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Countries and dependencies with:
  mostly full coverage
  partial coverage
  full or partial coverage planned (official)
  full or partial coverage planned (unofficial)
  views of selected businesses and/or tourist attractions only
  no current or planned coverage

Google Street View was first introduced in the United States on May 25, 2007, and until November 26, 2008, featured camera icon markers, each representing at least one major city or area (such as a park), and usually the other nearby cities, towns, suburbs, and parks. Many areas that had coverage were represented by icons.

Key additions

  • On May 25, 2007, Street View was announced.
  • On May 30, 2007, at the Where 2.0 Conference, Immersive Media was identified as the contractor that captured the imagery for four of the five cities initially mapped by Street View, using its patented dodecahedral camera array on a moving car. Immersive Media continued to do image capture for Street View until Google developed its own capability to do so.[1][2]
  • On May 12, 2008, Google announced that it was testing face-blurring technology on its photos of the busy streets of Manhattan.[3] The technology uses a computer algorithm to search Google's image database for faces and blurs them, according to John Hanke, director of Google Earth and Google Maps.[4]
  • On April 16, 2008, Street View was fully integrated into Google Earth 4.3.
  • On July 2, 2008, Google Street View was introduced in France and Italy, providing the first service outside the United States and the debut of Google's new 4th Generation Cameras. On this day, 19 camera icons were added, mostly showing small towns and areas along the Tour de France route and part of north western Italy
  • On August 4, 2008, 28 icons of major metropolitan areas of both Australia and Japan were added to Google Street View. Included in the update were approximately 40 new U.S. hub cities.
  • On December 1, 2008, New Zealand was added to Google Street View. Faces were blurred upon recommendation by the New Zealand Privacy Commission, but vehicle registration plates were not obscured.
  • Two other features included in the June 10, 2008, update were an effective mask of the "Google Car" and the application of face-blurring technology on all photos, which effectively lowered the resolution across all photos, even the formerly impressive high resolution images of San Francisco. Also, many nearby metro areas were included, but they did not receive their own camera icons. As noted, Google initially used images from spherical video company Immersive Media as well as their own vehicles. Since July 2007, Google has used imagery that belongs exclusively to Google.
  • On November 26, 2008, the Street View button and all the camera icons were deleted. Instead of clicking the "Street View" button, this is now accessed using the "pegman" button in the left hand corner. When the "pegman" icon is dragged over the map blue polylines appear where Street View is available and a small window will show the current Street View. If this is dropped on the map the Street View opens and takes over the whole map window.
  • On April 9, 2009, Street View became available with a full-screen option.
  • On June 5, 2009, Smart Navigation was introduced which allows users to navigate around the panoramas by double-clicking with their cursor on any place or object they want to see.[5]
  • In mid-June 2010, Google added blue dots to its maps that display user-submitted images in all locations around the world, including land areas where Street View is not available and bodies of water. These images can be pulled up on the screen in the same manner as a Street View image with the pegman by dragging it onto the blue dot.
  • On October 30, 2012, Google announced that you can contribute to Street View by creating a panorama-like image from the Galaxy Nexus smartphone to share on Google Maps.
  • On February 14, 2013, Wii Street U was released for the Wii U.[6]
  • On June 27, 2013, Google announced that you can contribute to Street View by creating a panorama-like image from the Galaxy non-Nexus smartphone to share on Google Maps.
  • On April 23, 2014, New historical street-view option introduced to new Google Maps. Date of panoramas can be selected from the timeline.

