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(Meth)acrylate -al -ane -ase -ene -ine -mer -oate -oic acid -ol -one -ose -oxo- -yl -yne 1,2-dipole 1,2-rearrangement 1,2-Wittig rearrangement 1,3,2,4-Dithiadiphosphetane 2,4-disulfides 1,3-Dioxetane 1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition 1,3-dipole 1,4-reduction File:10-Hydroxylycopodine, Deacetylpaniculine and Paniculine.jpeg 122 iron arsenide 154CM 18-Electron rule 1s Slater-type function 2+2 Photocycloaddition 2,3-sigmatropic rearrangement 2,3-Wittig rearrangement 2,5-Diketopiperazine 2,5-Diketopiperazines 2-(Dicyanomethylene)croconate 2-Norbornyl cation File:2009 Cover Journal of the American Chemical Society.jpg 2519 aluminium alloy 3-aza-Grob fragmentation 3-Deoxyanthocyanidin 4+3 cycloaddition 4-Aminoquinoline 4-Hydroxy-2-alkylquinoline 4-Hydroxycoumarins 4-Piperidinone 6+4 cycloaddition 6111 aluminium alloy 7039 aluminium alloy A value Category:A-Class WPChem worklist articles A-frame complex A15 phases A3 coupling reaction AAG Gold Medal Ab initio multiple spawning Ab initio quantum chemistry methods Abderhalden's drying pistol Abdus Salam Award Abegg's rule Richard Abegg Edward William Abel William de Wiveleslie Abney Abramov reaction Abramovitch-Shapiro tryptamine synthesis Lilia Ann Abron Absolute configuration Absolute electrode potential Absolute molar mass Absolute size exclusion chromatography Absorption Absorption (chemistry) Absorption band Absorption spectroscopy Abundance (chemistry) Abyssinian gold Academic genealogy of chemists Accelerant Accepted and experimental value Accessory pigment Accommodation platform Accounts of Chemical Research Friedrich Accum Acemannan Acene Acetal Acetalisation Acetate Acetoacetic ester synthesis Acetogenesis Acetogenin Acetoxy group Acetyl Acetylenedicarboxylate Acetylenic Acetylide Franz Karl Achard Acheson process Achmatowicz reaction Acicular ferrite Acid Acid base buffers Acid catalysis Acid chloride Acid dissociation constant Acid dye Acid gas Acid hydrolysis Acid neutralizing capacity Acid radical Acid salt Acid strength Acid value Acid-alkali reaction Acid-base extraction Acid-base reaction Acidic oxide Acidimetry Acidity function Acidity regulator Acidometry Category:Acids Template:Acids Template:Acids and bases Acid–base reaction Acid–base titration Acree-Rosenheim reaction Acrylate polymer Acrylic paint Acryloyl group ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences ACS Award in Pure Chemistry ACS Chemical Biology ACS Chemical Neuroscience ACS Combinatorial Science ACS Nano ACS style Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica Acta Crystallographica Acta Crystallographica A Acta Crystallographica B Acta Crystallographica C Acta Crystallographica D Acta Crystallographica E Acta Crystallographica F Acta Materialia File:Acta Materialia cover image.gif Actinic light Actinide chemistry Actinide concept Actinometer Actinotoxin Activated carbon Activated complex Activation energy Active methylene compound Activity Activity coefficient Acyclic diene metathesis Acyl Acyl azide Acyl chloride Acyl halide Acyl peroxy nitrates Acylal Acylation Acylglyceride linkage Acyloin Acyloin condensation Acylsilane Acylsugar AD-mix Neil Kensington Adam Adamkiewicz reaction Adams decarboxylation Arthur W. Adamson Adatoms Cliff Addison Addition reaction File:Addition.JPG Adduct Adduct purification Adhesive Adipate Adkins–Peterson reaction Adparticle Adsorptive stripping voltammetry Adulterant Advances in Chemical Physics Advances in Colloid and Interface Science Advances in Mass Spectrometry Advances in Space Research Aerobic methane production Aerogel Aerographene Aerosol Affinity chromatography Affinity electrophoresis Affinity label Aflatoxin total synthesis Agelasimine Agelasine Aggregated diamond nanorod Aggregation number Agitated Nutsche Filter Aglycone Agostic interaction Peter Agre Georgius Agricola Agrochemical Liisa Ahtee Arthur Aiken AIMAll Air freshener Air pollutant concentrations Air sensitivity Air separation Air-free technique AJ alloys Pulickel Ajayan Ajmalan Akabori amino-acid reaction Muhammed Akhtar Faiza Al-Kharafi Alan M. Sargeson John Albery Category:Alchemical substances Alchemical symbol Category:Alchemists of medieval Islam List of alchemists Template:Alchemy Alchemy and chemistry in medieval Islam Alcohol Alcohol (disambiguation) Alcohol burner Alcohol oxidation Alcohol powder Category:Alcohol stubs Template:Alcohol-stub Alcoholate Template:Alcohols Category:Alcohols Aldaric acid Aldehyde Berni Alder Kurt Alder Aldimine Aldohexose Aldol Aldol condensation Aldol reaction Aldol–Tishchenko reaction Aldonic acid Aldrichimica Acta Alembic Alexa Fluor Alexander E. Shilov Alfa Aesar Algar–Flynn–Oyamada reaction Alicyclic compound Aliphatic Aliphatic compound Alk- Alkadiene Alkali Alkali anion exchange membrane Alkali hydroxide Alkali manufacture Alkali metal halide Alkali metal oxide Book:Alkali metals Alkali salt Alkalide Alkalimetry Alkaline battery Alkaline copper quaternary Alkaline hydrolysis Alkaline water electrolysis Alkalinity Alkali–aggregate reaction Alkali–carbonate reaction Alkali–silica reaction Alkaloid Category:Alkaloid stubs Template:Alkaloid-stub Template:Alkaloids Category:Alkaloids found in plants Alkane Alkane metathesis Alkane stereochemistry Template:Alkanes Alkanes Alkanolamine Alkene Category:Alkene stubs Template:Alkene-stub Template:Alkenes Category:Alkenyl groups Alkimetry Alkoxide Alkoxy group Alkyd Alkyl Alkyl cycloalkane Alkyl halide Category:Alkyl nitrates Alkyl nitrites Alkyl phosphate Alkyl polyglycoside Alkyl sulfonate Alkylating agent Alkylating antineoplastic agent Alkylation Alkylation unit Alkylbenzenes Alkylbenzenesulfonate Alkylimino-de-oxo-bisubstitution Alkylphenol Alkylpyrazine Alkyne Alkyne metathesis Alkyne trimerisation Alkyne trimerization Alkyne zipper reaction Allan–Robinson reaction Harry R. Allcock Frank Allen (chemist) Allene Allethrins Norman Allinger Fred Allison Allomerism Allopumiliotoxin Category:Allotropes Allotropes of boron Allotropes of carbon Template:Allotropes of carbon Allotropes of oxygen Allotropes of phosphorus Allotropes of sulfur Allotropy Category:Allotropy Alloy Alloy steel Template:Alloy-stub Allred–Rochow scale Allyl Allylic rearrangement Allylic stannane addition Allylic strain Alnico Alpha acid Alpha and beta carbon Alpha cleavage Alpha decay Alpha effect Alpha factor Alpha hydroxy acid Alpha-ketol rearrangement Alpha-olefin Alphabet Energy Alternating copolymer Alternating polymer Alum Alumel Aluminate Aluminide Aluminium acetate Template:Aluminium alloys Aluminium amalgam Aluminium oxides Aluminium smelting Aluminothermic reaction Aluminoxane Amadori rearrangement Amalgam (chemistry) Amateur chemistry Amatoxin Amavadin Amberlite Ambident nucleophile Richard Ambler American Chemical Society Category:American Chemical Society academic journals American Chemistry Council File:American Chemistry Council Logo.jpg American Elements Category:American geochemists American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal Ames process Amide Amide reduction Amidicity Amidine Amidinium Amidoamine Amidogen Aminal Amination Amine Amine alkylation Amine dehydrogenase Amine oxide Category:Amine stubs Template:Amine-stub Amino alcohol Amino radical Amino sugar Aminoacylation Aminolysis Aminoquinoline Ammonia fountain Ammonium Category:Ammonium compounds Ammonium sulfate precipitation Ammoxidation Amorphism Amorphous carbon Amorphous carbonia Amorphous metal Amorphous silica-alumina Amount of substance Category:Amount of substance AMPAC Amperometric titration Amperostat Amphibole Amphichromatic Amphiphile Amphiprotic Ampholyte Ampholytes Amphoterism AMSilk Neal Amundson Amyl alcohol Anabaseine Anacardic acids Anaerobic corrosion Anaglypta Anais da Associação Brasileira de Química Anal pore Template:Analgesic-stub Analyst (journal) Analyte Analyte-specific reagent Analytical Abstracts Analytical balance Analytical Biochemistry Analytical chemistry Template:Analytical chemistry Portal:Analytical chemistry Category:Analytical chemistry Analytical Chemistry (journal) Category:Analytical chemistry stubs Analytical Methods (journal) Analytical technique Template:Analytical-chem-stub Gloria Long Anderson Harry Anderson (chemist) Thomas Anderson (chemist) Lester Andrews Andrussow process Christian B. Anfinsen Angeli–Rimini reaction Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Angewandte Chemie Angewandte Chemie International Edition Angle strain Angstrom Anhydrous Aniline acetate test Aniline point Anion Anion-exchange chromatography Anionic addition polymerization Anisidine Anisodesmic crystal File:Anna Jane Harrison.jpg Annales de chimie et de physique Annonamine Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section A Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section B Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section C Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Annual Review of Physical Chemistry Annulation Annulene Template:Annulenes Annulyne Anode Anodic protection Anodic stripping voltammetry Anodizing Anomalous scattering Anomeric effect ANRORC mechanism Ansa-metallocene Richard Anschütz Anselme Payen Award Antagonism (chemistry) Antarafacial and suprafacial Anthocyanidin Anthocyanin Anthraquinone process Anthraquinones Anti-CEA antibody Anti-corrosion Anti-fouling paint Anti-phase domain Antiaromaticity Template:Antibiotic-stub Antibonding molecular orbital Antichlor Category:Anticonvulsant stubs Template:Anticonvulsant-stub Anticrystal Antifreeze Template:Antiinfective-drug-stub Antiknock agent Antimicrobial polymer Antimonate Antimonide Antimonite Antimony regulus Template:Antineoplastic-drug-stub Antiozonant Antiperovskite (structure) Antipode (chemistry) Antoine equation Template:Anxiolytic-stub Apicophilicity Apparent molar property Appel reaction John Howard Appleton Applications of nanotechnology Applied Catalysis Award Applied Spectroscopy (journal) Applied Spectroscopy Reviews Aqion Aqua fortis Aqua regia Aquamelt Aqueous normal-phase chromatography Aqueous solution Arabinogalactan Category:Aragonite group Aleksandr Arbuzov Arecatannin Arene compound Arene substitution pattern Arenium ion Argentometry Argiotoxin Template:Argon compounds Argon flash Argos (EGFR Inhibitor) Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Arkivoc Armed and disarmed saccharides Armstrong's mixture Fritz Arndt Arndt–Eistert reaction Aromatic Aromatic alcohol Aromatic amine Aromatic amino acids Aromatic compound Category:Aromatic compound stubs Aromatic hydrocarbon Aromatic nitration Aromatic ring current Aromatic sulfonation Aromatic transition state theory Template:Aromatic-stub Aromaticity Arrhenius equation Svante Arrhenius Arrow poison Arrow pushing Arsenate Arsenic toxicity Arsenical Arsenical copper Arsenide Arsenite Arthur C. Cope Award Artificial atom Artificial enzyme Artificial gene synthesis Aryl Aryl halide Aryl radical Arylene Arylide yellow Aryne Frank Asaro Ascalaph Designer Ash (analytical chemistry) Sharon Ashbrook Ashing Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference Asinger reaction Asphalt Assay Association of Applied Geochemists Association of Greek Chemists Associative ionization Associative substitution Assugrin Asterane Francis William Aston Astrochemistry Category:Astrochemistry Asymmetric addition of dialkylzinc compounds to aldehydes Asymmetric carbon Asymmetric catalysis Asymmetric catalytic oxidation Asymmetric catalytic reduction Asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis Asymmetric ester hydrolysis with pig-liver esterase Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation Asymmetric hydrogenation Asymmetric induction Asymmetric ion-pairing catalysis Asymmetric Keck allylation Asymmetric nucleophilic epoxidation AT-10 resin Ate complex Peter Atkins Atmolysis Atmospheric carbon cycle Atmospheric methane Atom Atom economy Atom-transfer radical-polymerization Atomic carbon Atomic emission spectroscopy Atomic Emission Spectrum Atomic mass Atomic mass constant Template:Atomic models Book:Atomic models Atomic orbital Atomic orbital model Atomic ratio Atomic scale Atomic scales Atomic spacing Atomic theory Atomic weight Atomistix ToolKit Atomization Atoms Atoms in molecules Atrane Atropisomer ATTO dyes Audrey Stevens Niyogi Aufbau principle Aurophilicity Austin Bide Austin Model 1 Australian Journal of Chemistry Autoacceleration Autocatalysis Autocatalytic reaction Autoignition temperature Autoionization Automotive battery Autoprotolysis Autoxidation Auwers synthesis Karl von Auwers Auxiliary electrode Auxochrome Avermectin Aversive agent David Avnir Avogadro constant Avogadro's law Amedeo Avogadro Avoided crossing AXE method Axial chirality Axial ratio John D. Axtell Gordon Aylward File:Aza DA mechanism.gif File:Aza Diels Alder proline.gif File:Aza Diels Alder.gif Aza- Aza-Baylis–Hillman reaction Aza-Cope rearrangement File:Aza-Diels-Alder phenylmethylamine.gif Aza-Diels–Alder reaction Azadipyrromethene Azadodecaborane Azafullerene Azane Azeotrope Azeotrope tables Azeotropic distillation Azide Azide-alkyne Huisgen cycloaddition Category:Azides Azimuthal quantum number Azine Azo compound Azo coupling Azo formation Azole Azomethine ylide Azoxy Category:B-Class WPChem worklist articles Backbone chain Leo Baekeland Baeyer strain theory Baeyer's reagent Adolf von Baeyer Baeyer–Drewson indigo synthesis Baeyer–Emmerling indole synthesis Baeyer–Villiger oxidation Piero Baglioni Bailar twist John C. Bailar, Jr. Alton E. Bailey Wilson Baker Baker–Nathan effect Baker–Venkataraman rearrangement Maria Bakunin Shankar Balasubramanian Baldwin's rules Alice Ball Ball-and-stick model Ballistic conduction in single-walled carbon nanotubes Ballotechnics Clinton Ballou Baltic Chemistry Olympiad Vincenzo Balzani Balz–Schiemann reaction Bamberger rearrangement Bamberger triazine synthesis Eugen Bamberger Bamford–Stevens reaction Bancroft point Bancroft rule Utpal Banerjee Banert cascade Ridgway Banks Julian Banzon Zhenan Bao James Barber (biochemist) Michael Barber (chemist) Barbier reaction Barbier-Wieland degradation Barbier–Wieland degradation Bardhan–Senguph phenanthrene synthesis Barfoed's test Barking dog reaction Gregorio Baro Richard Barrer Bartell mechanism Neil Bartlett (chemist) Bartoli indole synthesis Barton decarboxylation Barton reaction Barton vinyl iodine procedure Derek Barton Barton–Kellogg reaction Barton–McCombie deoxygenation Barton–Zard reaction Base Base (chemistry) Base anhydride Base catalysis Base modifying agent Base-promoted epoxide isomerization Basic aromatic ring Basis set (chemistry) Basis set superposition error Charles Baskerville Jean-Marie Basset James Bassham Bates–Guggenheim Convention Bathochromic shift Battery (electricity) Baudisch reaction Oskar Baudisch Étienne-Émile Baulieu Eugen Baumann Bauxite Bayberry wax Bayer process Baylis–Hillman reaction Bead test Beaker (glassware) Bechamp reaction Bechamp reduction Becher process Johann Joachim Becher Bechgaard salt Becke line test Beckmann rearrangement Beckmann thermometer Ernst Otto Beckmann Beehive shelf Beevers–Lipson strip Behavior of nuclear fuel during a reactor accident George Thomas Beilby Beilby Medal and Prize Beilstein database Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry Beilstein Registry Number Beilstein test Nikolay Beketov Angela Belcher Irina Beletskaya Bell metal Bell–Evans–Polanyi principle Boris Pavlovich Belousov Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction Bema Hapothle Arieh Ben-Naim Benary reaction Benedict's reagent Benesi–Hildebrand method Benkeser reaction Bent bond Bent bond (disambiguation) Bent metallocene Bent molecular geometry Bent's rule Benzannulated Benzenediol Category:Benzenediols Benzhydryl compounds Benzilic acid rearrangement Benzocycloheptene Benzoin condensation Benzoin resin Benzopyrene Benzoyl Benzyl Benzylic activation and stereocontrol in tricarbonyl(arene)chromium complexes Benzylidene compounds Otto Berg (scientist) Bergius process Bergius process and Haber–Bosch process Friedrich Bergius Bergman cyclization Torbern Bergman Bergmann azlactone peptide synthesis Bergmann degradation Joan Berkowitz Bernal chart Bernthsen acridine synthesis Berry mechanism Berthelot's reagent Marcellin Berthelot Claude Louis Berthollet Carolyn R. Bertozzi Guy Bertrand (chemist) Beryllide Beryllium monohydride Jöns Jacob Berzelius Beta dispersion Beta hydroxy acid Beta scission Beta-Hydride elimination Beta-silicon effect Betaine Betalain Betterton–Kroll process Betti reaction Betts electrolytic process Kankan Bhattacharyya Bial's test Bicarbonate Template:Bicarbonate Bicarbonate indicator Bicinchoninic acid assay Alexander William Bickerton Bicyclic molecule Biexciton Bifluoride Bifunctional Bifunctional catalyst Biginelli reaction Biguanide Leonora Bilger BimC Binary acid Binary compound Binary compounds of hydrogen Binary explosive Binary liquid Binding constant Binding protein Bingel reaction Eugene C. Bingham Binodal Bio-nano generator Bioactive paper Bioanalysis Bioanalysis (journal) Biocatalysis Template:Biochemical families navs Category:Biochemist stubs Template:Biochemist-stub Biochemistry Category:Biochemistry Template:Biochemistry sidebar Category:Biochemistry templates Book:Biochemistry: An introduction Category:Biochemists by nationality Bioconjugate Chemistry (journal) Bioconjugation Bioelectrochemistry Biogenic amine Category:Biogenic amines Template:Biogeochemical cycle Category:Biogeochemistry Category:Bioinformatics stubs Template:Bioinformatics-stub Bioinorganic chemistry Bioisostere Biokhimiya Biological Chemistry (journal) Category:Biological database stubs Biological hazard Biological photovoltaics Bioluminescence Biomarker (petroleum) Category:Biomolecules by chemical classification Category:Biomolecules by physiological function Category:Biomolecules by type Biomonitoring Biomonitoring (chemistry) Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters Bioorganic chemistry Bioorganometallic chemistry Biophysical chemistry Bioretrosynthesis Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry Biosensor Biosequestration Biosynthesis of cocaine Biphenyl 2,3-dioxygenase Bipolar electrochemistry Bipolaron Bipyridine Birch reduction Birch reduction detailed Birkeland–Eyde process Bis-peptide Bischler–Möhlau indole synthesis Bischler–Napieralski reaction Norbert Bischofberger Bismuthide Bisoxazoline ligand Bisthiosemicarbazone Bistriflimide Bisulfate Bisulfide Bisulfite Bitartrate Bite angle Biuret reagent Biuret test Bivalent (chemistry) Bjerrum length BKChem Black liquor Black oxide Joseph Black Blaise ketone synthesis Blaise reaction Blanc chloromethylation Blank (solution) Bleach activator Bleaching of wood pulp Bloch equations Block (periodic table) Block copolymer Block copolymers Blocks in the periodic table Blocks of the periodic table Template:Blood-drug-stub Blue bottle (chemical reaction) Blue Obelisk Anat Blumenfeld BMA process John Bockris Max Bodenstein BODIPY Bodroux reaction Bodroux–Chichibabin aldehyde synthesis Vera Yevstafievna Popova Dale L. Boger Boiling chip Boiling tube Boiling-point elevation Boilover Bolaamphiphile Bombesin receptor Bond cleavage Bond dipole moment Bond distance Bond energy Bond length Bond order Bond order potential Bond strength Bond valence method Bond-dissociation energy Bondlength Bone char William Arthur Bone Books of secrets Lucy Everest Boole Boord olefin synthesis Boranes Borate Borate buffered saline Weston T. Borden Borderline hydrides Bordwell thermodynamic cycle Borenium ion Boride Category:Borides Boriding Borinic acid Born equation Born–Haber cycle Born–Landé equation Borodin reaction Borohydride Borole Boron fiber Boronic acid Borrowing hydrogen Borsche-Drechsel cyclization Borylation Bosch reaction Carl Bosch Boston round (bottle) Rudolf Christian Böttger Boudouard reaction Octave Boudouard Bound state Bound water Bouveault aldehyde synthesis Bouveault–Blanc reduction E. J. Bowen Cyril Y. Bowers Bower–Barff process John Eddowes Bowman the Younger Boyland–Sims oxidation Robert Boyle Bradford protein assay Bradsher cycloaddition Sophia Brahe Template:Branches of chemistry Branching (polymer chemistry) Brass John Isaiah Brauman Bohuslav Brauner Pierre Braunstein Bray–Liebhafsky reaction Breakthrough of the Year Stanislav Brebera Bredt's rule Kenneth Breslauer Leo Brewer Brian Duncan Shaw Bridged compounds Bridgewire Bridging ligand Lindsay Heathcote Briggs Briggs–Rauscher reaction Margaret Brimble Brin process Britannia silver Category:British chemist stubs Category:British chemists British Rayon Research Association Britton-Robinson buffer Bromate Bromatometry Bromide Template:Bromide Brominated flame retardant Bromination Bromine test Bromley equation Bromofluorocarbon Bromopentane Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted Bronze Brook rearrangement Harrison Brown Rachel Fuller Brown John Browning (scientific instrument maker) Peter Bruce Charles Mackenzie Bruff Stephen Brunauer David R. Bryant Bryostatin Bogumił Brzezinski Brønsted acid Brønsted catalysis equation Brønsted-Lowry acid Brønsted-Lowry acid-base theory Brønsted–Lowry acid–base theory BTEX BTX (chemistry) Bubble point Bucherer carbazole synthesis Bucherer reaction Bucherer–Bergs reaction Buchner ring expansion Eduard Buchner Ernst Büchner Johann Andreas Buchner Ludwig Andreas Buchner Buchwald–Hartwig amination Buckingham potential Buckypaper Bufagin Buffer solution Buffering agent Bukovite Bulk electrolysis Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Bumping (chemistry) Bunsen burner Bunsen cell Bunsen reaction Robert Bunsen Bunsen–Kirchhoff Award Buoyant density ultracentrifugation Julia R. Burdge Burette Charles Frederick Burgess Edward M. Burgess Burn rate (chemistry) Bursaite Burst charge Burton process But- Adolf Butenandt Butene Butenolide Alexander Butlerov Butler–Volmer equation Butterfly cluster compound Butyl Butylene Butyllithium Butyrate BX Plastics By-product Büchner flask Büchner funnel Bürgi–Dunitz angle C-box 1 of insulin gene C-mole C14H21NO2S C15H18 C20H18O10 CAAT enhancer binding CAB Abstracts CAB Abstracts Archive CAB Direct (database) Louis Claude Cadet de Gassicourt Cadet's fuming liquid Cadinene Cadiot–Chodkiewicz coupling Cadmia Cadmium tetrafluoroborate CADPAC David S. Cafiso Cage effect Cahn–Ingold–Prelog priority rules Caking Calcination Calciothermic reaction Calcium aluminates Calcium phosphate Calcium silicate hydrate Calibration curve Calibration gas California rocket fuel Calixarene Calorimeter Calorimetry Calotte Calphostin Melvin Calvin Calx Camphine Camps quinoline synthesis Can f 1 Canadian Journal of Chemistry Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists Template:Cannabinoid-stub Cannizzaro reaction Stanislao Cannizzaro Cannula transfer Lewis C. Cantley Capillary electrochromatography Capillary electrophoresis Capno- Capnomor Capped square antiprismatic molecular geometry Capsinoids Captodative effect Carbamate Carbamino Carbamoyl chloride Carbanion Carbazide Carbazole Carbene Carbene analog Carbene C−H insertion Carbene dimerization Carbene dye Carbenium ion Carbenoid CarbFix Carbide Carbide-derived carbon Carbo-mer Carbocatalysis Carbocation Carbochemistry Carbodiimide Carbohydrate acetalisation Carbohydrate chemistry Carbohydrate conformation Carbohydrate synthesis Carbohydrates Carbolic soap Carbometalation Carbon allotropes Carbon black Carbon cycle Carbon dioxide transmission rate Carbon in pulp Carbon label Carbon monoxide-releasing molecules Carbon nanobud Carbon nanocone Carbon number Carbon paste electrode Carbon sequestration Carbon to nitrogen ratio Category:Carbon-carbon bond forming reactions Carbon-to-nitrogen ratio Carbonatation Carbonate Carbonate ester Carbonate hardness Carbonite (explosive) Carbonite (ion) Carbonium ion Carbonization Carbonyl Carbonyl allylation Carbonyl Alpha-Substitution Reactions Carbonyl iron Carbonyl metallurgy Carbonyl oxidation with hypervalent iodine reagents Carbonyl reduction Carbonylation Carbon–carbon bond Carbon–fluorine bond Carbon–hydrogen bond Carbon–hydrogen bond activation Carbon–nitrogen bond Carbon–oxygen bond Carborane Carbotanium Carbothermic reaction Carboximidate Carboxybenzyl Carboxylate Carboxylate ester Carboxylic acid Carbylamine reaction Carbyne Carceplex Carcerand Carcinoembryonic antigen peptide-1 Cardanol Template:Cardiovascular-drug-stub Care 30 Carius halogen method Carnitine dehydrogenase Carnot heat engine Alan Carrington Carroll rearrangement Johann Friedrich Cartheuser Car–Parrinello method CAS Registry Number Cascade reaction Template:CASREF CASSI Cast iron Castavinol Casting defect Castner process Castner–Kellner process Castro–Stephens coupling Catalysis Catalysis Science & Technology Catalyst Catalyst poisoning Catalyst Science Discovery Centre Catalyst support Catalysts and Catalysed Reactions Catalytic chain transfer Catalytic combustion Catalytic cycle Catalytic distillation Catalytic reforming Catalytic triad Catalytically competent protonation state Catastrophin Catch bond Catechol melanin Category:Category-Class Chemistry articles Catellani Reaction Catenane Catenation Cathode Cathodic protection Cathodic stripping voltammetry Cation-anion radius ratio Cationic polymerization Cation–pi interaction Cativa process Caustic embrittlement Cavitand CBS catalyst CBS reduction CDw17 antigen CEFIC Ceiling temperature Cell lists Cell notation Cement Cement chemist notation Center for Computational Chemistry Centrifugal evaporator Centrifugation Centrifuge Centrosymmetry Ceramic chemistry Ceramic colorants Ceramic flux Ceresin Cerimetry Cerium anomaly Cerium(IV) oxide–cerium(III) oxide cycle Cermet Cetane index Cetemmsa Cetrimonium CFPP CGK733 fraud Pierre-François Chabaneau Chain disproportionation Chain reaction Chain transfer Chain walking Chain-growth polymerization Animesh Chakravorty Chalcogel Chalcogen Chalcogenide Chalcogenide chemical vapour deposition Chalcogenide glass Chalcohalide Chalconoid Chan rearrangement Chan-Lam coupling Britton Chance Alexandre-Émile Béguyer de Chancourtois William Henry Chandler (chemist) Nancy T. Chang Young-Tae Chang Chaotropic agent Chapman rearrangement Jean A. C. Chaptal Characteristic property Charantin Charge contrast imaging Charge cycle Charge number Charge remote fragmentation Charge transfer coefficient Charge-shift bond Charge-transfer Charge-transfer complex Charles Alexander MacMunn Charles Goodyear Medal Charles Kemball Charles Rees Award Charlot equation Charring Chartered Chemist Michel Che ChEBI Anthony Cheetham Cheletropic reaction CHELPG Template:Chem Template:Chem GA-Class Chem. Rev. Template:Chembarn ChemBioChem ChEMBL Template:Chembox Template:Chembox Elements Template:Chembox image sbs Template:Chembox image sbs cell Template:Chembox SystematicName Category:Chembox templates Template:Chembox Thermochemistry ChemDraw Chemesthesis Chemical & Engineering News Chemical Abstracts Service Chemical affinity Template:Chemical agents Chemical biology Chemical bond Chemical bonding Category:Chemical bonding Chemical bonding model Template:Chemical bonds Chemical burn Chemical chameleon Chemical change Chemical classification Chemical clock Chemical Communications Chemical compound Chemical compounds Category:Chemical compounds Category:Chemical compounds by element Category:Chemical data pages Chemical database Category:Chemical databases Chemical decomposition Chemical defense Chemical dehalogenation Chemical derivatives of ethanol Template:Chemical drawing needed Chemical ecology Chemical element Category:Chemical elements Book:Chemical elements (sorted