paramidani Padín 1926–2013 Argentine actress
Peggie Castle Peggy Blair 1927–1973 American actress
Vernon Castle William Blyth 1887–1918 English ballroom dancer
William Castle William Schloss 1914–1977 American director, producer, screenwriter and actor
Shorty Castro Israel Castro Vélez 1928–2018 Puerto Rican comedian and actor
Doja Cat Amala Ratna Dlamini 1995– American rapper, singer and songwriter
Super Cat William Maragh 1963– Jamaican deejay
C. C. Catch Caroline Müller 1964– Dutch-German pop singer
Georgina Cates Clare Woodgate 1975– English actress
Andy Cato Andrew Coecup 1972– English musician, record producer and DJ (Groove Armada and Weekend Players)
Caroline Catz Caroline Caplan 1969– English actress
Emma Caulfield Emma Chukker 1973– American actress
Maxwell Caulfield Maxwell Newby 1959– British-American actor
Elise Cavanna Alyse Seeds 1902–1963 American actress, dancer and comedienne Also known as Elise Seeds, Elise Armitage and Elise Welton
André Cayatte Marcel Truc 1909–1989 French filmmaker, writer and lawyer
Huw Ceredig Huw Ceredig Jones 1942-2011 Welsh actor
Marilyn Chambers Marilyn Briggs 1952-2009 American pornographic actress
Alain Chamfort Alain Le Govic 1949- French singer
Jackie Chan Chan Kong-sang 1954- American actor, filmmaker and martial artist Cheng Long was a Chinese screen name
Rose Chan Chan Wai Chang 1925-1987 Chinese-Malaysian cabaret dancer
Gene Chandler Eugene Dixon 1937- American singer, songwriter,
Jeff Chandler Ira Grossel 1918-1961 American actor, film producer and singer
Lane Chandler Robert Chandler Oakes 1899-1972 American actor
Lorraine Chandler Ermastine Lewis 1946-2020 American singer
Keshia Chanté Keshia Chanté Harper 1988- Canadian singer-songwriter, actress and television personality
Saul Chaplin Saul Kaplan 1912-1997 American composer and musical director
Judith Chapman Judith Shepard 1951- American actress
Annette Charles Annette Cardona 1948-2011 American actress and dancer
Bobby Charles Robert Charles Guidry 1938-2010 American singer-songwriter
Ray Charles Charles Raymond Offenberg 1918-2015 American musician
Ray Charles Ray Charles Robinson 1930-2004 American singer and songwriter
Nikki Charm Shannon Eaves American pornographic actress
Bailey Chase Bailey Chase Luetgert 1972- American actor
Charley Chase Charles Parrott 1893-1940 American comedian and actor
Cheryl Chase Cheryl Hudock 1958- American actress and children's book author
Daniel Chatto Daniel Chatto St George Sproule 1957- Member of the British royal family, artist and former actor
Tom Chatto Thomas Chatto St George Sproule 1920-1982 English actor
Chubby Checker Ernest Evans 1941- American singer and dancer
Richard Cheese Mark Davis American actor, comedian and singer (Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine)
Micheline Cheirel Micheline Truyen 1917-2002 French actress
Olga Chekhova Olga Knipper 1897-1980 Russian-German actress
Cut Chemist Lucas MacFadden 1972- American DJ and record producer
Sammi Cheng Cheng Sau-man 1972- Hong Kong singer and actress
Arthur Chesney Arthur Kellaway 1881-1949 English character actor
Philip Chevron Philip Ryan 1957-2013 Irish singer-songwriter and musician (The Pogues and The Radiators from Space)
Desmond Child John Barrett 1953- American songwriter and producer
Kid Chocolate Eligio Sardoñez-Montalvo 1910-1988 Cuban boxer
Annabel Chong Grace Quek 1972- Singaporean former pornographic actress
Stephen Chow Chiau Sing-chi 1962- Hong Kong filmmaker, former actor and comedian
Lil' Chris Christopher Hardman 1990-2015 English singer-songwriter, actor and television personality
Marilyn Chris Marilyn Miller 1938- American actress
mc chris Christopher Ward IV 1975- American actor, rapper and comedian
Johnny Christ Jonathan Seward 1984- American musician (Avenged Sevenfold)
Linda Christian Blanca Welter 1923-2011 Mexican actress
Lou Christie Lugee Sacco 1943- American singer-songwriter
Tony Christie Anthony Fitzgerald 1943- English singer
Virginia Christine Virginia Christine Ricketts 1920-1996 American actress
Dennis Christopher Dennis Carrelli 1950- American actor
Sir Christus Jukka Kristian Mikkonen 1978-2017 Finnish musician (Negative)
Ann Christy Gladys Cronin 1905-1987 American actress
June Christy Shirley Luster 1925-1990 American singer Also known as Sharon Leslie
Barrelhouse Chuck Charles Goering 1958-2016 American musician, singer and songwriter
Barry Chuckle Barry David Elliott 1944-2018 English comedian and actor (Chuckle Brothers)
Paul Chuckle Paul Harman Elliott 1947- English comedian and actor (Chuckle Brothers)
Babz Chula Barbara Zuckerman 1946-2010 American-Canadian actress
Gillian Chung Chung Dik-saan 1981- Hong Kong actress and singer (Twins) Later changed to Chung Ka-lai
Thomas Haden Church Thomas McMillen 1960- American actor
Blac Chyna Angela Renée White 1988- American model, television personality, rapper and socialite
Avalanche City Dave Baxter New Zealand musician
Louis C.K. Louis Szekely 1967- American comedian, actor, producer and writer
Jany Clair Jany Guillaume 1938- French retired actress
René Clair René-Lucien Chomette 1898-1981 French filmmaker and writer
Bernice Claire Bernice Jahnigen 1906-2003 American singer and actress
Ina Claire Ina Fagan 1893-1985 American actress
Diane Clare Diane Dirsztay 1938-2013 English actress
Mary Clare Mary Clare Absalom 1892-1970 English actress
Buddy Clark Samuel Goldberg 1912-1949 American singer
Dane Clark Bernard Zanville 1912-1998 American character actor
Susan Clark Nora Golding 1943- Canadian actress
Bobbie Clarke Robert Woodman 1940-2014 English musician (Vince Taylor and the Playboys)
Gary Clarke Clarke L'Amoreaux 1933- American actor
Vince Clarke Vincent Martin 1960- English musician and songwriter (Erasure)
Robert Clary Robert Widerman 1926-2022 French actor
Jean Claudio Claude Martin 1927-1992 French actor
Andrew Dice Clay Andrew Clay Silverstein 1957- American comedian and actor
Judy Clay Judith Guions 1938-2001 American singer
Philippe Clay Philippe Mathevet 1927-2007 French singer and actor
David Clayton-Thomas David Thomsett 1941- Canadian musician, singer and songwriter (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Julien Clerc Paul-Alain Leclerc 1947- French singer-songwriter
Jimmy Cliff James Chambers 1944- Jamaican musician, singer and actor
Scott Clifton Scott Clifton Snyder 1984- American actor
Art Clokey Arthur Farrington 1921-2010 American animator, director and producer
Angus Cloud Conor Angus Cloud Hickey 1998-2023 American actor
June Clyde Ina Parton 1909-1987 American actress, singer and dancer
Phyllis Coates Gypsie Stell 1927- American former actress
Mad Cobra Ewart Brown 1968- Jamaican dancehall musician
I Blame Coco Eliot Sumner 1990- English singer, songwriter and actor
Iron Eyes Cody Espera Oscar de Corti 1904-1999 American actor
Lew Cody Louis Côté 1884-1934 American actor
Alma Cogan Alma Cohen 1932-1966 English singer
Ian Cognito Paul Barbieri 1958-2019 English comedian
Claudette Colbert Émilie Claudette Chaucoin 1903-1996 American actress
Anita Colby Anita Counihan 1914-1992 American model and actress
Chanel Cole Chanel Cole Whalley 1977- New Zealand-Australian musician (Spook)
Clay Cole Albert Rucker Jr. 1938-2010 American television personality and disc jockey
J. Cole Jermaine Lamarr Cole 1985- American rapper and record producer
Nat King Cole Nathaniel Coles 1919-1965 American singer, musician and actor
Cy Coleman Seymour Kaufman 1929-2004 American composer, songwriter and musician
Constance Collier Laura Constance Hardie 1878-1955 English actress
John Collin John Colin Smith 1928-1987 English actor
Careena Collins Sandee Johnson 1967- American pornographic actress
Jo Collins Janet Canoy 1945- American model
John D. Collins John Dixon 1942- English actor
June Collyer Dorothea Heermance 1906-1968 American actress
Johnny Colt Charles Brandt 1968- American musician (Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Black Crowes)
Jessi Colter Mirriam Johnson 1943- American country singer
Ellar Coltrane Ellar Coltrane Kinney Salmon 1994- American actor
Robbie Coltrane Anthony Robert McMillan 1950-2022 Scottish actor
Franché Coma Frank Licata 1957- American musician (Misfits)
Aaron Cometbus Aaron Elliot 1968- American musician and songwriter
MC Bat Commander Christian Jacobs 1972- American musician, television producer and actor
Henry Compton Charles Mackenzie 1805-1877 English actor
Lige Conley Elijah Crommie 1897-1937 American actor
Chris Connor Mary Loutsenhizer 1927-2009 American jazz singer
Robert Conrad Conrad Robert Falk 1935-2020 American actor and singer
William Conrad John Cann Jr. 1920-1994 American actor, producer and director
Eddie Constantine Edward Constantinowsky 1913-1993 American singer, actor and entertainer
Michael Constantine Constantine Ioannides 1927-2021 American actor
Richard Conte Nicholas Conte 1910-1975 American actor
Albert Conti Albert De Conti Cadassamare 1887-1967 Italian-American actor
Karla Conway Karla Musacchia 1946- American model and artist Now uses the name Sachi
Russ Conway Trevor Stanford 1925-2000 English musician and composer
Russ Conway Clarence Russell Zink 1913-2009 Canadian-American actor
Tom Conway Thomas Charles Sanders 1904-1967 English actor
Keith Coogan Keith Mitchell 1970- American actor
Mason Cook Mason Cook Elston 2000- American child actor
Tré Cool Frank Edwin Wright III 1972- American musician (Green Day)
Alice Cooper Vincent Furnier 1948- American musician
Pat Cooper Pasquale Caputo 1929-2023 American actor and comedian
Joan Copeland Joan Miller 1922-2022 American actress
David Copperfield David Kotkin 1956- American magician
Glenn Corbett Glenn Rothenburg 1933-1993 American actor
Alex Cord Alexander Viespi Jr. 1933-2021 American actor
Mara Corday Marilyn Watts 1930- American model and actress
Henry Corden Henry Cohen 1920-2005 Canadian-American actor
Jeff Corey Arthur Zwerling 1914-2002 American actor
Jill Corey Norma Speranza 1935-2021 American pop singer
Don Cornell Louis Valaro 1919-2004 American singer
Lydia Cornell Lydia Korniloff 1953- American actress
Isabela Corona Refugio Pérez Frías 1913-1993 Mexican actress
Brent Corrigan Sean Paul Lockhart 1986- American actor Also known as Fox Ryder
Ray "Crash" Corrigan Raymond Benitz 1902-1976 American actor
Tony Corsari André Parengh 1926-2011 Belgian television presenter
Bud Cort Walter Cox 1948- American actor
Baby Cortez David Cortez Clowney 1938- American musician
Ricardo Cortez Jacob Krantz 1900-1977 American actor and film director
Howard Cosell Howard Cohen 1918-1995 American sports journalist, broadcaster and author
Frankie Cosmos Greta Kline 1994- American musician and singer-songwriter
Diosa Costello Juana de Dios Castrello 1913-2013 Puerto Rican entertainer, performer and producer
Elvis Costello Declan MacManus 1954- English-singer songwriter and record producer
Lou Costello Louis Cristillo 1906-1959 American comedian and actor (Abbott & Costello)
Antony Cotton Antony Dunn 1975- English actor and comedian
Josie Cotton Kathleey Josey 1956- American singer and songwriter
Desireé Cousteau Deborah Clearbranch 1956- American pornographic actress
Jane Cowl Grace Bailey 1883-1950 American actress and playwright
Peter Coyote Rachmil Cohon 1941- American actor, director, screenwriter, author and narrator
Carl Crack Karl Böhm 1971-2001 Swazi-German musician (Atari Teenage Riot)
James Craig James Meador 1912-1985 American actor
Michael Craig Michael Gregson 1929- English actor and screenwriter
Thomas Craig Craig Thompson 1962- English actor
Harry Crane Harry Kravitsky 1914-1999 American comedy writer
Norma Crane Norma Zuckerman 1928-1973 American actress
Phyllis Crane Phyllis Francis 1914-1982 Canadian-American actress
Darby Crash Jan Beahm 1958-1980 American singer (Germs)
Joan Crawford Lucille LeSueur 1905/1906-1977 American actress
Michael Crawford Michael Smith 1942- English actor
Kid Creole Thomas August Darnell Browder 1950- American musician, singer and songwriter (Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band and Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Kidd Creole Nathaniel Glover 1960- American rapper
Quentin Crisp Denis Pratt 1908-1999 English actor and writer
Peter Criss Peter Criscoula 1945- American musician (Kiss)
Linda Cristal Marta Moya Burges 1931-2020 Argentine actress
Cristina Cristina Monet-Palaci 1959-2020 American singer and writer
Richard Cromwell LeRoy Radabaugh 1910-1960 American actor
B.J. Crosby Joanne Crayton 1952-2015 American jazz singer and actress
Chris Cross Christopher Goode 1989- English magician
Christopher Cross Christopher Geppert 1951- American singer-songwriter and musician
Big Boy Crudup Arthur Crudup 1905-1974 American blues singer, songwriter and musician
Beckii Cruel Rebecca Flint 1995- English YouTuber, singer and dancer
Taio Cruz Adetayo Onile-Ere 1980- English singer, songwriter and record producer
Ice Cube O'Shea Jackson 1969- American rapper, actor and filmmaker
Smiley Culture David Emmanuel 1963-2011 British reggae singer and deejay
Irving Cummings Irving Caminsky 1888-1959 American actor and director
Susan Cummings Suzanne Tafel 1930-2016 German-American actress
Grace Cunard Harriet Jeffries 1893-1967 American actress, screenwriter and film director
Michael Currie Herman Schwenk Jr. 1928-2009 American actor
Betty Curse Megan Burns 1986- English musician and actress
Alan Curtis Harry Ueberroth 1909-1953 American actor
Chris Curtis Christopher Crummey 1941-2005 English musician (The Searchers)
Clem Curtis Curtis Clements 1940-2017 Trinidadian-British singer (The Foundations)
King Curtis Curtis Ousley 1934-1971 American musician
Tony Curtis Bernard Schwartz 1925-2010 American actor
Michael Curtiz Manó Kaminer 1886-1962 Hungarian-American film director


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Chuck D Carlton Ridenhour 1960- American rapper (Public Enemy)
Master D Saidullah Zaman 1978- Bangladeshi-English rapper and singer (Asian Dub Foundation)
Mike D Michael Diamond 1965- American rapper, musician and producer (Beastie Boys)
Piggy D. Matthew Montgomery 1975- American musician
Willie D Willie Dennis 1966- American rapper (Geto Boys)
Jehanne d'Alcy Charlotte Faës 1865-1956 French actress
Jacques d'Amboise Joseph Jacques Ahearn 1934-2021 American dancer
Adrienne D'Ambricourt Adrienne DuNontier 1878-1957 French-American actress
Sharlee D'Angelo Charles Andreason 1973- Swedish musician (Arch Enemy)
Terence Trent D'Arby Terence Trent Howard 1962- American singer-songwriter Also known as TTD
Alexander D'Arcy Alexander Sarruf 1908-1996 Egyptian actor
Roy D'Arcy Roy Giusti 1894-1969 American actor
Peđa D'Boy Predrag Jovanović 1950- Serbian musician
Shae D'lyn Shae D'lyn Sheretz 1963- American actress
Daisy D'ora Daisy von Freyberg zu Eisenberg 1913-2010 German actress, model and socialite
Fifi D'Orsay Marie-Rose Angelina Yvonne Lussier 1904-1983 Canadian-American actress
Frank D'Rone Frank Caldarone 1932-2013 American jazz singer and guitarist
Howard da Silva Howard Silverblatt 1909-1986 American actor
Morton DaCosta Morton Tecosky 1914-1989 American director
Lil Dagover Marie Seubert 1887-1980 German actress
Kat Dahlia Katriana Huguet 1990- Cuban-American singer-songwriter Also known as Kat Hue
E.G. Daily Elizabeth Guttman 1961- American actress and singer Also known as Elizabeth Daily
Toti Dal Monte Antonietta Meneghel 1893-1975 Italian opera singer
Alan Dale Aldo Sigismondi 1925-2002 American singer
Dick Dale Richard Monsour 1937-2019 American guitarist
Grover Dale Grover Aitken 1935- American actor and dancer
Ice Dale Arve Isdal 1977- Norwegian musician and producer (Enslaved)
Jim Dale James Smith 1935- English actor and singer
Marcel Dalio Israel Blauschild 1899-1983 French actor
Bobby Dall Robert Kuykendall 1963- American musician (Poison)
John Dall John Dall Thompson 1920-1971 American actor
Béatrice Dalle Béatrice Cabarrou 1964- French actress
Brody Dalle Bree Robinson 1979- Australian singer-songwriter (The Distillers) Also known as Brody Armstrong and Brody Dalle-Homme
Abby Dalton Gladys Wasden 1932-2020 American actress
Kristen Dalton Kristen Hocking 1973- American actress
Lacy J. Dalton Jill Byrem 1946- American singer-songwriter
Mr. Dalvin Dalvin DeGrate 1971- American R&B and soul musician
Michael Damian Michael Damian Weir 1962- American actor and singer
Luca Damiano Franco LoCascio 1946- Italian director
Lili Damita Liliane Carré 1904-1994 French-American actress
Jerry Dammers Gerald Dankin 1955- British musician (The Specials)
Mark Damon Alan Harris 1933- American actor and producer
Vic Damone Vito Farinola 1928-2018 American singer and actor
Bill Dana William Szathmary 1924-2017 American comedian and actor
Viola Dana Virginia Flugrath 1897-1987 American actress
Karl Dane Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb 1886-1934 Danish-American comedian and actor
Patricia Dane Thelma Pippins 1917-1995 American actress
Dottie Danger Belinda Carlisle 1958- American singer
Rodney Dangerfield Jacob Rodney Cohen 1921-2004 American stand-up comedian
Elsa Daniel Elsa Nilda Gómez Scapatti 1936-2017 Argentine actress
Jennifer Daniel Jennifer Williams 1936-2017 Welsh actress
Lisa Daniely Mary Elizabeth Bodington 1929-2014 English actress
Sybil Danning Sybille Danninger 1947- Austrian actress
Linda Dano Linda Wildermuth 1943- American actress
Cesare Danova Cesare Deitinger 1926-1992 Italian actor
Roberto Danova Giacinto Bettoni 1937- Italian composer, arranger and producer
Nicholas Dante Conrado Morales 1941-1991 American dancer and writer
Helmut Dantine Helmut Guttman 1918-1982 Austrian-American actor
Henry Danton Henry Down 1919-2022 English ballet dancer and teacher
Ray Danton Raymond Kaplan 1931-1992 American actor
Tony Danza Antonio Iadanza 1951- American actor
Glenn Danzig Glenn Anzalone 1955- American singer and musician (Misfits)
Ming Dao Chao-chang Lin 1980- Taiwanese actor, singer and model
Olu Dara Charles Jones III 1941- American musician
Kim Darby Deborah Zerby 1947- American actress
Mireille Darc Mirielle Aigroz 1938-2017 French model and actress
Denise Darcel Denise Billecard 1924-2011 French-American actress
Hariclea Darclée Hariclea Haricli 1860-1939 Romanian opera singer
Sheila Darcy Rebecca Heffener 1914-2004 American actress
Phyllis Dare Phyllis Dones 1890-1975 English singer and actress
Zena Dare Florence Harriet Zena Dones 1887-1975 English singer and actress
Anita Darian Anita Esgandarian 1927-2015 American singer and actress
Frank Darien Frank Guderian 1876-1955 American actor
Bobby Darin Walden Robert Cassotto 1936-1973 American musician and actor
Christopher Dark Alfred DeLeo 1920-1971 American actor
Danny Dark Daniel Croskery 1938-2004 American artist
Mona Darkfeather Josephine Workman 1882-1977 American actress
Jean Darling Dorothy LeVake 1922-2015 American actress
Grace Darmond Grace Glionna 1893-1963 Canadian-American actress
Mike Darow Darow Myhowich 1933-1996 Canadian television personality
Lisa Darr Lisa Darr Grabemann 1963- American actress
Dimebag Darrell Darrell Abbott 1966-2004 American musician (Pantera)
James Darren James Ercolani 1936- American actor
Sonia Darrin Sonia Paskowitz 1924-2020 American actress
Frankie Darro Frank Johnson Jr. 1917-1976 American actor
Henry Darrow Enrique Delgado 1933-2021 American actor
Paul Darrow Paul Birkby 1941-2019 English actor
Tony Darrow Anthony Borgese 1938- Italian-American actor
Diana Darvey Diana Roloff 1945-2000 English actress, singer and dancer
Bella Darvi Bayla Wegier 1928-1971 Polish actress
Jane Darwell Patti Woodard 1879-1967 American actress
Krishna Das Jeffrey Kagel 1947- American vocalist
Deva Dassy Marie-Anne Lambert 1911-2016 French opera singer
Keith David Keith David Williams 1956- American actor
Thayer David David Thayer Hersey 1927-1978 American actor
Jaye Davidson Alfred Amey 1968- American-English model and actor
Jeremy Davidson Jeremy Greenberg 1971- American actor, writer and director
Marion Davies Marion Douras 1897-1961 American actress
Reine Davies Irene Douras 1883-1938 American actress
Rosemary Davies Rose Douras 1895-1963 American actress
Billie Davis Carol Hedges 1945- English singer
Gail Davis Betty Grayson 1925-1997 American actress and singer
Skeeter Davis Mary Penick 1931-2004 American singer and songwriter
Peter Davison Peter Moffett 1951- English actor
Bobby Davro Robert Nankeville 1958- English actor and comedian
Marjorie Daw Margaret House 1902-1979 American actress
Liz Dawn Sylvia Butterfield 1939-2017 English actress
Marpessa Dawn Gypsy Marpessa Dawn Menor 1934-2008 American-French actress
Richard Dawson Colin Emm 1932-2012 English-American actor and comedian
Deco Dawson Darryl Kinaschuk 1978- Canadian filmmaker
Shane Dawson Shane Yaw 1988- American YouTuber
Micheline Dax Micheline Etevenon 1924-2014 French actress and singer
Alice Day Jacquiline Alice Newlin 1906-1995 American actress
Andra Day Cassandra Batie 1984- American singer, songwriter and actress
Bobby Day Robert Byrd 1930-1990 American singer and producer
Darren Day Darren Graham 1968- English actor and singer
Dennis Day Owen McNulty 1916-1988 American actor and comedian
Doris Day Doris Kappelhoff 1922-2019 American actress, singer and activist
Frances Day Frances Schenk 1907-1984 American actress and singer
Inaya Day Inaya Davis 1977- American singer
Laraine Day La Raine Johnson 1920-2007 American actress
Marceline Day Marceline Newlin 1908-2000 American actress
Zella Day Zella Day Kerr 1995- American singer, songwriter and musician
Taylor Dayne Leslie Wunderman 1962- American singer, songwriter; and actress
Ramón de Algeciras Ramón Sánchez Gómez 1938-2009 Spanish flamenco guitarist
Sandro de América Roberto Sánchez-Ocampo 1945-2010 Argentine singer and actor
Nigel De Brulier Francis Packer 1877-1948 English actor
Arturo de Córdova Arturo García-Rodríguez 1908-1973 Mexican actor
Chiquito de la Calzada Gregorio Esteban Sánchez Fernández 1932-2017 Spanish flamenco singer and actor
Gerry de León Gerardo Ilagan 1913-1981 Filipino director and actor
Lea de Mae Andrea Absolonová 1976-2004 Czech model and actress
Lapiro de Mbanga Lambo Sandjo Pierre Roger 1957-2014 Cameroonian singer
Julián de Meriche Vladimir Chazan 1910-1974 Russian-Mexican actor and choreographer
Michael de Mesa Michael Eigenmann 1960- Filipino actor and director
Enzo de Muro Lomanto Vincenzo de Muro 1902-1952 Italian opera singer
Ilma De Murska Ema Pukšec 1834-1889 Croatian-Austrian opera singer
Rossy de Palma Rose Garcia-Echave 1964- Spanish actress and model
Lynsey de Paul Lyndsey Monckton Rubin 1948-2014 English singer-songwriter and producer
Manitas de Plata Ricardo Baliardo 1921–2014 Spanish musician
Alessandra De Rossi Alessandra Tiotangco-Schiavone 1984- Filipina actress
Assunta De Rossi Maria Assunta Tiotangco-Schiavone 1983- Filipina actress
Portia de Rossi Amanda Rogers 1973- Australian-American actress
Ninette de Valois Edris Stannus 1898-2001 Irish-English ballet dancer
Valentin de Vargas Albert Schubert 1935-2013 American actor
Jo De Winter Juanita Daussat 1921-2016 American actress
Billy De Wolfe William Jones 1907-1974 American actor
Marie Déa Odette Deupès 1912-1992 French actress
Isabel Dean Isabel Hodgkinson 1918-1997 English actress
Loren Dean Loren Dean Jovicic 1969- American actor
Margia Dean Marguerite Skliris 1922–2023 American actress
Quentin Dean Quintin Margolin 1944-2003 American actress
Shirley Deane Shirley Deane Blattenberger 1913-1983 American actress
Mickey Deans Michael DeVinko Jr. 1934-2003 American musician and entrepreneur
Inspectah Deck Jason Hunter 1970- American rapper and producer (Wu-Tang Clan)
Gerry Dee Gerard Donoghue 1968- Canadian actor and comedian
Kiki Dee Pauline Matthews 1947- English singer
Kool Moe Dee Mohandas Dewese 1962- American rapper
Lenny Dee Leonard DeStoppelaire 1923-2006 American musician
Mikkey Dee Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou 1963- Swedish musician (Motörhead)
Sandra Dee Alexandra Zuck 1942-2005 American actress and model
Simon Dee Cyril Henty-Dodd 1935-2009 English television presenter and disc jockey
James Deen Bryan Sevilla 1986- American porn actor
Olive Deering Olive Corn 1918-1986 American actress
Mos Def Dante Terrell Smith 1973- American rapper, singer, songwriter and actor
Carter DeHaven Francis O'Callaghan 1886-1977 American actor and director
John Dehner John Forkum 1915-1992 American actor
Carla Del Poggio Maria Attanasio 1925-2010 Italian actress
Lana Del Rey Elizabeth Grant 1985- American singer-songwriter
Vanessa del Rio Ana Sánchez 1952- American actress
Eadie Del Rubio Edith Boyd 1921-1996 American singer and musician (Del Rubio Triplets)
Elena Del Rubio Elena Boyd 1921-2001 American singer and musician (Del Rubio Triplets)
Milly Del Rubio Mildred Boyd 1921-2011 American singer and musician (Del Rubio Triplets))
Mila del Sol Clarita Villarba Rivera 1923-2020 Filipina actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist
Jan Delay Jan Eißfeldt 1976- German rapper and singer
Bernard Delfont Boris Winogradsky 1909-1994 Russian-English theatre impresario
Claudia Dell Claudia Dell Smith 1910-1977 American actress
Dorothy Dell Dorothy Dell Goff 1915-1934 American actress
Gabriel Dell Gabriel Dell Vecchio 1919-1988 American actor
Danièle Delorme Gabrielle Girard 1926-2015 French actress and producer
Samy Deluxe Samy Sorge 1977- German rapper and record producer
Dr. Demento Barry Hansen 1941- American radio broadcaster and record collector
Ellen Demming Betty Ellen Weber 1922-2002 American actress
Chaka Demus John Taylor 1963- Jamaican musician (Chaka Demus & Pliers)
Susan Denberg Dietlinde Zechner 1944- German-Austrian model and actress
Richard Denning Louis Denninger Jr. 1914-1998 American actor
Kat Dennings Katherine Litwack 1986- American actress
Les Dennis Leslie Dennis Heseltine 1953- English television presenter, actor and comedian
Willie Dennis William DeBerardinis 1926-1965 American musician
Reginald Denny Reginald Dugmore 1891-1967 English actor
John Denver Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. 1943-1997 American musician, singer and actor
Amir Derakh Amir Davidson 1963- American musician and producer (Julien-K)
John Derek Derek Harris 1926-1998 American actor and director
Maya Deren Eleanora Derenkowskaia 1917-1961 Ukrainian-American filmmaker
Rick Derringer Richard Zehringer 1947- American musician, singer and songwriter (The McCoys)
Jackie DeShannon Sharon Myers 1941- American singer-songwriter and radio broadcaster
La Desideria Ana González Olea 1915-2008 Chilean actress
Kay Deslys Kathleen Herbert 1899-1974 English-American actress
Johnny Desmond Giovanni De Simone 1919-1985 American singer
William Desmond William Mannion 1878-1949 American actor
Emmy Destinn Emílie Kittlová 1878-1930 Czech opera singer
Sarah Jezebel Deva Sarah Ferridge 1977- English singer (Cradle of Filth)
Anjali Devi Anjali Kumari 1927-2014 Indian actress
C.C. DeVille Bruce Johannesson 1962- American musician (Poison)
Willy DeVille William Borsey Jr. 1950-2009 American singer and songwriter (Mink DeVille)
Lizzy DeVine Jimmy Johansson Swedish-American singer and musician (Vains of Jenna)
Magenta Devine Kim Taylor 1957-2019 English television presenter and journalist
Mat Devine Nathaniel Hawkwinde III 1975- American singer, songwriter and musician (Kill Hannah)
Dorothy Devore Alma Williams 1899-1976 American actress
Howard Devoto Howard Trafford 1952- English singer and songwriter (Buzzcocks and Magazine)
Elaine Devry Thelma Mahnken 1930- American actress
Anthony Dexter Walter Fleischmann 1913-2001 American actor
Brad Dexter Boris Soso 1917-2002 American actor
Jerry Dexter Jerry Chrisma 1935-2013 American actor and radio presenter
Agyness Deyn Laura Hollins 1983- English actress and model
Buck Dharma Donald Roeser 1947- American musician (Blue Öyster Cult)
Khigh Dhiegh Kenneth Dickerson 1910-1991 American actor
Amy Diamond Amy Deasismont 1992- Swedish singer
King Diamond Kim Petersen 1956- Danish musician
Mo B. Dick Raymond Emile Poole 1965- American rapper
Angie Dickinson Angeline Brown 1931- American actress
Gloria Dickson Thais Dickerson 1917-1945 American actress
Roy Ward Dickson Richard del Valle 1910-1978 Canadian producer and writer
Bo Diddley Ellas McDaniel 1928-2008 American guitarist
Trife Diesel Theo Bailey 1980- American rapper Also known as Trife da God
Vin Diesel Mark Vincent 1967- American actor
Anton Diffring Alfred Pollack 1916-1989 German actor
Rah Digga Rashia Tashan Fisher 1974- American rapper
Bobby Digital Robert Dixon 1961-2020 Jamaican producer
Daz Dillinger Delmar Arnaud 1973- American rapper and producer
Ronnie James Dio Ronald James Padavona 1942-2010 American singer
Rose Dione Claudine Rosalie Gras 1877-1936 French-American actress
Mike Dirnt Michael Pritchard 1972- American musician (Green Day)
Emilio Disi Emilio Parada 1943-2018 Argentine actor
Richard Dix Ernst Brimmer 1893-1949 American actor
Floyd Dixon Jay Riggins Jr. 1929-2006 American pianist and singer
Jean Dixon Jean Jacques 1893-1981 American actress
Lew Dockstader George Clapp 1856-1924 American singer, performer and comedian
John Doe John Duchac 1953- American musician, singer songwriter and actor (X)
Phife Dog Malik Taylor 1970-2016 American rapper (A Tribe Called Quest)
Sen Dog Senen Reyes 1965- Cuban-American rapper and musician (Cypress Hill, Powerflo and SX-10)
Deso Dogg Denis Cuspert 1975-2018 Ghanaian-German rapper
Nate Dogg Nathaniel Hale 1969-2011 American singer and rapper
Snoop Dogg Calvin Broadus Jr. 1971- American rapper
Swamp Dogg Jerry Williams Jr. 1942- American singer, musician, songwriter and record producer Also known as Little Jerry and Little Jerry Williams
Tymon Dogg Stephen Murray 1950- English singer-songwriter and musician (The Mescaleros)
Bebi Dol Dragana Šarić 1962- Serbian-Yugoslav singer and songwriter
Thomas Dolby Thomas Robertson 1958- English musician, producer and composer
Micky Dolenz George Michael Dolenz Jr. 1945- American actor, musician (The Monkees), TV producer and businessman
Anton Dolin Sydney Healey-Kay 1904-1983 English ballet dancer
Dora Doll Dorothea Feinberg 1922-2015 French actress
Troy Donahue Merle Johnson Jr. 1936-2001 American actor and singer
Richard Donner Richard Schwartzberg 1930-2021 American filmmaker
Martin Donovan Martin Smith 1957- American actor
Shabba Doo Adolfo Quiñones 1955-2020 American actor and dancer
Lorna Doom Teresa Ryan 1958-2019 American musician (Germs)
Edsel Dope Brian Ebejer 1974- American singer and musician (Dope)
Karin Dor Kätherose Derr 1938-2017 German actress
Lucy Doraine Ilona Kovács 1898-1989 Hungarian actress
Irma Dorantes Irma Aguirre-Martínez 1933- Mexican actress, singer and equestrian
Johnny Dorelli Giorgio Guidi 1937- Italian actor, singer and television presenter
Jorge Dória Jorge Pires-Ferreira 1920-2013 Brazilian actor and humorist
Philip Dorn Hein van der Niet 1901-1975 Dutch-American actor
Marie Doro Marie Steward 1882-1956 American actress
Diana Dors Diana Fluck 1931-1984 English actress and singer
David Dortort David Katz 1916-2010 American screenwriter and producer
Anita Doth Anita Dels 1971- Dutch singer and songwriter
Doug E. Doug Douglas Bourne 1970- American actor and comedian
Jon Dough Chester Anuszak 1962-2006 American actor
Don Douglas Douglas Kinleyside 1905-1945 Scottish actor
Donna Douglas Doris Smith 1932-2015 American actress
Gordon Douglas Gordon Douglas Brickner 1907-1993 American director and actor
Hal Douglas Harold Cohen 1924-2014 American actor
Illeana Douglas Illeana Hesselberg 1961- American actress and filmmaker
Jerry Douglas Gerald Rubenstein 1932-2021 American actor
Kirk Douglas Issur Danielovitch 1916-2020 American actor and filmmaker
Mike Douglas Michael Dowd Jr. 1921-2006 American singer, entertainer, television host and actor
Paul Douglas Paul Douglas Fleischer 1907-1959 American actor
Robert Douglas Robert Douglas Finlayson 1909-1999 English actor
Sharon Douglas Rhodanelle Rader 1920-2016 American actress
Steve Douglas Steven Douglas Kreisman 1938-1993 American musician
Billie Dove Bertha Bohny 1903-1997 American actress
Peggy Dow Peggy Varnadow 1928- American actress
Taime Downe Gustave Molvik 1964- American singer Also known as Vaunn Hammer
Billy Drago William Burrows 1945-2019 American actor
Alfred Drake Alfred Capurro 1914-1992 American actor
Charles Drake Charles Ruppert 1917-1994 American actor
Dona Drake Eunice Westmoreland 1914-1989 American singer, dancer and actress
Frances Drake Frances Dean 1912-2000 American actress
Simon Drake Simon Alexander 1957- English magician
Tom Drake Alfred Alderdice 1918-1982 American actor
DJ Drama Tyree Simmons 1978- American DJ
Doctor Dré André Brown 1963- American radio personality
Dr. Dre Andre Romelle Young 1965- American rapper and producer
Mac Dre Andre Hicks 1970-2004 American rapper
Mikey Dread Michael Campbell 1954-2008 Jamaican musician
Louise Dresser Louise Kerlin 1878-1965 American actress
Marie Dressler Leila Marie Koerber 1868-1934 Canadian-American actress and comedian
Christofer Drew Christopher Drew Ingle 1991- American musician (Never Shout Never)
Ellen Drew Esther Ray 1914-2003 American actress
Robert Drivas Robert Chromokos 1935-1986 American actor and director
Joanne Dru Joan LaCock 1922-1996 American actress
Lima Duarte Ariclenes Martins 1930- Brazilian actor
Marie Dubois Claudine Huzé 1937-2014 French actress
Paulette Dubost Paulette Deplanque 1910-2011 French actress
Dave Dudley David Pedruska 1928-2003 American singer
Mickey Duff Monek Prager 1929-2014 Polish-English boxer
Julia Duffy Julia Hinds 1951- American actress
Doris Duke Doris Curry 1912-1993 American philanthropist, horticulturist and socialite
Vernon Duke Vladimir Dukelsky 1903-1969 Russian-American composer and songwriter
Chuck Dukowski Gary McDaniel 1954- American musician (Black Flag)
Margaret Dumont Daisy Baker 1882-1965 American actress
Steffi Duna Stephanie Berindey 1910-1992 Hungarian-American actress
Kenne Duncan Kenneth Duncan MacLahlan 1903-1972 Canadian character actor
Elaine Dundy Elaine Brimberg 1921-2008 American writer and actress
Stephen Dunham Stephen Dunham Bowers 1964-2012 American actor
Don Durant Donald Durae 1932-2005 American actor
Rocío Dúrcal María de las Heras Ortiz 1944-2006 Spanish singer and actress
Judith Durham Judith Cock 1943-2022 Australian singer, songwriter and musician (The Seekers)
Michael Durrell Sylvester Ciraulo 1939- American actor
Slim Dusty David Kirkpatrick 1927-2003 Australian singer-songwriter
Guru Dutt Vasanth Padukone 1925-1964 Indian director, producer, and actor
María Duval María Dussage Ortiz 1937- Mexican actress and singer
Ann Dvorak Anna McKim 1911-1979 American actress
Dorothy Dwan Dorothy Ilgenfritz 1906-1981 American actress
Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman 1941- American musician Now legally Robert Dylan
Ms. Dynamite Niomi Daley 1981- British rapper