Timeline of introductions










# Release date Major locations added
134 Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Bangladesh Dhaka, Savar, Chittagong in Bangladesh
Belgium Landmarks in Belgium including Walloon Parliament in Namur, Citadel of Dinant and Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne[64]
Japan More locations in Japan, in particular on the island of Hokkaido
Russia More locations in Russia
Chile More locations in Chile, including Pichilemu and Bulnes, and expanded coverage of existing locations
Brazil More locations in Brazil, including Novo Airão
Peru More locations in Peru
Romania More locations in Romania
Thailand More locations in Thailand
Mexico More locations in Mexico
135 Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Greenland Nuuk, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq, Tasiilaq, Paamiut, Narsaq, Uummannaq, Narsarsuaq, Kapisillit and more locations and water views in Greenland[65]
Bangladesh Khulna and more locations in Bangladesh
Serbia Sremska Mitrovica, Ruma, Šabac, Loznica, Vršac, Kovin, Smederevo, Požarevac, Knjaževac, Prokuplje, Kuršumlija, Leskovac, Pirot, Surdulica and more locations in Serbia
Russia Irbit, Tavda, Orlovsky, Kotelnikovo, Leninsk, Akhtubinsk, Uryupinsk, Alatyr, Krasnoslobodsk, Lebedyan and more locations in Russia
Turkey Sakıp Sabancı Museum, The Museum of Innocence in Turkey
Australia Update and more locations in Australia
South Africa Update and more locations in South Africa
Thailand Update and more locations in Thailand
136 Monday, March 2, 2015 Brazil Water views of Amazon basin including Aripuanã and Madeira rivers, trails and landmarks in the Amazon rainforest.[66]
Australia Queensland Museum, Australian War Memorial, National Museum of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, Powerhouse Museum, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Public Record Office Victoria in Australia[67]
137 Friday, March 6, 2015 Chile Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales in Chile
Serbia Bor, Sombor, Bečej, Novi Bečej, Temerin, Zrenjanin, Bačka Palanka, Šid, Smederevska Palanka, Mladenovac, Velika Plana, Aranđelovac, Lazarevac, Valjevo, Kraljevo, Kragujevac and more locations in Serbia
Russia Kharabali and more locations in Russia
Silhouette An-124.svg Inside views of a Boeing 777 Air France plane at France Charles de Gaulle Airport, France.[68]
United States Paths at Antietam National Battlefield and a water trip on the Potomac River and Anacostia River
138 Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Nepal Lukla, Phakding, Khumjung, Phortse, Panboche, Dughla, Lobuche, Thamu, Thame and more location in Khumbu Region, Nepal[69]
Japan Rikuzentakata Area and more locations in Iwate, Japan[70]
Mongolia National Academic Drama Theatre in Ulan Bator, Mongolia[71]
139 Monday, March 16, 2015 India Gateway of India, Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, Nalanda, Vikramashila, Lakshmana Temple, Konark Sun Temple, Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, Rajarani Temple, Udayagiri Caves, Pattadakal and more other landmarks in India[72]
Brazil Fernando de Noronha, Rocas Atoll in Brazil[73]
140 Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Greece Thasos, Gavrio, Andros, Tinos, Chios, Apollonia, Folegandros, Egina, Gaios, more locations and updates in Greece[74]
141 Monday, March 30, 2015 Water views for the Danube River in  Slovakia,  Hungary,  Croatia,  Serbia,  Romania, and  Bulgaria[75]
142 Tuesday, April 7, 2015 Chile Roads around Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile
143 Tuesday, April 14, 2015 United States Ford's Theatre and Google Cultural Institute[76]
144 Monday, April 20, 2015 United Kingdom Water views on Loch Ness[77]
Turkey Landmarks in Gallipoli, Turkey[78]
South Africa Robben Island Museum, in South Africa[79]
145 Thursday, April 30, 2015 Canada Ivvavik National Park, Torngat Mountains National Park, Tuktut Nogait National Park, Auyuittuq National Park in Canada[80]