alphabetically) Book:Chemical elements (sorted by number) Chemical energy Category:Chemical energy Category:Chemical energy sources Template:Chemical eng Chemical engineering Category:Chemical engineering Template:Chemical engineering Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts Category:Chemical engineering organizations Category:Chemical engineers Chemical equation Chemical equilibrium Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Chemical file format Chemical force microscopy Chemical formula Chemical free Chemical Galaxy File:Chemical Galaxy II.jpg Chemical garden Chemical geology Chemical glycosylation Chemical graph theory Chemical Heritage Foundation Chemical industry Category:Chemical industry Wikipedia:Chemical infobox Chemical kinetics Chemical law Chemical Markup Language Chemical nomenclature Category:Chemical nomenclature Chemical oxygen demand Chemical physics Chemical Physics Letters Chemical polarity Chemical potential Category:Chemical processes Category:Chemical properties Chemical property Chemical reaction Category:Chemical reaction stubs Chemical reactor Chemical reagent Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Chemical Reviews Category:Chemical safety Chemical safety assessment Chemical Science (journal) Chemical shift Chemical similarity Chemical Society Chemical Society of London Chemical Society of Mexico Chemical Society of Peru Chemical Society Reviews Template:Chemical solutions Chemical space Chemical species Chemical stability Chemical state Chemical storage Chemical structure Chemical structure elucidation Chemical substance Category:Chemical substances Chemical symbol Chemical synthesis Template:Chemical synthesis Chemical table file Chemical technologist Chemical terrorism Chemical test Chemical test for cyanide Chemical thermodynamics Chemical transformation Chemical transport reaction Chemical vapor deposition Chemical Vapor Deposition (journal) Chemical vapor deposition of diamond Chemical warfare Chemical waste Chemical weapon Chemical WorkBench Chemical yield Template:Chemical-importance Template:ChemicalBondsToCarbon File:ChemicalGalaxy Longman 1951.jpg File:ChemicalGalaxy Stewart 2004.jpg Chemicalities Chemicality Chemiluminescence Cheminformatics Cheminformatics toolkits Chemiresistor Chemische Berichte Chemisorption Chemist Category:Chemist stubs Chemistry Category:Chemistry Portal:Chemistry Book:Chemistry Category:Chemistry articles needing attention Category:Chemistry awards Category:Chemistry citation templates Chemistry Development Kit Chemistry education Chemistry Education Research and Practice Category:Chemistry experiments Category:Chemistry external link templates Chemistry Letters Chemistry of photolithography Chemistry of pressure-sensitive adhesives Category:Chemistry organizations Category:Chemistry portal Chemistry set Template:Chemistry societies Category:Chemistry software Category:Chemistry stubs Category:Chemistry templates Category:Chemistry theories Template:Chemistry-journal-stub Portal:Chemistry/box-footer Portal:Chemistry/box-header Portal:Chemistry/Categories Portal:Chemistry/Featured article Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/1 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/10 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/11 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/12 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/13 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/14 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/15 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/16 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/17 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/18 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/19 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/2 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/20 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/21 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/22 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/23 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/24 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/3 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/4 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/5 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/6 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/7 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/8 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/9 Portal:Chemistry/Featured article/Layout Portal:Chemistry/History and Philosophy of Chemistry Portal:Chemistry/In the news Portal:Chemistry/Industry Portal:Chemistry/Intro Portal:Chemistry/Lab equipment Portal:Chemistry/Major topics Portal:Chemistry/NavBar Portal:Chemistry/Related portals Portal:Chemistry/Resources Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/1 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/10 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/11 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/12 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/13 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/14 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/15 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/16 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/17 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/18 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/19 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/2 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/20 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/3 Portal:Chemistry/Selected biography/4 Portal:Chemistry/Selected 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Chilton Chimerin Chinese Chemistry Olympiad Chinese lantern structure Chinese silver Chips & Tips Chiral auxiliary Chiral column chromatography Chiral derivatizing agent Chiral Lewis acid Chiral Lewis Acid Chiral ligand Chiral pool synthesis Chiral resolution Chirality Chirality (chemistry) Chirality (disambiguation) Chirotechnology Manoj Chitnavis Chloralkali process Chloramination Chlorate Chloride Chloride process Chlorinated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon Chlorine bomb Chlorine production Chlorinity Chlorite Chlormequat Chloroalkyl ether Chlorofluorocarbon Chloroformate Chlorographene Chloroorganic carrier Chlororespiration Chlorosulfolipid Chlorotoluene Chloryl CHN analyzer Cholestene Cholesteric liquid crystal Template:Cholesterol and steroid intermediates Cholesterol total synthesis CHON Chondromodulin Chondronectin Uma Chowdhry Chp (GTPase) Chromate and dichromate Chromate conversion coating Chromate ester Chromated copper arsenate Chromatographic response function Chromatography Template:Chromatography Chromatography detector Chromatography in blood processing Template:Chromatography-stub Chrome plating Chromel Chromium hydride Chromium-vanadium steel Chromophore Chromoprotein Chromotropism Chronic toxicity Chronoamperometry Chugaev elimination Lev Chugaev Giacomo Luigi Ciamician Circuit topology Circulene Cis Cis effect Cis-trans isomerism Cis–trans isomerism Template:Cite Merck Index Citrate Citrate test Claisen condensation Claisen rearrangement CLaMS Clare Grey Clark cell Clark electrode Classes of metals Classical element Book:Classical elements Classical nucleation theory Classification of surfactants Clathrate compound Clathrochelate Claus' benzene Adolf Karl Ludwig Claus Karl Ernst Claus Clavam Template:Clayden Jonathan Clayden Enrico Clementi Clemmensen reduction Erik Christian Clemmensen Philippe de Clermont Clerodane diterpene Cleveland open-cup method File:Clevudine.svg Click chemistry Clicked peptide polymer File:Clickpolymer.png Clinical chemistry ClO dimer Cloud Cloud point Clouding agent CLP Regulation Template:Clugston&Flemming Klaus Clusius Cluster chemistry Cláudio Costa Neto CNDO/2 Co-carcinogen Co-polymer Coal gas Coal tar Coalescence (chemistry) Coating Category:Coatings Cobalt extraction techniques Cobalt-mediated radical polymerization Coca alkaloid Cocrystal Coelan Marine Coatings Category:Coffee chemistry Coffee ring effect Cofiring Philip P. 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Cope Copolymer Copolymerization Copolymers Philip Coppens (chemist) Copper coulometer Copper indium gallium selenide solar cells Copper-free click chemistry File:CopperIII intermediate by RI NMR.png Copper–chlorine cycle Copper–copper(II) sulfate electrode Copper–tungsten Coprecipitation Copurification Core charge Corexit Elias James Corey Corey–Fuchs reaction Corey–House synthesis Corey–Itsuno reduction Corey–Kim oxidation Corey–Winter olefin synthesis Core–shell semiconductor nanocrystal Cork borer John Cornforth Corrinoid Corrosion Corrosive substance Corticosteroid COSHH Cosmetics Directive COSMO Solvation Model Cosmochemistry COSMOSPACE Cossee–Arlman mechanism Template:Cotton&Wilkinson4th Template:Cotton&Wilkinson5th Template:Cotton&Wilkinson6th F. Albert Cotton Cottrell equation Coulometry Charles Coulson Coulson–Fischer theory Counter ion Countercurrent chromatography Counterion Coupled cluster Coupling reaction Courtaulds Bernard Courtois Covalent bond Covalent bond classification method Covalent organic framework Covalent radius Covalent radius of fluorine Covalent superconductor Coventya File:Cover of 2012 67(10) issue of Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B.jpg CPK coloring Cracking (chemistry) Craig plot Robert K. Crane Craven Laboratories T. Stephen Crawford CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Creaming (chemistry) Creighton process Lorenz Florenz Friedrich von Crell Creosote Cresol Category:Cresols CRESU experiment Crich beta-mannosylation Criegee biradical Criegee intermediate Criegee rearrangement Crisscross method Critical radius Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences Croconate blue William Crookes Cross-conjugation Cross-reactivity Crossed molecular beam Crossover experiment (chemistry) Donald Crothers Crotyl Crown ether Crude oil assay Cryo bio-crystallography Cryochemistry Cryoscopic constant Cryptand Cryptochirality Cryptophane Cryst Growth Des Cryst. Growth Des. Crystal Crystal (software) Crystal bar process Crystal chemistry Crystal engineering Crystal field excitation Crystal field theory Crystal growth Crystal Growth & Design Crystal Growth & Design. Crystal Growth and Design Crystal model Crystal structure Crystal structure of boron-rich metal borides Crystal structure of boron-rich metal borides (data page) Crystalline Category:Crystalline solids Crystallinity Template:Crystallization Crystallization of polymers Crystallographic database Crystallographic image processing Crystallographic Information File Crystallography Portal:Crystallography Crystallography and NMR system Category:Crystals CrystaSulf CrystEngComm CSA Trust Category:CSIRO Publishing academic journals Cu-Pt type ordering in III-V semiconductor Cubic carbon Cubic crystal system Cubical atom Cucurbituril Cumene process Cumulene Cuprate Cuprate(III) Cuprospinel Curculigoside Curculin Curcuminoid Marie Curie Curing (chemistry) Current Organic Chemistry Curtin–Hammett principle Curtius rearrangement Theodor Curtius Custom peptide synthesis James Cutbush David Cuthbertson Cuvette File:CVD cover09.jpg CWP2 Cyanamide process Cyanate Cyanate ester Category:Cyanates Cyanation Cyanide Category:Cyanides Cyanimide Cyanoacrylate Cyanocarbon Cyanogen halide Cyanohydrin Cyanohydrin reaction Cyanometalate Cyanopolyyne Cyanotoxin Cyclic compound Cyclic voltammetry Cyclitol Cycloaddition Cycloalkane Cycloalkene Cycloalkyne Cyclocarbon Cyclodextrin Cyclodiene Cycloheptadiene Cyclohexane conformation Cycloisomerization Cyclooctatetraenide Cyclopentadienyl Cyclopentadienyl complex Cyclopentenone Cyclophane Cyclopropanation Cyclopropane Cyclopropane fatty acid Cyclopropanes Cyclopropyl group Cyclosilane Cyclotrimerization Cyclotrimerization of Acetylenic Compounds Cylindrocyclophanes Cystathionine-γ-synthase Cytochrome c oxidase Cytochrome P450 C–H···O interaction D electron count D-block contraction Template:D13c Template:D15n Template:D18o Template:D34S Frederick Dainton, Baron Dainton Dakin oxidation Henry Drysdale Dakin Dakin–West reaction Dalton (program) Dalton Transactions John Dalton James Freeman Dana Samuel Luther Dana Dangerous Preparations Directive Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EEC) Danheiser annulation Danheiser benzannulation Daniell cell Danish oil Danishefsky Taxol total synthesis Samuel J. Danishefsky Dappen glass Geneviève Thiroux d'Arconville Dark current (biochemistry) Dark current (chemistry) Dark current spectroscopy Victor Darley-Usmar Darzens halogenation Darzens reaction Darzens tetralin synthesis Auguste Georges Darzens Davidson correction Davies equation Franklin A. Davis Davisson–Germer Prize in Atomic or Surface Physics Davis–Beirut reaction Edmund Davy Humphry Davy John Davy (chemist) De Gennes Prize Armand de Waele Charles de Worms Deacon process Deactivating groups Deamidation Deamination Dean-Stark apparatus Heinrich Debus (chemist) Debus-Radziszewski imidazole synthesis Debye Debye length Peter Debye Debye–Hückel equation Debye–Hückel theory Decantation Decapeptide Decarbonylation Decarboxylation Decarboxylative cross-coupling File:DecarboxylativeArylArylCoupling.png Decay chain DECHEMA model Dechlorinator File:Decision tree for IUPAC polymer nomenclature.png Decrepitation Deep eutectic solvent Defining equation (physical chemistry) Defoliant Deformulation Degmacyte Degree of unsaturation Dehydration reaction Dehydrogenate Dehydrogenation Dehydrogenation of amine-boranes Dehydrohalogenation Delay composition Max Delbrück (chemist) Deliquescence Delocalized electron Delrin Delta bond Delépine reaction DeMayo reaction Demilitarization Protective Ensemble Demjanov rearrangement Demulsifier Denaturing gel electrophoresis Dendralene Dendrimer Denigés' reagent Denitrification Michael K. Denk Scott E. Denmark Dense non-aqueous phase liquid Densitation Density functional theory Denticity Dentin phosphoprotein Richard Denton Deoxidization Deoxidized steel Deoxygenation Depleted uranium Depolarizer Deposition (chemistry) Deprotonation Depside Depsipeptide Charles H. DePuy (chemist) Derivative (chemistry) Derivatization Template:Dermatologic-drug-stub Desiccant Desiccation Desiccator Desilylation Desmethyl Desmocollin Desorption Desorption atmospheric pressure photoionization Desorption electrospray ionization Dess-Martin oxidation Dess–Martin periodinane Desulfonylation reactions Desulfurisation Desymmetrization Detailed balance Detection limit Detergent Determination of equilibrium constants Detonation velocity Deuterium NMR Deuterium-depleted water Devarda's alloy Deville process Michael J. S. Dewar Dewar–Chatt–Duncanson model Dextrorotation and levorotation DGH Di-pi-methane rearrangement Diabatic Diagonal relationship Dialdehyde Dialdehyde starch Diamine Diamino acid Diaminopyrimidine Dianhydrohexitol Alexander Dianin Diarylethene Diarylheptanoid Diarylide pigment Diarylide yellow Diastereomer Diastereomeric excess Diastereomeric recrystallization Diatomic molecule Template:Diatomicelements Diazenylium Diazepine Diazine Diazo Diazoalkane 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition Diazonium Diazonium compound Diazonium salt Dibasic Dibasic acid Dibasic ester Diboryne Dicarbonate Dicarboxylic acid Dication Dichlorodifluoroethylene Dichlorophenol Didemnin Dieckmann condensation Walter Dieckmann François Diederich Otto Diels File:DielsAlder3.png Diels–Alder reaction Diels–Reese reaction Diene Diesel fuel Diethanolamide Diethylaminoethyl cellulose Dietmar Seyferth Differential capacitance Differential pulse voltammetry Differential scanning calorimetry Differential thermal analysis Diffraction standard Diffuse layer Diffusing-wave spectroscopy Diffusion layer Diffusion limited enzyme Diffusion-controlled reaction Diffusive gradients in thin films Difluoride Difluorine complex Dihydrogen bond Dihydrogen cation Dihydrogen complex Dihydroxynaphthoquinone Diimine DIIS Diketone Diketopiperazine Dille–Koppanyi reagent Dilution (equation) Category:Dimensionless numbers of chemistry Dimer Dimer (chemistry) Dimer acid Dimethyl ether (data page) Dimethylsilane Dimroth rearrangement Otto Dimroth Diol Diose Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds Dioxirane Dioxochloronium cation Dioxygen in biological reactions Diphosphenes Diphosphines Dipolar bond Dipolar compound Dipole Dipole moment Dipole–dipole attraction Dippel's oil Diprotic acid Dirac (software) Diradical Direct methods (crystallography) Direct process Direct quantum chemistry Directed ortho metalation Directive 96/82/EC Disappearing rainbow indicator Discharge ionization detector Disclination Discotic liquid crystal Discovery and development of nucleoside and nucleotide reverse-transcriptase inhibitors Dishwasher salt Dishwashing liquid Disilyne Disinfectant Disk-covering method Dispersion (chemistry) Dispersit Displacement chromatography Disproportionation Dissociation (chemistry) Dissociation constant Dissociative substitution Dissolution (chemistry) Dissolved organic carbon Distillation Template:Distillation Distorted octahedral molecular geometry Distributed multipole analysis Distribution constant Distribution law Disulfide Disulfide bond Disulfite Diterpene Dithiane Dithietane Dithiin Dithiocarbamate Dithiol Dithionate Dithionite Divalent Divergent synthesis Divinylcyclopropane-cycloheptadiene rearrangement Divinylether fatty acids Category:Dmitri Mendeleev DNA nanotechnology Chris Dobson Dodecaborate Doebner reaction Doebner–Miller reaction Revaz Dogonadze Malcolm Dole Julije Domac Donald J. Darensbourg Guido Donegani Donor number Charles Avery Doremus Robert Ogden Doremus Doré bullion Dose (biochemistry) Double bond Double bond rule Double layer (electrode) Double layer (interfacial) Double salt Doubly ionized oxygen Doubly labeled water Doubly-labeled water Dennis A. Dougherty Dow Corning Dow process Dowd–Beckwith ring-expansion reaction Downs cell DOx Doyle–Kirmse reaction Dragendorff's reagent Dragon's egg André Dreiding Camille Dreyfus (chemist) William C. Drinkard Drins Dropping funnel Dropping mercury electrode Drude particle Drug design Druglikeness Drugwipe test Jack Drummond Dry basis Dry etching Dry ice Dry media reaction Dry water Drying oil Drying tube William Lofland Dudley Duff reaction Duhem–Margules equation Carl Duisberg Gérard Férey Pierre Louis Dulong Dumas method Dumas method of molecular weight determination Jean-Baptiste Dumas Duocarmycin DuPhos DuPont Central Research DuPont Experimental Station Duquenois–Levine reagent Duralumin Dutch metal DXP synthase Dyall Hamiltonian Dyeing Dynamic combinatorial chemistry Dynamic covalent chemistry Dynamic equilibrium Dynamic hydrogen electrode Dynamic mechanical analysis Dynamic Monte Carlo method Dynamic stereochemistry Dynamic vapor sorption Dynamic Vapor Sorption Dyotropic reaction Dystrophin-associated protein Döbereiner's triads E-selectivity E-Z notation E1cB-elimination reaction E2 elimination Colin Eaborn Earth (chemistry) Book:Easy to Understand Chemistry Eaton's reagent Mark Eberhart Ebulliometer Ebullioscope Ebullioscopic constant Category:EC 1.1 stubs Category:EC 1.1.1 stubs Category:EC 1.14 stubs Category:EC 1.14.13 stubs Category:EC 1.2 stubs Category:EC 1.3 stubs Category:EC 4.1 stubs Category:EC 4.2 stubs Ecalene Ecdysteroid Gerhard Ecker Eclipsed conformation Category:Ecology terminology Ecrasite Josef Maria Eder Edge-contracted icosahedron Edman degradation Ednatol Education in Chemistry Edward Harrison Memorial Prize Edward Yeung Edwards equation Effective diffusion coefficient Effective molarity Effective nuclear charge Effervescence Effusion Eh (chemistry) Seymour Ehrenpreis Ehrlich's reagent Eh–pH diagram Ei mechanism Manfred Eigen Eigencolloid Eigen–Wilkins Mechanism Einhorn–Brunner reaction Ejection charge Sean Ekins Elaidinization John Eland (chemist) Elastolefin Elbs persulfate oxidation Elbs reaction Electrical conductivity meter Electrical double layer Electride Electro-optical synergy Electro-osmosis Template:Electroanalytical Electroanalytical method Electrocatalyst Electroceramics Electrochemical cell Category:Electrochemical equations Electrochemical fluorination Electrochemical gradient Electrochemical noise Electrochemical potential Electrochemical reaction mechanism Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide Electrochemical Society Electrochemical window Electrochemiluminescence Electrochemistry Electrochromatography File:Electrocomposeur 1976.JPG Electrocyclic reaction Electrode Electrode potential Electrodeionization Electrofiltration Electrofuge Electrogravimetry Electrolysed water Electrolysis Template:Electrolysis Electrolysis of water Electrolyte Electrolytic cell Electromeric effect Electromerism Electrometallurgy Electron Electron affinity Electron affinity (data page) Electron capture detector Electron cloud Electron configuration Template:Electron configuration navbox Electron counting Electron deficiency Electron density Electron donor Electron equivalent Electron localization function Electron pair Electron paramagnetic resonance Electron shell Electron spin resonance Electron transfer Electron-capture mass spectrometry Electron-withdrawing group Electronegativities Electronegativity Electronic correlation Electronic effect Electronic structure Template:Electronic structure methods Book:Electronic structure methods Electrophile Electrophilic Electrophilic addition Electrophilic amination Electrophilic aromatic directing groups Electrophilic aromatic substitution Electrophilic fluorination Electrophilic halogenation Electrophilic substitution Electrorheological fluid Electrosynthesis Electrovalency Element collecting Element-reactant-product table Elemental analysis Elemental chlorine free Elementary reaction Template:Elementbox header Elements (journal) Elephant toothpaste Eleutheroside Dan Eley Eli M. Pearce Ernest L. Eliel Elimination reaction Elimination reaction of free radicals File:Elimination2.JPG Gertrude B. Elion Ellingham diagram Harold Ellingham Elliott Cresson Medal Terry Elton Eluotropic series Elution Embedded atom model EMBiology Category:Embryotoxins Emde degradation Friedrich Emich Emission spectroscopy William D. Emmons EMolecules Emollient Empirical formula Empirical valence bond Empty lattice approximation Emulsion Emulsion test EN series Enamine Enantiomer Enantiomer self-disproportionation Enantiomeric excess Enantioselective reduction of ketones Enantioselective synthesis Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis End-group Endcapping Endergonic reaction Enders SAMP/RAMP hydrazone-alkylation reaction Dieter Enders Endo-exo isomerism Endohedral fullerene Endohedral hydrogen fullerene Endothermic gas Ene reaction Enediyne Energetically modified cement Energy harvesting Energy level Energy profile (chemistry) Energy transfer Energy value of coal Energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction Enhancement or quenching of QD, Q-wire and QW radiations Christie G. Enke Enniatin Enol Enol ether Enolate Enolate anion Enone Entatic state Enthalpy Enthalpy change of solution Enthalpy of atomization Enthalpy of fusion Enthalpy of sublimation Enthalpy of vaporization Entropic explosion Entropic force Entropy Entropy (energy dispersal) Entropy of fusion Entropy of mixing Entropy of vaporization Environmental chemistry Environmental Chemistry (journal) Environmental Health Criteria Environmental impact of cleaning agents Environmental scanning electron microscope Environmental Science & Technology Environmental toxicants and fetal development Environmental toxicology Enyne Enyne metathesis Enzyme Template:Enzyme-stub EOn Epimer Episulfide Epitaxy Epoxidation with dioxiranes Epoxide Template:Eqm Equiaxed crystals Equilibrium Equilibrium chemistry Equilibrium constant Equilibrium dissociation constant Equilibrium fractionation Equivalence point Equivalent (chemistry) Equivalent concentration Equivalent mass Equivalent weight Hugo Erdmann Ergastic substance Eric Scerri Erlenmeyer flask Friedrich Gustav Carl Emil Erlenmeyer Erlenmeyer–Plöchl azlactone and amino-acid synthesis Ernst angle Vittorio Erspamer Gerhard Ertl Erysodienone Eschenmoser fragmentation Eschenmoser sulfide contraction Eschweiler–Clarke reaction Ester Ester pyrolysis Category:Ester stubs Template:Ester-stub Esters Estimated maximum possible concentration Estrada index Estuarine acidification ETA index in QSAR File:ETDEWEB subjects coverage.jpg ETH Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics Eth- Ethanium Ethanol precipitation Ethanolamide Ethenium Ethenolysis Ether Ether cleavage Ether lipid Ethoxylation Ethyl group Ethylenediamine pyrocatechol Ethylmercury Ethynyl Ethynyl radical Etymology of chemistry Eucerit Arnold Eucken Eudiometer Hans von Euler-Chelpin Eurokin European Chemicals Agency European Community number European Federation of Chemical Engineering European hazard symbols European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry European Journal of Mass Spectrometry European Journal of Organic Chemistry European Polymer Federation European Polymer Journal European Young Chemists' Network Europium anomaly Eutectic system Evan J. Crane Dennis F. Evans Denis Evans Evans–Saksena reduction Evans–Tishchenko reaction Evaporating dish Evaporation Evaporation suppressing monolayers Evolution of cells Evolved gas analysis Excess chemical potential Exchange current density Excimer Exergonic reaction Exhaust gas Exothermic process Exothermic reaction Expanded bed adsorption Expanded octet Expansion ratio Exploding trousers Explosion crater Explosive boiling or phase explosion Template:Explosive-stub Category:Explosives stubs Explosophore Exposure scenario Extended Hückel method Extended metal atom chains Extended periodic table Template:Extended periodic table (by Fricke, 32 columns, compact) Extended porphyrin Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment Extraction (chemistry) Extractive distillation F number (chemistry) F-Center Category:FA-Class WPChem worklist articles Fabric softener Factors of polymer weathering Faculty of Chemical Technology Keith Fagnou Fagron Group William Armstrong Fairburn Fajans' rules Kazimierz Fajans Fajans–Paneth–Hahn Law Henry M. Fales Faradaic current Faraday constant Faraday Discussions Faraday efficiency Category:Faraday Lecturers Faraday Lectureship Prize Faraday Society Faraday's laws of electrolysis Michael Faraday Farinograph Fas-associated phosphatase Fast ion conductor Fast protein liquid chromatography Fat Alexander J. Fatiadi Fatty acid amide Fatty acid ester Fatty acyl-CoA esters Fatty alcohol Fatty aldehyde Fatty amine Camille Alphonse Faure Favorskii reaction Favorskii rearrangement Alexey Favorsky Charles François de Cisternay du Fay FEBS Journal Nina Fedoroff Fehling's solution Hermann von Fehling Feist–Benary synthesis Fellgett's advantage Category:Fellows of the American Chemical Society Claudia Felser FeMoco Femtochemistry Fenske–Hall method Ariel Fenster Fenton's reagent Lloyd Noel Ferguson Fernico Ferrate(VI) Ferric Ferric chloride test Ferricyanide Ferrier carbocyclization Ferrier rearrangement Ferrocene-containing dendrimers Ferrocerium Ferrocyanide Ferroelectric polymers Ferromagnetic superconductor Ferromanganese nodules Ferromolybdenum Ferronigerite-2N1S Ferrotitanium Ferrous Ferrous metallurgy Ferroverdin Ferroxyl indicator solution Roger Festa Category:Fetotoxins Lewis Feuchtwanger FFC Cambridge process Fiberglass Field flow fractionation Robert W. Field Mary Peters Fieser Filter (chemistry) Filter funnel Filter