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Andrew E. Andrew Espiritu 1967- Filipino rapper, actor and comedian
Sheila E. Sheila Escovedo 1957- American percussionist and singer
Ronnie Earl Ronald Horvath 1953- American guitarist
Jack Earle Jacob Ehrlich 1906-1952 American actor and performer
Josephine Earle Josephine MacEwan 1892-1960/1961 American actress
Robert Easton Robert Easton Burke 1930-2011 American actor
Sleep 'n' Eat William Best 1913-1962 American actor
Arzu Ece Arzu Özkaraman 1963- Turkish singer
Johnny Eck John Eckhart Jr. 1911-1991 American performer and actor
Jenny Eclair Jenny Hargreaves 1960- English comedienne and actress
Barbara Eden Barbara Morehead 1931- American actress
Bobbi Eden Priscilla Hendrikse 1980- Dutch pornographic actress
Chana Eden Chana Mesyngier 1932-2019 Israeli-American actress and singer
John Edward John Edward McGee Jr. 1969- American television personality and author
Johnny Edward John Edward Flux 1945-2021 British musician, writer and record producer
Blake Edwards William Blake Crump 1922-2010 American film director, producer, screenwriter and actor
Bobby Edwards Robert Moncrief 1926-2012 American country singer
Jimmy Edwards James O'Neil 1920-1988 English comedy writer and actor
Snitz Edwards Edward Neumann 1868-1937 Hungarian-American character actor
Steve Edwards Steven Edward Schwartz 1948- American retired television and radio personality
Vince Edwards Vincent Edward Zoine 1928-1996 American actor, director and singer
Erica Ehm Erica Miechowsky 1961- Canadian writer, actress and songwriter
Tripp Eisen Tod Rex Salvador 1965- American musician (Static-X)
Ann Elder Anna Velders 1942- American actress, producer and screenwriter
Florence Eldridge Florence McKechnie 1901-1988 American actress
Carmen Electra Tara Patrick 1972- American actress, singer, model and media personality
Martín Elías Martín Elías Díaz Acosta 1990-2017 Colombian singer
Gillian Elisa Gillian Elizabeth Thomas 1953- Welsh actress, singer and comedienne
Christine Elise Christine Elise McCarthy 1965- American actress
Kimberly Elise Kimberly Elise Trammel 1967- American actress
Shannon Elizabeth Shannon Elizabeth Fadal 1973- American actress and model
Biff Elliot Leon Shalek 1923-2012 American actor
Cass Elliot Ellen Cohen 1941-1974 American singer and actress (The Mamas & the Papas)
Graham Elliot Graham Elliot Bowles 1977- American chef and television personality
Isac Elliot Isaac Elliot Lundén 2000- Finnish-Swedish pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actor
Gertrude Elliott May Gertrude Dermott 1874-1950 American actress
Maxine Elliott Jessie Dermott 1868-1940 American actress
Ramblin' Jack Elliott Elliot Charles Adnopoz 1931- American folk singer and songwriter
Ross Elliott Elliott Blum 1917-1999 American character actor
Wild Bill Elliott Gordon Nance 1904-1965 American actor
David Ellis Derrick Kerkham 1918-1978 English writer
Mary Ellis Mary Elsas 1897-2003 American actress and singer
Patricia Ellis Patricia Lefttwich 1918-1970 American actress
Shirley Ellis Shirley Elliston 1929-2005 American soul singer
James Ellison James Ellison Smith 1910-1993 American actor
Ziggy Elman Harry Finkelman 1914-1968 American jazz musician
Isobel Elsom Isobel Reed 1893-1981 English actress
Julian Eltinge William Julian Dalton 1881-1941 American actor
Maurice Elvey William Folkard 1887-1967 English director
King Kester Emeneya Jean Emeneya Mubiala Kwamambu 1956-2014 Congolese singer
Jack Emrek Robert Hanusek 1920-2010 American actor
Wreckless Eric Eric Goulden 1954- English singer-songwriter
Leif Erickson William Anderson 1911-1986 American actor
John Ericson John Meibes 1926-2020 German-American actor
Princess Erika Erika Dobong'na 1964- French singer and actress
Leon Errol Leonce Errol Sims 1881-1951 Australian-American comedian and actor
Jill Esmond Jill Esmond Moore 1908-1990 English actress
David Essex David Cook 1947- English singer, songwriter and actor
Howard Estabrook Howard Bolles 1884-1978 American actor, film director and producer
Self Esteem Rebecca Lucy Taylor 1986- British musician
Charles Esten Charles Esten Pusker III 1965- American actor, singer and comedian
Pauline Ester Sabrina Ocon 1963- French singer
La Esterella Esther Lambrechts 1919-2011 Belgian singer
Linda Estrella Consuello Rigotti 1922-2012 Filipina actress and singer
Little Eva Eva Narcissus Boyd 1943-2003 American singer
Heart Evangelista Love Ongpauco 1985- Filipina actress, artist, and businesswoman
Dale Evans Frances Octavia Smith 1912-2001 American actress, singer, and songwriter Born Lucille Wood Smith, her name was changed in infancy to Frances Octavia Smith.
Joan Evans Joan Eunson American actress 1934-2023
Linda Evans Linda Evanstad 1942- American actress
Robert Evans Robert Shapera 1930-2019 American film producer and actor
Sophie Evans Zsófia Szabó 1976- Hungarian pornographic actress
Judith Evelyn Evelyn Morris 1909-1967 American-Canadian actress
Chad Everett Raymon Cramton 1937-2012 American actor
Kenny Everett Maurice Cole 1944-1995 English comedian, actor and presenter
Mark Everett Manuel Benitez 1969-2008 American child actor
Steve Evets Steven Murphy 1959- English actor and musician
Tom Ewell Samuel Ewell Tompkins 1909-1994 American actor and producer
Left Eye Lisa Lopes 1971-2002 American rapper (TLC)


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Christiane F. Christiane Felscherinow 1962- German actress and musician
Inez Fabbri Agnes Schmidt 1831-1909 Austrian opera singer
Lara Fabian Lara Crokaert 1970- Belgian-Canadian pop singer and songwriter
Bent Fabric Bent Fabricius-Bjerre 1924-2020 Danish musician and composer
Radical Face Ben Cooper 1982- American singer-songwriter
Tape Face Sam Wills 1978- New Zealand prop comic, busker and clown
Douglas Fairbanks Douglas Ullman 1883-1939 American actor and filmmaker
Morgan Fairchild Patsy McClenny 1950- American actress
Virginia Brown Faire Virginia Labuna 1904-1980 American actress
Marion Fairfax Marion Neiswanger 1875-1970 American screenwriter, playwright, actress and producer
Adam Faith Terence Wright 1940-2003 English singer and actor
Paloma Faith Paloma Faith Blomfield 1981- English singer and actress
EagleBones Falconhawk Ian Fowles 1979- American musician, author and actor (The Aquabats)
Lee Falk Leon Gross 1911-1999 American cartoonist and writer
Rossella Falk Rosa Falzacappa 1926-2013 Italian actress
Matt Fallon Matthew Frankel 1965- American singer (Skid Row and Anthrax)
Georgie Fame Clive Powell 1943- English musician and singer (Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames)
Semyon Farada Semyon Ferdman 1933-2009 Russian actor
Don Fardon Don Maughm 1940- English pop singer
James Farentino James Ferrantino 1938-2012 American actor
Annie Fargé Henriette Goldfarb 1934-2011 French actress
Donna Fargo Yvonne Vaughan 1945- American country singer-songwriter and author
Jamie Farr Jameel Farah 1934- American actor and comedian
Gia Farrell Jeannie Bocchicchio 1989- American singer-songwriter
Henry Farrell Charles Farrell Myers 1920-2006 American novelist and screenwriter
Nicholas Farrell Nicholas Frost 1955- English actor
Perry Farrell Peretz Bernstein 1959- American singer, songwriter and musician (Jane's Addiction)
Sharon Farrell Sharon Forsmoe 1940- American actress
Suzanne Farrell Roberta Sue Ficker 1945- American ballerina
Terry Farrell Theresa Lee Farrell Grussedorf 1963- American actress and model
Timothy Farrell Timothy Sperl 1922-1989 American actor
Hussein Fatal Bruce Washington Jr. 1973-2015 American rapper (Outlawz)
Minnesota Fats Rudolf Wanderone Jr. 1913-1996 Swiss-American professional billiards player
William Faversham William Jones 1868-1940 English actor
Dorothy Fay Dorothy Fay Southworth 1915-2003 American actress
Frank Fay Francis Donner 1891-1961 American vaudeville comedian and actor
Alice Faye Alice Leppert 1915-1998 American actress and singer
Frances Faye Frances Cohen 1912-1992 American cabaret singer and musician
Joey Faye Joseph Palladino 1909-1997 American actor and comedian
Frank Faylen Frank Ruf 1905-1985 American actor
Zé Felipe José Felipe Rocha Costa 1998- Brazilian singer
Freddy Fender Baldemar Garza Huerta 1937-2006 American musician Also known as El Bebop Kid and Scotty Wayne
Fania Fénelon Fanja Goldstein 1908-1983 French musician, composer and cabaret singer
Tony Fenton Anthony Fagan 1961-2015 Irish radio presenter and DJ
Lolo Ferrari Eve Valois 1963-2000 French dancer, actress and singer
Jean Ferrat Jean Tenenbaum 1930-2010 French singer-songwriter and poet
Audrey Ferris Audrey Kellar 1909-1990 American actress
Stepin Fetchit Lincoln Perry 1902-1985 American comedian and actor
Cy Feuer Seymour Feuerman 1911-2006 American producer, director, composer and musician
Jacques Feyder Jacques Frédérix 1885-1948 Belgian actor, screenwriter and film director
Lupe Fiasco Wasalu Jaco 1982- American rapper and record producer
Fabri Fibra Fabrizio Tarducci 1976- Italian rapper
Shirley Anne Field Shirley Broomfield 1936-2023 English actress
Fenella Fielding Fenella Feldman 1927-2018 English actress
Janet Fielding Janet Mahoney 1953- Australian actress
Jerry Fielding Joshua Feldman 1922-1980 American musician and film composer Also known as Gerald Feldman and Jerry Feldman
Romaine Fielding William Blandin 1867-1927 American actor, screenwriter and film director
Gracie Fields Grace Stansfield 1898-1979 English actress, comedienne and singer
Irving Fields Yitzhak Schwartz 1915-2016 American musician
Lew Fields Moses Schoenfeld 1867-1941 American actor, comedian and performer
Stanley Fields Walter Agnew 1883-1941 American actor
Totie Fields Sophie Feldman 1930-1978 American comedienne
W.C. Fields William Claude Dukenfield 1880-1946 American actor, comedian and performer
Five for Fighting Vladimir John Ondrasik III 1965- American singer-songwriter and musician
Dani Filth Daniel Davey 1973- English singer (Cradle of Filth)
Larry Fine Louis Feinberg 1902-1975 American comedian, actor and musician (The Three Stooges)
Johnnie Fingers John Moylett 1956- Irish musician (The Boomtown Rats)
George Finn Giorgi Agiashvili 1990- Georgian-American actor
Larry Finnegan John Finneran 1938-1973 American pop singer
Melanie Fiona Melanie Hallim 1983- Canadian singer and songwriter Also known as Syren Hall
Ricky Fitness Richard Falomir 1976- American musician and composer (The Aquabats)
Barry Fitzgerald William Shields 1888-1961 Irish actor
Scott Fitzgerald William McPhail 1948- Scottish singer and actor
Walter Fitzgerald Walter Fitzgerald Bond 1896-1977 English character actor
El Flaco Jaime Agudelo Vidal 1925-2009 Colombian comedian and actor
Fannie Flagg Patricia Neal 1944- American actress, writer and comedienne
Golde Flami Golda Flon 1918-2007 Argentine actress
Joe Flanigan Joseph Dunnigan III 1967- American writer and actor
Grandmaster Flash Joseph Saddler 1958- American DJ and producer (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five)
Mr. Flash Gilles Bousquet Unknown French record producer and DJ
Flavor Flav William Drayton 1959- American rapper
Art Fleming Arthur Fleming Fazzin 1924-1995 American actor and television host
Joy Fleming Erna Raad 1944-2017 German singer
Rhonda Fleming Marilyn Louis 1923-2020 American actress
Flesh-n-Bone Stanley Howse 1973- American rapper (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)
G Flip Georgia Flipo Australian singer, songwriter and drummer
Klaus Flouride Geoffrey Lyall 1949- American musician (Dead Kennedys)
Gilly Flower Gertrude Jacobs 1908-2001 English actress
Uncle Floyd Floyd Vivino 1951- American TV host and comedian
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Sam Duckworth 1986- English musician
Barbara Flynn Barbara McMurray 1948- English actress
Dukey Flyswatter Michael Sonye 1954- American actor, screenwriter and musician (Haunted Garage)
Olga Fonda Olga Tchakova 1982- Russian-American actress and model
Mona Fong Menglan Li 1934-2017 Hong Kong television producer
Eddie Fontaine Edward Reardon 1927-1992 American actor and singer
Wayne Fontana Glyn Ellis 1945-2020 English singer (The Mindbenders)
Bryan Forbes John Clarke 1926-2013 English film director, screenwriter, producer, actor and novelist
Mary Forbes Ethel Young 1883-1974 English-American actress
Gail Force Heidi Beeson 1966- American pornographic actress
Bette Ford Harriet Elizabeth Dingeldein 1927- American actress, model and professional bullfighter
Colt Ford Jason Brown 1969- American singer, rapper, songwriter and former professional golfer
Francis Ford Francis Feeney 1881-1953 American actor, writer and director
Frankie Ford Francis Guzzo 1939-2015 American singer
John Ford John Feeney 1894-1973 American film director
Mary Ford Colleen Summers 1924-1977 American singer and musician (Les Paul and Mary Ford)
Paul Ford Paul Ford Weaver 1901-1976 American character actor
Wallace Ford Samuel Grundy 1898-1966 English-American vaudevillian and actor
Willa Ford Amanda Williford 1981- American singer, songwriter, dancer, model, television personality and actress
Frank Forest Frank Hayek 1896-1976 American opera singer and actor
George Formby Jr. George Booth 1904-1961 English comedian, actor and musician
George Formby Sr. James Booth 1875-1921 English comedian and singer
Allan Forrest Allan Forrest Fisher 1885-1941 American actor
Helen Forrest Helen Forrest Fogel 1917-1999 American singer
Sally Forrest Katherine Feeney 1928-2015 American actress
Steve Forrest William Forrest Andrews 1925-2013 American actor
John Forsythe Jacob Freund 1918-2010 American actor, producer and narrator
May Fortescue Emily May Finney 1859-1950 English actress and singer
John Fortune John Wood 1939-2013 English actor and writer
Dianne Foster Olga Laruska 1928-2013 Canadian actress
Norman Foster John Hoeffer 1903-1976 American film director, screenwriter and actor
Phil Foster Fivel Feldman 1913-1985 American actor and performer
Pops Foster George Foster 1892-1969 American jazz musician
Pete Fountain Pierre LaFontaine Jr. 1930-2016 American jazz musician
James Fox William Fox 1939- English actor
Oz Fox Richard Martínez 1961- American musician (Stryper)
Samantha Fox Stasia Micula 1950-2020 American pornographic actress
Sidney Fox Sidney Leiffer 1907-1942 American actress
Jamie Foxx Eric Bishop 1967- American actor, comedian and singer
Redd Foxx John Sanford 1922-1991 American comedian and actor
Sergio Franchi Sergio Franci Galli 1926-1990 Italian-American singer and actor
Francinette Hortensia Arnaud 1901-Unknown year of death Argentine dancer and actress
Arlene Francis Arline Francis Kazanjian 1907-2001 American actress, radio presenter and television personality
Black Francis Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV 1965- American singer, songwriter and musician (Pixies) Also known as Frank Black
Connie Francis Concetta Franconero 1937- American pop singer and actress
Kay Francis Katharine Gibbs 1905-1968 American actress
Don Francisco Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld 1940- Chilean-American television personality
Joanna Frank Johanna Bochco 1941- American actress
Joe Frank Joseph Langermann 1938-2018 French-American writer
Joe Franklin Joseph Fortgang 1926-2015 American radio and television personality, author and actor
Dennis Franz Dennis Franz Schlachta 1944- American retired actor
Eduard Franz Eduard Franz Schmidt 1902-1983 American actor
Elizabeth Franz Betty Frankovich 1941- American actress
Liz Fraser Elizabeth Winch 1930-2018 English actress
Phyllis Fraser Helen Nichols 1916-2006 American socialite, writer and actress
Jon Fratelli John Paul Lawler 1979- Scottish musician and singer-songwriter (The Fratellis)
Fab Five Freddy Fred Braithwaite 1959- American rapper and filmmaker
Pauline Frederick Pauline Libbey 1883-1938 American actress
Scott Fredericks Frederick Wehrly 1943-2017 Irish actor
Arthur Freed Arthur Grossman 1894-1973 American lyricist and film producer
Jane Freeman Shirley Pithers 1935-2017 Welsh actress
A Fine Frenzy Alison Sudol 1984- American actress and musician
Pierre Fresnay Pierre Laudenbach 1897-1975 French actor
Bobby Friction Paramdeep Sehdev 1971- British DJ and presenter
Fred W. Friendly Ferdinand Friendly Wachenheimer 1915-1998 American radio and TV producer and program creator
Trixie Friganza Delia O'Callaghan 1870-1955 American actress
Willy Fritsch Wilhelm Egon Fritz Fritsch 1901-1973 German actor
Sadie Frost Sadie Vaughan 1965- English actress, producer and fashion designer
Keiko Fuji Junko Abe 1951-2013 Japanese singer and actress
Makoto Fujita Makoto Harada 1933-2010 Japanese actor
Blind Boy Fuller Fulton Allen 1904-1941 American blues musician
Robert Fuller Leonard Leroy Lee 1933- American retired actor
Yvonne Furneaux Elisabeth Yvonne Scatcherd 1926–2024 French-English retired actress
George Furth George Schweinfurth 1932-2008 American playwright and actor
Takumi Furukawa Iwasaki Takumi 1917-2018 Japanese film director
Ed Fury Rupert Edmund Holovchik 1928-2023 American actor and model


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Becky G Rebbeca Gomez 1997- American singer and actress
Bobby G Robert Gubby 1953- English singer (Bucks Fizz)
Daddy G Grant Marshall 1959- English musician and DJ (Massive Attack)
Franky G Frank Gonzales 1965- American actor
Gina G Gina Gardiner 1970- Australian singer
Kenny G Kenneth Gorelick 1956- American jazz musician, composer and producer
Shock G Gregory Jacobs 1963-2021 American rapper and musician (Digital Underground)
Warren G Warren Griffin III 1970- American rapper, DJ and producer
Thomas G:son Thomas Gustafsson 1968- Swedish composer and musician
Jean Gabin Jean-Alexis Moncorgé 1904-1976 French actor
Gunter Gabriel Günter Caspelherr 1942-2017 German singer, musician and composer
John Gabriel Jack Monkarsh 1931-2021 American actor, singer and producer
Juan Gabriel Alberto Aguilera-Valadez 1950-2016 Mexican singer, songwriter and actor
Madonna Wayne Gacy Stephen Bier Jr. 1964- American musician (Marilyn Manson) Also known as Pogo
Josseline Gaël Jeannine Blanleuil 1917-1995 French actress
Lady Gaga Stefani Germanotta 1986- American singer, songwriter and actress
John Gale Jun Gallardo Filipino film director
Vice Ganda Jose Borja-Viceral 1976- Filipino comedian, actor and television host
Robert Gant Robert Gonzalez 1968- American actor
Greta Garbo Greta Gustafsson 1905-1990 Swedish-American actress
Jean Garcia Rosario Maitim 1969- Filipina actress, model and dancer
Vincent Gardenia Vincenzo Sconamiglio 1920-1992 Italian-American actor
John Garfield Jacob Julius Garfinkle 1913-1952 American actor
Beverly Garland Beverly Fessenden 1926-2008 American actress
Judy Garland Frances Gumm 1922-1969 American actress, singer, dancer and vaudevillian
James Garner James Baumgarner 1928-2014 American actor
Brad Garrett Brad Gerstenfeld 1960- American comedian and actor
Leif Garrett Leif Per Nervik 1961- American singer and actor
Snuff Garrett Thomas Garrett 1938-2015 American record producer
Spencer Garrett Spencer Garrett Heckenkamp 1963- American actor
David Garrick Philip Core 1945-2013 English singer
Martin Garrix Martijn Garritsen 1996- Dutch DJ and record producer
Willie Garson Willie Garson Paszamant 1964-2021 American actor
Green Gartside Paul Strohmeyer 1955- Welsh songwriter, singer and musician (Scritti Politti)
John Gary John Gary Strader 1932-1998 American singer and television personality
Linda Gary Linda Dewoskin 1944-1995 American actress
Lorraine Gary Lorraine Gottfield 1937- American actress
Synyster Gates Brian Haner Jr. 1981- American musician (Avenged Sevenfold) Also known as Syn
Mark Gaumont Mark Ryan 1959-2011 English musician (Adam and the Ants)
Gene Gauntier Genevieve Liggett 1885-1966 American screenwriter and actress
Cassandra Gava Cassandra Gaviola 1959- American actress and producer
William Gaxton Arturo Gaxiola 1893-1963 American actor
Git Gay Birgit Holmberg 1921-2007 Swedish director, actress and singer
Maria Gay María Pichot-Gironés 1876-1943 Spanish opera singer
Lisa Gaye Leslie Gaye Griffin 1935-2016 American actress and dancer
Crystal Gayle Brenda Gail Webb 1951- American country singer
Jackie Gayle Jack Potovsky 1926-2002 American comedian and actor
Ronnie Gaylord Ronald Fredianelli 1930-2004 Italian-American musician, songwriter and comedian
George Gaynes George Jongejans 1917-2016 Finnish-American singer and actor
Gloria Gaynor Gloria Fowles 1943- American singer
Mitzi Gaynor Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber 1931- American actress, singer and dancer
Eunice Gayson Eunice Sargaison 1928-2018 English actress
Franky Gee Francisco Alejandro Gutierrez 1962-2005 Cuban-American singer, rapper and soldier
Master Gee Guy O'Brien c. 1962- American hip hop artist
Gidget Gein Bradley Stewart 1969-2008 American musician and artist (Marilyn Manson)
Rhoda Gemignani Rhoda Barbara Cohan 1939- American actress
Adeline Genée Anina Jensen 1878-1970 Danish-British ballet dancer
Bobbie Gentry Roberta Streeter 1942- American retired singer-songwriter
Boy George George O'Dowd 1961- English singer, songwriter and DJ (Culture Club)
Cassietta George Casietta Baker 1929-1995 American gospel singer and composer
Gladys George Gladys Evans 1904-1954 American actress
John George Tufei Filthela 1898-1968 Syrian-American actor
Wally George George Walter Pearch 1931-2003 American radio and television commentator
Carl Gerard Carl Gerhard Petersen 1885-1966 Danish-American actor
Danyel Gérard Gérard Daniel Kherlakian 1939- French pop singer and composer
Zinovy Gerdt Zalmnan Khrapinovich 1916-1996 Russian actor
Ashlyn Gere Kimberly Ashlyn McKamy 1959- American pornographic actress
Gene Gerrard Eugene O'Sullivan 1892-1971 English actor
Lisa Gerritsen Lisa Orszag 1957- American child actress
Ira Gershwin Israel Gershowitz 1896-1983 American lyricist
Valeska Gert Gertrud Valesca Samosch 1892-1978 German dancer and actress
Stan Getz Stan Gayetsky 1927-1991 American jazz musician
Tamara Geva Tamara Zheverzheieva 1907-1997 Russian-American actress, dancer and choreographer
Georgia Gibbs Frieda Lipschitz 1918-2006 American singer and entertainer
Marla Gibbs Margaret Bradley 1931- American actress
Terry Gibbs Julius Gubenko 1924- American jazz musician and bandleader
Henry Gibson James Bateman 1935-2009 American actor, comedian and poet
Julie Gibson Gladys Soray 1913-2019 American singer and actress
Virginia Gibson Virginia Gorski 1925-2013 American dancer, singer and actress
Billy Gilbert William Gilbert Barron 1894-1971 American comedian and actor
Irene Gilbert Irene Liebeschutz 1934-2011 German-American actress and director
John Gilbert John Pringle 1897-1936 American actor, screenwriter and director
Paul Gilbert Ed (Edward?) MacMahon 1918-1976 American actor
Sara Gilbert Sara Abeles 1975- American actress
Astrud Gilberto Astrud Evangelina Weinert 1940-2023 Brazilian singer
Rex Gildo Ludwig Hirtreiter 1936-1999 German singer
Jack Gilford Jacob Gellman 1908-1990 American actor
Aidan Gillen Aidan Murphy 1968- Irish actor
Anita Gillette Anita Luebben 1936- American actress and singer
Jean Gillie Jean Coomber 1915-1949 English actress
Ann Gillis Alma Conner 1927-2018 American actress
Jamie Gillis Jamey Gurman 1943-2010 American pornographic actor
Gail Gilmore Gail Gerber 1937-2014 Canadian actress
Virginia Gilmore Sherman Virginia Poole 1919-1986 American actress
Amos Gitai Amos Weinraub 1950- Israeli filmmaker
Christine Glanville Nancy Christine Fletcher 1924-1999 English puppeteer
Jackie Gleason Herbert Walton Gleason Jr. 1916-1987 American actor, comedian, writer and composer
Peter Glenville Peter Browne 1913-1996 English actor and director
Gary Glitter Paul Gadd 1944- English former singer
Marie Glory Raymonde Toully 1905-2009 French actress
Alma Gluck Reba Feinsohn 1884-1938 Romanian-American soprano
Blanche Glynne Blanche Aitken 1893-1946 Welsh actress
Jón Gnarr Jón Gunnar Kristinsson 1967- Icelandic actor, comedian and politician
Eyal Golan Eyal Bitton 1971- Israeli singer
Ernest Gold Ernst Goldner 1921-1999 Austrian-American composer
Whoopi Goldberg Caren Johnson 1955- American actress, comedienne, author, and television personality
Samuel Goldwyn Szmuel Gelbfisz 1882-1974 Polish-American film producer Also known as Samuel Goldfish
Typist Gopu Gopalarathinam 1933/1934-2019 Indian actor
C. Henry Gordon Henry Racke 1883-1940 American actor
Don Gordon Donald Guadagno 1926-2017 American actor
Ruth Gordon Ruth Gordon Jones 1896-1985 American actress, screenwriter and playwright
Charles Gordone Charles Fleming 1925-1995 American playwright, actor and director
Lesley Gore Lesley Goldstein 1946-2015 American singer and songwriter
Mel Gorham Marilyn Schnaer 1959- American actress
Eydie Gormé Edith Garmezano 1928-2013 American singer
Rita Gorr Marguerite Geirnaert 1926-2012 Belgian opera singer
Irv Gotti Irving Lorenzo 1970- American DJ and record producer
Jetta Goudal Juliette Goudeket 1891-1985 Dutch-American actress
Paulo Goulart Paulo Miessa 1933-2014 Brazilian actor
Elliott Gould Elliott Goldstein 1938- American actor
Harold Gould Harold Goldstein 1923-2010 American character actor
La Goulue Louise Weber 1866-1929 French dancer
Chantal Goya Chantal de Guerre 1942- French singer and actress
Armando Goyena Jose Revilla 1922-2011 Filipino actor
Leslie Grace Leslie Grace Martínez 1995- American singer, songwriter and actress
Maggie Grace Margaret Grace Denig 1983- American actress and model
Bill Graham Wulf Grajonca 1931-1991 German-American promoter
Eve Graham Evelyn Beatson 1943- Scottish retired singer (The New Seekers)
T. Max Graham Neil Graham Moran 1941-2011 American actor
Gloria Grahame Gloria Grahame Hallward 1923-1981 American actress
Margot Grahame Margaret Clark 1911-1982 English actress
Lou Gramm Louis Grammatico 1950- American singer-songwriter (Foreigner)
Angry Grandpa Charles Green Jr. 1950-2017 American YouTuber
Stewart Granger James Stewart 1913-1993 English actor
Cary Grant Archibald Leach 1904-1986 English-American actor
Faye Grant Faye Yoe 1957- American actress and singer
Gogi Grant Myrtle Arinsberg 1924-2016 American pop singer
Kathryn Grant Olive Kathryn Grandstaff 1933- American actress and singer Also known as Kathryn Grandstaff
Kirby Grant Kirby Grant Hoon Jr. 1911-1985 American actor
Lee Grant Lyova Rosenthal Unknown American actress and director
Rachel Grant Rachel Louise Grant DeLongueuil 1977- English actress and television presenter
Richard E. Grant Richard Grant Esterhuysen 1957- Swazi-English actor and presenter
Shauna Grant Colleen Applegate 1963-1984 American pornographic actress and model
Shelby Grant Brenda Thompson 1936-2011 American actress
Don Grashey Dominic Guarasci 1925-2005 Canadian songwriter and music producer
Michale Graves Michael Emanuel 1975- American singer (Misfits)
Peter Graves Peter Aurness 1926-2010 American actor
Ralph Graves Ralph Horsburgh 1900-1977 American screenwriter, film director and actor
Steve Gravers Solomon Gottlieb 1922-1978 American character actor
Wavy Gravy Hugh Nanton Romney Jr. 1936- American entertainer and peace activist
Beatrice Gray Bertrice Kimbrough 1911-2009 American actress and dancer
Coleen Gray Doris Jensen 1922-2015 American actress
Dobie Gray Lawrence Brown 1940-2011 American singer and songwriter
Dorian Gray Maria Mangini 1928-2011 Italian actress
Dulcie Gray Dulcie Bailey 1915-2011 English actress and writer
Gilda Gray Marianna Michalska 1901-1959 Polish-American dancer and actress
Jason Gray Jason Gay 1972- American singer-songwriter
Jerry Gray Generoso Graziano 1915-1976 American musician, arranger, composer and bandleader
Macy Gray Natalie Renée McIntyre 1967- American singer and actress
Sally Gray Constance Stevens 1915-2006 English actress
Ugly Dave Gray Graham David Taylor 1933- English-Australian actor, comedian and television personality
Vivean Gray Jean Vivra Gray 1924-2016 English actress
Perlita Greco Alfonsina Grecco Constantini 1906-2001 Argentine-American actress and singer
CeeLo Green Thomas DeCarlo Callaway 1975- American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor
Mitzi Green Elizabeth Keno 1920-1969 American child actress and singer
Peter Green Peter Greenbaum 1946-2020 English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Fleetwood Mac)
Shecky Greene Fred Sheldon Greenfield 1926-2023 American comedian and actor
Judy Greer Judith Therese Evans 1975- American actress
Julie Gregg Beverly Scalzo 1937-2016 American actress
Stella Greka Styliani Lagada 1922- Greek singer and actress
Anne Grey Aileen Ewing 1907-1987 English actress
Gloria Grey Maria Draga 1909-1947 American actress
Joel Grey Joel Katz 1932- American actor, singer, dancer, photographer and director
Kaiti Grey Athanasia Gizili 1924- Greek actress and singer
Lita Grey Lillita MacMurray 1908-1995 American actress
Nan Grey Eschal Loleet Grey Miller 1918-1993 American actress
Olga Grey Anna Zacsek 1896-1973 American actress
Professor Griff Richard Griffin 1960- American rapper (Public Enemy)
Ethel Griffies Ethel Woods 1878-1975 English actress
Bessie Griffin Arlette Broil 1922-1989 American gospel singer
Kenneth Griffith Kenneth Griffiths 1921-2006 Welsh actor and filmmaker
Toula Grivas Panayiota Grivastopoulos 1943- French-Greek actress
Val Guest Valmond Grossman 1911-2006 English film director and screenwriter
Robert Guillaume Robert Williams 1927-2017 American actor and singer
Bonnie Guitar Bonnie Buckingham 1923-2019 American singer, musician and producer
Aliza Gur Alizia Gross 1940- Israeli actress
Gustaph Stef Caers 1980- Belgian singer-songwriter
Billy Guy Frank Phillips Jr. 1936-2002 American singer (The Coasters)
Guitar Guy Brian Haner 1958- American musician and comedian
Edmund Gwenn Edmund Kellaway 1877-1959 English actor
Anne Gwynne Marguerite Gwynne Trice 1918-2003 American actress
Doc Gynéco Bruno Beausir 1974- French musician
Greta Gynt Margrethe Woxholt 1916-2000 Norwegian dancer and actress