146 Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Madagascar Locations in Madagascar including some streets of Antananarivo, Morondava, Ambanja, Tulear, Belo sur Mer more other landmarks and water views of Barren Isles, Nosy Komba, Sambirano River, Ambalahonko, Velondriake
147 Thursday, May 14, 2015 Bermuda Underwater views in Bermuda[81]
148 Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Switzerland St. Gallen, Ticino, Chur, Locarno, St. Moritz, Bellinzona and several hiking trails in Switzerland[82]
Thailand Yasothon, Amnat Charoen and more locations in Thailand
Chile Expanded coverage of existing locations in Chile, including, Santa María, Lo Miranda, Loncoche, Pitrufquén, and Victoria
Colombia More locations in Colombia
149 Friday, May 29, 2015 American Samoa Pago Pago, Fagatogo, Tafuna, Ofu-Olosega, Manu'a, Rose Atoll and more locations in American Samoa
150 Thursday, June 4, 2015[83] East Timor Underwater views in Jaco Island, East Timor
Indonesia Underwater views in Papua, Indonesia
Solomon Islands Underwater views in Solomon Islands
Cook Islands Underwater views in Cook Islands
Maldives Underwater views in Maldives
Guadeloupe Underwater views in Guadeloupe
Belize Underwater views in Belize
Aruba Underwater views in Aruba
Bonaire Underwater views in Bonaire
Curaçao Underwater views in Curaçao
The Bahamas Underwater views in The Bahamas
Anguilla Underwater views in Anguilla
Turks and Caicos Islands Underwater views in Turks and Caicos Islands
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Underwater views in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
British Indian Ocean Territory Locations in the British Indian Ocean Territory
151 Monday, June 8, 2015 Chile Expanded coverage of existing locations in Chile, including, Curanilahue, La Unión, Machalí, Tocopilla, Cañete, La Laja, Río Bueno, Nueva Imperial, Vicuña, Cabrero, Graneros, Panguipulli, and more
152 Friday, June 12, 2015 Poland Wrocław–Copernicus Airport, Wrocław Główny railway station, WUWA and views from Sněžka, in Poland[84]
Romania Salina Turda, in Romania[85]
153 Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Italy Views from Mount Etna in Italy[86]
154 Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Vertical views from United States El Capitan in United States[87]
155 Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Mongolia Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Darkhan, Sainshand, Bagakhangai, Bayan and more locations, in Mongolia
Laos Vientiane, in Laos
Malaysia Bintulu, Sibu, Miri, Sandakan, Tawau, Lahad Datu, Penampang, Kota Samarahan, Serian Division and more locations, in Malaysia
Cambodia Battambang, Krong Pailin, Sihanoukville, Svay Rieng and more locations in Cambodia
Australia Update and more locations in Australia, including HD update of Alice Springs
156 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Mongolia Zuunmod, Baganuur, Züünbayan, Erdene, Zamyn-Üüd, Züünkharaa, Sukhbaatar, Altanbulag, Khüder, part of Mandalgovi and more locations in Mongolia
157 Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Pakistan Part of Lahore (including streets of Walled City[88][89]), landmarks such as Lahore Fort, Lahore Museum, Shalimar Garden, Katasraj temple, Derawar Fort, Sheikhupura Fort, Quaid-e-Azam Library, Kinnaird College For Women University, Government College University, King Edward Medical University, Punjab University College of Information Technology, Hiran Minar Park, Rohtas Fort, Tomb of Jahangir and more[90][91]
India Leh Palace in India, Murudeshwara, Chitradurga, Bhakt Singh Palace, Delhi Metro exhibit at National Science Centre, Rishikesh, Vadatalav, Gujarat[92]
158 Friday, August 28, 2015 Malaysia Peninsular Malaysia Coastline[93]
159 Thursday, September 3, 2015 Bermuda Locations in Bermuda
Argentina Concordia, Chacabuco, Curuzú Cuatiá, Bell Ville, Trenque Lauquen, Bragado, Pehuajó, Villa Gesell, Bella Vista, Baradero, General José de San Martín, Lincoln, Juan José Castelli, Pinamar, and expanded coverage of existing locations in Argentina
Thailand Sakon Nakhon, Ubon Ratchathani and more locations in Thailand
Serbia Subotica, Sombor, Kikinda, Senta and more location in the north of Serbia
Portugal Update and more locations in Portugal