paper Filter press Filtration Finkelstein reaction Fire Category:Fire Fire air Fire point Fire striker Fire-safe polymers Firefighting foam Firefly (computer program) FireIce First law of thermodynamics Fischer esterification Fischer glycosidation Fischer indole synthesis Fischer oxazole synthesis Fischer projection Ernst Otto Fischer Franz Joseph Emil Fischer Hans Fischer Hermann Emil Fischer Fischer–Hepp rearrangement Fischer–Speier esterification Fischer–Tropsch process Harry L. Fisher Fisons Fixation agent Fixative (perfumery) Flame Flame ionization detector Flame retardant Flame test Nicolas Flamel Flammability limit Flash evaporation Flash photolysis Flash point Flashspun fabric Flavagline Flavin group Flavokavain Flavokavain C Flavones Flavonoid Flavonoid alkaloid Flavonolignan Flavonols Flavor masker Fleaker Wilhelm Fleischmann Graham Fleming Fleming–Tamao oxidation Template:Flerovium Flexible SPC water model FLiNaK Flippin–Lodge angle Flocculation Florence flask Paul Flory Flory–Schulz distribution Flow injection analysis FLOX Flue gas Fluid extract Fluid Phase Equilibria Fluorescein diacetate hydrolysis Fluorescence intermittency in colloidal nanocrystals Category:Fluorescent dyes Fluoride Template:Fluoride Fluorinated gases Fluorination by sulfur tetrafluoride Fluorination with aminosulfuranes Fluorine-19 nuclear magnetic resonance Fluorinert Fluorocarbon Fluoroethyl Fluorogenic Fluoronium Fluorophore Fluorosulfonate Fluorosurfactant Fluorotelomer alcohol Fluorous chemistry Fluxional molecule Category:FMC Corporation Foam Foam fractionation Vladimir Fock Foiled carbene Folch solution Foldamer Folding (chemistry) Otto Folin Folin–Ciocalteu reagent Food additive Christopher Spencer Foote Robert Jacobus Forbes Force field (chemistry) Forging temperature Formal charge Formaldehyde releaser Formamidinium Formate Formose reaction Formox process Formula unit Formulation Formylation reaction Martin Onslow Forster Forster–Decker method Richard Fort (1907–1959) Suzanne Fortier Four elements Four-center two-electron bond Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Fourier transform spectroscopy Fowler process Joanna Fowler Fraction (chemistry) Fractional coordinates Fractional crystallization Fractional crystallization (chemistry) Fractional distillation Fragment molecular orbital Joseph Francisco Frankdicksonite Edward Curtis Franklin Frank–Caro process François Merklen Frasch process Jean Fréchet Free base Free element Free energy perturbation Free radical Free radical reaction Helen Murray Free Free-energy relationship Free-radical addition Free-radical halogenation Free-radical reaction Jack H. Freed Hans Freeman FreeON Francis Arthur Freeth Freeze-casting Freezing-point depression Edmond Frémy Frequency dependence Carl Remigius Fresenius Freund reaction August Freund Freundlich equation Friction sensitivity Irwin Fridovich Charles Friedel Friedel-Crafts acylation Friedel-Crafts alkylation Friedelin Friedel–Crafts reaction Friedländer synthesis Fries rearrangement Karl Theophil Fries Frigorific mixture Fritsch–Buttenberg–Wiechell rearrangement Fritted glass Fritz Pregl Prize Froehde reagent Frontier molecular orbital theory Frost diagram Frost flower (sea ice) Frustrated Lewis pair Fráter–Seebach alkylation FsrA Fuel cell Fuel factor Fugacity Fujimoto–Belleau reaction Fukui function Fukuyama coupling Fukuyama indole synthesis Fukuyama reduction Elizabeth Fulhame Fullerene Fullerene chemistry Fullerene ligand Fulminate Category:Fulminates Fulminating silver Functional analog Functional group Functional groups Functional parent (chemistry) Furanoflavonoid Future Medicinal Chemistry Evgraf Fedorov Fétizon oxidation Förster resonance energy transfer Fürst-Plattner Rule G-strain Torbjørn Gaarder Gabriel synthesis Gabriel–Colman rearrangement Gadiv Petrochemical Industries Gadolinium-doped ceria Friedrich Gaedcke Galactan Galactocerebroside Galactoglucomannan Galactolipid Galactolysis Galactomannan Galactosyltransferase Galantamine total synthesis Gallagher–Hollander degradation Gallium halides Gallium lanthanum sulfide glass Gallium-68 generator Gallotannin Galvani potential Galvanic cell Template:Galvanic cells Galvanic corrosion Galvanic series Galvanization Galvanostat GAMESS (UK) GAMESS (US) File:Gamess small.png Gamma spectroscopy Herbert Garland Garvan–Olin Medal Gas Gas bubbler Gas cabinet Gas chromatography Gas chromatography ion detector Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Gas composition Gas cracker Gas diffusion electrode Gas electron diffraction Gas evolution reaction Gas laws Gas phase titration Gas syringe Gas to liquids Gaseous signaling molecules Category:Gases Gasochromism Gasoline Gassman indole synthesis Template:Gastrointestinal-drug-stub Gattermann reaction Ludwig Gattermann Gattermann–Koch reaction Gauche effect Gaussian (software) Gaussian network model Gaussian orbital Ehud Gazit Gazzetta Chimica Italiana Jābir ibn Hayyān Gel Gel point (petroleum) Gelonin Category:Gels Gem-Difluoroalkene Geminal Geminal diol Geminal halide hydrolysis General chemistry Generalised compound Generalized valence bond File:Generic2.JPG Geneva Rules Template:Genito-urinary-drug-stub Frederick Augustus Genth Geochemistry Geodesic polyarene Claude Joseph Geoffroy Geometric dynamic recrystallization Geometry index George Gore (electrochemist) Georg von Georgievics Gerald Hurst Gerber method Charles Frédéric Gerhardt Heinz Gerischer Germacranolide Category:Germanium chemistry Johann Georg Anton Geuther Gewald reaction Ghemical Albert Ghiorso GHK flux equation GHS hazard pictograms GHS hazard statement GHS precautionary statements Template:GHSp William Giauque Gibbs free energy Gibbs isotherm Josiah Willard Gibbs Gibbs–Helmholtz equation George Ernest Gibson Bernd Giese Friedrich Oskar Giesel Walter Gilbert Gilman test Naomi Ginsberg Ginsenoside Aimé Girard Girdler sulfide process Girolami method Glade (brand) John Hall Gladstone Wikipedia:GLAM/Royal Society of Chemistry Wikipedia:GLAM/Royal Society of Chemistry/Diary Glaser coupling Glass (fiber) Category:Glass art stubs Glass disease Glass electrode Glass fiber Glass Poling Glass tube Glassy carbon Johann Rudolf Glauber Ellen Gleditsch Glenn T. Seaborg bibliography Glenn T. Seaborg Medal Global Health Global Health database Global meteoric water line Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals Glossary of chemistry terms Glovebox Glow stick Glucocerebroside Glucoside Glucosinolate Glucosinolate–myrosinase complex Glucuronide Glycal Glycan Glycation Glyceride Glycerolysis Glycoalkaloid Glycoazodyes Glycogen synthase kinase Glycol cleavage Glycol ethers Glycomimetic Glycoprotein Glycosidic bond Glycosyl Glycosylamine Glycosynthase GM3 Jürgen Gmehling Gmelin database Gmelin's test Leopold Gmelin Charles Anthony Goessmann Template:Gold Gold cyanidation Gold halide Gold number Gold plating Gold sol Victor Gold (chemist) Gold-sulfur bond Goldberg reaction File:GoldBookCover.jpg Template:GoldBookRef Heinrich Jacob Goldschmidt Guido Goldschmiedt Moses Gomberg Gomberg–Bachmann reaction Good's buffers Peter Goodhew Gordon Research Conferences Gould–Jacobs reaction Gradient copolymers Graduated cylinder Graeme Moad Graft copolymer Grain size Gram atomic mass Graphene foam Graphical unitary group approach Graphite intercalation compound Gravimetric analysis Gravity (chemistry) Gray iron Grazing-incidence small-angle scattering Green chemistry Category:Green chemistry Green Chemistry (journal) Green Chemistry Award Green chemistry metrics Green death Green mix Template:Greenwood&Earnshaw1st Template:Greenwood&Earnshaw2nd Norman Greenwood Green–Davies–Mingos rules Grieco elimination Grieco three-component condensation Griess test Peter Griess John Joseph Griffin Grignard reaction Grignard reagent Victor Grignard Grimm's hydride displacement law Grimm–Sommerfeld rule Grindometer Grob fragmentation GROMOS Grotrian diagram Grotthuss mechanism Theodor Grotthuss Grotthuss–Draper law Ground glass joint Ground state Group (periodic table) Group 11 element Group 2 organometallic chemistry Group transfer reaction Grove cell John T. Groves Grubbs' catalyst Grundmann aldehyde synthesis Hermann Julius Grüneberg Gu Yidong Guerbet reaction Juan de Dios Guevara Edward A. Guggenheim Gum guaicum Gunmetal Gunzberg's test Gutmann–Beckett method Philippe Guyot-Sionnest Enrique Guzmán y Valle GWASdb Gymnemic acid H-factor H-Prize H. C. Ørsted Medal H3 (pyrotechnics) Wilhelm Haarmann Haber process Fritz Haber Haber–Weiss reaction Makhluf Haddadin Eugen de Haën Vladimir Haensel Otto Hahn Hajos–Parrish–Eder–Sauer–Wiechert reaction Halex reaction Half sandwich compound Half-cell Half-reaction Halide Michael B. Hall Haller-Bauer reaction Hall–Héroult process Haloacetic acids Haloalkane Halocarbon Halochromism Haloform reaction Halogen addition reaction Halogen bond Halogen dance rearrangement Halogenated ether Halogenation Halogenoarene Halohydrin Halohydrin dehalogenase Halohydrin formation reaction Haloketone Halomethane Template:Halomethanes Halonium ion Hamaker constant Hamaker theory Louise Hammarström Gordon Hammes Hammett acidity function Hammett equation Hammick reaction Hammond's postulate Paula T. Hammond Hand sanitizer Handbook of Electrochemistry Handbook of Porphyrin Science Richard Handl William Edward Hanford Hanging mercury drop electrode Corwin Hansch Charles M. Hansen Jean-Pierre Hansen Arthur Rudolf Hantzsch Hantzsch pyridine synthesis Hantzsch pyrrole synthesis Hantzsch–Widman nomenclature Hapticity Hard water Hard-surface cleaner Arthur Harden Casey William Hardison Harpoon reaction Anna J. Harrison Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prizes Harold Hartley Hartree–Fock method Odd Hassel Karl Albert Hasselbalch Hatta number Hauser base Robert Havemann Haworth projection Norman Haworth Hay's test Hayashi rearrangement Hazard symbol Portal:Hazardous materials Hazardous Materials Identification System Hazardous polymerization Hazardous Substances Data Bank HCNH+ Health effects of natural phenols and polyphenols Health effects of radon Heat capacities of the elements (data page) Heat capacity Heat capacity ratio Heat of combustion Heat of formation group additivity Heated bath Heather Willauer Heating mantle Heatproof mat Heats of fusion of the elements (data page) Heats of vaporization of the elements (data page) Heavy liquid Heavy meromyosin Heavy metal (chemical element) Heck reaction Richard F. Heck Heck-Matsuda Reaction Heck–Matsuda reaction Alan J. Heeger Franz Hein Heinrich Wieland Prize Walter Heitler Axel C. Heitmann Helferich method Trygve Helgaker Helicene Helion (chemistry) Template:Helium compounds Helium hydride ion Helium ionization detector Helium trimer Johann Florian Heller Heller's test Hermann Hellriegel Hell–Volhard–Zelinsky halogenation Helmholtz double layer Jan Baptist van Helmont Helvetica Chimica Acta Hemetsberger indole synthesis Hemiacetal Hemiaminal Hemilability Hemithioacetal Hemocyanin Hemovanadin Gideon Henderson Henderson–Hasselbalch equation Émile Henriot (chemist) Henry reaction William Henry (chemist) Heptafluoride Herbal distillate Herbicide Herbicide safener Category:Herbicides Hercules Inc. Hermann–Mauguin notation Hernandaline Dudley R. Herschbach Charles Herty Herz reaction Richard Herz Gerhard Herzberg Judith Herzfeld Hess's law Heteroarene Heteroatom Heteroatom-promoted lateral lithiation Heterocycles Heterocycles (journal) Heterocyclic amine Heterocyclic compound Category:Heterocyclic compound stubs Template:Heterocyclic-stub Heterodiamond Heterogeneous catalysis Heterogeneous water oxidation Heterolysis Heterolysis (chemistry) Heteronuclear molecule Heteropoly acid Heteropolymer Heteropolymeric Heterosaccharide Heterotelergone George de Hevesy Hexachloroplatinate Hexacoordinate Hexadehydro Diels-Alder reaction Hexafluoride Template:Hexafluorides Hexafluorophosphate Hexafluoroplatinate Hexagonal crystal system Hexagonal water Hexamine fuel tablet Hexaperchloratoaluminate Hexatriynyl radical Hexavalent chromium Jaroslav Heyrovský Hi-Fi Digimonster Hickinbottom Award Wilfrid Hickinbottom Máté Hidvégi Izrael Hieger Julia Higgins High entropy alloys High fructose corn syrup High Performance Polymers High performance thin layer chromatography High production volume chemicals High-level radioactive waste management High-performance liquid chromatography High-pressure electrolysis High-refractive-index polymer Higher alkanes Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences Higher sulfur oxides Joel Henry Hildebrand Hill system Anthony F. Hill Craig L. Hill William Francis Hillebrand Mats Hillert Graham John Hills Hindered amine Gustavus Detlef Hinrichs Hinsberg oxindole synthesis Hinsberg reaction Cyril Norman Hinshelwood Ralph F. Hirschmann History of chemistry History of chromatography History of electrophoresis History of mineralogy History of molecular theory History of poison History of the Haber process Histrionicotoxin Ada Hitchins Hiyama coupling Edvard Hjelt Robin M. Hochstrasser Dorothy Hodgkin Keith Hodgson Hodulcine Hoesch reaction Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff Roald Hoffmann Hofmann elimination Hofmann rearrangement Hofmann voltameter August Wilhelm von Hofmann Karl Andreas Hofmann Hofmann–Löffler reaction Hofmann–Martius rearrangement Hofmeister series Template:Holleman&Wiberg John Holman (chemist) Holographic sensor Holothurin Holton Taxol total synthesis Antonín Holý Homeotropic alignment HOMO HOMO/LUMO Homoaromaticity Homoassociation Homochirality Homogeneity and heterogeneity Homogeneous (chemistry) Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions Homogeneous catalysis Homogenizer Homoleptic Homologation reaction Homologous series Homology (chemistry) Homolysis (chemistry) Homometric structures Homonuclear molecule Homopolysaccharide Honorary Fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry Hooke's atom Hooker reaction Hoopes process Hopanoids Hopcalite Hopkins-Cole reaction Rudolf Hoppe Hopp–Woods scale Leopold Horner Horner–Wadsworth–Emmons reaction HORTON (software) Hose barb Host–guest chemistry Hot air oven Hot atom Hot plate Hot water extraction Houben-Weyl Methods of Organic Chemistry Eugene Houdry Template:Housecroft1st Template:Housecroft2nd Template:Housecroft3rd Household chemicals Amir H. 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Hubbell Horia Hulubei Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research (HIIMR) Humidity indicator Humite (mineral group) Hummers' Method Hund's rule Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity Hungarian Chemical Society Hunsdiecker reaction Hunter process Chris Hunter (chemist) Ferdinand Hurter Graham Hutchings Hybrid functional Hybrid physical-chemical vapor deposition Hybrid vapour phase epitaxy Hydrate Hydrated ionic compound Hydrated silica Hydration energy Hydration reaction Hydrazide Hydrazinophthalazine Hydrazone Hydrazone iodination Hydride Hydrion paper Hydroacylation Hydroalkoxylation Hydroamination Hydroboration Hydroboration–oxidation reaction Hydrocarbon Category:Hydrocarbon stubs Template:Hydrocarbon-stub Hydrochloride Hydrocyanation Hydrocyanation of unsaturated carbonyl compounds Hydrocyanation of unsaturated carbonyls Hydrodealkylation Hydrodefluorination Hydrodenitrogenation Hydrodesulfurization Hydrodynamic technique Hydrofluoroolefin Hydroformylation Hydrogel encapsulation of quantum dots Book:Hydrogen Hydrogen anion Hydrogen atom abstraction Hydrogen bond Hydrogen bond catalysis Hydrogen embrittlement Hydrogen fuel Hydrogen halide Hydrogen ion Hydrogen polyoxide Hydrogen safety Hydrogen spillover Hydrogenacetylenedicarboxylate Hydrogenase mimic Hydrogenate Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates Hydrogenation Hydrogenation of carbon–nitrogen double bonds Hydrogenography Hydrogenolysis Hydrogenoxalate Hydrogen–deuterium exchange Hydrohalogenation Category:Hydrolase stubs Template:Hydrolase-stub Hydrolysis Hydrolysis constant Hydrometalation Hydrometallurgy Hydron (chemistry) Hydronium Hydrophile Hydrophilic interaction chromatography Hydrophobe Hydrophobic effect Hydrophobicity Hydrosilylation Hydrothermal liquefaction Hydrotrope Hydrous ferric oxides Hydroxide Hydroxy ketone Hydroxybutyric acid Hydroxycorticosteroids Hydroxyl Hydroxyl group Hydroxyl radical Hydroxyl value Hydroxylation Hydroxymethyl Hydroxynaphthoquinone Hydroxyquinone Hydroxysteroid Hygroscopy Hyperconjugation Hypercycle (chemistry) Hypersaturation Hypervalent molecule Hyphenated separation techniques Hypobromite Hypochlorinator Hypochlorite Hypohalite Hyponitrite Hypophosphite Hyposulfite Hypothetical types of biochemistry Hypothiocyanite Hypsochromic shift Hückel method Hückel's rule I-III-VI semiconductors IAEA safeguards Ice Template:Ice Category:Ice Ice crystals Ice rules Ice XII Ice XVI Ideal gas Ideal solution Idrialin Template:IG Farben IGEPAL CA-630 Ignition tube Illite crystallinity Illudin Imidazoline Imide Imidic acid Imidoyl chloride Imine Imine Diels–Alder reaction Iminium Imino acid Iminophosphorane Iminosugar Clara Immerwahr Immobilized pH gradient Immunochemistry Immunoglobulin C2-set domain Imprelis Impurity In situ polymerization In-Methylcyclophane Wikipedia:InChI Incipient wetness impregnation Inclusion compound Indenyl effect Index of chemistry articles Indium chalcogenides Indium halides Indium-mediated allylation INDO Indole alkaloid Indoleamine Indolequinone Induction period Inductive cleavage Inductive effect Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories Industrial catalysts Industrial mixer Ineos Inergen Inert Inert gas Inert pair effect Template:Infobox electrolysis Template:Infobox element Template:Infobox material Template:Infobox nonhuman protein Template:Infobox protein Informative site Inherent chirality Inhomogeneous Initiation (chemistry) Inner sphere electron transfer Inorganic anhydride Inorganic chemistry Category:Inorganic chemistry Inorganic Chemistry (journal) Inorganic compound Category:Inorganic compound stubs Inorganic compounds by element Inorganic Crystal Structure Database Inorganic ions Inorganic nonaqueous solvent Inorganic polymer Inorganic Syntheses Template:Inorganic-compound-stub Template:Insecticides Insertion reaction Institute for Radium Research, Vienna Institute for the History of Aluminium Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Instrumental chemistry Instrumentation in petrochemical industries Intercalation (biochemistry) Intercalation (chemistry) Interchalcogen Interface (chemistry) Interface and colloid science Interfacial polymerization Intergranular corrosion Interhalogen Interior radiation control coating Intermetallic Intermetallic particle Intermolecular force Intermolecular metal-catalyzed carbenoid cyclopropanations Internal conversion (chemistry) Internal Coordinate Mechanics Internal standard International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science International Chemical Identifier International Chemical Safety Card International Chemical Safety Cards International Congress of Quantum Chemistry International Journal of Mass Spectrometry International Journal of Nanoscience International Journal of Quantum Chemistry International Liquid Crystal Society International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code International Programme on Chemical Safety International Society of Electrochemistry International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry International Year of Chemistry International Year of Crystallography Interpnictogen Interstitial compound Intersystem crossing Intimate ion pair Intracellular calcium-sensing proteins Intramolecular aglycon delivery Intramolecular Diels–Alder cycloaddition Intramolecular force Intramolecular Heck reaction Intramolecular reaction Intramolecular reactions of diazocarbonyl compounds Intramolecular Vibrational Energy Redistribution Intrinsic Noise Analyzer Intruder state Inverse electron-demand Diels–Alder reaction Inverse gas chromatography Inversion barrier Invisible ink Iodate Iodide Template:Iodides Iodine clock reaction Iodine oxide Iodine test Iodine value Iodine-xenon dating Iodite Iodolactonization Iodometry Iodophenol Ion Ion beam analysis Ion chromatography Ion exchange Ion Exchange Letters Ion exchange membranes Ion speciation Ion transport number Ion-association Ion-attachment mass spectrometry Ion-exchange resin Ionic atmosphere Ionic bonding Ionic compound Ionic conductivity (solid state) Ionic crystal Ionic hydrogenation Ionic liquid Ionic polymerization Ionic potential Ionic radius Ionic strength Ionic transfer Ionochromism Category:IOP Publishing academic journals Iota Sigma Pi Vladimir Ipatieff IPCS Health and Safety Guide Iptycene IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein Ireland–Claisen rearrangement Iridoid Category:Irish physical chemists Iron group Iron hydride Iron oxide Iron oxide cycle Iron oxide nanoparticles Iron ring (laboratory) Iron sulfide Iron-based superconductor Iron-binding proteins Iron-sulfur cluster Iron–hydrogen alloy Iron–nickel clusters Irreducible representation Irving–Williams series Isao Noda Isay reaction ISFET Ishikawa reagent Isidore (inventor) ISIS/Draw Template:Islamic alchemy and chemistry Island of stability File:Island of Stability.svg File:Island-of-Stability.png ISO 428 Isoaspartate Isobutyrate Isocyanate Isocyanide Isodesmic reaction Isoelectric point Isoelectronic Isoelectronicity Isoflavene Isoflavones Isoflavonoid Isofuran Isohydric principle Isoionic point Isolobal principle Isomer Category:Isomerase stubs Template:Isomerase-stub Isomeric shift Isomerization Isomorphism (crystallography) Isopropyl Isoscapes Isostructural Isotachophoresis Isotactic Isothiocyanate Isothiouronium Isotoluene Isotope Isotope dilution Isotope shift Template:Isotope-stub Isotopic labeling Isotopic ratio outlier analysis Isotopic shift Isotopically pure diamond Isotopologue Isotopomers Isovalent hybridization Isovalerate Isovanilloids Leonard Issacson Italian Chemical Society Italma ITIES Yoshihiko Ito (chemist) IUPAC IUPAC Gold Book File:IUPAC Green Book 3 ed cover.jpg IUPAC nomenclature for organic chemistry IUPAC nomenclature for organic transformations IUPAC nomenclature of inorganic chemistry IUPAC nomenclature of inorganic chemistry 2005 IUPAC nomenclature of organic chemistry IUPAC nomenclature of organic compounds IUPAC numerical multiplier IUPAC organic nomenclature IUPAC/IUPAP Joint Working Party Ivanov reaction Ivory J-coupling J. Am. Chem. Soc. J. Org. Chem. Jacalin Jack R. Norton Joseph Jacobs (scientist) Jacobsen epoxidation Jacobsen rearrangement Frans Maurits Jaeger Jaffe reaction George Cecil Jaffe Werner Jaffé Jaguar (software) Hermann Arthur Jahn Jahn–Teller effect Ralph A. James Kim Janda Gerhart Jander Template:Janet periodic table (compact) Janus-faced molecule Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry Japp–Klingemann reaction Japp–Maitland condensation Christopher Jaroniec Mietek Jaroniec JChemPaint Allene Jeanes Jemmis mno rules Jennite Lasse Jensen Jerome Vinograd Frederic Jevons John Jeyes Jesús Jiménez Barbero Jmol Job plot Jog (dislocations) User:Jogoo101/Intraclasts Johann Frederik Eijkman John B Goodenough Award John R. Johnson Leon H. Johnson Mark A. Johnson Samuel William Johnson Treat Baldwin Johnson William Summer Johnson Johnson–Corey–Chaykovsky reaction James Finlay Weir Johnston Frédéric Joliot-Curie Jones oxidation Jones reductor Bernard Mouat Jones Edward Jorden Sophus Mads Jørgensen Sven Erik Jørgensen Joseph Schlenoff Josiphos ligands Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Journal of Applied Crystallography Journal of Biological Chemistry Journal of Catalysis Journal of Chemical Ecology Journal of Chemical Education Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling Journal of Chemical Physics Journal of Cluster Science Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Journal of Electroceramics Journal of Mass Spectrometry Journal of Materials Chemistry Journal of Materials Chemistry A Journal of Materials Chemistry B Journal of Materials Chemistry C Journal of Materials Science Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Journal of Microencapsulation Journal of Molecular Structure Journal of Nanoparticle Research Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Journal of Oil Palm Research Journal of Organic Chemistry Journal of Organometallic Chemistry Journal of Physical Chemistry A Journal of Physical Chemistry B Journal of Physical Chemistry C Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Journal of Solid State Chemistry Journal of the American Ceramic Society Journal of the American Chemical Society Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society Journal of the Chemical Society Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry Charles A. Joy Julia Brainerd Hall Julia olefination Marc Julia Percy Lavon Julian Juliá-Colonna Epoxidation Juliá–Colonna epoxidation Michael E. Jung Alexander Just John Augustus Just K-mer Kabachnik–Fields reaction Kaliapparat Kamptulicon Kaneka Corporation Lakshmi Kantam Kapustinskii equation Karl Fischer titration Karl Slotta Jerome Karle Karlsruhe Congress Martin Karplus Paul Karrer Karrick process Karrikin Kasha's rule Michael Kasha Karl Wilhelm Gottlob Kastner Katal Joseph J. Katz Thomas J. Katz Kauffmann olefination Joyce Jacobson Kaufman Kauri-butanol value Frank Kearton, Baron Kearton Keggin structure Keim's process Kekulé Kekulé structure Keller's reagent Shana O. Kelley Sinah Estelle Kelley Kelling's test Carl Kellner (mystic) Jeffery W. Kelly William R. Kenan, Jr. Kendrick mass Kendrick mass scale Joseph W. Kennedy Kepert model Keratan sulfate Dorothee Kern Werner Kern (chemist) Zoltan I. Kertesz Ketal Ketazine process Ketene Ketene cycloaddition Ketene silyl acetal Ketenimine Keto Keto acid Ketohexose Ketolide Ketone Ketone enolate Ketone halogenation Category:Ketone stubs Template:Ketone-stub Ketones Ketonic decarboxylation Ketose Keto–enol tautomerism Ketyl Key odorant Kharasch addition Kharasch–Sosnovsky reaction Khimera Lemont Kier Laura L. Kiessling Kiliani-Fischer synthesis Kiliani–Fischer synthesis Kilocalorie per mole Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines Kinetic chain length Kinetic fractionation Kinetic Inhibitor Kinetic isotope effect Kinetic resolution Kintech Lab Kipp's apparatus Petrus Jacobus Kipp Kirsanov reaction Nikolai Kischner Kishner cyclopropane synthesis George Kistiakowsky Kjeldahl method Martin Heinrich Klaproth Jacob Klein (chemist) Klung Wilhelmy Science Award Klyne–Prelog system Kläui ligand Friedrich Ludwig Knapp Knobs into holes packing Knoevenagel condensation Wilhelm Knop Knorr pyrrole synthesis Knorr quinoline synthesis Ludwig Knorr Jeremy R. Knowles Lawrence H. Knox Koch reaction Kochi reaction Koenigs–Knorr reaction Kofler bench Kolbe electrolysis Kolbe nitrile synthesis Hermann Kolbe Kolbe–Schmitt reaction Kolokol-1 Koopmans' theorem Emil Kopp Karl Kordesch Korean Chemical Society Korean Fiber Society Kornblum oxidation Kornblum–DeLaMare rearrangement Ulrich Kortz Ronnie Kosloff Kosmotropic Kostanecki acylation Kovac's reagent Kovar Kovats retention index Kowalski ester homologation Krafft temperature Friedrich Krafft Kraft process Philip Kraft Krakatoa (explosive) Krapcho decarboxylation Janet Kreizman Kroehnke Pyridine Synthesis Kroll process KRP (biochemistry) Gerhard Krüss Krytox Kugelrohr Kuguacin Kuguaglycoside Charles Frédéric Kuhlmann Richard Kuhn Kulinkovich reaction Kumada coupling Irwin "Tack" Kuntz Aron Kuppermann Nikolai Semenovich Kurnakov E. E. Kurth Kuwajima Taxol total synthesis Stephanie Kwolek L-Ribonucleic acid aptamer