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Buddy Hackett Leonard Hacker 1924-2003 American comedian and actor
Reed Hadley Reed Herring 1911-1974 American actor
Sid Haig Sidney Mosesian 1939-2019 American actor
Connie Haines Yvonne JaMais 1921-2008 American singer and actress
Alan Hale Jr. Alan Hale MacKahan 1921-1990 American actor and restaurateur
Alan Hale Sr. Rufus Mackahan 1892-1950 American actor and director
Creighton Hale Patrick Fitzgerald 1882-1965 Irish-American actor
Elvi Hale Patricia Elvira Hake 1931- English retired actress
Jonathan Hale Jonathan Hatley 1891-1966 Canadian-American actor
Monte Hale Samuel Ely 1919-2009 American actor and country musician
Jon Hall Charles Locher 1915-1975 American actor
Monty Hall Monte Halparin 1921-2017 Canadian-American radio and television personality
Ruth Hall Ruth Gloria Blasco Ibáñez 1910-2003 American actress
Neil Hallett John Neil 1924-2004 Belgian-English actor
Johnny Hallyday Jean-Philippe Léo Smet 1943-2017 French singer and actor
Brett Halsey Charles Hand 1933- American actor
Julie Halston Julie Abatelli 1954- American actress and comedienne
Gerald Hamer Geoffrey Watton 1886-1972 Welsh actor
Russ Hamilton Ronald Hulme 1932-2008 English singer and songwriter
MC Hammer Stanley Burrell 1962- American rapper
Will Hammer William Hinds 1887-1957 English studio executive
Kay Hammond Dorothy Standing 1909-1980 English actress
Bruce Hampton Gustav Berglund III 1947-2017 American musician (Hampton Grease Band)
Cochin Haneefa Salim Ghoush 1951-2010 Indian, actor, film director and screenwriter
Roger Hanin Roger Lévy 1925-2015 French actor
Big Bank Hank Henry Jackson 1956-2014 American rapper (The Sugarhill Gang) Also known as Imp the Dimp
Laurence Hanray Lawrence Henry Jacobs 1874-1947 English actor
Setsuko Hara Masae Aida 1920-2015 Japanese actress
Max Hardcore Paul Little 1956-2023 American pornographic actor, producer and director
Theodore Hardeen Ferenc Weisz 1876-1945 Hungarian-American magician
Ty Hardin Orison Hungerford Jr. 1930-2017 American actor
Ann Harding Dorothy Gatley 1902-1981 American actress
Sarah Harding Sarah Hardman 1981-2021 English singer, model and actress (Girls Aloud)
John Hare John Fairs 1844-1921 English actor and director
Tsui Hark Tsui Man-kong 1951- Hong Kong film director, producer and screenwriter
Steve Harley Stephen Nice 1951- English singer and songwriter (Cockney Rebel)
Renny Harlin Lauri Harjola 1959- Finnish film director, producer and screenwriter
Larry Harmon Lawrence Weiss 1925-2008 American entertainer
Ralf Harolde Ralph Wigger 1899-1974 American actor
Charlie Harper David Charles Perez 1944- English singer (U.K. Subs)
Slim Harpo James Moore 1924-1970 American blues musician
Kid Harpoon Thomas Hull 1982- English singer, songwriter, musician and record producer
Calvin Harris Adam Wiles 1984- Scottish DJ, record producer, singer and songwriter
Jonathan Harris Jonathan Charasuchin 1914-2002 American character actor
Marcia Harris Lena Hill 1868-1947 American actress
Marion Harris Mary Harrison 1896-1944 American singer
Robert H. Harris Robert H. Hurwitz 1911-1981 American character actor
Tiny Harris Tameka Cottle 1975- American singer-songwriter (Xscape)
Bobby Hart Robert Harshman 1939- American singer-songwriter (Boyce and Hart)
Mary Hart Mary Harum 1950- American television personality and actress
Mickey Hart Michael Hartman 1943- American musician (Grateful Dead)
Susan Hart Susan Neidhart 1941- American actress
Eden Hartford Edna Higgins 1930-1983 American actress
Nina Hartley Marie Hartman 1959- American pornographic actress
Gretchen Hartman Grace Barrett 1897-1979 American actress Also known as Greta Arbin, Sonia Markova, Greta Hartman
Sumi Haru Mildred Sevilla 1939-2014 American actress
John Harvey John Harvey Johnson Jr. 1917-1970 American actor
Laurence Harvey Laruschka Skikne 1928-1973 Lithuanian actor
Cheb Hasni Hasni Chakroun 1968-1994 Algerian singer
James Haven James Haven Voight 1973- American actor
June Haver Beverly Stovenour 1926-2005 American actress, singer and dancer
June Havoc Ellen Hovick 1912-2010 American actress and dancer
Davey Havok David Marchand 1975- American singer and musician (AFI)
Big Hawk John Edward Hawkins 1969-2006 American rapper (Screwed Up Click) Also known as H.A.W.K., Hawk and Five Star General of the Screwed Up Click
Jeremy Hawk Cedric Lange 1918-2002 English character actor
Nick Hawk Nicholas Haas 1981- American actor
John Hawkes John Perkins 1959- American actor
Michael Hawkins Thomas Slater 1938-2022 American retired actor
Tony Hawks Antony Hawksworth 1960- English comedian and actor
Peggy Hayama Shigeko Mori 1933-2017 Japanese singer
Melissa Hayden Mildred Herman 1923-2006 Canadian ballerina
Julie Haydon Donella Donaldson 1910-1994 American actress
Helen Hayes Helen Hayes Brown 1900-1993 American actress
Margaret Hayes Florette Ottenheimer 1913-1977 American actress
Peter Hayes Joseph Lind 1976- American musician (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
Johnny Haymer Haymer Flieg 1920-1989 American actor
Roberta Haynes Roberta Schack 1927-2019 American actress
Susan Hayward Edythe Marrenner 1917-1975 American actress
Thomas Hayward Thomas Tibbett 1917-1995 American opera singer
Hy Hazell Hyacinth Hazel O'Higgins 1919-1970 English actress
Johnny Hazzard Frankie Valenti 1977- American former pornographic actor
Ted Healy Earnest Nash 1896-1937 American actor and comedian
Ann Hearn Ann Simons 1953- American actress
Rick Hearst Richard Herbst 1965- American actor
Busty Heart Susan Sykes 1961- American television personality and actress
Erin Heatherton Erin Heather Bubley 1989- American model
Brian Helicopter Gareth Holder 1958- English musician (The Shapes)
Richard Hell Richard Meyers 1949- American singer, songwriter, musician and writer (Richard Hell and the Voidoids)
Brigitte Helm Brigitte Schittenhelm 1906-1996 German actress
Buck Henry Henry Zuckerman 1930-2020 American actor, screenwriter and director
Gloria Henry Gloria McEniry 1923-2021 American actress
Pat Henry Patrick Henry Scarnato 1924-1982 American comedian
Thomas Henty Thomas Cooper 1956-1988 English actor
Audrey Hepburn Audrey Ruston 1929-1993 British actress
Charles Herbert Charles Herbert Saperstein 1948-2015 American child actor
Holmes Herbert Horace Jenner 1882-1956 English character actor
John Herbert John Herbert Buckup 1929-2011 Brazilian actor, director and producer
Black Herman Benjamin Rucker 1889-1934 American magician
Corinne Hermès Corinne Miller 1961- French singer
Leonard Hermes Cirio Santiago 1936-2008 Filipino film producer, director and writer
Roy Herrick Roy Herring 1936-1988 English actor
Barbara Hershey Barbara Herzstein 1948- American actress
Hanna Hertelendy Ilona Zimka 1919-2008 Hungarian-American actress
Irene Hervey Beulah Irene Herwick 1909-1998 American actress
Sherrie Hewson Sherrie Hutchison 1950- English actress
Anne Heywood Violet Joan Pretty 1931- English actress
Craig Hill Craig Hill Fowler 1926-2014 American actor
Harry Hill Matthew Hall 1964- English comedian, actor and writer
Jonah Hill Jonah Hill Feldstein 1983- American actor
Steven Hill Solomon Krakovsky 1922-2016 American actor
Thelma Hill Thelma Hillerman 1906-1938 American actress and comedienne
Ronnie Hilton Adrian Hill 1926-2001 English singer
Alexis HK Alexis Djoshkounian 1974- French singer-songwriter
Fred Ho Fred Wei-Han Houn 1957-2014 American jazz musician, composer, bandleader, playwright, writer and activist
Rose Hobart Rose Kefer 1906-2000 American actress
Dennis Hoey Samuel Hyams 1893-1960 English actor
Brooke Hogan Brooke Bollea 1988- American television personality, singer and actress
Nick Hogan Nicholas Bollea 1990- American television personality
Fay Holden Dorothy Fay Hammerton 1893-1973 English-American actress
Frankie J. Holden Peter Brian 1952- Australian singer and actor (Ol' 55)
Joyce Holden Jo-Ann Heckert 1930-2022 American actress
Stanley Holden Stanley Walker 1928-2007 English-American ballet dancer
William Holden William Beedles Jr. 1918-1981 American actor
Billie Holiday Eleanora Fagan 1915-1959 American jazz singer
Hope Holiday Hope Zee 1930- American actress
Tony Holiday Rolf Knigge 1951-1990 German singer
Dexter Holland Bryan Holland 1965- American musician (The Offspring)
Diane Holland June Diane Neeltje 1930-2009 English actress and dancer
Deidre Holland Martine Smit 1966- Dutch pornographic actress
Xaviera Hollander Vera de Vries 1943- Dutch author
Judy Holliday Judith Tuvim 1921-1965 American actress and comedienne
Frigyes Hollósi Frigyes Weininger 1941-2012 Hungarian actor
Hanya Holm Johanna Eckert 1893-1992 German-American dancer and choreographer
Libby Holman Elizabeth Holzman 1904-1971 American socialite, actress, singer and activist
Rupert Holmes David Goldstein 1947- English-American composer, singer-songwriter, playwright and author
Stuart Holmes Joseph Liebchen 1884-1971 American actor
Georgia Holt Jackie Crouch 1926-2022 American singer-songwriter, actress and model
Sandrine Holt Sandrine Ho 1972- English-Canadian model and actress
Average Homeboy Denny Hazen Unknown American rapper and actor
Nancy Honeytree Nancy Honigbaum 1952- American musician
Peter Hook Peter Woodhead 1956- English musician (Joy Division and New Order)
Linda Hopkins Melinda Mathews 1924-2017 American actress and singer
Robert Hossein Robert Hosseinoff 1927-2020 French actor
MC HotDog Yao Zhongren 1978- Taiwanese rapper
Harry Houdini Erik Weisz 1874-1926 Hungarian-American magician
Rufus Hound Robert Simpson 1979- English actor and comedian
Tim Howar Timothy Hawryluk 1969- Canadian-English actor and singer (Mike and the Mechanics)
Curly Howard Jerome Horwitz 1903-1952 American comedian and actor (The Three Stooges)
Jean Howard Ernestine Mahoney 1910-2000 American actress and professional photographer
John Howard John Cox Jr. 1913-1995 American actor
Moe Howard Moses Horwitz 1897-1975 American comedian and actor (The Three Stooges)
Rance Howard Harold Rance Beckenholdt 1928-2017 American actor
Shemp Howard Samuel Horwitz 1895-1955 American comedian and actor (The Three Stooges)
Susan Howard Jeri Mooney 1944- American actress, writer and activist
James Wong Howe Tung-Jim Wong 1899-1976 Chinese-American cinematographer
Thirstin Howl III Victor DeJesus Unknown American rapper
John Hoyt John Hoysradt 1905-1991 American actor
Harold Huber Harold Huberman 1909-1959 American actor
Rock Hudson 1925-1985 Roy Harold Scherer Jr. American actor Later known as Roy Harold Fitzgerald after being adopted by his stepfather
Jack Hues Jeremy Ryder 1954- English singer, songwriter and musician (Wang Chung)
Kathleen Hughes Elizabeth von Gerkan 1928- American actress
Engelbert Humperdinck Arnold Dorsey 1936- British singer
Sammo Hung Kam-Po Hung 1952- Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film producer and director
Jeffrey Hunter Henry McKinnies Jr. 1926-1969 American actor and producer
Kim Hunter Janet Cole 1922-2002 American actress
Tab Hunter Arthur Kelm 1931-2018 American actor
Al Hurricane Alberto Nelson-Sanchez 1936-2017 American singer-songwriter
Zakir Hussain Zakir Hussain Qureshi 1951- Indian composer, musician, music producer and actor
Will Hutchins Marshall Hutchason 1930- American actor
Betty Hutton Elizabeth Thornburg 1921-2007 American actress, comedienne and singer
Ina Ray Hutton Odessa Cowan 1916-1984 American singer and bandleader
Marion Hutton Marion Thornburg 1919-1987 American singer and actress
Craig Huxley Craig Hundley 1954- American actor, inventor and musician
Paul Hyde Paul Nelson 1955- English-Canadian singer-songwriter (Payolas)
Diana Hyland Joan Diana Gentner 1936-1977 American actress


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Crooked I Dominick Wickliffe 1976- American rapper (Slaughterhouse) Also known as KXNG Crooked
David Ian David Ian Lane 1961- English theatre producer and former actor
Janis Ian Janis Fink 1951- American singer-songwriter
Ice-T Tracy Marrow 1958- American rapper, songwriter actor and producer
Vanilla Ice Robert Van Winkle 1967- American rapper, actor and television host
Queen Ida Ida Lewis 1929- American musician
Billy Idol William Broad 1955- British and American singer, songwriter, musician (Generation X), and actor
Mr. II Joseph Mbilinyi 1972- Tanzanian politician, activist and rapper
Pola Illéry Paula Iliescu 1909-1993 Romanian-American actress
Margaret Illington Maude Light 1879-1934 American actress
Emma's Imagination Emma Gillespie 1983- Scottish singer
Chanel Iman Chanel Iman Robinson 1990- American model
Apache Indian Steven Kapur 1967- English singer-songwriter and DJ
Marty Ingels Martin Ingerman 1936-2015 American actor and comedian
Jørgen Ingmann Jørgen Ingmann Pedersen 1925-2015 Danish musician
Kid Ink Brian Todd Collins 1986- American rapper
Lux Interior Erick Perkhiser 1946-2009 American singer (The Cramps)
Jena Irene Jena Irene Asciutto 1996- American singer
George S. Irving Irving Shelasky 1922-2016 American actor
Henry Irving John Henry Brodribb 1838-1905 English actor
Jules Irving Julius Israel 1925-1979 American actor, director and producer
May Irwin Georgina May Campbell 1862-1938 Canadian-American actress and singer
Oscar Isaac Óscar Isaac Hernández 1979- Guatemalan-American actor
Margarita Isabel Margarita Isabel Morales 1943-2017 Mexican actress
María Isabel María Isabel López 1995- Spanish singer and songwriter
Dick Israel Ricardo Vizcarra Michaca 1947-2016 Filipino actor
Maria Ivogün Ilse Kempner 1891-1987 Hungarian-Swiss singer


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
David J David Haskins 1957- English musician
Jessie J Jessica Cornish 1988- English singer
LL Cool J James Smith 1968- American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor
Ray J William Norwood Jr. 1981- American singer and actor
Tony Jaa Tatchakorn Yeerum 1976- Thai martial artist, actor and stuntman Also known as Jaa Phanom, Phanom Yeerum and Thatchakon Yiram
Wolfman Jack Robert Smith 1938-1995 American disc jockey
Felix Jackson Felix Joachimson 1902-1992 German-American screenwriter and film producer
Lou Jacobi Louis Jacobovitch 1913-2009 Canadian actor
William Jacoby William Jayne 1969- American actor
Luke Jacobz Luke Jacob Ashwood 1981- Australian actor
Claude Jade Claude Jorré 1948-2006 French actress
Nicky Jam Nick Rivera 1981- American singer and actor
Anthony James James Anthony 1942-2020 American character actor
Art James Arthur Efimchik 1929-2004 American television presenter
Boney James James Oppenheim 1961- American musician, songwriter and record producer
Brian James Brian Robertson 1955- English musician (The Damned and The Lords of the New Church)
Dennis James Demie James Sposa 1917-1997 American television presenter
Duncan James Duncan Matthew James Inglis 1978- English singer and actor (Blue)
Elmore James Elmore Brooks 1918-1963 American blues musician, singer, songwriter and bandleader
Etta James Jamesetta Hawkins 1938-2012 American singer
Gordon James Sydney Lynn 1878-1949 English actor
Kevin James Kevin Knipfing 1965- American comedian and actor
Joni James Joan Babbo 1930-2022 American singer
Josh James Josh Dubovie 1990- English singer
Lily James Lily Thomson 1989- English actress
Mark James Francis Zambon 1940-2024 American songwriter
Markus James Markus Klepaski 1975- American musician (Breaking Benjamin)
Rick James James Johnson 1948-2004 American singer-songwriter, musician and record producer
Sid James Solomon Cohen 1913-1976 South African-English actor and comedian
Sonny James James Loden 1928-2016 American country singer and songwriter
Theo James Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis 1984- English actor
Jenna Jameson Jenna Massoli 1974- American model and former pornographic actress
La Jana Henrietta Hiebel 1905-1940 Austrian-German actress
Thomas Jane Thomas Elliott III 1969- American actor
Conrad Janis Conrad Janowitz 1928-2022 American actor and musician
Dorothy Janis Dorothy Jones 1912-2010 American actress
Elsie Janis Elsie Bierbower 1889-1956 American actress, singer, songwriter and screenwriter
Marie Jansen Harriet Mary Johnson 1857-1914 American actress and singer
Steve Jansen Stephen Batt 1959- English musician, composer and record producer
David Janssen David Meyer 1931-1980 American actor
Anna Jantar Anna Szmeterling 1950-1980 Polish singer
Meera Jasmine Jasmine Mary Joseph 1982- Indian actress
David Jason David John White 1940- English actor
Rick Jason Richard Jacobson 1923-2000 American actor
Sybil Jason Sybil Jacobson 1927-2011 American actress
Jam Master Jay Jason Mizell 1965-2002 American musician and DJ
Shuba Jay Shubasini Jeyaratnam 1976-2014 Malaysian performer and actress
Courtney Jaye Courtney Jaye Goldberg 1978- American singer-songwriter
Jennifer Jayne Jennifer Jones 1931-2006 English actress
Michael Jayston Michael James 1935-2024 English actor
Prince Jazzbo Linval Carter 1951-2013 Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay and producer
Gloria Jean Gloria Jean Schoonover 1926-2018 American actress and singer
Norma Jean Norma Jean Beasler 1938- American country singer
Jazzy Jeff Jeffrey Townes 1965- American rapper and actor
Jim Jefferies Geoffrey James Nugent 1977- Australian comedian
Fran Jeffries Fran Makris 1937-2016 American singer
Noor Jehan Allah Wasai 1926-2000 Pakistani singer and actress
Richard Jeni Richard Colangelo 1957-2007 American comedian and actor
Allen Jenkins Alfred McGonegal 1900-1974 American character actor and singer
Claudia Jennings Mary Chesterton 1949-1979 American actress and model
Diane Jergens Dianne Irgens 1935-2018 American actress
Michael Jerome Michael Jerome Moore 1967- American musician (Better Than Ezra)
Paul Jerricho Paul Coulthard 1948- English actor
Paul Jesson Paul Jackson 1946- English actor
Joan Jett Joan Larkin 1958- American musician, record producer and actress (The Runaways)
Ann Jillian Ann Nauseda 1950- American retired actress and singer
Joyce Jillson Joyce Twichell 1945-2004 American columnist, author, actress and astrologer
Lil' JJ James Lewis III 1990- American actor and comedian Also known as Big JJ
Yung Joc Jasiel Robinson 1980- American rapper
Beau Jocque Andrus Espre 1953-1999 American musician and songwriter
Big Joe Joseph Spalding 1955- Jamaican deejay and record producer
Fat Joe Joseph Cartagena 1970- American rapper (D.I.T.C.)
Phil Joel Phil Joel Urry 1973- New Zealand musician (Newsboys)
Alain Johannes Alain Johannes Moschulski 1962- Chilean-American musician and singer (Eleven)
Dr. John Malcolm John Rebennack Jr. 1941-2019 American singer and songwriter
Elton John Reginald Dwight 1947- English singer, musician and composer Named legally changed to Elton John in September 1972
Rosamund John Nora Rosamund Jones 1913-1998 English actress
Scatman John John Larkin 1942-1999 American musician
Southside Johnny John Lyon 1948- American singer-songwriter (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes)
Milton Johns John Milton 1938- English character actor
Jake Johnson Mark Jake Johnson Weinberger 1978- American actor and filmmaker
Wilko Johnson John Wilkinson 1947-2022 English musician, singer and songwriter (Dr. Feelgood)
Freedy Johnston Fred Fatzer 1961- American singer-songwriter
Pete Jolly Pete Ceragioli Jr. 1932-2004 American musician
Lil Jon Jonathan Smith 1972- American rapper
Buck Jones Charles Gebhart 1891-1942 American actor
Chloe Jones Melinda Taylor 1975-2005 American pornographic actress
Jennifer Jones Phylis Isley 1919-2009 American actress
Jenny Jones Janina Stronski 1946- Canadian television presenter and comedian
John Paul Jones John Baldwin 1946- English musician (Led Zeppelin)
Kacey Jones Gail Zeiler 1950-2016 American singer-songwriter, producer and humorist
L. Q. Jones Justice McQueen Jr. 1927-2022 American actor and director
Paul Jones Paul Pond 1942- English singer and actor (Manfred Mann)
Samantha Jones Jean Owen 1943- English former singer
Tom Jones Thomas John Woodward 1940- Welsh singer
Spike Jonze Adam Spiegel 1969- American director, producer, screenwriter and actor
Angelina Jordan Angelina Jordan Astar 2006- Norwegian singer
Clifford Jordan George Jorgensen Jr. 1931-1993 American jazz musician
Ronny Jordan Ronald Simpson 1962-2014 English musician
José José José Sosa Ortiz 1948-2019 Mexican singer and actor
Paulo José Paulo José Gómez de Souza 1937-2021 Brazilian actor
Angela Josephine Angela Louis 1967- American folk singer-songwriter, musician and author
Darwin Joston Francis Darwin Solomon 1937-1998 American actor
Jacqueline Joubert Jacqueline Pierre 1921-2005 French television announcer, producer and director
Leatrice Joy Leatrice Zeidler 1893-1985 American actress
Vance Joy James Keogh 1987- Australian singer-songwriter
Brenda Joyce Betty Leabo 1917-2009 American actress
Elaine Joyce Elaine Joyce Pinchot 1945- American actress
Ella Joyce Cherron Hoye 1954- American actress
Yootha Joyce Yootha Joyce Needham 1927-1980 English actress
Naomi Judd Diana Judd 1946-2022 American country singer
Janet Julian Janet Johnson 1959- American actress
Miranda July Miranda Grossinger 1974- American film director, screenwriter, actress and author
Mark Boone Junior Mark Heidrich 1955- American actor
Bigg Jus Justin Ingleton Unknown American rapper (Company Flow) Also known as Bigg Justoleum and Lune TNS
Samantha Juste Sandra Slater 1944-2014 English model and television presenter
John Justin John Justinian de Ledesma 1917-2002 English actor