Coverage by country οr territory

Below is a table showing the countries available on Street View and the year they were first added. Plain text indicates that a country has only views of certain businesses and/or tourist attractions.

Current coverage

Country or territory Continent Date added Date of newest additions Date of oldest imagery Notes
 Åland Europe 2010-02 2011-09 2009-07 Autonomous region of Finland.
 American Samoa Oceania 2015-05 2015-05 2014-05
 Andorra Europe 2012-09 2012-09 2011-08
 Anguilla North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Antarctica Antarctica 2010-09 2013-02 2010-01 While in Antarctica, the Pegman is shown as a chinstrap penguin.
 Argentina South America 2014-09 2014-09 2013-09
 Aruba North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Australia Oceania 2008-08 2015-07 2007-10 Added on the same day as Japan, one of the first two island countries with Street View.
First country available in Oceania. On August 4, 2008, 28 icons of major metropolitan areas were added.
 Austria Europe 2012-04 2014-07 Only Museum views and ski resorts.
 Bangladesh Asia 2015-01 2015-02 2013-02
 Belgium Europe 2011-11 2015-01 2009-03
 Belize North America 2014-07 2015-06
 Bermuda North America 2015-05 2015-05
 Bhutan Asia 2014-10 2014-10 2013-04
 Bonaire North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Botswana Africa 2012-11 2014-04 2012-03
 Brazil South America 2010-09 2015-03 2009-07 First country available in South America.
 British Indian Ocean Territory Asia 2013-12 2015-06 Views of Peros Banhos.
 Bulgaria Europe 2013-03 2013-03 2012-03
 Cambodia Asia 2014-08 2015-07 2013-06
 Canada North America 2009-10 2014-10 2007-08
 Chile South America 2012-09 2015-06 2012-01 Second country in South America available.
 China Asia 2013-08 2013-10 Currently covering Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and museum views only.
 Colombia South America 2013-09 2015-02 2012-08 Fourth country in South America available.
 Cook Islands Oceania 2015-06 2015-06
 Croatia Europe 2012-09 2012-09 2011-07
 Curaçao North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Czech Republic Europe 2009-10 2014-07 2009-04
 Denmark Europe 2010-01 2014-09 2009-06
 East Timor Oceania 2015-06 2015-06
 Ecuador South America 2013-09 2013-09 Portions of Galápagos Islands only.
 Egypt Asia & Africa 2014-09 2014-09 Landmarks views only.
 Estonia Europe 2012-05 2014-07 2011-06
 Falkland Islands South America 2014-10 2014-10
 Finland Europe 2010-02 2014-09 2009-04
 France Europe 2008-07 2015-04 2008-04 Added on the same day as Italy, one of the first two countries available in Europe. Providing the first service outside the United States and the debut of Google's new 4th Generation Cameras.
 Germany Europe 2010-11 2013-05 2008-06
 Gibraltar Europe 2012-12 2012-12 2011-09
 Greece Europe 2015-03 2015-03 2009-06
 Greenland North America 2015-02 2015-02 2014-06
 Guadeloupe North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Guam Oceania 2014-09 2014-09
 Hong Kong Asia 2010-03 2014-04 2008-12 First place with Street View in mainland Asia, along with Macau.
 Hungary Europe 2013-04 2014-09 2009-05
 Iceland Europe 2013-10 2014-08 2013-01
 India Asia 2012-04 2015-08 Business views in major cities and many landmarks.
 Indonesia Asia 2014-08 2014-08 2013-03
 Iraq Asia 2011-08 2011-08
 Ireland Europe 2010-09 2014-08 2009-03
 Isle of Man Europe 2011-06 2011-06 2010-08
 Israel Asia 2012-04 2014-02 2011-08 First place with Street View in the Middle East, along with Palestine.