Conrad Laar Johannes van Laar Lab on a Chip (journal) Antoine Germain Labarraque Laboratory centrifuge Laboratory equipment Template:Laboratory equipment Laboratory funnel Laboratory glassware Laboratory information management system Category:Laboratory software Laboratory tube Laboratory water bath Lactalbumin Lactam Lactol Lactone Lactose synthase Lactosylceramide Ladderane Laflin & Rand Powder Company Keith J. Laidler Lake pigment Lamb–Mössbauer factor Richard Laming Laminin 111 Ole Lamm Ronald Lancaster (chemist) Marsilio Landriani Lane hydrogen producer Langmuir (journal) Langmuir adsorption model Irving Langmuir Lanthanide contraction Lanthanide trifluoromethanesulfonates Lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite Hilary Lappin-Scott Larock indole synthesis Larry E. Overman Clarence Larson Laser ablation synthesis in solution Laser diffraction analysis Laser-induced incandescence Lateral motor column neuron Latex beads Latimer diagram Lattice energy Laundry detergent Laura Alberta Linton Laurel water Mark Lautens Laves phase Fritz Laves Lavoisier Medal Antoine Lavoisier Law of definite proportions Law of dilution Law of multiple proportions Law of reciprocal proportions Laws of science Layered double hydroxides LCP theory Le Bel-van't Hoff rule Le Chatelier's principle Henry Louis Le Châtelier Louis Le Chatelier Mathew Carey Lea Leaching (chemistry) Lead chalcogenide Lead chamber process Lead glass Lead–acid battery L. Gary Leal Leaving group Leblanc process Lectin affinity chromatography Lectka enantioselective beta-lactam synthesis Lectka Enantioselective Beta-Lactam Synthesis Jeehiun Lee Milton L. Lee Otto Lehmann (physicist) Lehmstedt–Tanasescu reaction Jean-Marie Lehn Leimgruber–Batcho indole synthesis Luis Federico Leloir Raymond Lemieux Lemieux–Johnson oxidation Lemon battery John Lennard-Jones Lethal dose Letts nitrile synthesis Hermann Leuchs Leucines Leuckart reaction Leuckart thiophenol reaction Rudolf Leuckart (chemist) Leuco dye Leucoderivative Leveling effect Levich equation Lewis acid catalysis Lewis acids and bases Lewis base Lewis structure Gilbert N. Lewis Nathan Lewis Warren K. Lewis Ley oxidation Steven V. Ley Lhasa (computing) Jing Li (chemist) Andreas Libavius Libration (molecule) Lieben Prize Liebermann reagent Carl Theodore Liebermann Otto Liebermann Liebeskind–Srogl coupling Liebig condenser Justus von Liebig Liebigs Annalen Liesegang rings Raphael Eduard Liesegang LIESST Ligand Ligand bond number Ligand cone angle Ligand dependent pathway Ligand efficiency Ligand field theory Ligand isomerism Ligand K-edge Category:Ligase stubs Template:Ligase-stub Light metal Light metals Light non-aqueous phase liquid Light water Lignan Lignosulfonates Limewater Limiting current Limiting oxygen index Limiting reagent Limonoid Limulus amebocyte lysate Lindemann mechanism Linde–Frank–Caro process Lindgren oxidation Lindlar catalyst Leonard Francis Lindoy Line notation Linear acetylenic carbon Linear alkylbenzene Linear alpha olefin Linear combination of atomic orbitals Linear molecular geometry Linear sweep voltammetry Matthew Linford Linkage isomerism John Wilfrid Linnett Linus Pauling Award Lipid A Christopher A. Lipinski Lipomannan Lipophilic efficiency Lipophilicity Lipophobicity Lipophosphoglycan Liposome Lipotoxicity William Lipscomb Liquefied petroleum gas Liquid Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry Liquid crystal Liquid junction potential Liquid nitrogen Liquid nitrogen cocktail Liquid oxygen Liquid-crystal laser Liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis Liquidus Liquid–liquid extraction Liriodendrin List of acid dissociation constants List of additives for hydraulic fracturing List of alchemical substances List of AM cannabinoids List of antioxidants in food List of artworks in the collection of the Royal Society of Chemistry List of basic organic chemistry topics List of battery types List of benzo compounds List of blue plaques erected by the Royal Society of Chemistry List of boiling and freezing information of solvents List of character tables for chemically important 3D point groups List of chemical analysis methods List of chemical compounds with unusual names List of chemistry journals List of chemistry mnemonics List of chemistry societies List of cigarette smoke carcinogens List of cocaine analogues List of coffee chemicals List of commonly available chemicals List of compounds List of compounds with carbon number 1 List of compounds with carbon number 2 List of compounds with carbon numbers 25–29 List of compounds with carbon numbers 30–39 List of compounds with carbon numbers 40–49 List of compounds with carbon numbers 50–100 List of cooling baths List of desiccants List of dyes List of elements by stability of isotopes List of extremely hazardous substances List of Extremely Hazardous Substances List of food additives List of food additives, Codex Alimentarius List of fungicides List of IARC Group 1 carcinogens List of IARC Group 2A carcinogens List of IARC Group 2B carcinogens List of important publications in chemistry List of inorganic compounds List of inorganic reactions List of interstellar and circumstellar molecules List of isomers of decane List of isomers of dodecane List of isomers of nonane List of isomers of undecane List of Jewish American chemists List of JWH cannabinoids List of largest chemical producers List of materials analysis methods List of methylphenidate analogues Template:List of minerals List of minerals A (complete) List of minerals B (complete) List of minerals C (complete) List of minerals D (complete) List of minerals E (complete) List of minerals F (complete) List of minerals G (complete) List of minerals H (complete) List of minerals I (complete) List of minerals J (complete) List of minerals K (complete) List of minerals L (complete) List of minerals N (complete) List of minerals O (complete) List of minerals P–Q (complete) List of minerals R (complete) List of minerals S (complete) List of minerals T (complete) List of minerals U–V (complete) List of minerals W–X (complete) List of minerals Y–Z (complete) List of molecular graphics systems List of named inorganic compounds List of National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees List of Nobel laureates in Chemistry List of organic chemistry topics List of organic compounds List of organic reactions List of phytochemicals in food List of purification methods in chemistry List of quantum chemistry and solid-state physics software List of R-phrases List of reactions List of reagents List of refrigerants List of Royal Society of Chemistry journals List of Royal Society of Chemistry medals and awards List of Russian chemists List of S-phrases List of saturated fatty acids List of Schedule 1 substances (CWC) List of Schedule 3 substances (CWC) List of Schedule I drugs (US) List of scientific constants named after people List of software for Monte Carlo molecular modeling List of standard Gibbs free energies of formation List of straight-chain alkanes List of superconductors List of synthetic polymers List of UN numbers 3401 to 3500 List of UN numbers 3501 to 3600 List of unsolved problems in chemistry List of water-miscible solvents List of works by Joseph Priestley List of β-lactam antibiotics Maurice Lister Lists of UN numbers Lithium battery Lithium hybrid organic battery Lithium ion manganese oxide battery Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium polymer battery Lithium soap Book:Lithium-ion batteries Lithium-ion battery Lithium–sulfur battery Lithopone Litmus Template:Livermorium Living cationic polymerization Living polymerization Llewellyn separator Guy Lloyd-Jones Lo-Ex Lobry de Bruyn–van Ekenstein transformation Lobry-de Bruyn-van Ekenstein transformation Local oxidation nanolithography Localized molecular orbitals Locant Timothy P. Lodge Logan plot Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute LOLI Database Loline alkaloid London dispersion force Lone pair Cyril Norman Hugh Long Derek Long Longest linear sequence H. Christopher Longuet-Higgins Lonsdaleite Loparite-(Ce) Lord Lewis Prize Léon Lortie Johann Josef Loschmidt Lossen rearrangement Alfred J. Lotka Lotus effect Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize Education Program:Louisiana State University/CHEM 4558: Mass Spectrometry (Spring 2015) Lovibond comparator Low valent magnesium compounds Low-barrier hydrogen bond Derek Lowe (chemist) Heinz A. Lowenstam Lower critical solution temperature Lower flammable limit Lower sulfur oxides Oliver H. Lowry Martin Lowry Lubricant Lubrication Luche reduction Ludwig Mond Award Luigi Galvani Medal Lumbrokinase Luminescent solar concentrator Lumière–Barbier method LUMO Yuri Lvov Category:Lyase stubs Template:Lyase-stub Lyate ion Lycasin Lycopodium powder Lyonium ion Lyotropic Lyotropic liquid crystal Lyprinol M-SG reducing agent Archibald Macallum Ronald D. Macfarlane Macrocycle Macrolide MacroModel Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics Macromolecular Rapid Communications Macromolecule Madelung synthesis William Madia MADNESS Mag-Thor Magic number (chemistry) Magic sand Magnecule Magnesium alloy Magnesium aluminide Magnesium monohydride Magnetic chemistry Magnetic quantum number Magnetic stirrer Magnetic structure Magnetochemistry Bruce H. Mahan Maillard reaction Peter Maitlis Lydia Makhubu Simba Makoni Category:Male reproductive toxins Malleable iron Mallojaponin Mallory metal Malonate Malonic ester synthesis Maltosides Mandelin reagent Manganate Manganese-mediated coupling reactions Christoph Mangold Mannheim process Mannich reaction Carl Mannich Mannosyl-3-phosphoglycerate phosphatase Mannosyltransferase Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Chemistry Mao Gao-wen Marcetta Y. Darensbourg Jerry March Template:March3rd Template:March4th Template:March6th Marcus theory Rudolph A. Marcus Andreas Sigismund Marggraf Marine chemist Marine pharmacognosy Marker degradation Russell Earl Marker Markovnikov's rule Vladimir Markovnikov Tobin J. Marks Markó–Lam deoxygenation Mark–Houwink equation Michael Marletta Marschalk reaction Marsh test Martha Annie Whiteley Martian regolith simulant Archer John Porter Martin Gary E. Martin George M. Martin James Cullen Martin Martinet dioxindole synthesis Mary Elvira Weeks Masayoshi Watanabe Masking agent MASP (protein) Mass attenuation coefficient Mass concentration (chemistry) Mass excess Mass fraction Mass fraction (chemistry) Mass spectrometry Mass Spectrometry Reviews Mass-independent fractionation MassBank (database) Match Matched molecular pair analysis Material properties of diamond Material sciences Category:Materials Materials (journal) Materials Chemistry and Physics Materials for Industry - Derek Birchall Award Materials Horizons Materials science Category:Materials science institutes Mathematical chemistry Category:Mathematical chemistry Camille Matignon Matrix (chemical analysis) Matrix isolation Mauveine Max Speter Maximum safe storage temperature Farnham Maxwell-Lyte Maxwell–Stefan diffusion Mayer's reagent John Mayow MBAS assay Warren L. McCabe McCormack reaction McFadyen–Stevens reaction MCherry Corran McLachlan McLafferty rearrangement Herbert McLeod Edwin McMillan McMurry reaction File:MCP cover1709.jpg Roy McWeeny MDL Chime MDPI Meal powder Measurement uncertainty Mechanical bond Mechanically interlocked molecular architectures Mechanistic organic photochemistry Mechanochemistry Mechanostereochemistry Mechanosynthesis Mecke reagent MED20 MedChemComm Medicinal chemistry Category:Medicinal chemistry stubs Template:Medicinal-chem-stub Medium-chain triglyceride Edmund ter Meer Fritz ter Meer Meerwein arylation Hans Meerwein Meerwein–Ponndorf–Verley reduction Megallium Helen Megaw Uwe Meierhenrich Meisenheimer complex Jakob Meisenheimer Melamine foam Melanotroph Melchior Cibinensis Morten P. Meldal Meldola Medal and Prize Raphael Meldola Melting Melting point Melting point apparatus Melting-point depression Alvin Joseph Melveger Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award Membrane distillation Membrane osmometer Membrane potential Category:Membrane protein stubs Template:Membrane-protein-stub Mendeleev readings Mendeleev's predicted elements Dmitri Mendeleev Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy Meniscus Menshutkin reaction Nikolai Menshutkin Merck Molecular Force Field Template:Merck11th Template:Merck12th Template:Merck13th Mercury beating heart Mercury coulometer Mercury polycations Robert Bruce Merrifield Merrill–Crowe process Meso compound Mesoionic Mesoionic carbene Mesomeric effect Mesophase Mesoporous material Mesoporous organosilica Mesoporous silica Mesylate Meta (disambiguation) Meta- (chemistry) Template:Metabolism-stub Metadynamics Metal Metal acetylacetonates Metal amides Category:Metal amides Metal ammine complex Metal aquo complex Metal aromaticity Metal bis(trimethylsilyl)amides Metal carbido complex Metal carbon dioxide complex Metal carbonyl Metal carbonyl cluster Metal carbonyl hydride Metal chalcogenide Metal corrosion Metal deactivator Metal dithiolene complex Metal halides Metal hydride Metal hydroxide Metal ions in aqueous solution Metal Ions in Life Sciences Metal K-edge Metal L-edge Metal nitrido complex Metal nitrosyl complex Metal phosphine complex Category:Metal salen complexes Metal salen complexes Metal sulfur dioxide complex Metal triflimidate Metal-catalysed hydroboration Metal-centered cycloaddition reactions Metal-ion-catalyzed σ-bond rearrangement Metalation Metalize Metalizing Metallacarboxylic acid Metallacrown Metallacycle Metallate Metallic bonding Metallic crystal Metallic microlattice Metallization Metallize Metallizing Metallocene Metallodendrimer Metallofullerene Metallole Metallomesogen Metallomics (journal) Metallurgical assay Metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy Metalorganics Category:Metals Metal–air electrochemical cell Metal–ligand multiple bond Metamorphic reaction Metaoxyacids Metaphosphate Meth- Methacrylate Methane clathrate Methane reformer Methanetetracarboxylate Methanium Methenium Methine group Methiodide Methods in Organic Synthesis Methoxy Methoxyethylmercuric acetate Methoxypyrazines Methyl group Methylamide Category:Methylating agents Methylation Methylene Methylene bridge Methylene group Methylenedioxy Methylhydrazines Methylidyne group Methylisothiazolone Methylthiomethyl ether Mexal 1500 Mexichem Meyer synthesis Hans Leopold Meyer Kurt Heinrich Meyer Julius Lothar Meyer Wilhelm Meyerhoffer Meyers synthesis Meyer–Schuster rearrangement Micell Micellar electrokinetic chromatography Micellar liquid chromatography Micelle Michael F. Lappert Michael reaction August Michaelis Michaelis–Arbuzov reaction Michaelis–Becker reaction Helen Vaughn Michel Wilhelm Michler Micro-compounding Micro-encapsulation Microanalysis Microbial arene oxidation Microbicide Microcrystalline cellulose Microfluidics in chemical biology Micromanipulator Micromeritics Micromotor Microporous material Microscale chemistry Microscopic reversibility Microspherulite Microstrip detector Microviscosity Microwave chemistry Category:Microwave chemistry Microwave digestion Microwave enhanced electrochemistry Midland Alpine borane reduction Migratory aptitude Migratory insertion Milas hydroxylation Miller process Christina Cruickshank Miller William T. Miller Millon's reagent David Milstein Walter Minder MINDO Mineral acid Mineral ascorbates Mineral hydration Mineral spirits Mineralizer Book:Mineralogy Minimum ignition energy Minisci reaction Minnesota Functionals Mischmetal Miscibility Miscibility gap Miscible Category:Misidentified chemical elements Mislow–Evans rearrangement Alexander Mitscherlich (chemist) Eilhard Mitscherlich Mitsunobu reaction Alwin Mittasch Mixed metal oxide electrode Mixed oxide Mixed potential theory Mixed-mode chromatography Mixer-settler Mixture MKM steel MNDO Modelling of particle breakage Modern valence bond theory Modified starch William Moffitt Mogroside Faten Zahran Mohammed Karl Friedrich Mohr Moiety Moiety (chemistry) Moiety conservation Henri Moissan Molality Molar attenuation coefficient Molar concentration Molar conductivity Molar mass Molar mass constant Molar volume Molbank MOLCAS Molden Mole Mole (unit) Mole fraction Mole map (chemistry) Molecular autoionization Molecular binding Category:Molecular biology stubs Molecular BioSystems Molecular Biosystems Molecular Borromean rings Molecular configuration Molecular crystal Molecular descriptor Molecular design software Molecular dipole moment Molecular electronic transducers Molecular electronic transition Molecular encapsulation Molecular entity Molecular Frontiers Foundation Molecular geometry Category:Molecular geometry Molecular graph Molecular graphics Molecular gyroscope Molecular Hamiltonian Molecular Informatics Molecular knot Molecular logic gate Molecular mass Molecular model Molecular modeling on GPUs Category:Molecular modelling Molecular modelling Category:Molecular modelling software Molecular modification Molecular orbital Molecular orbital diagram Molecular orbital theory Molecular Physics (journal) Molecular probe Molecular promiscuity Molecular property Molecular recognition Molecular self-assembly Molecular sensor Molecular shuttle Molecular sieve Molecular solid Molecular spacer Molecular structure Wikipedia:Molecular structure diagram Molecular switch Molecular symmetry Molecular tweezers Molecular volume Molecular weight Molecular weight cut-off Template:Molecular-biology-stub Template:MolecularGeometry Molecularity Molecule Molecule editor Molecule mining Category:Molecules Molecules (journal) Molekel Molisch's test Christian Møller Molozonide MOLPRO Molten salt Molten salt oxidation Molybdate Molybdenum blue Molybdenum oxotransferase Molybdochalkos Momordicine Momordin (saponin) Monatomic gas Monatomic ion Mond process Ludwig Mond Robert Mond Monoamine neurotransmitter Monobasic acid Template:Monoclonal-antibody-stub Monocrystalline whisker Monofluorophosphate Monoglyceride Monolayer Monolignol Monolith (catalyst support) Monolithic HPLC column Monomer Monomers Mononuclidic element Monoprotic acid Monosaccharide Monosaccharide nomenclature Monoterpene Monoxide Monsanto process Montan wax Monte Carlo molecular modeling Montréalone Stanford Moore MOPAC Mordant More O'Ferrall–Jencks plot Johann Moriaen Morse potential Harmon Northrop Morse Mortein Henry Moseley Harry Stone Mosher Mother liquor Motional narrowing Mozingo reduction MRC (file format) MTBE controversy MtlS RNA Earl Muetterties Mukaiyama aldol addition Mukaiyama Taxol total synthesis File:Mukaiyama-MichaelAddition.png Richard Müller (chemist) Mulliken population analysis Robert S. Mulliken Multi-angle light scattering Multi-component reaction Multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree Multi-configurational self-consistent field Multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification Multiplexin Multiplicity (chemistry) Johann Mulzer Mumm rearrangement Mung bean endonuclease Achille Müntz Muonium Murexide test Catherine J. Murphy Sharon Hammes-Schiffer Rosemary Murray Template:Musculoskeletal-drug-stub Charles Musgrave Mushet steel Musk Apollo Mussin-Pushkin Mustard oil Mutarotation Mușenița gas field MXenes Mycolic acid Myosin light chain Myrtle Bachelder Möbius aromaticity Möbius–Hückel concept Mössbauer spectroscopy Møller–Plesset perturbation theory N-Acyl homoserine lactone N-Acylamides N-Acylethanolamine N-electron valence state perturbation theory N-Oxoammonium salt N-philes N-Sulfinyl imine NacNac Nadorite Name reaction Nametkin rearrangement Wikipedia:Naming conventions (chemistry) Nano spray dryer Nano-thermite Nanobottle Nanocages Nanocar Nanocellulose Nanochannel glass materials Nanochemistry Nanocomposite hydrogels Nanoelectrochemistry Nanofoam Nanographene Nanomaterial-based catalyst Nanoparticle Nanoporous Nanoputian Nanoring Nanorod NanoScale Corporation Nanotechnology Category:Nanotechnology Category:Nanotechnology in fiction Nanotube Naphthalenesulfonate Naphthenate Naphthenic acid Narasaka–Prasad reduction Narrow range ethoxylate NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society NAS Award in Chemical Sciences NASA STI Program Nascent hydrogen Nascent state (chemistry) Henry Bradford Nason Natalie Ahn Nathaniel Thomas Lupton National Adhering Organizations National Historic Chemical Landmarks Native chemical ligation NatsiRNA Natta projection Giulio Natta Natural abundance Natural bond orbital Natural deep eutectic solvents Natural material Category:Natural materials Natural oil polyols Category:Natural phenol stubs Category:Natural phenols Category:Natural phenols by type Category:Natural phenols metabolism Natural product Natural Product Reports Natural Product Updates Natural science Nature Category:Nature Nature Chemical Biology Nature Chemistry Nature Communications Nature Nanotechnology Category:Nature-related lists Alexandra Navrotsky Nellie May Naylor Nazarov cyclization reaction Ivan Nazarov NBI Knowledgebase NDDO NDPCP Neber rearrangement Dorothy M. Needham Nef reaction John Ulric Nef (chemist) Negative hyperconjugation Negative regulatory element Negishi coupling Ei-ichi Negishi Neighbouring group participation Nenitzescu indole synthesis Neoflavonoid Neonicotinoid Nephelauxetic effect Nernst equation Nernst heat theorem Walther Nernst Template:Nervous-system-drug-stub Net explosive quantity Network covalent bonding NeuroD Neutral fat Neutralization (chemistry) Neutron activation analysis Neutronium New car smell New Journal of Chemistry Newbery-Vautin chlorination process John Alexander Reina Newlands Newman projection Newman–Kwart rearrangement John M. Newsam SonBinh Nguyen Nico M. M. Nibbering Nicholas reaction William Ripley Nichols Nickel aluminide Nickel Directive Nickel hydride Nickel titanium Nickel–metal hydride battery Nicola Giordano Nicolaou Taxol total synthesis Nicotinic acids Niementowski quinazoline synthesis Niementowski quinoline synthesis Nierenstein reaction NIH shift Nik operon Niosome Nital Nitinol biocompatibility Nitramex and Nitramon Explosives Nitrary Nitrate Nitrate ester Category:Nitrate minerals Nitrate test Category:Nitrates Nitration Nitrene Nitrenium ion Nitride Category:Nitrides Nitrile Nitrile anion Nitrile reduction Nitrile rubber Nitrile ylide Nitrilimine Nitrite Nitrite test Category:Nitrites Nitro compound Nitro group Nitroaldol reaction Nitroalkene Nitroamine Nitrofuran Nitrogen inversion Nitrogen mustard Nitrogen oxide Nitrogen oxides Nitrogen rule Nitrogen-15 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Nitrogen–phosphorus detector Nitronate Nitrone Nitrone-olefin 3+2 cycloaddition Nitronium ion Nitrophenol Nitrophenols Nitrophosphate process Nitroprusside reaction Nitrosamine Nitrosation Nitroso Nitrosonium Nitrosyl Nitrosyl-O-hydroxide Nitryl NMR tube Henry Minchin Noad Nobel Committee for Chemistry Category:Nobel laureates in Chemistry Nobel Prize in Chemistry Book:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Nobel prize in Chemistry Template:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Template:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureates 1901–1925 Template:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureates 1926–1950 Template:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureates 1951–1975 Template:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureates 1976–2000 Template:Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureates 2001–2025 File:Nobel Prize.png Noble gas (data page) Noble gas compound Noble gas configuration Book:Noble gases NOCH Ida Noddack Walter Noddack Harry F. Noller Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry Non-bonding orbital Non-coordinating anion Non-covalent Non-covalent interactions Non-faradaic electrochemical modification of catalytic activity Non-ferrous metal Non-innocent ligand Non-Kekulé molecule Non-linear effects Non-methane volatile organic compound Non-nucleophilic base Non-proteinogenic amino acids Non-specific, adsorptive pinocytosis Non-stoichiometric compound Template:Non-timber forest products Nonaflate Nonaflates Nonaqueous titration Nondispersive infrared sensor Nonmetal NONOate Nonose Nonthermal surface reaction Nor- Norrish reaction Norsk Hydro Rjukan John Howard Northrop Novichok agent Arthur Nowick W. Albert Noyes, Jr. Noyori asymmetric hydrogenation Ryōji Noyori Nozaki–Hiyama–Kishi reaction Category:NRC Research Press academic journals Nuclear chemistry Category:Nuclear chemistry Nuclear isomer Nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shift re-referencing Nuclear magnetic resonance crystallography Nuclear magnetic resonance database method Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra database Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of carbohydrates Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of stereoisomers Nuclear notation Nuclear protein Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy Nuclear transmutation Category:Nuclear weapon stubs Template:Nuclear-weapon-stub Nucleation Nucleic acid design Nucleic acid templated chemistry Template:Nucleic acids Template:Nucleobases, nucleosides, and nucleotides Nucleofuge Nucleogenic Nucleophile Nucleophilic Nucleophilic abstraction Nucleophilic acyl substitution Nucleophilic addition Nucleophilic aromatic substitution Nucleophilic conjugate addition Nucleophilic substitution Book:Nucleosynthesis Nucleotide universal IDentifier Nujol Nullomers NUN buffer Nutriomics NWChem Nyholm Prize for Education Ronald Sydney Nyholm Nylander's test Nylon 6 Nylon rope trick Occupational exposure limit Ocean acidification Ocean chemistry Oceanic carbon cycle Octadecatrienoic acid Octafluoride Octahedral cluster Octahedral molecular geometry Octane rating Octatetraynyl radical Octatomic element Octene Octet rule Octonium Odd molecule Odor George Oenslager Akira Ogata Masataka Ogawa Ogt Oil Oil bath Oil drying agent Oil mist Ojima lactam Olah reagent George Andrew Olah Arne Ölander Olation Old Nassau reaction Olefin Olefin metathesis Oleochemical Oleochemistry Olestra OLI Analyzer Oligoester Oligomer Oligonucleotide synthesis Oligosaccharide nomenclature Olin Raschig process Wilma Olson Omega hydroxy acid OMEGA process Omega-7 fatty acid Omega-atracotoxin On the Equilibrium of Heterogeneous Substances On water reaction One-compartment kinetics One-electron reduction One-pot synthesis Augustine Ong Onium compound Lars Onsager Opacifier Open Babel Open Chemistry Open shell Open-chain compound Opine OPLS Oppenauer oxidation Alfred Oppenheim Optical brightener Optical contact bonding Optical properties of carbon nanotubes Optical rotation File:OrangeBookCover.jpg Orbital hybridisation Orbital overlap Order of reaction Orders of magnitude (entropy) Oregonator Org. React. Organic Organic acid Organic acid anhydride Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Organic anion Organic base Organic chemistry Template:Organic chemistry Portal:Organic chemistry Category:Organic chemistry Organic chemistry nomenclature Category:Organic chemistry stubs Organic compound Organic compounds Organic geochemistry Organic Letters Organic molecular tracers Organic nomenclature Organic nomenclature in Chinese Organic nonlinear optical materials Organic oxidation Organic peroxide Organic photorefractive materials Organic Preparations and Procedures International Organic reaction Category:Organic reactions Organic Reactions Organic redox reaction Organic reduction Organic Syntheses Organic synthesis Template:Organic-chem-stub Template:Organic-compound-stub Template:OrganicBox atom Organoaluminium chemistry