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Greg K. Gregory Kriesel 1965- American musician (The Offspring)
Positive K Darryl Gibson 1967- American rapper
Special K Kevin Keaton 1963- American rapper
Tracey K Tracey Kelliher Unknown Irish singer and songwriter
Ya Kid K Manuela Barbara Kamosi Moaso Djogi 1972- Congolese-Belgian musician (Technotronic)
Yaki Kadafi Yafeu Akiyele Fula 1977-1996 American rapper (Outlawz)
Takeshi Kaga Shigekatsu Katsuta 1950- Japanese actor
Carole Kai Carole Shimizu 1944- American musician
Musa Kaleem Orlando Wright 1921-1988 American musician
Mindy Kaling Vera Mindy Chokalingam 1979- American actress, comedian, screenwriter and producer
Kitty Kallen Katie Kallen 1921-2016 American singer
Hemmo Kallio Herman Puttonen 1863-1940 Finnish actor
Ini Kamoze Cecil Campbell 1957- Jamaican musician
Sean Kanan Sean Perelman 1966- American actor
Big Daddy Kane Antonio Hardy 1968- American rapper, producer and actor (Juice Crew)
Fred Kaps Abraham Bongers 1926-1980 Dutch magician
James Karen Jacob Karnofsky 1923-2018 American character actor
Tzeni Karezi Evgenia Karpouzi 1932-1992 Greek actress
Maya Karin Maya Karin Roelcke 1979- Malaysian actress, television personality and singer
Rita Karin Rita Karpinowicz 1919-1993 Polish-American actress
Anna Karina Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer 1940-2019 Danish-French actress, director, writer, model and singer
Olga Karlatos Olga Vlassopulos 1945- Greek-Bermudian retired actress
John Karlen John Karlewicz 1933-2020 American character actor
Miriam Karlin Miriam Samuels 1925-2011 English actress
Boris Karloff William Pratt 1887-1969 English actor
Mick Karn Andonis Michaelides 1958-2011 Cypriot-English musician (Japan)
Richard Karn Richard Karn Wilson 1956- American actor and comedian
Fred Karno Frederick Westcott 1866-1941 English theatre manager
Mariana Karr María Coppola-González 1949-2016 Argentine-Mexican actress
Vasilis Karras Vasilis Kesogidlis 1953- Greek folk singer
Vybz Kartel Adidja Palmer 1976- Jamaican musician
Shizuko Kasagi Shizuko Kamei 1914-1985 Japanese jazz singer and actress
Anna Kashfi Joan O'Callaghan 1934-2015 British actress
Philippe Katerine Philippe Blanchard 1968- French singer-songwriter, actor, director and writer
Katherine Kath Rose Faess 1920-2012 French ballerina
Shintaro Katsu Toshio Okumura 1931-1997 Japanese actor, singer and dancer
Beatrice Kay Hannah Beatrice Kuper 1907-1986 American actress
Charles Kay Charles Piff 1930- English actor
Connie Kay Conrad Kirnon 1927-1994 American musician (Modern Jazz Quartet)
Crystal Kay Crystal Kay Williams 1986- Japanese singer, songwriter, actress and radio presenter
John Kay Joachim Frauledat 1944- German-American singer, songwriter and musician (Steppenwolf)
Lesli Kay Lesli Kay Pushkin 1965- American actress
Celia Kaye Celia Kay Burkholder 1942- American actress
Danny Kaye David Daniel Kaminsky 1911-1987 American comedian, actor, singer and dancer
David Kaye David Hope 1964- Canadian voice actor
Sammy Kaye Samuel Zarnocay 1910-1987 American bandleader and songwriter
Stubby Kaye Bernard Kotzen 1918-1997 American actor and comedian
Thorsten Kaye Thorsten Kieselbach 1966- German-American actor
Elia Kazan Elias Kazanjoglou 1909-2003 American director, producer, screenwriter and actor
Lainie Kazan Lainie Levine 1940- American actress and singer
Ernie K-Doe Ernest Kador Jr. 1933-2001 American singer
Staci Keanan Anastasia Sagorsky 1975- American attorney and former actress
Michael Keaton Michael John Douglas 1951- American actor
Chief Keef Keith Farrelle Cozart 1995- American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer
Tom Keene George Duryea 1896-1943 American actor
Andrew Keir Andrew Buggy 1926-1997 Scottish actor
Donald Keith Francis Feeney 1903-1969 American actor
Ian Keith Keith Ross 1899-1960 American actor
Kool Keith Keith Thornton 1963- American rapper and producer
Penelope Keith Penelope Hatfield 1940- English actress
Robert Keith Rolland Keith Richey 1898-1966 American actor
Toby Keith Toby Keith Covel 1961- American country singer, songwriter, actor and record producer
Killa Kela Lee Potter 1979- English beatboxer and rapper
Keri Kelli Kenneth Fear Jr. 1971- American musician
Roy Kellino Philip Roy Gislingham 1912-1956 English film director, producer and cinematographer
W. P. Kellino William Philip Gislingham 1874-1957 English musician, performer and film director
Angel Kelly Pamela Moore 1962- American pornographic actress
Jonathan Kelly Jonathan Ledingham 1947-2020 Irish singer
Shotgun Tom Kelly Thomas Irwin 1949- American radio and television personality
Jackie Kelso John Kelson Jr. 1922-2012 American jazz musician (The Capp-Pierce Juggernaut)
Ed Kemmer Edward Kemmerer 1921-2004 American actor
William Hunter Kendal William Hunter Grimston 1843-1917 English actor
Marie Kendall Mary Holyome 1873-1964 English comedienne and actress
Tony Kendall Luciano Stella 1936-2009 Italian actor
Emma Kennedy Elizabeth Emma Williams 1967- English actress
Kevin Kennedy Kevin Williams 1961- English actor and musician
Merna Kennedy Maude Kahler 1908-1944 American actress
Tom Kennedy James Narz 1927-2020 American television personality
Big Kenny William Alphin 1963- American singer (Big & Rich)
Allegra Kent Iris Cohen 1937- American ballet dancer, actress, author and columnist
Jean Kent Joan Summerfield 1921-2013 English actress
Paul Kent Paul Ingelese 1930-2011 American actor and director
Paula Kent Paula Baer 1931-2014 American executive and philanthropist
Annette Kerr Catherine Annette Kerr Peacock 1920-2013 Scottish actress
Margaret Kerry Margaret Lynch 1929- American actress
Norman Kerry Arnold Kaiser 1894-1956 American actor
cEvin Key Kevin Crompton 1961- Canadian musician, songwriter, producer and composer (Skinny Puppy) Also known as Scaremeister
T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh Crystal Walker 1962- American actress and singer
Alicia Keys Alicia Cook 1981- American singer-songwriter
Wiz Khalifa Cameron Thomaz 1987- American rapper
Chaka Khan Carole Stevens 1953- American singer (Rufus)
Cynthia Khan Li-Tsang Yang 1968- Taiwanese actress
Junaid Khan Junaid Khan Niazi 1981- Pakistani actor, producer and singer-songwriter
Shakib Khan Masud Rana 1979- Bangladeshi actor and producer
Mary Kid Marie Keul 1901-1988 German actress
Simple Kid Kieran Macfeely Irish singer-songwriter and musician
Johnny Kidd Frederick Heath 1935-1966 English singer-songwriter (Johnny Kidd & the Pirates)
Michael Kidd Milton Greenwald 1915-2007 American choreographer, dancer and actor
Udo Kier Udo Kierspe 1944- German actor
Masta Killa Elgin Turner 1969- American rapper (Wu-Tang Clan)
Ghostface Killah Dennis Coles 1970- American rapper (Wu-Tang Clan)
Bounty Killer Rodney Price 1972- Jamaican deejay
Cut Killer Anouar Hajoui 1971- Moroccan-French DJ and record producer
Natalia Kills Natalia Keery-Fisher 1986- English singer and actress (Cruel Youth)
Andy Kim Andrew Youakim 1946- Canadian singer and songwriter
Lil' Kim Kimberly Jones 1974- American rapper
Sandra Kim Sandra Calderone 1972- Belgian singer
Ras Kimono Ekeleke Elumelu 1958-2018 Nigerian musician
Alan King Irwin Alan Kniberg 1927-2004 American actor and comedian
Albert King Albert Nelson 1923-1992 American musician
Andrea King Georgette André Barry 1919-2003 American actress
Anita King Anita Keppen 1884-1963 American actress
Ash King Ashutosh Ganguly 1980- British singer, songwriter and composer
Ben E. King Benjamin Earl Nelson 1938-2015 American singer and record producer
Carole King Carole Klein 1942- American singer-songwriter and musician
Earl King Earl Johnson IV 1934-2003 American singer, musician and songwriter
Kip King Jerome Kattan 1937-2010 American actor
Larry King Lawrence Zeiger 1933-2021 American television and radio presenter
Morgana King Maria Grazia Morgana Messina 1930-2018 American jazz singer and actress
Pee Wee King Julius Kuczynski 1914-2000 American country singer-songwriter
Sonny King Luigi Schiavone 1922-2006 American singer
Zalman King Zalman Lefkowitz 1941-2012 American director, writer, producer and actor
Ben Kingsley Krishna Banji 1943- English actor
Natalie Kingston Natalia Ringstrom 1905-1991 American actress
Sean Kingston Kisean Anderson 1990- American singer and rapper
Kathleen Kinmont Kathleen Kinmont Smith 1965- American actress
Klaus Kinski Klaus Nakszyński 1926-1991 German actor
Nastassja Kinski Nastassja Nakszyński 1961- German actress
Bruce Kirby Bruno Quidaciolu 1925-2021 American character actor
Bruno Kirby Bruno Quidaciolu Jr. 1949-2006 American actor
Jack Kirby Jacob Kurtzberg 1917-1994 American comic book artist, writer and editor
Phyllis Kirk Phyllis Kirkegaard 1927-2006 American actress
Katie Kissoon Katherine Farthing 1951- Trinidadian singer (Mac and Katie Kissoon)
Eartha Kitt Eartha Keith 1927-2008 American singer and actress
Miss Kittin Caroline Hervé 1973- French music producer, DJ, singer and songwriter
Alisha Klass Alicia Pieri 1972- American former pornographic actress
Harry Klynn Vasilis Triantafillidis 1940-2018 Greek comedian and singer
Beverley Knight Beverley Smith 1973- English singer, songwriter, actress and radio personality
June Knight Margaret Valliquietto 1913-1987 American actress and singer
Marjorie Knight Patricia Heintzen 1915-2004 American actress
Robert Knight Robert Peebles 1940-2017 American singer
Ted Knight Tadeusz Konopka 1923-1986 American actor
Dr. Know Gary Miller 1958- American musician (Bad Brains)
Barbara Knox Barbara Brothwood 1933- English actress
Betty Knox Alice Elizabeth Peden 1906-1963 American dancer and journalist
Elyse Knox Elsie Kornbrath 1917-2012 American actress, model and fashion designer
Nick Knox Nick Stephanoff 1953-2018 American musician (The Cramps)
Johnny Knoxville Philip John Clapp 1971- American actor, producer and writer
Bobby Knutt Robert Wass 1945-2017 English actor and comedian
Ruth Kobart Ruth Kahn 1924-2002 American actress
Oja Kodar Olga Palinkaš 1941- Croatian actress, screenwriter and director
King Kolax William Little 1912-1991 American jazz musician and bandleader
Caroline Kole Caroline Kudelko 1997- American singer, songwriter and musician
Ajith Kollam Ajith Haridas 1962-2018 Indian actor
Krzysztof Komeda Krzysztof Trzciński 1931-1969 Polish composer and musician
Liliana Komorowska Liliana Głąbczyńska 1956- Polish actress and filmmaker
Andrei Konchalovsky Andrei Mikhalkov 1937- Russian filmmaker
Al Kooper Al Kuperschmidt 1944- American retired songwriter, record producer and musician (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Alexander Korda Sándor Kellner 1893-1956 Hungarian-English film director, producer and screenwriter
Véra Korène Rébecca Véra Korestzky 1901-1996 Russian-French actress and singer
Baltasar Kormákur Baltasar Kormkákur Samper 1966- Icelandic actor, director and producer
Fritz Kortner Fritz Kohn 1892-1970 Austrian actor and director
Uncle Kracker Matthew Shafer 1974- American singer, rapper, and musician
Billy J. Kramer William Ashton 1943- English singer
Marta Kristen Birgit Rusanen 1945- Norwegian-American actress
Liv Kristine Liv Kristine Espenæs 1976- Norwegian singer
Diane Kruger Diane Heidkrüger 1976- German actress
Akshay Kumar Rajiv Bhatia 1967- Indian-Canadian actor
Ashok Kumar Kumudlal Ganguly 1911-2001 Indian actor
Dilip Kumar Muhammad Khan 1922-2021 Indian actor
Kishore Kumar Abhas Kumar Ganguly 1929-1987 Indian singer and actor
Shalini Kumar Shalini Babu 1979- Indian former actress
Susumu Kurobe Takashi Yoshimoto 1939- Japanese actor
Stanley Kwan Jinpang Guan 1957- Hong Kong film director and producer


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Big L Lamont Coleman 1974-1999 American rapper and record executive Also known as L Corleone
Julian L'Estrange Julian Boyle 1880-1918 English actor
Barbara La Marr Reatha Watson 1896-1926 American actress
Rita La Roy Ina La Roi Stuart 1901-1993 American actress
Jack La Rue Gaspere Biondilillo 1902-1984 American actor
Patti LaBelle Patricia Holt 1944- American singer and actress
Art Laboe Arthur Egnoian 1925-2022 American radio personality, songwriter and record producer
Simon Lack Alexander MacAlpine 1913-1980 Scottish actor
Steve Lacy Steven Lackritz 1934-2004 American saxophonist
Diane Ladd Rose Diane Ladner 1935- American actress
Bert Lahr Irving Lahrheim 1895-1967 American actor
Cleo Laine Clementine Campbell 1927- English singer and actress
Denny Laine Brian Hines 1944- English musician (The Moody Blues) and (Wings)
Frankie Laine Francesco LoVecchio 1913-2007 American singer, songwriter and actor
Jenny Laird Phyllis Blythe 1912-2001 English actress
Arthur Lake Arthur Silverlake Jr. 1905-1987 American actor
Florence Lake Florence Silverlake 1904-1980 American actress
Patricia Lake Patricia Van Cleve 1919-1993 American actress
Veronica Lake Constance Ockelman 1922-1973 American actress
K. P. A. C. Lalitha Maheshwari Amma 1947-2022 Indian actress
Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar Duckworth 1987- American rapper and songwriter
Hedy Lamarr Hedwig Kiesler 1914-2000 Austrian-American actress and inventor
Mark Lambert Mark Luebke 1952- American actor and singer
Peter Land Peter White 1953- New Zealand actor and singer
David Lander David Landau 1947-2020 American actor
Carole Landis Frances Ridste 1919-1948 American actress
Michael Landon Eugene Michael Orowitz 1936–1991 American actor and filmmaker
Abbe Lane Abigail Lassman 1932- American singer and actress
Allan Lane Harry Leonard Albershardt 1909-1973 American actor
Charles Lane Charles Levison 1905-2007 American actor
Jani Lane John Oswald 1964-2011 American singer and songwriter (Warrant)
Jocelyn Lane Jocelyn Bolton 1937- Austrian former actress and model
Leota Lane Leotabel Mullican 1903-1963 American actress and singer (Lane Sisters)
Lola Lane Dorothy Mullican 1906-1981 American actress and singer (Lane Sisters)
Lupino Lane Henry William George Lupino 1892-1959 English actor and comedian
Nathan Lane Joseph Lane 1956- American actor
Priscilla Lane Priscilla Mullican 1915-1995 American actress and singer (Lane Sisters)
Rosemary Lane Rosemary Mullican 1913-1974 American actress and singer (Lane Sisters)
Sunny Lane Holly Hodges 1980- American pornographic actress
Eddie Lang Salvatore Massaro 1902-1933 American musician
Howard Lang Donald Yarranton 1911-1989 English actor
Jim Lang Jim Langknecht 1950- American composer
Jonny Lang Jon Langseth Jr. 1981- American singer, songwriter and musician
June Lang Winifred June Vlasek 1917-2005 American actress
Sue Ane Langdon Sue Lookhoff 1936- American actress
Susan Lanier Susan Engledow 1947- American actress
Joi Lansing Joy Brown 1929-1972 American actress
Robert Lansing Robert Brown 1928-1994 American actor
Sherry Lansing Sherry Duhl 1944- American retired film studio executive
Snooky Lanson Roy Landman 1914-1990 American singer
Alexandra Lara Alexandra Plătăreanu 1978- Romanian-German actress
Catherine Lara Catherine Bodet 1945- French musician, composer, singer and author
Odete Lara Odete Bertoluzzi 1929-2015 Brazilian actress
Eddie Large Edward McGinnis 1941-2020 Scottish comedian (Little and Large)
Chris Larkin Christopher Stephens 1967- English actor
Keith Larsen Keith Burt 1924-2006 American actor
Wolf Larson Wolfgang von Wyszecki 1959- German-Canadian former actor, screenwriter and producer
Denise LaSalle Ora Denise Allen 1934-2018 American singer
Bat for Lashes Natasha Khan 1979- English singer and songwriter
Zoe Laskari Zoe Kourouklis 1942-2017 Greek actress
Barbara Lass Barbara Kwiatkowska 1940-1995 Polish actress
Queen Latifah Dana Owens 1970- American rapper, actress and singer
Matthew Laurance Matthew Dickoff American actor
Stan Laurel Arthur Stanley Jefferson 1890-1965 English comedian and actor (Laurel and Hardy)
Rose Laurens Rose Podwojny 1951-2018 French singer-songwriter
Paul Laurence Paul Lawrence Jones III 1958- American songwriter, producer and musician
Piper Laurie Rosetta Jacobs 1932-2023 American actress
Ève Lavallière Eugénie Fenoglio 1866-1929 French actress
Lea Laven Lea Luukinen 1948- Finnish singer
Daliah Lavi Daliah Lewinbuk (or Levenbuch) 1942-2017 Israeli actress, singer and model
Blackie Lawless Steven Duren 1956- American singer, songwriter and musician (W.A.S.P.)
Carol Lawrence Carolina Laraia 1932- American actress
Eddie Lawrence Lawrence Eisler 1919-2014 American actor
Gertrude Lawrence Gertrude Klasen 1898-1952 English actress, singer and dancer
Jay Lawrence Jay Storch 1924-1987 American comedian and actor
Joey Lawrence Joseph Lawrence Mignona III 1976- American actor, musician and singer-songwriter
Matthew Lawrence Matthew Mignogna 1980- American actor, podcaster and singer
Steve Lawrence Sidney Liebowitz 1935- American actor, singer and comedian
Vicki Lawrence Vicki Axelrad 1949- American actress, comedienne and singer
Priscilla Lawson Priscilla Shortridge 1914-1958 American actress
Dorothy Layton Dorothy Wannenwetsch 1912-2009 American actress
Valentin le désossé Jacques Renaudin 1843-1907 French dancer
Barbara Lea Barbara LeCocq 1929-2011 American singer
Nicholas Lea Nicholas Herbert 1962- Canadian actor
Leo Leandros Leandros Papathanasiou 1926- Greek musician, composer and producer
Vicky Leandros Vassiliki Papathanasiou 1949- Greek-German singer
Ginette Leclerc Geneviève Menut 1912-1992 French actress
Inda Ledesma Margarita Rodríguez 1926-2010 Argentine actress
Amos Lee Ryan Massaro 1977- American singer-songwriter
Anna Lee Joan Boniface Winnifrith 1913-2004 English actress
Brenda Lee Brenda Tarpley 1944- American singer
Bruce Lee Jun-Fan Lee 1940-1973 Hong Kong-American martial artist and actor
Bunny Lee Edward O'Sullivan Lee 1941-2020 Jamaican record producer Also known as Striker Lee
Dinah Lee Diane Jacobs 1943- New Zealand singer
Dixie Lee Wilma Wyatt 1909-1952 American actress, dancer and singer
Dorothy Lee Majorie Millsap 1911-1999 American actress and comedienne
Frances Lee Merna Tibbetts 1906-2000 American actress
Geddy Lee Gary Lee Weinrib 1953- Canadian musician (Rush)
Georgia Lee Dulcie Pitt 1921-2010 Australian singer and actress
Gwen Lee Gwendolyn Lepinski 1904-1961 American actress
Gypsy Rose Lee Rose Hovick 1911-1970 American dancer and actress
Hyapatia Lee Victoria Lynch 1960- American former pornographic actress
Keiran Lee Adam Diksa 1984- English pornographic actor
Lila Lee Augusta Appel 1905-1973 American actress
Madeline Lee Madeline Lederman 1923-2008 American actress and activist
Mary Lee Mary Lee Wooters 1924-1996 American singer and actress
Michele Lee Michele Lee Dusick 1942- American actress, singer, dancer, producer and director
Peggy Lee Norma Egstrom 1920–2002 American singer, songwriter, composer and actress
Pinky Lee Pincus Leff 1907-1993 American comedian and actor
Ruta Lee Ruta Kilmonis 1935- Canadian-American actress and dancer
St. Clair Lee Bernard Henderson 1944-2011 American singer (The Hues Corporation)
Stan Lee Stanley Lieber 1922–2018 American comic book writer
Andrea Leeds Antoinette Lees 1913-1984 American actress
Lila Leeds Lila Wilkinson 1928-1999 American actress
John Leeson John Ducker 1943- English actor
John Legend John Stephens 1978- American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer
Mirtha Legrand Rosa Martínez Suárez 1927- Argentine actress and television presenter
Silvia Legrand María Aurelia Paula Martínez Suárez 1927-2020 Argentine actress
Chyler Leigh Chyler Leigh Potts 1982- American actress, singer and model
Dorian Leigh Dorian Leigh Parker 1917-2008 American model
Janet Leigh Jeanette Morrison 1927-2004 American actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh Jennifer Leigh Morrow 1962- American actress
Megan Leigh Michelle Schei 1964-1990 American pornographic dancer and actress
Mitch Leigh Irwin Michnick 1928-2014 American composer and producer
Suzanna Leigh Sandra Smith 1945-2017 English actress
Jan Leighton Milton Lichtman 1921-2009 American actor
Lillian Leitzel Leopoldina Alitza Pelikan 1892-1931 German-American acrobat
Mr. Len Leonard Smythe Unknown American hip hop DJ
Marcelle Lender Anne-Marie Marcelle Bastien 1862-1926 French singer, dancer and entertainer
Ari Lennox Courtney Salter 1991- American singer
Dan Leno George Galvin 1860-1904 English comedian and actor
Rula Lenska Róża Łubieńska 1947- English actress
Lotte Lenya Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer 1898-1981 Austrian singer and actress
Jack E. Leonard Leonard Lebitzky 1910-1973 American comedian and actor
Queenie Leonard Pearl Walker 1905–2002 English actress
Sheldon Leonard Leonard Sheldon Bershad 1907–1997 American actor, producer, director and screenwriter
Téa Leoni Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni 1966- American actress
Mimi Lerner Emilia Lipczer 1945-2007 Polish-American opera singer
Baby LeRoy Ronald Le Roy Overcracker 1932-2001 American actor
Da L.E.S Leslie Jonathan Mampe Jr. 1985- South African-American rapper
Amy Leslie Lilian West 1855-1939 American actress and opera singer
Joan Leslie Joan Brodel 1925-2015 American actress
John Leslie John Leslie Nuzzo 1945-2010 American pornographic actor
Ketty Lester Revoyda Frierson 1934- American actress and singer
Mark Lester Mark Letzer 1958- English former child actor
Gigi Leung Wing-kei Leung 1976- Hong Kong actress and singer
John Levene John Woods 1941- English actor, producer, entertainer and singer
Johnny Lever John Janumala 1957- Indian actor
Zachary Levi Zachary Levi Pugh 1980- American actor
Al Lewis Albert Meister 1923-2006 American actor
Gary Lewis Gary Harold Lee Levitch 1945- American musician (Gary Lewis & the Playboys)
Gary Lewis Gary Stevenson 1957- Scottish actor
Huey Lewis Hugh Cregg III 1950- American singer, songwriter and actor (Huey Lewis and the News)
Jayce Lewis Jason Lewis 1984- Welsh musician
Jerry Lewis Jerome Levitch 1926-2017 American comedian, actor and singer
Joe E. Lewis Joseph Klewan 1902-1971 American singer
Mel Lewis Melvin Sokoloff 1929-1990 American musician
Robert Q. Lewis Robert Goldberg 1921-1991 American actor, radio presenter and comedian
Shari Lewis Sonia Hurwitz 1933-1994 American puppeteer, actress and writer
Smiley Lewis Overton Lemons 1913-1966 American blues musician
Ted Lewis Theodore Friedman 1890-1971 American entertainer, bandleader and musician
Val Lewton Vladimir Leventon 1904-1951 Russian-American novelist, film producer and screenwriter
Jet Li Lian-Jie Li 1963- Chinese actor, producer and martial artist
Lykke Li Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson 1986- Swedish singer
Mr. Lif Jeffrey Haynes 1977- American rapper
Alex Lifeson Aleksandar Živoyinović 1953- Canadian musician (Rush)
Judith Light Judith Licht 1949- American actress
Winnie Lightner Winifred Reeves 1899-1971 American actress
Bjarne Liller Bjarne Pedersen 1935-1993 Danish jazz musician and singer-songwriter
Roger Lima Rogério Lima Manganelli 1973- American musician (Less Than Jake)
Rickey Lime Anna Goodling 1980- American musician (Scarling)
Abbey Lincoln Anna Wooldridge 1930-2010 American singer, songwriter and actress
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Clutterbuck 1973- English actor
Elmo Lincoln Otto Elmo Linkenhelt 1889-1952 American actor
Henry Lincoln Henry Soskin 1930-2022 English author and actor
Pamela Lincoln Pamela Gill 1937-2019 American actress
Anita Linda Alice Lake 1924-2020 Filipina actress
Hal Linden Harold Lipschitz 1931- American actor
Max Linder Gabriel-Maximillien Leuvielle 1883-1925 French actor
Howard Lindsay Herman Nelke 1889-1968 American playwright, director and actor
Margaret Lindsay Margaret Kies 1910–1981 American actress
Lisa Lisa Lisa Velez 1967- American singer
Mona Lisa (actress) Gloria Lerma Yatco 1922-2019 Filipina actress
Mona Lisa (singer) Kimberly Leadbetter 1979- American singer
Virna Lisi Virna Lisi Pieralisi 1936–2014 Italian actress
Ann Little Mary Brooks 1891-1984 American actress
Little Jack Little John Leonard 1899-1956 English-American composer, singer and actor
Syd Little Cyril Mead 1942- English comedian (Little and Large)
Eddie Little Sky Edsel Little 1926-1997 American actor
Félia Litvinne François-Jeanne Schütz 1860-1936 French opera singer
Larry Livermore Lawrence Hayes 1947- American singer, musician, record producer and author
Bunny Livingston Neville Livingston 1947-2021 Jamaican musician (Bob Marley and the Wailers)
Jay Livingston Jacob Levenson 1915-2001 American actor
Mary Livingstone Sadie Marcowitz 1905-1983 American actress and comedienne
Olivia Anna Livki Olivia Anna Schnitzler 1984- German singer-songwriter
Emma Livry Emma Marie Emarot 1842-1863 French dancer
Kathleen Lloyd Kathleen Gackle Unknown American actress
Marie Lloyd Matilda Wood 1870–1922 English performer and comedienne
Norman Lloyd Norman Perlmutter 1914-2021 American actor
Shawty Lo Carlos Walker 1976-2016 American rapper (D4L)
Meat Loaf Marvin Lee Aday 1947-2022 American singer and actor
Tone Loc Anthony Smith 1966- American rapper
Josef Locke Joseph McLaughlin 1917-1999 Irish singer
Sondra Locke Sandra Smith 1944–2018 American actress
Gary Lockwood John Gary Yurosek 1937- American actor
John Loder William John Muir Lowe 1898-1988 English actor
Ella Logan Georgina Allan 1913-1969 Scottish-American actress and singer
Jimmy Logan James Short 1928-2001 Scottish performer and director
Johnny Logan Seán Sherrard 1954- Irish singer-songwriter
Herbert Lom Herbert ze Kuchačevič ze Schluderpacheru 1917-2012 Czech-English actor
Carole Lombard Jane Peters 1908-1942 American actress
Louise Lombard Louise Perkins 1970- English actress
Alice Lon Alice Lon Wyche 1926-1981 American singer and dancer
George London George Burnstein 1920-1985 American opera singer
Julie London Julie Peck 1926-2000 American actress and singer
John Lone Kwok-Leung Ng 1952- American actor
Muni Long Priscilla Hamilton 1988- American singer and songwriter
Jack Lord John Ryan 1920-1998 American actor
Justine Lord Justine Schooling 1937- English actress
Marjorie Lord Marjorie Wollenberg 1918-2015 American actress
Mr Lordi Tomi Putaansuu 1974- Finnish musician
Traci Lords Nora Kuzma 1968- American actress
Yoke Lore Adrian Galvin 1989- American musician
Sophia Loren Sofia Scicolone 1934- Italian actress
Eugene Loring LeRoy Kerpestein 1911-1982 American dancer and choreographer
Gloria Loring Gloria Goff 1946- American singer, songwriter and actress
Teala Loring Marcia Griffin 1922-2007 American actress
Guido Lorraine Gwidon Gottlieb 1912-2009 Polish actor, musician and singer
Louise Lorraine Louise Escobar 1904-1981 American actress
Peter Lorre László Löwenstein 1904–1964 Hungarian-American actor
Marion Lorne Marion Lorne MacDougall 1883-1968 American actress
Joan Lorring Mary Ellis 1926-2014 American actress
Lucille Lortel Lucille Wadler 1900-1999 American actress
Pixie Lott Victoria Lott 1991- English singer, songwriter and actress
Helmut Lotti Helmut Lotigiers 1969- Belgian singer-songwriter
Bonnie Lou Mary Kath 1924-2015 American singer
Jean Louis Jean Louis Berthault 1907-1997 French-American costume designer
Justin Louis Louis Ferreira 1966- Portuguese-Canadian actor
Anita Louise Anita Louise Fremault 1915-1970 American actress
Merle Louise Merle Louise Letowt 1934- American actress
Tina Louise Tina Blacker 1934- American actress
Michel Louvain Michel Poulin 1937–2021 Canadian singer
Charlie Louvin Charles Loudermilk 1927-2011 American country singer and songwriter (The Louvin Brothers)
Ira Louvin Ira Loudermilk 1924-1965 American country singer, musician and songwriter (The Louvin Brothers)
Abz Love Richard Abidin Breen 1979- English rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and television personality (Five)
Bessie Love Juanita Horton 1898-1986 American-English actress
Darlene Love Darlene Wright 1941- American singer and actress
Faizon Love Langston Faizon Santisima 1968- Cuban-American actor and comedian
Mary Love Mary Allen 1943-2013 American singer
Monie Love Simone Gooden 1970- English rapper, actress and radio personality
Linda Lovelace Linda Boreman 1949-2002 American pornographic actress
Patty Loveless Patricia Ramey 1957- American country singer
Ed Lover James Roberts 1963- American rapper
Lene Lovich Lili-Marlene Premilovich 1949- English-American musician
Robert Lowery Robert Lowery Hanks 1913-1971 American actor
Myrna Loy Myrna Williams 1905–1993 American actress
Antonella Lualdi Antonietta de Pascale 1931-2023 Italian actress
Emmanuel Lubezki Emmanuel Lubezki Morgenstern 1964- Mexican cinematographer
Arthur Lucan Arthur Towle 1885–1954 English actor
Nick Lucas Dominic Nicholas Anthony Lucanese 1897-1982 American musician and singer
Sid Lucero Timothy Eigenmann 1983- Filipino actor
Lex Luger Lexus Lewis 1991- American record producer
Bela Lugosi Béla Blasko 1882-1956 Hungarian-American actor
Aca Lukas Aleskandar Vuksanović 1968- Serbian singer and musician
Lydia Lunch Lydia Koch 1959- American singer (Teenage Jesus and the Jerks)
Alberto Lupo Alberto Zoboli 1924–1984 Italian actor
Virginia Luque Violeta Domínguez 1927-2014 Argentine singer and actress
Ingrid Luterkort Carola Ingrid Margareta Eklundh 1910-2011 Swedish actress
Lillian Lux Lilian Lukashefsky 1918-2005 American singer, author, songwriter and actress
Annabella Lwin Myant Aye 1966- Burmese-English singer, songwriter and record producer (Bow Wow Wow)
Abe Lyman Abraham Simon 1897–1957 American bandleader
Dawn Lyn Dawn Lyn Narvik 1963- American former child actress
Jacquie Lyn Jacquelyn Dufton 1928-2002 English-American child actress
Carol Lynley Carole Jones 1942–2019 American actress
Amber Lynn Laura Lynn Allen 1964- American porn actress
Cassandra Lynn Cassandra Lynn Jensen 1979–2014 American model
Cynthia Lynn Zinta Zimilis 1937–2014 Latvian-American actress
Diana Lynn Dolores Loehr 1926–1971 American actress
Ginger Lynn Ginger Lynn Allen 1962- American porn actress
Jeffrey Lynn Ragnar Lind 1905/1906-1989 American actor and producer
Judy Lynn Judy Lynn Voiten 1936-2010 American singer-songwriter
Porsche Lynn Unknown 1962- American porn actress
Sharon Lynn D'Auvergne Sharon Lindsay 1901-1963 American actress and singer
Vera Lynn Vera Welch 1917–2020 English singer
Carole Lynne Helen Violet Carolyn Heyman 1918-2008 English actress
Gillian Lynne Gillian Pyrke 1926–2018 English ballerina
Gloria Lynne Gloria Wilson 1929-2013 American jazz singer
Lya Lys Natalia Lyecht 1908-1986 German-American actress
MC Lyte Lana Moorer 1970- American rapper
Natasha Lyonne Natasha Braustein 1979- American actress and filmmaker
Natasha Lytess Natalia Postmann 1911–1963 German actress and writer