 Italy Europe 2008-07 2015-06 2008-04 Added on the same day as France, one of the first two countries available in Europe.
 Japan Asia 2008-08 2015-03 2008-05 Added on the same day as Australia, one of the first two island countries with Street View.
First country available in Asia.
 Jersey Europe 2011-06 2011-06 2010-08
 Laos Asia 2015-07 2015-07 2014-09 Vientiane only.
 Latvia Europe 2012-05 2012-05 2011-09
 Lesotho Africa 2013-04 2014-04 2012-01
 Lithuania Europe 2013-01 2013-01 2011-11
 Luxembourg Europe 2014-10 2014-10 2009-09
 Macau Asia 2010-03 2012-10 2008-12 First place with Street View in mainland Asia, along with Hong Kong.
 Madagascar Africa 2015-05 2015-05 2014-07
 Malaysia Asia 2014-09 2015-08 2013-09 Landmarks available since September 2013.
 Maldives Asia 2015-06 2015-06
 Martinique North America 2013-12 2013-12 First available territory in the Caribbean
 Mexico North America 2009-11 2015-01 2008-04 First Latin American country to be added to Google Street View.
 Midway Islands Oceania 2012-09 2012-09 First American overseas territory available
 Monaco Europe 2011-07 2011-07 2008-10
 Mongolia Asia 2015-07 2015-07 2014-10
   Nepal Asia 2013-03 2013-03 Mountain landmarks views only
 Netherlands Europe 2009-03 2014-09 2008-06
 New Zealand Oceania 2008-12 2013-09 2007-10 On December 1, 2008, New Zealand was added to Google Street View. Faces were blurred upon recommendation by the New Zealand Privacy Commission.
 Northern Mariana Islands Oceania 2014-09 2014-09
 Norway Europe 2010-02 2013-10 2008-06
 Pakistan Asia 2015-08 2015-08 2013-12 Part of Lahore and landmarks
 Palestine Asia 2012-04 2014-02 2011-08 First place with Street View in the Middle East, along with Israel.
 Peru South America 2013-08 2015-01 2012-12 Third country in South America available
 Philippines Asia 2012-09 2014-01
 Pitcairn Islands Oceania 2013-12 2013-12
 Poland Europe 2012-02 2015-06 2009-06
 Portugal Europe 2009-08 2013-04 2009-03
 Qatar Asia 2012-04 2012-04 Museum views only.
 Romania Europe 2010-12 2015-06 2008-10
 Russia Europe & Asia 2013-03 2015-03 2011-05 Museum view only until 2012.
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines North America 2015-06 2015-06
 San Marino Europe 2012-06 2012-06 2010-10
 Serbia Europe 2014-07 2015-03 2013-10
 Singapore Asia 2009-12 2015-03 2008-09 First Southeast Asian country available.
 Slovakia Europe 2012-10 2014-10 2011-12
 Slovenia Europe 2014-01 2014-01 2013-07
 Solomon Islands Oceania 2015-06 2015-06
 South Africa Africa 2010-06 2015-02 2009-08 First country available in Africa.
 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South America & Antarctica 2014-10 2014-10
 South Korea Asia 2012-01 2014-10 2011-03
 Spain Europe 2008-10 2013-09 2008-06
 Swaziland Africa 2013-09 2013-09 2013-03
 Sweden Europe 2010-01 2013-05 2008-07
  Switzerland Europe 2009-08 2015-05 2008-12 First landlocked country with Street View.
 Taiwan Asia 2009-08 2015-07 2009-01
 Tanzania Africa 2013-03 2014-10 Mountain landmarks views only.
 Thailand Asia 2012-03 2015-05 2011-02
 The Bahamas North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Turks and Caicos Islands North America 2015-06 2015-06
 Turkey Europe & Asia 2014-05 2015-02 Museum views only.
 Ukraine Europe 2012-04 2014-04 2011-08
 United Arab Emirates Asia 2014-12 2014-12 2013-12 Landmarks available since 2013.
 United Kingdom Europe 2009-03 2015-06 2008-06
 United States North America 2007-05 2015-06 2007-02 First country available to view on Street View.