Organoantimony chemistry Organoarsenic chemistry Organobismuth chemistry Organoboron chemistry Organobromine compound Organocadmium compound Organocatalysis Organocerium chemistry Organochloride Organochromium chemistry Organoclay Organocobalt chemistry Organocopper compound File:OrganocopperAggregates.png Organofluorine chemistry Organofluorine compound Organogallium chemistry Organogel Organogels Organogermanium compound Organogold chemistry Organohafnium chemistry Category:Organohalide stubs Template:Organohalide-stub Organoindium chemistry Organoiodine compound Organoiridium compound Organoiron chemistry Organolanthanide chemistry Organolead compound Category:Organolead compounds Organolithium reagent Organomanganese chemistry Organomercury Organometallic Organometallic chemistry Organometallics Organomolybdenum chemistry Organonickel Organoosmium chemistry Organopalladium Organophosphate Template:Organophosphorus Organophosphorus compound Organoplatinum Organorhenium chemistry Organorhodium chemistry Organoruthenium chemistry Organoscandium chemistry Organoselenium chemistry Organosilicon Organosilver chemistry Organosodium chemistry Organostannane addition Organosulfate Organosulfur compounds Organotechnetium chemistry Organotellurium chemistry Organothiophosphate Organotin chemistry Organotitanium compound Organotrifluoroborate Organotungsten chemistry Organouranium chemistry Organovanadium chemistry Organoxenon compound Organoyttrium chemistry Organozinc compound Organozirconium chemistry Orgel diagram Leslie Orgel Template:OrgSynth Origin and use of the term metalloid Ortho Ortho acid Orthoacetic acid Orthoester Orthoesters Orthoferrite Orthonitrate Gottfried Osann Eiji Osawa Osazone Thomas Burr Osborne (chemist) Oscar Hinsberg Oseltamivir total synthesis Osmium borides Osmole (unit) Osmolyte Osmometer Osmotic coefficient Osmotic concentration Osmotic dehydration Osmotic stress technique Tim Osswald Ivan Ostromislensky Ostwald process Wilhelm Ostwald Donald Othmer Outer sphere electron transfer Outline of chemistry Outline of organic chemistry Outline of physical science Overlapping distribution method Overlayer Overman rearrangement Overpotential Noel L. Owen P. G. Owston Oxalate Oxalyl Oxaprostaglandin Oxatriquinacene Oxatriquinane Oxazines Oxaziridine Oxazole Oxazoles Oxford Chemistry Primers OxiClean Oxidation number File:Oxidation of hydrogen gas.png Oxidation of primary alcohols to carboxylic acids Oxidation of secondary alcohols to ketones Oxidation state Oxidation with chromium(VI)-amine complexes Oxidation with dioxiranes Oxidative Oxidative addition Oxidative coupling of methane Oxidative decarboxylation Oxide Template:Oxides Oxidization Oxidizing acid Oxidizing agent Oxidizing and reducing flames Category:Oxidoreductase stubs Template:Oxidoreductase-stub Oxime Oxo alcohol Oxo Biodegradable Oxo wall Oxo-Diels–Alder reaction Oxoammonium-catalyzed oxidation Oxoborane Oxocarbenium Oxocarbon Oxocarbon anion Oxon (chemical) Oxonium ion Oxophilicity Oxyanion Oxyanion hole Oxycation Oxychlorination Oxygen diffusion-enhancing compound Oxygen evolution Oxygen fluoride Oxygen fluorides Oxygen rings Oxygen scavenger Oxygen storage Oxygen toxicity Oxygen transmission rate Oxygenation Oxyhydrogen Oxylipin Oxymercuration reaction Oxypnictide Oxyselenide Oxysterol Soni Oyekan Ozone cracking Ozone-oxygen cycle Ozonide Ozonolysis P-Coumaroylated anthocyanin Paal–Knorr synthesis Paclitaxel total synthesis Paddlane PAH world hypothesis Template:PAHs Paint Paint stripper Paint thinner Category:Paints Paip2b Sourav Pal Palladium black Palladium fluoride Palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions Palladium-hydrogen electrode Template:Palm oil Pan Africa Chemistry Network Pan amalgamation Pan-T antigens Panclastite Pancyprian Union of Chemists Paneth technique Friedrich Paneth Morton B. Panish Paper chemicals Paper chromatography Alexis Pappas Leo Paquette Para Para isomer Paraben Paracelsus Paraffin wax Parafilm Paramagnetic Paramagnetic nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Paramagnetism Parent chain Parent compound Parent name (chemistry) Parent structure Parikh–Doering oxidation Rudolph Pariser Pariser–Parr–Pople method Park Seo-yang Parkes process Alexander Parkes Samuel Parkes (chemist) Parkesine Gerard Parkin Robert Parr Samuel Wilson Parr PARSEC Alfred Lauck Parson Jack Parsons (rocket engineer) Partial charge Partial current Partial molar property Partial oxidation Partial specific volume Particle Particle (disambiguation) Particle aggregation Particle segregation Particle size Particle size (general) Particle size analysis J. R. Partington Partition coefficient Partition equilibrium Parylene Pascal's constants Passerini reaction Pasteur pipette Pasteur point Patatin Brooks Pate Paternò–Büchi reaction Path integrals in polymer science Robert Paton (chemist) Patternation Pauli exclusion principle Pauling's principle of electroneutrality Pauling's rules Linus Pauling Pauly reaction Pauson–Khand reaction Payne rearrangement Pearson symbol Ralph Pearson Peat wax Pechmann condensation Hans von Pechmann PEG-150 Jojoba PEG-16 macadamia glycerides Peierls transition Charles Sanders Peirce Pellizzari reaction Penam Pendant group Penem Penetrant (biochemical) Mary Engle Pennington Pensky–Martens closed-cup test Pentacyanocyclopentadiene Pentafluorophenyl esters Pentagonal bipyramidal molecular geometry Pentagonal planar molecular geometry Pentagonal pyramidal molecular geometry File:Pentaindenocorannulene.png Pentane interference Pentazenium Pentene Pentyl Peptide bond Peptide PHI Peptide synthesis Perbromate Percent active chlorine Percentage solution Perfect gas Perfect mixing Perfluorinated compound Perfluoroalkoxy alkane Perfluorocarbon Perfluorocarbon tracer Perfluoroether Roy A. Periana Pericyclic reaction Period (periodic table) Book:Period 1 elements Periodate Periodic current reversal Periodic graph (crystallography) Periodic systems of small molecules Template:Periodic table Periodic table Book:Periodic table Template:Periodic table (32 columns, compact) Template:Periodic table (32 columns, micro) Periodic table (block) Periodic table (extended) The Periodic Table (Simon Basher book) Periodic table block Template:Periodic table by article quality Periodic table by blocks File:Periodic Table by Quality.PNG File:Periodic Table by Quality.SVG Template:Periodic table templates File:Periodic table.svg Periodic trends Periodinane Perkin Medal Perkin Prize for Organic Chemistry Perkin reaction Perkin Transactions Perkin triangle William Henry Perkin William Henry Perkin, Jr. Perkow reaction Isadore Perlman Permanganate Permanganometry Permendur Permissible exposure limit Perovskite (structure) Peroxide Peroxide fusion Peroxide process Peroxomonosulfate Peroxy acid Peroxyacyl nitrates Peroxydisulfate Peroxynitrate Peroxynitrite Perrhenate Michael Perrin Persistent carbene Persulfate Pertechnetate Max Perutz Robin Perutz Perxenate Category:Pesticides by region Petasis reaction Rudolph Peters Peterson olefination Petrenko-Kritschenko piperidone synthesis Petrochemical Petrochemistry Petroleum coke Petroleum geochemistry Christian Heinrich Pfaff Andreas Pfaltz Pfeiffer Effect Paul Pfeiffer (chemist) Pfitzinger reaction Pfitzner–Moffatt oxidation PH PH indicator Template:PH indicator PH meter PH partition Template:Pharma-stub Category:Pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh Pharmaceutical industry Phase 2 reaction Phase diagram Phase retrieval Phase transfer catalysis Phase transformation crystallography Phase transitions and critical phenomena Phase-boundary catalysis Phase-change material Phase-transfer catalyst Phaseolin (protein) Phenacyl Phenanthrenoid Phenol extraction Phenol oxidation with hypervalent iodine reagents Phenol-Explorer Template:Phenol-stub Phenolic aldehyde Phenols Category:Phenols Phenoxy herbicide Phenyl Phenyl alkanoic acids Phenyl group Phenyl salicylate Phenylene Category:Phenylethanoids Phenylpiperidine Phenylpropanoid Phenylpropene Phi bond Phil S. Baran Phlegmatized Phlobaphene Phlogiston theory Phosphaalkene Phosphaalkyne Phosphate Phosphate test Phosphatidylethanol Phosphatidylglycerol Phosphazene Phosphide Phosphinate Phosphine oxide Phosphines Phosphinidene Phosphinite Phosphinoimidate Phosphinooxazolines Phosphite Phosphite ester Phosphodiester bond Phosphogypsum Phosphole Phosphomonoesters Phosphonate Phosphonite Phosphonium Phosphonium coupling Phosphonium salt Phosphor bronze Phosphoramidate Phosphoramidite Phosphorane Phosphoric acids and phosphates Phosphorolysis Phosphorus halide Phosphorus selenide Phosphorus sulfide Phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance Phosphorylation cascade Phot Nano Fund Appl Phot. Nano. Fund. Appl. File:Photo 51 x-ray diffraction image.jpg Photo-oxidation of polymers Photocarcinogen Photocatalysis Photocatalyst activity indicator inks Photocatalytic water splitting Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences Photochemical reaction Photochemistry Category:Photochemistry Category:Photochemists List of photochemists Photochromic lens Photodegradation Photodissociation Photoelectric flame photometer Photoelectrochemical process Photoelectron photoion coincidence spectroscopy Photoinduced electron transfer Photoinitiator Photoionization detector Photoisomerization Photonics and Nanostructures Photonics and Nanostructures: Fundamentals and Applications Photooxygenation Photopolymer Photosensitizer Phthalate Phthalocyanine Green G Phycotoxin PHydrion Phyloxin Physalin PhysChemComm Physical chemistry Category:Physical chemistry Portal:Physical chemistry Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Category:Physical chemistry journals Category:Physical chemistry stubs Physical coefficient Category:Physical constants Physical organic chemistry Physical Review A Physical Review A: General Physics Category:Physical science portals Physical vapor deposition Physics and Chemistry of Liquids Physics and Chemistry of Minerals Phytoalexin Phytochemistry Phytoecdysteroid Pi backbonding Pi bond Pi interaction Piancatelli rearrangement Picamar Picoline Picotiter plate Picratol Pictet–Spengler reaction Pidgeon process Piezochromism Pig iron PiHKAL Richard Pike Pillararene Pilling–Bedworth ratio Oskar Piloty Pinacol coupling reaction Pinacol rearrangement Pincer ligand Pinchbeck (alloy) Pine oil Nicola Pinna Pinner reaction Pinner triazine synthesis Pinnick oxidation Piobert's law Pipeclay triangle Piper diagram Pipette Piranha solution Pisatin Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos Pitch (resin) Rosalind Pitt-Rivers Pittcon Editors' Awards Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy Pitzer equations Pivaloyloxymethyl PJ1 TrackBite Placental lactogen Plakohypaphorine Planar chirality Planetary and Space Science Plant stanol ester Plasma activation Plasma ashing Plasma functionalization Plasma polymerization Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition Plastic Plastic crystal Plastic joining Plasticizer Plastomer Plate reader Platelet-activating factor Platforming Plating Platinocyanide Platinum black Platinum Metals Review Platinum sponge Karl Friedrich Plattner Pledge (brand) Robert Plot Plumbate Plumber's putty Plumbide Plumbite Roy J. Plunkett Pluronic P-123 Plutonium borides Plutonium carbide PM3 (chemistry) Pneumatic chemistry Pneumatic trough Pnictogen POCOP POH Poison Template:Poisoning and toxicity Pokeweed mitogen Polar bond Polar effect Polar molecule Polarimeter Polarizable continuum model Polarization (electrochemistry) Polarography Polenske value Martyn Poliakoff Poling (metallurgy) Polish Chemical Society Polonide Poloxamer Poly(hexamethylene carbonate) Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Polyacetylene Yuriy Polyakov Polyaminopropyl biguanide PolyAPTAC Polyaryletherketone Polyatomic ion Polybenzimidazole fiber Polybrominated diphenyl ethers Polybutene Polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer Polycatenane Polychlorinated biphenyl Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins Polychlorinated diphenyl ethers Polychloro phenoxy phenol Polycide Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon Polycyclic compound Polydioxanone Polyelectrolyte Polyene Polyetherimide Polyetherketoneketone Polyethoxylated tallow amine Polyethylene amine Polyethylene microspheres Polyfluorene Polyglutamic acid Polyhalogen ions Polyhalogenated compound Polyhedral skeletal electron pair theory Polyhedron (journal) Polyiodide Polyisocyanurate Polyketone Polylactic acid Polymer Polymer brush Polymer Bulletin Polymer chemistry Polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysis Polymer science Polymerization Polymetal Polymorphism (materials science) Category:Polymorphism (materials science) Polymorphs of silicon carbide Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons Polyol Polyolefin Polyolester Polyoxometalate Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers Polyphenol Template:Polyphenol-stub Category:Polyphenols Polyphenylsulfone File:PolyphosphazeneGeneralStructure.png Polypropylene polybenzyl isocyanate Polysorbate Polysulfide Polysulfone Polytype Polyyne PomA Pomeranz–Fritsch reaction PONA number Thomas Poon William Jackson Pope John Pople Porphyrin George Porter Philip S. Portoghese Positive pressure personnel suit Positronium Post-Hartree–Fock Post-metallocene catalyst Potassium binder Potassium humate Potassium-ion battery Potential Determining Ion Potential gradient Potential of mean force Potentiator Potentiometric sensor Potentiometric titration Potentiostat Poul Bjørndahl Astrup Pour point Pourbaix diagram Povarov reaction Powder (substance) Powder coating on glass Pozzolanic activity Pozzolanic reaction PQS (chemical) Prato reaction Pre-exponential factor Prealloy Precipitation (chemistry) Precipitation polymerization Precursor Precursor (chemistry) Predicted no-effect concentration Prediction of crystal properties by numerical simulation Predominance diagram Preferential alignment Preferred IUPAC name Fritz Pregl Pregnatriene Pregnene Prehormone Prelog strain Vladimir Prelog Template:Presidents of the American Chemical Society Category:Presidents of the Royal Society of Chemistry Pressure jump Pressure-induced hydration Priestley Medal File:Priestley Medal Reverse.jpg Joseph Priestley File:PriestleyMedal.jpg Ilya Prigogine Primary alcohol Primary Aromatic Amine Primary cell Primary isolate Primordial nuclide Principle (chemistry) Principle of least motion Principle of maximum work Prins reaction PRO/II Proceedings of the Chemical Society Prochiral Prochirality Procyanidin Prodelphinidin Product (chemistry) Product-determining step Professional chemist (Canada) Proguibourtinidin Proline organocatalysis Prop- Propanolamine Propargyl Propelargonidin Propellane Propenyl Category:Properties of chemical elements Propyl Propynyl Prorobinetidin Jacques Prost Prostaglandin E Protease accumulated by inhibitors Protecting group Protective finishing coat Protein Protein IB5 Protein Local Optimization Program Category:Protein stubs Template:Protein-stub Category:Proteins Proteins in wine Protic solvent Protocyanin Proton Proton affinity Proton affinity (data page) Proton conductor Proton-coupled electron transfer Protonation Protonolysis Protonophore Joseph Proust PROX Stanley B. Prusiner Prymnesin Prévost reaction Pseudin Pseudo palladium Pseudo-oxocarbon anion Pseudohalogen Pseudoproline Pseudorotation PSI (computational chemistry) Template:Psychoactive-stub Pt/Co scale Pterocarpan PubChem Template:PubChem Puddling (metallurgy) Pulp (paper) Pulsation reactor Pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance Pulvermacher's chain Pummerer rearrangement Pure and Applied Chemistry Antanas Purėnas Purified water Purinones Purnell equation John Howard Purnell Purple of Cassius Lotte Pusch Push–pull olefin Pycnometer PyQuante Pyranoanthocyanin Pyranoflavonoid Pyrazolone Pyrethroid Pyrimidinedione Pyrolysis Category:Pyrolysis Pyrone Pyrophoricity Pyrophosphate Pyrosulfate Pyrotechnic colorant Pyrrolizidine alkaloid Pyrrolysine Pyrromethene Pyrylium salt Pekka Pyykkö Pâncota oil field Q (software) Q value (nuclear science) Q-Chem Q10 (temperature coefficient) Qlucore QM/MM QPNC-PAGE Quadratic configuration interaction Quadruple bond Qualitative inorganic analysis Quality of analytical results Quantitative analysis (chemistry) Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry Quantum chemistry Quantum chemistry composite methods Quantum Monte Carlo Quantum-mechanical explanation of intermolecular interactions Quasi-crystals (supramolecular) Quaternary ammonium cation Quaternary compound Quelet reaction Quercitron Quickfit apparatus Quinhydrone electrode Quinine total synthesis John A. Quinn Quinone Quinonoid zwitterion Quintuple bond Quinuclidone Química Nova R-406A R-407A R-407c R-410A R1 plasmid Racemic Racemic acid Racemic crystallography Racemic mixture Racemization Radial chromatography Radialene Radiation chemistry Radical Radical (chemistry) Radical cyclization Radical disproportionation Radical initiator Radical ion Radical polymerization Radical substitution Radical-nucleophilic aromatic substitution Radioactive displacement law of Fajans and Soddy Radioanalytical chemistry Radiochemistry Radiolysis Radiosynthesis Ralph Landau Ramachandran plot Venkatraman Ramakrishnan Raman microscope Ramberg–Bäcklund reaction William Ramsay Merle Randall Randić's molecular connectivity index Randles–Sevcik equation Darshan Ranganathan Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry Rapid furfural test Rapid phase transition Henry Rapoport Rare sugar Raschig process Raschig ring Raschig–Hooker process Rate equation Rate of solution Rate-determining step Mark Ratner Rauhut–Currier reaction Raymond E. Zirkle Raymond F. Schinazi Rayon Ray–Dutt twist Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi Reactant Reaction calorimeter Reaction coordinate Reaction dynamics Reaction field method Reaction inhibitor Reaction intermediate Reaction mechanism Template:Reaction mechanisms Reaction progress kinetic analysis Reaction quotient Reaction rate Reaction rate constant Reaction step Template:Reaction-stub Template:Reactionbox Template:Reactionbox Arrow Template:Reactionbox Component Template:Reactionbox Conditions Template:Reactionbox Entry Template:Reactionbox Header Template:Reactionbox Identifiers Template:Reactionbox MarchID Reactions of alkenyl- and alkynylaluminium compounds Reactions of nitrile anions Reactions of organoborates and boranes Reactions of organocopper reagents Reactions on surfaces Reactive distillation Reactive flash volatilization Reactive intermediate Reactive nitrogen Reactive oxygen species Reactive oxygen species production in marine microalgae Reactivity Reactivity (chemistry) Reactivity series Reactivity–selectivity principle Reagent Rearrangement Rearrangement reaction Hazel Alden Reason ReaxFF Reaxys Julius Rebek Rebis Category:Receptor stubs Receptor tyrosine phosphatase Template:Receptor-stub Rechargeable battery Reckitt Benckiser Recommended exposure limit Recrystallization (chemistry) Rectification Rectification (chemistry) Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas Red edge Red fuming nitric acid Red mud File:RedBookCover.jpg Christopher M. Reddy Redistribution (chemistry) Otto Redlich Redox Redox indicator Redox titration Reduced gas Reducing agent Reducing agents Reducing atmosphere Reducing equivalent Reducing sugar Reduction of nitro compounds Reduction potential Reductions with diimide Reductions with hydrosilanes Reductions with metal alkoxyaluminium hydrides Reductions with samarium(II) iodide Reductive amination Reductive dechlorination Reductive dehalogenation of halo ketones Reductive elimination Reed reaction Reference electrode Refining Reflectance difference spectroscopy Reflectometric interference spectroscopy Reflux Sergey Reformatsky Reformatsky reaction Reformer sponge iron cycle Refractometry Refrigerant Regioselectivity Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances Carl Reichenbach Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein Reichert value Reichstein process Reilly–Hickinbottom rearrangement Reimer–Tiemann reaction Renata Reisfeld Reissert indole synthesis Reissert reaction Relative atomic mass Relative density Relative volatility Relativistic plasma Relativistic quantum chemistry Remington Medal Malcolm Renfrew Rennie Memorial Medal René 41 Replikins Walter Reppe Category:Reproductive toxicants Reproductive toxicity Category:Reproductive toxins Rescue fusion hybridization Research chemical Fyodor Grigoryevich Reshetnikov Residual dipolar coupling Residual entropy Residual topology Residue (chemistry) Resin acid Resin soap Resonance (chemistry) Resonance fluorescence Resonance-assisted hydrogen bond Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering Resorcinarene Template:Respiratory-system-drug-stub Response factor Restricted open-shell Hartree–Fock Retained name Retardation factor Retarder (chemistry) Retention agent Retention distance Retention uniformity Retort Retort stand Retro-Diels–Alder reaction Retrogradation (starch) Retropinacol rearrangement Retrosynthetic analysis Reversed-phase chromatography Reversible addition−fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization Reversible charge injection limit Reversible hydrogen electrode Reversible reaction Reversible-deactivation polymerization Reversible-deactivation radical polymerization Review of Scientific Instruments Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry Revista Brasileira de Chímica Revista Brasileira de Engenharia, Caderno de Engenharia Química Revista Brasileira de Química Rheniite Rhodamine Nick Rhodes (biochemist) Rhodium oxide Rhodium-catalyzed hydrogenation Rhombohedral lattice system Rhondite Ri Sung-gi RiboGreen Ribose repressor Riboside RICE chart Stuart A. Rice Richard Conrad Cambie Ellen Swallow Richards Graham Richards Theodore William Richards Jeremias Benjamin Richter Victor von Richter Rieche formylation Rieke metals Riemschneider thiocarbamate synthesis Rif (GTPase) Ring expansion and ring contraction Ring flip Ring pucker Ring strain Ring-closing metathesis Ring-opening metathesis polymerisation Ring-opening polymerization William Rintoul Ripening Risk and Safety Statements Ritter reaction RNase PhyM Roasting (metallurgy) Robert Boyle Prize for Analytical Science File:Robert Bruce Merrifield.jpg Robert Dirks Robert H. Christenson Robert H. Krieble Robert J. Ferrier Robinson annulation Carol V. Robinson Robinson–Gabriel synthesis Pierre Jean Robiquet Eugene G. Rochow Lawrence Rocks (chemist) Rodrigues equation Eloy Rodriguez Roebling Medal Robert Empie Rogers Rolf Appel Roothaan equations Warren R. Roper Anacleto del Rosario Henry Enfield Roscoe Rose madder Rose's metal John Rose (chemist) Rosenmund reduction Karl Wilhelm Rosenmund Rosenmund–von Braun reaction Amy Rosenzweig Matthew Rosseinsky Burkhard Rost Rotane Rotary evaporator Rotated electrode voltammetry Rotating disk electrode Rotating ring-disk electrode Rotaxane Rotenoid Rotterdam Convention Round-bottom flask John Shipley Rowlinson Royal Society of Chemistry Category:Royal Society of Chemistry Template:Royal Society of Chemistry Category:Royal Society of Chemistry awards Wikipedia:RSC Gold Wikipedia:RSC Gold/Nav Eliana Rubashkyn Rubber Chemistry and Technology Rubber policeman Rubber seed oil Template:RubberBible83rd Rubottom oxidation Eli Ruckenstein Ruff degradation Otto Ruff Rule-based modeling Rupe reaction Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B Rust Ruthenium boride Daniel Rutherford Ernest Rutherford Ruzicka large-ring synthesis Leopold Ružička Ryanoid Rylene dye Ryoo Ryong S* S-acylation S-Nitrosothiol Sabatier principle Sabatier reaction Paul Sabatier (chemist) Saccharification Saccharimeter Sacrificial metal Samuel Philip Sadtler Saegusa–Ito oxidation Safety data sheet Henri Étienne Sainte-Claire Deville Sakaguchi test Sakurai reaction Salicide Salicylate testing Salinity Salinosporamide Salol reaction Salt (chemistry) Salt bridge Salt bridge (protein and supramolecular) Salt extraction process Salt metathesis reaction Salt-effect distillation Salting in Category:Salts Salvinorin SAM1 Paolo Samorì Sample preparation (analytical chemistry) Sand bath Jeremy Sanders Sandmeyer reaction Sandwich compound Melanie Sanford Charles Robert Sanger Frederick Sanger Ruggero Santilli Santoprene Sapogenin Saponifiable lipid Saponification Saponification value Saponin Category:Saponins Saran (plastic) Sarett oxidation Lewis Hastings Sarett Alan Sargeson George Sarton Katsuko Saruhashi Saturate, aromatic, resin and asphaltene Saturated and unsaturated compounds Saturated calomel electrode Saturated hydrocarbon Saturation (chemistry) Joachim Sauer Jean-Michel Savéant Saville reaction Abraham Savitzky Savitzky–Golay filter Tito Scaiano Scandium hydride Scanning capacitance microscopy Scavenger (chemistry) George C. Schatz Carl Wilhelm Scheele Schiff base Schiff test Schikorr reaction Schlenk equilibrium Schlenk flask Schlenk line Wilhelm Schlenk Hermann Irving Schlesinger William H. Schlesinger Schlosser's base Herman Schlundt Schmidlin ketene synthesis Schmidt reaction Gerhard Carl Schmidt Lanny D. Schmidt Rudolf Schmitt Schoenflies notation Scholl reaction Ulrich Schöllkopf Carl Schorlemmer Carl Schotten Schotten–Baumann reaction Martin Schröder (chemist) Schrödinger equation Schultze reagent Edward Schunck Joseph A. Schwarcz Johann Schweigger Schöllkopf method Schöniger oxidation Scientific instrument List of scientists whose names are used in chemical element names Scigress Scoopula Scorpionate ligand G. W. Scott Blair Scottish Natural Heritage Screaming jelly babies Screening information dataset Scripta Materialia File:Scripta materialia image cover.gif Gustavo Scuseria Glenn T. Seaborg Spencer L. Seager Second law of thermodynamics Aleksandr Loran Secondary flux Category:Sedative stubs Template:Sedative-stub Sedimentation equilibrium Dieter Seebach Seesaw molecular geometry Segmentation gene John H. Seinfeld Selection rule Selective area epitaxy Selective chemistry of single-walled nanotubes Selenate Selenide Selenite (ion) Selenol Selenonic acid Selenoxide elimination Selenoxide oxidation Self accelerating decomposition temperature Self-assembled monolayer Self-assembly of nanoparticles Self-condensation Self-healing material Self-ionization of water Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis Seliwanoff's test Alexander Selligue Selone Semi-empirical quantum chemistry method Semi-rigid molecule Semicarbazone Semipinacol rearrangement Semisynthesis Nikolay Semyonov Alfred Senier Senolytics Sensitiser Sensitization effect Sensitizer SensoLyte Sensors (journal) Separation process Category:Separation processes Template:Separation processes Separator (electricity) Separatory funnel Konrad Seppelt Sequenceome Sequential structure alignment program Sequential walking Sequon Serial dilution Serine octamer cluster Sesquioxide Sesquiterpene Sesquiterpene lactone Severinghaus electrode Sextuple bond Seyferth–Gilbert homologation Shaker (laboratory) Bassam Shakhashiri Shale oil extraction Shape-memory alloy Shapiro reaction Seymour Shapiro Ashutosh Sharma Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation Sharpless epoxidation Sharpless oxyamination Karl Barry Sharpless Shea butter Dan Shechtman John C. Sheehan Shell higher olefin process Shell–Paques process ShelXle Charles Upham Shepard Patsy O'Connell Sherman Shi epoxidation Shibasaki catalysts Shielding effect Isamu Shiina Shilov system Shimose powder Shock chlorination