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Agent M Emily Whitehurst 1979- American singer, songwriter, composer, musician and producer (Tsunami Bomb)
Lisa M Mary Lisa Marrero Vázquez 1974- Puerto Rican rapper
Wu Ma Feng Hongyuan 1942-2014 Hong Kong actor and director
Edo Maajka Edin Osmić 1978- Bosnian rapper
Moms Mabley Loretta Mary Aiken 1894-1975 American comedian and actress
Bernie Mac Bernard McCullough 1957-2008 American comedian and actor
Micheál Mac Liammóir Alfred Lee Willmore 1899-1978 Anglo-Irish actor, author, designer, dramatist and impresario
Ewan MacColl James Miller 1915-1989 Scottish singer
Jacki MacDonald Jenine MacDonald 1953- Australian former television personality and radio personality
Harry MacDonough John Macdonald 1871-1931 Canadian singer and recording executive
Moyna Macgill Charlotte McIldowie 1895–1975 British actress
Tormod MacGill-Eain Norman Maclean 1936-2017 Scottish comedian, novelist, poet, musician and broadcaster
Byron MacGregor Gary Lachlan Mack 1948-1995 Canadian radio and TV news anchor, news director and recording artist
Cecil Mack Richard Cecil McPherson 1873-1944 American musician
Helen Mack Helen McDougall 1913-1986 American actress
Lee Mack Lee McKillop 1968- English comedian and actor
Lonnie Mack Lonnie McIntosh 1941-2016 American musician
Ted Mack William Edward Maguiness 1904-1976 American radio and television host
Willard Mack Charles McLaughlin 1873-1934 American actor
Gisèle MacKenzie Gisèle LaFlèche 1927-2003 Canadian-American singer and actress
Mary MacLaren Mary MacDonald (or McDonald) 1900-1985 American actress
Gavin MacLeod Allan See 1931-2021 American actor
Bill Macy Wolf Garber 1922-2019 American actor
Cleo Madison Lulu Bailey 1883-1964 American actress
Guy Madison Guy Moseley 1922-1996 American actor
Holly Madison Holly Cullen 1979- American television personality
Noel Madison Noel Moscovitch 1897–1975 American character actor
Sarah Danielle Madison Sarah Goldberg 1974–2014 American actress
Philip Madoc Philip Jones 1934-2012 Welsh actor
Johnny Maestro John Mastrangelo 1939-2010 American singer (The Crests)
Stella Maeve Stella Maeve Johnson 1989- American actress
Taj Mahal Henry Fredericks 1942- American musician
Franca Maï Françoise Baud 1959-2012 French actress and novelist
Marjorie Main Mary Tomlinson 1890–1975 American character actress
Lee Majors Harvey Lee Yeary Jr. 1939- American actor
Dionysis Makris Dionysis Sindrivanis 1982- Greek actor
Karl Malden Mladen Sekulovich 1912–2009 American actor
Eva Maler Eva Litzenberg 1988- German playwright
Hema Malini Hema Chakravarty 1948- Indian actress, director, producer and politician
Max Malini Max Breit 1875-1942 Polish-American magician
Julia Mallam Julia Oglesby 1982- English actress
Anna Malle Anna Hotop 1967-2006 American actress
Mathilde Mallinger Mathilde Licthenegger 1847-1920 Croatian opera singer
Victoria Mallory Victoria Morales 1948-2014 American actress
Yngwie Malmsteen Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck 1963- Swedish musician (Steeler and Alcatrazz)
Dorothy Malone Mary Maloney 1924-2018 American actress
Nancy Malone Anna Maloney 1935-2014 American actress and director
Post Malone Austin Richard Post 1995- American musician and record producer
Roy Maloy Roy McPherson 1975- Australian stunt performer
Eily Malyon Eily Lees-Craston 1879-1961 English character actress
Lil Mama Niatia Kirkland 1989- American rapper
Cheb Mami Mohamed Kelifati 1966- Algerian musician and singer-songwriter
Beenie Man Moses Davis 1973- Jamaican deejay
House Man Theryl DeClouet 1951-2018 American singer
Method Man Clifford Smith 1971- American rapper
Gina Manès Blanche Moulin 1893-1989 French actress
Aasif Mandvi Aasif Mandviwala 1966- British and American actor, comedian and author
Handsome Dick Manitoba Richard Blum 1954- American musician and radio personality (MC5)
Abby Mann Abraham Goodman 1927-2008 American writer and producer
Anthony Mann Emil Anton Bundmann 1906-1967 American actor
Barry Mann Barry Ibermann 1939- American musician and songwriter
Herbie Mann Herbert Solomon 1930-2003 American jazz musician
Manfred Mann Manfred Lubowitz 1940- South African-English musician, arranger, singer and songwriter (Manfred Mann)
Mary Mannering Florence Friend 1876-1953 English actress
Dick Manning Samuel Medoff 1912-1991 Russian-American songwriter
Irene Manning Inez Harvuot 1912-2004 American actress and singer
Jayne Mansfield Vera Jane Palmer 1933-1967 American actress
Sally Mansfield Marie Mahder 1923-2001 American character actress
Marilyn Manson Bryan Warner 1969- American musician (Marilyn Manson)
Paul Mantee Paul Marianetti 1931–2013 American actor
Kurtis Mantronik Graham Curtis el Khaleel 1965- Jamaican-born hip hop and electronic musician (Mantronix)
Víctor Manuelle Víctor Manuel Ruiz 1968- American musician
Roots Manuva Rodney Smith 1972- English rapper
Adele Mara Adelaide Delgado 1923-2010 American actress
Patricia Marand Patricia Marandino 1934-2008 American actress and singer
André Maranne André Maillol 1926-2021 French-English actor
Sophie Marceau Sophie Maupu 1966- French actress
Kee Marcello Kjell Lövbom 1960- Swedish musician (Europe and Easy Action)
Elspeth March Jean Elspeth Mackenzie 1911-1999 English actress
Fredric March Ernest Bickel 1897-1975 American actor
Hal March Harold Mendelson 1920-1970 American comedian, actor and television host
Jane March Jane March Horwood 1973- English actress
Peggy March Margaret Battavio 1948- American singer
Bobby Marchan Oscar Gibson 1930-1999 American singer, songwriter and bandleader
Rocky Marciano Rocco Marchegiano 1923-1969 American boxer
Gian Marco Gian Marco Zignago-Alcovér 1970- Peruvian musician and actor
James Marcus Brian James 1942- English actor
Jerry Maren Gerard Marenghi 1920-2018 American actor
Angela Maria Abelim Maria da Cunha 1929-2018 Brazilian singer and actress
Angélica María Angelia Hartman 1944- Mexican actress and singer
Ida Maria Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen 1984- Norwegian musician and songwriter
Julienne Marie Julianne Marie Hendricks 1937- American former actress and singer
Kelly Marie Jacqueline McKinnon 1957- Scottish singer
Lisa Marie Lisa Marie Smith 1968- American model and actress
Rose Marie Rose Marie Mazzetta 1923-2017 American actress, singer and comedienne
Teena Marie Mary Christine Brockert 1956-2010 American singer, songwriter, musician and composer
Gloria Marín Gloria Méndez-Ramos 1919-1983 Mexican actress
Anya Marina Anya Kroth 1976- American singer-songwriter
Giovanna Marini Giovanna Salviucci 1937- Italian singer-songwriter
Mona Maris Mona Capdeville 1903-1991 Argentine actress
Léo Marjane Thérèse Gendebien 1912-2016 French singer
Money Mark Mark Ramos-Nishita 1960- American producer and musician
Biz Markie Marcel Hall 1964-2021 American rapper and singer
Al Markim Alfred Moskowitz 1927-2015 American actor
Alicia Markova Lilian Alicia Marks 1910-2004 English ballerina and choreographer
Alfred Marks Ruchel Kutchinsky 1921-1996 English actor and comedian
DJ Marky Marco Silva 1973- Brazilian DJ and producer
Marley Marl Marlon Williams 1962- American rapper, DJ and record producer
Naira Marley Azeez Adeshina Fashola 1991- British-Nigerian singer and songwriter
Hugh Marlowe Hugh Hipple 1911-1982 American actor
Julia Marlowe Sarah Frost 1865-1950 English-American actress
June Marlowe Gisela Goetten 1903-1984 American actress
Katherine Marlowe Kathryn Rea 1914-2010 American actress
Marion Marlowe Marion Townsend 1929-2012 American singer and actress
Scott Marlowe Ronald DeLeo 1932-2001 American actor
Anna Marly Anna Betulinskaya 1917-2006 Russian singer-songwriter
Hanna Maron Hanna Meierzak 1923-2014 German-Israeli actress and comedienne
Sally Marr Sadie Kitchenberg 1906–1997 American comedienne
Albert Marre Albert Moshinsky 1924-2012 American director and producer
Baldo Marro Teodoro Baldomaro 1948-2017 Filipino actor, screenwriter, director and producer
Bruno Mars Peter Hernandez 1985- American singer-songwriter
Mick Mars Robert Deal 1951- American musician (Mötley Crüe)
Carol Marsh Norma Simpson 1926-2010 English actress
Garry Marsh Leslie Marsh Geraghty 1902-1981 English actor
Joan Marsh Nancy Rosher 1914-2000 American actress
Marian Marsh Violet Krauth 1913-2006 American actress
Brenda Marshall Ardis Ankerson 1915-1992 American actress
Marion Marshall Marian Tanner 1929-2018 American actress
Peter Marshall Ralph Pierre LaCock 1926- American former television host, singer and actor
Tully Marshall William Phillips 1864-1943 American actor
Arlene Martel Arline Sax 1936-2014 American actress
Lena Martell Helen Thomson 1940- Scottish singer
Dean Martin Dino Crocetti 1917-1995 American actor, singer and comedian
Derek Martin Derek Rapp 1933- English actor
Judy Martin Eva Overstake 1917-1951 American country singer
Kiel Martin Kiel Mueller 1944-1990 American actor
Lori Martin Dawn Menzer 1947-2010 American actress
Marion Martin Marion Suplee 1909-1985 American actress
Quinn Martin Irwin Martin Cohn 1922-1987 American producer
Ross Martin Martin Rosenblatt 1920-1981 American actor
Tony Martin Anthony Harford 1957- English singer (Black Sabbath)
Tony Martin Alvin Morris 1913-2012 American actor and singer
Elsa Martinelli Elisa Tia 1935-2017 Italian actress and model
Mia Martini Domenica Berté 1947-1995 Italian singer, songwriter and musician
Al Martino Alfred Cini 1927-2009 American actor and singer
John Martyn Iain McGeachy 1948-2009 English-Scottish singer-songwriter and musician
Laurel Martyn Laurel Gill 1916-2013 Australian ballet dancer
Hank Marvin Brian Rankin 1941- English musician (The Shadows)
Pepper MaShay Jean McClain 1953- American singer-songwriter
Osa Massen Åse Madsen Iversen 1914-2006 Danish actress
Edith Massey Edith Dornfeld 1918-1984 American actress
Ilona Massey Ilona Hajmássy 1910-1974 Hungarian-American actress
Keiko Masuda Keiko Kobayashi 1957- Japanese singer (Pink Lady)
Jackie Mason Yacov Maza 1928-2021 American comedian and actor
Jessy Matador Jessy Kimbangi 1983- French-Congolese singer
Maysa Matarazzo Maysa Figueira Monjardim 1936-1977 Brazilian singer
Carole Mathews Jean Deifel 1920-2014 American actress
June Mathis June Hughes 1887–1927 American screenwriter
Ian Matthews Ian Matthew McDonald 1946- English musician and singer-songwriter (Fairport Convention)
Lisa Matthews Lisa Reich 1969- American model
Monica Maughan Monica Cresswell Wood 1933-2010 Australian actress
Max Maven Philip Goldstein 1950-2022 American magician
Joey Maxim Giuseppe Berardinelli 1922-2001 American professional boxer
Joe May Joseph Mandel 1880-1954 Austrian film director
Mathilda May Karen Haïm 1965- French actress
Luna Maya Luna Maya Sugeng 1983- Indonesian model and actress
Marilyn Maye Marilyn McLaughlin 1928- American singer and actress
Mitzi Mayfair Juanita Pique 1914-1976 American actress
Gypie Mayo John Cawthra 1951-2013 English musician and songwriter (Dr. Feelgood)
Virginia Mayo Virginia Jones 1920-2005 American actress
Young Mazino Christopher Young Kim 1991- American actor
Paul Mazursky Irwin Mazursky 1930-2014 American film director, screenwriter and actor
Young MC Marvin Young 1967- English-American rapper
George McAnthony Georg Spitaler 1966-2011 Italian country singer and songwriter
Nicko McBrain Michael McBrain 1952- English musician (Iron Maiden)
Billy McColl William Collins 1951-2014 Scottish actor
Kent McCord Kent McWhirter 1942- American actor
Sylvester McCoy Percy Kent-Smith 1943- Scottish actor
Marie McDonald Cora Marie Frye 1923-1965 American actress and singer
Jack McDuff Eugene McDuffy 1926-2001 American jazz musician and bandleader
Darren McGavin William Richardson 1922-2006 American actor
Mike McGear Peter Michael McCartney 1944- English musician and photographer (The Scaffold)
Kitty McGeever Catherine Mitchell 1966–2015 English actress and comedienne
Charles McGraw Charles Butters 1914-1980 American actor
Goldy McJohn John Goadsby 1945-2017 Canadian musician (Steppenwolf)
Fay McKay Fayetta Gelinas 1930-2008 American musician
Scott McKenzie Philip Blondheim 1939–2012 American singer-songwriter
Kate McKinnon Kathryn McKinnon Berthold 1984- American actress and comedienne
David McLean Eugene Huth 1922-1995 American actor
Christine McVie Christine Perfect 1943-2022 English singer-songwriter and musician (Fleetwood Mac)
Audrey Meadows Audrey Cotter 1922-1996 American actress
Jayne Meadows Jane Cotter 1919-2015 American actress
Joyce Meadows Joyce Burger 1935- Canadian-American actress
Raya Meddine Rana Alamuddin 1972- Lebanese-American actress
Kay Medford Margaret Kathleen Regan 1919–1980 American actress
Ralph Meeker Ralph Rathgeber 1920-1988 American actor
Eddie Mekka Rudolph Edward Mekjian 1952-2021 American actor
Melle Mel Melvin Glover 1961- American rapper (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five)
George Melachrino George Miltiades 1909-1965 English musician and composer
Nellie Melba Helen Mitchell 1861-1931 Australian opera singer
Jack Melford John Kenneth George Melford Smith 1899-1972 English actor
Marisa Mell Marlies Moitzi 1939-1992 Austrian actress
Raquel Meller Francesca Marqués-Lópes 1888-1962 Spanish singer
Big Mello Curtis Davis 1968-2002 American rapper
Larry "Bud" Melman Calvert DeForest 1921-2007 American actor and comedian
Luiz Melodia Luiz dos Santos 1951–2017 Brazilian musician
Ms. Melodie Ramona Scott 1969-2012 American rapper
Silvy Melody Silvy De Bie 1981- Belgian singer (Sylver)
Sid Melton Sidney Meltzer 1917–2011 American actor
Marie Menken Marie Menkevicius 1909–1970 American filmmaker
Doro Merande Dora Matthews 1892-1975 American actress
Vivien Merchant Ada Thompson 1929–1982 English actress
Melina Mercouri Maria Amalia Mercouris 1920–1994 Greek actress, singer, activist and politician
Freddie Mercury Farrokh Bulsara 1946-1991 British singer and songwriter (Queen)
Lee Meredith Judith Lee Sauls 1947- American actress
Bess Meredyth Helen Elizabeth MacGlashen 1890-1969 American screenwriter and actress
Tita Merello Laura Merelli 1904–2002 Argentine actress and singer
Yolanda Mérida Yolanda Alpuche-Morales 1929–2012 Mexican actress
Jan Merlin Jan Wasylewski 1925-2019 American character actor
Lynn Merrick Marilyn Lleweling 1919–2007 American actress
Dina Merrill Nedenia Hutton 1923-2017 American actress
Helen Merrill Jelena Milcetic 1929- American jazz singer
Robert Merrill Moishe Miller 1917-2004 American singer and actor
Ethel Merman Ethel Zimmermann 1908-1984 American actress and singer
William Mervyn William Mervyn Pickwoad 1912-1976 English actor
Eddie Mesa Eduardo Eigenmann 1940- Filipino actor and singer
Peter Messaline Peter Burrell 1944-2016 English-Canadian actor
Harry Meyen Harald Haubenstock 1924-1979 German actor
Ángela Meyer Angela Maurano 1947- Puerto Rican actress, comedienne, producer and politician
Vsevolod Meyerhold Karl Meiergold 1874–1940 Russian director
George Michael Georgios Panayiotou 1963-2016 English singer, songwriter and producer (Wham!)
Ralph Michael Ralph Champion Shotter 1907-1994 English actor
Ras Michael Michael Henry 1943- Jamaican singer
Bret Michaels Bret Michael Sychak 1963- American musician and singer (Poison)
Frankie Michaels Francis Michael Chernesky 1955-2016 American actor and singer
Marilyn Michaels Marilyn Sternberg 1943- American comedienne, singer and actress
Tammy Lynn Michaels Tammy Lynn Doring 1974- American actress
Chrisette Michele Chrisette Michele Payne 1982- American singer
Lea Michele Lea Michele Sarfati 1986- American actress, singer and songwriter
Michael Michele Michael Michele Williams 1966- American actress
Donna Michelle Donna Michelle Ronne 1945-2004 American model, actress and photographer
Janee Michelle Geneva Mercadel 1946- American actress, former model and dancer
Guy Middleton Guy Middleton Powell 1907-1973 English character actor
Johnny Midnight John Joseph Jr. 1941-2014 Filipino broadcaster
Luis Miguel Luis Miguel Gallego-Basteri 1970- Puerto Rican-Mexican singer
Dik Mik Michael Davies 1943–2017 English musician (Hawkwind)
Killer Mike Michael Render 1975- American rapper
Wonder Mike Michael Wright 1957- American hip hop artist
George Mikell Jurgis Mikelaitis 1929-2020 Lithuanian-Australian actor and writer
Ted V. Mikels Theodore Vincent Mikacevich 1929-2016 American filmmaker
Garry Miles James Cason 1939- American singer, songwriter, record producer and author
Robert Miles Roberto Concina 1969–2017 Swiss-Italian record producer
Lewis Milestone Lev Milstein 1895-1980 American director
Tomas Milian Tomás Quintín Rodríguez 1933-2017 Cuban-American actor and singer
Meek Mill Robert Williams 1987- American rapper
Victor Millan Joseph Brown 1920-2009 American actor
Ray Milland Reginald Truscott-Jones 1907–1986 Welsh-American actor and director
Mary Millar Irene Wetton 1936-1998 English actress and singer
Ann Miller Johnnie Lucille Collier 1923-2004 American actress and dancer
Eve Miller Eve Turner 1923-1973 American actress
Kristine Miller Jacqueline Eskesen 1925-2015 American actress
Mac Miller Malcolm McCormick 1992–2018 American rapper and record producer
Marilyn Miller Mary Ellen Reynolds 1898–1936 American actress, singer and dancer
Martin Miller Rudolph Muller 1899-1969 Czech-Austrian character actor
Mick Miller Michael Lawton 1950- English stand-up comedian
Lucky Millinder Lucius Venables 1910–1966 American bandleader
Bird Millman Jennadean Englemann 1890-1940 American circus performer
Donna Mills Donna Jean Miller 1940- American actress
Florence Mills Florence Winfrey 1896-1927 American singer, dancer and comedienne
Milos Milos Miloš Milošević 1941–1966 Serbian-American actor
Ara Mina Hazel Klenk-Reyes 1979- Filipina actress and singer
Nicki Minaj Onika Maraj 1982- Trinidadian rapper, singer, songwriter and actress
Mike Minor Michael Fedderson 1940-2016 American actor
Alexis Minotis Alexis Minotakis 1900-1990 Greek actor and director
Mary Miles Minter Juliet Reilly 1902–1984 American actress
Percy Miracles Phonte Coleman 1978- American rapper, singer and producer Stage name for R&B output
Isa Miranda Ines Isabella Sampietro 1909-1982 Italian actress
Soledad Miranda Soledad Rendón-Bueno 1943–1970 Spanish actress and singer
Father John Misty Joshua Tillman 1981- American musician (Fleet Foxes)
Duke Mitchell Dominic Miceli 1926-1981 American actor
Frank Mitchell Francis McClory 1963- Northern Irish broadcaster
Gordon Mitchell Charles Pendleton 1923-2003 American actor
Guy Mitchell Albert Cernik 1927-1999 American singer and actor
Joni Mitchell Roberta Joan Anderson 1943- Canadian-American musician
Norman Mitchell Norman Mitchell Driver 1918–2001 English actor
Warren Mitchell Warren Misell 1926–2015 English actor
Yvonne Mitchell Yvonne Joseph 1915–1979 English actress
Akihiro Miwa Shingo Maruyama 1935- Japanese singer, actor, director, composer and author
Mimi Miyagi Melody Damayo 1973- Filipina-American model and former pornographic actress
Art Mix George Kesterson 1896-1972 American actor
Sir Mix-a-Lot Anthony Ray 1963- American rapper
AC Mizal Mizal Zaini 1971- Malaysian actor, singer, comedian and television host
Agnez Mo Agnes Monica Muljoto 1986- Indonesian singer
Keb' Mo' Kevin Moore 1951- American musician and singer
Mighty Mo Siala-Mou Siliga 1970- American Samoan former kickboxer
Big Moe Kenneth Moore 1974-2007 American rapper
Mac Mohan Mohan Makhijani 1938-2010 Indian actor
Toro y Moi Chazwick Bundick 1986- American singer, songwriter, record producer and graphic designer Also known as Chaz Bear, Les Sins, and PLUM
Janelle Monáe Janelle Monáe Robinson 1985- American singer and actress
Pierre Mondy Pierre Cuq 1925-2012 French actor
Eddie Money Edward Mahoney 1949-2019 American musician
Owen Money Lynn Mittell 1947- Welsh musician, actor, comedian and radio presenter
Tony Monopoly Antonio Monopoli 1944-1995 Australian singer
Matt Monro Terence Parsons 1930-1985 English singer
Jordan Monroe Emily Ranheim 1986- American model
Tami Monroe Jessica Wells 1969/1970- American actress
Country Dick Montana Daniel Monte McLain 1955–1995 American musician (The Beat Farmers)
French Montana Karim Kharbouch 1984- Moroccan-American rapper
Lenny Montana Leonardo Passofaro 1926-1992 American actor
Montie Montana Owen Mickel 1910-1998 American actor
Patsy Montana Ruby Blevins 1908–1996 American country singer and songwriter
Yves Montand Ivo Livi 1921–1991 Italian-French actor and singer
Toni Montano Velibor Miljković 1962- Serbian musician
Julia Montes Mara Schnittka 1995- Filipina actress
Chris Montez Ezekiel Christopher Montanez 1943- American musician and singer
Maria Montez María Vidal de Santo Silas 1912-1951 Dominican actress
Ricardo Montez Levy Attias 1923-2010 English actor
George Montgomery George Montgomery Letz 1916-2000 American actor
Carlotta Monti Carlotta Montijo 1907-1993 American actress
Sara Montiel María Abad-Fernández 1928–2013 Spanish actress and singer
Mike Monty Michael O'Donahue 1936-2006 American actor
Ivan Moody Ivan Greening 1980- American singer and songwriter (Five Finger Death Punch)
Ron Moody Ronald Moodnick 1924-2015 English actor, composer, singer and writer
Debra Mooney Debra Vick 1947- American character actress
Lova Moor Marie-Claude Jourdain 1946- French dancer and singer
Colleen Moore Kathleen Morrison 1899-1988 American actress
Garry Moore Thomas Garrison Morfit 1915-1993 American entertainer
Julianne Moore Julie Anne Smith 1960- American actress
Melba Moore Beatrice Melba Hill 1945- American singer and actress
Mickey Moore Michael Sheffield 1914-2013 American director and child actor
Stephen Campbell Moore Stephen Moore Thorp 1979- English actor
Terry Moore Helen Koford 1929- American actress
Natalie Moorhead Nathalia Messner 1901-1992 American actress
Vina Morales Sharon Garcia Magdayao 1975- Filipina actress and singer
Eric Morecambe John Eric Bartholomew 1926-1984 English comedian and actor (Morecambe and Wise)
André Morell Cecil André Mesritz 1909-1978 English actor
Monica Morell Monica Wirz-Römer 1953-2008 Swiss singer
Rosa Morena Manuela Pulgarín González 1940–2019 Spanish singer
Antonio Moreno Antonio Garrido Monteagudo 1887-1967 Spanish-American actor
Rosita Moreno Gabriela Viñolas 1907-1993 Spanish actress
Camila Morgado Camila Ribeiro da Silva 1975- Brazilian actress
Chesty Morgan Ilana Wilczkowsky 1937- Polish retired dancer
Dennis Morgan Earl Morner 1908-1994 American actor and singer
Frank Morgan Francis Wuppermann 1890-1949 American character actor
Gary Morgan Gary Panasky 1950- American actor
Harry Morgan Harry Bratsberg 1915-2011 American actor and director
Helen Morgan Helen Riggins 1900-1941 American singer and actress
Henry Morgan Henry Van Ost Jr. 1915-1994 American humorist, comedian and actor
Jane Morgan Florence Currier 1924- American former singer
Jaye P. Morgan Mary Margaret Morgan 1931- American singer and actress
Lina Morgan Maríá López Segovia 1937-2015 Spanish actress
Michèle Morgan Simone Roussel 1920-2016 French actress
Ralph Morgan Ralph Wuppermann 1883–1956 American actor
Shaun Morgan Shaun Morgan Welgemoed 1978- South African musician (Seether)
Claudia Mori Claudia Moroni 1944- Italian producer, former actress and former singer
Toshia Mori Toshiye Ichioka 1912-1995 Japanese actress
Pat Morita Noriyuki Morita 1932–2005 Japanese-American actor
Louisa Moritz Luisa Castro Netto 1936–2019 Cuban-American actress and lawyer
Karen Morley Mildred Linton 1909-2003 American actress
Oliver Morosco Oliver Mitchell 1875-1945 American producer, director and writer
Aubrey Morris Aubrey Steinberg 1926-2015 English actor
Lewis Morrison Morris Morris 1844-1906 Jamaican-American actor
Patricia Morrison Patricia Rainone 1962- American musician
Shelley Morrison Rachel Mitrani 1936–2019 American actress
Buddy Morrow Muni Zudekoff 1919-2010 American musician and bandleader
Doretta Morrow Doretta Marano 1927-1968 American actress
Susan Morrow Jacqueline Immoor 1932-1985 American actress
Vic Morrow Victor Morozoff 1929–1982 American actor
Gary Morton Morton Goldapper 1924-1999 American comedian
Hugh Morton Hugh Morton Eden 1903-1984 English actor
James C. Morton Thomas Richard Potts 1884-1942 American character actor
Jelly Roll Morton Ferdinand LaMothe 1890-1941 American musician, bandleader and composer
Maurice Moscovich Morris Maaskov 1871-1940 American actor
Hans Moser Johann Julier 1880-1964 Austrian actor
Mickie Most Michael Hayes 1938–2003 English record producer
Iwa Moto Aileen Iwamoto 1988- Filipina actress and model
Danger Mouse Brian Burton 1977- American musician (Gnarls Barkley)
Alan Mowbray Alfred Allen 1896-1969 English actor
Patrick Mower Patrick Shaw 1938- English actor
Stephen Moyer Stephen Emery 1969- English actor
DJ Muggs Lawrence Muggerud 1968- American DJ and producer (Cypress Hill)
Jean Muir Jean Muir Fullarton 1911-1996 American actress
Paul Muni Meshilem Weisenfreund 1895-1967 American actor
Tommy Muñiz Lucas Tomás Muñiz Ramírez 1922–2009 Puerto Rican actor, media producer, businessman and network owner
Alex Munro Alexander Horsburgh 1911–1986 Scottish actor and comedian
Janet Munro Janet Horsburgh 1934–1972 English actress
Ona Munson Ona Wolcott 1903–1955 American actress
Jean-Louis Murat Jean-Louis Bergheaud 1952–2023 French musician
Alma Muriel Alma Muriel del Sordo 1951–2014 Mexican actress
F. W. Murnau Friedrich Wilhelm Plumpe 1888–1931 German director
Arthur Murray Moses Teichman 1895–1991 American ballroom dancer
Brian Murray Brian Bell 1937–2018 South African actor and director
Jan Murray Murray Janofsky 1916–2006 American comedian and actor
Ken Murray Kenneth Doncourt 1903-1988 American comedian, actor and writer
Lyn Murray Lionel Breeze 1909-1989 English-American composer, conductor and arranger
Mae Murray Marie Koenig 1885-1965 American actress, director, film producer and screenwriter
Junior Murvin Murvin Junior Smith 1946-2013 Jamaican musician
Ivar Must Igor Tsõganov 1961- Estonian composer and music producer
Lothar Müthel Lothar Max Lütcke 1896-1964 German actor and director
Ornella Muti Francesca Romana Rivelli 1955- Italian actress
Alannah Myles Alannah Byles 1958- Canadian singer-songwriter
Meg Myles Billie Jones 1934–2019 American model, singer and actress
Marie Myriam Myriam Lopes 1957- French singer
Odette Myrtil Odette Quignarde 1898–1978 French-American actress, singer and musician


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Marie N Marija Naumova 1973- Latvian singer
Paul Nabor Alfonso Palacio 1928-2014 Belizean musician
Fearless Nadia Mary Ann Evans 1908-1996 Australian-Indian actress and stuntwoman
Anne Nagel Anne Dolan 1915-1966 American actress
Jimmy Nail James Bradford 1954- English singer-songwriter, actor and television writer
Laurence Naismith Lawrence Johnson 1908-1992 English actor
Bif Naked Beth Torbert 1971- Indian-Canadian singer Also known as Beth Hopkins
Reggie Nalder Alfred Reginald Natzler 1907-1991 Austrian actor
Nita Naldi Mary Nonna Dooley 1894-1961 American actress
Marguerite Namara Marguerite Banks 1888-1974 American soprano
Diana Napier Alice Wolkowicki 1905-1982 English actress
Big Narstie Tyrone Lindo 1985- British rapper
Paul Naschy Jacinto Molina Álvarez 1934-2009 Spanish actor, screenwriter and director
Niecy Nash Carol Denise Ensley 1970- American actress
Adile Naşit Adela Özcan 1930-1987 Turkish actress
Marie-José Nat Marie-José Benhalassa 1940-2019 French actress
Alla Nazimova Marem-Ides Leventon 1879-1945 Russian-American actress Russian language birthname: Adelaida Yakovlevna Leventon
Amedeo Nazzari Amedeo Buffa 1907-1979 Italian actor
Meshell Ndegeocello Michelle Johnson 1968- American singer-songwriter, rapper and musician Also known as Meshell Bashir-Shakur
Anna Neagle Florence Robertson 1904-1986 English actress and singer
Nelson Ned Nelson Ned d'Ávila 1947-2014 Brazilian singer-songwriter
Connie Needham Connie Marie Bowen 1959- American actress
Pola Negri Apolonia Chałupiec 1897-1987 Polish actress and singer
Vince Neil Vincent Neil Wharton 1961- American musician (Mötley Crüe)
Roy William Neill Roland de Gostrie 1887-1946 Irish-American film director
Perlita Neilson Margaret Sowden 1933-2014 English actress
Barry Nelson Robert Nielsen 1917-2007 American actor
Gene Nelson Leander Eugene Berg 1920-1996 American actor
Nadia Nerina Nadine Judd 1927-2008 South African dancer
Carlo Nero Carlo Sparanero 1969- Italian-English screenwriter and director
Franco Nero Francesco Sparanero 1941- Italian actor
Derren Nesbitt Derren Horwitz 1935- English actor
Mary Newland Lilian Mary Oldland 1903-1984 English actress
Julie Newmar Julia Newmeyer 1933- American actress
Fred Niblo Frederick Liedtke 1874-1948 American actor, director and producer
Hellé Nice Mariette Hélène Delangle 1900-1984 French model and motor racing driver
Paul Nicholas Paul Beuselinck 1944- English actor and singer
Barbara Nichols Barbara Nickerauer 1928-1976 American actress
Dandy Nichols Daisy Sander 1907-1986 English actress
Mike Nichols Michael Peschkowsky 1931-2014 American director and producer
Crista Nicole Crista Nicola Wagner 1978- American model
Maggie Nicols Margaret Nicholson 1948- Scottish singer, dancer and performer
Rosemary Nicols Rosemary Claxton 1941- English actress and writer
Lisa Niemi Lisa Haapaniemi 1956- American actress and director
Steve Nieve Steve Nason 1958- English musician and composer (The Attractions)
Robert Nighthawk Robert McCollum 1909-1967 American musician
Willie Nile Robert Noonan 1948- American singer-songwriter
Marika Ninou Evangelia Atamian 1922-1957 Armenian-Greek singer
Marian Nixon Marian Nissinen 1904-1983 Finnish-American actress
Marni Nixon Margaret Nixon McEathron 1930-2016 American singer and actress
Mojo Nixon Neill McMillan Jr. 1957-2024 American musician and actor
Danbert Nobacon Nigel Hunter 1962- English musician (Chumbawamba)
Chelsea Noble Nancy Mueller 1964- American actress
Nick Noble Nicholas Valkan 1926-2012 American pop singer
Young Noble Rufus Cooper III 1978- American rapper (Outlawz)
Magali Noël Magali Noëlle Guiffray 1931-2015 French actress and singer
Paulette Noizeux Marie-Paule Coeuré 1887-1971 French actress
Princess Nokia Destiny Frasqueri 1992- American rapper and songwriter
Eda Nolan Eda Cabilan 1988- Filipina actress
Kathleen Nolan Jocelyn Schrum 1933- American actress
Klaus Nomi Klaus Sperber 1944-1983 German singer
Tommy Noonan Thomas Noone 1921-1968 American actor, screenwriter and producer
Lillian Nordica Lillian Norton 1857-1914 American opera singer
Jimmy Norman James Norman Scott 1937-2011 American singer-songwriter
Lucille Norman Lucille Boileau 1921-1998 American singer, radio personality and actress
Peter North Alden Brown 1957- Canadian retired pornographic actor
Sheree North Dawn Shirley Crang 1932-2005 American actress, dancer and singer
Barry Norton Alfredo Birabén 1905-1956 Argentine-American actor
Graham Norton Graham Walker 1963- Irish comedian, actor and television host
Red Norvo Kenneth Norville 1908-1999 American musician
Nervous Norvus James Drake 1912-1968 American musician
Eille Norwood Anthony Brett 1861-1948 English actor, director and playwright
Aldo Nova Aldo Caporuscio 1956- Canadian musician
Heather Nova Heather Frith 1968- Bermudian singer-songwriter
Ramon Novarro José Ramón Samaniego 1899-1968 Mexican-American actor
Novello Novelli Novellantonio Novelli 1930-2018 Italian character actor
Jay Novello Michael Romano 1904-1982 American actor
Big Noyd TaJuan Perry 1975- American rapper
DJ Nu-Mark Mark Potsic 1971- American hip hop producer and DJ
Audrey Nuna Audrey Chu 1999- American singer and rapper
France Nuyen France Nguyen Van-Nga 1939- French actress and model
Carrie Nye Caroline Nye McGeoy 1936-2006 American actress
Louis Nye Louis Neistat 1913-2005 American comedian and actor
Laura Nyro Laura Nigro 1947-1997 American songwriter and singer


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Jimmy O Jean Jimmy Alexandre 1974-2010 Haitian musician and singer-songwriter
Karen O Karen Orzolek 1978- South Korean-American singer, musician and songwriter (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Hugh O'Brian Hugh Krampe 1925-2016 American actor
Jim O'Brien James Oldham 1939-1983 American newscaster
Richard O'Brien Richard Smith 1942- British and New Zealand actor
Richard O'Callaghan Richard Brooke 1940- English character actor
Una O'Connor Agnes McGlade 1880-1959 Irish-American actress
Anita O'Day Anita Colton 1919-2006 American jazz singer
Molly O'Day Suzanne Noonan 1909-1998 American actress
Molly O'Day Lois Williamson 1923-1987 American country singer Also known as Dixie Lee and Mountain Fern
Kenny O'Dell Kenneth Gist Jr. 1944-2018 American country singer and songwriter
Tony O'Dell Anthony Dell'Aquila 1960- American actor
Cathy O'Donnell Ann Steely 1923-1970 American actress
George O'Hara George Bolger 1899-1966 American actor and screenwriter
Maureen O'Hara Maureen FitzSimons 1920-2015 Irish-American actress and singer
Quinn O'Hara Alice Jones 1941-2017 Scottish-American actress
Dennis O'Keefe Edward Flanagan 1908-1968 American actor and screenwriter
Tim O'Kelly Timothy Wright 1941-1990 American actor
Kate O'Mara Francesca Carroll 1939-2014 English actress
Colette O'Neil Mary Irene Colette McCrossan 1935-2021 Scottish actress
Nance O'Neil Gertrude Lamson 1874-1965 American actress
Paddie O'Neil Adalena Nail 1926-2010 English actress and singer
Sally O'Neil Virginia Noonan 1908-1968 American actress
Maire O'Neill Mary Allgood 1886-1952 Irish actress
Tara Lynne O'Neill Lynne James 1975- Irish actress
Terry O'Quinn Terrance Quinn 1952- American actor
Jack Oakie Lewis Offield 1903-1978 American actor
Dagmar Oakland Edna Martine Dagmar Andersen 1897-1989 American actress
Vivien Oakland Vivian Ruth Andersen 1895-1958 American actress
Annie Oakley Phoebe Ann Mosey 1869-1926 American sharpshooter
Merle Oberon Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson 1911-1979 British actress
Billy Ocean Leslie Charles 1950- Trinidadian-British musician
Frank Ocean Christopher Breaux 1987- American singer, songwriter and rapper
Nivek Ogre Kevin Ogilvie 1962- Canadian musician (Skinny Puppy)
Isabel Oli Maria Olivia Daytia 1981- Filipino actress and model
Edna May Oliver Edna May Nutter 1883-1942 American actress
Don Omar William Omar Landrón Rivera 1978- Puerto Rican rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor
Nelly Omar Nilda Elvira Vattuone Pesoa 1911-2013 Argentine actress and singer
Anny Ondra Anna Ondráková 1903-1987 Czech actress
Moka Only Daniel Denton 1973- Canadian musician, rapper and producer
Max Ophüls Maximillian Oppenheimer 1902-1957 German-French film director
Risto Orko Risto Nylund 1899-2001 Finnish film producer and director
Eugene Ormandy Jenő Blau 1899-1985 Hungarian-American conductor and musician
Benjamin Orr Benjamin Orzechowski 1947-2000 American musician (The Cars)
Vivienne Osborne Vera Vivienne Spragg 1896-1961 American actress
Henry Oscar Henry Wale 1891-1969 English actor
Charles Osgood Charles Osgood Wood III 1933-2024 American radio and television commentator
Lee Oskar Lee Oskar Levitin 1948- Danish musician (War)
Johnny Otis Ioannis Veliotes 1921-2012 American singer, musician, composer, bandleader and record producer
Shuggie Otis Johnny Veliotes Jr. 1953- American singer-songwriter and musician
Natalino Otto Natale Codognotto 1912-1969 Italian singer
Beverley Owen Beverley Ogg 1937-2019 American actress
Bill Owen William John Owen Rowbotham 1914-1999 English actor and songwriter
Gary Owens Gary Altman 1934-2015 American disc jockey, voice actor and radio personality
Frank Oz Frank Oznowicz 1944- English-American actor, puppeteer and director
Kobi Oz Yaakov Uzan 1969- Israeli singer (Teapacks)