Future coverage

Below is list of the countries that do not currently have official coverage where Street View vehicles are currently driving, where Street View is officially planned, or have reported by media to be driving.[94]

Continent Countries and regions listed on Google's site[95]
or officially announced
Countries and regions reported in media or unofficially announced
South America
  1. Austria[109] and some locations in India (such as Bangalore[110]) were filmed but at this time the images are not online due to some privacy concerns.

Available photospheres

Below is a list showing the countries with the available photospheres. Countries with connected photospheres are marked in bold and asterisked. [clarification needed]


 Algeria*,  Angola,  Benin*,  Botswana*,  Burkina Faso*,  Cameroon,  Cape Verde,  Chad (Borkou Region only),  Democratic Republic of the Congo,  Egypt*,  Equatorial Guinea,  Eritrea (Asmara only),  Ethiopia,  Gabon,  Ghana*,  Guinea,  Guinea-Bissau (Bissau only),  Ivory Coast,  Kenya*,  Lesotho,  Liberia,  Libya*,  Madagascar,  Malawi,  Mali,  Mauritania,  Mauritius*,  Morocco*,  Mozambique*,  Namibia*,  Nigeria*,  Republic of the Congo (Pointe-Noire only),  Réunion*,  Rwanda*,  São Tomé and Príncipe,  Senegal*,  Seychelles*,  Somalia,  South Africa*,  South Sudan,  Sudan*,  Swaziland,  Tanzania*,  The Gambia,  Tunisia*,  Uganda*,  Western Sahara,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe*


 Antarctica*,  French Southern and Antarctic Lands,  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands*


 Afghanistan,  Armenia*,  Azerbaijan*,  Bahrain*,  Bangladesh*,  Bhutan*,  Brunei*,  Burma*,  Cambodia*,  China*,  Cyprus*,  East Timor*,  Georgia*,  Hong Kong*,  India*,  Indonesia*,  Iran*,  Iraq*,  Israel*,  Japan*,  Jordan*,  Kazakhstan*,  Kuwait*,  Kyrgyzstan*,  Laos*,  Lebanon*,  Macau*,  Malaysia*,  Maldives*,  Mongolia*,    Nepal*,  North Korea,  Oman*,  Pakistan*,  Palestine*,  Philippines*,  Qatar*,  Russia*,  Saudi Arabia*,  Singapore*,  South Korea*,  Sri Lanka*,  Syria*,  Taiwan*,  Tajikistan*,  Thailand*,  Turkey*,  Turkmenistan*,  United Arab Emirates*,  Uzbekistan*,  Vietnam*,  Yemen*


 Akrotiri and Dhekelia,  Åland*,  Albania*,  Andorra*,  Austria*,  Belarus*,  Belgium*,  Bosnia and Herzegovina*,  Bulgaria*,  Croatia*,  Czech Republic*,  Denmark*,  Estonia*,  Faroe Islands*,  Finland*,  France*,  Germany*,  Gibraltar*,  Greece*,  Guernsey*,  Hungary*,  Iceland*,  Ireland*,  Isle of Man*,  Italy*,  Jersey*,  Kosovo*,  Latvia*,  Liechtenstein*,  Lithuania*,  Luxembourg*,  Macedonia*,  Malta*,  Moldova*,  Monaco*,  Montenegro*,  Netherlands*,  Norway*,  Poland*,  Portugal*,  Romania*,  San Marino*,  Serbia*,  Slovakia*,  Slovenia*,  Spain*,  Svalbard*,  Sweden*,   Switzerland*,  Ukraine*,  United Kingdom*,   Vatican City*

North America

 Anguilla*,  Antigua and Barbuda*,  Aruba*,  Barbados,  Belize*,  Bermuda,  Bonaire*,  British Virgin Islands*,  Canada*,  Cayman Islands*,  Costa Rica*,  Cuba*,  Curaçao*,  Dominica*,  Dominican Republic*,  El Salvador*,  Greenland,  Grenada*,  Guadeloupe*,  Guatemala*,  Haiti*,  Honduras*,  Jamaica*,  Martinique*,  Mexico*,  Nicaragua*,  Panama*,  Puerto Rico*,  Saint Barthélemy,  Saint Kitts and Nevis,  Saint Lucia*,  Saint Martin,  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  San Andrés y Providencia (South West Bay only),  Sint Maarten,  The Bahamas*,  Trinidad and Tobago*,  Turks and Caicos Islands*,  United States*,  United States Virgin Islands*


 American Samoa*,  Australia*,  Cook Islands,  Easter Island,  Fiji*,  French Polynesia*,  Guam,  Kiribati,  Marshall Islands*,  Nauru,  New Caledonia*,  New Zealand*,  Norfolk Island,  Northern Mariana Islands,  Palau,  Papua New Guinea,  Samoa,  Solomon Islands,  Tonga*,  Tuvalu,  Vanuatu*

South America

 Argentina*,  Bolivia*,  Brazil*,  Chile*,  Colombia*,  Ecuador*,  Falkland Islands*,  French Guiana,  Guyana*,  Paraguay*,  Peru*,  Suriname*,  Uruguay*,  Venezuela*


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