Shock sensitivity Shock tube detonator Short-chain fatty acid Shortix Show globe Shredding (disassembling genomic data) Vladimir Shukhov Alexander Shulgin Template:SI base units Template:SI units Sialon SIDD Salimuzzaman Siddiqui Side chain Side reaction Sieverts' law Sigma bond Sigma-Aldrich Sigma-pi and equivalent-orbital models Sigmatropic reaction SiGNa chemistry Silanes Silanization Silanization of silicon and mica Silanol Silanone Silanylidene group Silastic Silicate Silicic acid Silicide Silicon alkoxide Category:Silicon chemistry Silicone oil Silicone quaternary amine Silicothermic reaction Silole Siloxane Siloxide Silsesquioxane Siluria Technologies Silver chloride electrode Silver nanoparticle Spencer Silver Silvicide Silyl Silyl enol ether Silyl ether Silyl hydride Silylation Silylene Silylium ion Howard Ensign Simmons, Jr. Simmons–Smith reaction Simon's reagent Simple aromatic ring Simple aromatic rings Simple lipid Simplified molecular-input line-entry system Simulated moving bed Simultaneously extracted metals and Acid-volatile sulfide SINDO Maxine Singer Single bond Single displacement reaction Single-molecule magnet Singlet oxygen Siroheme Siva (protein) Size consistency and size extensivity Size-exclusion chromatography Skattebøl rearrangement Skeletal formula Philip Skell Skp1 Skraup reaction Slater integrals Slater's rules Slater-type orbital Slater–Condon rules Category:Slovenian biochemists Smelling salts Smiles arbitrary target specification Smiles rearrangement David K. Smith James Nowick Edgar Fahs Smith Herchel Smith Robert Angus Smith Smoke Smoke-developed index Smoluchowski factor Smouldering Charles Phelps Smyth SN1 reaction Sn1CB mechanism SN2 reaction Walter O. Snelling SNi Jędrzej Śniadecki SNOX process Soai reaction Soap scum Sociedad Química de México Society for Analytical Chemistry Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates Society of Cosmetic Chemists Soda lime Soda pulping Frederick Soddy Sodium coceth sulfate Sodium cocoate Sodium fusion test Sodium phosphates Sodium polycarboxylate Sodium polysulfide Sodium tungsten bronze Soft chemistry Soft Matter (journal) Sol (colloid) Carles Solà i Ferrando Solid Solid oxygen Solid phase extraction Solid sorbents for carbon capture Solid State Ionics (journal) Solid-phase synthesis Solid-state chemistry Category:Solid-state chemistry Solid-state reaction route Category:Solids Solidus (chemistry) Dieter Söll Edward I. Solomon Susan Solomon Solubility Solubility chart Solubility equilibrium Solubility table Solubilization Solute Solution Solvation Solvation shell Solvay process Solvent Solvent cabinet Solvent dye Solvent effects Solvent exposure Solvent models Solvolysis Solvophobic Solvothermal synthesis Somatomedin receptor Sommelet reaction Sommelet–Hauser rearrangement Sonochemistry Sonogashira coupling Sophorolipid Sorbent Sorbent tube Nils Andreas Sørensen S. P. L. Sørensen Sorption calorimetry Sorption isotherm Soxhlet extractor Space-filling model Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry Sparging (chemistry) Spark (fire) Spartan (software) Specific gravity Specific ion interaction theory Specific rotation Specificity constant Spectator ion Spectral Database for Organic Compounds Spectral line shape Spectrochemical series Spectrochemistry Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy Spectrograph Category:Spectrographs Spectroscopy SPIN bibliographic database Spin chemistry Spin contamination Spin crossover Spin engineering Spin multiplicity Spin quantum number Spin states (d electrons) Spin transition Spin trapping Alfred Spinks Spinning band distillation Spinning cone Spinodal Spiral plater Spirits of hartshorn Spiro compound Splicing factor Splint (laboratory equipment) Sponge iron reaction Spontaneous absolute asymmetric synthesis Spontaneous combustion Sporolides SpoT Spot analysis SPRESI database Squaraine dye File:Squarainedyes.png Squaramide Square antiprismatic molecular geometry Square planar molecular geometry Square pyramidal molecular geometry Heinz Staab Stability constants of complexes Stabilizer (chemistry) Stacking (chemistry) Staebler–Wronski effect Staffane Jane Stafford Staged reforming Staggered conformation Staircase voltammetry Standard addition Standard conditions for temperature and pressure Standard electrode potential Standard electrode potential (data page) Standard enthalpy change of formation (data table) Standard enthalpy of formation Standard enthalpy of reaction Standard hydrogen electrode Standard molar entropy Standard sea level Standard solution Standard state Wendell Meredith Stanley Stannide Stannite (ion) Stannole Starch indicator Starch phosphorylase Category:Start-Class WPChem worklist articles Starting fluid Starve-fed Jean Stas State function Staudinger reaction Staudinger synthesis Hermann Staudinger Staufen (protein) Steady state (chemistry) Steam Steam distillation Stearate Steel Category:Steel industry Steglich esterification William Howard Stein Thomas A. Steitz Stellar chemistry Step-growth polymerization Stephen aldehyde synthesis Stepwise reaction Sterane Stereocenter Stereochemistry Stereochemistry of ketonization of enols and enolates Stereoelectronic effect Stereoelectronics Stereogenic Stereoisomer Stereoisomerism Stereoselectivity Stereospecificity Steric effects Steric exclusion Steric factor Steric number Sterically induced reduction Stern layer Steroid Category:Steroid stubs Template:Steroid-stub Template:Sterols Stetter reaction Stevens rearrangement Eugene Stevens Stibole Stickland fermentation Stieglitz rearrangement Julius Stieglitz Stiff diagram Stilbene Stilbene photocyclization Stilbenoid Still Stille reaction STO-nG basis sets Stock nomenclature Stock solution Alfred Stock Julius Adolph Stöckhardt Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants Friedrich Stohmann Stoichiometric point Stoichiometry Stokes radius Adrian V. Stokes Stollé synthesis Stopcock Stopped flow Francis Humphreys Storer Stork enamine alkylation August Kekulé Straight-chain Strain (chemistry) Strain energy Strained silicon Ivan Stranski Fritz Strassmann Fritz Straßmann Streaming current Strecker amino acid synthesis Strecker degradation Adolph Strecker Andrew Streitwieser Strem Chemicals Stress corrosion cracking Stretford process Strigolactone Stripping reaction (chemistry) Strobilurin Strombine dehydrogenase Strong acid Strong base Strong electrolyte Strong salt Structural analog Structural chemistry of the metal fluorides Structural formula Structural isomer Structure determination Structure factor Structure of liquids and glasses Strychnine total synthesis Category:Stub-Class WPChem worklist articles Galen D. Stucky Styrene-butadiene Stöber process Sub-sampling (chemistry) Subhalide Sublimation (phase transition) Suboxide Substance of very high concern Substituent Substituted phenethylamine Substituted tryptamine Substitution (chemistry) Substitution of dangerous chemicals Substitution reaction File:Substitution2.JPG Substrate (chemistry) Substrate analog Suction filtration Sugar acid Sugar alcohol Sugar phosphates Sulfate Sulfate conjugate Category:Sulfates Sulfenic acid Sulfenyl chloride Sulfidation Sulfide Sulfide stress cracking Sulfido Sulfilimine Sulfinamide Sulfinic acid Sulfinyl halide Sulfite Sulfite ester Sulfite process Sulfolipid Sulfonamide Sulfonanilide Sulfonate Sulfone Sulfonic acid Sulfonium Sulfonyl Sulfonyl halide Sulfoselenide Sulfoxide Sulfur dye Sulfur oxoacid Sulfur sticks Sulfurtransferase Sulfuryl Sulfur–iodine cycle Sullivan reaction David Sulzer Sum frequency generation spectroscopy James B. Sumner Anna Sundström Patrick Sung Superacid Superbase Supercritical adsorption Supercritical fluid chromatography Superdense carbon allotropes Superhard material Superheated water Superhydrophilicity Superhydrophobic coating Superionic water Superloy Supermolecule Supernatant Superoxidant Superoxide Superplasticizer Supersaturation Supersonic gas separation Superstructure (condensed matter) Supertherm Supramolecular assembly Supramolecular catalysis Supramolecular chemistry Category:Supramolecular chemistry Supramolecular chirality Supramolecular electronics Surface chemistry of cooking Surface chemistry of paper Surface diffusion Surface hopping Surface properties of transition metal oxides Surface tension Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization Surface-tension values Surfactant Category:Surfactants Kenneth S. Suslick Suspension (chemistry) Suspension polymerization Suzuki reaction Akira Suzuki (chemist) Theodor Svedberg Swain equation Swain–Lupton equation Joseph Swan Swarts fluorination Swedish Chemical Society Swedish ethyl acetate method Swelling capacity Swern oxidation SYBYL line notation Sydnone Symbiosis (chemical) Symbol (chemistry) Symmetric hydrogen bond Symmetry element Symmetry-adapted linear combination Syn and anti addition Syneresis (chemistry) Synergistic catalysis Syngas to gasoline plus Richard Laurence Millington Synge Synlett Synthesis (journal) Synthesis of 2-amino-2-deoxysugars Synthesis of nucleosides Synthetic Communications Synthetic diamond Synthetic diamonds Synthetic ion channels Category:Synthetic minerals Synthetic musk Synthetic Reaction Updates Synthetic rubber Synthetic substance Synthome Synthon Synthonia Syringe filter Syrris Ltd Systematic name Template:Systemic-hormonal-drug-stub Szyszkowski equation Sørensen formol titration T-shaped molecular geometry Table of explosive detonation velocities Table of naturally occurring tryptamines Tacticity Tafel equation Julius Tafel Taft equation Takahashi Taxol total synthesis Takai olefination Talanta Maria C. Tamargo Gustav Heinrich Johann Apollon Tammann Tannate Tannin Tantalate Tantalum boride Tapputi Tar Dean S. Tarbell Tarnish Tartrate Henry Taube Tautomer Taxane 10beta-hydroxylase Edward C. Taylor Stuart Ross Taylor TC10 protein TCL (GTPase) Tear gas Teclu burner John Tedder, 2nd Baron Tedder Telechelic polymer Tellurate Telluride (chemistry) Tellurite (ion) Tellurite glass Tellurol Telluroxide Telolecithal Telomerization Telomerization (dimerization) Temperature-programmed reduction Temperature–entropy diagram Template effect Template reaction Temporal analysis of products Tenite Terbium gallium garnet Terfenol-D Ternary acid Ternary compound Terne Terpene Category:Terpeno-phenolic compounds Terpolymer Terrace ledge kink model Terrestrial biological carbon cycle Tert-Butyldiphenylsilyl Tert-Butyloxycarbonyl protecting group Test tube H. E. Tester Tetra-amido macrocyclic ligand Tetraanthraporphyrin Tetracoordinate Tetraethylammonium Tetrafluoroammonium Tetrafluoroborate Tetragonal polycrystalline zirconia Tetrahalomethane Tetrahedral molecular geometry Tetrahedron (journal) Tetrahedron Letters Tetrahydrate Tetrahydroxyborate Tetranortriterpenoid Tetrapeptide Tetraphenylborate Tetrasaccharide Tetrathionate Tetravalence Tetraxenonogold(II) Tetrytol Textbook of Biochemistry TH-dimer Thallium barium calcium copper oxide Thallium halides Carl von Than The central science The Chemical Society of London The Combustion Institute The Periodic Table of Videos The Principles of Quantum Mechanics The Ryoji Noyori Prize The Sceptical Chymist Thearubigin Theoretical chemistry Category:Theoretical chemistry Theoretical Chemistry Accounts Category:Theoretical chemistry stubs Category:Theoretical chemists Theoretical oxygen demand Theoretical plate Template:Theoretical-chem-stub Thermal conductivities of the elements (data page) Thermal conductivity detector Thermal decomposition Thermal dissolution Thermal ellipsoid Thermal history coating Thermal hydrolysis Thermal oxidation Thermal rearrangement of aromatic hydrocarbons Thermal stability Thermic Thermite Thermochemical cycle Thermochemical equation Thermochemistry Thermochromatic ink Thermodynamic activity Thermodynamic databases for pure substances Thermodynamic equations Thermodynamic integration Thermodynamic operation Thermodynamic versus kinetic reaction control Thermodynamics of micellization Thermodynamik chemischer Vorgänge Category:Thermoelectricity Thermokinetics Thermoplastic Thermoplastic polyurethane Thermoporometry and cryoporometry Thermoset polymer matrix Thermostability Thiacalixarene Thial Thiazepine Thickening agent Walter Thiel (chemist) Thiele tube Johannes Thiele (chemist) Thin-layer chromatography Thio- Thioacetal Thioamide Thiocarbamate Thiocarbonate Thiocarboxy Thiocarboxylic acid Thiocyanate Category:Thiocyanates Thiocyanatoiron Thioenol Thioester Thioether Thioketal Thioketone Thiol Thiol-disulfide exchange Thiol-ene reaction Thiol-yne reaction Thiolactone Thiolate-protected gold cluster Thiolysis Thiophosphate Thioselenide Thiosemicarbazide Thiosilanes Thiosulfate Thiosulfinate Thiourea organocatalysis Thioxanthene Third law of thermodynamics Hervé This Thistle tube Tholin Arthur W. Thomas Jean Thomas (biochemist) Thomas–Fermi model Harold Warris Thompson Thomsen–Berthelot principle Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates John Millar Thomson Thorpe reaction Jocelyn Field Thorpe Thorpe–Ingold effect Three-center four-electron bond Three-center two-electron bond Three-electron bond Throughput rate Thyroglobulin domain Thyroxine-binding proteins Théodore Sidot Tide (brand) Tiemann rearrangement Ferdinand Tiemann Marc Tiffeneau Tiffeneau–Demjanov rearrangement Dominic Tildesley Time resolved crystallography Time-dependent density functional theory Time-dependent viscosity Timeline of chemical element discoveries Timeline of chemistry Timeline of physical chemistry Category:Tin chemistry Tin hydroxide Tin poisoning Tin(II) chloride chemdata supplement Alice Y. Ting Tipson–Cohen reaction Arne Tiselius Tishchenko reaction Tissue residue Titanate Titanium alloy Titanium Beta C Titanium gold Titanium hydride Titanium inconel Titration Titration curve Henry Tizard Tm ligands TMDT Werner Tochtermann Alexander R. Todd, Baron Todd Gerrit Friedrich Otto Toennies Tollens' reagent Bernhard Tollens Tolman electronic parameter Tolman's rule Chadwick A. Tolman Tombac Tonite (explosive) Tony Swain (chemist) Tool steel Topicity Template:TopicTOC-Chemistry Topoisomer Topological index Topology (chemistry) Topotactic transition Torquoselectivity Tosyl Tosylhydrazone Total acid number Total analysis system Total dissolved solids Total inorganic carbon Total ionic strength adjustment buffer Total organic carbon Total organic carbon analyzer Total petroleum hydrocarbon Total synthesis Category:Total synthesis Total synthesis of morphine and related alkaloids Toxic equivalency factor Toxic heavy metal Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 Toxicity label Toxics Release Inventory Toxin Toxinology Template:Toxins Category:Toxins by organ system affected Toxophore Trace element Trace Metal Detection Test Traité Élémentaire de Chimie Trans Trans effect Trans fat Trans-spanning ligand Transaldolase B Transalkylation Transamidification Transamination Transannular interaction Transannulation Transcritical cycle Transesterification Transfer hydrogenation Transferability Category:Transferase stubs Template:Transferase-stub Transient equilibrium Transient state Transition metal Transition metal alkene complex Transition metal alkyne complex Transition metal carbene complex Transition metal carbyne complex Transition metal dinitrogen complex Transition metal dioxygen complex Transition metal hydride Transition metal oxides Transition metal oxo complex Transition metal thiolate complex Transition state Transition state analog Transition state theory Transition temperature Category:Transmembrane receptor stubs Template:Transmembranereceptor-stub Transmetalation Transmetallation Transmethylation Transmission coefficient Transmission coefficient (chemistry) Transparent ceramics Transport length Trapp mixture Wilhelm Traube Alfred E. Treibs Trends in Analytical Chemistry Triarylmethane dye Triatomic molecule Triazene Triazole Tribasic acid Tributyltin Tricapped trigonal prismatic molecular geometry Tricarbonate Tricarboxylic acid Trichloro(dichlorophenyl)silane Trichloronate Trichlorophenol Tricholomalide Trichothecene Tricyclic Trifluoromethanesulfonate Trifluoromethyl Trifluoromethylation Trifluoromethylsulfonyl Trigonal bipyramidal molecular geometry Trigonal crystal system Trigonal planar molecular geometry Trigonal prismatic molecular geometry Trigonal pyramidal molecular geometry Trihalide Trihalomethane Trihydrogen cation Triiodide TRIM62 Trimer Trimer (chemistry) Trimethyl ammonium compounds Trimethylenemethane cycloaddition Trimethylsilyl Triol Triose kinase Trioxide Tripeptide Tripeptidyl peptidase Triphenylcyclopropenium bromide Triphenylmethyl cation Triphenylmethyl radical Triple bond Triplet oxygen Triplet state Tripropylene Trisaccharide Trisoxazolines Trisoxazolinylborate Trispyrazolylborate Triterpene Triterpenoid Triterpenoid saponin Trituration Trivial name Bruce J. Tromberg Bill Troop Louis Joseph Troost Tropane alkaloid Tropocoronand ligand Tropospheric ozone depletion events Tropylium cation Trost asymmetric allylic alkylation Barry Trost Trough battery Trouton's rule Leo Aleksandrovich Tschugaeff Tsuji–Trost reaction Mikhail Tsvet Tube furnace Tube-based nanostructures Tuck-in complex Tumor-associated macrophage Tung oil Tungstate Tungsten borides Tungsten nitride TURBOMOLE Douglas H. Turner Edward Turner (chemist) Twinwall plastic Two-dimensional chromatography Type 3 mine Category:Types of fire UAN Ubbelohde viscometer Sidney Udenfriend Ugi reaction Ivar Karl Ugi Olke C. Uhlenbeck Herbert H. Uhlig Kathryn Uhrich UK Chemical Reaction Hazards Forum Template:UK-biochemist-stub Template:UK-chemist-stub Ullmann condensation Ullmann reaction Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry Ulosonic acid UltraBattery Ultrafast molecular process Ultrafast x-rays Ultrahydrophobicity Ultrasonication-assisted spray ionization Ultratrace element Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy of stereoisomers Ayhan Ulubelen Umbrella sampling Umpolung UN number UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Category:Unassessed Chemistry articles Category:Unclassified Chemical Structures Underpotential deposition Undersaturation Unhydrolysable glucose polymers Uniaxial crystal Unimolecular rectifier Category:Units of chemical measurement Universal indicator Unpaired electron Unresolved complex mixture Unrestricted Hartree–Fock UNS C69100 Unsaturated fat Unsaturated hydrocarbon Otto Unverdorben Upjohn dihydroxylation Upper critical solution temperature Upper flammable limit Upsalite Uranate Uranium oxide Uranium rhodium germanium Uranous Uranyl Urea process for hydrazine production Urech hydantoin synthesis Harold Urey Urushibara nickel Template:User Chemistry Project Wikipedia:Using Jmol to display molecular models UV pinning Vacancy defect Vaccine refrigerator Template:Vaccine-stub Alessandro Vaciago Vacuum deposition Vacuum distillation Vacuum fusion Vacuum induction melting Vacuum metallizing VALBOND Valence (chemistry) Valence bond programs Valence bond theory Valence electron Valence electrons Valence isomer Valence shell Valency interaction formula Basil Valentine Joan S. Valentine Valerate Van 't Hoff equation Van 't Hoff factor Van Deemter equation Lodewijk van den Berg Van den Bergh reaction Van der Waals force Van der Waals molecule Van der Waals radius Van der Waals strain Van der Waals surface Van Krevelen diagram Van Leusen reaction Van Slyke determination Donald Van Slyke Vanadate Vanadium redox battery Vanadium-gallium Vanadyl ion Vanillin–HCl staining Vanilloids Category:Vanilloids Vantablack Vapor Vaporization Vaporized hydrogen peroxide Vapour density Vapour pressure of water Variable pathlength cell Variational transition-state theory Varrentrapp reaction Vav (protein) Vectorial synthesis Vegetarian soap Adam S. Veige Venturicidin Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil Category:Vertebrate toxins Very long chain fatty acid Vibrational bond Vibrational circular dichroism Vibronic coupling Vicalloy Vicarious nucleophilic substitution Vicinal (chemistry) Vicinal difunctionalization Victor Meyer apparatus Viehland-Mason theory Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water Giovanni Francisco Vigani M. Vijayan Victor Villiger Vilsmeier–Haack reaction Vinca alkaloid Robert Vince (scientist) Colin Vincent Vinyl Vinyl cation Vinyl halide Vinylcyclopropane rearrangement Vinyldithiin Vinylene group Vinylidene group Vinylogy Vinyloop Vinylphenol reductase Viologen Virial coefficient Artturi Ilmari Virtanen Viscosity index Viscous liquid Vitallium Vitamin B12 total synthesis Vitamin D Viton Franz Anton Voegeli Hermann Wilhelm Vogel Template:VogelOrganic5th Template:VogelQualitative4th Template:VogelQualitative5th Template:VogelQuantitative6th Volatile organic compound Volatilisation Volatility (chemistry) Volhard–Erdmann cyclization Max Volmer Volta potential Voltaic pile Voltameter Voltammetry Volume (thermodynamics) Volume concentration Volume fraction Volume percent Volumetric heat capacity Volumetric pipette Von Babo's law Von Braun amide degradation Von Braun reaction Von Richter reaction Daniel Vorländer Vortex mixer Emil Votoček VRLA battery VSEPR VSEPR theory Vulcanization Vulgaxanthin Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Wackenroder Wacker process Kenneth Wade Waft Wagner-Jauregg reaction Wagner–Meerwein rearrangement Arthur Wahl Austin L. Wahrhaftig Ralph Louis Wain Walden inversion Walden reductor Paul Walden James Walker (chemist) John E. Walker Joseph Thomas Walker William Hultz Walker Frank R. Wallace Wallach degradation Wallach rearrangement Otto Wallach Lars Walløe Walsh diagram Wanzlick equilibrium Hans-Werner Wanzlick John Mason Ward Joshua Ward Robert Warington Stuart Warren Wash bottle Washburn constant Template:Water Water chemistry analysis Water chlorination Water cluster Water gas Water ionizer Water model Water of crystallization Water splitting Water substance Water vapor Water-gas shift reaction Water-reactive Oliver Patterson Watts Wave function Wax Wayne B. Nottingham Prize Weak acid Weak affinity chromatography Weak base Weak salt Weak-Link Approach Web of Knowledge Web of Science Webster's reagent Owen Webster Weed Abstracts Weerman degradation Weidel's reaction Hugo Weidel Weighing bottle Weighted Voronoi diagram Weinreb ketone synthesis Steven M. Weinreb Paul Weiss (nanoscientist) Weldon mud Weldon process Walter Weldon Template:Wells4th Template:Wells5th Carl Auer von Welsbach Thomas Welton Wender Taxol total synthesis Wenker synthesis Robert H. Wentorf, Jr. Alfred Werner Theodor Wertheim West Pharmaceutical Services Thomas Summers West Weston cell Edward Weston (chemist) Westphalen–Lettré rearrangement Wet cell Wet chemistry Wet electrons Wet laboratory Wet nanotechnology Wet storage stain Wetrock Karen Wetterhahn Theodor Weyl Wharton olefin synthesis Wharton reaction Peter Jaffrey Wheatley Keith A. Wheeler Milton C. Whitaker White–Chen catalyst Whiting reaction Charles E. Wicks Heinrich Otto Wieland Wiener index Charles Wigg Duncan McKechnie Category:Wikipedia RSC Gold access Template:WikiProject Chemicals Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry Category:WikiProject Chemistry Category:WikiProject Chemistry articles Category:WikiProject Chemistry templates Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry/Archive 5 Template:WikiProject Chemistry/doc Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry/Gold Book workgroup Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry/Peer review Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry/Popular pages Wikipedia:WikiProject Explosives Wikipedia:WikiProject Physical Chemistry Ludwig Wilhelmy Günther Wilke Geoffrey Wilkinson Willard Gibbs Award Willgerodt rearrangement Conrad Willgerodt William Wiswesser Williams-Wright Award Williamson ether synthesis Richard Willstätter Alfred Wilm Angela K. Wilson Winchester (bottle) Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus Windex Windshield washer fluid Wine fault Winkler test for dissolved oxygen Clemens Winkler Winterization of oil Johannes Wislicenus Wiswesser line notation Wiswesser's rule Withanolide Wittig reaction Curt Wittig Georg Wittig Heinz-Günter Wittmann Andrzej Wieckowski Wohl degradation Alfred Wohl Friedrich Wöhler Wohlwill process Wohl–Aue reaction Wohl–Ziegler bromination Wolf Prize in Chemistry Template:Wolf Prize in Chemistry Wolff rearrangement Ludwig Wolff Richard Wolffenstein (chemist) Wolffenstein–Böters reaction Wolff–Kishner reduction David S. Wollan Wood ash Wood preservation James Woodhouse Woodward cis-hydroxylation Woodward's rules Robert Burns Woodward Woodward–Hoffmann rules Karen L. Wooley Work-up (chemistry) Working electrode Jerome J. Workman, Jr. World Wide Molecular Matrix Peter Wothers Peter Woulfe Category:WPChem worklist articles by quality WRKY transcription factor Wrought iron Wulff–Dötz reaction Wurtz reaction Henry Wurtz Wurtzite crystal structure Wurtz–Fittig reaction Kurt Wüthrich Wöhler process Wöhler synthesis X-ray absorption spectroscopy X-ray crystallography X-ray Raman scattering X-ray scattering techniques Xanthate Xanthoproteic reaction XDrawChem Xenobiology XL-IM XMD Xylene Xylidine Xylooligosaccharide Xyloside Xylosyltransferase Xylyl Xylyl bromide XyMTeX XYZ file format Omar M. Yaghi Yamaguchi esterification Peidong Yang John Yates (chemist) Yellowcake Nikolay Yenikolopov Yield (chemistry) Ylide Ynolate Ada Yonath Hoylande Young Young–Laplace equation Template:Ytterbium Yttria-stabilized zirconia Yttrium borides Yttrium lithium fluoride Yukawa–Tsuno equation Z-Ligand Z-matrix (chemistry) ZACA reaction Zaitsev's rule Zamboni pile Zdenko Hans Skraup William Christopher Zeise Zeisel determination Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie Nikolay Zelinsky Zeolitic imidazolate framework Zeotropic mixture Zerewitinoff determination Zero differential overlap Zeroth law of thermodynamics Zeta potential Ahmed Zewail Anatol Zhabotinsky Ziegler process Karl Ziegler Ziegler–Natta catalyst Ziesel reaction Ziff–Gulari–Barshad model Bruno H. Zimm Howard Zimmerman Zinag Zinc concentrate ZINC database Zinc-copper couple Zincate Zincke aldehyde Zincke nitration Zincke reaction Theodor Zincke Zincke–Suhl reaction Zincography Zinc–air battery Zinc–carbon battery Zinc–zinc oxide cycle ZINDO Zintl ion Zintl phase Eduard Zintl Zirconate Zirconium alloy Zirconium hydride Ziryab William Zisman Zone axis Richard Adolf Zsigmondy Zwikker reagent Zwitterion ZXDC École nationale supérieure de chimie de Montpellier Étard reaction Şişecam Β-Lactam Δ15N Π backbonding Category:Automatically assessed Chemistry articles Category:Chemistry articles by importance Category:Chemistry articles needing attention Category:Chemistry articles needing infoboxes Category:Requests for Chemistry peer review Category:Chemistry articles by quality Category:Chemistry articles with comments