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Drs. P Heinz Polzer 1919-2015 Swiss singer-songwriter and poet
Master P Percy Miller 1970- American rapper, record producer, record executive and actor
Styles P David Styles 1974- American rapper (The Lox)
Augustus Pablo Horace Swaby 1953-1999 Jamaican record producer
Petey Pablo Moses Barrett III 1973- American rapper
Bela Padilla Krista Sullivan 1991- Filipina-British actress
Anita Page Anita Pomares 1910-2008 American actress
Gale Page Sally Perkins Rutter 1910-1983 American actress
Genèvieve Page Genèvieve Bronjean 1927- French actress
Patti Page Clara Fowler 1927-2013 American singer and actress
Samuel Page Samuel Elliott 1976- American actor
Teddy Page Teddy Chiu Filipino film director
Debra Paget Debralee Griffin 1933- American actress
Elaine Paige Elaine Bickerstaff 1948- English singer and actress
Janis Paige Donna Tjaden 1922-2024 American actress and singer
Robert Paige John Arthur Paige 1911-1987 American actor and newscaster
George Pal György Pál Marczincsák 1908-1980 Hungarian-American director and producer
Jack Palance Volodymyr Palahniuk 1919-2006 American actor, musician and boxer Also known as Jack Brazzo
Gloria Pall Gloria Pallatz 1927-2012 American model, actress and author
Andrea Palma Guadalupe Pérez 1903-1987 Mexican actress
Joe Palma Joseph Provenzano 1905-1994 American actor
Betsy Palmer Patricia Betsy Hrunek 1926-2015 American actress
Lilli Palmer Lilli Peisler 1914-1986 German actress and writer
Maria Palmer Maria Pichler 1917-1981 Austrian-American actress
Patsy Palmer Julie Harris 1972- English actress and DJ
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Kiriko Takemura 1993- Japanese singer
Hermes Pan Hermes Panagiotopoulos 1909-1990 American dancer and choreographer
Mikill Pane Justin-Smith Uzomba 1984- English rapper
Horace Panter Stephen Panter 1953- English musician (The Specials) Also known as Sir Horace Gentleman
Hip Hop Pantsula Jabulani Tsambo 1980-2018 South African rapper
Irene Papas Eirini Lelekou 1929-2022 Greek actress and singer
Jerry Paris William Gerald Grossman 1925-1986 American actor and director
Mica Paris Michelle Wallen 1969- English singer, presenter and actress
Annie Parisse Anne Marie Cancelmi 1975- American actress
Elgin Park Michael Andrews 1967- American musician, producer and composer
Harry Parke Harold Einstein 1904-1958 American comedian and writer
Andrew Parker Andrew Okun Canadian film critic
Cecil Parker Cecil Schwabe 1897-1971 English actor
Colonel Tom Parker Andreas van Kuijk 1909-1997 Dutch musical entrepreneur
Errol Parker Raphäel Schecroun 1925-1998 French-Algerian jazz musician
Jean Parker Lois Green 1915-2005 American actress
Kay Parker Kay Taylor 1944-2022 English pornographic actress
Mary Parker Mary Roberson 1918-1988 American actress
Royal Parker Royal Pollokoff 1929-2016 American television personality
Dian Parkinson Dianna Batts 1944- American former model and actress
Allison Parks Gloria Waldron 1941-2010 American model and actress
Bert Parks Bertram Jacobson 1914-1992 American actor and singer
Dita Parlo Grethe Kornstadt (or Kornwald) 1908-1971 German actress
Gigi Parrish Katherine Gertrude McElroy 1912-2006 American actress
Julie Parrish Ruby Wilbar 1940-2003 American actress
Leslie Parrish Marjorie Hellen 1935- American actress, activist, writer and producer
Elli Parvo Elvira Gobbo 1915-2010 Italian actress
Sylvia Pasquel Silivia Banquells 1949- Mexican actress
George Pastell George Pastellides 1923-1976 Cypriot actor
Fat Pat Patrick Hawkins 1970-1998 American rapper (Screwed Up Click) Also known as Mr. Fat Pat
Dennis Patrick Dennis Patrick Harrison 1918-2002 American character actor
Tera Patrick Linda Hopkins 1976- American former pornographic actress and model
Brian Patton Brian Elliott 1933- English comedian and actor (Patton Brothers)
Jimmy Patton James Elliott 1931-2019 English comedian and actor (Patton Brothers)
Aaron Paul Aaron Paul Sturtevant 1979- American actor and producer
Andrew Paul Paul Andrew Herman 1961- English actor
Billy Paul Paul Williams 1934-2016 American soul singer
Les Paul Lester Polsfuss 1915-2009 American musician, songwriter and inventor (Les Paul and Mary Ford)
Prince Paul Paul Houston 1967- American record producer and disc jockey (Stetsasonic)
Sean Paul Sean Paul Henriques 1973- Jamaican rapper and singer
Vinnie Paul Vincent Paul Abbott 1964-2018 American musician (Pantera and Damageplan)
Rose Pauly Rose Pollak 1894-1975 Hungarian opera singer
Marisa Pavan Maria Luisa Pierangeli 1932-2023 Italian actress
Terele Pávez Teresa Ruiz 1939-2017 Spanish actress
Johnny Paycheck Donald Lytle 1938-2003 American country singer
Allen Payne Allen Roberts 1968- American actor
Warren Peace Geoffrey MacCormack English singer, composer, and dancer
Charlie Peacock Charles Ashworth 1956- American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and author
Tawny Peaks Michele Laird 1970- American retired pornographic actress
Jack Pearl Jack Perlman 1894-1982 American actor
Minnie Pearl Sarah Colley 1912-1996 American comedienne and musician
Harold Peary José Pereira 1908-1985 American actor, comedian and radio personality
Gnonnas Pedro Gnonnan Sossou Pierre Kouassivi 1943-2004 Beninese singer and musician (Africando)
John Peel John Ravenscroft 1939-2004 English disc jockey and radio presenter
Lil Peep Gustav Åhr 1996-2017 American rapper and singer-songwriter (GothBoiClique)
D. H. Peligro Darren Henley 1959-2022 American musician (Dead Kennedys)
Marti Pellow Mark McLachlan 1965- Scottish singer (Wet Wet Wet)
Queen Pen Lynise Walters 1972- American rapper, record producer and novelist
Mike Pender Michael Prendergast 1941- English singer and musician (The Searchers)
Dan Penn Wallace Daniel Pennington 1941- American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer
Dawn Penn Dawn Pickering 1952- Jamaican singer
Kal Penn Kalpen Modi 1977- American actor and author
Cynthia Pepper Cynthia Culpepper 1940- American actress
Jack Pepper Edward Culpepper 1902-1979 American vaudeville performer, comedian, singer and musician
Derelys Perdue Geraldine Perdue 1902-1989 American actress
Melanie Peres Melanie Thanee 1971- Israeli model and actress
Pinetop Perkins Joseph Perkins 1913-2011 American musician
Lynne Perrie Jean Dudley 1931-2006 English actress, singer and television personality
Joan Perry Elizabeth Miller 1911-1996 American actress
Joe Perry Anthony Joe Pereira 1950- American musician (Aerosmith)
Katy Perry Katheryn Hudson 1984- American singer, songwriter and television personality
Lee "Scratch" Perry Rainford Perry 1936-2021 Jamaican record producer, composer and singer
Steve Perry Stephen Pereira 1949- American singer and songwriter (Journey)
Arnold Peters Peter Gadd 1925-2013 English actor
Bernadette Peters Bernadette Lazzara 1948- American actress, singer and author
Luan Peters Carol Hirsch 1946-2017 English actress and singer
Roberta Peters Roberta Peterman 1930-2017 American opera singer
Susan Peters Suzanne Carnahan 1921-1952 American actress
Gilles Peterson Gilles Moehrle 1964- French-English broadcaster and DJ
Lenka Peterson Betty Isacson 1925-2021 American actress
Le Pétomane Joseph Pujol 1857-1945 French entertainer
Olga Petrova Muriel Harding 1884-1977 English-American actress
Raymond Pettibon Raymond Ginn 1957- American artist
Jazze Pha Phalon Alexander 1969- American record producer, singer, songwriter and rapper
Slim Jim Phantom James McDonnell 1961- American musician (Stray Cats)
Lee Phelps Napoleon Bonaparte Kukuck 1893-1953 American actor
Barney Phillips Bernard Ofner 1913-1982 American actor
Conrad Phillips Conrad Havord 1925-2016 English actor
Esther Phillips Esther Jones 1935-1984 American singer
Gina Philips Gina Consolo 1970- American actress
Sally Phipps Nellie Bogdon 1911-1978 American actress
Pat Phoenix Patricia Mansfield 1923-1986 English actress
Édith Piaf Édith Gassion 1915-1963 French singer
Slim Pickens Louis Lindley Jr. 1919-1983 American rodeo performer and actor
Jack Pickford John Smith 1896-1933 Canadian-American actor
Lottie Pickford Charlotte Smith 1893-1936 Canadian-American actress
Mary Pickford Gladys Smith 1892-1979 Canadian-American actress
Molly Picon Małka Opiekun 1898-1992 American actress
Monsieur Pierre Pierre Zucher-Margolle 1890-1963 French dancer
Janet Pilgrim Charlaine Karalus 1934-2017 American model
Jacques Pills René Jacques Ducos 1906-1970 French singer and actor
Bonnie Pink Kaori Asada 1973- Japanese singer-songwriter and musician
Camila Pitanga Camila Manhães 1977- Brazilian actress and former model
Ingrid Pitt Ingoushka Petrov 1937-2010 Polish-English actress
Eddie Platt Edward Platakis 1921-2010 American musician
Marc Platt Marcel LePlat 1913-2014 American ballet dancer and actor
Alice Playten Alice Plotkin 1947-2011 American actress
King Pleasure Clarence Beeks 1922-1982 American jazz singer
Yannis Ploutarchos Yannis Kakossaios 1970- Greek singer and songwriter
Daphne Pollard Daphne Trott 1891-1978 Australian-American actress and dancer
Michael J. Pollard Michael John Pollack Jr. 1939-2019 American actor
Doc Pomus Jerome Felder 1925-1991 American blues singer and songwrtier
Poncie Ponce Ponciano Tabac Ponce 1933-2013 American actor, musician and comedian
Norma Pons Norma Orizi 1942-2014 Argentine actress
Rosa Ponselle Rosa Ponzillo 1897-1981 American opera singer
Roger Pontare Roger Johansson 1951- Swedish musician
Cassandra Ponti Lejanie Anigan 1978- Filipina former actress, dancer and model
Big Pooh Thomas Jones III 1980- American rapper (Little Brother)
DJ Pooh Mark Jordan 1969- American record producer, rapper, actor, screenwriter and film director
Denniz PoP Dag Volle 1963-1998 Swedish DJ, music producer and songwriter
Iggy Pop James Osterberg Jr. 1947- American singer, musician, songwriter and actor (The Stooges)
Lucia Popp Lucia Poppová 1939-1993 Slovak opera singer
Nils Poppe Nils Jönsson 1908-2000 Swedish actor, comedian, director and screenwriter
Natalie Portman Natalie Hershlag 1981- Israeli-American actress
Mike Post Leland Michael Postil 1944- American composer
El Potro Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno 1973-2000 Argentine singer
Nell Potts Elinor Newman 1959- American former child actress
Jane Powell Suzanne Burce 1929-2021 American actress, singer and dancer
Cat Power Chan Marshall 1972- American singer-songwriter
Duffy Power Raymond Howard 1941-2014 English singer and musician
Bridget Powers Cheryl Murphy 1980- American pornographic actress Often credited as Bridget the Midget or Bridget Powerz
Joey Powers Joseph Ruggiero 1934-2017 American former pop singer and songwriter
Kid Congo Powers Brian Tristan 1959- American musician, singer and actor
Stefanie Powers Stefanie Paul 1942- American actress
Patty Pravo Nicoletta Strambelli 1948- Italian singer
Ann Prentiss Ann Ragusa 1939-2010 American actress
Paula Prentiss Paula Ragusa 1938- American actress
Norm Prescott Norman Pransky 1927-2005 American film producer
Micheline Presle Micheline Chassagne 1922–2024 French actress Also known as Micheline Prelle
Reg Presley Reginald Ball 1941-2013 English singer and songwriter (The Troggs)
Hovis Presley Richard McFarlane 1960-2005 English poet and stand-up comedian
Johnny Preston Johnny Preston Courville 1939-2011 American singer
Robert Preston Robert Preston Meservey 1918-1987 American actor and singer
Marie Prevost Marie Bickford Dunn 1896-1937 Canadian-American actress
Chilton Price Chilton Searcy 1913-2010 American songwriter
Dickie Pride Richard Kneller 1941-1969 English singer
Maxi Priest Max Elliot 1961- English singer
Barry Prima Humbertus Knoch 1954- Indonesian actor and martial artist
Roshan Prince Rajiv Kaplish 1981- Indian singer, producer, musician, songwriter and actor
Aileen Pringle Alieen Bisbee 1895-1989 American actress
Yvonne Printemps Yvonne Wignolle 1894-1977 French singer and actress
Freddie Prinze Frederick Pruetzel 1954-1977 American actor and comedian
P. J. Proby James Smith 1938- American singer, songwriter and actor
Michael Prophet Michael Haynes 1957-2017 Jamaican singer
Robert Prosky Robert Porzuczek 1930-2008 American actor
Jeanne Pruett Norma Jean Bowman 1937- American country singer and songwriter
Nicholas Pryor Nicholas Probst 1935- American actor
Grand Puba Maxwell Dixon 1966- American rapper (Brand Nubian)
Lil Pump Gazzy Garcia 2000- American rapper
Big Pun Christopher Rios 1971-2000 American rapper (Terror Squad)


Stage name Birth name Birth-Death Notability Notes
Maggie Q Margaret Quigley 1979- American actress
Rich Homie Quan Dequantes Lamar 1989- American rapper
Nina Quartero Gladys Quartararo 1908-1985 American actress
Jakie Quartz Jacqueline Cuchet 1955- French singer
Dimash Qudaibergen Dinmukhammed Kudaibergen 1994- Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Ivy Queen Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez 1972- Puerto Rican singer, rapper, songwriter and actress
Louis Quinn Louis Frackt 1915-1988 American actor


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Sun Ra Herman Poole Blount 1914-1993 American musician and poet
Roddy Radiation Roderick James Byers 1955- English musician (The Specials)
Johnny Răducanu Radǔcanu Creţu 1931-2011 Romanian jazz musician
Charlotte Rae Charlotte Rae Lubotsky 1926-2018 American actress and singer
Issa Rae Jo-Issa Rae Diop 1985- American actress, writer and producer
Chips Rafferty John Goffage 1909-1971 Australian actor
George Raft George Ranft 1901-1980 American actor
A. R. Rahman A. S. Dileep Kumar 1967- Indian composer and musician
Jessica Raine Jessica Lloyd 1982- English actress
Cristina Raines Cristina Herazo 1952- American former actress and model
Ralph Rainger Ralph Reichenthal 1901-1942 American composer
Dominic Rains Amin Nazemzadeh 1982- Iranian-American actor
Ethan Rains Iman Nazemzadeh 1981- Iranian-American actor
Jody Rainwater Charles Johnson 1920-2011 American musician and radio personality
Rosa Raisa Raitza Burchstein 1893-1963 Russian opera singer
Shiva Rajkumar Nagaraju Shiva Puttaswamy 1962- Indian actor
Hanna Ralph Johanna Günther 1888-1978 German actress
Jessie Ralph Jessie Ralph Chambers 1864-1944 American actress
Eddie Rambeau Edward Fluri 1943- American singer, songwriter and actor
Marie Rambert Cyvia Rambam 1888-1982 Polish-English dancer
Natacha Rambova Winifred Hudnut 1897-1966 American costume designer
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie White 1971- American musician (Marilyn Manson)
C. J. Ramone Christopher Joseph Ward 1965- American musician (Ramones)
Dee Dee Ramone Douglas Colvin 1951-2002 American musician (Ramones)
Joey Ramone Jeffrey Hyman 1951-2001 American singer (Ramones)
Johnny Ramone John Cummings 1948-2004 American musician (Ramones)
Marky Ramone Mark Bell 1952- American musician (Ramones)
Richie Ramone Richard Reinhardt 1957- American musician (Ramones)
Tommy Ramone Thomas Erdélyi 1949-2014 Hungarian-American musician (Ramones)
Sally Rand Helen Beck 1904-1979 American dancer and actress
Frankie Randall Frank Lisbona 1938-2014 American singer and musician
Tony Randall Leonard Rosenberg 1920-2014 American actor
James Randi James Randall Hamilton Zwinge 1928-2020 Canadian-American magician
Jane Randolph Jane Roemer 1914-2009 American actress
John Randolph Emanuel Cohen 1915-2004 American actor
Joyce Randolph Joyce Sirola 1924-2024 American actress
Devika Rani Devika Rani Chaudhuri 1908-1994 Indian actress
Shabba Ranks Rawlston Gordon 1966- Jamaican musician
Barney Rapp Barney Rappaport 1900-1970 American orchestra leader
Dizzee Rascal Dylan Kwabena Mills 1984- English rapper
DJ Rashad Rashad Harden 1979-2014 American electronic musician, producer and DJ
Thalmus Rasulala Jack Crowder 1935-1991 American actor
Luis Raúl Luís Raúl Martínez-Rodríguez 1962-2014 Puerto Rican actor and comedian
Polo Ravales Paul Rodil-Gruenberg 1982- Filipino actor and model
Genya Ravan Genyusha Zelkovicz 1940- Polish-American singer and music producer
Elsa Raven Elsa Rabinowitz 1929-2020 American actress
Marion Raven Marion Ravn 1984- Norwegian singer and songwriter
East Bay Ray Raymond Pepperell 1958- American musician (Dead Kennedys)
James Ray James Raymond 1941-1963 American singer
Nicholas Ray Raymond Nicholas Kienzle Jr. 1911-1979 American film director, screenwriter and actor
Philip Ray Roy Cochrane 1898-1978 English actor
Ted Ray Charlie Olden 1905-1977 English comedian and actor
Gene Rayburn Eugene Jeljenic 1917-1999 American radio and television personality Known as Eugene Rubessa after taking the surname of his stepfather (by his mother's second marriage)
Jazz Raycole Jazzmine Raycole Dillingham 1988- American actress and dancer
Carol Raye Kathleen Corkrey 1923-2022 British-born Australian actress, singer and comedian
Martha Raye Margy Reed 1916-1994 American actress, comedienne and singer
Gene Raymond Raymond Guion 1908-1998 American actor
Saint Raymond Callum Burrows 1995- English singer-songwriter
Amber Rayne Meghan Rayne 1984-2016 American pornographic actress
Andy Razaf Andriamanantena Razafinkarefo 1895-1973 American poet, composer and lyricist
Jay Reatard James Lindsey Jr. 1980-2010 American musician (The Reatards)
Louisiana Red Iverson Minter 1932-2012 American blues musician and singer
Piano Red William Perryman 1911-1985 American blues musician
Russian Red Lourdes Hernández 1985- Spanish singer-songwriter
Tampa Red Hudson Whittaker 1903-1981 American musician
Leon Redbone Dickran Gobalian 1949-2019 Cypriot-American singer-songwriter and musician
Alan Reed Herbert Bergman 1907-1977 American actor
Donna Reed Donna Mullenger 1921-1986 American actress and comedienne
Heida Reed Heiða Sigurðardóttir 1988- Icelandic actress and model
Jerry Reed Jerry Reed Hubbard 1937-2008 American singer-songwriter and musician
Paul Reed Sidney Kahn 1909-2007 American actor
Robert Reed John Robert Rietz Jr. 1932-1992 American actor and director
Della Reese Delloreese Early 1931-2017 American singer and actress
George Reeves George Brewer 1914-1959 American actor
Vic Reeves James Moir 1959- English comedian
Joan Regan Joan Bethel 1926/1928-2013 English pop singer
Nadja Regin Nadežda Poderegin 1931-2019 Serbian actress
Elis Regina Elis Regina Carvalho-Costa 1945-1982 Brazilian singer
Ebony Reigns Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng 1997-2018 Ghanaian singer
Max Reinhardt Maximilian Goldmann 1873-1943 Austrian-American actor
MC Ren Lorenzo Patterson 1969- American rapper, songwriter and record producer (N.W.A)
Duncan Renaldo Renault Renaldo Duncan 1904-1980 Romanian-American actor
Colette Renard Colette Raget 1924-2010 French actress and singer
Mariana Renata Mariana Renata Dantec 1983- French-Indonesian model
Line Renaud Jacqueline Ente 1928- French singer and actress
Diane Renay Renée Diane Kushner 1945- American pop singer
Wendy Rene Mary Frierson 1947-2014 American soul singer and songwriter
Ciara Renée Ciara Renée Harper 1990- American actress and musician
Jean Reno Juan Morera y Herrera-Jiménez 1948- Spanish-French actor
Mike Reno Joseph Michael Rynoski 1955- Canadian musician and singer (Loverboy)
Martin Rev Martin Reverby 1947- American musician (Suicide)
Paul Revere Paul Revere Dick 1938-2014 American musician (Paul Revere & the Raiders)
Dorothy Revier Doris Velagra 1904-1993 American actress
Simon Rex Simon Rex Cutright 1974- American actor
Alvino Rey Alvin McBurney 1908-2004 American jazz musician and bandleader
Antonia Rey Antonia Rangel 1926/1927-2019 Cuban-American actress
Carmela Rey Carmela Sánchez-Levi 1931-2018 Mexican singer and actress
Fernando Rey Fernando Casado D'Arambillet 1917-1994 Spanish actor
Florián Rey Antonio Martínez del Castillo 1894-1962 Spanish director, actor and screenwriter
Reynaldo Rey Harry Reynolds 1940-2015 American actor, comedian and television personality
Craig Reynolds Harold Enfield 1907-1949 American actor
Donnelly Rhodes Donnelly Rhodes Henry 1937-2018 Canadian actor
Erik Rhodes Ernest Sharpe 1906-1990 American actor and singer
Marjorie Rhodes Millicent Wise 1897-1979 English actress
Nick Rhodes Nicholas Bates 1962- English musician (Duran Duran)
Randi Rhodes Randi Bueten 1959- American political commentator
Busta Rhymes Trevor Smith Jr. 1972- American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor
Matthew Rhys Matthew Rhys Evans 1974- Welsh actor
Rhythim Is Rhythim Derrick May 1963- American electronic musician Also known as Mayday
Buddy Rich Bernard Rich 1917-1987 American musician and bandleader
Don Rich Donald Ulrich 1941-1974 American country musician
Tony Rich Anthony Jeffries 1971- American singer-songwriter
Cliff Richard Harry Webb 1940- English singer
Little Richard Richard Penniman 1932-2020 American musician, singer and songwriter
Wendy Richard Wendy Emerton 1943-2009 English actress
Shane Richie Shane Roche 1964- English actor and singer
Kane Richmond Frederick Bowditch 1906-1973 American actor
Lucille Ricksen Ingeborg Ericksen 1910-1925 American actress
Flo Rida Tramar Dillard 1979- American rapper, singer and songwriter
John Ridgely John Rea 1909-1968 American actor
Robert Ridgely Robert Ritterbusch 1931-1997 American actor
Suzanne Ridgeway Ione Ahrens 1918-1996 American actress
Ron Rifkin Saul Rifkin 1939- American actor
Edward Rigby Edward Coke 1879-1951 English character actor
Ita Rina Tamara Đorđević 1907-1979 Slovenian actress
Rosa Rio Elizabeth Raub 1902-2010 American musician
Richard Rishi Richard Babu 1977- Indian actor
Maria Rita Maria Rita Camargo Mariano 1977- Brazilian singer
Jonas Rivanno Jonas Rivanno Wattimena 1987- Indonesian actor and singer
Violeta Rivas Ana-María Adinolfi 1937-2018 Argentine singer and actress
Mon Rivera Efraín Rivera Castillo 1924-1978 Puerto Rican musician Also known as Moncito or Little Mon
Joan Rivers Joan Molinsky 1933-2014 American comedienne and actress
Johnny Rivers John Ramistella 1942- American musician
Larry Rivers Yitzroch Grossberg 1923-2002 American artist, musician and filmmaker
Chappell Roan Kayleigh Amstutz 1998- American singer and songwriter
Black Rob Robert Ross 1968-2021 American rapper
Jerome Robbins Jerome Rabinowitz 1918-1998 American dancer, choreographer, director and producer
Marty Robbins Martin Robinson 1925-1982 American singer, songwriter and musician
Peter Robbins Louis Nanasi 1956-2022 American actor
Chris Roberts Christian Kluśaček 1944-2017 German singer and actor
Joan Roberts Josephine Seagrist 1917-2012 American actress
Kane Roberts Robert Athis 1962- American musician (Alice Cooper)
Roy Roberts Roy Jones 1906-1975 American character actor
Robbie Robertson Jaime Klegerman 1943- Canadian musician (The Band)
Alys Robi Alys Robitaille 1923-2011 Canadian singer
Edward G. Robinson Emanuel Goldenberg 1893-1973 Romanian-American actor
Sugar Ray Robinson Walker Smith Jr. 1921-1989 American professional boxer
Stuart Robson Henry Robson Stuart 1836-1903 American actor
Patricia Roc Felicia Herold 1915-2003 English actress
Alex Rocco Alessandro Petricone Jr. 1936-2015 American actor
Rosanna Roces Jennifer Cruz Adriano 1972- Filipina actress Also known as Osang
Susan Roces Susan Levy Sonora 1941-2022 Filipina actress
Aesop Rock Ian Bavitz 1976- American rapper
Chubb Rock Richard Simpson 1968- American rapper
Crissy Rock Christine Murray 1958- English actress and comedienne
DJ Lance Rock Lance Robertson 1965- American musician, singer and DJ
Kid Rock Robert Ritchie 1971- American singer, songwriter and rapper
Pete Rock Peter Phillips 1970- American music producer, DJ and rapper
Peter Rock Peter Mociulski von Remenyk 1945-2016 Austrian-Chilean musician
Spank Rock Naeem Hanks American rapper and songwriter
Lee Rocker Leon Drucker 1961- American musician (Stray Cats)
Rikki Rockett Richard Ream 1961- American drummer (Poison)
Clara Rockmore Clara Reisenberg 1911-1998 Lithuanian musician
James Roday James Rodriguez 1976- American actor, director and screenwriter
Gaby Rodgers Gabrielle Rosenberg 1928- German-American actress
Red Rodney Robert Chudnick 1927-1994 American jazz musician
Lolita Rodriguez Dolores Marquez Clark 1935-2016 Filipina actress
Beth Rogan Jenifer Puckle 1931-2015 English actress
Ranking Roger Roger Charlery 1963-2019 English musician (The Beat and General Public)
Jean Rogers Eleanor Lovegren 1916-1991 American actress
Lulu Roman Bertha Louise Hable 1946- American comedienne and singer
Max Romeo Maxwell Smith 1944- Jamaican musician
Gloria Romero Gloria Galla 1933- Filipina actress
Nicky Romero Nick Rotteveel 1989- Dutch DJ and record producer
Mickey Rooney Joseph Yule Jr. 1920-2014 American actor
Buddy Roosevelt Kenneth Sanderson 1898-1973 American actor
George Roper George Furnival 1934-2003 English comedian
Skid Roper Richard Banke 1954- American musician
Noël Roquevert Noël Bénévent 1892-1973 French actor
Françoise Rosay Françoise Bandy de Nalèche 1891-1974 French opera singer
Axl Rose William Axl Rose 1962- American singer and songwriter (Guns N' Roses)
Billy Rose William Rosenberg 1899-1966 American impresario and lyricist
Calypso Rose Linda Sandy-Lewis (or McCartha Sandy-Lewis) 1940- Trinidadian singer Also known as Crusoe Kid
Majesty Rose Majesty Rochelle York 1992- American singer and songwriter
Shiva Rose Shiva Rose Afshar 1969- American actress
Bodil Rosing Bodil Hammerich 1877-1941 Danish-American actress
Annie Ross Annabelle Short 1930-2020 English-American singer and actress
Gaylen Ross Gail Rosenbaum 1950- American director, writer, producer and actress
Jeff Ross Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz 1965- American comedian
Joe E. Ross Joseph Roszawikz 1914-1982 American actor and comedian
Rick Ross William Roberts II 1976- American rapper
Shirley Ross Bernice Gaunt 1913-1975 American actress
Robert Rossen Robert Rosen 1908-1996 American screenwriter, film director and producer
Steve Rossi Joseph Tafarella 1932-2014 American actor, stand-up comedian and singer
Ariel Rot Ariel Rothenberg-Gutkin 1960- Argentine musician (Tequila)
Cecilia Roth Cecilia Rothenberg-Gutkin 1956- Argentine actress
Joanna Roth Joanna Angelis 1965- Danish-British actress
Lillian Roth Lilian Rutstein 1910-1980 American singer and actress
Deep Roy Mohinder Purba 1957- Kenyan-British actor
Candida Royalle Candice Vadala 1950-2015 American producer and director
Steele Rudd Arthur Davis 1868-1935 Australian author
Evelyn Rudie Evelyn Rudie Bernauer 1949- American playwright and actress
Sara Rue Sara Schlackman 1979- American actress
Titta Ruffo Ruffo Titta Cafiero 1877-1953 Italian opera singer
Bunny Rugs William Clarke 1948-2014 Jamaican singer (Third World)
Ja Rule Jeffrey Atkins 1976- American rapper and actor
Rev Run Joseph Simmons 1964- American rapper and actor (Run-DMC)
Jennifer Rush Heidi Stern 1960- American singer
Odeya Rush Odeya Rushinek 1997- Israeli actress
Joseph Ruskin Joseph Schlafman 1924-2013 American character actor
Albert Russell Albert Lerche 1890-1929 American director, screenwriter and actor
Andy Russell Andrés Rábago 1919-1992 American singer
Hal Russell Harold Luttenbacher 1926-1992 American jazz composer, bandleader and musician
Leon Russell Claude Russell Bridges 1942-2016 American musician and songwriter
Lillian Russell Helen Leonard 1860/1861-1922 American singer and actress
Mark Russell Mark Ruslander 1932-2023 American political satirist and comedian
Nipsey Russell Julius Russell 1918-2005 American actor, comedian, poet and dancer
Theresa Russell Theresa Paup 1957- American actress
William Russell William Lerche 1884-1929 American actor
Kelly Rutherford Kelly Rutherford Deane 1968- American actress
Basil Ruysdael Basil Millspaugh 1878-1960 American actor and opera singer
Amy Ryan Amy Dziewiontkowski 1968- American actress
Barry Ryan Barry Sapherson 1948-2021 English singer and photographer
Eileen Ryan Eileen Annucci 1927-2022 American actress
Kate Ryan Katrien Verbeeck 1980- Belgian singer and songwriter
Matt Ryan Matthew Evans 1981- Welsh actor
Paul Ryan Bernard Paul Feldman 1945-2015 American actor
Paul Ryan Paul Sapherson 1948-1992 English singer, songwriter and record producer
Sheila Ryan Katherine McLaughlin 1921-1975 American actress
Tim Ryan Timothy Ryan Rouillier 1964- American country singer-songwriter
Bobby Rydell Robert Ridarelli 1942-2022 American singer and actor
Mitch Ryder William Levise 1945- American rock singer (The Detroit Wheels)
Winona Ryder Winona Horowitz 1971- American actress
Michael Rye John Michael Riorden Billsbury 1918-2012 American actor
Rye Rye Ryeisha Berrain 1990- American rapper, singer, dancer and actress
Emme Rylan Marcy Behrens 1980- American actress


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Kenji Sahara Masayoshi Kato 1932- Japanese actor Also known as Tadashi Ishihara and Jun Manjōme
Martine St. Clair Martine Nault 1962- Canadian singer
Julie St. Claire Julie Capone 1970- American actress, director and producer
Pam St Clement Pamela Clements 1942- English actress
Lili St. Cyr Willis Van Schaack 1918-1999 American dancer
James St. James James Clark 1966- American television personality and author
Rebecca St. James Rebecca Smallbone 1977- Australian singer
Susan Saint James Susan Jane Miller 1946- American actress and activist
Austin St. John Jason Geiger 1974- American actor and martial artist
Betta St. John Betty Jean Striegler 1929-2023 American actress, singer and dancer
Bridget St John Bridget Hobbs 1946- English singer-songwriter and musician
Jeff St John Jeffrey Newton 1946-2018 Australian musician
Jill St. John Jill Oppenheim 1940- American actress
Mark St. John Mark Norton 1956-2007 American musician (White Tiger)
Pete St John Peter Mooney 1932-2022 Irish folk singer-songwriter
Nick St. Nicholas Klaus Kassbaum 1943- German musician (Steppenwolf)
Lara Saint Paul Silvana Savorelli 1945-2018 Eritrean-Italian singer and entertainer
Crispian St. Peters Robin Peter Smith 1939- English singer
Pat Sajak Patrick Leonard Sajdak 1946- American television personality
S. Z. Sakall Jakab Grünwald 1883-1955 Hungarian-American actor Also known as Gärtner Sándor and Gerő Jenő
Chika Sakamoto Chika Ishihara 1959- Japanese voice actress
David Sale Ernest Swindells 1932- English-Australian author, television screenwriter and playwright
Soupy Sales Milton Supman 1926-2009 American comedian and actor
Ola Salo Rolf Ola Anders Svensson 1977- Swedish musician and singer (The Ark)
Lea Salonga Maria Lea Carmen Imutan Salonga 1971- Filipina singer, actress and columnist
Magic Sam Samuel Maghett 1937-1969 American musician
Washboard Sam Robert Brown 1910-1966 American singer and musician
Olga Samaroff Lucy Mary Olga Agnes Hickenlooper 1880-1948 American pianist, music critic and teacher
Aldo Sambrell Alfredo Sánchez Brell 1931-2010 Spanish actor
Emma Samms Emma Samuelson 1960- English actress
Savanna Samson Natalie Oliveros 1967- American former pornographic actress
Lauren Samuels Lauren Bonner 1988- English singer and actress
Paul Sand Paul Sanchez 1932- American actor and comedian
Kenneth Sandford Kenneth Parkin 1924-2004 English singer and actor
Flo Sandon's Mammola Sandon 1924-2006 Italian singer
Yūsuke Santamaria Yuusuke Nakayama 1971- Japanese actor and singer
Juelz Santana LaRon James 1982- American rapper (The Diplomats)
Alejandro Sanz Alejandro Sánchez-Pizarro 1968- Spanish singer, musician and composer
Dick Sargent Richard Cox 1930-1994 American actor
Joseph Sargent Giuseppe Sorgente 1925-2014 American film director
Georges Sari Georgia Sarivaxevani 1925-2012 Greek author and actress
Laila Sari Nur Laila Sari Jahrotuljannah 1935-2017 Indonesian comedienne and singer
I. V. Sasi Irruppam Veedu Sasidaran 1947-2017 Indian film director
Savitha Sastry Savitha Subramaniam 1969- Indian dancer and choreographer
Lori Saunders Linda Hines 1941- American actress
Ann Savage Bernice Lyon 1921-2008 American actress
John Savage John Youngs 1949- American actor
Michael Savage Michael Weiner 1942- American political commentator
Jan Savitt Jacob Savetnick 1907-1948 American bandleader
Lady Saw Marion Hall 1969- Jamaican singer and songwriter
Connie Sawyer Rosie Cohen 1912-2018 American actress
James Saxon William James Smyth 1955-2003 English character actor
John Saxon Carmine Orrico 1936-2020 American actor
Jo Ann Sayers Miriam Lilygren 1918-2011 American actress
Rat Scabies Chris Miller 1955- English musician (The Damned)
Delia Scala Odette Bedogni 1929-2004 Italian actress
Gia Scala Giovanna Scoglio 1934-1972 English-American actress
Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Valiente 1978- American singer
Margarete Schön Margarete Schippang 1895-1985 German actress
Chico Science Francisco de Assis França 1966-1997 Brazilian singer and composer
Tony Scoggo Anthony Scoggins 1936- English actor
Fatman Scoop Isaac Freeman III 1971- American rapper
Bonnie Scott Bonnie Paul 1941- American retired actress and singer
Clive Scott Robert Clive Cleghorn 1937-2021 South African actor and director
Gordon Scott Gordon Werschkul 1926-2007 American actor
Jack Scott Jack Scafone 1936-2019 Canadian-American singer and songwriter
Josey Scott Joseph Scott Sappington 1972- American musician and singer (Saliva)
Kathryn Leigh Scott Marlene Kringstad 1943- American actress
Linda Scott Linda Sampson 1945- American singer and actress
Lizabeth Scott Emma Matzo 1922-2015 American actress
L'Wren Scott Laura Bambrough 1964-2014 American model
Randolph Scott George Randolph Crane 1898-1987 American actor
Ronnie Scott Ronald Schatt 1927-1996 English jazz musician
Simon Scott Daniel Scott Simon 1920-1991 American character actor
DJ Screw Robert Earl Davis Jr. 1971-2000 American hip hop DJ (Screwed Up Click)
Angus Scrimm Lawrence Scrimm 1926-2016 American actor
Lisa Seagram Ruth Browser 1936-2019 American actress
Jay Sean Kamaljit Jhooti 1981- English singer and songwriter
George Seaton George Stenius 1911-1979 American screenwriter, playwright and director
Joan Sebastian José Figueroa-Figueroa 1951-2015 Mexican singer and songwriter
Blossom Seeley Minnie Guyer 1886-1974 American singer, dancer and actress
Sybil Seely Sybil Travilla 1900-1984 American actress
Hélène Ségara Hélène Rizzo 1971- French singer
Connie Sellecca Concetta Sellecchia 1955- American actress, producer and former model
Dimitrios Semsis Dimítrios Koukoudéas 1883-1950 Greek musician Also known as Dimitrios Salonikios
Riya Sen Riya Varma 1981- Indian actress
Captain Sensible Ray Burns 1954- English singer-songwriter and musician (The Damned)
Johnny Sequoyah John Sequoyah Friedenberg 2002- American actress
MC Serch Michael Berrin 1967- American rapper
Ivan Sergei Ivan Sergei Gaudio 1971- American actor
Raymond Serra Aurelio Lacagnina 1936-2003 American character actor
Camilo Sesto Camilo Blanes-Cortés 1946-2019 Spanish singer, songwriter and music producer
Pilar Seurat Rita Hernandez 1938-2001 Filipina-American actress
Johnny Seven John Fetto Jr. 1926-2010 American character actor
Toni Seven June Millarde 1922-1991 American actress
Steven Severin Steven Bailey 1955- English musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Ninón Sevilla Emelia Pérez-Castellanos 1921-2015 Cuban-Mexican dancer
John Sex John McLoughlin 1956-1990 American cabaret singer and performance artist
Anne Seymour Anne Seymour Eckert 1909-1988 American actress
Carolyn Seymour Carolyn von Beckendorf 1947- English actress
Jane Seymour Joyce Frankenberg 1951- English actress
DJ Shadow Josh Davis 1972- American DJ and music producer
Twin Shadow George Lewis Jr. 1983- Dominican-American singer, songwriter, musician and actor
M. Shadows Matthew Charles Sanders 1981- American singer and songwriter (Avenged Sevenfold)
MC Shan Shawn Moltke 1965- American rapper (Juice Crew)
Paul Shane George Speight 1940-2013 English actor and comedian
Ravi Shankar Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury 1920-2012 Indian musician and composer
Bob Shannon Don Bombard 1948-2023 American radio disc jockey
Del Shannon Charles Westover 1934-1990 American musician, singer and songwriter
Peggy Shannon Winona Sammon 1907-1941 American actress
Emma Shapplin Crystêle Joliton 1974- French opera singer
John Sharian John Shahnazarian 1964- English actor
Omar Sharif Michel Shalhoub 1932-2015 Egyptian actor
Eric Shark Thomas Davis 1950-2010 English singer (Deaf School)
Dee Dee Sharp Dione LaRue 1945- American singer
Todd Sharpville Roland Philipps 1970- English musician
Artie Shaw Arthur Arshawsky 1910-2004 American musician and bandleader
Rick Shaw James Hummel 1938-2017 American disc jockey, radio and television personality
Sandie Shaw Sandra Goodrich 1947- English singer
Susan Shaw Patricia Sloots 1929-1978 English actress
Victoria Shaw Jeanette Elphick 1935-1988 Australian actress
Wini Shaw Winifred Lei Momi 1907-1982 American actress, dancer and singer Also known as Winifred Shaw
Dick Shawn Richard Schulefand 1923-1987 American actor and comedian
Dorothy Shay Dorothy Sims 1921-1978 American singer and character actress
Konstantin Shayne Konstantin Veniaminovich Olkenitski 1888-1974 Russian-American actor
Robert Shayne Robert Shaen Dawe 1900-1992 American actor
Tamara Shayne Tamara Veniaminovna Olkenitskaya 1902-1983 Russian-American actress Also known as Tamara Nikoulina
Al Shean Albert Schönberg 1868-1949 German-American comedian and vaudevillian
Michael Sheard Donald Perkins 1938-2005 Scottish character actor
Moira Shearer Moira Shearer King 1926-2006 Scottish ballet dancer and actress
Charlie Sheen Carlos Irwin Estévez 1965- American actor
Martin Sheen Ramón Estévez 1940- American actor
Johnny Sheffield John Matthew Sheffield Cassan 1931-2010 American actor
Reginald Sheffield Matthew Reginald Sheffield Cassan 1901-1951 English-American actor
Dean Shek Wei-cheng Shek 1949-2021 Hong Kong actor and producer
Charlotte Shelby Lily Miles 1877-1957 American actress
Margaret Shelby Margaret Reilly 1900-1939 American actress
Paul Shelley Paul Matthews 1942- English actor
Pete Shelley Peter McNeish 1955-2018 English singer, songwriter and musician (Buzzcocks)
Shifty Shellshock Seth Binzer 1974–2024 American rapper (Crazy Town)
Anne Shelton Patricia Sibley 1923-1994 English singer
Jon Shepodd Hugh Goodwin 1927-2017 American actor
T. G. Sheppard William Browder 1944- American country singer-songwriter
Mark Shera Mark Shapiro 1949- American actor
Mallika Sherawat Reema Lamba 1976- Indian actress
Dinah Sheridan Dinah Ginsburg 1920-2012 English actress
Lee Sheriden Roger Pritchard 1944- English singer-songwriter
Allan Sherman Allan Copelon 1924-1973 American comedian, actor and singer
Gale Sherwood Jacqueline Nash 1929-2017 Canadian singer and actress
Lydia Sherwood Lily Shavelson 1906-1989 English actress
Anne Shirley Dawn Paris 1918-1993 American actress Known as Dawn O'Day (as a child)
Natasha Shneider Natalia Schneiderman 1956-2008 Latvian musician and actress
Michelle Shocked Karen Michelle Johnston 1962- American singer-songwriter
Troy Shondell Gary Schelton 1939-2016 American singer
Roberta Shore Roberta Schourop 1943- American retired actress
Too Short Todd Shaw 1966- American rapper and record producer (Mount Westmore)
Ras Shorty I Garfield Blackman 1941–2000 Trinidadian musician Also known as Lord Shorty
Trombone Shorty Troy Andrews 1986- American musician and producer
Alexander Siddig Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abdurrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi 1965- Sudanese-English actor and director Also known as Siddig El Fadil
Frank Sidebottom Christopher Sievey 1955-2010 English musician and comedian
Beverly Sills Belle Silverman 1929-2007 American opera singer
Paul Sills Paul Silverberg 1927-2008 American director
Jenny Silver Jenny Maria Öhlund 1974- Swedish singer
Jay Silverheels Harold Smith 1912-1980 Canadian actor and athlete
Phil Silvers Philip Silversmith 1911-1985 American comedian and actor
Maria Sílvia Maria Sílvia Menezes Aguiar 1944-2009 Brazilian actress
David Simeon David Townsend 1943- English actor
Al Simmons Aloysius Szymanski 1902-1956 American professional baseball player
Gene Simmons Chaim Witz 1949- Israeli-American musician and singer (Kiss) Also known as Eugene Klein, The Demon, God of Thunder, Dr. Love and Reginald Van Helsing
Domonique Simone Deirdre Morrow 1971- American actress
Nina Simone Eunice Waymon 1933-2003 American singer-songwriter
Renée Simonot Jeanne Renée Deneuve 1911-2021 French actress Also known as Renée-Jeanne Simonot
Mickey Simpson Charles Simpson 1913-1985 American character actor
Diane Sinclair Miriam Rosen 1921-2011 American actress
Madge Sinclair Madge Walters 1938-1995 Jamaican actress
Bob Sinclar Christophe LeFriant 1969- French record producer and DJ
Eric Singer Eric Mensinger 1958- American drummer (Kiss)
Penny Singleton Mariana McNulty 1908-2003 American actress
Siouxsie Sioux Susan Ballion 1957- English singer (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet 1995- South African-Australian singer and actor
Nikki Sixx Frank Feranna Jr. 1958- American musician (Mötley Crüe)
Luke Ski Luke Sienkowski 1974- American singer and satirist
Frank Skinner Christopher Collins 1957- English comedian
Nick Skitz Nicholas Agamalis 1968- Australian record producer
Jennifer Sky Jennifer Wacha 1976- American actress
Rottyful Sky Han-Eul Kim 1988-2013 South Korean singer and producer
Ione Skye Ione Skye Leitch 1970- English-American actress
Acey Slade Emil Schmidt IV 1974- American musician (Dope and Murderdolls)
Chris Slade Christopher Rees 1946- Welsh musician (AC/DC)
Mia Slavenska Mia Čorak 1916-2002 Croatian-American ballet dancer
DJ Kay Slay Keith Grayson 1966-2022 American DJ
Kimbo Slice Kevin Ferguson 1974-2016 Bahamian professional boxer and actor
Earl Slick Frank Madeloni 1952- American musician
Fatboy Slim Norman Cook 1963- English musician (The Housemartins), DJ and producer
Magic Slim Morris Holt 1937-2013 American singer and musician
Memphis Slim John Chatman 1915-1988 American blues musician, singer and composer
Mississippi Slim Carvel Ausborn 1923-1973 American country singer
Sunnyland Slim Albert Luandrew 1906-1995 American blues musician
P. F. Sloan Philip Schlein 1945-2015 American singer and songwriter
Lindsay Sloane Lindsay Sloane Leikin 1977- American actress
Karl Slover Karl Kosiczky 1918-2011 Slovakian-American actor
Edward Small Edward Schmalheiser 1891-1977 American film producer
Pat Smear Georg Ruthenberg 1959- American musician (Germs)
Yakov Smirnoff Yakov Pokhis 1951- Ukrainian-American comedian
Buffalo Bob Smith Robert Schmidt 1917-1998 American television personality
Cal Smith Calvin Shofner 1932-2013 American country musician and singer
John Smith Robert Van Orden 1931-1995 American actor
Keely Smith Dorothy Keely 1928-2017 American singer
Liz Smith Betty Gleadle 1921-2016 English character actress
Lois Smith Lois Humbert 1930- American character actress
Margo Smith Betty Miller 1942- American country singer-songwriter
Michael Kelly Smith Michael Shermick 1958- American musician (Cinderella and Britny Fox)
Whispering Jack Smith Jacob Schmidt 1896-1950 American singer
CL Smooth Corey Penn 1968- American rapper (Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
J. B. Smoove Jerry Brooks 1965- American actor, comedian and writer
DJ Snake William Grigahcine 1986- Algerian-French producer and DJ
Sam Sneed Sam Anderson 1968- American producer and rapper
Mark Snow Martin Fulterman 1946- American composer
Phoebe Snow Phoebe Laub 1950-2011 American singer-songwriter and musician
Leigh Snowden Martha Leigh Estes 1929-1982 American actress
Al Sobrante John Kiffmeyer 1969- American retired musician and songwriter (Green Day)
Vera Sola Danielle Aykroyd 1989- American-Canadian singer-songwriter
MC Solaar Claude Honoré M'Barali 1969- French rapper
Gordon Solie Francis Jonard Labiak 1929-2000 American professional wrestling announcer
Alba Solís Ángela Lamberti 1927-2016 Argentine singer and actress
Mano Solo Emmanuel Cabut 1963-2010 French singer
Georg Solti Györg Stern 1912-1997 Hungarian-British conductor
Brett Somers Audrey Johnston 1924-2007 Canadian-American actress and singer
Charlotte Sometimes Jessica Charlotte Poland 1988- American singer-songwriter
Elke Sommer Elke Schletz 1940- German actress
Grethe Sønck Grethe Hald 1929-2010 Danish actress and singer
Trey Songz Tremaine Neverson 1984- American singer, songwriter and record producer (Ocean's 7)
Cahide Sonku Cahide Serap 1919-1981 Turkish actress, model, writer and director
Jack Soo Gorou Suzuki 1917-1979 Japanese-American actor
Wilbur Soot William Gold 1996- English musician, YouTuber and Twitch streamer
Louise Sorel Louise Cohen 1940- American actress
Ted Sorel Theodore Eliopoulos 1936-2010 American actor
Topi Sorsakoski Pekka Tammilehto 1952-2011 Finnish singer
Geneviève Sorya Geneviève Durand 1912-2008 French actress
Ann Sothern Harriette Lake 1909-2001 American actress
Alain Souchon Alain Kienast 1944- French singer-songwriter and actor
David Soul David Solberg 1943-2024 American-British actor
Jimmy Soul James McCleese 1942-1988 American singer
Musiq Soulchild Taalib Johnson 1977- American singer and songwriter
Joe South Joe Souter 1940-2012 American singer-songwriter, musician and record producer
Eve Southern Elva McDowell 1900-1962 American actress
Jeri Southern Genevieve Hering 1926- American jazz singer and musician
Lady Sovereign Louise Harman 1985- English rapper
Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey Fowler 1959- American actor
Ned Sparks Edward Sparkman 1883-1957 Canadian-American actor
PJ Sparxx Laura Brown 1969- American pornographic actress
Bubba Sparxxx Warren Mathis 1977- American rapper (Dungeon Family)
Burning Spear Winston Rodney 1945- Jamaican singer-songwriter
Zsa Zsa Speck Perry Pandrea 1970- American musician (Marilyn Manson)
Georgina Spelvin Shelley Graham 1936- American former pornographic actress
Bud Spencer Carlo Pedersoli 1929-2016 Italian actor and professional swimmer
John Spencer John Speshock Jr. 1946-2005 American actor
Silver Sphere Sophie Cates 1999- American singer-songwriter
Baby Spice Emma Bunton 1976- English singer, songwriter, actress and media personality
Ginger Spice Geraldine Halliwell 1972- English singer, songwriter, author and actress
Posh Spice Victoria Beckham 1974- English singer and television personality
Dave Spikey David Gordon Bramwell 1951- English comedian and television presenter
DJ Spinderella Deirdra Roper 1970- American rapper (Salt-N-Pepa)
Joe Spinell Joseph Spagnuolo 1936-1989 American character actor
Anthony Spinelli Samuel Weinstein 1927-2000 American actor and producer
Dusty Springfield Mary O'Brien 1939-1999 English singer
Rick Springfield Richard Springthorpe 1949- Australian singer-songwriter and actor
James Stacy Maurice Elias 1936-2016 American actor
John M. Stahl Jacob Morris Strelitsky 1886-1950 American film director and producer
John Standing John Leon 1934- English actor
Bern Nadette Stanis Bernadette Stanislaus 1953- American actress and author Also known/billed as BernNadette Stanis, Bernadette Stanis and Bern Nadette
Florence Stanley Florence Schwartz 1924-2003 American actress
Kim Stanley Patricia Reid 1925-2001 American actress
Louise Stanley Louise Keyes 1915-1982 American actress
Paul Stanley Stanley Eisen 1952- American singer and musician (Kiss)
Barbara Stanwyck Ruby Stevens 1907-1990 American actress
Hovi Star Hovav Sekulets 1986- Israeli singer
Ryan Star Ryan Star Kulchinsky 1978- American singer-songwriter
Alvin Stardust Bernard Jewry 1942-2014 English singer and actor Also known as Shane Fenton
Belle Starr Myra Shirley 1848-1889 American outlaw
Blaze Starr Fannie Fleming 1932-2015 American model
Brenda K. Starr Brenda Kaplan 1966- American singer and songwriter
Edwin Starr Charles Hatcher 1942-2003 American singer and songwriter
Fredro Starr Fred Scruggs 1971- American rapper and actor (Onyx)
Jane Starr Garnette Ryman 1906-2002 American actress
Kay Starr Katherine Starks 1922-2016 American singer
Martin Starr Martin Schienle 1982- American actor and comedian
Randy Starr Warren Nadel 1930- American singer-songwriter
Ringo Starr Richard Starkey 1940- English musician and singer (The Beatles)
Sally Starr Alleen Beller 1923-2013 American television personality
Lovebug Starski Kevin Smith 1960-2018 American rapper, musician and record producer
Wayne Static Wayne Wells 1965-2014 American musician and singer (Static-X)
J.A. Steel Jacquelyn Ruffner 1969- American writer, director and producer
Bob Steele Robert Bradbury 1907-1988 American actor
Michael Steele Susan Thomas 1955- American musician (The Bangles) Known as Micki Steele during her early career
Peter Steele Peter Ratajczyk 1962-2010 American musician, singer and songwriter (Type O Negative)
Tommy Steele Thomas Hicks 1936- English singer and actor
Indira Stefanianna Indira Stefanianna Christopherson 1946- American voice actress and singer
Henry Stephenson Henry Garroway 1871-1956 British actor
Ford Sterling George Ford Stich Jr. 1883-1939 American comedian and actor
Jan Sterling Jane Sterling Adriance 1921-2004 American actress
Robert Sterling William Sterling Hart 1917-2006 American actor
Delicate Steve Steve Marion Unknown American musician
Andrew Stevens Herman Andrew Stephens 1955- American actor and producer
April Stevens Caroline Vincinette LoTempio 1929-2023 American singer (Nino Tempo & April Stevens)
Brody Stevens Steven Brody 1970-2019 American comedian
Cat Stevens Steven Georgiou 1948- English singer-songwriter and musician Primarily known as Yusuf Islam
Connie Stevens Concetta Ingolia 1938- American actress and singer
Craig Stevens Gail Shikles Jr. 1918-2000 American actor
Dodie Stevens Geraldine Pasquale 1946- American singer
Fisher Stevens Stephen Fisher 1963- American actor, director, producer and writer
Inger Stevens Inger Stensland 1934-1970 Swedish-American actress
K. T. Stevens Gloria Wood 1919-1994 American actress
Onslow Stevens Onslow Stevenson 1902-1977 American actor
Ray Stevens Harold Ray Ragsdale 1939- American musician, singer and comedian
Risë Stevens Risë Steenberg 1913-2013 American opera singer and actress
Shadoe Stevens Terry Ingstad 1947- American radio host
Shakin' Stevens Michael Barrett 1948- Welsh singer and songwriter
Steve Stevens Steven Schneider 1959- American musician
Tabitha Stevens Kelly Garrett 1970- American pornographic actress
Elaine Stewart Elsy Steinberg 1930-2011 American actress
Jon Stewart Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz 1962- American comedian, actor and television host
Martha Stewart Martha Haworth 1922-2021 American actress
Paula Stewart Dorothy Paula Zürndorfer 1929- American actress
Cool Sticky Uzaiah Thompson 1936-2014 Jamaican musician and singer
Vinnie Stigma Vincent Cappucchio 1955- American musician (Agnostic Front)
John Stockwell John Stockwell Samuels IV 1961- American actor
Christopher Stone Thomas Bourassa 1940-1995 American actor
Cliffie Stone Clifford Snyder 1917-1998 American country singer, musician and record producer
Freddie Stone Frederick Stewart 1947- American musician (Sly and the Family Stone)
Harold J. Stone Harold Hochstein 1913-2005 American character actor
Jeffrey Stone John Fontaine 1926-2012 American actor
John Stone John Hailstone 1924-2007 Welsh actor
Joss Stone Joscelyn Stocker 1987- English singer
Lew Stone Louis Steinberg 1898-1969 English bandleader and arranger
Philip Stone Philip Stones 1924-2003 English actor
Rose Stone Rosemary Stewart 1945- American singer and musician (Sly and the Family Stone)
Sly Stone Sylvester Stewart 1943- American musician, songwriter and record producer (Sly and the Family Stone)
Stuart Stone Stuart Eisenstein 1980- Canadian actor
Vet Stone Vaetta Stewart 1950- American soul singer (Sly and the Family Stone)
Gale Storm Josephine Cottle 1922-2009 American actress and singer
Hannah Storm Hannah Storen 1962- American sports journalist
Rory Storm Alan Caldwell 1938-1972 English musician and singer
Tempest Storm Annie Banks 1928-2021 American dancer and actress
Peter Stormare Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm 1953- Swedish actor
Suzanne Storrs Suzanne Storrs Poulton 1934-1995 American actress
Izzy Stradlin Jeffrey Isbell 1962- American musician, singer and songwriter (Guns N' Roses)
Elsa Stralia Elsie Fischer 1881-1945 Australian opera singer
Steve Strange Steven Harrington 1959-2015 Welsh singer
Mumzy Stranger Muhammad Ahmed 1984- English rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer
Teresa Stratas Anastasia Stratakis 1938- Canadian opera singer
Melissa Stribling Melissa Stribling Smith 1926-1992 Scottish actress
Freddie Stroma Frederic Wilhelm C. J. Sjöström 1987- English actor and model
Mark Strong Marco Salussolia 1963- English actor
Joe Strummer John Mellor 1952-2003 English singer-songwriter and musician (The Clash)
Barbara Stuart Barbara McNeese 1930-2011 American actress
Conny Stuart Cornelia van Meijgaard 1913-2010 Dutch actress and singer
Gloria Stuart Gloria Stewart 1910-2010 American actress
Iris Stuart Frances McCann 1903-1936 American actress
Jeanne Stuart Ivy Sweet 1908-2003 English actress
Mary Stuart Mary Stuart Houchins 1926-2002 American actress, musician, singer and songwriter
Maxine Stuart Stuart Solomon 1918-2013 American actress
Mel Stuart Stuart Solomon 1928-2012 American film director and producer
Randy Stuart Elizabeth Shaubell 1924-1996 American actress
Levi Stubbs Levi Stubbles 1936-2008 American singer (Four Tops)
Marie Studholme Caroline Maria Lupton 1872-1930 English actress and singer
Preston Sturges Edmund Biden 1898-1959 American playwright, screenwriter and film director
Peter Sturm Josef Dischel 1909-1984 Austrian-German actor
Shyla Stylez Amanda Friedland 1982-2017 Canadian pornographic actress
Poly Styrene Marianne Elliott-Said 1957-2011 English musician and singer-songwriter (X-Ray Spex)
Vi Subversa Frances Sokolov 1935-2016 English singer and musician (Poison Girls)
Nikki Sudden Adrian Godfrey 1956-2006 English singer-songwriter and musician (Swell Maps)
Big Jim Sullivan James Tomkins 1941-2012 English musician
Grant Sullivan Jerry Schulz 1924-2011 American actor
Madame Sul-Te-Wan Nellie Crawford 1873-1959 American actress
Yma Sumac Zoila Chávarri del Castillo 1922-2008 Peruvian-American singer, model and actress
Kabir Suman Suman Chattopadhyay 1949- Indian music director, songwriter, singer and composer
Marc Summers Marc Berkowitz 1951- American television personality, comedian and actor
Paige Summers Nancy Coursey 1976-2003 American model
Daniel Sunjata Daniel Sunjata Condon 1971- American actor
Tommie Sunshine Thomas Lorello 1971- American record producer and DJ
Princess Superstar Concetta Kirschner 1971- American rapper and DJ
S. J. Suryah S. Justin Selvaraj 1968- Indian director, screenwriter, actor, composer and producer
Dick Sutherland Archibald Johnson 1881-1934 American actor
Dolores Sutton Dolores Silverstein 1927-2009 American actress
James Sutton James Cook 1983- English actor
Bettye Swann Betty Champion 1944- American soul singer
Earl Sweatshirt Thebe Neruda Kgositsile 1994- American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Originally known as Sly Tendencies
Puma Swede Johanna Jussinniemi 1976- Swedish pornographic actress
Allen Swift Ira Stadlen 1924-2010 American voice actor
Teddy Swims Jaten Dimsdale 1992- American singer-songwriter
DeVante Swing Donald DeGrate Jr. 1969- American record producer, singer, rapper and songwriter
Tom Swoon Dorian Tomasiak 1993- Polish former DJ and record producer
La Sylphe Edith Langerfeld 1883-1968 American dancer
Sylvain Sylvain Sylvain Mizrahi 1951-2021 American musician
David Sylvian David Alan Batt 1958- English musician, singer and songwriter (Japan)
Sylvia Syms Sylvia Blagman 1917-1992 American singer