Talk:(Meth)acrylate Talk:-al Talk:-ane Talk:-ase Talk:-ene Talk:-ine Talk:-mer Talk:-oate Talk:-oic acid Talk:-ol Talk:-one Talk:-ose Talk:-oxo- Talk:-yl Talk:-yne Talk:1,2-dipole Talk:1,2-rearrangement Talk:1,2-Wittig rearrangement Talk:1,3,2,4-Dithiadiphosphetane 2,4-disulfides Talk:1,3-Dioxetane Talk:1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition Talk:1,3-dipole Talk:1,4-reduction File talk:10-Hydroxylycopodine, Deacetylpaniculine and Paniculine.jpeg Talk:122 iron arsenide Talk:154CM Talk:18-Electron rule Talk:1s Slater-type function Talk:2+2 Photocycloaddition Talk:2,3-sigmatropic rearrangement Talk:2,3-Wittig rearrangement Talk:2,5-Diketopiperazine Talk:2,5-Diketopiperazines Talk:2-(Dicyanomethylene)croconate Talk:2-Norbornyl cation File talk:2009 Cover Journal of the American Chemical Society.jpg Talk:2519 aluminium alloy Talk:3-aza-Grob fragmentation Talk:3-Deoxyanthocyanidin Talk:4+3 cycloaddition Talk:4-Aminoquinoline Talk:4-Hydroxy-2-alkylquinoline Talk:4-Hydroxycoumarins Talk:4-Piperidinone Talk:6+4 cycloaddition Talk:6111 aluminium alloy Talk:7039 aluminium alloy Talk:A value Category talk:A-Class WPChem worklist articles Talk:A-frame complex Talk:A15 phases Talk:A3 coupling reaction Talk:AAG Gold Medal Talk:Ab initio multiple spawning Talk:Ab initio quantum chemistry methods Talk:Abderhalden's drying pistol Talk:Abdus Salam Award Talk:Abegg's rule Talk:Richard Abegg Talk:Edward William Abel Talk:William de Wiveleslie Abney Talk:Abramov reaction Talk:Abramovitch-Shapiro tryptamine synthesis Talk:Lilia Ann Abron Talk:Absolute configuration Talk:Absolute electrode potential Talk:Absolute molar mass Talk:Absolute size exclusion chromatography Talk:Absorption Talk:Absorption (chemistry) Talk:Absorption band Talk:Absorption spectroscopy Talk:Abundance (chemistry) Talk:Abyssinian gold Talk:Academic genealogy of chemists Talk:Accelerant Talk:Accepted and experimental value Talk:Accessory pigment Talk:Accommodation platform Talk:Accounts of Chemical Research Talk:Friedrich Accum Talk:Acemannan Talk:Acene Talk:Acetal Talk:Acetalisation Talk:Acetate Talk:Acetoacetic ester synthesis Talk:Acetogenesis Talk:Acetogenin Talk:Acetoxy group Talk:Acetyl Talk:Acetylenedicarboxylate Talk:Acetylenic Talk:Acetylide Talk:Franz Karl Achard Talk:Acheson process Talk:Achmatowicz reaction Talk:Acicular ferrite Talk:Acid Talk:Acid base buffers Talk:Acid catalysis Talk:Acid chloride Talk:Acid dissociation constant Talk:Acid dye Talk:Acid gas Talk:Acid hydrolysis Talk:Acid neutralizing capacity Talk:Acid radical Talk:Acid salt Talk:Acid strength Talk:Acid value Talk:Acid-alkali reaction Talk:Acid-base extraction Talk:Acid-base reaction Talk:Acidic oxide Talk:Acidimetry Talk:Acidity function Talk:Acidity regulator Talk:Acidometry Category talk:Acids Template talk:Acids Template talk:Acids and bases Talk:Acid–base reaction Talk:Acid–base titration Talk:Acree-Rosenheim reaction Talk:Acrylate polymer Talk:Acrylic paint Talk:Acryloyl group Talk:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Talk:ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences Talk:ACS Award in Pure Chemistry Talk:ACS Chemical Biology Talk:ACS Chemical Neuroscience Talk:ACS Combinatorial Science Talk:ACS Nano Talk:ACS style Talk:Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica Talk:Acta Crystallographica Talk:Acta Crystallographica A Talk:Acta Crystallographica B Talk:Acta Crystallographica C Talk:Acta Crystallographica D Talk:Acta Crystallographica E Talk:Acta Crystallographica F Talk:Acta Materialia File talk:Acta Materialia cover image.gif Talk:Actinic light Talk:Actinide chemistry Talk:Actinide concept Talk:Actinometer Talk:Actinotoxin Talk:Activated carbon Talk:Activated complex Talk:Activation energy Talk:Active methylene compound Talk:Activity Talk:Activity coefficient Talk:Acyclic diene metathesis Talk:Acyl Talk:Acyl azide Talk:Acyl chloride Talk:Acyl halide Talk:Acyl peroxy nitrates Talk:Acylal Talk:Acylation Talk:Acylglyceride linkage Talk:Acyloin Talk:Acyloin condensation Talk:Acylsilane Talk:Acylsugar Talk:AD-mix Talk:Neil Kensington Adam Talk:Adamkiewicz reaction Talk:Adams decarboxylation Talk:Arthur W. Adamson Talk:Adatoms Talk:Cliff Addison Talk:Addition reaction File talk:Addition.JPG Talk:Adduct Talk:Adduct purification Talk:Adhesive Talk:Adipate Talk:Adkins–Peterson reaction Talk:Adparticle Talk:Adsorptive stripping voltammetry Talk:Adulterant Talk:Advances in Chemical Physics Talk:Advances in Colloid and Interface Science Talk:Advances in Mass Spectrometry Talk:Advances in Space Research Talk:Aerobic methane production Talk:Aerogel Talk:Aerographene Talk:Aerosol Talk:Affinity chromatography Talk:Affinity electrophoresis Talk:Affinity label Talk:Aflatoxin total synthesis Talk:Agelasimine Talk:Agelasine Talk:Aggregated diamond nanorod Talk:Aggregation number Talk:Agitated Nutsche Filter Talk:Aglycone Talk:Agostic interaction Talk:Peter Agre Talk:Georgius Agricola Talk:Agrochemical Talk:Liisa Ahtee Talk:Arthur Aiken Talk:AIMAll Talk:Air freshener Talk:Air pollutant concentrations Talk:Air sensitivity Talk:Air separation Talk:Air-free technique Talk:AJ alloys Talk:Pulickel Ajayan Talk:Ajmalan Talk:Akabori amino-acid reaction Talk:Muhammed Akhtar Talk:Faiza Al-Kharafi Talk:Alan M. Sargeson Talk:John Albery Category talk:Alchemical substances Talk:Alchemical symbol Category talk:Alchemists of medieval Islam Talk:List of alchemists Template talk:Alchemy Talk:Alchemy and chemistry in medieval Islam Talk:Alcohol Talk:Alcohol (disambiguation) Talk:Alcohol burner Talk:Alcohol oxidation Talk:Alcohol powder Category talk:Alcohol stubs Template talk:Alcohol-stub Talk:Alcoholate Template talk:Alcohols Category talk:Alcohols Talk:Aldaric acid Talk:Aldehyde Talk:Berni Alder Talk:Kurt Alder Talk:Aldimine Talk:Aldohexose Talk:Aldol Talk:Aldol condensation Talk:Aldol reaction Talk:Aldol–Tishchenko reaction Talk:Aldonic acid Talk:Aldrichimica Acta Talk:Alembic Talk:Alexa Fluor Talk:Alexander E. Shilov Talk:Alfa Aesar Talk:Algar–Flynn–Oyamada reaction Talk:Alicyclic compound Talk:Aliphatic Talk:Aliphatic compound Talk:Alk- Talk:Alkadiene Talk:Alkali Talk:Alkali anion exchange membrane Talk:Alkali hydroxide Talk:Alkali manufacture Talk:Alkali metal halide Talk:Alkali metal oxide Book talk:Alkali metals Talk:Alkali salt Talk:Alkalide Talk:Alkalimetry Talk:Alkaline battery Talk:Alkaline copper quaternary Talk:Alkaline hydrolysis Talk:Alkaline water electrolysis Talk:Alkalinity Talk:Alkali–aggregate reaction Talk:Alkali–carbonate reaction Talk:Alkali–silica reaction Talk:Alkaloid Category talk:Alkaloid stubs Template talk:Alkaloid-stub Template talk:Alkaloids Category talk:Alkaloids found in plants Talk:Alkane Talk:Alkane metathesis Talk:Alkane stereochemistry Template talk:Alkanes Talk:Alkanes Talk:Alkanolamine Talk:Alkene Category talk:Alkene stubs Template talk:Alkene-stub Template talk:Alkenes Category talk:Alkenyl groups Talk:Alkimetry Talk:Alkoxide Talk:Alkoxy group Talk:Alkyd Talk:Alkyl Talk:Alkyl cycloalkane Talk:Alkyl halide Category talk:Alkyl nitrates Talk:Alkyl nitrites Talk:Alkyl phosphate Talk:Alkyl polyglycoside Talk:Alkyl sulfonate Talk:Alkylating agent Talk:Alkylating antineoplastic agent Talk:Alkylation Talk:Alkylation unit Talk:Alkylbenzenes Talk:Alkylbenzenesulfonate Talk:Alkylimino-de-oxo-bisubstitution Talk:Alkylphenol Talk:Alkylpyrazine Talk:Alkyne Talk:Alkyne metathesis Talk:Alkyne trimerisation Talk:Alkyne trimerization Talk:Alkyne zipper reaction Talk:Allan–Robinson reaction Talk:Harry R. Allcock Talk:Frank Allen (chemist) Talk:Allene Talk:Allethrins Talk:Norman Allinger Talk:Fred Allison Talk:Allomerism Talk:Allopumiliotoxin Category talk:Allotropes Talk:Allotropes of boron Talk:Allotropes of carbon Template talk:Allotropes of carbon Talk:Allotropes of oxygen Talk:Allotropes of phosphorus Talk:Allotropes of sulfur Talk:Allotropy Category talk:Allotropy Talk:Alloy Talk:Alloy steel Template talk:Alloy-stub Talk:Allred–Rochow scale Talk:Allyl Talk:Allylic rearrangement Talk:Allylic stannane addition Talk:Allylic strain Talk:Alnico Talk:Alpha acid Talk:Alpha and beta carbon Talk:Alpha cleavage Talk:Alpha decay Talk:Alpha effect Talk:Alpha factor Talk:Alpha hydroxy acid Talk:Alpha-ketol rearrangement Talk:Alpha-olefin Talk:Alphabet Energy Talk:Alternating copolymer Talk:Alternating polymer Talk:Alum Talk:Alumel Talk:Aluminate Talk:Aluminide Talk:Aluminium acetate Template talk:Aluminium alloys Talk:Aluminium amalgam Talk:Aluminium oxides Talk:Aluminium smelting Talk:Aluminothermic reaction Talk:Aluminoxane Talk:Amadori rearrangement Talk:Amalgam (chemistry) Talk:Amateur chemistry Talk:Amatoxin Talk:Amavadin Talk:Amberlite Talk:Ambident nucleophile Talk:Richard Ambler Talk:American Chemical Society Category talk:American Chemical Society academic journals Talk:American Chemistry Council File talk:American Chemistry Council Logo.jpg Talk:American Elements Category talk:American geochemists Talk:American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal Talk:Ames process Talk:Amide Talk:Amide reduction Talk:Amidicity Talk:Amidine Talk:Amidinium Talk:Amidoamine Talk:Amidogen Talk:Aminal Talk:Amination Talk:Amine Talk:Amine alkylation Talk:Amine dehydrogenase Talk:Amine oxide Category talk:Amine stubs Template talk:Amine-stub Talk:Amino alcohol Talk:Amino radical Talk:Amino sugar Talk:Aminoacylation Talk:Aminolysis Talk:Aminoquinoline Talk:Ammonia fountain Talk:Ammonium Category talk:Ammonium compounds Talk:Ammonium sulfate precipitation Talk:Ammoxidation Talk:Amorphism Talk:Amorphous carbon Talk:Amorphous carbonia Talk:Amorphous metal Talk:Amorphous silica-alumina Talk:Amount of substance Category talk:Amount of substance Talk:AMPAC Talk:Amperometric titration Talk:Amperostat Talk:Amphibole Talk:Amphichromatic Talk:Amphiphile Talk:Amphiprotic Talk:Ampholyte Talk:Ampholytes Talk:Amphoterism Talk:AMSilk Talk:Neal Amundson Talk:Amyl alcohol Talk:Anabaseine Talk:Anacardic acids Talk:Anaerobic corrosion Talk:Anaglypta Talk:Anais da Associação Brasileira de Química Talk:Anal pore Template talk:Analgesic-stub Talk:Analyst (journal) Talk:Analyte Talk:Analyte-specific reagent Talk:Analytical Abstracts Talk:Analytical balance Talk:Analytical Biochemistry Talk:Analytical chemistry Template talk:Analytical chemistry Portal talk:Analytical chemistry Category talk:Analytical chemistry Talk:Analytical Chemistry (journal) Category talk:Analytical chemistry stubs Talk:Analytical Methods (journal) Talk:Analytical technique Template talk:Analytical-chem-stub Talk:Gloria Long Anderson Talk:Harry Anderson (chemist) Talk:Thomas Anderson (chemist) Talk:Lester Andrews Talk:Andrussow process Talk:Christian B. Anfinsen Talk:Angeli–Rimini reaction Talk:Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Talk:Angewandte Chemie Talk:Angewandte Chemie International Edition Talk:Angle strain Talk:Angstrom Talk:Anhydrous Talk:Aniline acetate test Talk:Aniline point Talk:Anion Talk:Anion-exchange chromatography Talk:Anionic addition polymerization Talk:Anisidine Talk:Anisodesmic crystal File talk:Anna Jane Harrison.jpg Talk:Annales de chimie et de physique Talk:Annonamine Talk:Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Talk:Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section A Talk:Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section B Talk:Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section C Talk:Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry Talk:Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Talk:Annual Review of Physical Chemistry Talk:Annulation Talk:Annulene Template talk:Annulenes Talk:Annulyne Talk:Anode Talk:Anodic protection Talk:Anodic stripping voltammetry Talk:Anodizing Talk:Anomalous scattering Talk:Anomeric effect Talk:ANRORC mechanism Talk:Ansa-metallocene Talk:Richard Anschütz Talk:Anselme Payen Award Talk:Antagonism (chemistry) Talk:Antarafacial and suprafacial Talk:Anthocyanidin Talk:Anthocyanin Talk:Anthraquinone process Talk:Anthraquinones Talk:Anti-CEA antibody Talk:Anti-corrosion Talk:Anti-fouling paint Talk:Anti-phase domain Talk:Antiaromaticity Template talk:Antibiotic-stub Talk:Antibonding molecular orbital Talk:Antichlor Category talk:Anticonvulsant stubs Template talk:Anticonvulsant-stub Talk:Anticrystal Talk:Antifreeze Template talk:Antiinfective-drug-stub Talk:Antiknock agent Talk:Antimicrobial polymer Talk:Antimonate Talk:Antimonide Talk:Antimonite Talk:Antimony regulus Template talk:Antineoplastic-drug-stub Talk:Antiozonant Talk:Antiperovskite (structure) Talk:Antipode (chemistry) Talk:Antoine equation Template talk:Anxiolytic-stub Talk:Apicophilicity Talk:Apparent molar property Talk:Appel reaction Talk:John Howard Appleton Talk:Applications of nanotechnology Talk:Applied Catalysis Award Talk:Applied Spectroscopy (journal) Talk:Applied Spectroscopy Reviews Talk:Aqion Talk:Aqua fortis Talk:Aqua regia Talk:Aquamelt Talk:Aqueous normal-phase chromatography Talk:Aqueous solution Talk:Arabinogalactan Category talk:Aragonite group Talk:Aleksandr Arbuzov Talk:Arecatannin Talk:Arene compound Talk:Arene substitution pattern Talk:Arenium ion Talk:Argentometry Talk:Argiotoxin Template talk:Argon compounds Talk:Argon flash Talk:Argos (EGFR Inhibitor) Talk:Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Talk:Arkivoc Talk:Armed and disarmed saccharides Talk:Armstrong's mixture Talk:Fritz Arndt Talk:Arndt–Eistert reaction Talk:Aromatic Talk:Aromatic alcohol Talk:Aromatic amine Talk:Aromatic amino acids Talk:Aromatic compound Category talk:Aromatic compound stubs Talk:Aromatic hydrocarbon Talk:Aromatic nitration Talk:Aromatic ring current Talk:Aromatic sulfonation Talk:Aromatic transition state theory Template talk:Aromatic-stub Talk:Aromaticity Talk:Arrhenius equation Talk:Svante Arrhenius Talk:Arrow poison Talk:Arrow pushing Talk:Arsenate Talk:Arsenic toxicity Talk:Arsenical Talk:Arsenical copper Talk:Arsenide Talk:Arsenite Talk:Arthur C. Cope Award Talk:Artificial atom Talk:Artificial enzyme Talk:Artificial gene synthesis Talk:Aryl Talk:Aryl halide Talk:Aryl radical Talk:Arylene Talk:Arylide yellow Talk:Aryne Talk:Frank Asaro Talk:Ascalaph Designer Talk:Ash (analytical chemistry) Talk:Sharon Ashbrook Talk:Ashing Talk:Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference Talk:Asinger reaction Talk:Asphalt Talk:Assay Talk:Association of Applied Geochemists Talk:Association of Greek Chemists Talk:Associative ionization Talk:Associative substitution Talk:Assugrin Talk:Asterane Talk:Francis William Aston Talk:Astrochemistry Category talk:Astrochemistry Talk:Asymmetric addition of dialkylzinc compounds to aldehydes Talk:Asymmetric carbon Talk:Asymmetric catalysis Talk:Asymmetric catalytic oxidation Talk:Asymmetric catalytic reduction Talk:Asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis Talk:Asymmetric ester hydrolysis with pig-liver esterase Talk:Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation Talk:Asymmetric hydrogenation Talk:Asymmetric induction Talk:Asymmetric ion-pairing catalysis Talk:Asymmetric Keck allylation Talk:Asymmetric nucleophilic epoxidation Talk:AT-10 resin Talk:Ate complex Talk:Peter Atkins Talk:Atmolysis Talk:Atmospheric carbon cycle Talk:Atmospheric methane Talk:Atom Talk:Atom economy Talk:Atom-transfer radical-polymerization Talk:Atomic carbon Talk:Atomic emission spectroscopy Talk:Atomic Emission Spectrum Talk:Atomic mass Talk:Atomic mass constant Template talk:Atomic models Book talk:Atomic models Talk:Atomic orbital Talk:Atomic orbital model Talk:Atomic ratio Talk:Atomic scale Talk:Atomic scales Talk:Atomic spacing Talk:Atomic theory Talk:Atomic weight Talk:Atomistix ToolKit Talk:Atomization Talk:Atoms Talk:Atoms in molecules Talk:Atrane Talk:Atropisomer Talk:ATTO dyes Talk:Audrey Stevens Niyogi Talk:Aufbau principle Talk:Aurophilicity Talk:Austin Bide Talk:Austin Model 1 Talk:Australian Journal of Chemistry Talk:Autoacceleration Talk:Autocatalysis Talk:Autocatalytic reaction Talk:Autoignition temperature Talk:Autoionization Talk:Automotive battery Talk:Autoprotolysis Talk:Autoxidation Talk:Auwers synthesis Talk:Karl von Auwers Talk:Auxiliary electrode Talk:Auxochrome Talk:Avermectin Talk:Aversive agent Talk:David Avnir Talk:Avogadro constant Talk:Avogadro's law Talk:Amedeo Avogadro Talk:Avoided crossing Talk:AXE method Talk:Axial chirality Talk:Axial ratio Talk:John D. Axtell Talk:Gordon Aylward File talk:Aza DA mechanism.gif File talk:Aza Diels Alder proline.gif File talk:Aza Diels Alder.gif Talk:Aza- Talk:Aza-Baylis–Hillman reaction Talk:Aza-Cope rearrangement File talk:Aza-Diels-Alder phenylmethylamine.gif Talk:Aza-Diels–Alder reaction Talk:Azadipyrromethene Talk:Azadodecaborane Talk:Azafullerene Talk:Azane Talk:Azeotrope Talk:Azeotrope tables Talk:Azeotropic distillation Talk:Azide Talk:Azide-alkyne Huisgen cycloaddition Category talk:Azides Talk:Azimuthal quantum number Talk:Azine Talk:Azo compound Talk:Azo coupling Talk:Azo formation Talk:Azole Talk:Azomethine ylide Talk:Azoxy Category talk:B-Class WPChem worklist articles Talk:Backbone chain Talk:Leo Baekeland Talk:Baeyer strain theory Talk:Baeyer's reagent Talk:Adolf von Baeyer Talk:Baeyer–Drewson indigo synthesis Talk:Baeyer–Emmerling indole synthesis Talk:Baeyer–Villiger oxidation Talk:Piero Baglioni Talk:Bailar twist Talk:John C. Bailar, Jr. Talk:Alton E. Bailey Talk:Wilson Baker Talk:Baker–Nathan effect Talk:Baker–Venkataraman rearrangement Talk:Maria Bakunin Talk:Shankar Balasubramanian Talk:Baldwin's rules Talk:Alice Ball Talk:Ball-and-stick model Talk:Ballistic conduction in single-walled carbon nanotubes Talk:Ballotechnics Talk:Clinton Ballou Talk:Baltic Chemistry Olympiad Talk:Vincenzo Balzani Talk:Balz–Schiemann reaction Talk:Bamberger rearrangement Talk:Bamberger triazine synthesis Talk:Eugen Bamberger Talk:Bamford–Stevens reaction Talk:Bancroft point Talk:Bancroft rule Talk:Utpal Banerjee Talk:Banert cascade Talk:Ridgway Banks Talk:Julian Banzon Talk:Zhenan Bao Talk:James Barber (biochemist) Talk:Michael Barber (chemist) Talk:Barbier reaction Talk:Barbier-Wieland degradation Talk:Barbier–Wieland degradation Talk:Bardhan–Senguph phenanthrene synthesis Talk:Barfoed's test Talk:Barking dog reaction Talk:Gregorio Baro Talk:Richard Barrer Talk:Bartell mechanism Talk:Neil Bartlett (chemist) Talk:Bartoli indole synthesis Talk:Barton decarboxylation Talk:Barton reaction Talk:Barton vinyl iodine procedure Talk:Derek Barton Talk:Barton–Kellogg reaction Talk:Barton–McCombie deoxygenation Talk:Barton–Zard reaction Talk:Base Talk:Base (chemistry) Talk:Base anhydride Talk:Base catalysis Talk:Base modifying agent Talk:Base-promoted epoxide isomerization Talk:Basic aromatic ring Talk:Basis set (chemistry) Talk:Basis set superposition error Talk:Charles Baskerville Talk:Jean-Marie Basset Talk:James Bassham Talk:Bates–Guggenheim Convention Talk:Bathochromic shift Talk:Battery (electricity) Talk:Baudisch reaction Talk:Oskar Baudisch Talk:Étienne-Émile Baulieu Talk:Eugen Baumann Talk:Bauxite Talk:Bayberry wax Talk:Bayer process Talk:Baylis–Hillman reaction Talk:Bead test Talk:Beaker (glassware) Talk:Bechamp reaction Talk:Bechamp reduction Talk:Becher process Talk:Johann Joachim Becher Talk:Bechgaard salt Talk:Becke line test Talk:Beckmann rearrangement Talk:Beckmann thermometer Talk:Ernst Otto Beckmann Talk:Beehive shelf Talk:Beevers–Lipson strip Talk:Behavior of nuclear fuel during a reactor accident Talk:George Thomas Beilby Talk:Beilby Medal and Prize Talk:Beilstein database Talk:Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry Talk:Beilstein Registry Number Talk:Beilstein test Talk:Nikolay Beketov Talk:Angela Belcher Talk:Irina Beletskaya Talk:Bell metal Talk:Bell–Evans–Polanyi principle Talk:Boris Pavlovich Belousov Talk:Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction Talk:Bema Hapothle Talk:Arieh Ben-Naim Talk:Benary reaction Talk:Benedict's reagent Talk:Benesi–Hildebrand method Talk:Benkeser reaction Talk:Bent bond Talk:Bent bond (disambiguation) Talk:Bent metallocene Talk:Bent molecular geometry Talk:Bent's rule Talk:Benzannulated Talk:Benzenediol Category talk:Benzenediols Talk:Benzhydryl compounds Talk:Benzilic acid rearrangement Talk:Benzocycloheptene Talk:Benzoin condensation Talk:Benzoin resin Talk:Benzopyrene Talk:Benzoyl Talk:Benzyl Talk:Benzylic activation and stereocontrol in tricarbonyl(arene)chromium complexes Talk:Benzylidene compounds Talk:Otto Berg (scientist) Talk:Bergius process Talk:Bergius process and Haber–Bosch process Talk:Friedrich Bergius Talk:Bergman cyclization Talk:Torbern Bergman Talk:Bergmann azlactone peptide synthesis Talk:Bergmann degradation Talk:Joan Berkowitz Talk:Bernal chart Talk:Bernthsen acridine synthesis Talk:Berry mechanism Talk:Berthelot's reagent Talk:Marcellin Berthelot Talk:Claude Louis Berthollet Talk:Carolyn R. Bertozzi Talk:Guy Bertrand (chemist) Talk:Beryllide Talk:Beryllium monohydride Talk:Jöns Jacob Berzelius Talk:Beta dispersion Talk:Beta hydroxy acid Talk:Beta scission Talk:Beta-Hydride elimination Talk:Beta-silicon effect Talk:Betaine Talk:Betalain Talk:Betterton–Kroll process Talk:Betti reaction Talk:Betts electrolytic process Talk:Kankan Bhattacharyya Talk:Bial's test Talk:Bicarbonate Template talk:Bicarbonate Talk:Bicarbonate indicator Talk:Bicinchoninic acid assay Talk:Alexander William Bickerton Talk:Bicyclic molecule Talk:Biexciton Talk:Bifluoride Talk:Bifunctional Talk:Bifunctional catalyst Talk:Biginelli reaction Talk:Biguanide Talk:Leonora Bilger Talk:BimC Talk:Binary acid Talk:Binary compound Talk:Binary compounds of hydrogen Talk:Binary explosive Talk:Binary liquid Talk:Binding constant Talk:Binding protein Talk:Bingel reaction Talk:Eugene C. Bingham Talk:Binodal Talk:Bio-nano generator Talk:Bioactive paper Talk:Bioanalysis Talk:Bioanalysis (journal) Talk:Biocatalysis Template talk:Biochemical families navs Category talk:Biochemist stubs Template talk:Biochemist-stub Talk:Biochemistry Category talk:Biochemistry Template talk:Biochemistry sidebar Category talk:Biochemistry templates Book talk:Biochemistry: An introduction Category talk:Biochemists by nationality Talk:Bioconjugate Chemistry (journal) Talk:Bioconjugation Talk:Bioelectrochemistry Talk:Biogenic amine Category talk:Biogenic amines Template talk:Biogeochemical cycle Category talk:Biogeochemistry Category talk:Bioinformatics stubs Template talk:Bioinformatics-stub Talk:Bioinorganic chemistry Talk:Bioisostere Talk:Biokhimiya Talk:Biological Chemistry (journal) Category talk:Biological database stubs Talk:Biological hazard Talk:Biological photovoltaics Talk:Bioluminescence Talk:Biomarker (petroleum) Category talk:Biomolecules by chemical classification Category talk:Biomolecules by physiological function Category talk:Biomolecules by type Talk:Biomonitoring Talk:Biomonitoring (chemistry) Talk:Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters Talk:Bioorganic chemistry Talk:Bioorganometallic chemistry Talk:Biophysical chemistry Talk:Bioretrosynthesis Talk:Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry Talk:Biosensor Talk:Biosequestration Talk:Biosynthesis of cocaine Talk:Biphenyl 2,3-dioxygenase Talk:Bipolar electrochemistry Talk:Bipolaron Talk:Bipyridine Talk:Birch reduction Talk:Birch reduction detailed Talk:Birkeland–Eyde process Talk:Bis-peptide Talk:Bischler–Möhlau indole synthesis Talk:Bischler–Napieralski reaction Talk:Norbert Bischofberger Talk:Bismuthide Talk:Bisoxazoline ligand Talk:Bisthiosemicarbazone Talk:Bistriflimide Talk:Bisulfate Talk:Bisulfide Talk:Bisulfite Talk:Bitartrate Talk:Bite angle Talk:Biuret reagent Talk:Biuret test Talk:Bivalent (chemistry) Talk:Bjerrum length Talk:BKChem Talk:Black liquor Talk:Black oxide Talk:Joseph Black Talk:Blaise ketone synthesis Talk:Blaise reaction Talk:Blanc chloromethylation Talk:Blank (solution) Talk:Bleach activator Talk:Bleaching of wood pulp Talk:Bloch equations Talk:Block (periodic table) Talk:Block copolymer Talk:Block copolymers Talk:Blocks in the periodic table Talk:Blocks of the periodic table Template talk:Blood-drug-stub Talk:Blue bottle (chemical reaction) Talk:Blue Obelisk Talk:Anat Blumenfeld Talk:BMA process Talk:John Bockris Talk:Max Bodenstein Talk:BODIPY Talk:Bodroux reaction Talk:Bodroux–Chichibabin aldehyde synthesis Talk:Vera Yevstafievna Popova Talk:Dale L. Boger Talk:Boiling chip Talk:Boiling tube Talk:Boiling-point elevation Talk:Boilover Talk:Bolaamphiphile Talk:Bombesin receptor Talk:Bond cleavage Talk:Bond dipole moment Talk:Bond distance Talk:Bond energy Talk:Bond length Talk:Bond order Talk:Bond order potential Talk:Bond strength Talk:Bond valence method Talk:Bond-dissociation energy Talk:Bondlength Talk:Bone char Talk:William Arthur Bone Talk:Books of secrets Talk:Lucy Everest Boole Talk:Boord olefin synthesis Talk:Boranes Talk:Borate Talk:Borate buffered saline Talk:Weston T. Borden Talk:Borderline hydrides Talk:Bordwell thermodynamic cycle Talk:Borenium ion Talk:Boride Category talk:Borides Talk:Boriding Talk:Borinic acid Talk:Born equation Talk:Born–Haber cycle Talk:Born–Landé equation Talk:Borodin reaction Talk:Borohydride Talk:Borole Talk:Boron fiber Talk:Boronic acid Talk:Borrowing hydrogen Talk:Borsche-Drechsel cyclization Talk:Borylation Talk:Bosch reaction Talk:Carl Bosch Talk:Boston round (bottle) Talk:Rudolf Christian Böttger Talk:Boudouard reaction Talk:Octave Boudouard Talk:Bound state Talk:Bound water Talk:Bouveault aldehyde synthesis Talk:Bouveault–Blanc reduction Talk:E. J. Bowen Talk:Cyril Y. Bowers Talk:Bower–Barff process Talk:John Eddowes Bowman the Younger Talk:Boyland–Sims oxidation Talk:Robert Boyle Talk:Bradford protein assay Talk:Bradsher cycloaddition Talk:Sophia Brahe Template talk:Branches of chemistry Talk:Branching (polymer chemistry) Talk:Brass Talk:John Isaiah Brauman Talk:Bohuslav Brauner Talk:Pierre Braunstein Talk:Bray–Liebhafsky reaction Talk:Breakthrough of the Year Talk:Stanislav Brebera Talk:Bredt's rule Talk:Kenneth Breslauer Talk:Leo Brewer Talk:Brian Duncan Shaw Talk:Bridged compounds Talk:Bridgewire Talk:Bridging ligand Talk:Lindsay Heathcote Briggs Talk:Briggs–Rauscher reaction Talk:Margaret Brimble Talk:Brin process Talk:Britannia silver Category talk:British chemist stubs Category talk:British chemists Talk:British Rayon Research Association Talk:Britton-Robinson buffer Talk:Bromate Talk:Bromatometry Talk:Bromide Template talk:Bromide Talk:Brominated flame retardant Talk:Bromination Talk:Bromine test Talk:Bromley equation Talk:Bromofluorocarbon Talk:Bromopentane Talk:Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted Talk:Bronze Talk:Brook rearrangement Talk:Harrison Brown Talk:Rachel Fuller Brown Talk:John Browning (scientific instrument maker) Talk:Peter Bruce Talk:Charles Mackenzie Bruff Talk:Stephen Brunauer Talk:David R. Bryant Talk:Bryostatin Talk:Bogumił Brzezinski Talk:Brønsted acid Talk:Brønsted catalysis equation Talk:Brønsted-Lowry acid Talk:Brønsted-Lowry acid-base theory Talk:Brønsted–Lowry acid–base theory Talk:BTEX Talk:BTX (chemistry) Talk:Bubble point Talk:Bucherer carbazole synthesis Talk:Bucherer reaction Talk:Bucherer–Bergs reaction Talk:Buchner ring expansion Talk:Eduard Buchner Talk:Ernst Büchner Talk:Johann Andreas Buchner Talk:Ludwig Andreas Buchner Talk:Buchwald–Hartwig amination Talk:Buckingham potential Talk:Buckypaper Talk:Bufagin Talk:Buffer solution Talk:Buffering agent Talk:Bukovite Talk:Bulk electrolysis Talk:Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Talk:Bumping (chemistry) Talk:Bunsen burner Talk:Bunsen cell Talk:Bunsen reaction Talk:Robert Bunsen Talk:Bunsen–Kirchhoff Award Talk:Buoyant density ultracentrifugation Talk:Julia R. Burdge Talk:Burette Talk:Charles Frederick Burgess Talk:Edward M. Burgess Talk:Burn rate (chemistry) Talk:Bursaite Talk:Burst charge Talk:Burton process Talk:But- Talk:Adolf Butenandt Talk:Butene Talk:Butenolide Talk:Alexander Butlerov Talk:Butler–Volmer equation Talk:Butterfly cluster compound Talk:Butyl Talk:Butylene Talk:Butyllithium Talk:Butyrate Talk:BX Plastics Talk:By-product Talk:Büchner flask Talk:Büchner funnel Talk:Bürgi–Dunitz angle Talk:C-box 1 of insulin gene Talk:C-mole Talk:C14H21NO2S Talk:C15H18 Talk:C20H18O10 Talk:CAAT enhancer binding Talk:CAB Abstracts Talk:CAB Abstracts Archive Talk:CAB Direct (database) Talk:Louis Claude Cadet de Gassicourt Talk:Cadet's fuming liquid Talk:Cadinene Talk:Cadiot–Chodkiewicz coupling Talk:Cadmia Talk:Cadmium tetrafluoroborate Talk:CADPAC Talk:David S. Cafiso Talk:Cage effect Talk:Cahn–Ingold–Prelog priority rules