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Mr. T Laurence Tureaud 1952- American actor
Vic Tablian Varoujan Aintablian 1937- Armenian-British actor
Jamaaladeen Tacuma Rudy McDaniel 1956- American musician
Seo Taiji Jeong Hyeon-cheol 1972- South Korean musician
Lyle Talbot Lisle Henderson 1902-1996 American actor
Nita Talbot Anita Sokol 1930- American actress
Myfanwy Talog Myfanwy Talog Williams 1944-1995 Welsh actress
Sharon Tandy Sharon Finkelstein 1943-2015 South African singer
Dr. Tangalanga Julio Victorio De Rissio 1916-2013 Argentine comedian
Bill Tarmey William Piddington 1941-2012 English actor and singer
Frank Tashlin Francis von Taschlein 1913-1972 American animator and filmmaker Also known as Frank Tash and Tish Tash
Catherine Tate Catherine Ford 1969- English actress and comedienne
Richard Tauber Richard Denemy 1891-1948 American opera singer and actor
Alex Taylor Adriana Molinari 1947-1993 American singer
Chip Taylor James Voight 1940- American songwriter and singer
Eva Taylor Irene Gibbons 1895-1977 American singer and actress
Georgia Taylor Claire Jackson 1980- English actress
Joan Taylor Rose Marie Emma 1929-2012 American actress
Kent Taylor Louis Weiss 1907-1987 American actor
Koko Taylor Cora Walton 1928-2009 American singer
Renée Taylor Renée Wexler 1933- American, screenwriter, playwright, producer and director
Rip Taylor Charles Elmer Jr. 1931-2019 American actor and comedian
Robert Taylor Spangler Brugh 1911-1969 American actor
Vince Taylor Brian Holden 1939-1991 English singer
William Desmond Taylor William Deane-Tanner 1872-1922 Anglo-Irish-American film director and actor
Scout Taylor-Compton Desiaree Starr Compton 1989- American actress
Lyle Tayo Lyle Shipman 1899-1971 American actress
Cocoa Tea Colvin George Scott 1959- Jamaican reggae singer
MC Tee Touré Embden 1964- Jamaican-American rapper (Mantronix)
Super Tekla Romeo Librada 1982- Filipino actor, comedian and television host
Lou Tellegen Isidore Louis Bernard Edmon von Dommelen 1881/1883-1934 Dutch-American actor, director and screenwriter
Joey Tempest Rolf Larsson 1963- Swedish singer (Europe)
Marie Tempest Mary Etherington 1864-1942 English singer and actress
Nino Tempo Antonino LoTempio 1935- American musician, singer and actor (Nino Tempo & April Stevens)
Vienna Teng Cynthia Yih Shih 1978- American musician
David Tennant David McDonald 1971- Scottish actor
Robert Tepper Antoine Robert Teppardo 1950- American songwriter and singer (Iron Butterfly)
Tila Tequila Tila Nguyen 1981- American television and internet personality
Bryn Terfel Bryn Terfel Jones 1965- Welsh singer
Todd Terje Terje Olsen 1981- Norwegian DJ, songwriter and record producer
Tammi Terrell Thomasina Montgomery 1945-1970 American singer-songwriter
Krissada Terrence Krissada Clapp 1970- Thai pop singer and actor (Pru)
Jack Terricloth Peter Ventantonio 1970-2021 American musician and singer (The World/Inferno Friendship Society)
Norma Terris Norma Allison Cook 1904-1989 American actress
Ellaline Terriss Mary Ellaline Lewin 1871-1971 British actress
Tom Terriss Thomas Lewin 1872-1964 English actor, screenwriter and film director
William Terriss William Lewin 1847-1897 English actor
Alice Terry Alice Taaffe 1899-1987 American actress
Phillip Terry Frederick Kormann 1909-1993 American actor
Sonny Terry Saunders Terrell 1911-1986 American musician
Walter Tetley Walter Tetzlaff 1915-1975 American actor
Joe Tex Joseph Arrington Jr. 1935-1982 American singer and musician
Bilat Pyan Than Than E 1908-2007 Burmese singer
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Rosetta Nubin 1915-1973 American singer, songwriter and guitarist
Lorna Thayer Lorna Casey 1919-2005 American character actress
Max Thayer Michael Thayer 1946- American actor
Allan Théo Alain Rouget 1972- French singer
Brother Theodore Theodore Gottlieb 1906-2001 German-American actor and comedian
E Thi Swe Swe Win 1970-2017 Burmese soothsayer and fortune-teller
Danny Thomas Amos Yakhoob 1912-1991 American actor and comedian
Ian Thomas Ian Thomas Hoelen 1997- Belgian singer-songwriter, musician, actor and model
Jameson Thomas Thomas Jameson 1888-1939 English actor
Jay Thomas John Thomas Terrell 1948-2017 American actor
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jonathan Taylor Weiss 1981- American actor and director
Paul Thomas Philip Toubus 1949- American pornographic actor and director
Robin Thomas Robin Thomas Grossman 1949- American actor
Sunset Thomas Diane Fowler 1972- American former pornographic actress
Duane Thompson Duane Maloney 1903-1970 American actress
Kay Thompson Catherine Fink 1909-1998 American author, composer, musician, actress and singer
Sue Thompson Eva Sue McKee 1925-2021 American singer
Frank Thornton Frank Thornton Ball 1921-2013 English actor
Juan Carlos Thorry José Torrontegui 1908-2000 Argentine actor
Black Thought Tariq Trotter 1973- American rapper and actor (The Roots)
Bambie Thug Bambie Ray Robinson 1993- Irish singer-songwriter
Young Thug Jeffrey Williams 1991- American rapper
Chief Thundercloud Victor Daniels 1899-1955 American character actor
Johnny Thunders John Genzale Jr. 1952-1991 American musician and singer (New York Dolls)
Greta Thyssen Grethe Thygesen 1927-2018 Danish actress
Tina Ti Kwok-Hing Leung 1945-2010 Hong Kong actress Also known as Di Na
Pamela Tiffin Pamela Tiffin Wonso 1942-2020 American actress
Kevin Tighe John Kevin Fishburn 1944- American actor
Vesta Tilley Matilda Powles 1864-1952 English music hall performer
Tiny Tim Herbert Khaury 1932-1996 American singer and musician
Betty Ting Mei-Li Tang 1947- Taiwanese former actress
Thelma Tixou Thelma Siklenik 1944-2019 Mexican actress
Hallie Todd Hallie Eckstein 1962- American actress
Josh Todd Joshua Todd Gruber 1970- American musician, singer and songwriter
Mike Todd Avrom Goldbogen 1909-1958 American producer
Nick Todd Cecil Boone 1935-2023 American pop singer
Eva Todor Éva Fodor 1919-2017 Brazilian actress and dancer
George Tokoro Takayuki Haga 1955- Japanese comedian, television personality and singer-songwriter
Michael Tolan Seymour Tuchow 1925-2011 American actor
Lorna Tolentino Victoria Lorna Aluquin-Fernandez 1961- Filipina actress, television host and producer
Japanese Tommy Thomas Dilward c.1817-1887 American entertainer
Little Tony Antonio Ciacci 1941-2013 Italian singer
Crazy Toones Lamar Calhoun 1971-2017 American record producer (WC and the Maad Circle)
Carrot Top Scott Thompson 1965- American comedian and actor
Rita Tori Marguerite Thoresen 1908-1967 Norwegian ballet dancer and choreographer
Peter Tork Peter Thorkelson 1942-2019 American musician and actor (The Monkees)
David Torrence David Tayson 1864-1951 Scottish actor
Alessandra Torresani Alessandra Toreson 1987- American actress
Peter Tosh Winston McIntosh 1944-1987 Jamaican musician
Tamara Toumanova Tamara Khassidovitch 1919-1996 Russian-American ballerina and actress
Maurice Tourneur Maurice Thomas 1876-1961 French film director and screenwriter
Mageina Tovah Mageina Tovah Begtrup 1979- American actress
Leo Towers Leopoldo Torres Nilsson 1924-1978 Argentine film director, producer and screenwriter
Sheila Tracy Sheila Lugg 1934-2014 English broadcaster, writer, musician and singer
Steve Tracy Steven Crumrine 1952-1986 American actor
Chris Tranchell Christopher Small 1941- English actor
Henry Travers Travers Heagerty 1874-1965 English character actor
Dave Lee Travis David Griffin 1945- English disc jockey, radio personality and television presenter
Randy Travis Randy Traywick 1959- American country singer, songwriter, musician and actor
Robert Trebor Robert Schenkman 1953- American character actor
Chief John Big Tree Isaac John 1877-1967 American actor
Dorothy Tree Dorothy Triebitz 1906-1992 American actress
Herbert Beerbohm Tree Herbert Beerbohm 1852-1917 English actor
Jackie Trent Yvonne Burgess 1940-2015 English singer-songwriter and actress
Georges Tréville Georges Troly 1875-1944 French actor and film director
Roger Tréville Roger Troly 1902-2005 French actor
Claire Trevor Claire Wemlinger 1910-2000 American actress
Cowboy Troy Troy Coleman 1970- American rapper and singer
Doris Troy Doris Higginson 1937-2004 American actress and singer
Andrea True Andrea Truden 1943-2011 American singer
Timmy Trumpet Timothy Smith 1982- Australian musician and DJ
Arnaud Tsamere Arnaud Tsedri 1975- French comedian and actor
Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung Tse 1980- Hong Kong actor, martial artist, singer and songwriter
King Tubby Osborne Ruddock 1941-1989 Jamaican sound engineer
Richard Tucker Rubin Ticker 1913-1975 American opera singer
Tommy Tucker Robert Higginbotham 1933-1982 American blues singer-songwriter and musician
Antony Tudor William Cook 1908-1987 English ballet choreographer and dancer
Janine Turner Janine Gauntt 1962- American actress
Sammy Turner Samuel Black 1932- American singer
Yolande Turner Yolande Turnbull 1935-2003 British actress and screenwriter
Cosey Fanni Tutti Christine Newby 1951- English performance artist, musician and writer (Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey)
Shania Twain Eileen Edwards 1965- Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
FKA Twigs Tahliah Barnett 1988- English singer, songwriter and dancer
Aphex Twin Richard James 1971- British musician, composer, and DJ
Conway Twitty Harold Jenkins 1933-1993 American singer and songwriter
Bonnie Tyler Gaynor Hopkins 1951- Welsh singer
Ginny Tyler Merrie Virginia Erlandson 1925-2012 American voice actress
Judy Tyler Judith Hess 1932-1957 American singer and actress
Steven Tyler Stephen Tallarico 1948- American singer (Aerosmith)
T. Texas Tyler David Myrick 1916-1972 American singer and songwriter
Tom Tyler Vincent Markowski 1903-1954 American actor
Hunter Tylo Deborah Jo Hunter 1962- American actress, author and former model
George Tyne Martin Yarus 1917-2008 American actor Also known as Buddy Yarus
Rob Tyner Robert Derminer 1944-1991 American musician (MC5)
Tito El Bambino Efraín Fines 1981- Puerto Rican singer and songwriter (Héctor & Tito)
Totó la Momposina Sonia Bazanta 1940- Colombian singer
T La Rock Clarence Keaton 1961- American rapper
Trae tha Truth Frazier Thompson 1980- American rapper (Screwed Up Click)


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Dan Under Dan Smith 1980- New Zealander musician (The Dear & Departed)
N.U. Unruh Andrew Chudy 1957- German musician (Einstürzende Neubauten)
Minerva Urecal Florence Minerva Dunnuck 1894-1966 American actress
Jimmy Urine James Euringer 1969- American musician (Mindless Self Indulgence)
Oderus Urungus David Murray Brockie 1963-2014 Canadian-American musician (GWAR)


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Michael V. Beethoven Del Valle Bunagan 1969- Filipino actor, comedian and recording artist Also known as Bitoy
Roger Vadim Roger Plemiannikov 1928-2000 French filmmaker
Dan Vadis Constantine Daniel Vafiadis 1938-1987 American actor
Holly Valance Holly Vukadinovic 1983- Australian model, actress and singer
Sigrid Valdis Patricia Olson 1935-2007 American actress
Eric Vale Christopher Eric Johnson 1974- American voice actor
Jerry Vale Genaro Vitaliano 1930-2014 American singer and actor
Ritchie Valens Richard Valenzuela 1941-1959 American musician
Brooke Valentine Kanesha Brookes 1984- American singer, actress and model
Dickie Valentine Richard Maxwell 1929-1971 English pop singer
Gary Valentine Gary Knipfing 1961- American actor and comedian
Gary Valentine Gary Lachman 1955- American writer and musician
Stacy Valentine Stacy Baker 1970- American former porn actress
Val Valentino Leonard Montano 1956- American magician
Laura Valenzuela Rocío Espinosa López-Cepero 1931-2023 Spanish television presenter, actress and model
Dana Valery Fausta Dana Galli 1944- Italian-South African singer and actress
Valda Valkyrien Adele Freed 1895-1956 Danish actress
Jean Vallée Paul Goeders 1941-2014 Belgian singer-songwriter
Alida Valli Alida von Altenburger 1921-2006 Italian actress
Frankie Valli Francesco Stephen Castelluccio 1934- American singer (The Four Seasons)
Valli Valli Valli Knust 1882-1927 German actress
Virginia Valli Virginia McSweeney 1895-1968 American actress
Bobby Van Robert Stein 1928-1980 American singer and actor
Irene Vanbrugh Irene Barnes 1872-1949 English actress
Violet Vanbrugh Violet Barnes 1867-1942 English actress
Tommy Vance Richard Hope-Weston 1940-2005 English radio broadcaster
Vivian Vance Vivian Jones 1909-1979 American actress and singer
Edmond Van Daële Edmond Minckwitz 1884-1960 Dutch-French actor
Jean-Claude Van Damme Jean Claude van Vaerenbergh 1960- Belgian martial artist, actor and filmmaker
Musetta Vander Musetta van der Merwe 1963- South African actress, model and dancer
Warren Vanders Warren Vanderschuit 1930-2009 American actor
Trish Van Devere Patricia Dressel 1941- American retired actress
Despina Vandi Despina Malea 1969- Greek singer
Mamie Van Doren Joan Olander 1931- American actress
John van Dreelen Jacques van Drielen-Gimberg 1922-1992 Dutch actor
Ricki Van Dusen Mildred Kornman 1925-2022 American actress and model
Paul van Dyk Matthias Paul 1971- German DJ, record producer and musician
Les Vandyke John Worsley 1931-2021 English songwriter
Daniel Vangarde Daniel Bangalter 1947- French songwriter and producer
Jimmy Van Heusen Edward Babcock 1913-1990 American composer
Dave Vanian David Lett 1956- English musician and singer (The Damned)
Cherry Vanilla Kathleen Dorritie 1943- American singer-songwriter
David VanLanding William David VanLandingham 1964-2015 American singer
Tzeni Vanou Eugenia Vrachnou 1939-2014 Greek singer
Philip Van Zandt Philip Pinheiro 1904-1958 Dutch-American actor
Norma Varden Norma Varden Shackleton 1898-1989 English-American actress
Rosy Varte Nevarte Manouelian 1923-2012 French actress
Frankie Vaughan Frank Abelson 1928-1999 English singer and actor
Peter Vaughan Peter Ohm 1923-2016 English actor
Jean Vautrin Jean Herman 1933-2015 French writer and filmmaker
Bobby Vee Robert Velline 1943-2016 American singer
Alan Vega Boruch Bermowitz 1938-2016 American singer (Suicide)
Julie Vega Julie Apostol 1968-1985 Filipina actress and singer
Johnny Vegas Michael Pennington 1970- English comedian and actor
Vinny Vella Vincent Vellacerra 1947-2019 American actor
Amy Veness Amy Beart 1876-1960 English actress
Nick Venet Nikolas Venetoulis 1936-1998 American record producer
Zacky Vengeance Zachary Baker 1981- American musician (Avenged Sevenfold)
Lee Venora Elena Sinaguglia 1932- American opera singer and actress
Richard Venture Richard Venturella 1923-2017 American actor
Benay Venuta Benvenuta Crooke 1910-1995 American actress, singer and dancer
Billy Vera William McCord 1944- American singer, songwriter and actor
Violette Verdy Nelly Guillerm 1933-2016 French ballerina and choreographer
Ben Vereen Benjamin Middleton 1946- American actor, dancer and singer
Tom Verlaine Thomas Miller 1949-2023 American singer and musician (Television)
Kaaren Verne Ingeborg Klinckerfuss 1918-1967 German-American actress
Dai Vernon David Verner 1894-1992 Canadian magician
Howard Vernon John Lett 1848-1921 Australian actor
Howard Vernon Mario Lippert 1908-1996 Swiss actor
Irene Vernon Irene Vergauwen 1922-1998 American actress
Jackie Vernon Ralph Verrone 1924-1987 American stand-up comedian and actor
John Vernon Adolphus Raymondus Vernon Agopsowicz 1932-2005 Canadian actor
Odile Versois Étiennette de Poliakoff-Baydaroff 1930-1980 French actress
Edy Vessel Edoarda Vesselovsky 1940- Italian actress
El Vez Robert Lopez 1960- American singer-songwriter and musician
Sid Vicious John Ritchie 1957-1979 English musician (Sex Pistols)
Martha Vickers Martha MacVicar 1925-1971 American actress
Yvette Vickers Iola Yvette Vedder 1928-2010 American actress, model and singer
Lucha Villa Luz Ruiz-Bejarano 1936- Mexican singer and actress
Violetta Villas Czesława Cieślak 1938-2011 Polish actress
Aspen Vincent Aspen Miller 1979- American actress and singer
Gene Vincent Vincent Eugene Craddock 1935-1971 American musician and singer
June Vincent Dorothy June Smith 1920-2008 American actress
Leslie Vincent Leslie Fullard-Leo 1909-2001 American actor
Tony Vincent Anthony Strascina 1973- American actor, songwriter and singer
Vinnie Vincent Vincent Cusano 1952- American musician (Kiss)
Lee Ving Lee Capellaro 1950- American musician (Fear)
Helen Vinson Helen Rulfs 1907-1999 American actress
Bobby Vinton Stanley Robert Vintula Jr. 1935- American former singer
Ultra Violet Isabelle Dufresne 1935-2014 French-American artist
Helle Virkner Helle Lotinga 1925-2009 Danish actress
Yolandi Visser Anri Du Toit 1984- South African rapper (Die Antwoord)
Monica Vitti Maria Ceciarelli 1931-2022 Italian actress
John Vivyan John Vukayan 1915-1983 American actor
Marina Vlady Marina de Poliakoff-Baydaroff 1938- French actress
Julio Voltio Julio Ramos 1977- Puerto Rican singer
Kat Von D Katherine von Drachenberg 1982- American tattoo artist and television personality
Patricia Vonne Patricia Rodriguez 1969- American singer and actress
Dita Von Teese Heather Sweet 1972- American dancer and model
ICS Vortex Simen Hestnæs 1974- Norwegian musician (Arcturus) Also known as Vortex


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Michael Wager Emanuel Weisgal 1925-2011 American actor
Tomisaburo Wakayama Masaru Okumura 1929-1992 Japanese actor
Gregory Walcott Bernard Mattox 1928-2015 American actor
Wally Wales Floyd Anderson 1895-1980 American actor
Betty Walker Edith Seeman 1928-1982 American actress and comedian
Gary Walker Gary Leeds 1942- American musician (The Walker Brothers)
Jerry Jeff Walker Ronald Crosby 1942-2020 American singer-songwriter
John Walker John Maus 1943-2011 American musician (The Walker Brothers)
Johnny Walker Badruddin Kazi 1924?-2003 Indian actor
Junior Walker Autry Mixon Jr. 1931-1995 American musician
Nancy Walker Anna Swoyer 1922-1992 American actress and comedienne
Scott Walker Noel Engel 1943-2019 American-English singer-songwriter and record producer (The Walker Brothers)
Paul Wall Paul Slayton 1981- American rapper (The Color Changin' Click)
Beryl Wallace Beatrice Heischuber 1912-1948 American actress
Dee Wallace Deanna Bowers 1948- American actress
Jean Wallace Jean Walasek 1923-1990 American actress
Hal B. Wallis Aaron Blum Wolowicz 1898-1986 American film producer
Ruth Wallis Ruth Wohl 1920-2007 American singer
Bruno Walter Bruno Schlesinger 1876-1962 German conductor, composer and pianist
Little Walter Marion Walter Jacobs 1930-1968 American blues musician, singer and songwriter
Walter Wanger Walter Feuchtwanger 1894-1968 American film producer
Burt Ward Bert Gervis Jr. 1945- American actor
Fannie Ward Fannie Buchanan 1872-1952 American actress
Maitland Ward Ashley Maitland Welkos 1977- American actress and model
Mary Ward Mary Breheny 1915-2021 Australian actress
Harlan Warde Harlan Ward Lufkin 1917-1980 American actor
Jack Warden John Warden Lebzelter Jr. 1920-2006 American actor
Irene Ware Irene Ahlberg 1910-1993 American actress
Andy Warhol Andrew Warhola 1928-1987 American visual artist, film director and producer
Derek Waring Derek Barton-Chapple 1927-2007 English actor
Jack Warner Horace Waters 1895-1981 English actor
Fran Warren Frances Wolfe 1926-2013 American singer
Harry Warren Salvatore Guaragna 1893-1981 American composer
Rusty Warren Ilene Goldman 1930-2021 American comedienne and singer
Dee Dee Warwick Delia Warrick 1942-2008 American singer
Dionne Warwick Marie Dionne Warrick 1940- American singer
Giulia Warwick Julia Ehrenberg 1857-1904 English opera singer
Robert Warwick Robert Taylor Bien 1878-1961 American actor
David Was David Weiss 1952- American musician (Was (Not Was))
Don Was Don Edward Fagenson 1952- American musician (Was (Not Was))
Dinah Washington Ruth Jones 1924-1963 American singer
Gio Washington Governor Washington Jr. 1983- American singer Also known as Country Boy, Gentleman G and Governor
Muddy Waters McKinley Morganfield 1913-1983 American musician
Fee Waybill John Waldo Waybill 1950- American musician (The Tubes)
Kristina Wayborn Britt-Inger Johansson 1950- Swedish actress
Alvis Wayne Alvis Samford 1937-2013 American singer
David Wayne Wayne McMeekan 1914-1995 American actor
John Wayne Marion Morrison 1907-1979 American actor
Johnny Wayne Louis Weingarten 1918-1990 Canadian comedian
Lil Wayne Dwayne Carter Jr. 1982- American rapper
Blue Weaver Derek John Weaver 1947- Welsh musician
Clifton Webb Webb Hollenbeck 1889-1966 American actor, singer and dancer
Dean Ween Michael Melchiondo Jr. 1970- American musician (Ween and Moistboyz)
Gene Ween Aaron Freeman 1970- American musician (Ween)
Raquel Welch Jo Raquel Tejada 1940-2023 American actress
Joan Weldon Joan Welton 1930-2021 American actress
Brandi Wells Marguerite Pinder 1955-2003 American singer
Cory Wells Emil Lewandowski 1941-2015 American singer (Three Dog Night)
Doris Wells Doris Buonafina 1943-1988 Venezuelan actress
Kitty Wells Ellen Deason 1919-2012 American singer
Robert Wells Robert Levinson 1922-1998 American songwriter
Oskar Werner Oskar Bschließmayer 1922-1984 Austrian actor
Paul Wesley Paweł Wasilewski 1982- American actor and director
Adam West William West Anderson 1928-2017 American actor
Billy West William Werstine 1952- American voice actor
Dottie West Dorothy Marsh 1932-1991 American singer and songwriter
Maura West Maura Snyder 1972- American actress
Shane West Shannon Bruce Snaith 1978- American actor
Gordon Westcott Myrthus Hickman 1903-1935 American actor
Helen Westcott Myrthas Helen Hickman 1928-1998 American actress After her father (see Gordon Westcott above)
Jack Weston Morris Weinstein 1924-1996 American actor
Paul Weston Paul Wetstein 1912-1996 American musician, conductor and composer
Peetie Wheatstraw William Bunch 1902-1941 American musician
Maggie Wheeler Margaret Jakobson 1961- American actress
Jack White Jacob Weiss 1897-1984 Hungarian-American film director and producer Brother of Jules White
Jack White John Anthony Gillis 1975 American musician (The White Stripes)
Jesse White Jesse Marc Weidenfeld 1917-1997 American actor
Jules White Julius Weiss 1900-1985 Hungarian-American film director and producer Brother of Jack White
Joan Whitney Zoe Parenteau 1914-1990 American singer and songwriter
Peter Whitney Peter Engle 1916-1972 American actor
Betty Who Jessica Newham 1991- Australian-American musician
Mary Wickes Mary Wickenhauser 1910-1995 American actress
Mary Wigman Karoline Sophie Marie Wiegmann 1886-1973 German dancer and choreographer
Cornel Wilde Kornél Weisz 1912-1989 Slovakia-born Hungarian-American actor and director
Kim Wilde Kim Smith 1960- English singer
Marty Wilde Reginald Smith 1939- English singer and songwriter
Olivia Wilde Olivia Cockburn 1984- American actress
Ricky Wilde Richard Smith 1961- English songwriter, musician and record producer
Gene Wilder Jerome Silberman 1933-2016 American actor
Adam Williams Adam Berg 1922-2006 American actor
Anson Williams Anson William Heimlich 1949- American actor and director
Bill Williams Herman August Wilhelm Katt 1915-1992 American actor
Cara Williams Bernice Kamiat 1925-2021 American actress
Chickie Williams Jessie Crupe 1919-2007 American country musician
Doc Williams Andrew John Smik Jr. 1914-2011 American bandleader and singer
Guy Williams Armando Catalano 1924-1989 American actor
Jerry Williams Erik Fernström 1942-2018 Swedish singer and actor
Joe Williams Joseph Goreed 1918-1999 American singer
Katt Williams Micah Williams 1971- American stand-up comedian and actor
Paul Williams Paul William Yarlett 1940-2019 English singer and musician
Roger Williams Louis Jacob Weertz 1924-2011 American musician
Spice Williams-Crosby Marceline Williams 1952- American actress
Kate Williamson Robina Sparks 1931-2013 American actress
Sonny Boy Williamson I John Williamson 1914-1948 American musician
Sonny Boy Williamson II Aleck Miller 1912-1965 American musician, singer and songwriter Also known as Rice Miller, Little Boy Blue and Little Willie
Boxcar Willie Lecil Martin 1931-1999 American singer-songwriter
Mark Wills Daryl Mark Williams 1973- American country musician
Eva Wilma Eva Wilma Riefle 1933-2021 Brazilian actress and dancer
Kevin Bloody Wilson Dennis Bryant 1947- Australian musical comedian
Meri Wilson Meri Wilson Edgmon 1949-2002 American singer
Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds 1980- Australian actress and comedienne
Trey Wilson Donald Wilson III 1948-1989 American character actor
Paul Winchell Paul Wilchinsky 1922-2005 American comedian, voice actor, ventriloquist and inventor
Beatrice Winde Beatrice Williams 1924-2004 American actress
Barbara Windsor Barbara Deeks 1937-2020 English actress
Claire Windsor Clara Cronk 1892-1972 American actress
Frank Windsor Frank Higgins 1928-2020 English actor
Marie Windsor Emily Marie Bertelson 1919-2000 American actress
Paula Winslowe Winifred Reyleche 1910-1996 American actress
Ariel Winter Ariel Winter Workman 1998- American actress
Judy Winter Beate Richard 1944- German actress
David Winters David Weizer 1939-2019 English-American dancer, director, and actor
Marian Winters Marian Weinstein 1920-1978 American dramatist and actress
Shelley Winters Shirley Schrift 1920-2006 American actress
Estelle Winwood Estelle Goodwin 1883-1984 American actress
Nicky Wire Nicholas Jones 1969- Welsh musician and songwriter (Manic Street Preachers)
Ernie Wise Ernest Wiseman 1925-1999 English comedian and actor (Morecambe and Wise)
John Witty Rupert Featherstone-Witty 1915-1990 English actor
Andrew W.K. Andrew Wilkes-Krier 1979- American singer, musician, songwriter and record producer
Jah Wobble John Joseph Wardle 1958- English musician (Public Image Ltd)
Karl Wolf Carl Samah 1979- Lebanese-Canadian musician
Peter Wolf Peter Blankfield 1946- American musician and singer (The J. Geils Band)
Stevie Wonder Steveland Morris 1950- American musician
Anna May Wong Liu-Zong Wong 1905-1961 Chinese-American actress
Casanova Wong Yong-Ho Kim 1945- South Korean actor
Faye Wong Xia Lin 1969- Chinese singer-songwriter
Vincent Wong Vivian Chen 1928-2015 British-Chinese actor
John Woo Wu Yu-seng 1946- Hong Kong filmmaker
Brenton Wood Alfred Smith 1941- American singer and songwriter
Judith Wood Helen Johnson 1906-2002 American actress
Lana Wood Svetlana Gurdin 1946- American actress
Natalie Wood Natalie Zacharenko 1938-1981 American actress
Donald Woods Ralph Zink 1906-1998 Canadian-American actor
Eli Woods John Casey 1923-2014 English comedian and actor
Ali-Ollie Woodson Ollie Creggett 1951-2010 American musician
Jimmy Wopo Travon DaShawn Frank Smart 1997-2018 American rapper
Hawksley Workman Ryan Corrigan 1975- Canadian musician
Harry Worth Harry Illingsworth 1917-1989 English actor
Helen Worth Catherine Helen Wigglesworth 1951- English actress
Irene Worth Harriet Abrams 1916-2002 American actress
Bow Wow Shad Moss 1987- American rapper and actor Also known as Lil' Bow Wow and Kid Gangsta
John Wray John Griffith Malloy 1887-1940 American character actor
Tera Wray Tera Lents 1982-2016 American pornographic actress
Dale Wright Harlan Dale Riffe 1938-2007 American singer
Martha Wright Martha Wiederrecht 1923-2016 American actress and singer
Margaret Wycherly Margaret De Wolfe 1881-1956 English actress
Gretchen Wyler Gretchen Wienecke 1932-2007 American actress and dancer
Bill Wyman William Perks 1936- English musician (The Rolling Stones)
Patrick Wymark Patrick Cheeseman 1926-1970 English actor
Charles Wyndham Charles Culverham 1837-1919 English actor
Victoria Wyndham Victoria Camargo 1945- American actress
Tammy Wynette Virginia Pugh 1942-1998 American country singer
Peter Wyngarde Cyril Goldbert 1927-2018 English actor
Ed Wynn Isaiah Edwin Leopold 1886-1966 American actor and comedian
May Wynn Donna Hickey 1928-2021 American actress and singer
Nan Wynn Masha Vatz 1915-1971 American actress and singer
Philippé Wynne Phillippe Walker 1941-1984 American singer (The Spinners) Also known as Soul Walker Wynne
Diana Wynyard Dorothy Cox 1906-1964 English actress
Lil Wyte Patrick Lanshaw 1982- American rapper


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Terminator X Norman Rogers 1966- American DJ
Lil Xan Nicholas Leanos 1996- American rapper Also known as Diego
Charli XCX Charlotte Aitchison 1992- English singer and songwriter
Jamie xx James Smith 1988- English musician, DJ and record producer


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Lil Yachty Miles McCollum 1997- American rapper
Sami Yaffa Sami Takamäki 1963- Finnish musician (Hanoi Rocks)
Yoshiko Yamaguchi Xiang-Lan Li 1920-2014 Japanese actress and singer
Romina Yan Romina Yankelevich 1974-2010 Argentine actress
Mama Yancey Estella Harris 1896-1986 American singer
Daddy Yankee Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez 1977- Puerto Rican rapper and singer
DJ Yella Antoine Carraby 1961- American DJ and producer (N.W.A.)
Han Ye-seul Leslie Kim 1981- South Korean actress
Michael York Michael Johnson 1942- English actor
Susannah York Susannah Fletcher 1939-2011 English actress
Edith Yorke Edith Murgatroyd 1867-1934 English actress
Mister You Younes Latifi 1984- French rapper
Yabby You Vivian Jackson 1946-2010 Jamaican musician
Burt Young Gerald DeLouise 1940-2023 American actor
Gig Young Byron Barr 1913-1978 American actor
Jesse Colin Young Perry Miller 1941- American musician (The Youngbloods)
Skip Young Ronald Plumstead 1930-1993 American actor
Stephen Young Stephen Levy 1939- Canadian actor
Big Youth Manley Buchanan 1949- Jamaican deejay
Todd Youth Todd Schofield 1971-2018 American musician


Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Rachel Z Rachel Nicolazzo 1962- American musician
Robert Z'Dar Robert Zdarsky 1950-2015 American actor
Zeny Zabala Emerenciana Ortiz Santos 1934-2017 Filipina actress
Pia Zadora Pia Schipani 1954- American singer and actress
Nik Zaran Tracy Connell 1933-2014 Vincentian actor
Hy Zaret Hyman Zaritsky 1907-2007 American songwriter and lyricist
Virginia Zeani Virginia Zehan 1925-2023 Romanian opera singer
Ona Zee Ona Zimmerman 1954- American pornographic actress
Freekey Zekey Ezekiel Giles 1975- American rapper and record executive
Monica Zetterlund Eva Monica Nilsson 1937-2005 Swedish singer and actress
Gyula Zilahy Gyula Balogh 1859-1938 Hungarian actor
Sandra Zober Sandra Zoberblatt 1931-2015 American actress
Gorilla Zoe Alonzo Mathis 1981- American rapper (Boyz n da Hood)
Mike Zombie William Michael Coleman 1992- American rapper and producer
Rob Zombie Robert Cummings 1965- American musician and film director
Tay Zonday Adam Bahner 1982- American musician and Youtuber
Billy Zoom Stuart Kindell 1948- American musician (X)
Vera Zorina Eva Hartwig 1917-2003 Norwegian-American actress and ballerina
Diana Zubiri Rosemarie Garcia-Smith 1985- Filipina actress
Arianne Zucker Arianne Zuckerman 1974- American actress
Zim Zum Timothy Linton 1969- American musician (Marilyn Manson)
Bob Zurke Boguslaw Zukowski 1912-1944 American musician and bandleader
Buckwheat Zydeco Stanley Dural Jr. 1947-2016 American musician



Stage names with 'the' in the name.

Other stage names
Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Cedric the Entertainer Cedric Antonio Kyles 1964- American comedian and actor
Chance the Rapper Chancelor Bennett 1993- American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer
Del the Funky Homosapien Teren Delvon Jones 1972- American rapper Sometimes stylized as Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Eric the Actor Eric Lynch 1975-2014 American actor Once known as Eric the Midget
Gene Gene the Dancing Machine Eugene Patton 1932-2015 American dancer and stagehand
Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf Henry Nasiff Jr. 1962-2001 American entertainer
Herrmann the Great Alexander Herrmann 1844-1896 French magician
Jimmy the Robot Randall James Briggs Jr. 1978- American musician (The Aquabats)
Larry the Cable Guy Daniel Lawrence Whitney 1963- American comedian and actor
Morganna, the Kissing Bandit Morganna Roberts 1947- American entertainer
muMs the Schemer Craig O'Neil Grant 1968-2021 American poet and actor
Murray the K Murray Kaufman 1922-1982 American impresario and disc jockey
Nash the Slash James Plewman 1948-2014 Canadian musician
Sleek The Elite Paul Nakad 1975- Australian actor and rapper
The Amazing Johnathan John Szeles 1958-2022 American comedian and magician
The Big Bopper Jiles Richardson Jr. 1930-1959 American musician and disc jockey
The Child of Lov Martijn Teerlinck 1987-2013 Belgian-Dutch poet and musician Also known as Cole Williams
The D.O.C. Tracy Curry 1968- American rapper, songwriter and record producer (Fila Fresh Crew) Also known as Doc, Doc-T, The Diggy Diggy Doc and Trey
The Edge David Evans 1961- English-Irish musician (U2)
The Game Jayceon Taylor 1979- American rapper
The Jacka Dominic Newton 1977-2015 American rapper (Mob Figaz)
The Mascara Snake Victor Hayden 1948-2018 American artist and musician
The Mo City Don Joseph McVey IV 1977- American rapper Also known as Z-Ro
The Notorious B.I.G. Christopher George Latore Wallace 1972-1997 American rapper
The Rev James Sullivan 1981-2009 American musician (Avenged Sevenfold) Stage name short for The Reverend Tholomew Plague
The Reverend Horton Heat James Heath 1959- American musician
The Singing Nun Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers 1933-1985 Belgian singer-songwriter
The Unknown Comic Murray Langston 1944- Canadian comedian
Trugoy the Dove David Jolicoeur 1968-2023 American rapper (De La Soul) Also known as Plug and TwoDave
Tyler, the Creator Tyler Okonma 1991- American rapper and record producer



Includes stage names that contain numbers or other non-alphabetic characters.

Other stage names
Stage name Birth name Life Notability Notes
Anderson .Paak Brandon Anderson 1986– American rapper, singer and songwriter
André 3000 André Benjamin 1975– American rapper, singer and songwriter
Apache 207 Volkan Yaman 1997– German rapper
Chali 2na Charles Stewart 1971– American rapper
John 5 John Lowery 1970– American guitarist
Jussi 69 Jussi Vuori 1972– Finnish musician (The 69 Eyes)
Jyrki 69 Jyrki Linnankivi 1968– Finnish musician (The 69 Eyes)
Pavel 183 Pavel Pukhov 1983–2013 Russian street artist
Royce da 5'9" Ryan Daniel Montgomery 1977– American rapper Also known as Nickel Nine, Nickle, Royce 5'9" and R-Dog
Tech N9ne Aaron Yates 1971– American rapper
Ty Dolla $ign Tyrone Griffin Jr. 1982– American rapper, singer and songwriter
Wednesday 13 Joseph Poole 1976– American singer and musician Also known as Joe Nothing and Audrey 3
2 Chainz Tauheed Epps 1977– American rapper Also known as Tity Boi and Drenchgod
21 Savage Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph 1992– British-American rapper
50 Cent Curtis James Jackson III 1975– American rapper and actor
75 Cents Ladislav Demeterffy 1933–2010 Croatian singer
9th Wonder Patrick Douthit 1975– American rapper and record producer

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