Talk:Caking Talk:Calcination Talk:Calciothermic reaction Talk:Calcium aluminates Talk:Calcium phosphate Talk:Calcium silicate hydrate Talk:Calibration curve Talk:Calibration gas Talk:California rocket fuel Talk:Calixarene Talk:Calorimeter Talk:Calorimetry Talk:Calotte Talk:Calphostin Talk:Melvin Calvin Talk:Calx Talk:Camphine Talk:Camps quinoline synthesis Talk:Can f 1 Talk:Canadian Journal of Chemistry Talk:Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists Template talk:Cannabinoid-stub Talk:Cannizzaro reaction Talk:Stanislao Cannizzaro Talk:Cannula transfer Talk:Lewis C. Cantley Talk:Capillary electrochromatography Talk:Capillary electrophoresis Talk:Capno- Talk:Capnomor Talk:Capped square antiprismatic molecular geometry Talk:Capsinoids Talk:Captodative effect Talk:Carbamate Talk:Carbamino Talk:Carbamoyl chloride Talk:Carbanion Talk:Carbazide Talk:Carbazole Talk:Carbene Talk:Carbene analog Talk:Carbene C−H insertion Talk:Carbene dimerization Talk:Carbene dye Talk:Carbenium ion Talk:Carbenoid Talk:CarbFix Talk:Carbide Talk:Carbide-derived carbon Talk:Carbo-mer Talk:Carbocatalysis Talk:Carbocation Talk:Carbochemistry Talk:Carbodiimide Talk:Carbohydrate acetalisation Talk:Carbohydrate chemistry Talk:Carbohydrate conformation Talk:Carbohydrate synthesis Talk:Carbohydrates Talk:Carbolic soap Talk:Carbometalation Talk:Carbon allotropes Talk:Carbon black Talk:Carbon cycle Talk:Carbon dioxide transmission rate Talk:Carbon in pulp Talk:Carbon label Talk:Carbon monoxide-releasing molecules Talk:Carbon nanobud Talk:Carbon nanocone Talk:Carbon number Talk:Carbon paste electrode Talk:Carbon sequestration Talk:Carbon to nitrogen ratio Category talk:Carbon-carbon bond forming reactions Talk:Carbon-to-nitrogen ratio Talk:Carbonatation Talk:Carbonate Talk:Carbonate ester Talk:Carbonate hardness Talk:Carbonite (explosive) Talk:Carbonite (ion) Talk:Carbonium ion Talk:Carbonization Talk:Carbonyl Talk:Carbonyl allylation Talk:Carbonyl Alpha-Substitution Reactions Talk:Carbonyl iron Talk:Carbonyl metallurgy Talk:Carbonyl oxidation with hypervalent iodine reagents Talk:Carbonyl reduction Talk:Carbonylation Talk:Carbon–carbon bond Talk:Carbon–fluorine bond Talk:Carbon–hydrogen bond Talk:Carbon–hydrogen bond activation Talk:Carbon–nitrogen bond Talk:Carbon–oxygen bond Talk:Carborane Talk:Carbotanium Talk:Carbothermic reaction Talk:Carboximidate Talk:Carboxybenzyl Talk:Carboxylate Talk:Carboxylate ester Talk:Carboxylic acid Talk:Carbylamine reaction Talk:Carbyne Talk:Carceplex Talk:Carcerand Talk:Carcinoembryonic antigen peptide-1 Talk:Cardanol Template talk:Cardiovascular-drug-stub Talk:Care 30 Talk:Carius halogen method Talk:Carnitine dehydrogenase Talk:Carnot heat engine Talk:Alan Carrington Talk:Carroll rearrangement Talk:Johann Friedrich Cartheuser Talk:Car–Parrinello method Talk:CAS Registry Number Talk:Cascade reaction Template talk:CASREF Talk:CASSI Talk:Cast iron Talk:Castavinol Talk:Casting defect Talk:Castner process Talk:Castner–Kellner process Talk:Castro–Stephens coupling Talk:Catalysis Talk:Catalysis Science & Technology Talk:Catalyst Talk:Catalyst poisoning Talk:Catalyst Science Discovery Centre Talk:Catalyst support Talk:Catalysts and Catalysed Reactions Talk:Catalytic chain transfer Talk:Catalytic combustion Talk:Catalytic cycle Talk:Catalytic distillation Talk:Catalytic reforming Talk:Catalytic triad Talk:Catalytically competent protonation state Talk:Catastrophin Talk:Catch bond Talk:Catechol melanin Category talk:Category-Class Chemistry articles Talk:Catellani Reaction Talk:Catenane Talk:Catenation Talk:Cathode Talk:Cathodic protection Talk:Cathodic stripping voltammetry Talk:Cation-anion radius ratio Talk:Cationic polymerization Talk:Cation–pi interaction Talk:Cativa process Talk:Caustic embrittlement Talk:Cavitand Talk:CBS catalyst Talk:CBS reduction Talk:CDw17 antigen Talk:CEFIC Talk:Ceiling temperature Talk:Cell lists Talk:Cell notation Talk:Cement Talk:Cement chemist notation Talk:Center for Computational Chemistry Talk:Centrifugal evaporator Talk:Centrifugation Talk:Centrifuge Talk:Centrosymmetry Talk:Ceramic chemistry Talk:Ceramic colorants Talk:Ceramic flux Talk:Ceresin Talk:Cerimetry Talk:Cerium anomaly Talk:Cerium(IV) oxide–cerium(III) oxide cycle Talk:Cermet Talk:Cetane index Talk:Cetemmsa Talk:Cetrimonium Talk:CFPP Talk:CGK733 fraud Talk:Pierre-François Chabaneau Talk:Chain disproportionation Talk:Chain reaction Talk:Chain transfer Talk:Chain walking Talk:Chain-growth polymerization Talk:Animesh Chakravorty Talk:Chalcogel Talk:Chalcogen Talk:Chalcogenide Talk:Chalcogenide chemical vapour deposition Talk:Chalcogenide glass Talk:Chalcohalide Talk:Chalconoid Talk:Chan rearrangement Talk:Chan-Lam coupling Talk:Britton Chance Talk:Alexandre-Émile Béguyer de Chancourtois Talk:William Henry Chandler (chemist) Talk:Nancy T. Chang Talk:Young-Tae Chang Talk:Chaotropic agent Talk:Chapman rearrangement Talk:Jean A. C. Chaptal Talk:Characteristic property Talk:Charantin Talk:Charge contrast imaging Talk:Charge cycle Talk:Charge number Talk:Charge remote fragmentation Talk:Charge transfer coefficient Talk:Charge-shift bond Talk:Charge-transfer Talk:Charge-transfer complex Talk:Charles Alexander MacMunn Talk:Charles Goodyear Medal Talk:Charles Kemball Talk:Charles Rees Award Talk:Charlot equation Talk:Charring Talk:Chartered Chemist Talk:Michel Che Talk:ChEBI Talk:Anthony Cheetham Talk:Cheletropic reaction Talk:CHELPG Template talk:Chem Template talk:Chem GA-Class Talk:Chem. Rev. Template talk:Chembarn Talk:ChemBioChem Talk:ChEMBL Template talk:Chembox Template talk:Chembox Elements Template talk:Chembox image sbs Template talk:Chembox image sbs cell Template talk:Chembox SystematicName Category talk:Chembox templates Template talk:Chembox Thermochemistry Talk:ChemDraw Talk:Chemesthesis Talk:Chemical & Engineering News Talk:Chemical Abstracts Service Talk:Chemical affinity Template talk:Chemical agents Talk:Chemical biology Talk:Chemical bond Talk:Chemical bonding Category talk:Chemical bonding Talk:Chemical bonding model Template talk:Chemical bonds Talk:Chemical burn Talk:Chemical chameleon Talk:Chemical change Talk:Chemical classification Talk:Chemical clock Talk:Chemical Communications Talk:Chemical compound Talk:Chemical compounds Category talk:Chemical compounds Category talk:Chemical compounds by element Category talk:Chemical data pages Talk:Chemical database Category talk:Chemical databases Talk:Chemical decomposition Talk:Chemical defense Talk:Chemical dehalogenation Talk:Chemical derivatives of ethanol Template talk:Chemical drawing needed Talk:Chemical ecology Talk:Chemical element Category talk:Chemical elements Book talk:Chemical elements (sorted alphabetically) Book talk:Chemical elements (sorted by number) Talk:Chemical energy Category talk:Chemical energy Category talk:Chemical energy sources Template talk:Chemical eng Talk:Chemical engineering Category talk:Chemical engineering Template talk:Chemical engineering Talk:Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts Category talk:Chemical engineering organizations Category talk:Chemical engineers Talk:Chemical equation Talk:Chemical equilibrium Talk:Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Talk:Chemical file format Talk:Chemical force microscopy Talk:Chemical formula Talk:Chemical free Talk:Chemical Galaxy File talk:Chemical Galaxy II.jpg Talk:Chemical garden Talk:Chemical geology Talk:Chemical glycosylation Talk:Chemical graph theory Talk:Chemical Heritage Foundation Talk:Chemical industry Category talk:Chemical industry Wikipedia talk:Chemical infobox Talk:Chemical kinetics Talk:Chemical law Talk:Chemical Markup Language Talk:Chemical nomenclature Category talk:Chemical nomenclature Talk:Chemical oxygen demand Talk:Chemical physics Talk:Chemical Physics Letters Talk:Chemical polarity Talk:Chemical potential Category talk:Chemical processes Category talk:Chemical properties Talk:Chemical property Talk:Chemical reaction Category talk:Chemical reaction stubs Talk:Chemical reactor Talk:Chemical reagent Talk:Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Talk:Chemical Reviews Category talk:Chemical safety Talk:Chemical safety assessment Talk:Chemical Science (journal) Talk:Chemical shift Talk:Chemical similarity Talk:Chemical Society Talk:Chemical Society of London Talk:Chemical Society of Mexico Talk:Chemical Society of Peru Talk:Chemical Society Reviews Template talk:Chemical solutions Talk:Chemical space Talk:Chemical species Talk:Chemical stability Talk:Chemical state Talk:Chemical storage Talk:Chemical structure Talk:Chemical structure elucidation Talk:Chemical substance Category talk:Chemical substances Talk:Chemical symbol Talk:Chemical synthesis Template talk:Chemical synthesis Talk:Chemical table file Talk:Chemical technologist Talk:Chemical terrorism Talk:Chemical test Talk:Chemical test for cyanide Talk:Chemical thermodynamics Talk:Chemical transformation Talk:Chemical transport reaction Talk:Chemical vapor deposition Talk:Chemical Vapor Deposition (journal) Talk:Chemical vapor deposition of diamond Talk:Chemical warfare Talk:Chemical waste Talk:Chemical weapon Talk:Chemical WorkBench Talk:Chemical yield Template talk:Chemical-importance Template talk:ChemicalBondsToCarbon File talk:ChemicalGalaxy Longman 1951.jpg File talk:ChemicalGalaxy Stewart 2004.jpg Talk:Chemicalities Talk:Chemicality Talk:Chemiluminescence Talk:Cheminformatics Talk:Cheminformatics toolkits Talk:Chemiresistor Talk:Chemische Berichte Talk:Chemisorption Talk:Chemist Category talk:Chemist stubs Talk:Chemistry Category talk:Chemistry Portal talk:Chemistry Book talk:Chemistry Category talk:Chemistry articles needing attention Category talk:Chemistry awards Category talk:Chemistry citation templates Talk:Chemistry Development Kit Talk:Chemistry education Talk:Chemistry Education Research and Practice Category talk:Chemistry experiments Category talk:Chemistry external link templates Talk:Chemistry Letters Talk:Chemistry of photolithography Talk:Chemistry of pressure-sensitive adhesives Category talk:Chemistry organizations Category talk:Chemistry portal Talk:Chemistry set Template talk:Chemistry societies Category talk:Chemistry software Category talk:Chemistry stubs Category talk:Chemistry templates Category talk:Chemistry theories Template talk:Chemistry-journal-stub Portal talk:Chemistry/box-footer Portal talk:Chemistry/box-header Portal talk:Chemistry/Categories Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/1 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/10 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/11 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/12 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/13 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/14 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/15 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/16 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/17 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/18 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/19 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/2 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/20 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/21 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/22 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/23 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/24 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/3 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/4 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/5 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/6 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/7 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/8 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/9 Portal talk:Chemistry/Featured article/Layout Portal talk:Chemistry/History and Philosophy of Chemistry Portal talk:Chemistry/In the news Portal talk:Chemistry/Industry Portal talk:Chemistry/Intro Portal talk:Chemistry/Lab equipment Portal talk:Chemistry/Major topics Portal talk:Chemistry/NavBar Portal talk:Chemistry/Related portals Portal talk:Chemistry/Resources Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/1 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/10 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/11 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/12 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/13 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/14 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/15 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/16 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/17 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/18 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/19 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/2 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/20 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/3 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/4 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/5 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/6 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/7 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/8 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/9 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected biography/Layout Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/1 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/10 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/11 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/12 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/13 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/14 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/15 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/16 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/17 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/18 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/19 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/2 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/20 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/3 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/4 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/5 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/6 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/7 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/8 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/9 Portal talk:Chemistry/Selected picture/Layout Portal talk:Chemistry/Society Portal talk:Chemistry/Techniques Portal talk:Chemistry/Things you can do Portal talk:Chemistry/Wikibooks Portal talk:Chemistry/Wikimedia Portal talk:Chemistry/WikiProjects Talk:Chemistry: A European Journal Category talk:Chemists Category talk:Chemists by nationality Talk:Chemists Without Borders Talk:List of chemists Talk:Chemometrics Talk:Chemophobia Talk:Chemoselectivity Talk:ChemPhysChem Talk:ChemPubSoc Europe Talk:ChemSec Talk:ChemSpider Wikipedia talk:ChemSpider Talk:Chemtool Category talk:Chemtura Talk:Chemtura Talk:Chemurgy Talk:ChemXSeer Talk:Bin Chen Talk:Chichibabin pyridine synthesis Talk:Chichibabin reaction Talk:Aleksei Chichibabin Talk:Chicken wire (chemistry) Talk:Chill filtering Talk:Thomas H. Chilton Talk:Chimerin Talk:Chinese Chemistry Olympiad Talk:Chinese lantern structure Talk:Chinese silver Talk:Chips & Tips Talk:Chiral auxiliary Talk:Chiral column chromatography Talk:Chiral derivatizing agent Talk:Chiral Lewis acid Talk:Chiral Lewis Acid Talk:Chiral ligand Talk:Chiral pool synthesis Talk:Chiral resolution Talk:Chirality Talk:Chirality (chemistry) Talk:Chirality (disambiguation) Talk:Chirotechnology Talk:Manoj Chitnavis Talk:Chloralkali process Talk:Chloramination Talk:Chlorate Talk:Chloride Talk:Chloride process Talk:Chlorinated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon Talk:Chlorine bomb Talk:Chlorine production Talk:Chlorinity Talk:Chlorite Talk:Chlormequat Talk:Chloroalkyl ether Talk:Chlorofluorocarbon Talk:Chloroformate Talk:Chlorographene Talk:Chloroorganic carrier Talk:Chlororespiration Talk:Chlorosulfolipid Talk:Chlorotoluene Talk:Chloryl Talk:CHN analyzer Talk:Cholestene Talk:Cholesteric liquid crystal Template talk:Cholesterol and steroid intermediates Talk:Cholesterol total synthesis Talk:CHON Talk:Chondromodulin Talk:Chondronectin Talk:Uma Chowdhry Talk:Chp (GTPase) Talk:Chromate and dichromate Talk:Chromate conversion coating Talk:Chromate ester Talk:Chromated copper arsenate Talk:Chromatographic response function Talk:Chromatography Template talk:Chromatography Talk:Chromatography detector Talk:Chromatography in blood processing Template talk:Chromatography-stub Talk:Chrome plating Talk:Chromel Talk:Chromium hydride Talk:Chromium-vanadium steel Talk:Chromophore Talk:Chromoprotein Talk:Chromotropism Talk:Chronic toxicity Talk:Chronoamperometry Talk:Chugaev elimination Talk:Lev Chugaev Talk:Giacomo Luigi Ciamician Talk:Circuit topology Talk:Circulene Talk:Cis Talk:Cis effect Talk:Cis-trans isomerism Talk:Cis–trans isomerism Template talk:Cite Merck Index Talk:Citrate Talk:Citrate test Talk:Claisen condensation Talk:Claisen rearrangement Talk:CLaMS Talk:Clare Grey Talk:Clark cell Talk:Clark electrode Talk:Classes of metals Talk:Classical element Book talk:Classical elements Talk:Classical nucleation theory Talk:Classification of surfactants Talk:Clathrate compound Talk:Clathrochelate Talk:Claus' benzene Talk:Adolf Karl Ludwig Claus Talk:Karl Ernst Claus Talk:Clavam Template talk:Clayden Talk:Jonathan Clayden Talk:Enrico Clementi Talk:Clemmensen reduction Talk:Erik Christian Clemmensen Talk:Philippe de Clermont Talk:Clerodane diterpene Talk:Cleveland open-cup method File talk:Clevudine.svg Talk:Click chemistry Talk:Clicked peptide polymer File talk:Clickpolymer.png Talk:Clinical chemistry Talk:ClO dimer Talk:Cloud Talk:Cloud point Talk:Clouding agent Talk:CLP Regulation Template talk:Clugston&Flemming Talk:Klaus Clusius Talk:Cluster chemistry Talk:Cláudio Costa Neto Talk:CNDO/2 Talk:Co-carcinogen Talk:Co-polymer Talk:Coal gas Talk:Coal tar Talk:Coalescence (chemistry) Talk:Coating Category talk:Coatings Talk:Cobalt extraction techniques Talk:Cobalt-mediated radical polymerization Talk:Coca alkaloid Talk:Cocrystal Talk:Coelan Marine Coatings Category talk:Coffee chemistry Talk:Coffee ring effect Talk:Cofiring Talk:Philip P. Cohen Talk:Coherent control Talk:Cohesion (chemistry) Talk:Coil (chemistry) Talk:Cold filter plugging point Talk:Cold finger Talk:Cold trap Talk:Cold water extraction Talk:Robert S. Coleman Talk:College of Chemical Sciences Talk:Hippolyte-Victor Collet-Descotils Talk:Collision theory Talk:Colloid Talk:Colloid and Polymer Science Talk:Colloid-facilitated transport Talk:Colloidal gold Talk:Colloidal particle Talk:Colloidal probe technique Talk:Color marker Talk:Color of chemicals Talk:Color reaction Talk:Colored dissolved organic matter Talk:Colored fire Talk:Colored gold Talk:Colorimeter (chemistry) Talk:Colorimetric analysis Talk:Colorimetry (chemical method) Talk:COLUMBUS Talk:Column chromatography Talk:Colworth Medal Talk:Combes quinoline synthesis Talk:Combination reaction Talk:Combinatorial chemistry Talk:Combining rules Talk:Combustion Category talk:Combustion Talk:Combustion analysis Talk:Combustion and Flame Talk:Combustion chemical vapor deposition Talk:Combustion phenomena Talk:Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves Talk:Comet (pyrotechnics) Talk:Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights Talk:Commodity chemicals Talk:Common chemicals Talk:Common-ion effect Talk:Compaction of ceramic powders Talk:Comparison of chemistry and physics Talk:Comparison of force field implementations Talk:Comparison of nucleic acid simulation software Talk:Comparison of software for molecular mechanics modeling Talk:Compartment (chemistry) Talk:Compatibility (chemical) Talk:Compatibilization Talk:Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature Talk:Compendium of Chemical Terminology Talk:Complex metal hydride Talk:Complex metallic alloys Talk:Complex oxide Talk:Complexometric indicator Talk:Composition drift Talk:Composition of the human body Talk:Compound (chemistry) Talk:Compounds of carbon Talk:Compounds of lead Talk:Compounds of zinc Talk:Comproportionation Talk:Computational chemistry Category talk:Computational chemistry Talk:Computational Chemistry Grid Category talk:Computational chemistry software Talk:Computational Materials Science Talk:Conalbumin Talk:James Bryant Conant Talk:Concentrate Talk:Concentration Talk:Concerted reaction Talk:Concise International Chemical Assessment Document Talk:Concurrent tandem catalysis Talk:Condensation polymer Talk:Condensation reaction Talk:Condensed aerosol fire suppression Talk:Condenser (laboratory) Talk:Conditioner (chemistry) Talk:Condosity Talk:Conductive characteristics in coated synthetic fabrics Talk:Conductometry Talk:Henry Bollmann Condy Talk:Cone calorimeter Talk:Configuration interaction Talk:Conformation Talk:Conformational isomerism Talk:Congener Talk:Congener (chemistry) Talk:Congruent melting Talk:Conical intersection Talk:Conical measure Talk:Coning and quartering Talk:Conjugate acid Talk:Conjugate base Talk:Conjugate reduction Talk:Conjugated microporous polymer Talk:Conjugated system Talk:CONQUEST Talk:Conrad–Limpach synthesis Talk:Conrotatory and disrotatory Talk:Conservation of mass Talk:Constant flux calorimetry Talk:Constitutive enzyme Talk:Constrained geometry complex Talk:Constraint algorithm Talk:Contact number Talk:Contact process Talk:Continuous distillation Talk:Continuous foam separation Talk:Controlled lab reactor Talk:Convergent synthesis Talk:Conversion (chemistry) Talk:Conversion coating Talk:Cook–Heilbron thiazole synthesis Talk:Cool flame Talk:Cooling bath Talk:Robert Coombe Talk:Coomber's relationship Talk:John Thomas Cooper Talk:Coordinate bond Talk:Coordination cage Talk:Coordination chemistry Talk:Coordination complex Talk:Coordination geometry Talk:Coordination isomerism Talk:Coordination number Talk:Coordination polymer Talk:Coordination polymerization Talk:Coordination sphere Talk:Coot (software) Talk:Harry Coover Talk:Cope reaction Talk:Cope rearrangement Talk:Arthur C. Cope Talk:Copolymer Talk:Copolymerization Talk:Copolymers Talk:Philip Coppens (chemist) Talk:Copper coulometer Talk:Copper indium gallium selenide solar cells Talk:Copper-free click chemistry File talk:CopperIII intermediate by RI NMR.png Talk:Copper–chlorine cycle Talk:Copper–copper(II) sulfate electrode Talk:Copper–tungsten Talk:Coprecipitation Talk:Copurification Talk:Core charge Talk:Corexit Talk:Elias James Corey Talk:Corey–Fuchs reaction Talk:Corey–House synthesis Talk:Corey–Itsuno reduction Talk:Corey–Kim oxidation Talk:Corey–Winter olefin synthesis Talk:Core–shell semiconductor nanocrystal Talk:Cork borer Talk:John Cornforth Talk:Corrinoid Talk:Corrosion Talk:Corrosive substance Talk:Corticosteroid Talk:COSHH Talk:Cosmetics Directive Talk:COSMO Solvation Model Talk:Cosmochemistry Talk:COSMOSPACE Talk:Cossee–Arlman mechanism Template talk:Cotton&Wilkinson4th Template talk:Cotton&Wilkinson5th Template talk:Cotton&Wilkinson6th Talk:F. Albert Cotton Talk:Cottrell equation Talk:Coulometry Talk:Charles Coulson Talk:Coulson–Fischer theory Talk:Counter ion Talk:Countercurrent chromatography Talk:Counterion Talk:Coupled cluster Talk:Coupling reaction Talk:Courtaulds Talk:Bernard Courtois Talk:Covalent bond Talk:Covalent bond classification method Talk:Covalent organic framework Talk:Covalent radius Talk:Covalent radius of fluorine Talk:Covalent superconductor Talk:Coventya File talk:Cover of 2012 67(10) issue of Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B.jpg Talk:CPK coloring Talk:Cracking (chemistry) Talk:Craig plot Talk:Robert K. Crane Talk:Craven Laboratories Talk:T. Stephen Crawford Talk:CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Talk:Creaming (chemistry) Talk:Creighton process Talk:Lorenz Florenz Friedrich von Crell Talk:Creosote Talk:Cresol Category talk:Cresols Talk:CRESU experiment Talk:Crich beta-mannosylation Talk:Criegee biradical Talk:Criegee intermediate Talk:Criegee rearrangement Talk:Crisscross method Talk:Critical radius Talk:Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences Talk:Croconate blue Talk:William Crookes Talk:Cross-conjugation Talk:Cross-reactivity Talk:Crossed molecular beam Talk:Crossover experiment (chemistry) Talk:Donald Crothers Talk:Crotyl Talk:Crown ether Talk:Crude oil assay Talk:Cryo bio-crystallography Talk:Cryochemistry Talk:Cryoscopic constant Talk:Cryptand Talk:Cryptochirality Talk:Cryptophane Talk:Cryst Growth Des Talk:Cryst. Growth Des. Talk:Crystal Talk:Crystal (software) Talk:Crystal bar process Talk:Crystal chemistry Talk:Crystal engineering Talk:Crystal field excitation Talk:Crystal field theory Talk:Crystal growth Talk:Crystal Growth & Design Talk:Crystal Growth & Design. Talk:Crystal Growth and Design Talk:Crystal model Talk:Crystal structure Talk:Crystal structure of boron-rich metal borides Talk:Crystal structure of boron-rich metal borides (data page) Talk:Crystalline Category talk:Crystalline solids Talk:Crystallinity Template talk:Crystallization Talk:Crystallization of polymers Talk:Crystallographic database Talk:Crystallographic image processing Talk:Crystallographic Information File Talk:Crystallography Portal talk:Crystallography Talk:Crystallography and NMR system Category talk:Crystals Talk:CrystaSulf Talk:CrystEngComm Talk:CSA Trust Category talk:CSIRO Publishing academic journals Talk:Cu-Pt type ordering in III-V semiconductor Talk:Cubic carbon Talk:Cubic crystal system Talk:Cubical atom Talk:Cucurbituril Talk:Cumene process Talk:Cumulene Talk:Cuprate Talk:Cuprate(III) Talk:Cuprospinel Talk:Curculigoside Talk:Curculin Talk:Curcuminoid Talk:Marie Curie Talk:Curing (chemistry) Talk:Current Organic Chemistry Talk:Curtin–Hammett principle Talk:Curtius rearrangement Talk:Theodor Curtius Talk:Custom peptide synthesis Talk:James Cutbush Talk:David Cuthbertson Talk:Cuvette File talk:CVD cover09.jpg Talk:CWP2 Talk:Cyanamide process Talk:Cyanate Talk:Cyanate ester Category talk:Cyanates Talk:Cyanation Talk:Cyanide Category talk:Cyanides Talk:Cyanimide Talk:Cyanoacrylate Talk:Cyanocarbon Talk:Cyanogen halide Talk:Cyanohydrin Talk:Cyanohydrin reaction Talk:Cyanometalate Talk:Cyanopolyyne Talk:Cyanotoxin Talk:Cyclic compound Talk:Cyclic voltammetry Talk:Cyclitol Talk:Cycloaddition Talk:Cycloalkane Talk:Cycloalkene Talk:Cycloalkyne Talk:Cyclocarbon Talk:Cyclodextrin Talk:Cyclodiene Talk:Cycloheptadiene Talk:Cyclohexane conformation Talk:Cycloisomerization Talk:Cyclooctatetraenide Talk:Cyclopentadienyl Talk:Cyclopentadienyl complex Talk:Cyclopentenone Talk:Cyclophane Talk:Cyclopropanation Talk:Cyclopropane Talk:Cyclopropane fatty acid Talk:Cyclopropanes Talk:Cyclopropyl group Talk:Cyclosilane Talk:Cyclotrimerization Talk:Cyclotrimerization of Acetylenic Compounds Talk:Cylindrocyclophanes Talk:Cystathionine-γ-synthase Talk:Cytochrome c oxidase Talk:Cytochrome P450 Talk:C–H···O interaction Talk:D electron count Talk:D-block contraction Template talk:D13c Template talk:D15n Template talk:D18o Template talk:D34S Talk:Frederick Dainton, Baron Dainton Talk:Dakin oxidation Talk:Henry Drysdale Dakin Talk:Dakin–West reaction Talk:Dalton (program) Talk:Dalton Transactions Talk:John Dalton Talk:James Freeman Dana Talk:Samuel Luther Dana Talk:Dangerous Preparations Directive Talk:Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EEC) Talk:Danheiser annulation Talk:Danheiser benzannulation Talk:Daniell cell Talk:Danish oil Talk:Danishefsky Taxol total synthesis Talk:Samuel J. 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